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"A sober mind has re-evaluated its stance."

Opening Confession:

Like most games of this era, most reviewing is done through the biased and clouded memories of ones junior high years. This can often lead us to attach sentimental feelings to games that often don't warrant the amount of praise we give them. Final Fantasy III (VI for Japan) might be such a game. I myself am guilty of tossing around unwarranted hyperbole when it comes to the Final Fantasy series and am now ready to face the consequences of those choices by now reflecting upon the game in a more sober mindset. Bless me father for I have sinned...

Strong Points

1) Music is top quality. Besides Chrono Trigger, no other SNES game can match Final Fantasy III's soundtrack. Terra's theme might be the best piece of game music ever, but there are several other themes that will live on long after the game itself is relegated to the collective dusty shelf of the gaming community.

2) Fluid Story. The second half of the game is fairly fluid in terms of where you go and what you do. This is a nice break from most games that, even now, hold your hand and walk you through from start to finish.

3) Lots of well designed enemies and skills. The fact that almost every enemy skill can be utilized by you the player through either rages, sketching, controlling, and lores gives the game an incredible amount of depth that not many games can match. The monsters are also beautifully rendered and are more than just rehashes of the same design like many other rpg's.

Weak Points

1) Glitches. Geezus there are lots of them. I've actually had saves completely erased due to sketching glitches with Relm. Also the fact that the evade stat does nothing is hard to forgive. I mean come on! It's frickin evade for crissakes!

2) Easy. This game is just too easy. Beating it is fairly easy, and none of the side quests are really all that difficult either. Oh, and did I mention any character can use any magic. Yeah, it's that easy.

3) No replay value. I've actually played through this game quite a few times, but I'm really not sure why. Every time through ends up just like the last, with the same skills and items and character levels. That's probably more of a testament to the story of the game, but mechanically speaking the game has nothing to offer in terms of multiple run throughs.

Final Decision:

After a hard look back the game no longer occupies the god-like status it once held in my opinion of RPG games. Oh it's good. But not the best. There are just a few too many glaring mechanical issues that make it impossible to consider this game in the upper echelon of games.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/24/09

Game Release: Final Fantasy III (US, 10/20/94)

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