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"Incredible Story and Memorable Characters puts Final Fantasy III (VI in Japan) among the best ever"

Final Fantasy VI (or III as we know it in the U.S.) is an incredible game with an amazing storyline. This game is among the best RPGs that were ever made. By far one of Squaresoft’s best.

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics in FFVI isn’t top notch for SNES but they aren’t bad either. The main graphics go into the landscape. The characters in the game use sprite like designs, which was very common in RPGs during the SNES era. The enemies are well made however. The movements in battle aren’t that well made and the fight command shows the characters slashing in the air with their weapons unless it was a long range weapon where they would throw it. However but the spell effects and summons looked good for the SNES. The characters also show expressions during some scenes.

Music/Sound: 10/10
The music in this game is fantastic. I can still remember all the music from this game. The characters have their own theme music and the music reflects the character well. The music is well used and also adds emotion to certain scenes in the game. The sound effects are average for the most part in the game but the sound effects for the spells were used well.

Play Control: 10/10
The usual easy to use play control for RPGs by choosing commands.

Story: 10/10
Final Fantasy VI’s storyline just can’t be beat. Final Fantasy VI has a very deep storyline with many twists and surprises along the way. The story keeps getting interesting every step of the way and never ceases to surprise or amaze me. It also incorporates evils from reality into it (but I’m not going to ruin anything here). The plot loosens up a little during the later parts of the game but is still very well done. Side quests also add much more feeling and background to the story. This game’s story is very emotional in most parts and side quests just add even more emotion and character to the characters. Most of the characters have their own diverse and deep characteristics. However a very few number characters don’t have much character development in them but that doesn’t ruin much. Most of the characters are very deep and emotional. Some have their own pasts and not everything is told along the storyline. The player must discover certain parts of the character’s past on his own. On top of that the characters have much more feeling and story added to them along the story line as well as the unraveling of their pasts. Final Fantasy VI’s story and most of the characters in this game are very deep and emotional and by far the best story ever made for any RPG.

Gameplay: 8/10
The game itself is a fun game with many secrets to be found and the battle system is well made. However the battle system does have a few flaws in it. This game uses Squaresoft’s active battle system. Each character has a specific skill that matches the character well and adds a lot to diversity other than stats. Later on any character, except for a few exceptions, can use any magic in the game as long as you have the right Esper. This lowers the diversity and is what lowered the rating for gameplay since any character can cast any spell as long as they learned it. However the characters are still somewhat diverse with their own skills and stats. Although anyone can use any magic as long as they learn it the effectiveness of the spells of different characters is huge. Also with some characters you will use their skills instead of their spells anyway. There are also many secrets to be found. The challenge early on is all right but later on the challenge starts to dwindle greatly as the player gets more powerful spells and items. The first big change in the challenge, which lowered it greatly, is when every character can learn how to cast spells. The gameplay is still good though and the secrets to be found will have players enjoying the fun of exploration.

Replay Value: 8/10
This game is worth replaying just for the story. The gameplay in this game is also a factor to replaying it much not that great of a factor. The story is the main reason the player would want to replay this game over and over. With a story line that most players would never get bored of and many secrets to uncover will keep most players playing this game again.

Overall: 10/10
This game is definitely the best in the series. With a deep story line and good (not great) gameplay as well as plenty of secrets this game will live in history as one of the greatest RPGs ever made. The main strong point in this game is the story but the gameplay is good factor too and I still can’t get those tunes from the game out of my head.

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Originally Posted: 12/11/00, Updated 12/11/00

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