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Reviewed: 12/31/00 | Updated: 05/20/02

Square has proven that they're not. Square, that is. I'm using Square as both the company and a description. You don't get it, do you?

Game Play-

Final Fantasy III has the best game play ever in a Role Playing Game. The Relic system rules. The Esper System is great. The different characters and their different personalities are wonderful. The Esper system is this: At one point in the game, you get Espers in a form called ''Magicite''. You give an Esper to a character and they learn spells after a while. Spells are learned after you get points. When you get enough points to learn a spell, you...learn that spell. When you have an Esper equipped, you can also summon the spirit of that Esper in battle, similar to FFIV, FFV, FFVII, and FFVIII. The plot is great, it really holds together and surprises you throughout the game. Just about everything in Final Fantasy III is perfect. The personality of each character is amazing. Final Fantasy III had me hooked for eight months.


The graphics in Final Fantasy III are the best graphics of any game on the Super Nintendo, in my opinion. The towns, the characters, the world maps, the backgrounds, the skies, and the bosses are so good-looking. Square Soft really put a lot of hard work and detail into Final Fantasy III. The detail, the places you go look so wonderful, words cannot describe how wonderful everything looks, it is that good. I know that there are many games with better graphics, but the graphics match everything else in Final Fantasy III, although some of you will not think that that makes any sense.


Final Fantasy III has the best music of any video game ever. Everyone has to agree with me on this one. The music fits the scenery and surroundings absolutely perfectly. Final Fantasy III has the best music ever, and I am surprised that it came out of a Super Nintendo. Each and every musical tune and track in Final Fantasy III is wonderful, good, memorable, and catchy. Those are all understatements. The music in Final Fantasy III sounds adventurous, dangerous, and it says ''there is much more to come''. No other game I have played has ever had music like Final Fantasy III. And I do not think there ever will be a game with better music that Final Fantasy III.


FUN FUN FUN. The funnest game ever. The funnest game ever. It is really good.



Doodleheimer's Recommendationitivity

So what if Hollywood Video overcharges the price for Final Fantasy III, it is worth it. Or better yet, if you don't mind the load times, get Final Fantasy Anthology for the Sony Playstation Game Console. If you have forty bucks and a Super Nintendo or a Sony Playstation, get Final Fantasy III. You will not regret the purchase, believe me. There will never be another game like Final Fantasy III again. I do not think that that feat is even possible

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Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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