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"My favorite game... ever!"

Final Fantasy III, or Final Fantasy VI in Japan, is easily recognized as one of the greatest role-playing games of all time. (To most people, at least) It packed very nice graphics, incredible gameplay, an amazing story, and a superb soundtrack. Almost everything it had was very thought out and well planned, and for all these reasons, this is not only my favorite role playing game, but also my favorite game of all time. So, on with the review…

The graphics in this game were quite close to perfect. Everything from the backgrounds to the spell animations was done very well. The monsters, especially, were done quite well. Of course, the graphics are not perfect. The characters are a little bit on the short side, but graphics definitely don’t make a game. Overall, I’d give the graphics a 9 out of 10 score.

The music and sound were extremely well done. The music is some of the best I’ve ever heard in a game. It blended in extremely well into the situation, and set the mood very well. Almost every song is good. Everyone had their very own theme, and they each kind of told how the character’s personality is. For instance, Locke’s theme is kind of fast and an “adventurous” sort of theme, because Locke is an adventurous thief. I won’t go into the detail of the characters right now, because that’s yet to come. And the sound is also very good. Take anything, and it sounds quite realistic, such as the little sound when opening the door. However, most of the sound comes from the spells, which were, of course, done right in a way that it fits quite good with the spell, such as the sound of powerful lightning as you use Bolt 3. A perfect 10.

Story is the most important part of a role-playing game to me, and Final Fantasy III/VI does not really disappoint me in any way. The game starts off with an unknown girl heading into the town of Narshe in MagiTek with two other soldiers. The girl supposedly has the power of magic, but she has no conscious though, because she has a slave crown on her head. Anyway, the they are heading into town to steal an esper that is in the mines. When they get to the esper, there is some reaction between the girl and it. After waking up, she is in an old man’s house and remembers her name. (Terra) She eventually ends up escaping with a thief (Locke), because the Empire comes after her. Anything else would spoil the plot, so you’ll just have to play the game to find out. It goes through many emotional scenes, there’s one that’s really sad in particular, except that I can’t say which one because it would be a spoiler. (I hate this no spoiler rule!!!) Trust me, the story is amazing, and it probably won’t leave you disappointed. It got a score of 10 out of 10

Now, the gameplay. It’s an extremely important part of a game, so this game must have great gameplay right? RIGHT!!! Final Fantasy III/VI’s main system is based on the esper system. How it basically works, is first you must equip an esper, simply by going to “Skills”, “Espers” and then you take your pick. Each esper has their own set of magic, and each spell has a “learn rate”. So, to learn the spell, you must gain Battle Points. Each point gives you a percentage of the spell, depending on the learning rate. It’s a little hard to explain, so let me give you an example. If you equip the Bahamut esper, you get the spell Flare, at a x2 rate. That means if you get one battle point, you are 2% of the way to getting flare. So if a learn rate is x5, then each point gives you 5%. Get it? I sure hope you do. It’s very well done, so I give it a 10.

Well, how about the challenge? Well, for the most part, I’d say the game is pretty easy as long as you spend just a bit of time learning your magic. It has a couple of tough parts and hard bosses, but most of them can be blown by.

As for the replay value, that is pretty high, for pretty much one main reason, and that’s because this game is chock full of secrets. There are TONS of hidden items thrown in, some tough espers to find, (particularly Raiden and Bahamut, maybe Crusader) and some sidequests, like the Fanatics’ Tower and fighting Hidon. Overall, just know that this game is definitely worth playing again.

Final Fantasy III versus Chrono Trigger!
Well, we all know about Chrono Trigger, an extremely good game, and Final Fantasy III/VI’s competitor. So, which one is better? Some say FF3/6, some say Chrono Trigger. I, after some very deep thinking, have finally decided that Final Fantasy III/VI is just a tad better, considering the story and gameplay. But that is just my opinion! You be the judge.

So, buy or rent?
Buy. Buy. Buy! Whether it’s the Final Fantasy Anthology or the [rare] SNES version, just get it! Try it! Why? Well, read above, duh.

The Final Word
Final Fantasy VI is the best role playing game I’ve ever played, and also the best game, period. Try this epic! It’s now available for the Sony Playstation on the Final Fantay Anthology, but it’s slightly different. If you somehow find the Super Nintendo version and can afford it, buy it! Trust me, you’re sure to be pleased.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/05/01, Updated 02/22/01

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