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"All of us have different reasons, but we share the same path. Let's not ignore each other. My thoughts on one of the best Final Fantasy games ever."

Final Fantasy III which is actually FFVI renamed in America as FFIII. Well anyway this was the second final fantasy I've played and it remains as my favorite Final Fantasy of the main series from what I have played. Depending on how Final Fantasy IX is it may remain it for a long time. All right then I guess it time for a break down of the scores. I will be calling this game FFVI from now on in the review.

Challenge- Easy: To be honest this is probably one of the easiest RPGs I've played. Character do too much damage. Levels up come by to quickly and the enemies barely have any hp to fight you. Also the main boss is so easy the tune that plays for him/her/it will probably never get finished unless you play at very low levels. This is one of the games greatest flaws. Still if you don't over level up it can a be fun challenge. I just wish the enemies had more hp.

Graphics- 8: The last Final Fantasy for the Super Nes of course has the best graphics of all the Final Fantasy games for the Super Nes. There is a good amount of detail in areas. And the spells are nice and have good effects to them. Sadly a lot of the summons look really boring and don't have anything special about them in terms of looks. The over world map is actually nice to look at and the world looks okay. Over all the graphics are detailed, but some of the summons are boring and nothing really seems that special at all.

Characters- 9: Ah my favorite cast of FF characters. Each has a reason to be in your party with out having to be so connected to each other's plots they have to be brother and sister. Another nice factor is each character has their own abilities which you can use often this gives them a sense of purpose of being in your party. The characters have enough detail to their plots in my opinion to make me comfortable. Sure they do not walk up to the screen every 5 minutes and tell you what they are thinking, but then again who would want that? Not me. I like characters who are not designed to tell you everything, but have some detail and thus I love the characters of Final Fantasy VI a lot.

Story- 9: This story blows the previous Final Fantasy I played before this which is Final Fantasy 4's story to pieces. I wasn't expecting that much of an improvement. For one thing there is really no single main character. Or at the very least the main character does not do everything in the game. Characters had similar yet different reasons to be in your party and the game is half linear and half Non Linear. The Linear part can be good for structure and the Non Linear part is good for freedom and replay value. Sure the plot may be like other rpgs before it and seem like more of the same FF is you look at the surface, but it is in the end probably the best Final Fantasy Story ever at least of the games I have finished it. I will not judge whether or not this game is a rip-off, but things that are rip-offed are often rip-offs themselves in the end. Still at least this game moved away from the 4 elements plot of previous Final Fantasy games.

Music 10- The music in Final Fantasy VI is amazing. The composer who's name I can never remember how to spell once again leads his talents to compose on of the best scores he has ever done. It has many cool battle tunes, good area tunes and there is really no annoying tune at all in the game. Over all the one of the best Final Fantasy Sound tracks ever.

Replay Value- 6: It can be fun to try and get things in different orders and see slightly different endings, but unless you manage your saves it may not be worth going through a lot of the game again. I'd suggest once you learn what the second half of the game is to keep a save near that point to increase the replay value unless you have to share the saves with others of course. In the end depending on how you manage the saves the game can have decent replay value and every once in awhile it is fun to go through the whole game again.

Game Play- 8: First the good. Each characters has their own abilities. Each character can learn spells except for 2 characters near the end. Each character who can learns spells either gets a spell at certain level ups or gets spells from espers the character has equipped. Espers teach you spells and raise certain stats at level ups and unlike some systems the character still has to earn it themselves. No swapping stuff around in this game. The flaw is levels come by to fast, several spells are pointless to learn and certain characters are not that good. Also the challenge is too low for such variety sometimes. Your best bet is not to level up a lot if you want good game play. To give you an idea try to beat the game at level 50 or below your second time through with out side quest items. Nice game play hampered by lack of challenge. Square rarely makes a tough rpg and this is another one of their easy rpgs. Oh well. Espers are a nice idea I just wish they had more to them and only being able to summon them once for a pitiful amount of damage makes for the worst summons ever in a Final Fantasy game and possibly the most boring ever devised. I like the other summons from all the Final Fantasy games better including the ones from Final Fantasy 3 for the famicom better. However it was nice to see summon creatures that were more than just summons and actually living beings. Still Final Fantasy IV does a better job of this. So in the end I can only give the game play an 8.

Fun Factor- 9: Despite the lack of challenge the game is still very fun to play.

Over all- 9: Good Graphics, Good Story and great gameplay make for one of the best Final Fantasy games ever made.

To Rent or Buy: If you can buy it. This game is worth the money. I love this game it has shaped my opinions on what RPGS I liked especially after play Final Fantasy II (FFIV easy type) for the Super Nes. So if you wonder about my tastes in rpgs you can blame this jewel for it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/19/01, Updated 01/19/01

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