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"Now in the Anthology, This Game is Possibly the Best Final Fantasy"

Final Fantasy VI (6): An Escape into the World Beyond. No one ever thought that Square and Nintendo could team up for such a wonderful, exciting game. From the Moogles to the Espers, every aspect of this game is as wonderful as the next. Humorous scenes, such as most of the encounters with Ultros, to the touching scenes, such as Celes song at the Opera, all contribute to make this game an all around 10. When I think of this game, I truly have only one word come to mind: Wow.

Gameplay 10/10: I loved this game. From the 20 some towns to the 30 some dungeons, this game was chock full of adventure and excitement. Each character has their own unique personality, emotions and fears, bosses and allies alike. With several secret characters, hidden levels, about 30 Espers and a world to explore, you will find an exciting place to go to each time you pick up the controller. The War of the Magi may have sent this world back 1000 years, but it made the world so much more interesting.

Characters 9/10: There is only one possible mistake Square made with the characters: they made one too many. For each character, you learn a sizeable amount of background and personal information, and you find that each character is essential to make the plot work, or rather most of them. With several “Secret Characters”, the game’s secrets are not confided to just treasure boxes and bosses. The characters are great, as there is really no one “main character”, but rather they all take the spotlight at one time or another.

Battle System 10/10: You couldn’t ask for an easier Battle System. Learning magic, courtesy Espers and certain equipment (more so Espers) make for one of the easiest magic learning systems ever. Fighting is a point and click process, much like in many other games. Using magic and skills is important throughout the game, yet is just as simple as fighting: just point and click!

Soundtrack 10/10: The first time I heard Celes sing in the Opera House I ceased to forget the song. FF3/6 is riddled with addictive, beautiful and exciting soundtracks that, alone, make you want to play the game over and over. Each character has their own theme, helping you understand what is happening when you play. With such beautiful music, one cannot understand why anyone hasn’t played this game.

Replayability 10/10: I have played this game over 50 times, and I am still not bored with it. Each time finding new and exciting things I didn’t do before shows you how much FF3/6 really has to offer. From secret sidequests to hidden items, you’ll never tire of playing this game. Leveling up, also, is not much of a pain, as it is rewarding and exhilarating to watch your characters gain levels and learn magic! This game is truly one of the only Role Playing Games in history that has this much to offer the player.

Rent or Buy? –Buy– Buy this game, if you can find it. Currently it is sold with Final Fantasy V in a combined set called Final Fantasy Anthology, though that may soon be long gone as well. If you can find the game, either SNES or PSX versions, I would definitely advise getting this game, as it is, for RPG fans, a sure bet. Go out and find a copy of FF3/6 today!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/30/01, Updated 03/30/01

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