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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 02/20/03

Greatest Game of any kind on any system!

I will be buried with this game! Here's my real rating - 14 I didn't know if this webpage would accept that rating or not!

What I love about it:

Graphics: best in SNES, by far. The backgrounds are breathtaking. The graphics for Esper calls are superb, and sometimes funny. That big cat with boxing gloves is cute! I believe that is the Stray Esper. The airship ride is fun! And I really love the graphics for the charcters and creatures! I give this a 15

Storyline: What starts out as a mysterious young woman with magical powers erupts into a fight to save the planet from a power crazed Emperor and his strange accomplise, Kefka. The story is filled with destruction, defiance, complexities, and, most of all, love! After the world is "undone", the plot is a little predictable, but the characters recoveries are intriguing. I give this a 9.

Magics: Whoever thought of Espers should be congratulated, that's by far the best concept for learning magics that I've ever seen. I Also like the fact that some magics are learned automatically, that ties in VERY well with the story! I give magic a 15!

Characters: Deep and believable. I could feel Locke's pain as Rachel died. I also had a great deal of sympathy for Cyan, his family will always be with him giving him strength. I like the way the characters develop. Terra finds love, the brothers find each other in their hearts after their parents die, Shadow's past is revealed in dreams, Celes's suicide attempt and recovery is heartfelt, and I ESPECIALLY like Kefka!! He's so funny sometimes! I give this a 12.

Battle: I believe 4 people in a battle is just right, 3 is too few, 5 too many. I like the way the menu system works and being able to configure cursor memory for a quicker battle. Although, with memory, you can cast magics or attack when you DON'T want to, gee, I've never done that! Being able to skip players is nice. I give this a 10.

Levels: There are great levels and areas for building up magics and player levels (did that make sense?) Exploring is fun in this game, and I like meeting the secret characters in levels. The Magimaster tower is STILL a pain in my side. Strago's level he does by himself is annoying but fun. And the last level… what can I say, AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Save OFTEN! Unless of course you are on level 60 or so and have a bunch of Ultimas to cast J! I give this an 11. Secrets and Replay: I have never read or heard so many rumors for a video game in my life! I'm still searching for that creature that's supposed to appear if you fight 4000 battles in the "Jurassic Park" forest after defeating all 8 dragons! It's so funny and really cool that people (especially me!) try to get all the rages and Lores and such. There are just SO VERY MANY FAQs, walkthroughs, hints, and lists for this game it's unreal! I love it! This game BEGS to be played over and over and over, I give secrets and replayability a 12.

Myth And Literary Allusion: One cannot ignore the mythical quality to the names of creatures, Espers, and even some items and armors! Mirthil, now where have I heard that before... perhaps in J.R.R. Tolkein?? I give this a 14

Unusual stuff: This is the only game I have ever seen with an Opera! Ultros is certainly unusual, he just won't go away! The creature names are beyond unique, as with all the FF games. What on Earth is an Apokrophos! I give uniqueness a 10

Last but CERTAINLY not least music!! The first time I heard the music in ZoZo I was hooked! I also love Kefka's music! Cyan's theme is wonderful, and Celes's is unforgettable! The music will live on forever... I give this a 15

The only bad thing about this game is that it has to end. Or does it... Will it not live as we all try to get everyone all the magics, rages, and find all the secrets and play it again and again and again....

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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