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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 02/20/03


I wrote this review to express the other side of the FFIII story. Since many of the people who seem to love FFIII have complained about Chrono Trigger and other various great RPGs, so now its my turn to tell the truth about FFIII and end its perfect streak on

Plot (10/10)

I can't believe anyone could come up with such a perfect plot! It really is perfect! I wish I could say that about everything in this game but unfortunately I cannot do that. Besides the joker, Kefka, the game is lacking humor, and an overall fun factor so the plot is kind of wasted by putting it into this game. I only wish they put this plot in a different, smoother, and better game than FFIII. The plot involves a world conflicting of the power of magic and the marvels of science. It tells a tale of how people abuse the power of magic like the demented demon, Kefka, whom you fight at the end of the game. Magic can be so destructive, when used with greed and hate. I love this story. It is soooooooooooo good.

Characters (4/10)

Usually I put the character development into the plot score, but I believe they stand in 2 distinct categories in FFIII. The character development is terrible folks. Terrible! I think this review is very fair because I am looking at the character list right now and I see 6/14 develped characters. The developed characters are Terra- a human/esper controlled by the empire gifted with the power of magic; Edgar- a king that has wisdom of tools who inhereted the throne from his father with a toss of a coin; Locke- a fearless treasure hunter who has a real kind and caring side; Sabin- the brother of Edgar who lost the coin toss to the trone and a master of martial arts; Shadow- a man who will do anything for money. Shadow is very significant to FFIII's plot because of how greed affects people; Celes- sister of the evil Kefka as well as a general for the evil empire searching for the right path in life. The 9 other characters are absolutely worthless to the plot. It's like they are not even there. The only time you use them is for their advantages in battle, but who cares, they don't even really need to be in the game! Final Fantasy VII fixed the character development problems, and added much humor and fun to the series! Compared to Chrono Trigger's and Final Fantasy VII's character development this game literally reeks!

Graphics (7/10)

Don't get the idea that these graphics are good. They are ok but not good! There are some really good parts such as the towns and forests, but there are also some really really bad parts like the map and some of the battle scenes. The world map on the Final Fantasy for nintendo looks even better than FFIII's map. I hate it when graphics fluctuate for ex. in FFIII you go from a beautiful graphed forest to a world map that looks like it got put in an electric chair. It is so raunchy looking, it really is. I can't believe people say this game is perfect. TRUST ME FOLKS, IT IS NOT! IT IS NOT! IT IS NOT! The characters look like turds! And in FFIII's opera scene the band playing in the pit look like drunk hitchhikers. FFIII's graphics get annoying to look at for long periods of time.

Music (10/10)

Not perfect of course, but close to being flawless. The music is extremely dramatic and fits every scene. Great job Nobuo Uematsu, but Yasunori Mitsuda still kicks your butt! The Kefka song, Ending theme, Celes's theme, are some of the top selections. The boss music is outstanding, but the battle music is very very annoying expecially when there are random battles! The final battle theme is good at the beginning but when you get to Kefka's final form the music is gay. Nothing tops the final battle music in Chrono Trigger, and Earth Bound.

Control (5/10)

Don't expect to much from FFIII in terms of control. #1. Characters can ONLY walk in 4 directions, North, South, East, and West. #2. You can't run unless you have got sprint shoes. And if you don't have them you walk slower than a snail. #3. HORRENDOUS random battles! #4 Overchallenging and annoying battles! #5. Difficult to find out what to do next or where to go to next in the game. If I didn't have the player's guide I would be screwed! OK, as you can see Final Fantasy III is not user friendly. It is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY FRUSTRATING, if not the MOST frustrating game I have ever played in my whole life! It's as I have said in other reviews: "An RPG is like a book. Random battles interrupt the book. Imagine sitting down reading a great novel and then being interrupted with banging of pots and pans!" Thats just what is like in FFIII, and the horrible battle music is the pots and pans! And I don't know if it got to you FFIII lover's or not, but the 4 direction walking GOT ON MY NERVES! It is not like in Chrono Trigger where you could run and walk in ALL directions. It feels so great when a game has good control, FFIII's control sucked!

Battles (5/10)

No fun! No cool powers! Chrono Trigger had awesome techs, that made battles so fun! Battles are like torture in FFIII. I mean they really sucked! How can people enjoy this game? Where is the fun? I'm not going to give this game a 10 just because it has a good story. If it isn't any fun there's no point in giving it a superior rating. You have several types of magic that you get from equipping espers, which you don't get until later in the game anyway. The esper system is good but the powers are just lame. Summoning monsters might seem cool, but it is highly unrealistic. Anyway most of the monsters you summon don't do anything that helps you and they have pretty bad graphics too!

Playability (5/10)

Final Fantasy III, had lots to explore and a few good secrets such as the cursed sheild. When the shield is uncursed it is almighty. But this game didn't have too much gameplay. All you do in this game is get in frustrating battles! Plus the so-called "super fun and innovative" colliseum is actually NO FUN! Don't dare believe anyone that says the colliseum is fun. Not true! Not true at all! When you get in a battle at the colliseum the computer fights FOR YOU! Is that fun, NO! It is NO fun, it is frustrating! Due to FFIII's control problems, random battles, and other small frustrating factors the replay value is not too good. Playing through FFIII one time is even hard. The only reason I played it was because I loved the story and the music. I was in so much pain when I played this game though. It gets on your nerves like no other.

Overall (7/10)

Think off FFIII as being around an F plus/D minus. It passes slightly but it is not really fun at all! It is sad that square did not use the amazing technology of the Super Nintendo with this game. It would be great if they made an updated and corrected version of FFIII. I would love that and I'm sure my fellow friends who also have a little problem with FFIII would like that too.

What should I do?

I'll tell you. Truthfully the ONLY reason why people give this game a 10 is because it has such a good story. They lie about everything else. But I know how they feel, the game has such a good story you may wan't to give it a 10, but that is not all there is too it. This is a game..a video game. I was very honest with this review, and I know it is the most accurate. The advertisements may make you want to buy the game but make sure you don't judge a book or game by its cover. If you want to play it please rent it. But if you are a hard core FF fan I guess you'll have to buy it.Later....

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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