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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 02/20/03

The RPG that really defines "RPG"

There are classic games that actually touch the player's soul and are never forgotten and there are games that are just beaten and forgotten. The legendary Final Fantasy RPG series is nothing but classic and the best game in the whole series is Final Fantasy III. What other game could come close? This game is totally unmatched in length, storyline and playability. I could never dream of an RPG this good, this BRILLIANT.

The game was brought to America in 1994. It was brought to the gamers on a silver platter, right there for their taking. And after a week of its release the game sold over 90,000 copies. The numbers continued to grow and after being out for 4 years, the game reached a maximum of 889,635 copies sold. Unfortunately, it did not break the million mark in the U.S. as Final Fantasy creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, expected. However, that was a totally different story in Japan. Final Fantasy III sold over 3 million copies there. So, this made Hironobu Sakaguchi wonder why Amercians weren't that much of RPG players. Why aren't they? Why would Amercians pass up such a classic?

Graphics (10/10): The graphics are phenomenal for the Super NES. Character design was wonderful and the backgrounds were great. Even though now we have the playstation which can produce much better backgrounds then the Super NES, but, when you see the backgrounds and the level design in this game, you'll see really how much classic effort was put into this game. I mean, 1994! These have to be the best graphics ever created in that year.

Storyline (10/10): Can you spell classic? The storyline is just that. Kefka is an enemy you'll hate for eons. In his twisted sick ways he runs the empire and his twisted sick objective is to destroy everything, rule everything. The things he does to achieve this goal are sick and twisted and hateful. You'll hate Kefka and this hate you have against him will make you wanna to play the game to the end just to kick his twisted ass. And that's basically the plot, you and 15 other characters join you as you try to stop Kefka from getting his evil wishes. But there is so many surprises and dark turns in the plot you don't know what is the main plot or the sub-plot....

Music (10/10): The music is not only classic, but epic. This music is so good, in fact, that you will probably feel that you would have to buy the soundtrack and listen to your favorite themes over and over again. The music is beautifully composed and is extremely intense in action-filled parts and it always, always sets the mood. Especially during the last battle with Kefka, you'll be on the edge of your seat, gripping the controller so hard your hands will hurt and you will also be sweating nervously because the music is so intense and action packed...and maybe because Kefka is very, very DIFFICULT!

Sound (10/10): The Sound F/X are extremely realistic. When you do a spell, it's realistic and anything that involves battling sounds extremely realistic. Believe me, it's amazing. There are no problems what so ever with the Sound effects.

Control (10/10: The menu-based battles are extremely well-thought out and will be used in every other game forever. I am serious when I say forever. Menu based RPGs are the most common and Final Fantasy III takes them to the next level!

Gameplay (10/10): You better believe it. The gameplay is extremely innovative. You explore, collect stuff, play mini-games, ride chocobos and tons of secrets. There is just so much to do in this game you'll be overwhelmed and your expectations of this game were way lower than this! You'll be asking yourself can this game get any better than this? And you'll find out more and more that the game gets better every step of the way. And once you finish you'll want more and play the whole game over again. Just one word can sum it up: BRILLIANT.

Final Fantasy III exceeds every expectation ever made about this game. It is truly a classic and shall never be forgotten by gamers: never. It's an epic game that made RPGers turn to SquareSoft and say: We want more. Give us more. Final Fantasy III IS and will ALWAYS BE the GREATEST GAME EVER CREATED.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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