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"The best game. Well put, Vampie!"

This game is the appitomy of great. Even though Final Fantasy 7 has came andgone, I still come back to the great game. Even better is that they're goingto remake it with CG cut scenes for the Playstation. Expect my review there,human! Everything in this game has a 20, because it's the best of the best,so I'll just describe it.

Graphics- Truly revolutionary for RPGs. If all the other companies had followed their stuff by this example, we would have had graphics like FinalFantasy 7 long before it's time. So what if the sprite characters don't lookgood. EVERYTHING else does. Spells are great, summons are great, especiallythe beasts are great. I literally still get shivers down my spine when I seethe last boss.

Music- This music is better than most music ANYWHERE. I even shelled out $69 dollars to buy the SM soundtrack. Good thing I didn't go for the original.But, the music is synthetic, altough it sounds real, and it really hits youin the soul. The character's themes fit like a glove, and the ending song isthe single best song I've EVER heard. Hats off to Oematsu (spelling?) for ajob well done.

Character Design- Unlike in most games, this game has characters that areequally developed. At least mostly. The characters grow on you like funguson the undergarments you are wearing, due to lack of NOT playing. They reallydo seem to be like family, if not better, and you're sad to see some of thecharacter's endings, like Shadow (if you figure out his secret!).

Sound- Sound's good. Especially with spells such as Ultima. But, other thanthat, sorry to say, it's average. But it still set standards.

Other- The replay value of this game is unreal. Even after many YEARS of it,and beating it in under 10 hours, I still love it. I even let my girlfriendhave borrow it (which turned out to be HAVING it...) due to its greatness.There are many mini-quests, and there is not much room for improvisation, ifany.

Plot- The plot is too complex to state in a few, unspoiling sentances, butI'll try. An evil ruler, with an evil apprentice, try to take over magic andthe world. But will the victor be the ruler, the apprentice, or maybe evenour heroes? Find out for yourself.

If you don't like this game, you seriously have problems. I mean you haveserious problems. Or both. But this game is better than life, believe it ornot. And, if you don't like it, it's probably better than your life. I've only come across 3 people who didn't like it, and that's because they livein a world where Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny is considered art, and Lion Kingand Mulan is considered an original story.... it's quite sad to have peoplebase their judgement on graphics, but even then they were wrong...

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 02/20/03

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