Review by RavenWing

"The best game on the SNES by far..."

This is easily the best game on the SNES, and is second best out of all games only toits big brother, FFVII.

This was the first FF game I ever played, and it hooked me on not only the FF series, but onRPGs! Gosh, where can I start on such an awesome game?

The characters were awesome - I really felt for them. The magic, it was amazing.Espers are amazingly cool, and the Esper graphics are extremely good for SNES. Some of the villain characters inspired humor, like that silly octopus, Ultros.The first fight with him can be tough, but the latter fights are child's play. But, geez,that thing just won't leave them alone!!Also, I like how Kefka came to power, by simpling playing along with the Emperor, gettingas he liked, and then suddenly killing the Emperor and taking all the power for himself (while goinginsane in the process). I still use Kefka's one line "run run or you'll be well done" in real life, cause I like it so much :)I have played it so much that all my characters are level 99 and have all the spells. Let me say that thattook a lot of time in the Dinosaur Forest!

This is an amazing game. No RPGer should be without it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 02/20/03

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