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"A true masterpiece. My favorite game."

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III was released in 1994. It is actually Final Fantasy VI in Japan, and was luckily released in North America. It is my favorite video game ever. It had changed my life in more ways than one. I purchased the game for $24. At first, I thought it was a seemingly average game, and was overrated. I stopped playing it for a month or two. But one night I decided to give it another shot. I was absorbed into the game and played it as much as a could. Well, if interested in this game, I think this review will help you.

Story: 10/10
It takes place 1000 years after the War of the Magi, a war between humans and espers. You take control of Terra, a young girl who was brain washed by the Empire. The Empire is taking control of towns quickly, and only the Returners, a group rebelling against the Empire, stands in the way. But once the creatures called Espers get envolved, it becomes much more interesting. An insane, power hungry, Imperial General named Kefka gains power. Terra meets new friends like Locke, Edgar, Sabin, Mog, and many many more. She will try to help to save the world, while uncovering her past. The story is the best I have seen in a game. I just skimmed the surface of the huge adventure. You travel through distant lands, meet new friends, and deadly foes. The story takes surprising twists and turns that make it all more interesting. In one part, you go from saving you friend from a haunted town, to singing in an Opera House! The many cut scenes allow you to learn more about the characters. The story is the bomb.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics are wonderfully designed, and are perfect in my opinion. They are excellent to be made for Super Nintendo, as well as 1994. The opening intro’s lighting looks spectacular. The characters all look different, and the battles have different landscapes in the background. Aside from a few rumored glitches, I have not seen anything I was displeased with.

Music: 10/10
Oh what sweet sound there is! Nobuo Uematsu’s greatest masterpiece of ballads is second to none. It is the best music in the world that does not have words. Yes, I believe that it is better than Mozart! The Overworld, Opera, Auction House (Spinach Rag), and nearly every characters theme are true genius. The music is so appealing that I have the soundtrack that has every song. There are over 50 songs and nearly all them are great. If you are unable to purchase the game, I suggest that you at least buy the soundtrack. It is all orchestrated with songs that are perfect for the atmosphere that you are in. For instance, while a Town has nice, peaceful music, an imperial base has an evil sound to it. Perfect songs in the right places, means a beautiful music score.

Gameplay: 10/10
The most important category and it deserves another ten. As you journey along in your gallant quest, you gain new party member. 12 party members and 2 “secret characters.” Each one of them has a special skill that only they can use. This is neat because unlike other Final Fantasies, every character has a different fighting style. Terra has morph, Locke has steal, Edgar has tools, Sabin has blitzes, you get the idea. Each character carry two relics, each helps you in a certain way. A character can “equip” 4 things, a right hand, left hand, body, and head item. The weapons and items become cooler the farther you go into the game. Things become even more interesting when you get the power of Espers, which is basically the same as a summon, except when equip, they can help you learn new magic moves. This is very very cool. If you equip an Esper to someone, once you gain enough magic points, it could allow the character to learn a new magic attack. Think about every person in your party using the best magic spells in the game. Equipping, Relics, and Espers are just character assets. The battles are boring towards the beginning of the game, but once you start learning cool moves, it gets better. One disadvantage is that you can not walk diagonally, and without the Sprint Shoes, you can not run fast at all. The game has so many side quests is crazy. There is so much cool stuff you could accidentally miss when playing through. Also, do not worry about this game being too short. My first file took me 45 hours to beat, and I skipped some of the side quests. The difficultly is medium. Many things took many several times before I could beat it. One thing I like is that there really aren’t any huge mazes you must navigate through. It is pretty straightforward. It is a long game that had me dancing around the room when I finally beat it. While I admit, this is not the greatest game play, but it is certainly worthy of a ten.

Replay Value: 10/10
Because of the many side quests and secrets, it is great to play over again. I let my friend borrow the game, once I had beaten it. Well, one day later I took it back and started playing it again. I started a new file the day after I beat the game. That should tell you how good the replay value is. There is a lot you might have missed the first time through, so you will probably want to play it again (I did anyway). Because of all the extra secrets, and the fact that it is the best game ever, should definitely make you want to go a second round.

Buy or Rent: Buy
First of all, it’s very hard to find this game anywhere, much less your local Movie Gallery. Even if you were able to rent it, I doubt you could beat this game in renting time. Two days rental time is not enough time to fully enjoy this one. So, summing it up into 3 words: Buy. This. Game.

Overall: 10/10
This is “the perfect game.” There is no other game that I would give a perfect ten in every category. An engaging story, famous music, and the best game play in any Final Fantasy game, this game gives you the total package. If you have not played this, I strongly suggest that you do. Square truly produced a masterpiece. Kupo!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/02/03, Updated 02/02/03

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