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Squaresoft's Final Fantasy 3 (or 6, depending on the way you look at it). Most RPG players have at least heard of this game. Many people have played this game. I have played it multiple times. Mainly because this is the best game ever. Okay, one of the best games ever, at least in my opinion. Okay, I'm not going to keep rambling on about this game, you are reading this because you want to know if it is any good. Okay, on to the review.

Storyline: This game has a very basic story in the beginning, but then gets really complex at the end. Let me explain. In the beginning, you control a girl named Terra, who has basically been brainwashed, and is mind controlled by a guy named Kefka. She is sent to a town called Narshe, to receive a creature of immense power called an Esper. The Esper proceeds to kill the two escorts of Terra, and strangely knocks Terra unconscious. She is found by a resistance group, and as the government comes for her, she runs, is knocked unconscious (again) and another resistance member goes to find her. He saves her, they go to a man named Banon to find why Terra has special powers and how she can harness them. The man tells her, and persuades her to fight with the resistance to overthrow the government. The story evolves from there. It's also got it's humorous portions in the game, which can break out the drama and action. But I'm not going to spoil the story for you.
Storyline Rating: 10

Gameplay: This game is awesome. This was the first RPG that I have ever played, and it was really easy to learn. The first few battles are simple enough so that you can learn how to play. It's practically self explanatory. The game often gives you a tutorial on the more ''difficult'' events, such as equipping special items, and switching parties. This game is also non-linear. You can do almost anything at anytime during the game. And in case you are worried about difficulty, you need not worry. It is not entirely too easy, but it is not entirely too hard. Even the final boss isn't too difficult (although I was a little upset by the simplicity of the end, the harder the end bosses of games, the more I like it, although the more I get angry after a while). And even if you have trouble passing a certain part, fret not, my friend. One great detail about this game, which I really like and wish that more RPGs would utilize, is that when you die, your party members start at the last save point you hit, but, although you lose items, money, etc, you keep your experience that you gained. That way, you know that you didn't waste a whole hour or so leveling up to learn that you need to level up even further, or learn some new spells. So it's not an overall loss when you should happen to lose an important battle.
Gameplay Rating: 10

Graphics: Simply astonishing. You wouldn't believe that you could make graphics this good with the ol' SNES. The characters are detailed (although not as detailed as Chrono Trigger, although that is another story), and the graphics are beautiful. The world map is amazing, as it has a certain 3D look to it. Riding the chocobos (the birds that you could ride) or the airship can just amaze you on the graphics. Even the buildings, backgrounds for mountains (such as Mt. Kolts), and great fighting environments look great. For example, you can ''see'' the heat in the desert battlefield. The magic effects are pretty cool looking as well. A few better looking spells that I can think of offhand are Aero, Flare Star, and Ultima. Excellent for the SNES. It is also a definite step up from both Final Fantasy IV and V, which, if you have played before, the graphics aren't that great. But again, that's another story.
Graphics Rating: 10

Sound: Yet another good point. This game has to have one of the best soundtracks that I have ever heard. The music really suits the mood, and the battle music is awesome. None of it gets annoying, and some of it (like the ''famous'' Mog theme) it just so awesome, that you'll search for it on your computer (at least, I did).
Sound Rating: 10

Longetivity: This game can keep you occupied for either a short time or a very long time. When you get to the second half of the game, you can pick up four old party members, and go to defeat the boss, or you can actually attempt to recover the rest of your party and finish the tons of side quests available. It's all your choice, which is one of the coolest things. Once you get the airship, you can do anything, anytime. It's great.
Longetivity Rating: 10

Replayability: This is actually your choice. The first time through the game, I didn't complete everything, so I decided to try the game a second time to complete everything. It may take a while, but I have time. It actually all depends on whether you like the game enough and want to beat it again, or if you have the attitude that you beat it once, you are done. Your choice.
Replayability Rating: 9

Buy/Rent: Definitely buy. I saw it on a web site once for about $25, but it is worth it. Large game, excellent details, awesome storyline, etc. Definitely worth it.

Conclusion: I'd recommend this game to anybody who like RPGs, whether they've been playing them for a long time (like me) or someone who has just started playing RPGs, or even for anybody who wants a challenge. Believe me when I say that you should play this game. It's worth it. I think that is Final Fantasy VI is the best Final Fantasy installment in the series, even including Final Fantasy X-2. But that's a different story. As my final word, this game is a game that will stick in your mind every time you play a video game. It's that good.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/16/04

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