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Reviewed: 12/05/05

The Final Classic

Most of you already know this, but I'll say it anyway: Final Fantasy VI (III in North America) is a turn-based RPG designed by Squaresoft, just like all the other Final Fantasy's. It was released for the SNES and is arguably the best RPG out for the SNES. The biggest competitors on the SNES are the RPGs Chrono Trigger, made by Squaresoft as well, and the other two Final Fantasy's.

So what makes Final Fantasy VI any different from other RPGs? It sets a perfect example as to what a perfect RPG should have. FF VI is NOT overrated, like many people claim, because those people themselves have not played the game enough. They also usually favor graphics over gameplay, and do not like RPGs, which can explain their reason to hate any Final Fantasy. RPGs are not for everyone. I'll explain this later in the Buy/Rent section.

:::Story::: 10/10
If you didn't know, all Final Fantasy games have an entire different story, and even gaming system, so they can't be thought of as sequels.

The story for this game is like a merging of MANY different stories. This is explained by the number of characters that are involved in the game.

The Characters: There are a total of 13 of them! That's a huge number, but exciting in a way. Each character has its own story. Because of this reason, there is no such thing as a "main" character. In fact, out of those 13 characters, three of them are the most important to the main story: Terra, Locke, and Celes. But the main story only occupies a fraction of the many scenes that are involved in this game.

Having 13 different characters, the game does a great job at character development. You can expect what a certain person would do in reaction to a certain event. However, some of the characters are SIMPLY fillers. This includes Gau, a jungle kid who seems to have no past, Umaro, a moogle creature who also has nothing to do with any story, and Gogo: is it a he, or a she, or what is it?! You can expect that these characters are the least often used because of their lack of development.

Most characters are introduced usually in a chain. For example, Terra gets help from Locke, Locke takes her to King Edward, who joins them up with his brother Saban, etc. etc. So you can expect they have some kind of link with each other.

Some characters are "mystery" characters. They do have a story, but they will not directly reveal it to you. This includes a ninja named Shadow, a girl named Relm, and a gambler named Setzer. The developers are so magnificent for doing this, as these characters are highly favorites of many people because of their mysteriousness.

The main story goes like this: you start out as Terra Branford, a girl who has lost her memory, and all she remembers is her name. Terra was being used by the evil Empire because of her mysterious, destructive power. As Terra makes friends throughout the world, all of them have something against the Empire, and they all work together to defeat the Evil emperor, Gestalph, and one of the most famous mischievous villains in gaming history: Kefka.

Of course, the side-stories are the bigger part of the game, as you will run into them more, but the main story is what you need to progress.

The intro to this game is what really blew me away. When I first saw all those names roll by as the three magitek-armored soldiers marched towards their destiny, I knew this game was going to be a long, long journey. Indeed, it was.

:::Graphics::: 9/10
I will announce this clearly: this is pretty much all that Super Nintendo is capable of. People who claim otherwise, like I said before, favor graphics highly above gameplay. Such people should be ignored, as they probably didn't start gaming until the later consoles like PS2 and Xbox came out.

Compare this game to other Final Fantasy games in the Super Nintendo. The character sprites are much bigger! In fact, you can actually see their emotions throughout the game. They can jump, shout, look tired, laugh, and much more. It's great to watch this happen as it can definitely make you laugh and feel like you're part of the game, when the characters are talking to each other.

The monsters are nicely designed. Although they don't really animate, they're still great. And there are many of them in number. They all look dangerous in ways.

This game tried several approaches to 3D graphics. From a SNES perspective, they did a great job. You can actually see ahead of you, when you're riding a chocobo, or the Airship. The designed the whole world map in 3D exclusively for the Airship! It's awesome like this. We could not have asked any more from one of the best consoles in history.

:::Music::: 10/10
Ask any major Final Fantasy fan: which Final Fantasy games had the best music? Don't be surprised when they have Final Fantasy VI on the top of their list. This game's music was composed by Nobuo Uematsu, who has gained a huge reputation for his work with Squaresoft. He is, indeed, a genious composer.

All characters have their own music. Some of the most famous music belongs to Terra, Shadow, Cyan, Relm, and some more. The world map music is really nice to hear, as it is a remix of Terra's music. The world map is important because you will spend a lot of your time there, and good music will keep you encouraged.

The great part about music is that there are all kinds of them, and they all represent different emotions. There is sadness, happiness, hyper, evil, gloomy, wild, all kinds of music! Since sadness is probably the deepest emotion, we can expect that most of the famous music represents this emotion.

:::GAMEPLAY::: 8/10
Looking at a Final Fantasy, you can expect what kind of game this will be, and how the battle system will work. But there are always changes in the battle system.

The Battle System: In the beginning of the game, each character is unique. They have their own skills, such as "Steal", "Magic", "Tools", "Throw". This is good because you have a reason to choose a different character. However, later in the game, you will find the ability to use Espers, which will assign any character the ability to use magic. So now it is up to you how you want your characters to be.

This is a terrible thing, as there are 13 different characters and you want to use all 13 of them. But the job to attach an esper to a character, then train him with the esper, it's such a hassle to do. They should have thought of something better than the Esper system.

The battle system is designed in a 2D perspective: you are alligned to the right, and the enemy is standing to the left of the screen. It's very common in the older Final Fantasy's to see this.

Length: This game is EXTREMELY long. On your first time playing, it could possibly take you 50 hours or more to beat this game, along with all sidequests. This is great because the world map is huge, there are plenty of towns and secret places to visit, and plenty of things to do. This game will keep you excited for many weeks.

Difficulty: I've found myself dying many times, even to normal enemies. That is why levelling up can be vital to gameplay, and playing this game on low levels is not really normal.

The bosses can be very difficult. You'll find yourself using your physically strong characters for the fights at first, but then you'll find that magic is very important to the game, and you'll be using your girls near the end of the game. Expect frustration at a few points, but that 1 hour is nothing compared to 50 hours of gameplay.

Fun Factor: Levelling up, using different characters, fighting through dungeons, forests, factories, and much more... it'll keep you hooked for a long time. The random battles can be annoying, as in any Final Fantasy, but the dungeons are not too long, with the exception of the last one in the ending of the game. Bosses are quite rewarding to defeat.

:::Replay Value::: 9/10
You'll find yourself playing this game atleast once after you've beaten it, just to understand the story, and get the extra items and secrets, and basically have fun all over again. I myself play this game about every two years, just to keep myself feel old-school. The fun never ends... it never ends.

Buy or Rent?
As with any Final Fantasy, it's only worth buying, because renting is a waste of time and money. However, I doubt most of you have a Super Nintendo, or even if you can find this game, because it is very rare.

You can buy it for the Playstation, which is Final Fantasy Anthology.

There are alternatives, if you know what I mean, to playing this game, besides a Super Nintendo.

OVERALL:::::::::: 9.2 -> 9 on GameFAQs

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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