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"Okay, this game is a MUST try. One of the best SNES games EVER."

The title "Final Fantasy III" is often mistaken for the NES version that came out, but believe me, this is much different. It's not about the "Onion Kids", or whatever they are called. This game is a MUST have. The third Final Fantasy in the series that made it to the SNES (also known as Final Fantasy VI in Japan) is one of (if not) the best Final Fantasy games ever. Now, on with the review.

Story: 9/10

The story of this game is about a girl named Terra. She was born with the gift of magic, and she is a half human and half Esper. The Empire are looking for this girl, and she is referred to as a sorcerer and a witch. The Empire also look for the Esper found in Narshe, by putting a Slave Crown on Terra's head, forcing her to obey their very command. Terra eventually realizes another part of herself, and thus, wants to stop the Empire and their evul ways once and for all.
Later in the game, Kefka crumbles the world into pieces using his evil magic, with the help of the power of the three statues. In the World of Ruin, you must go to Kefka's Tower, and destroy the three statues. Doing this will cause magic to disappear from the world. After that, you must destroy Kefka to bring peace onto the world once again.

Gameplay: 10/10

The gameplay of this game is that of a normal RPG. You go on the overworld, and fight enemies while discovering new destinations. You get several party members throughout the game, and there are towns and such that you can perform side quests in, and buy equipment and items. There are also two different worlds in this game: The World of Balance, and the World of Ruin. The World of Balance is where the entire story is revealed, while in the World of Ruin, your only objective is to find all of your friends and defeat Kefka for good. The World of Ruin is by far the toughest part in the entire game, and quite possibly the longest. In the World of Ruin are many sidequests for you to take. It is possible to beat the game with only four party members, as it is just a side quest to find your friends. Of course, this game, like any other RPG, has the basic command "Magic" to use. You start out with Fire spells, then further into the game, you learn Ice spells. Not too long after that, you get Espers, which you equip on certain party members to learn different spells and get certain stat bonuses. Overall, the gameplay is very great, and it is one of the things that make the game as good as it is.

Sound: 6/10

Okay, I'll say this much: the sound is probably the worst part about this game. Almost all of the magic attacks sound just like...crap. Ultima, however, sounds okay, as do spells such as Meteo. The attacks you use with weapons and such sound stupid, as well. The cursor that moves on the menu and battle screen sounds okay, but it could be made sounding better. There...isn't much to say about the sound, but overall, it's probably the worst part about this game. It can be put up with easily, they just sound stupid.

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics are alright for a Super Nintendo game. The graphics are really nothing but pixels, however. Although, the enemies and bosses were made to look very great, as are the buildings and the overworld and such. The graphics of this game are like that of a normal SNES game, but there are probably SNES games with better graphics than this one. But that dosen't make it any better or worse, if you're thinking that. I actually love the way the levels graphics are and stuff; they look very creative. I can tell you that if I tried to make a game like this, the graphics wouldn't be THAT great and creative. The graphics in this game are actually quite nice, as I have stated before.

Music: 10/10

This is probably THE best part of this entire game, next to the Gameplay. The music in this game is just AMAZING. I mean, wow. Throughout the entire game you will encounter better and better music. The final battle, along with the last boss battle in the World of Balance have GREAT music. The levels in both worlds also have very great music. The Floating Continent and Kefka's Tower are two great examples. You will be surprised about how great the music in this game can and will get. If it were not for the music, this game would not be half as great as it is. Although, I do not very much like the basic battle music. It really sounds like a remix of the boss music from Final Fantasy IV, even though I love FFIV's boss music. The boss music in this game is pretty good, too. There are many other places that have great music that I could mention if I wanted, but there is no need. You will find pure awesome music spreaded throughout the game, as you progress further and further. You will even find yourself leaving the game on at a certain point just to listen to the music this game holds! Yes, it is that great.

Replay Value: 10/10

This game has A LOT of replay value. After you beat this game once, you'll want to beat it again. Then, possibly again. You will probably beat this game AT LEAST twice in a row before you stop playing for the time being. Less than a year later, you'll want to come back and beat it ANOTHER two times. This game is just that awesome. Trust me, you'll really want to repedeately beat it. I've beaten it at least ten times, in all my life that I've played this game. This probably applies to a lot of RPGs, but this one it applies to the most. I've never played a game in my life, with as many games as I have, where I come back in six (or less) months, just to beat it two more times. This is the ONLY game where I have done that. This game is super long, but that should not stop you from playing this awesome, terrific game.

Buy or Rent?

Buy, buy, buy, buy, buy. Buy it. It's expensive, however. You can probably find it at your local Pawn Shop. If not, you'll likely find this on, for around $30-50 for a USED copy. A non-used copy will probably cost around $80 (or so I've heard), even on a site with cheap stuff such as eBay. But trust me, it is WELL worth the money. You WON'T regret it. And you'll probably not find this game for rent anywhere, so you can leave that out of the picture. Overall, try this game. You could just borrow it from a friend and try it. If you like it, buy it.

Overall: 10/10

By ending this review, I'll give this game a score of ten. It is one of (if not) the greatest SNES games EVER created. I really recommend this game, as you'll enjoy it very much, and it will keep you busy for quite some time. Until my next review, folks! I hope this helped you decide whether or not to buy this game! If you get it, enjoy it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, too! With that, I say: goodbye, folks.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/07/05

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