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    Pro Action Replay Codes by Fallen Wings

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                                               Harvest Moon PAR Codes
    Version:1.5(SIXTH FAQ)
    Author:Solomon warrior
    Current user level:Regular user
    FAQ Type:Patch code list
    1) version history.
    2) introduction.
    3) PAR codes.
    4)basic cheat.
    5)about update.
    6)Copyright issue.
    7) credits.
    1)Version history
    -first released.[8-8-2002]
    -The codes were not been arrange in correct order.
    -second FAQ
    -The codes were arranged in correct order.
    -Add unlimited water code,own 12 cows and 12 
    chickens code.
    -Take out the Gameshark code section.
    -Add corns,tomatoes,turnips,potatoes shipped codes.
    -Add some notes.
    -Add some basic cheat.
    -third FAQ
    -Fix some of my codes.
    -Fourth FAQ.
    -add copyright issue.
    -fifth FAQ
    -fix some of my codes.
    -take away the wrong basic cheat.
    version: 1.5 [2-28-2003]
    -sixth faq
    -fix some codes.
    I made this guide is to help you to beat the game 
    and i do not responsible if some strange things 
    happen if you use this guide and this guide is free.If 
    you have any other codes you can e-mail me and I wil
    l put your name on credits. (if the codes work)Please 
    e-mail me too if the codes do not work.I will try to fix
     it.Or you can contact me by posting your message on
    gamefaq message board.I'll be there everyday.
    I felt sorry to those who ask me to give them the 
    cheat code that I could not found.But ,please try
    to understand,I am just a human.
    3)PAR codes
    You must use ZSNES emu to put these PAR codes.
    03B11710:Walk through wall
    7E0918FF:Unlimited stamina
    7E0921XX:Item in your hand
    7E0923XX:Item in your hand
    replace XX with
    7E092105:yellow seed
    7E092106:red seed
    7E092107:brown seed
    7E092108:white seed
    7E092109:cow medicine
    7E09210A:cow icon
    7E09210C:grass seed
    7E092111:gold sickle
    7E092112:gold hoe
    7E092113:gold hammer
    7E092114:gold axe
    7E092118:blue feather
    7E092119:chicken feed
    7E092120:cow feed
    7E092614:Unlimited water
    7E0927FF:Unlimited grass seeds
    7E0928FF:Unlimited corn seeds
    7E0929FF:Unlimited tomato seeds
    7E092AFF:Unlimited potato seeds
    7E092BFF:Unlimited turnip seeds
    7E09300C:Fed cows
    7E0932FF:Fed cows
    7E0933FF:Fed cows
    7E09310C:Fed chickens
    7E0934FF:Fed chickens
    7E0935FF:Fed chickens
    7E0970XX:House modifier
    replace XX with
    7E097000:small house
    7E097001:medium house
    7E097002:large house
    [see note 3]
    7E098CXX:Weather modifier (tomorrow)
    replace XX with
    7E098C03:hurricane (for summer only)
    7E098C05:sunny and calm
    7E098C06:flower festival (for spring only)
    7E098C07:harvest festival (for fall only)
    7E098C08:Thanksgiving Festival (for winter only)
    7E098C09:Star Night Festival (for winter only)
    7E098C0A:festive mood (for winter only)
    7E098C0B:annual egg festival (for fall only)
    7E098C0C:snow (for winter only)
    [see note 1]
    7F1F00FF:Have all item in toolshed
    7F1F01FF:Have all item in toolshed
    7F1F02FF:Have all item in toolshed
    7F1F03FF:Have all item in toolshed
    7F1F04FF:Unlimited money during current game
    7F1F05FF:Unlimited money during current game
    7F1F0680:Unlimited money during current game
    note: if the cheats do not working correctly, please disable 7F1F0680.
    7F1F0A0C:Own 12 cows (in diary only)
    7F1F0B0C:Own 12 chickens (in diary only)
    [see note 2]
    7F1F0CE7:Unlimited woods
    7F1F0D03:Unlimited woods
    7F1F10E7:Unlimited grass in the box
    7F1F1103:Unlimited grass in the box
    7F1F18XX:Year modifier
    replace XX with
    7F1F1801:First year
    7F1F1802:Second year.
    7F1F19XX:Season modifier
    replace XX with
    7F1F1AXX:Day modifier
    replace XX with
    7F1F1BXX:Date modifier
    replace XX with:
    7F1F1B01: 1
    7F1F1B02: 2
    7F1F1B03: 3
    7F1F1B04: 4
    7F1F1B05: 5
    7F1F1B06: 6
    7F1F1B07: 7
    7F1F1B08: 8
    7F1F1B09: 9
    7F1F1B0A: 10
    7F1F1B0B: 11
    7F1F1B0C: 12
    7F1F1B0D: 13
    7F1F1B0E: 14
    7F1F1B0F: 15
    7F1F1B10: 16
    7F1F1B11: 17
    7F1F1B12: 18
    7F1F1B13: 19
    7F1F1B14: 20
    7F1F1B15: 21
    7F1F1B16: 22
    7F1F1B17: 23
    7F1F1B18: 24
    7F1F1B19: 25
    7F1F1B1A: 26
    7F1F1B1B: 27
    7F1F1B1C: 28
    7F1F1B1D: 29
    7F1F1B1E: 30 
    7F1F1CXX:Time modifier
    replace XX with 
    7F1F1FE7:Full Hearts for Church Girl
    7F1F2003 :Full Hearts for Church Girl
    7F1F23E7:Full Hearts for Flower Girl
    7F1F2403:Full Hearts for Flower Girl
    7F1F21E7:Full Hearts for Toolshop Girl
    7F1F2203 :Full Hearts for Toolshop Girl
    7F1F25E7:Full Hearts for Animal Girl
    7F1F2603:Full Hearts for Animal Girl
    7F1F27E7:Full Hearts for Drinks Girl
    7F1F2803 :Full Hearts for Drinks Girl
    7F1F360A:10 Power berry
    7F1F4AE7:Corn shipped
    7F1F4B03:Corn shipped
    7F1F4CE7:Tomatoes shipped
    7F1F4D03:Tomatoes shipped
    7F1F4EE7:Turnips shipped
    7F1F4F03:Turnips shipped
    7F1F50E7:Potatoes shipped
    7F1F5103:Potatoes shipped
    7F1F1B1E:Instant ending
    7F1F1901:Instant ending
    7F1F1802:Instant ending
    It means you modify to 30 summer of 2nd year.
    (for spring only)means you can only use that code
    in spring only or the game will crash.
    (for summer only)means you can only use that code
    in summer only or the game will crash.
    (for fall only)means you can only use that code
    in fall only or the game will crash.
    (for winter only)means you can only use that code
    in wanter only or the game will crash.
    (in diary only)means you can see you own 12 cows
    or chickens in your diary.You won't see the cows
    and chickens in the cow barn and chicken coop.
    Please do not use these codes yet,it will crash your
    game when you go to bed.I will try to fix it soon.
    4)Basic Cheat
    View ending sequence:
    Hold R + L + Start + Select immediately after the 
    lights go out when done writing in the diary. 
    Note: Hold down the buttons the entire time.
    Hint: Bonus watch:
    Buy a Super Log House before the first summer ends. 
    Hint: Protect your fences:
    Leave your dog out everyday and your fences will 
    never be broken unless it rains or snows.
    Hint: Golden Axe:
    The rocks at the mountain will break after the 
    second earthquake. Throw your axe in the pond 
    which is now accessible. Tell the truth to get the 
    Golden Axe.
    Hint: Golden Sickle:
    One day a starving sprite will come to your house. 
    Feed him to get the Golden Sickle.
    Hint: Keep your cows happy:
    Brush, feed, talk and walk your cow 
    (unless it rains or snows)Eventually your cow will 
    give a large amount milk which 
    results in a lot of money.
    Hint: Hurricane:
    Watch the weather forecast and talk to your wife 
    everyday. One day they will warn you about a 
    hurricane. Keep your animals inside on that day. 
    Your horse and dog, however,
     will be safe. 
    Hint: Keep your wife happy:
    Give your wife presents everyday and come 
    home by 5:00. You should also have the Super 
    Deluxe Log House by now. If she likes you, you 
    will have a child. Talk to her when she is pregnant,
     say no, and do not go to work to keep her happy.
     If she really likes you, you will have a second 
    child. Finally, do not cheat on your wife.
    Hint: Herbs:
    Herbs are crops that last every season. 
    Make sure some herbs are shipped in Winter.
    Hint: Mushrooms:
    Ship a mushroom In fall, on any day except for 
    Sunday. If it is Sunday, sell a poisonous mushroom
     to the peddler in town to get more money.
    Hint: Saving wood:
    You can save wood for your fences by using the 
    small rocks, so do not break them or throw them
     in the ponds. They also can not be broken by the
     rain or dogs.
    Hint: More wood:
    Go to the lumber jack's house. Cut up the wood 
    or stumps. Enter the lumber jacks' house, then go
     back out. The stumps will be back.
    Hint: Berry of Power Tree:
    At the harvest festival, put a fish in the stew to get
     a berry of the Power Tree.
    Hint: Berry of Power Tree:
    At the very beginning of the game, right after Ellen
     leaves, quickly make your way to the shed. Take
     the hammer, run, and avoid all obstacles to the 
    chicken statue in the cross section. Smash the statue.
     If you reached it fast enough, a Berry of the Power
     Tree will appear. Note: This only works on the first
     day during 6:00 am.
    Hint: Berry of Power Tree:
    Throw a fish that you caught back in the pond every
     season. A Water Imp will appear and give you the
    Berry of Power.
    Hint: Eat a mole:
    Take a poison mushroom to the Harvest Festival
     and your stew will be from a mole.
    Hint: Have a baby:
    The easiest way to get a baby is to give
     her a food everyday.
    5)About update
    this guide will be update if i find some new codes or 
    you send the codes that you found to me.But, that's 
    all for now.
    6)Copyright issue
    This PAR Codes FAQ is copyright 2002 Solomon warrior.
    You can only have this FAQ for your personal use.
    This FAQ is not for sale and you can only get this FAQ at
    You can't put this FAQ at your Web page without my permission.
    Please e-mail me too if you found this FAQ at the web site 
    other than www.gamefaqs.com
    If you want put this document on your web page,just email me
    for permission.
    you can only get this guide at www.gamefaqs.com.
    please e-mail me if you see this guide at other 
    web sites.
    solomon warrior
    -make this guide
    -found all the codes
    -I get walk through wall code from there.
    -I get some basic cheat from there
    special thanks to:
    -fix some of the codes.
    -help me when I was stuck in this game.
    Shiro Mesa
    -found the unlimited water code.
    -post this guide on gamefaqs website.
    basic cheat contributor
    Jesse Smith
    -View ending sequence
    -Protect your fences
    -Golden Axe
    -Golden Sickle
    -Keep your cows happy
    -Keep your wife happy
    - Herbs
    -Saving wood
    -More wood
    Ice Fang
    - Berry of Power Tree
    - Berry of Power Tree
    - Berry of Power Tree
    - Eat a mole
    -Have a baby

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