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    FAQ/Walkthrough by zerocool647

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/26/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    FAQ/Walkthru by zerocool647
    Email: zero647@hotmail.com
    Version 1.1
    This document is Copyrighted to zerocool647
    Do not distrubute without my personal consent.
    : TOWN MAP
    : CROPS
    : QUESTS
    : HEARTS
    : ENDINGS 
    This is a FAQ/Walkthru for Harvest Moon SNES version. Therefore, if you are 
    playing a different version(eg. Gamboy) then get outta here. Okay, now that's 
    covered, the info on this game: This is one of the most popular farming SIM 
    series released by Natsume, in 1996, for the Super Nintendo.
    I think as you can see already, this is my first guide. I made this because I
    was asked the same questions repeatedly on the message boards. I've forgotten 
    when I first laid my hands on this game but I was addicted to it ever since. 
    This guide is a result of my personal experiences, discussions with fellow 
    gamers in the past and being asked about the game. It's most probable that
    there are still things about the game that I do not understand, but I wish 
    for readers to send me any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism to help with any updates. 
    Or maybe if you liked this guide, you can even send me a word of praise... 
    yep, not very likely...
    To use the guide if you are not a beginner, I suggest you just use the find 
    function. You know, CRTL+F and type in what you want. You can also look at 
    each section. Most of my in game experience and tips will be in the WALKTHRU 
    section though.
    : Version 1.0 - 19/3/03
     Thanks to Solomon Warrior, this guide is finally posted on GameFAQs.com.
    : Version 1.1 - 26/4/03
     I planned on it to be a small update at first. However, through the last
     month or so, the questions from the message board reminded me of a few
     things to add in. Now after one minor correct or added information,
     anyother one came up. This repeated cycle led this this seemingly large
     update. Of course, there is also that mystery with Hasukawa Kazuyaa's
     theory about not feeding calves. I was skeptical at first, but I guess I
     am quite convinced in it now after some experiments. Anyway, here is the
     list of things added in this version:
    -Fixed a few minor mistakes and corrected some terms.
    -Clarified that Flower Shop doesn't sell anything in Fall or Winter.
    -Clarified that buds won't grow for harvest if left until next season, be
     it Spring to Summer or Summer to Fall.
    -Clarified that grass seeds will grow if it was left over from from earlier
     seasons if sowed in Fall.
    -Added info on Full-moon plant.
    -Added exact dates concerning the growth of cows.
    -Stressed that 2 patches of PLANTED grass is need to purchase one livestock. 
    -Clarified that feeds MUST be put into respective stalls.
    -Added the price of Golden Tools (except hammer) for sale.
    -Added effects on happiness for dumplings and rice balls in Harvest Festival.
    -Added the effects of actions on affection rate for cows.
    -Added the selling price of cows according to the size of milk they give.
    -Clarified that the Green Bean quest is independent of the season.
    -Added ending order of stats and explanations. This includes Ranch developing
     rate explantions.
    -Finally, the no feeding calves theory.
    And that ends the first update.
    I like to keep a clear point in what I am heading for, so this is the object
    of the game. The game ends in two and a half years and after that, the ending
    will play. And everyone read this... THE GAME !ENDS! Meaning you can't
    continue after the ending OK? I understand that other Harvest Moon version
    allows the player to go on, but not the SNES version, OK?
    Anyway... you are suppose to become a "Master Rancher" and turn your silly 
    old ranch into a big farming wonder. Meaning, you will have to ship a lot of
    crops, possess an army of cows and chickens to attack other farms and make
    your farm look cool. Okay, the last one maybe not, and the livestocks are
    actually used to make money and not use for war, but it's a good idea...
    Also, you want to be "HAPPY". The concept of "Happiness" is this... waste
    money on useless things and act like a good boy. Yeah, that's about it. Oh
    yeah, the best thing about this Harvest Moon version is that you can get
    married, with 5 different girls to choose from. You can also have a max of
    two babies(don't ask me the age of main character, cause I don't know.) and
    you wanna keep your wife happy otherwise, YOU are not happy and won't get a
    good ending. The truth is, you can't really lose with this game. Whether you
    wanna be a heartthrob or a rich sucessful farmer is all up to you.
    First, my catch-phrase - What button does what?
    D-pad = Directions... up, down, left, right, changes way character is facing
    A = Talk/Examine/Confirm/pick up or put down objects   (The typical A-button)
    B = Cancel/Dash    (Hold down B to dash in direction the character is facing)
    Y = Use equipped tools on direction faced
    X = Change tool equipped(Two different tools can be carried at one time, see 
        RANCH MAP section)
    L = Whistle for your dog to come to your
    R = Whistle for your horse to come to you
    Select = shows date, money and holds up tool equiped.
             (When the "Clock" is obtained, the time will also be showed here.)
    Start = Not used
    After the controls, let's expalin from the top.
    The game starts with the Natsume, Series Fun logo. Then the cut scenes talk 
    about your story. Your parents sent you out on your own to find your
    grandfather's farm. They say it's for trainning you up, but they just want
    you to make money for yourself. After asking this old guy with livestocks,
    you finally arrive... at YOUR farm!
    Press Start button in future to skip these scenes.
    The main menu would now appear, with a big "Harvest Moon" at the top. You
    have 3 options. I shall explain:
    Continue = Reload one of the two save games. It shows the rancher's name
               and date. (More on Saves below)
    Start = Start a new game from the beginning.
    How to Play = Plays a "first day on ranch" scene to vaguely tell you what to
                  do. It gives no explainations but give you a vague idea on how
                  to begin the game. In my opinion, don't waste your time.
    Whether you choose Continue or Start, you will need to choose a Diary. Let
    me explain first the Save system of this game. You will be given a chance to
    Save anytime when returned to your house in the form of "writing a diary".
    Therefore, the diary is your, as the RPGs call it, "Save Point" to record
    your game stats. Anyway, Continue would be to choose the game you wish to
    resume playing from. Start would mean choose an entry to save your game in.
    In other words, if you choose a diary entry with data already saved, then
    the new save data from the new game would replace your old game. Beware.
    See more on how to start the game by looking at the "Walkthru section".
    Here are more information on basics:
    O This game functions in real-time, meaning the game time progresses in a
      direct ratio to the time in reality. I forgot the exact time, but one day
      in the game equals a minute or two in real life. However, once the game
      reaches 6PM, the night will fall. The screen will go very dark, making it
      very hard to see. However, beyond this point, the time would stop until you
      "go to bed" back at your house.
    O Each day would end after you used the diary. The diary could be used to
      save, however, you could choose not to write in the diary(meaning not 
      saving game) and end the day. In speical events, such as weddings, the day 
      would end automatically, without saving. Beware.
    O There are different areas of the Harvest Moon village which you may visit.
      However, as you travel from one screen to another, a certain amount of time
      would be deducted. Therefore, don't go back and forth between screens
    O When inside a building, the time does not pass and you can stay forever 
      there if you like.
    O There are no months to Harvest Moon, just seasons. There are 30 days in
      each season and all have its own festivals, crops and things to do. Some
      events could only be triggered on a particular date. Beware.
    O Different objects can be picked up by hand(pressing the A button while
      facing it). Small stones could be picked up, while big ones could only be 
      destroyed with the hammer. Look at Ranch Map section for further details.
    O You may pick up your dog to get it outta the way. This is considered
      hugging it. There is this rumour about hugging your dog 500 times to get
      best ending. I have no real confirmation of this, so I suggest not to 
      waste your time.
    O Plow your field regularly even if you don't have to. Stop after you get 
      your money. See CROPS secion, plowing, for the reason.
    : Ranch Map
    This being a word document, you can't expect me to draw an accurate picture.
    Therefore, I will try my best to explain everything on the ranch and how to 
    use them etc. without graphical help.
    O YOUR OWN HOUSE!!!!!! O
    Yep, you have your very own house! Let me talk about the outside first. The
    house in which you first walk out from at the start of the game is your own
    house. It is right across from the shipping box and to the West of the
    stables/barns etc. It's the very West building of the entire ranch. It can be
    upgraded two times, which just means you can expand it on the inside for you 
    to have more room for you and your family. You may also do some DIY and paint
    your own house after buying some paint. The inside: at the start, the house 
    is small and only have a few things, as you upgrade it, the house gets bigger 
    and has more things...
    I will list them here:
    : TV - Can only watch one program, the weather report. Boring yes, but the
           weather system effects you as a rancher. Like when a disaster would
           strike, you can prepare to do a lot of fixing and running around the
           next day(you can't do anything to prevent damage). Or when it will 
           rains, you can relax because the rain can water the crops for you.
           However, it will be sunny most of the time, where you can do anything
           you want. However, there are certain things you can't do in certain
           weathers. Beware.
    : Bed/side table - I'm more concerend about the side table here. The white
                       square beside the bed is actually your diary. Each night,
                       you are required to press A against it to save or just end
                       the day. This is your 'Save Point' and use it wisely. One
                       more thing, you can save during the day, but right after
                       the save, you will go to bed, ending the day. Beware.
    : Calender on the wall - Tells the date.
    : Sheet type thing on table  - Tell you the properties you own. First, your
      (beside TV to begin with)    money. Then number of livestocks. Lastly, 
                                   names of your pets.
    !!! Things after this is only here after expansion(s) or other events.
    : Clock - Only if house is enlarged by end of first summer. It just tells the
              time... but I have still to find another way of getting the clock.
    : Double Bed - replaces your old bed for two people to sleep in.
    : Crib/small bed - For your children.
    The rest of the things are mostly useless. You can examine them if you like,
    but they don't have anything to do with the game except bring up some strange
    messages that doesn't make sense.
    Other then sleep, safe and watch TV in your house, there isn't much time you
    would spend there. After marriage, your wife would be there before noon, and 
    after 3pm. That's after lunch and when the sky gets orange for clock-less
    people. Your child(ren) will be with their mother.
    It's just a name I made for it. It's to the East of your house and the
    stable. Almost directly across from the well. This is the place for your cows
    to stay. Inside, at the bottom left, there is a shipping box for milk. At the
    middle and right side of the barn is the fodder stack. That's where the food
    for the cows comes from. The bottom right is a place for pregnant cows. Refer 
    to Livestock section.
    O KFC O
    It's just a name... This is to the East of the barn and fodder tower. The
    West-most building of the ranch, almost directly North from the tool shed.
    This is where you keep the chickens. Bottom right is a shipping box for eggs.
    Middle left is the fodder outlet. Bottom right is incubator to hatch eggs. 
    The top row of boxes is to put the fodder in. Refer to Livestock section.
    South-most building on your ranch. All of your tools are kept here. Let me
    explain the tools system. You may carry only two different tools at a time.
    To change the tools carried, return here to take out different tools using
    A-button. Use X button to cycle throught carried tools, use Y button to use
    them. Using tools require stamina, which would run out. Stamina is refilled
    after eating, or staying in the Spa of the Mountain. You start each day with
    100% stamina. Now, the tools:
    --Bottom left (beside door)
    : Snow Gem - obtained from Peddler. Seed to grow Snow Flower. 
                 See QUESTS section.
    : Green Bean - obtained from Hawker. Seed to grow beanstalk. 
                   See QUESTS section.
    --Bottom right(beside door)
    : Blue Ribbin - obtained from Peddler. Used to get propose marriage. 
                    See HEARTS section.
    --Middle left
    :Paint - bought from tool shop after house is enlarged twice.
             Used to paint house walls and door.
    :Milker - bought from tool shop. Used to milk cows. See LIVESTOCK section.
    :Brush - bought from tool shop. Used to brush cows. See LIVESTOCK section.
    :Water Can - obtained from start. Waters crops to grow. After watering 20 
                 squares, it needs to be refilled in a pond, which means just 
                 facing a pond and press Y.(One is right beside the toolshed)
    :Sprinkler - bought from tool shop after middle of first Summer for 2000G. 
                 Replaces Water Can. No need for refills. Waters the 3*3 square 
                 around your character, with him being the middle.
    --Middle right
    :Sickle - obtained from start. Used to cut grass to make fodder - food for
              the livestocks.
    :Gold Sickle - obtained after finding underground Elfs, refer to QUESTS
                   section. Replaces Sickle. Can cut grass of 3*3 square, with 
                   your character in the middle.
    :Hoe - obtained from start. Used to plow ground for sowing seeds.
           See CROPS section.
    :Gold Hoe - obtained after helping Elf in Fall, refer to QUESTS section.
                Replaces Hoe. Can plow 6 squares in a straight line in front of
                the character.
    :Hammer - obtained from start. Use once to break small rocks. Use 6 times
              without moving to break large rocks.
    :Gold Hammer - obtained after helping carpenter, refer to QUESTS section. 
                   Replaces Hammer. Can break large rocks with one smash.
    :Axe - obtained from start. Used to chop tree stumps and gather materials. 
           Use 6 times without moving to chop up one stump. Each stump gives out 
           six pieces of materials.
    :Golden Axe - obtained from Goddess, refer to QUESTS section. Replaces Axe. 
                  One blow can chop up one stump.
    !!!If you missed any of the Golden Tools(or Super tools as the shop calls it)
       then you may buy them at the Tool Shop in town instantly.
       - Golden Axe costs 200G
       - Golden Hoe costs 2000G
       - Golden Sickle costs 2000G
       And I'm not sure about the hammer yet...
    --Top left
    :Needle - bought from livestock store. Used to cure sick cows.
    :Mircale Potion - bought from livestock store. Used to breed baby cows.
             See LIVESTOCK section.
    :Bell - obtained after buying first cow. Used to direct cows towards you. 
            Hard to master.
    :Grass seed - bought from flower shop. Used to sow seeds and grow grass.
                  See LIVESTOCK section for details.
    --Top right - See CROPS section for seed details.
    :Corn seed - bought from flower shop. Used to sow seeds for corn. 
    :Tomato seed - bought from flower shop. Used to sow seeds for tomatos. 
    :Potato seed - bought from flower shop. Used to sow seeds for potatoes. 
    :Turnip seed - bought from flower shop. Used to sow seeds for turnips. 
    !!!Cow and Chicken feeds are inside the barn and chicken coop near the 
       shipping box, both bought from livestock store.
    The door at the top of the room will open after an event, see QUESTS section.
    The mud colored box thing at the top right explains how to use certain tools.
    Take a look if you wish. If you marry Ann or Eve, they will be standing near
    the pot sometimes.
    That's really all the buildings mentioned above. But, there are other things 
    on the Ranch.
    :Shipping box - located opposite your house, at the entrance of the ranch.
                    Put your harvested crops in there.
    :Livestock Deport - put your livestock here after talking to the livestock
                        dealer to sell your livestock. Must be before day ends.
    :Material box - located between your house and the stable. Wood from chopped
                    tree stump automatical arrive here. One stump produces six
                    pieces of material. 999 is the max amount. The sign beside it
                    shows amount in the box. Face the door and press A to take 
                    out 2 pieces of material. It automatical turns into a peice 
                    of the fence. After taking materials out, it can't be put 
                    back in.
    :Fodder tower - located between the barn and chicken coop. Just read the 
                    sign there to find out the number of fodder you have left 
                    for your livestocks.
    :Small stones - can be picked up by hand and thrown into pond for them to 
                    disappear. Also can be smashed by one hit of the Hammer. 
                    Can be used for fences.
    :Big stones - can only be cleared by 6 hits of a Hammer, or one hit from 
                  the Gold Hammer. No known uses.
    :Tree stump - chopped to make materials. Gives out 6 pieces of materials 
                  after 6 consecutive hits with the Axe and a single hit with 
                  the Gold Axe.
    :Tree - No known uses. However, in one case, a tree will split open.
            See QUESTS section.
    :Well - No known uses. However, the one with a rock on it will clear up. 
            See QUESTS section.
    :Ponds - looks like there are cracks on it. Used to fill up Water Can.
    The other things I had not mentioned are either insignificant or will be
    mentioned in later section where it makes sense.
    : TOWN MAP
    You enter the town by going West at the Crossroads. You will arrive on the
    East side of the screen when you have entered. I will explain each building
    from the Peddler back to the Fortune Teller in an anti-clockwise manner.
    O The Wandering Peddler O
    He only appears on Sundays at his stall, when the weather is SUNNY, where
    you met on your first day. You can throw the item you are holding (on top of 
    your head...) onto the small table in front of him to sell. He would buy 
    them for a higher price than shipping them. He is also the one to sell you 
    the Blue Ribbon for 1000G. Other than that, he only exists for two other 
    reasons. See QUESTS section for details.
    O The Flower Shop O
    This is Nina's house, also where you buy your seeds. Closed on weekends.
    The items for sell would be displayed on the bench at the top right. There
    are the tomato, corn, potato, turnip and grass seeds. Apart from the seeds,
    flowers are also available, though not cheap. Don't waste money on buying
    flowers unless nessary. At the top left, beside the box, on the counter is a
    list. The list contains information, including the prices, of the crops.
    O The Church O
    This is where Maria hangs out, also where the towns people go on Sundays.
    The Priest and a boy also stays there. The book on the top right bench 
    contains all the dates of the festivals.
    O Mayor's Manor O
    Maria's house. Closed on Sundays. Nothing of concern in there. Read flyer
    outside, in the post-box, for some useless info.
    O Town Square O
    The plaza with a fountain. This is where most festivals are gonna be held.
    Different people appear there at different times. Eve appears there sometimes
    at weekdays before night time.
    O The Bar O
    Eve works there. Closed before 5pm and closed all day Sunday. Different
    people appears and changes with each season. Apart from Eve, Ellen would be
    there some seasons.
    O Cafe O
    Ellen's house. Closed on weekends. Can buy Cake on the counter, for 500G, as
    a gift or to eat.
    O Tools Shop O
    Ann's house. Closed on weekends. Tools for sell is on the bench at the 
    top right.
    O Livestock Dealer O
    Closed on weekends. Livestock items are for sell on the left tables - eg. 
    Miracle Potion, feeds etc. Talk over the counter at bottom right to choose 
    an option of buying or selling chickens or cows, won't work when it is 
    rainy/snowy. Cows will be delivered to ranch automatically. Go out the door 
    at the top to pick up your chicken outside. To leave, just press B button to
    jump the ropes at the bottom of the fence or walk back in the store and exit
    through the door.
    O Fortune Teller O
    Lives a Midwife and a small girl. The girl is not for marriage. Talk to the
    Midwife to get some info on girls, sometimes the info would be valuable. The
    book in front of the crystal ball provides some info on girls. 
    Go North at the Crossroads to reach here. There are not much spots of real
    interaction here but see QUESTS and HEARTS sections for more details. You can
    find the Hunter and the Fisher here everyday. Carpenters appear on weekdays.
    Eve appears on weekends at/near the Spa. Nina appears on Sunday near a flower,
    while in the Cave on Saturdays.This is also the place to gather materials and
    pick up wild products to sell. 
    These are the natural products available in different seasons:
    !!!All items reappear after leaving the screen.
       (number) means the amount of them on the mountain
    :Spring - Wild Berries(4), Flowers(2), Herbs(3), Fish
    :Summer - Summer Fruit, Flowers(2), Herbs(3), Fish
    :Fall - Mushrooms(5), Poison Mushroom, Herbs(3), Fish 
    :Winter - Herbs(3)
    Here are places to visit:
    O Cave O
    Can be accessed by normal entrance(the hole on the second level of the
    mountain) or through a tree stump(after chopping it) near the Spring. At the
    end of the cave, there are 3 herbs. Don't bother picking them and sell unless
    it's winter and you are short of money. Nina will appear near the sign on
    Saturday just near the Power Fruit. See QUESTS section for the Power Fruit.
    O Summit O
    Acessed by going through the entrance at the North-most point. No acess when
    rain/snowing. New Year festival is here, as well as some other events. 
    See QUESTS section.
    O Spa O
    Jump into the Spa by going into the shed on the left and press A button. It
    recovers your stamina depending on how long you spend in it. Eve appears near
    there on Satudays and inside on Sundays. A monkey may be there in Fall, no
    relevance to the game though.
    O Pond O
    The Fisher would be there by day from Spring to Fall when it's sunny. Talk to
    him to borrow his fishing-rod. Go to the bench to the West of the pond and
    press Y button to hurl the bait, press Y button again to reel it back in.
    When the fishing-rod moves, it means something is caught. Press Y button to
    see what it is. You may find a boot, a tin-can or a fish. Fishing is a good
    way to make money because it sells for 200G when shipped. Fish on Sundays and
    sell it to the Peddler for an even higher price. Also see QUESTS section for
    more details on the Pond.
    O Spring O
    The Goddess of the Mountain lives here, see QUESTS section for more details.
    Only accessible after an earthquake. The beautiful flowers around it can't
    be picked by the way.
    O Carpenter's house O
    Open on weekdays. Talk to carpenter inside to ask for an expansion of your
    house. He will come round to the house next morning to see about the 
    materials and money etc. 
    There are different types of animals in the game. You will have two pets and
    two types of livestocks to interact with.
    O Dog O
    Received on the second day as you walk out of the house. You name him, and
    he's yours for life. Use L-button to call him towards you. Leave him outside
    in order to guard your livestocks from wild dogs at night if you left them
    outside. You would also hear him bark while you're sleeping if your fences
    are broken. You may be told that he should be inside during the rain, it
    doesn't really matter - leave him out all you want. The rumor about hugging
    the dog 500 times to get the best ending is not confirmed, don't waste time.
    O Horse O
    Received on the first Winter once your enter the Crossroads. Returns to the 
    ranch and stay in the stable most of the time. Use R button to call him 
    towards you. When it grows up enough, the tool maker would make him a 
    saddle/shipping bag for free. Then, you may press A button while facing him 
    to ride on him. He is much faster to cross the ranch with and can also jump
    over fences if you hold the B button. Also, if your crops are too far from
    the entrance shipping box, throwing the harvest into his side means it is
    inside the shipping bag, saves you a lot of time than running around. Don't
    throw the crops directly at his face or back because it would waste it.
    O Chicken O
    Costs 1000G to buy a chicken. A lot of people from the message boards ALWAYS
    ask things about this, so read carefully. You can only buy livestocks if you 
    have enough grass already PLANTED on your ranch, not the number of fodder.
    For one chicken, you should have two patches of 3*3 square grass planted.
    Chicks could not sold, but chickens could be sold for 500G each.
    It is possible for you to leave your chickens outside without feeding, but
    it's a really bad idea. One, it can be eaten. Two, it doesn't lay eggs. 
    Therefore, just keep all your livestocks inside forever, be it cruel or not. 
    Here is the important part. Now to feed the chickens, DON'T THROW THE FODDER
    IN THEIR FACES! You see the box at the top? That is where you're suppose to 
    put the number of fodder according to the number of chickens you own. For
    chicks (yellow small dot things) they need no feeding, but I suggest putting
    them in another building so they don't waste space. 
    Don't be surprise that everything slows down when too much chickens are 
    around, it happens because there is too much activity. The SNES system is
    like that I guess...
    When you don't feed a chicken once, it won't lay eggs for 3 days. Beware.
    Eggs are 50G each when shipped. There are times when the red-haired little
    girl comes and want an egg off you. Give it to her and she will give you
    about 10G or something. It has no relevance to the game, but be a nice guy 
    and sell it to her anyway OK?
    About breeding, put an egg on the incubator at the bottom right. After three
    days, it will hatch into a chick. Then after 7 days(whether u feed it or not)
    it will become a full grown chicken that will lay eggs the next day,
    providing you've fed it.
    I suggest after buying your first chicken, breed the rest. After you think
    you've had enough, continue breeding them but put the chicks in your house.
    When you wake up to find them fully grown, sell them for 500G and repeat.
    After you get into a rhythm, you would get 500G every 3 days, and you don't
    even have to waste any fodder. Some people may even become a fill-time 
    'chicken breeder', which isn't a bad thing since it makes more money, takes
    less fodder and less hassle than collecting eggs.
    O Cow O
    Costs 5000G. Even if you don't have any fodder stored at all, you only need
    two patches of grass PLANTED to buy a cow. Yeah, this is the same number of
    grass required for a chicken, hence just sell a few extra chickens if you
    don't want to plant more grass.
    The selling price of cows depends upon the type of milk it gives:
    Small milk cows - 5000G
    Medium milk cows - 8000G
    Large milk cows - 10000G
    I suggest getting the Brush first before getting a cow OK? There really isn't
    much to taking care of a cow, just try and think of a good name for each of
    them. Just remember to do 4 things everyday:
    : One, feed her. When you enter, the cows would be in their own stalls.
      Though some people think it doesn't matter, put fodder in their respective
      stalls, otherwise it counts as missed feeding and they get sick.
    : Two, talk to her by facing her and pressing the A button. A small message
      would come up saying she's a good girl etc.
    : Three, brush her with the Brush to increase affection rate. 
    : Four, milk her with the Milker to get your harvest - milk. 
    It takes 21 days for a calf to grow into a cow which can gives milk. If
    you didn't miss feeding or brushing, after giving 3 days of small milk, it
    will upgrade to giving medium-sized milk. Then after 26 days, it will start
    giving large-sized milk, which is really cool if you have a few of them. A
    few hundred G each day is really some income.
    Once again, as with the chickens, don't be surprise if the game slows down 
    with too many activities from the cows. This won't happen until your 7th cow
    because the screen would be kinda crowded by then. Just walk into the cows 
    and they will move in the direction you were walking; this means no need for
    a bell equipped all the time.
    About breeding, it's really a bother. Use the Mircale Potion while facing the
    cow and the next day, you will see a fat cow. The cow will not be able to 
    give milk while pregnant and it takes over 21 days for the baby calf to be 
    born. Remember to feed the pregnant cow by putting fodder in the bottom right
    box. The baby calf will take a while before it can grow into a calf,  then 
    about another season for it to turn into a milk giving cow. Yes, it takes 
    almost 3 seasons to really make something outta breeding. However, if you 
    brush your baby cow from its birth, it should give large milk by the time it
    is a mature cow. Maybe breed a cow once in the entire game to gain some
    happiness points or something, otherwise, buy your army of cows instead. 
    There is a way to make a baby calf appear in two days however. Just use a 
    Needle right after using the Mircale Potion. By doing so, the cow would be 
    ready for delievery the next day. This is really a glitch more than a cheat.
    !!!For Cruelty to animals lovers:
    From Hasukawa Kazuyaa of the GameFAQs message boards, s/he said that you can
    forget feeding the calves or baby cows with no consequences. I did do some
    experiments on it and got a few results that doesn't really match...
    Okay, logicall thinking, I would think it is possible to not feed calves or
    baby cows since the game did not program a 'sickness state' for them. But
    the question is whether the happiness rate of the cows are affected. I have
    found out that:
    : By talking, affection rate increase by 1
    : By brushing, affection rate increase by 3.
    : By milking, affection rate is unaffected.
    : By feeding affection rate is unaffected.
    Hence, I came to the conclusion that feeds only avoid the 'sickness state'.
    Unfortunately, one of my experiments gave the results that by not feeding
    calves, they gave out medium milk later than the normal fed calves. Either I
    have miscounted the days, or there were some other logic behind all this.
    All in all, it's your choice if you want to feed your calves or not, but I
    think is theory(first heard from Hasukawa Kazuyaa since I could not remember
    anyone else suggesting this before) is proven at about 90% true.
    : CROPS
    O Types of Crops O
    The essential part of being a farmer is... farm? Anyway, there are 4 kinds 
    of... veggies(yuck) to plant and sell. You may only farm in Spring and Summer
    because in Fall and Winter, no crops will grow and the Flower Shop doesn't
    sell anything at all in these seasons. Seeds must be sowed in the right
    season(eg. Turnip seeds must be sowed in spring) in order for them to grow.
    If a plant is not harvest by the next season(eg. Turnip buds are still not
    fully grown by last day of Spring) then the bud would not grow in the next
    season. These should be scythed down to make spaces for new seeds. Each bag
    of seed can cover 9 squares, meaing you can have a max of 9 patches from one
    : Turnip - Spring crop, one time harvest. 
               Seed cost 200G. 
               Each turnip worth 60G shipped.
               Takes 4 days to harvest.
    : Potato - Spring crop, one time harvest. 
               Seed cost 200G. 
               Each potato worth 80G shipped.
               Takes 6 days to harvest.
    : Tomato - Summer crop, numerous harvest. 
               Seed cost 300G. 
               Each tomato worth 100G shipped.
               Takes 10 days to harvest. More harvest after 3 days watering.
    : Corn - Summer crop, numerous harvest. 
             Seed cost 300G. 
             Each corn worth 120G shipped.
             Takes 13days to harvest. More harvest after 3 days watering.
    Despite the difference in harvest time, I still think planting the higher 
    class crops are better, money wise. However, only after you've shipped over 
    200 of one type of crop would you be able to add that scene to your ending. 
    Yes, there are only 4 scenes in the ending relating to growing crops, the 
    other scenes are obtained from other factors.
    O Grass O
    Grass would need to be planted first before livestocks can be purchased. They
    don't need watering and grow even in Fall, so don't slack off after the first
    two seasons. You will know when it is ready for harvest as its colour will 
    turn a very dark green. It takes about 10 days for them to be ready from seed
    form and regrowns 7 days after cutting. You have to use a Sickle in order to 
    cut down the grass. I suggest you plow a whole 3*3 square and sow your bag of
    seeds from the middle square to make full use of the each bag. Each square of
    grass cut would be transferred automatically to make one piece of fodder in 
    the Fodder Tower. This is the only seed that will grow in Fall.
    O Rising  Crops O
    Okay, we've got the types out of the way, it's time to tell you how to rise
    them. First of all your dog doesn't help you with any of this, so don't slack
    off. If you miss a day of watering then the crops's growth would be delayed.
    After a few days, they will die, simple. And ranining means you don't need to
    water anything. Summer should be the "disaster" month where earthquakes and
    hurricanes comes. When that happens, plots of your crops would just disappear
    and there is nothing you can do about it. There is this charm you can win,
    but it's effects are... doubtful. Anyway, below are the steps for a 
    successful harvest.
    1. Plow your field. Beginners mostly like to use 3*3 squares to start off 
       with, thinking that this would make full use of their seeds. But they will
       find that the middle crop in the square can't be watered. It isn't all
       that bad for spring crops because when the outter crops of the square is
       harvested, the middle one can be watered again until harvest. However,
       this method would take up time and space. Also, with the summer crops,
       this would make watering much slower. I suggest you plow a 3*3 square, but
       keep one square, not the corners, of the perimeter unplowed. This should
       make a C shape; try plowing another C inversely to the one next to it.
       Doing this means it would allow access for the middle crop and speed up 
       the sowing/harvest cycle. This formation also makes it easier to water,
       espeically after obtaining the Sprinkler. Don't be surprised to see a coin
       or a bag appear when you plow your field. Your farm seems to be a gold
       mine and money can be dug up daily. Once a day you get a chance to grab
       some money. A gold coin means 10G, and a bag means 100G, going straight to
       your pocket. Not bad eh?
    2. Sow your bags of seeds from the center of your plowed formation, be it a
       square, line or C shaped. Even though they've just been sowed, you still
       need to water the seeds in order for them to grow. Of course, you could
       just leave it and delay harvest, but why do that? Now if it happens to be
       raining as you plant the seeds, then you will still have to water them 
       because you will notice that the ground would turn dry as you sow/plant
       your seeds on it. Also, plant the right crop in the right season. Meaning
       no planting corn seeds in spring or else it won't grow. Beware.
    3. Water your crops everyday. The Water Can can water 20 patches of ground
       before you will need to refill it again in a pond. The Sprinkler doesn't
       need refilling. Raining means you don't need to water. The rest is 
       mentioned above already. Don't be surprised when a sapling appears when
       you wake up one day. Don't use a sickle on it or you will lose your
    4. Harvesting is the best part of it, cause your hardwork pays off - if you 
       have followed me correctly that is. You will need to "hand-pick" the 
       crops. You will know the crop is ready for harvesting when you can see the
       plant you want emerge from the ground a little, or hang on the leaves like
       a big spotlight. Face them, press A button, then run to the shipping box.
       Use the shipping bags on your horse if the patches are too far away, just
       don't feed the horse by accident - throw them to its sides. Be quick in
       your harvesting because all things must be shipped before the Shipper 
       arrives at 5pm. You will get your first warning at 3pm when the sky turns
       red. If you just can't pick up all your harvest in one day, there is no
       harm in waiting for the next day to ship the rest of your harvest, just 
       don't wait too long that the crop actually dies.
    After you get the hang of things, I suggest you get yourself into a nice 
    pattern. Meaning I want you to calculate the time for when your plant is 
    going to grow. For instance, plant 4 patches of potato one day, then another
    4 the next day, and not 8 patches in one day. The reason for this was 
    mentioned above. You just don't have time to harvest them all in one day when
    they sprout. It would be better to count the days off till the end of the
    season and don't waste any seeds because the crops won't grow anymore when 
    the season changes. If you are good at maths, you will be able to make a 
    regular daily income in the early or middle of the season due to the certain
    amount of crops you have to harvest that day. Remember to expand your farm.
    Don't keep only 6 patches of plowed fields to plant crops. Expand whenever
    you feel like or have the money to. Just don't try to run before you walk.
    As time goes on, you will soon get better at this and it all won't seem so
    complicated. If it's the last day of the Summer, don't hesitate to give all 
    your unharvested crop to Eve at the bar at night. It won't waste anything
    and raises Eve's affection rate. DO NOT do so if you're married though...
    : QUESTS
    Okay. This may be a Sim game, but it has a certain element of RPG in it. If
    you want to succeed as a "good" farmer, you will have to waste your money 
    and do some seemingly stupid things. All of them are listed in this secion.
    O Quest of the Power Fruits and Happy Flowers and Secret Garden *Breathes* O
    You know that stupid fenced off area to the North of your farm? And you know
    that red, cherry shaped fruit in the Cave of the mountain? Well, this is what
    they are all about. Nina would hint that there is a flower that blooms even
    in winter. When you eat one of them Power Fruits, a flower will have bloomed
    in that Secret Garden. There are ten in total. The reason to grow these is to
    get a better happiness rating, which means a better ending... so to say. Here 
    is how to get them, some more difficult than the other.
    1. Plow the fields and soon, you will find a Power Fruit. Your character will
       just throw it in his mouth without washing it (your character just doesn't
       get sick in this game). It's great espeically when you wanna finish some
       plowing before you run out of energy.
    2. Another Power Fruit can be acquired by more plowing. The programmerd were
       not all that creative here...
    3. Just chop treestumps, either from the mountain or your ranch. One time,
       you will find a Power Fruit inside one.
    4. About that Power Fruit in the Mountain Cave. Wait until an earthquake
       arrives to break some gaint rocks around the place. That's your chance to
       get into the area with lovely flowers. Not to mention that Spring - see
       other quests for details. There would be a stump to the East of the 
       spring, but still in that inclosed area. Chop it up and you will find a
       hole. Fall into it (Yeah, your character can't break a leg either) and you
       will land in the raised platform in the Cave. Turn a little and pick up
       that Power Fruit. Just jump off by running down when you've finished your
       snack.(Your character can't break an arm either...)
    5. Imps are in the Mountain Pond, according to Nina's mum. The pond is the
       one where you fish from, yeah, Imps like to be crowded or something. So go
       fishing one day and when you caught a fish with the first swing of the
       fishing-rod, i.e. not after you've picked up a shoe, don't eat the fish.
       Don't even sell it, but throw it back into the pond. (WHAT!?) Yeah in
       doing so, an Imp will appear and say you are kind (and stupid), and gives
       you a Power Fruit.
    6. There is a Power Fruit inside the chicken statue at the Crossroads, hinted
       in the Spooky Cave. There are two ways to get this one. The right way, or
       the cool way. The right way means you will need a chicken first. Place the
       chicken at Crossroads beside the statue and break the statue with a 
       Hammer. Walk out of the screen, leaving your chicken. Enter the screen
       again to find your chicken still there. Break the statue again and pick up
       the Power Fruit. There have been known glitches of a failure to pick up
       the Fruit or some other problems. It had never happened to me before. Now
       the cool way of doing this: Arrive at 7 am, without your chicken, and
       break the statue with a Hammer. Yeah, it's that easy. It's suppose to be a
       glitch I guess, so if you have morals, don't use it.
    7. There are 2 different prizes to be won at the Egg Festival through the two
       years. I suggest you win both of them. One of the prize would be a Power
       Fruit, delieverd to the door and on the table on the next morning. The
       other prize is a charm to prevent natural disasters (it's a turtle, so you
       figure how effective it is) and it'll also be delievered. To win this Egg
       Hunt, just remember which colour of egg is in which box. Get to it faster
       than anyone else, even though all of them are just walking around 
       aimlessly. You may need to restart a few times to win, but you will get
       the hang of it soon.
    8. One day in Fall, try and sell a chicken of yours. This won't be hard if
       you followed my tip of breeding chickens. Once you've talked to the 
       Livestock Dealer and put the chicken in the Deport at the entrance, the
       Hawker will arrive. He would trade your chicken for a fruit. Agree and 
       you'll get a Power Fruit.
    9. At the Flower Festival in Spring, the Wandering Peddler will be there. He
       can sell you a rare flower seed for 2000G. A way to waste money? Of 
       course! So buy the thing and there will be a snow gem in your Toolshed, 
       the Seed of Snow Flower. Wait all the way until the 1st day of Winter. Go
       up to the Summit of the Mountain and walk right up to the certain dot at
       the North of the screen. Walk against it then use the Snow Flower Seed by
       pressing Y button when equipped. A fairy will appear and give you a Power
    10. On the same day as the Harvest Festival in Fall, the Full Moon Flower 
        will bloom in the Summit of the Mountain. I suggest you make no other
        plans (except for daily livestock care) for that day except prepare for
        the festival, cause you will have to run all the way to the Summit, back
        to the Shipping Box, then fish in the pond, all before 3PM. When you get
        the fish, run into Town and have it put into a pot. The fish will cook
        into a Power Fruit. The reason I mentioned the Full Moon Plant is because
        if you put that in the pot, it will also give a Power Fruit. However, if
        you sell it, it would give you a lot more money. Only do this in the
        first year though.
    O Elves... or Dwarfs, I don't know O
    They live under your ranch. You see that door you can't open at the top of
    the Toolshed? Anyway, you would be able to go into their cave under your
    farm (trespassers...) when a carpenter comes and tell you he heard an awful
    noise from your farm last night. Check the trees(not stumps) on your farm to
    find one totally destroyed. Walk into the tree (I know) from its South and
    you will see Elves in a tunnel. Talk to every one of them. One of them will
    ask how the old sickle is working. Say it's very good and tomorrow, the Elves
    would upgrade this to the Gold Sickle. When you return to the cave, them
    Elves would be gone...
    O The Spooky Well... another case for Scooby eh? O
    No, Scooby Doo isn't in this game. When an Earthquakes comes (just wait for
    it) the big rock on the Well will disappear. Climb down the rope into the
    Well, or run through the Elves Tunnel from your Toolshed door, to find a cave
    filled with rocks and signs. This
    event really have no significance since the signs there just gives you hints
    about other quests. However, run North in the tunnel to discover that the
    Elves are back, and they're here to stay this time. They say stupid things so
    forget them. But this means you now have a secret underground passage going
    from your Toolshed to the South section of the farm... Okay, you'll never
    know when you need a fast undetected escape, but it's there.
    O The Hawker... (still sounds like a suspense movie) O
    This event is independent on the season, but you must have a cow to sell.
    Talk the the Livestock Dealer, and use the Bell to guide your cow to the
    Deport. The Hawker will come along and trade you a gaint bean thing, just
    like the Power Fruit from the chicken. I call it Green Bean. (Original I
    know) Anyway, wait until a Sunday and bring the Bean along to the Summit in
    the Mountain. Go up to the "speical flower spot" at the North of the screen
    and press Y button to use the Bean, causing a sapling to grow. Get out of the
    screen, then return to find a gaint Beanstalk. Your character would
    automatically climb up it. (without the aid of any climbing equipment)At the
    top, you will arrive in this cloud palace thingy. Go North to find the Golden
    Chicken. Talk to it, saying that you are working hard, and you will recieve a
    Golden Egg. Return through the door on the left and you will automatically
    sell the Golden Egg to the Peddler (reason it had to be on a  Sunday for
    planting the seed) and will receive 10000G. I suggest planting this after
    you've done your day's work - i.e. finished harvesting and feeding animals.
    Also, if you plant the seed and climb the beanstalk at 6pm, it doesn't make a
    O Money Tree (don't count on it)O
    The Hawker will come back one day, I think it's in Fall, though I can't be
    sure if he comes by any other time. He will ask  for 20000G in order to buy a
    "money tree" off him. I think this is suppose to raise your happiness
    rating... since it wastes money. Of course, the "money tree" is actually a
    "bell tree" at the side of the Cow Barn. Press A button while facing it to
    ring the bells and get all the lost cows to come back to the Barn from all
    over your farm. Handy stuff, but too expensive... but buy it anyway as the
    Hawker would not come back a 2nd time.
    O The Golden Hammer of Good Heart (okay, I've exaggerated) O
    One day, a carpenter will come to your farm and ask to borrow your Hammer.
    Agree and wait 3 days for the Gold Hammer to replace your old one in the
    Toolshed. Yeah, that's it. You just have to wait for it to happen, it seems
    to be random when the carpenter comes.
    O The Fallen Elf (Ha! Die trespassers!) O
    One day in the middle of Fall, you will come out of your house to find a
    fallen Elf beside your Shipping Box. Talk to him and he'll whisper he wants
    something to eat. Go up to the Mountain and pick him a normal mushroom (not
    the poisonous one with yellow dots) and throw it at him. He will be revived
    (Damn it) and tomorrow, he will replace you Hoe with a Gold Hoe in the
    O The Spring (and the Fat Goddess) O
    The small girl with the Fortune Teller mentioned a Goddess of the Mountain.
    The Spring is found after an earthquake on the Mountain. It's the area
    surrounded by pretty flowers that you can't pick. Go up to the pond and press
    Y button with the Axe equipped. The Goddess will suddenly appear and ask if
    you dropped "this" while holding the Gold Axe. Say no and she'll give it to
    you for being honest. You will not see her again unless you marry Nina, then
    she'll appear in the Ending.
    : HEARTS 
    O Heartthrob! O
    The long awaited HEARTS section, where after reading, YOU can be the top
    heartthrob in town. In this section, it's all about how to get one of the
    5 lovely ladies in the town to marry you. Let's explain their locations
    Maria - Sunny weekdays - outside church sweeping
           Rainny weekdays - inside back room in Mayor's Manor
           Sunny Saturdays - inside church (day for marriage)
          Rainny Saturdays - inside back room in Mayor's Manor
             Sunny Sundays - inside church, playing piano
            Rainny Sundays - doesn't appear
    Eve - Sunny weekdays - in Bar at night. May appear in Town Square sometimes.
         Rainny weekdays - in Bar at night only.
         Sunny Saturdays - In the Mountain beside Spa. In Bar at night.
                           (day for marriage)
        Rainny Saturdays - in Bar at night only.
           Sunny Sundays - Inside the Spa on Mountain.
          Rainny Sundays - doesn't appear
    Ann - Sunny weekdays - in Tool Shop front room
         Rainny weekdays - in Tool Shop back room.
         Sunny Saturdays - Outside Tool Shop (day for marriage)
        Rainny Saturdays - doesn't appear
           Sunny Sundays - Inside Church
          Rainny Sundays - doesn't appear
    Nina - Sunny weekdays - Outside The Flower Shop
          Rainny weekdays - Inside The Flower Shop backroom
                Saturdays - Inside Mountain's Cave, near the Power Fruit
            Sunny Sundays - On the mountain, beside the flower at the top
                            (day of marriage)
           Rainny Sundays - doesn't appear
    Ellen - Sunny weekdays - Outside the Livestock Dealer's
           Rainny weekdays - Inside the Cafe's backroom
           Sunny Saturdays - Inside the fences of the Livestock Dealer's
                             (day of marriage)
                             !In Fall, when you are not married, and have a high
                              affection rate with Ellen you should be asked to
                              test a cake for her. Another words - free food!
             Sunny Sundays - Inside Church
            Rainny Sundays - doesn't appear
    Now you know where they are, it's time to make you significant in their
    lives... e.g. being the flower boy. This means: just give them gifts each
    day, everyday. Try to give them things that are free but remember that
    different items will raise different amounts of affection points for every
    different girl, some could even drop(Like giving Eve fish). The affection
    rate could also be increased for answering correctly when they ask you a
    question. If you gave them the answer they wanted you to give, the affection
    rate will go up a little.
    The affection rate is in numbers, however, you can only get access to them
    normally as number of hearts. It is done by going into their rooms and
    checking their drawers to find their dairy. One heart signifies a certain
    number of affection rate, like one heart is 10 so two is 20 or something,
    don't take my numbers seriously here. The thing is, when the girl's affection
    rate rises above a certain number, which is five hearts, a speical event will
    occur. Here are their events and how to solve them.
    Take note that the day would end without being saved after sovling the
    events, do everything (e.g.watering crops) before solving the event. Don't
    worry if the event doesn't finish until a day or two later, it doesn't
    really matter.
    Maria: One day, the Mayor will come along when you wake up and tell you that
           she is missing. You would also notice that before this happens,
           Maria's mother mentions she kept talking about you... yeah, Maria had
           a go with her dad about you. To find Maria, it will have to be a
           weekday. The reason being that she will be inside the Carpenter's
           house in the Mountain. When you enter the house, an automatic scene 
           will occur.
    Eve: One day, the Carpenter will shout that the Hunter is trapped in the
         Mountain Cave when you walk out of your house. Go there, along with your
         trusted Hammer equipped. You will find a crowd of people outside the
         Cave's entrance and Eve inside. The Hunter is where the herbs are, so go
         there while smashing up the rocks in your way. An automatic scene will
         then occur.
    Ann: One day, Ann will show up at your farm. She tells you that metal chicken
         on her roof is missing. It's in your chicken coop, but don't touch it
         until you have the day's work finished or else it will automatically
         play scene, then end day without saving.
    Nina: I think someone comes round, as far as I remember it was the Tool Shop
          guy because he and the Flower Shop's woman is kinda... Anyway Nina is
          trapped in the Mountain Cave. Bring your Hammer along and smash her
          outta there! Talk to her, she walks away. Grab a herb before you go,
          give it to her for the reason why she was in the Cave at the first
          place. Day then ends. I suggest saving her ASAP or else the flower
          shop is closed until she is rescued.
    Ellen: One day, Ellen comes to your farm and ask you to look for her pet
           bird, P-chan. It has fleed. You would've met the bird if you looked at
           her diary before, it's blue and small. P-chan is in the Mountain,
           beside the Fisher's Pond. Face it and press A button to have Ellen
           arriving. An automatic scene will then occur.
    After the speical event with your girl, that means she will accept you if you
    ask to marry her. In order to marry her, wait for a Sunday to buy the Blue
    Feather from the Peddler, it costs 1000G. Note that the Blue Feather would
    not appear until you have remodelled your house at least once. Most girl's
    day of marriage would be Saturday, look above at the locations table for
    details. Equip the Blue Feather and press Y button facing the girl you wished
    to marry. A scene of you and HER outside the church with towns people around
    etc. etc. will play. The day then ends without saving.
    O The Old Ball and Chain... O
    You wake up and you speak to your wife. All girls' appearance after marriage
    is the same, except for the hair colour. The basic knowledge is simple. The
    wife stays inside the house during mornings(before noon) and then stays
    around on the ranch (different girls stand at different locations) until 3PM
    when the sky goes orange, that's when they will return to the house. When you
    talk to her after 3PM, she will give you something to eat. Some sort of
    dinner or something. Take advantage of this, vis. if you still have a patch
    of grass to cut and you don't have any stamina left, just go into the house
    and keep talking to your wife for food to get your stamina back up. Anyway,
    back to the topic of taking care of your wife. Just because you are now
    married, that doesn't mean you can ignore her! Plus, you have to get yourself
    babies... Yeah, I wonder what your parents would say about this when they
    check on you...
    Anyway, remember to give your wife two presents a day. I mostly just throw
    eggs at them because they're cheap and are on the farm. They raises Ellen's
    affection rate a lot as well. Their diaries are still in their old rooms and
    you can check their affection rate. I think the max is ten hearts. Although I
    have used a code before to max out a girl's affection and in the diary, it
    only says "thank you very much". Of course, codes are codes afterall.
    However, when the affection rate reaches a certain level, talk to your wife
    one day in the morning and she will say "Um... I think I'm pregnant...", no
    cut scenes, no frantic reactions... your character just goes out to milk the
    cows... Note that you can only have a baby after you remodelled your house
    Anyway, it will take over 2 seasons before the baby is born. On the day that 
    the baby is due, you will wake up to find people all around you. Speak with
    everyone and lastly, speak to your wife. You then have an option of choosing
    to go and work or stay with your wife. Note that if you stay with your wife,
    your day would end without any work being done. This means no harvests, or 
    watering, or feeding, or milking etc. No income... If you chose to go, you
    just do everything you want, then return to the house. If you chose to stay,
    just wander around the house, talking to people. Sooner or later, or when you
    return to the house after work, the baby would be born! Talk with everyone,
    then to your wife. Your wife would always say "name him" or something even
    though it's a girl. Talk to the Midwife to find the real gender of your
    child. Anyway, name the baby and the day ends without saving. You can have a
    max of two babies in the entire game. Pick the baby up every day and talk to
    him when it talks. You don't need to give gifts to the baby, but keep it up
    with your wife in order to have the second baby. And your baby DOES NOT grow
    up in time to help you with the farm. It's just another useless thing that's
    around to boost happiness.
    Festivals are great occasions in the town, when people dance and party etc.
    Of course, this is just another time for you to add a little more affection
    with your girl. Dancing with a girl would rise their affection by one entire
    heart! There are other things at the festivals which are important and just
    makes the game more interesting. You may find a list of festivals in the
    front bench of the church.
    O 1st of Spring - New Year's Festival O
    You would wake up and be automatically taken up to the Summit. Talk to
    everyone but talk to the Priest last for the sunrise to begin. By talking to
    the Fortune Teller, you would get your fortune told. (At last she's doing
    something that a typical fortune teller does) The result is insignificant
    in my opinion, but I'm still unsure if it will affect the game. After this,
    talk to the Mayor's Wife for the day to end without saving. No work is done
    today but the livestocks won't mind.
    O 23rd of Spring - Flower Festival O
    Go to town before 3PM to enter the decorated Towns Square. The Fat Goddess
    from the Springs would here, talk to child with red hair to get more info.
    The Peddler would also be there to sell you the Seed of Snow Flower for
    2000G. Don't worry if you can't afford it first year, cause it will appear
    again the same time next year. There is also a perfume stand set up. There
    are 3 types of perfumes for sell, all 1000G. Here is which perfume you should
    give for which girl.
    Nina: Any
    Ann: Blue
    Ellen: Pink
    Eve: Pink
    Maria: Blue
    After talking to everyone, then talk to the Mayor's Wife. Talk to the Mayor
    and if you're ready, end the day by picking a girl to dance with.
    O 12th of Fall - Harvest Festival O
    Enter town with something to cook before 3PM. A fish or Full Moon Plant to
    get the Power Fruit. Otherwise, you can even bring nothing if you can't be
    bothered. There is also a rice ball and dumplings stand set up by the
    Shippers. It costs 200G for a rice ball and 300G for a dumpling. For each
    dumpling, it would raise your happiness points by three. For each rice ball,
    it would raise your happiness points by one. Is it worth it you ask? Well
    this is the only occasion where you may add as many happiness points as you
    like without a limit - except for you money supply. Buy a few if you want,
    just don't go overload on them. Talk to everyone then choose someone to 
    dance with.
    O 20th of Fall - Egg Festival O
    A bunny would be in the Town Square if you enter before 3PM. You can talk to
    others, but talk to the Mayor to begin the game. The Mayor will show 
    different colour of eggs on the table in front of him for each round. You 
    will have to run around town, searching for treasure chests. Open the chest
    then run back to the Mayor as fast as possible if the colour of egg is the
    same as the Mayor's. The colour of eggs in each chest should be memorised in
    case that colour shows up in future rounds. There are five rounds in total,
    meaning finding three of the right eggs would be enough to win. The prize is
    delivered to your house the next morning. See QUESTS for details. Just talk
    and walk around for the day to end.
    O 10th of Winter - Thanksgiving O
    Run into town before nightfall. Talk to all the girls to recieve a cake...
    that's if they have over 3 hearts in their dairy. Maria is REALLY a killer
    here if she doesn't have 3 hearts because she would have given everyone cakes
    except for you... you'll know what I mean. Anyway, all buildings are closed
    except for the Church and Mayor's House. Maria is in the Church while the
    other girls are just walking about. Ellen, funny enough, is in the corner of
    the Town Square, almost hiding. Don't ask me about Eve, cause even though the
    Bar is still opened at night, it just seems like a normal night. Although
    today is a festival, there is no dancing.
    O 24th of Winter - Star Night Festival O
    Considered to be a romantic Festival. When you wake up, you will do nothing
    but wait until night, where you are given a choice of 5 places to go. No work
    is done but don't worry about it - it's Winter. Each girl would be at each of
    these places and this is what happens:
    : Public Square - Ellen
    An angel is in the middle. The Mayor, his wife, Ellen's Mum and the Fortune
    Teller are there as well. Talk to the Fortune Teller to have her read the
    horoscopes, even though she will say Ellen anyway unless you are married, at
    which would be your wife. You can't talk to Ellen until you have spoken to
    everyone else. The day then ends without saving.
    : Mountain Top - Nina
    You would watch a shooting star with Nina. You listen to her talk. Not much
    happens really.
    : Church - Maria
    As if we haven't guessed who is here. The Shippers, the children, the Priest
    and the lonely Bachelor you see around town is here. The Old Shipper blocks
    your exit and you can't leave. Talk to everyone before talking to Maria. 
    : Spa - Ann
    You would appear at the side of the Spa. You see something orange in the Spa
    and would not go near it if you can run out of the screen. Anyway, jump in
    through the changing hut like normal. Talk to Ann and wait for the night to
    end. It's actually quite funny when you actually don't listen to her at all.
    : Bar - Eve
    Yep, she's still working. The carpenters block the way out of the screen.
    Apart from them, the Drunk (Ellen's dad), Flower Shop owner (Nina's mum) and
    Tools Shop owner (Ann's dad) are there. I think you have to talk to everyone
    twice or something until Eve says something else instead of being busy. You
    drink the "juice" and the day ends.
    That's really all the festivals here. The other incidents and speical events
    should be in the QUESTS or HEARTS section already. If not, you may try and
    contact me.
    Okay, after ALL that talk and info, it's time to get real and personal. We
    will at last be able to get into the gameplay. This is the section where I
    will guide or give you hints on how you should start the game. I know there
    are a lot of ways to succed here, but this is how I would suggest. Notice I
    would not include the fact that night lasts forever here. You may take that
    advantage and clear the whole field in one night if you so wish... Notice
    there would be objectives for each day. These are the minimum targets for the
    day. Anyway, let's begin! 
    O Day 1. The Beginning O
    : Objectives - 
       get Watering Can
       get Grass Seed
       meet people...
    You start off at the entrance of your house. The Old Shipper arrives and 
    talks to you. Select your name with the A button, delete with B button.
    Choose "OK" after you're finished. All names you choose can only have a max
    of 4 letters. After this, he will drive you to the town. A LOT of people get
    stuck here at the beginning, asking how to get out of town and that. Just
    follow my tour and it will all be simple. There are only SIX people you MUST
    talk to before the Young Shipper allows you to leave. First, go to the Flower
    Shop and talk to the Flower Shop owner(1) from behind the counter until she
    gives you a Water Can. Go into a room via the door at the top of the shop to
    meet Nina(2). After talking to her, leave the shop and go West to reach the
    Church. Enter the Church to find Maria(3), talk to her. Go South through the
    Town Square and head to the far West. Standing outside the Bar would be 
    Eve(4), talk to her. Go East to find Ann(5) walking around in front of the
    Tool Shop, talk to her. Go East a bit more and enter the building to find the
    Livestock Dealer(6). Talk to him behind the counter to get a bag of Grass
    So it's these six people that you MUST talk to - 
    (1) Flower Shop owner
    (2) Nina
    (3) Maria
    (4) Eve
    (5) Ann
    (6) Livestock Dealer
    Talk to the Young Shipper again you'll get driven back to the ranch. I 
    suggest first time players to talk to everyone though, in order to pick up a
    few basic tips on how to play unless you have read all I have mentioned
    above. You will return to your house and automatically fall asleep without
    O Day 2. Day of Work O
    : Objectives - 
       Get Dog
       Buy a bag of seed
       Make small fence around Shipping Bin
       Plant and water seeds
    Wake up and go out of the house. You will automatically walk a little bit
    forward to have a dog running into you. Then a voice come and shout after it.
    She explains about the dog and gives it to you. Name him. The girl then turns
    to leave and introduce herself as Ellen. Run out of the farm and go North at
    the Crossroads up to the Mountain. Pick up a flower from near the Pond and
    run back into Town. Time is the essence today. Give that flower to the girl
    that you like. Run into the Flower Shop and take your time since time doesn't
    past inside buildings. This does not include tunnels though. Beware. Anyway,
    you can either buy one bag of potato or turnip seeds with your current money.
    I suggest turnip for a early harvest, meaning early income.
    After buying a bag, run out of town and return to your ranch. Go to your Tool
    Shed and pick up the Hoe and Axe. Run back to the Shipping Box and chop the
    tree stump near there with the Axe. It should be about noon at this time and
    this is proven as your character takes out something to eat. You should use
    wooden fences, which can be taken out from the Material Box up North to build
    a fence. Of course, at this stage you don't have enough wood, so don't even
    waste precious time running up there. Instead, use rocks to make up most part
    of your fences along with a few wooden logs from the existing end of the
    fence line. Put the wooden pieces in between the rocks so you may jump over
    the fence. Using rocks in the future as fences will save you a lot of wood
    and time if it rains, since rain destroy fences. Don't make your fence area
    too big. Use the two big rocks just South of the Deport as your boundaries by
    putting just one small stone between the two big ones. Extend your fence to
    the East of the Shipping Box and close it with the existing fence. Don't
    bother about the corners because it's insignificant.
    You should have ended up with a stone one square away from the East of the
    Shipping Box, replacing the old fence; then 3 rocks down South after the
    missing corner, then a peice of wood. The other piece of wood you stole from
    the end of the old fence should be just South from the Deport. Of course, you
    can have your own ideas about the fence arrangements, this is just my
    The bushes in your way could be picked up with A button, then A again to
    throw it, then disappearing. Make haste in plowing your field with the Hoe
    just a square or two South of the Shipping Box, but not right against it
    because you need to water the squares later. Don't worry about the sky
    turning red, it just means it's 3PM and the day will end very soon. Quickly
    return to the Tool Shed and get the Turnip Seed and Water Can. Quickly head
    East a little after heading out of the Tool Shed and press Y button with the
    Water Can equipped, while facing the pond, to fill it up. Change to equipping
    the seeds and quickly dash back to your plowed field. Step onto the middle
    square and press Y button to spread all the seeds. Water each sowed square
    quickly using the Water Can. That would be all for today.
    I know it would be quite hard for beginners to complete this without using a
    bit of the night, but it is possible... cause I've finished this task just
    after the Shipper comes at 5PM before. For the future, understand that all
    shipping goods must be in the Shipping Box before the Shipper arrives, or
    else it'll be wasted, ok?
    !!! If you plan to go for Eve, which is the easiest girl to get in the game.
        You will HAVE to take advantage of the never-ending night because the Bar
        opens at 5PM. Meaning, everyday after work, just head to the Bar with a
        present or something. You can't go wrong with Eve.
    O 3rd Day - Stay Home O
    : Objectives - 
       Water plants
       Plant grass at good location
       Expand Fence
    First, don't be surprised to find it raining when you leave the house, it
    could happen. You can watch TV the night before to find out the weather for
    tomorrow. I don't see much point myself unless you have something important
    to do. Anyway, today, I suggest staying on the ranch. 
    First thing's first, water your plants... if it's raining, then you've just
    saved yourself some time. Now, head back to you Tool Shed and take the Axe
    and the Hammer. Today, you will clear the field near your house. I can't give
    you exact instructions but the range I meant should cover the areas
    horizontal to your plowed field, maybe expand a bit more to the South if you
    like. Chop all the tree stumps that are in your way to make materials for
    fences, because you can't use rocks forever... well you can, but you won't
    be able to jump through your fence unless you pick the rock up, then put it
    back down, which is quite bothersome. When your expanded fence is complete,
    it's time to find a suitable place to plant Grass.
    Run back to the Tool Shed and pick up the Hoe and Grass Seed. I just use the
    strip of land to the very West of the ranch, just beside your plowed field
    actually, to plant the grass. Some may say I have wasted precious space near
    the Shipping Bin, but I think it's not bad.
    One, I prefer my ranch in order, this arrangement means all my crops will be
    lined in the same style. It's much easier to manage/harvest/organise.
    Second, when you get a lot of livestocks, you will need a lot of grass. I
    usually plant my fields of grass away from the main ranch area to save space
    for the crops. I also arrange them so I may cut a set number of patches of
    grass in a sequence of days so I don't need to rush it. By planting patches
    of grass just South of my house, I can see which far away pasture is ready
    for cutting that day. I may use the sickle and see if they are ready by just
    walking South a little, instead of walking all the way to the main pasture.
    Anyway, doing these tasks should take up your day, espeically if you are a
    beginner. If you get bored and have a lot of time left, go up to the Mountain
    and have a try at fishing. You may even be lucky to get a fish on the first
    try, but see QUEST section - Quest of the Power Fruit. And NEVER eat the
    fish. Fishes are, to me, a very good way of making money!
    O First Week O
    Now you really don't expect me to go through everyday with you now, do you?
    :Objectives -
    While tending to that first harvest of crops, don't spend all your time
    clearing fields. Plow a few new patches maybe, but not that much. I would
    spend some time of your day going up to the Mountain to collect Wild Berries
    or go Fishing. Sell these items back at your ranch's Shipping Bin. The moment
    you get 200G, get more seeds to plant. Don't waste money on grass yet.
    O First Season - Foundation O
    :Objectives -
    I think beginners should not aim too high. Look at FESTIVALS section and you
    may be tempted to save money and buy the Seed of Snow Flower. I suggest you
    forget that and just buy it in the second year. You have a long while to
    wait, but time is a thing you've got. By this time next year, you would be
    quite rich... hopefully. 
    About girls, I didn't really bother about getting perfume, I didn't see the
    point. Dancing with the right girl would be enough to get the one heart, in
    any festival. I suggest not to waste too much time piling the girls with
    gifts this season since your farm isn't developed yet. Try twice or three
    times a week and that'll be great.
    About crops. Plant and harvest as much as possible. That's all. Don't plant
    any potatoes 6 days, and don't plant any turnips 4 days, before the end of
    Spring. It'll just be wasting money and time. About grass, you may think
    about planting a patch or two. For beginners, this season is where you should
    practice your skills and knowledge. I personally see Spring 1st year as the
    time to lay the foundation for Summer.
    O Second Season - money making Summer O
    :Objectives -
    This is a season for crops. Don't hesitate to use half, if not all, of your
    money to buy seeds. I suggest you only buy corn seeds though, because they
    sell higher, and you want money. The nature of the summer crops is that you
    only need to buy seeds once a season, then keep watering for more harvest. If
    you plan to expand you crop fields after the beginning of the season, just do
    it early and buy tomoatos to get better profits. Don't plan on expanding the
    fields after around the middle of the season, I don't see it's worth it.
    Livestocks! Yes, just because you have to concentrate on crops, that doesn't
    cover the fact that you don't have any livestocks! This is the starting 
    season to plant the grass and store them for Winter. Invest the rest of your
    money at the start of the season, after buying the seeds, into buying grass
    seeds. I suggest you buy your first chicken as soon as you get 1000G in this 
    season, then buy no more chickens, but breed them. I personally am never
    confident about the fodder level of things, so what I do is breed chickens,
    then sell them. See LIVESTOCKS section for details. By breeding chickens, you
    get even more money. With that money, you may even get a cow in this season!
    Before buying a cow, buy a Brush from the Tool Shop first. It's only 1000G
    which should not be a large sum to you now. However, don't keep too many
    livestocks, because your fodder level is probably still very low. I suggest
    about four (cows or chickens) should be the max number because you have GOT
    to start saving fodder for the Winter. And ALWAYS give priority to cows over
    chickens. Cows take a long time to raech its full potential, so buying early
    isn't a bad thing at all, even if it means you'll have to sell all your
    About Girls. You may have a lot of Watering to do, but this is no excuse to
    be late on girls. You can have a max of 2 kids in this game and I think this
    should be the season to start getting a girl to like you. Late Summer and
    early Fall would be a good time to get married. I strongly recommand
    remodelling at least once before Fall, as you can remodel again later when
    you can spare the money and materials.
    O 3rd Season - Red Fall O
    :Objectives -
    No crops to plant this season, but that doesn't mean you don't need to tend
    to the fields. This is the final chance to store grass for Winter. You can
    plant a few more pastures of grass, providing you have some grass seeds left
    from Spring/Summer, to help if you're desperate. Note that the shops does not
    sell grass seeds anymore in Fall, hence any more pastures must be from seeds
    left over from the last season.
    This leads us to livestocks. Keep breeding chickens, throughout the game. No
    work but good money - I like it. If you have started since Summer, you should
    be in the rhythm already. Don't keep too much chickens, make 5 to be your max
    because they don't produce enough (for me) to waste the fodder. Get cows,
    they're the ones worth getting. Since Winter means almost zero income, these
    cows should give milk by then to help out a little. In short, this season,
    build up your cow army. Don't breed, just buy your cows.
    Girls - great season.  If you haven't married your girl, do so this season to
    at least have a chance of getting two babies. I also suggest remodelling your
    house the second time of you are married. If you really can't be bothered
    with your wife's nagging, you may get the Paint... though I don't see the
    point since it's unnessary.
    The constant source of income this season would be from the Mountains. Pick
    the yellow-dotted mushroom just to the East of the Mountain entrance every
    day. For gifts, pick the one without dots since the one with dots is
    poisonous, though sells for a higher price. The Full-moon plant will bloom on
    the 10th, 11th and 12th on the Summit. You can only pick it once on each day.
    I suggest giving this to Nina if you are going for her. If not, the plant
    would sell for 600G either shipped or sold to the Peddler. If you don't have
    anything to do one day, i.e. no grass to cut, you have the time to give your
    girl one mushroom from the Mountain while shipping two posionous mushrooms.
    If you have a wife, or going for Ellen, I suggest using eggs as presents
    instead because they're cheap and is on your farm.
    O End of 1st Year - Winter of lessons O
    What I meant was that you can tell what ranking your ending will be like.
    There are times when you should just restart... I suggest at least being
    married and have over 3 of each livestock (even if I was a full-time chicken
    breeder, I liked using eggs as gifts) with a sufficent amount of money in 
    your pocket at the very minimum. This doesn't mean you can't go on here if
    you don't meet these standards; you would still get a decent ending, just not
    one of the very long ones.
    :Objective -
    Okay, NOW your fields can take a break because you have no use for it
    whatsoever. Forget it and pray the damage after the snow is minimum come next
    Spring so you don't need to spend too much in re-buying grass and plowing.
    Girls, or rather, wives should get pregnant by now, if not already. The baby
    would be great to be born this season, as my first game had. I recommand the
    time for first babies should be late Fall to mid Winter, if not earlier.
    Income source from nature is zero, unless you count the Herbs in the Cave
    which takes ages to get to. Don't bother. Breeding chickens will have to do,
    and have an extra 500G every 3 days is very helpful. Your main source of
    income should be readied from the start: it's the livestocks. Cows mainly.
    You can also try breeding a cow late or mid of this season, but only try once
    in the game because it's too time and money consuming.
    You will get a foal this year. If I remember correctly, it should grow into
    an adult horse before the end of Winter. The Tool Shop keeper helps you make
    a saddle/shipping bag for your horse when it had reached that stage. Try
    using the horse when repairing fenecs for saving time and pratice contorl.
    O Year 2 - Back tracking O
    Just because you have a lot of money, doesn't mean the game ends.
    :Objective -
    Family members are not much of a hassle. Just keep giving your wife two
    presents a day until she's pregnant a second time. I'm not sure if you stop
    giving her presents now would cause any side effects, but I doubt it will
    decrease her affection. If you can't bear to treat your wife badly, give her
    tiny gifts from your farm - eggs. That's why I love Ellen...
    Crops wise. It's time you aim for the big 200 target. Ship over 200 of each
    of the 4 different crops in order to get its scene for the ending. It'll be
    hard work though, but you should have already made a start from last year.
    You may concentrate on the lower class crops this time.
    The livestock army should be increased to at least 6 cows. I don't care about
    the chickens, I think 4 would be enough. Of course, if you wanna be perfect
    you can have twelve of each. Don't be surprised to see yourself moving in
    slow motion when you have too many livestocks, this happens because of too
    much is going on around you - the livestocks moving etc. It's normal.
    This year means getting all the things you've missed last year. For example,
    Seed of Snow Flower or any Power Fruits. And this leads us to...
    O Last two Seasons - That Final Lap O
    :Objective -
    The 3rd and last year. Save yourself. Do anything you need to do before the
    game ends, e.g. havesting more crops to reach the big 200 mark. It's really
    quite hard to mess up anything now unless you stop feeding the livestocks or
    start giving your wife bushes. This is the time to maybe get more money, or
    just chill and wait for...
    O The Ending... O
    :Objective -
    ...sit and watch? Look at the ENDINGS section.
    Your entire ending is actually compiled from a serious of sub-endings. Each
    sub-ending is gained by fulfilling certain criterions. Here they are:
    O Livestock wise O
    :Have one or more chicken
    Shows you gathering eggs amongst about 5 chickens and a chick. You dropped
    one on the gound and you are attacked by you own chicken army. The funny
    thing is, when it looks like you tried to pick one of the chickens up, it
    actually just appears in your hand magically, making there 6 chickens in 
    :Have one cow
    It will show you brushing and milking a cow in the field, giving medium milk.
    :Have over 6 cows
    You will be in a field with a 4 cows, a calf and a pregnant one. You use the
    Bell in the middle and they all come to you, while trapping you inside in the
    process. Meaning you have been taken prisoner by own your cow army...
    :Have a cow around 200 affection points
    It will show you milking a cow and getting large milk. The calf nearby, along
    with the cow and your dog will fall asleep. Of course, you will as well.
    O Crops wise O
    Ship 200 Turnip - you will get the Turnip ending, where you give a fallen Elf
                      one of your turnips.
    Ship 200 Potato - there seems to be a little glitch in this one I think. What
                      should happen is that you are just watering the crops and
                      when you go offscreen, the leaves should disappear, then a
                      mole would crawl out. However, there is the chance that the
                      ending starts with the mole on the screen, running around 
                      while you were watering, then going back to the ground
                      after you go offscreen. It's strange...
    Ship 200 Tomato - it shows you watering and harvest tomatoes, with the horse,
                      and eating your lunch.
    Ship 200 Corn - you will be watering the crops... but so will your dog...
    O Girls wise O
    Okay, first thing, if you are not married, you won't get an ending in this
    UNLESS -
    : You have 5 hearts for every girl
    You will run into town and be met by various girls and making them blush and
    fawn all over you. Remeber this is only if you are not married.
    Now if you are married. You would get two scenes with your wife. I won't tell
    you what so find out yourself. Different girls will have different endings. 
    AND -
    : If you have baby(ies)
    It will show one scene with your baby in it.
    The credits will then show up. Don't restart yet, cause there is another
    scene coming. You will be walking up to the Summit at dawn alone. The
    camera continues to zoom up to focus on the vast sky. And now, all your stats
    in the game are shown while the sky would be changing colour as the day
    passes by:
    :Money - the amount of money you earned. The max value is 9999990.
    :Cow/Chicken - the number of livestocks you have. Max value is 12 each.
    :Stamina - the amount of power berries you ate. The max value is 200 while
               the min value is 100. Each power berry increase this stat by 10.
    :Tomatoes - Number of tomatoes shipped.
    :Corn - Number of corn shipped.
    :Potatoes - Number of potatoes shipped.
    :Turnips - Number of turnips shipped.
    :Affection rate - shows the cow with the highest affection rate. The max
                      value is 255.
    :Maria - shows her affection rate. The max value is 999.
    :Ann - shows her affection rate. The max value is 999.
    :Nina - shows her affection rate. The max value is 999.
    :Ellen - shows her affection rate. The max value is 999.
    :Eve - shows her affection rate. The max value is 999.
    :House - the name of your house. If you haven't remodelled it, it's called a
             Wood House. Remodelled it once, it's called a Super Wood House. If
             you've remodelled it twice, it's called a Super Deluxe Great Wood
    :Ranch developing rate - A mystery to most, but I've researched upon it and
                             got to a few conclusions. The rate would...
                             1. increase on expanding fence, regardless of what
                                is inside the fenced area.
                             2. increase if an area is sowed with a seed, grass
                                or crops.
                             3. unchanged if an area is plowed.
                             Now this stat is expressed as a percentage, hence I
                             would think the max value is 100%. However, I think
                             this would involve sowing every single square on the
                             ranch, which is impractical though not impossible.
    :Happiness rate - Many things contribute to this stat, from eating dumplings
                      to saving rabbits. I have no idea about the max value.
    :Ranch Master rate - I think this accounts everything done in the game. I
                         have no idea about the max value of this one.
    :Comment - this is derived from the Ranch Master rate.
    Now, after all the stats and the comment, the camera zooms back to you. If
    you are a failure, your father would be shaking his head and criticising you.
    If you are successfully single, your dog would come and give you an
    affectionate bark. If you are married, your wife would say something to you
    depending on your accomplishments. The two of you will then walk off the
    Summit while the carmera stares back to the vast skies.
    Hence, your life on the ranch continues happily ever after, under the Harvest
    There should be a "super" ending which occurs when you got max happiness and
    the master rancher rating is very high etc. I never saw it cause I had never
    gotten it before... I have a save game for this aim right now, but it's far
    too boring to continue... I might get it one day... whenever that is...
    Wow, it's finished. Anyway, I want to thank:
    Natsume for making the Harvest Moon series and this great game.
    Nintendo for releasing this game on their SNES.
    GameFAQs.com, its message board, and all the users on it who taught me a lot
    through the years.
    And definitely Solomon warrior from the messageboards: if it wasn't for him,
    I doubt anyone would be reading this right now. Thank you!
    My email is zero647@hotmail, drop a line about the FAQ if you can be
    bothered. Anyway, that's all from me, hope this guide helps.

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