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    version history:
    version 1.12 Sunday, July 11, 2004
    - uploaded in gamefaqs
    version 1.1 Sunday, April 04, 2004
    -everything has been change
    -erased all stupid that i putted,
     i'm a good boy now.
    version 1.0 Monday, January 12, 2004
    -everything's new
    -first guide i ever made
    Table Of Contents:
    :What is harvest moon?
    :The Main Objective
    :Stamina guide
    :Power berry
    :Crops chart
    :Planting Pattern
    :The peddler
    :The hawker
    :Cow barn
    :Chicken coop
    :Credits of this guide
     This guide is made to help people that are new in playing Harvest Moon
    but you know that this is a old game. well i will tell you all that i
    know in this game to help you even a little bit. (maybe) This guide is
    composed of many section that included in harvest moon, and information
    like description about tools, patterns in planting, stamina points and
    many more.
    What Is Harvest Moon?:
    Game Name: Harvest Moon
    Platform : Super Nintendo
    MegaBit  : 16.00 Mbit
    Language : English
    Genre    : RPG/Strategy
    Creator  : Natsume
     Harvest Moon Snes is the first harvest moon created by natsume.
    This Game is my favorite among harvest moon games and the next is
    Harvest Moon 2 in Gameboy Color(wait the guide i will make about
    this game). Harvest Moon Snes is also known as The Old Harvest Moon
    because it is the first harvest moon. :) The character in this game
    is good and very simple! But i Think the graphics of this game is not
    that bad and that good because of system limitation Harvest moon is
    not best in terms in characters. (Except Harvest Moon 1,2,3 in Game
    boy color. Harvest Moon Snes has many mysteries hidden in ths game,
    like sprites living under your farm, Collecting Strange PowerBerries,
    You may talk to the Harvest Goddess, Climb a big Beanstalk and meet
    an awsome chicken, Plant a flower in winter and a fairy will appear
    when the flower blooms, And you can also see a water imp in the fish
    pond later in the game. Also this game is a simple RPG game that has
    no needing in your fighting skills, no slaying of fearsome dragons,in
    short This game has voilence unlike other games and this game is for
    everyone as long as you know how to play it. :) but in this game you
    will need to stablish your schedule in everyday life because if you
    do not budget the time, you will not be able to become the "ranch
    Master" Also, this game cartridge is selled for around $30 - $50 or
    more in this time, expensive huh... (better buy a utility program)
    its because harvest moon is so rarely produce and you can't find it
    in the nearest game store near you. but theres some online market who
    still sells this game but it is not so cheap cause it is rare dude...
    Here is the control pad
    of nintendo snes.
                   ____________          __          ______________
               ___|____LEFT____|_       ||||       _|____RIGHT_____|__
              /                  \______||||______/                   \
             /                                                         \
            /        ___                                        ___     \
            |       |   |         SUPER NINTENDO               |   |    |
            |       |UP |       ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM     ___   | X |    |
            |   ____|   |____                           |   |  |___|    |
            |  |LEFT    RIGHT|                          | Y |           |
            |  |____     ____|                          |___|   ___     |
            |       |   |         ___        ___               |   |    |
            |       |DWN|        |___|      |___|        ___   | A |    |
            |       |___|       SELECT      START       |   |  |___|    |
            \                      ______________       | B |           /
             \                    /              \      |___|          /
              \__________________/                \___________________/
    A - This button is use for talking to
        people,pick up goods and weeds.
    B - run(Press this always except on
        narrow passages) use this to
        save time.
    X - Changes tools you bring.
    Y -  Press this button to do the work.
    Control pad - Used to go up,down,left and right.
    L - Calls your dog.
    R - Calls your horse.
    Select button -  Show date,time,money and
                     the tools you hold.
    Start button  -  Start the game.
    Natsume Inc.
    Other harvest moon
    games they made:
    harvest moon GB
    harvest moon GBC
    harvest moon 2 GBC
    harvest moon 3 GBC
    harvest moon FOMT boy
    harvest moon FOMT girls
    harvest moon back to nature PS
    harvest moon 64
    harvest moon STH PS2
    harvest moon AWL GC
    Natsume is a company who make very special games
    like harvest moon. for more information about the
    natsume inc. well visit their site dude,
    :Ship at least 300 pieces of turnip.
    :Ship at least 300 pieces of potato.
    :Ship at least 300 pieces of tomato.
    :Ship at least 300 pieces of corn.
    :5 Hearts for maria.
    :5 Hearts for eve.
    :5 Hearts for ann.
    :5 Hearts for nina.
    :5 Hearts for ellen.
    :Marry a girl
    :Maximum hearts at least on of cows
    :12 Chickens
    :12 Cows
    :Maximize your house size
    :Money count
    :Number of your cow,chicken
    :Marry a girl
    :save at least 40,000G
    :10 power berries
     Do this before your parents arived, and try not to miss
    even a single in this list or you will not become the
    "Ranch master"
    Jack        - He is the hero of the game/Rancher.
    Parents     - They will sent you to the farm and
                  the will be back in two years
                  to see your result in farming.
    Shipper     - He is the one who collect shippments
                  everyday every 5:00p.m. But sometimes
                  he collects good earlier when festivals
                  will happen.
    Shipper's   - He helps the shipper collect the
    Helper        shipments.and he also drink at
                  the bar in night.
    Maria       - She is always in the church but
                  sometimes she is outside the church
                  sweeping dust.
    Eve         - She likes to drink beer and she
                  lives at the bar.
    Ellen       - She likes animals and she lives
                  in the restaurant.She is the one
                  who gives the dog.
    Nina        - She lives at the flowers shop
                  and somtimes on the mountain
                  taking care of flowers.
    Ann         - She love making machine that
                  will surely help you in the farm.
                  She lives at tool shop.
    Florist     - She is the one who sells you seed
                  and she is the one who give you
                  water can.
    Tool shop   - Dad of ann. He sells you tools and
    Owner         he is in love with the florist.
    Mayor       - The one who take care of the town
                  and the parts of it.
    Mayor's     - She is the wife of mayor and she
    Wife          loves reading books.
    Fortune     - She helps you in terms of girls
    Teller        love and friendship.
    F.T.        - She is the grandaughter of fortune
    Grandaughter  teller.She likes playing with the
                  preacher's son and she is in love
                  with him.
    Priest      - He is always at the church and
                  preaches on sunday.
    Bar tender  - He is Always at the bar but not
                  on sundays.
    Ellen's dad - He is always at the restaurant
                  and always drunk. And of course,
                  You can see him at the bar
    Ellen's mom - She is the restaurant keeper
                  and she sells cakes she is the
                  Mother of ellen.
    Peddler     - He buys shippment at a gooder
                  prices and he sells rare items
                  like blue feather and snow flower
                  seed later on the game.
    Hawker      - A wandering peddler who sells
                  and trade you rare and mysterious
    Livestock   - He sells you cow and chicken and
    Owner         he sells you food and medicine for
    Carpenter   - He build and enlarge your house to
                  biggest. He lives on the mountain.
    Carpenter's - He helps the carpenter.
    Fisherman   - He lends you fishing rod and he
                  teaches you how to fish like a pro.
    Eve's       - He lives at the mountain and he
    Grandpa       does not like to go to town.
    Baby/       - They are your children.
    Water imp   - he is the one who lives in the fish
                  pond and givea powerberry.
    Harvest     - she is the goddess who lives in
    Goddess       the mountain pond. she will give
                  you the golden ax.
    Here's some info about the girls you will meet in town. you can marry
    one of them and you can only marry them if they are also in love with
    you, to know how much they love you, go to the girls room(the one you
    want to marry) and find thier diary.
     well to marry them you must wait the
    blue feather to be selled by the peddler.
    and show the blue feather to the girl you
    want to marry.but its not easy...
    House       : Flower Shop.
    Perfume     : All.
    Star night  : Mountain Summit.
    Good Present: Cake, Herbs.
    House       : Mayor´s House
    Perfume     : Violet
    Star night  : Church.
    Good Present: Flowers.
    House       : Bar.
    Perfume     : Rose
    Star night  : Bar.
    Good Present: Flowers, Tropical Fruits.
    House       : Tool Shop
    Perfume     : Violet
    Star night  : SPA.
    Good Present: Flowers, Cake.
    House       : Restaurant.
    Perfume     : Rose
    Star night  : Central Park.
    Good Present: Egg, Milk, Cake, Flowers.
    Stamina guide:
     Stamina is the most important in harvest moon in
    terms of working, planting, watering.
     Stamina has a limitation, but don't worry there are some ways to get
    back your strengh and power. Your character has only limited with 100
    stamina points, When you do something work, Your stamina points will
    decreased. But there are some items called Power berry that adds your
    stamina. One power berry you found and eat adds 10 stamina points and
    there are ten power berry available in harvest moon so it means if you
    collect the ten powerberry, you will have an additional 100 stamina
    points will be added to your stamina and that means the total stamina
    you will have is 200 stamina points. but don't forget the spa that
    replenish stamina and the cake.
    Here's the list of item and tools and setup:
    *Item/Tools ......................Stamina consumed/Replenished*
     "-" = consumed
     "+" = replenished
    |                                                     |
    |Hoe........................................3 Points  |
    |Hammer.....................................3 Points  |
    |Axe........................................3 Points  |
    |Sickle.....................................3 Points  |
    |Watercan...................................3 Points  |
    |Cow medicine...............................0 Point   |
    |Cow brush..................................2 Points  |
    |Milker.....................................2 Points  |
    |Cow feed...................................0 Point   |
    |Chicken feed...............................0 Point   |
    |Blue feather...............................0 Point   |
    |House paint................................0 Point   |
    |Cow bell...................................0 Point   |
    |Wild grape................................+10 Points |
    |Fish......................................+15 Points |
    |Cake......................................+50 Points |
    |Tropical fruit............................+10 Points |
    |Mushroom .................................+10 Points |
    |Poison mushroom ..........................-15 Points |
    *The best way to recover the stamina is to jump several
     times back and fort to the spa.
    Powerberry Locations:
    1. Plow around the farm to find one.
    2. Keep plowing to find another.
    3. Chop the stumps in the mountain to
       find another.
    4. Break the Chicken Ornament with the Hammer.
    5. Win the Egg Hunt.
    6. After the earthquake, chop the first
       stump in the Hidden Area of the Mountain
       to find the shortcut to the cave. Jump
       down to land on the ledge and get the berry.
    7. Catch a fish, but throw it back on the
       other side.
    8. Sell a chicken in the Fall, and let the
       Wandering Peddler buy it.
    9. Take a fish or the Full Moon Berry to
       the Harvest Festival as your food for
       the Soup.
    10.Plant the Seed of the snowflower at the
       Summit in the winter. you can have the
       seed in flower festival and bought in
       the peddler in spring.
        _ _
      _\ //_
     /    \ \ ...........................................................
     |    ' | .       Powerberries are Good, I Love To Eat Them :)      .
     \______/ ...........................................................
    Spring - This season is the most better of all season
             because its the first season of the year. You
             can plant turnip, potatoes and grass. The grass
             grows normally in this season.
             - New year festival
             - Flower festival
    Summer - This season is the most good for planting but
             summer is terrible because there are many hurricane
             and storm in this season so grass and crops will be
             pulled. Also this season is good for fun. In this
             season, you will be able to see the tropical fruit
             in the mountain.
             - None (but there should be a swimming trip) :)
    Autumn - This season is called "red season" because of red
             falling leaves. In this season,you be able to see
             the mushrooms,there are two kinds of mushroom, mush
             room and poison mushroom. Also in this season the
             grass are fast to grow.
             - Thanksgiving festival
             - Egg hunt festival
    Winter - In this season, nothing is special but the snow and
             christmas. This season is cold so you can't let your
             animals to go out and no grass grows. In this season,
             i suggest you to collect many grass in fall to prepare.
             - Star night festival
    Dog - The dog guards your farm from stray dogs. and he protects
          the fences but not when it is raining. this dog will be
          given by ellen because she can't place it in their restaurant
          so she give him to you. his name is koro, but you can change
          it if you like.
    Cow - The best money maker because of its milk.Cows are pretty
          lovely and adorable. Cows needs a lot of attention and
          care from you. You should have to talk to them every day
          and brush them so that their milk production increases.
          You may take them outside but be sure to get them inside
          on that day because thay will become unhappy and cranky.
          Unhappiness and crankiness may lead to the animal sickness
          and that will be a bad situation. In that case you have to
          give your cows a proper care and medicine.Cow takes 21 days
          to mature, when they mature the will produce more milk and
          they got bigger.
          Cost when you buy: 5000 G
          Money gained when selled : Little: 5000G
                                     Grown : 8000 G
                                     Mature: 10000 G
    Chicken - The cheap to buy animal. Chickens are pretty good in
              terms of feeding because they only get grumpy and they
              don't get sick if you forget to feed them. Chicken is
              not best for money making because one egg cost only for
              50 G. if you place an egg in the incubator, you have
              to wait for 7 days i think for the egg to hatch and
              become a chick and another 7 days to become a fully
              grown chicken.
              Cost when you buy: 1000 G
              Selled: 500 G
    Horse - You can get the horse in winter but this time it is only
            a foal.horse can help you in shipping and it can go to
            anywhere inside your ranch Horse gender is unidentified
            so you can name itfor male or female.
    The golden chicken - You will meet the golden chicken if you
                         have the magic bean. Plant the magic bean
                         anytime in spring and  go to the mountain
                         summit and plant it there.  go out to the
                         mountain summit and go back again then you
                         will see the giant beanstalk and you will
                         climb it, then you will see the golden
                         chicken world and you will see her. Tell
                         her the truth and she will give you a golden
                         chicken and you will sell it automatically
                         to the peddler. And you will go to sleep.
    Rabbit - This animal is can be found on the mountain,
             grab it and talk to eve's grandfather and he
             will give you 50 G to let it go.
    Fox    - This animal is can be found at the mountain.
             its just pass you and you cannot catch it or
             sell it.
    Mole   - You can see this animal on your farm when you
             till the soil. you cannot sell or keep this
    (P-Chan) - Ellen's bird. She hide this bird inside her
    Flock of birds - sometimes, if you walk outside your door,
                     you can see a flock of birds and they will
                     immediately fly.
    Monkey  - Sometime you can see this animal in the spa. And
              just saying ~LA LA LA~.
     name - description
    Hoe -   This is used to Plow the soil. You can't plow the soil
            if the soil has bushes in it. This tool is constantly
            one of the important tool in harvest moon.plow the soil
            using hoe and you can plant seeds if the soil is plowed.
            The hoe is free.
            Where: tool shed
            Price: ----G
    Hammer - This is used to break large and small pieces of stone.
             The hammer is pretty needed on the large stones because
             you can't pick it up unlike the small one. The hammer
             destroy the broken fences to replace new one. The hammer
             is free.
             Where: tool shed
             Price: ----G
    Sickle - This is used to cut weeds and most important, it cuts
             grass used for feeding the chickens and your cows. You
             can also used this to clear the crops if you want. The
             sickle is free.
             Where: tool shed
             Price: ----G
    Ax -     This is used to cut lumber and chops wood pieces. Use
             this tool if you want to get lumber used for fencing
             and fire purposes. This tool is the one you should bring
             if you are going to meet the harvest goddess. The ax is
             Where: tool shed
             Price: ----G
    Watercan - This tool is maybe the secondary important tools for
               crops. Watercan is the one can water plant and seed
               so that they grows up. The watercan will be given to
               you by the florist in the first day of the game. The
               watercan is free.
               Where: tool shed
               Price: ----G
    Golden hoe -    This golden hoe is more powerful than a normal
                    hoe. This hoe can till 6 plot of soil in row!
                    Unlike the normal one, you can till the soil one
                    by one. You can get the golden hoe by feeding
                    the starving sprite in fall. Just give sprite a
                    mushroom and he will give you the golden hoe as
                    a token of you're being helpful.
                    Where: tool shed
                    Price: ----G
    Golden hammer - This Powerful golden hammer is more greater than
                    the normal one. It can smash out the large stone
                    in just one hit! By the way to get the golden
                    hammer is you have to lend your hammer when the
                    carpenter needed it. Then he will return to you
                    the hammer with more power than the normal hammer.
                    Where: tool shed
                    Price: ----G
    Golden sickle - You can obtain this tool after a storm in summer
                    and a lightning hit the tree. The tree that i'm
                    referring to is the one closed to the well in south
                    part of the ranch. enter the tree and you will fell
                    in to the sprites home. you will meet the sprite and
                    give you the sickle.the exit to the sprites home is
                    thedoor at the back of tool shed.
    Golden ax -     This golden ax is more powerful than the normal one.
                    Its incredible that it can chop lumber in just one
                    hit! So no time is wasted than chopping 6 times than
                    the normal ax. But before you obtain this, you need to
                    wait for the winter to come and wait for the earthquake
                    When earthquake hits the stone blocking the mountain
                    will be move and you can now talk to the harvest god
                    dess As i said bring your normal axe to the mountain
                    and throw it in to the pond. The harvest goddess will
                    appear and ask a question to you, "Are you the one who
                    throw this golden ax? Then tell her "no" and you will
                    obtain the golden ax.
                    Where: tool shed
                    Price: ----G
    Sprinkler - This tools is used to water plants but it is
                more powerful than the normal watercan. You
                can buy this in tool shop around summer. Ann's
                dad will go to your farm and he will tell you
                the sprinkler will be available soon. then
                immediately but it when it first appears. It can
                water 3x3 square of land not like the watercan
                you can only water one by one.
                Where: tool shop
                Price: 2000G
    name - description
    Cake  - The best food to recover stamina it replenishes
            50 stamina points.(see Stamina guide) You can buy
            this at the restaurant and this is ideal for giving
            presents and gifts to the girl you love.
            Where: restaurant:
            Price: 500G
    Cow brush - Use this to brush your cows and it adds 3 loves
                points on your cows everytime you brush them.
                you can buy this even in the second day of the
                game and you can even buy this even you don't
                have any cows.
                Where: tool shop
                Price: 800G
    Cow potion - Use this potion to be pregnant your matured
                 cow. You can buy this at 4000G at the animal
                 shop and you save 1000G than buying another
                 cow but you have to wait for the new born
                 cow to grow.
                 Where: animal shop
                 Price: 4000G
    Cow milker - Use this to get milks from your mature cow.
                 Face the cow and press the button to get the
                 milk. Just be sure not to drop the milk that
                 has been collected.
                 Where: tool shop
    Cow medicine - Use this to cure your sick cow. Be sure to
                   face your sick cow before using this medicine
                   or else it will be wasted.
                   Where: animal shop
                   Price: 1000G
    Chicken feed - Use this to feed your chicken. One chicken
                   feed set contains 12 pieces of fodder. But
                   use this only for emergency not always because
                   it is expensive if you use this to feed your
                   chicken everyday.
                   Where: animal shop
                   Price: 300G
    Cow feed - Use this to feed your cows when you do not have
               fodder left in your silo. This is not suitable
               for feeding everyday your cows because it is
               expensive. One set of cow feed contains 12 pieces
               of fodder.
               Where: animal shop
               Price: 1000G
    Cow bell - Use this to call your cow if you want them to go
               outside or go inside. You can have this by buying
               your first cow and the livestock dealer will give
               this to you for free.
               Where: tool shed
               Price: ----G
    Paint - Use this to paint to paint your house in beautiful
            white color. You can buy this in tool shop if you
            upgrade your house to Super Deluxe Log house.
            Where: tool shop
            Price: 1000G
    Magic bean - Plant this in mountain summit for you to be
                 able to meet the golden chicken (see animals).
                 You can have this if you trade your first milking
                 cow to the hawker.
                 Where: tool shed
                 Price: your cow
    Snow flower seed - This will be selled to you by the peddler
                       during the flower festival in spring. Wait
                       for the winter to come and plant it in the
                       summit in mountain and a flower will appear
                       and soon it will bloom and a fairy will appear
                       and thanks to you and give you a powerberry
                       as a sign of thanks.
                       Where: peddler during flower frestival
                       Price: 2000G
    Blue feather - This will be selled to you by the peddler when
                   one of the girls have 5 hearts or more. Use this
                   to marry the girl you love with 5 hearts or more.
                   Talk to the girl first and then press Y button in
                   saturday and then a scene will be shown that your
                   are married and you married the girl you love.
                   Where: peddler
                   Price: 1000G
    Money tree - yeah, i doesn't give money but it it increases
                 your happiness but some people tell you that you
                 don't buy it, but for me, you buy it, why? because
                 the hawker will never come back to sell it and it
                 serves as a decoration in your farm.
                 Who: hawker (rare)
                 price: 20000G
    Crops chart:
    |name          turnip   potato   *tomato   *corn   |
    |cost of       200 G    200 G     200 G     200 G  |
    |bag                                               |
    |time to       4 days   6 days    10 days   13 days|
    |harvest                                           |
    |harvest per   7        5         7         6      |
    |season                                            |
    |profit per    60 G     80 G      100 G     120 G  |
    |1 piece                                           |
    |profit per    480 G    640 G     800 G     960 G  |
    |8 pieces                                          |
    |total of a    3360 G   3200 G    5600 G    6760 G |
    |season                                            |
    |total minus   1960 G   2200 G    5300 G    5460 G |
    |seeds cost                                        |
    *this crops won't be remove until the end of season.
     so this crops are more profitable.
    Turnip - These are the most common and the fastest
             seeds to grow. Its profit gain is normal
             and you can plant it in spring along with
             potatoes. These seeds are the most affordable
             seeds in harvest moon.
             season: spring
    Potatoes - This seed or crops are likely of turnip but
               the difference is turnips are more faster to
               grow than  the potatoes. But more longer time
               to grow, the more profit you will gained.
               Potatoes are planted in spring along with
               season: spring
    Tomatoes - This crop is like corn and it grows in summer.
               This crop won't be remove after the first harvesting.
               This will remain in the soil and all you have to do is
               the water them again to bear fruits again.
               season: summer
    Corn - Corns are the most profitable but long to grow crops
           in harvest moon snes. Corns are like tomatoes, they
           won't be remove until hte summer ends. But Corns takes
           13 days to be harvested and takes 3 days again on the
           second harvesting and so on...
           season: summer
    Grass - Yeah it is nt a crop but where can i place it?
            only here. Grass is a must if you have a animal
            that you care because grass is what they eat.
            Grow: 10 days
            Regrow: 6 days
           Season: spring, summer, fall
     The peddler sell you some rare items like snow flower seed and the
    blue feather. He only appears every sundays and on some occations or
    events. He buys only what he like, he can take many shippment and
    some he don't want it and when he doesn't like it he will say, sorry
    we can't accept that. In that case you should give him another one
    like eggs, wild grape etc... He will double the price of the item if
    it is fresh and from your farm.
    Egg -      100G
    Milk(s) -  300G
    Milk(m) -  500G
    Milk(l) -  700G
    Turnips -  120G
    Potatoes - 160G
    Tomatoes - 200G
    Corns -    240G
    Isn't it great? he doubles the price of good that can be found on
    your farm. But here is what you have to remember whenever you are
    selling to the peddler, Always put the goods you want to sell in
    the table and do not give it to him.
    Shipping chart:
     The shipper collects your shippments everyday and
    pays for it at the right price. Here is the list of
    |                                                        |
    |Cave Herbs=========================================200 G|
    |Fish===============================================300 G|
    |Wild Grapes========================================150 G|
    |Tropical Fruits====================================150 G|
    |Mushroom===========================================150 G|
    |Poison Mushroom====================================200 G|
    |Moon Flower========================================600 G|
    |Turnip=============================================060 G|
    |Potato=============================================080 G|
    |Tomato=============================================100 G|
    |Corn===============================================120 G|
    |Egg================================================050 G|
    |Milk==============Small: 150 G/ Med: 250 G/ Large: 350 G|
    Cow Barn:
    Cow barn - Here is where your cows live. each
    cow has her own feeding box, do not forget to
    feed them.
    |                                  |
    |        __ ___     ___ __      || |
    |          |   |   |   |        || |
    |        __|_J_|   |_I_|__      || |
    |          |   |   |   |           |
    |        __|_K_|   |_H_|__         |
    |          |   |   |   |           |
    |        __|_L_|   |_G_|__     ____|
    |                             /_C__|
    |                             |____|
    |        __ ___     ___ __         |
    |          |   |   |   |           |
    |        __|_M_|   |_F_|__         |
    |          |   |   |   |        || |
    |        __|_N_|   |_E_|__      || |
    |          |   |   |   |        || |
    |        __|_O_|   |_D_|__         |
    |                                  |
    |                              ____|
    |___                               |
    |   |                     _______  |
    | A |                    |   | B   |
    a. Shipping box
    b. Place for pregnant cow
    c. Fodder box
    d. Feeding box
    e. Feeding box
    f. Feeding box
    g. Feeding box
    h. Feeding box
    i. Feeding box
    j. Feeding box
    k. Feeding box
    l. Feeding box
    m. Feeding box
    n. Feeding box
    o. Feeding box
    p. Entrance/Exit
    Chicken Coop:
    Chicken coop - This is where your chicken live.
    You can place anywhere the fodder in the feeding
    box but be sure to count how many chickens you
    have and how many fodders you will put.
    |  |                                        |   |
    |  |                    D                   |   |
    |  |________________________________________|   |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |____                                           |
    |_B__\                                          |
    |____|                                          |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |____                                       ____|
    |    |                                     |_   |
    |  A |                                      _|C |
    A.Shipping box
    B.Fodder storage
    C.Egg incubator
    D.Chicken feeding box
    Here's a question to you dude, why is in
    harvest moon the chicken eat a bunch of
    dried grass?
    |                      ___________                           |
    |                     |     f     |                          |
    |                     |___________|                          |
    |                     |-----------|                          |
    |                               _                            |
    |______________________________|_|____________               |
    |    /______\_           ______| |___         |    ___       |
    |    |a __  |_\b        /______| |____\       |   (   )      |
    |    |_|__|_|_|         | c _  |d| _ e|       |    )_(       |
    |______    ___          |__|_|_|_||_|_|       |              |
    |             |                               |              |
    |             |               ______          |              |
    |             |              /______\         |              |
    | g           |   j _        |k __  |         |              |
    |           __|    |_|       |_|__|_|         |              |
    |___    ___|h |_______________________________|              |
    |___|i |___|__|_______________________________|              |
    |   |__|                               (   )                 |
    |                                      l)_(   m_             |
    |      ++++++++++++++++++++++++               |_|            |
    |      ++++++++++++++++++++++++                              |
    a: Your House.    - This house is where you live.
    b: Wood Shed      - This shed is where the chop stumps
                        of wood are placed.
    c: Cow Barn.      - This is where your cow lives.
    d: Silo.          - This where the grass is stored and
                        make to be fodder use for feed
    e: Chicken Coop.  - This is where your chicken lives.
    f: Secret Garden. - This is here you can see how many
                        powerberries you have eaten.
    g: Entrance/Exit. - The main entrance and exit of your farm.
    h: Shipping Bin.  - This is where the shippments are placed
                        if you want to sell them.
    i: Selling Place
       for Livestock. - This is where you will put your
                        animal for selling them after
                        talking to the livestock dealer.
    j: Well.          - This well is just and ordinary well
    k: Tool Shed.     - This is where your tools and equipments
                        are placed.
    l: Tree. (Leads to sprite home) - There are two trees
                        the one will be burnt by a lightning has
                        a passage to the sprites home.
    m: Well. (Leads to sprite home) - this well will be opened
                        after the earthquake hit in winter.
    |  __________        __+__               ________   ___   |
    | /__________\     _/_____\__________   /________\ (   )  |
    |/__\   a  /__\   | | |_| |--_-------|  |        |  )_(   |
    ||  |  __  |  |   | |b _  | |_|__       | c __   | (   )  |
    ||__|_|__|_|__|   |=|_|_|_|=|--------|  |__|__|__|  )_(   |
    |                                        ______           |
    |   ______________   _______________    |   ooo|  ___     |
    |  |(   )         | |          (   )|   | e    | (   )    |
    |  | )_(          ())           )_( |   |______|  )_(   |-|
    |  |             |___|              |    ________      k
    |    ___      d   ___           ___     /________\
    |  |(   )        |___|         (   )|   | f __   |      |-|
    |  | )_(                        )_( |   |__|__|__|        |
    |  |______________| |_______________|    ________         |
    |                                       |        |        |
    |   _______     ________     _______    |________|        |
    |  /_______\   /________\   /_______\   /________\        |
    |  | g _   |   | h _    |   |i __   |   | j___   |        |
    |  |__|_|__|   |__|_|___|   |_|__|__|   |_|_|_|__|        |
    a: Mayor House    - This is where the mayor lives.
                      - Mayor, Maria, and the Mayor's
                        wife Lives here.
    b: Church         - The place of worship.
                      - Priest and his son lives
    c: Flower Shop    - This is where you can buy the seed you needed.
                      - Nina and her mom lives here.
    d: Central Park   - The events are held here.
    e: Peddler        - This is where the peddler stall is located.
    f: Fortune Teller - This is where the fortune teller lives.
    g: Bar            - This is where you can drink alcoholic drinks!.
                      - Eve lives here.
    h: Restaurant     - This is where you can buy cake.
                      - Ellen, her mom and dad lives here.
    i: Tool Shop      - This is where you can buy tools for your farm.
                      - Ann and her dad lives here.
    j: Animal Shop    - This is where you can buy animals.
                      - David (Livestock Owner) lives here.
    k: Exit/Entrance  - This is the entrance and exit of the town...
    Mountain: (or black hill)
    |_____________________| |_________________________________|
    |                      a   |                              |
    |    _________             |                    _         |
    |   |_________|            |                   |-|        |
    | ___         |            |     ___   __   ________      |
    |(   )        |____________|    (   ) |  | |        |     |
    | )_(   ___   |____________|     )_(  |==|b|        |     |
    |      (   )                               |        |     |
    |       )_(      _                         |________|     |
    |_______________|_|             _ ________________________|
    |_________________|            | |                        |
    |                              | |__________/\____________|
    |      ________________________| |         /d \  |       ||
    |     |________|c|_____________|_|        /_/\_\     e   ||
    |                                    _____       |__   __||
    |___________________               j(_____)               |
    |___________________|_________       )|||(         ___    |
    |   |  f  |  g _    |_________|              ___  (   )   |
    |   |_____|   |_|   h_|_|_____              (   )  )_(    |
    |                   |_________|              )_(          |
    |                   |        _____________________________|
    |___________________|   i   |_____________________________|
    a: To mountain summit - This is the ways to the mountain top.
    b: Hot spring or Spa  - This is where you can recover your
                            stamina for free!
    c: Cave               - This is where you can find the power
                            berry and the cave herbs.
    d: Fisherman's tent   - This is where the fisherman lives.
    e: Fish pond          - This is where you can fish and the
                            water imp lives there.
    f: Mountain pond      - This is where the harvest goddess
    g: Wood stump         - This stump block the way to the cave
                            in powerberry, destroy this so you can
                            get the powerberry inside the cave.
    h:Rock                - this rock blocks the way to the mountain
                            pond. This will be moved after the
                            earthquake in winter.
    i:Entrance/exit       - the way to go in and out to the mountain
    j:Carpenter's house   - This is where the carpenter lives.
    The House is composed of types:
          /             \
         |               |
         |  ===          |
         |  | |          |
    | |___|_ |_|  |_|  ___|----|| |
    |____|--|    _| |_|   |0  o|| |
    |____|__|   |_____|   |__o_|| |
    |    |      |_____|___|___.||_|
    |____|        _               |
    |           _|_|_             |
    |          |     |            |
    |          |     |            |
    |          |_____|            |
    |______    |_____|            |
    |o 0o 0|     |_|              |
    |======                       |
    |                             |
    |___________|   |_____________|
    1.Log house - this is the one
           you will started with.
          /                 \
         |                   |
         |   ===       _     |
         |   | |      |_|    |
    | |__|  _        |_|  ___ ____| ___|
    |____ _|_|      _| |_|   |    |___ |
    |____|_|       |_____|___|___.|____|
    |    |_|       |_____|___|____|____|
    |____|            _                |
    |               _|_|_              |
    |              |     |             |
    |              |     |             |
    |______        |_____|             |
    |______|       |_____|             |
    |______|         |_|               |
    |                                  |
    |_______________|   |______________|
    2.Super Log house - you will need 250 lumber and
      5000 g to upgrade. and when you upgrade your
      house to to super log house, you will recieve
      a clock as a token of appreciation of the carpenter.
                       | |
          /                     \
         |                       |
         |    ===       _        |
         |    | |      |_|       |
    |___0       | |  _  _ ____ _| | |__| _           |
    |____|     _| |_|_||_|punk|_| |___ _|_|__0   ____|
    |__0_|_   |_____|  |_|_tv_|_| |___|_| |   | |____|
    |____|_|  |_____|  |_|____|_| |   |_| |___| |____|
    |            _              | |___|   |___| |____|
    |          _|_|_            | |___|              |
    |         |     |           |_|                 _|
    |         |     |           | |                |_|
    |_______  |_____|           |_|                |_|
    |_______|   |_|                                  |
    |_______|                                        |
    |                                                |
    |__________|   |_________________________________|
    3.Super deluxe Log house - this the most large house.
    you need 500 lumber and 10000 g to upgrade. and also
    you can paint this house.
    Bed       - here is where you sleep so another day will come.
    Diary     - Before you sleep always write in your diary so your
                progress will be saved.
    T.V.      - watch t.v. esp. on the weather forecast station to
                know what is the weather tommorow.
    Calendar  - Use to know what is the date.
    Clock     - you can get the clock if you upgraded your house
                before summer, and it will be given by the carpenter.
                use to know what is the current time.
    Cabinet   - you're clothes are placed here.
    portrait  - a gift from a workman, use to decorate the wall of
                your house.
    Casserole - Your wife is using this to cook foods.
    Table     - Here is where you eat every morning.
    Fireplace - You use this when the season is cold esp. fall and
    New year:
        1st spring    - you will go to mountain top to view the first
                        sunrise of the year. slowly the
    Flower festival:
        23rd spring   - its all about flowers, you will
                        buy perfume from flowers and make it
                        as a presents, you will dance too to
                        the girl you want to marry.
    Harvest festival:
           12th fall  - Yeah a big casserole is in the middle
                        of the square but you must bring a
                        mushroom to complete the cooking of the
                        soup or something.
    Egg hunting:
            20th fall - you must get the same color of the egg
                        the mayor has, you will find it inside
                        the treasure chest around the town. if
                        you win the game, you will be given
                        colored egg location:
                        red  - Southwest outside of the square.
                        pink - Northeast most of the town.
                        blue green - Nothwest most of the
                        light blue - Right of the chruch.
                        green egg  - In the entrance of the
    - Memorize the locations of each egg
      so you can get it fast.
    - Some treasure chest doesn't have anything.
    - If you got the right egg, don't throw it in
    - If you're to slow but you got the right egg
      and the time is over, you can't present that
      egg because the mayor will change the egg that
      he show.
          10th winter - yeah the girl with five hearts in town
                        will give you a cake as a symbol of thanks.
    Star night festival:
          24th winter - you can go to different places on this event
                        square, bar, spa, mountain, the church, i always
                        go to church but better to look them all. The real
                        thing in here is to celebrate the birth of christ.
                      - In public square, Mayor and his wife, the fortune
                        teller, Ellen and her mom is in the square. You
                        can talk to the F.teller on who is the girl who
                        gets along well with you. And the people here are
                        looking into many stars in the sky.
                      - In the Mountain top, Nina and you are have seen
                        a shooting star and nina will say to you that she
                        is always looking into the shooting star every year
                        on that day, hey do you want to wish?
                      - In the church, The priest, maria, the priest son,
                        the fortune teller's grandaughter, the squareman,
                        the shipper and his helper are inside the chruch.
                        And most of them are sleeping and maria is playing
                        the piano.
                        A bug!!! if you're married to maria and talk to her
                        first well, you can't snap out of listening to her
                        tune that she plays, well you can only do is to
                        restart the game. but if you talk to her and she is
                        the last person you talked too, you will going to
                        your home.
                      - in the bar, Eve, the capenters, nina's mom and and
                        ann's dad, ellen drunken dad and the bar tender is
                        drinking wine. well as eve says that she is busy,
                        talk to all people and when you're finished talking
                        to them, talk to eve and she will give you a wine.
                      - In the spa, Ann and you will going to have a dip
                        together, ohh after that you can go to your house.
     Go to the places where your wife or the girl
    you want will go.
    Ellen - public square
    Maria - chruch
    Ann   - Spa
    Nina  - Mountain top
    Eve   - Bar
    I have no codes yet but you can contribute...
     the contents on this guide may not be selled stripped, stealed or
    use to gain money, like game magazines, etc. and this document is for
    private use only and not to be published commercially.
    me - i make this guide.
    you - you are very special to read
          this guide.
    "Your name will be placed here if you contributed
     for those who want to contribute something, codes,
    tips, something that not yet on this guide, point
    out what words that i misspelled, yeah something
    that i messed up, wrong info, yeah you send it to
    me, my e-mail is chrono_duffer@yahoo.com and please
    don't spam on me or send stupid stuffs like...
    and also if you have comments, suggestions, or ques
    tions. send it to me. also i accept criticism.
    =Special thanks to:=
    My very close friends:
     Nah!, they are my friends, i make
    them special so i include them here.
     Thanks to "natsume" for making
    wonderful games such as harvest moon.
     Thanks to "nintendo", if no nintendo,
    no harvest moon.
     Thanks to cherubae and the people
    in ushi no tane.
     Esp. thanks to "gamefaqs" for allowing
    this document to be posted.
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     ####### ## #### #####            (c) 2004 - 2005 chrono_duffer
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     ##          ##  #  ##
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    #   ##   ### ##        #               harvest moon
    #   #    ###           #         (c)1997 natsume inc.
     #    ## ##       /////#         (c)1996 amccus/pack-in-video
     #    ##       #//////#                license by nintendo
      #    #       #######
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      #  ########## #
       ##     # # ##
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