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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Admiral

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 02/24/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |                                HARVEST MOON                                |
    |                        SNES/Virtual Console Edition                        |
    |                                                                            |
    |                              FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                               |
    |                      Version 1.3 (February 24, 2011)                       |
    |                                                                            |
    |                               By The Admiral                               |
    |                        Email: Admiral1018@yahoo.com                        |
    When I originally read about the premise for Harvest Moon in 1997, I thought 
    the video game industry had truly come to a dead end.  A game based solely on 
    farming?  How did this one possibly get off the drawing board?  Over half a 
    dozen sequels later, Harvest Moon has made me feel quite foolish.  It did what 
    would seem to be the impossible –- it made a repetitive, seemingly boring 
    concept into something fun and enjoyable.  As with most RPGs, the enjoyment 
    comes from the continual progress: creating something from nothing, earning 
    rewards for your hard work, and finding new and effective ways to do the same 
    old tasks.
    Yet despite its relatively simple objectives, the information available about 
    Harvest Moon remains some of the most inaccurate and incomplete I have ever 
    read.  To make matters worse, people have conflated subsequent games in the 
    series with this one, resulting in numerous bad strategies and erroneous 
    tactics.  That is why this guide was created.  Whether you are a novice looking 
    for the most effective way possible to approach a task each day or an expert 
    seeking the perfect score, this guide should help you.  And most of all, it 
    should finally put an end to many of the egregious errors and time wasting tips 
    that have plagued gamers for years.
    D I S C L A I M E R                                                       HM01
    This FAQ is meant for personal use only and cannot be reproduced for commercial 
    use under any circumstances.  No portions of this guide may be reproduced, in 
    part or in entirety, without the written consent of the author. If you would 
    like to use any part of this guide in your FAQ or website, I will probably give 
    you permission if you ask, but you must ask first (Email: 
    Admiral1018@yahoo.com). The Harvest Moon title, as well as all contents within, 
    is copyright of Natsume, 1997.
    T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S                                         HM02
    To jump to any section of this guide quickly, click the Edit option on the 
    toolbar, then go to Find and type in the index number listed in the right 
    column.  You can also press Ctrl+F to bring up the search box in most browsers 
    and text editors.
    TABLE OF CONTENTS.........................................................HM02
    USING THIS GUIDE..........................................................HM03
    1. STORY AND OBJECTIVE....................................................HM11
    2. SCORING................................................................HM12
    3. CONTROLS...............................................................HM13
    4. LOCATIONS..............................................................HM14
    5. TOOLS & ITEMS..........................................................HM15
    6. FARMING................................................................HM16
    7. HOUSE UPGRADES. .......................................................HM17
    8. LIVESTOCK & ANIMALS....................................................HM18
    9. SEASONS, TIME & WEATHER................................................HM19
    10. FESTIVALS.............................................................HM1A
    11. RELATIONSHIPS & MARRIAGE..............................................HM1B
    12. THE DAILY GRIND.......................................................HM1C
    1. STARTING OUT...........................................................HM21
    2. RANCH..................................................................HM22
    3. TOOLS..................................................................HM23
    4. CROPS & GRASS..........................................................HM24
    5. LIVESTOCK..............................................................HM25
    6. FESTIVALS..............................................................HM26
    7. RELATIONSHIPS..........................................................HM27
    8. MARRIAGE & FAMILY......................................................HM28
    1. SPRING – YEAR 1........................................................HM31
    2. SUMMER – YEAR 1........................................................HM32
    3. FALL – YEAR 1..........................................................HM33
    4. WINTER – YEAR 1........................................................HM34
    5. SPRING – YEAR 2........................................................HM35
    6. SUMMER – YEAR 2........................................................HM36
    7. FALL – YEAR 2..........................................................HM37
    8. WINTER – YEAR 2........................................................HM38
    9. SPRING – YEAR 3........................................................HM39
    10. SUMMER – YEAR 3.......................................................HM3A
    1. POWER BERRY LOCATIONS..................................................HM41
    2. SECRET ITEMS & UPGRADES................................................HM42
    3. STAMINA USAGE..........................................................HM43
    4. SELLING PRICES.........................................................HM44
    5. THE HAWKER.............................................................HM45
    6. RELATIONSHIPS & AFFECTION SCORE........................................HM46
    7. RANCH DEVELOPMENT SCORE................................................HM47
    8. HAPPINESS SCORE........................................................HM48
    9. RANCH MASTER SCORE.....................................................HM49
    10. ENDINGS...............................................................HM4A
    11. TIPS AND TRICKS.......................................................HM4B
    CONTACT INFORMATION.......................................................HM04
    REVISION HISTORY..........................................................HM05
    U S I N G   T H I S   G U I D E                                           HM03
    This FAQ is divided into 4 sections to help you most easily find the 
    information you're seeking.  This will hopefully save you time and prevent you 
    from reading any unnecessary spoilers.  The four sections are explained below.
    1.  OVERVIEW: This section contains the basics of gameplay, farming,
        tools, livestock, events, and other fundamentals.  Some parts of this
        section are rudimentary and are intended for players who are new to the
        game. Others, such as the ones on farming, livestock, and relationships,
        are much more in-depth and will be useful to veterans and first timers
        alike.  In general, this section contains few to no spoilers, and even
        potential spoilers are noted in advance.
    2.  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: The answers to some of the more common
        stumbling points are contained here.  This section is divided by
        functional area of the game and is intended to address specific questions
        without spoiling other parts of the game.  If you are stuck on something,
        see if your question is answered here first.
    3.  WALKTHROUGH: As its name implies, this is a detailed walkthrough of the
        game.  Since Harvest Moon is a non-linear, open-ended experience, this
        section shows just one possible method of playing.  However, the
        walkthrough will give instructions on how to do everything as soon as
        possible, assuming your intentions are to achieve a perfect score and
        complete any goal in the most effective way.  The walkthrough does contain
        some spoilers as they occur, so please keep this in mind before reading.
    4.  APPENDIX: This is a reference section that contains information on special
        items and upgrades, detailed farming and relationship statistics,
        information on getting a perfect ending and scores, interesting secrets,
        and more.  The appendix is largely a reference source containing numerical
        and statistical information about the game.  This section does contain
        spoilers, so please be warned in advance.
                                    O V E R V I E W
    The following section gives overview information on all areas of the game and 
    should give a solid framework for anyone playing this game.  While some 
    sections are fairly basic, the later sections on farming, livestock, and 
    relationships are highly detailed and useful for both veterans and new players.
    1.  S T O R Y                                                             HM11
    You are Jack, a young man whose parents have just given him a ranch.  Jack's 
    parents are going away for two and half years, and during that time they have 
    entrusted Jack to fix up the old ranch and begin a productive, adult life.  
    Jack's parents expect him to engage in farming, raising livestock, maintaining 
    and improving the ranch, getting married, and starting a family.
    Despite Jack's parents' expectations, there are numerous styles of play in this 
    game.  You can attempt to become a millionaire, amassing as much money as 
    possible.  You can play as a serial bachelor, spending all day talking to women 
    and all night at the bar.  You can become a rugged outdoorsman, choosing to 
    spend your days fishing and hanging out at the mountain.  You can settle down 
    as a family man and have two children, forsaking any farm work to spend time 
    with them.  Or, you can do a bit of all these things.  The choice is entirely 
    2.  S C O R I N G                                                        HM12
    The game ends after two and a half years when Jack's parents return (after the 
    third summer), and you will be scored on the life you led during the time they 
    were away.  The game scores you in three different ways.  The first is on how 
    much of the ranch is covered and developed.  This is called the Development 
    Rate.  The second is on Jack's happiness, which is a measure of how 
    "satisfying" his life is.  This is referred to as the Happiness score.  The 
    third is on how well Jack manages the ranch and all other aspects of farm life. 
    This is referred to as the Ranch Master score.  These scores are loosely 
    independent.  For example, it possible to receive a high Happiness score but 
    low Ranch Master score, and vice versa.
    In general, the game encourages you to balance as many activities as you can 
    for the best score.  In addition to these scores, there are numerous endings to 
    this game, each dependent on how you played during your time on the ranch.  The 
    exact scoring calculations can be found in the appendix, but you will need to 
    excel at all the following categories to receive the best ending and score.
    - Save a lot of money
    - Get married
    - Have children
    - Upgrade your house
    - Grow and sell all four types of crops
    - Raise as many cows and chickens as possible
    - Brush and talk to all cows to increase their affection
    - Develop as much of the farm as possible (with fence, crops, or grass)
    - Develop strong relationships with the five single girls in town
    3.  C O N T R O L S                                                      HM13
    The controls for Harvest Moon are simple and intuitive.  You control your 
    character from an overhead point of view and the controls do not change at any 
    point in the game.
    - Moves Jack vertically and horizontally in the direction pressed.
    - Uses the tool in the active hand.
    - At the pond on the mountain, use the Y button to cast the fishing rod into
      the water.
    - Toggles between the two tools you are carrying.
    - Cancels a selection or closes a screen.
    - Used to sprint.  You will sprint in the direction you are facing so long as
      the button is held.
    - Used to jump over the fence on your ranch and off cliffs at the mountain.
    - This is the main action button.  It is used to speak with people, pick up
      items, examine objects, or interact with anything else.
    - Selects a command on a menu screen.
    - Causes Jack to whistle and summon his horse.  It is most effectively used
      when standing in a straight line facing the horse.
    - Causes Jack to whistle and summon his dog.  This is the easiest way to move
      the dog.  It is most effectively used when standing in a straight line
      facing the dog.
    - This exits the demo and takes you to the title screen.  It is not used
      during the game otherwise.
    SELECT (Z-button if using a Gamecube controller on the Virtual Console)
    - This brings up the menu screen, which displays the date, money, and shows
      the item in Jack's active hand.  This effectively pauses the game.  It can
      not be used while holding an item.
    4.  L O C A T I O N S                                                     HM14
    There are three main locations where most of this game takes place: the Ranch, 
    the Town, and the Mountain.  Below are maps and descriptions of each area, 
    along with several other key areas on your ranch.
    The ranch is where you will spend most of your time.  The primary activities 
    include farming and maintaining livestock.  Note that this is just the fenced 
    off area of the ranch.  The ranch extends beyond this map and contains several 
    other structures (trees and well) that are important later on in the game.
    |                              RANCH MAP                                |
    |                                                                       |
    |                                                                       |
    |    #################################                                  |
    |    #    ================----       ###############################    |
    |    #    =              =|||||              ============          #    |
    |    #    = ________     =____|       ========   ____   =========  #    |
    |    #    =/--------\    = E           _______  /    \  ________   #    |
    |    #    =| D   _  |    =         __ /-------\( {  } )/--------\  #    |
    |    #     |____|_|_|    =        |__||   G   ||\____/||   I    |  #    |
    |    #           .   =====        |--||    _  ||      ||  _     |  #    |
    |    #           .                 F  |___|_|_||  H   ||_|_|____|  #    |
    |    #           .                         .   |______|   .        #    |
    |    #           ..........................................        #    |
    |    #            .                          .                     #    |
    |  ##############    ###                     .     ________        #    |
    |  |                   #         ___         .    /--------\       #    |
    |  |A               C  #        |(_)|        .    |  J     |       #    |
    |  |                __ #        |_|_|        .    |     _  |       #    |
    |  |               |[]|#                     .    |____|_|_|       #    |
    |  ####  B         |__|#                     ............     ######    |
    |     #     ###################################################         |
    |     #######                                                           |
    |                                                                       |
    Location                Purpose
    ---------               -------
    A: Entrance             Entrance to farm
    B: Shipping area        Place livestock here to sell it
    C: Shipping bin         Place crops/fruit/fish in here to sell them
    D: House                Live/sleep here (see additional map below)
    E: Wood shed            Wood storage; get additional fence pieces from here
    F: Horse stable         Horse stays here once found
    G: Cow barn             Houses your cows
    H: Grass silo           Stores fodder; sign shows current fodder count
    I: Chicken coop         Houses your chickens
    J: Tool shed            Stores your tools
    The town is where you buy items and socialize.  Most festivals are held here, 
    and your future wife lives here.  You will spend a decent amount of time at the 
    town, and it is important to be familiar with all the locations.
    |                                 TOWN MAP                               |
    |    ______________                +      + +   #                        |
    | ==/--------------\==          ___|___   +  +  #       ```````````      |
    | = |      E       | =         /       \    + + #       ```````````      |
    | = | /\   __   /\ | =    ### /   /\    \    +  ......                   |
    | = |    _|..|_    | =    #   | D __    |       #    .    _________      |
    | = |___|  ..  |___| =    #   |__|..|___|       #    .   /---------\     |
    | =        ..        =    #       ..         ####    .   | C  _    |     |
    | =========..=========    #       ..         ```#    .   |___|.|___|     |
    |          ..             ####### .. ############    .    ``` . ```      |
    |  ....................................................................  |
    |  .               ....          ....                                 .  |
    |  . |------------|....|--------|....|-------------|                  .  |
    |  . |                                             |     _____        .  |
    |  . |                    |~~|                     |    |   & |       .  |
    |  . |                    |~~|                     |    |     | B     .  |
    |  . |                    |~~|                     |    |_____|       ...A
    |  . |                                             |                  .  |
    |  .  -          F                                -                   .  |
    |  ...                   |````|                     ...................  |
    |  .  -                  |````|                   -    _________      .  |
    |  . |                                             |  /---------\     .  |
    |  . |                                             |  | K  _    |  ## .  |
    |  . |                                             |  |___| |___|  #  .  |
    |  . |                                             |               #  .  |
    |  . |                                             |################  .  |
    |  . |------------------|......|-------------------|                  .  |
    |  .                     ......                                       .  |
    |  ....................................................................  |
    |  .                                              ##################  .  |
    |  .   _________     _________     _________      #       _______  #  .  |
    |  .  /---------\   /---------\   /---------\     #      /-------\ #  .  |
    |  .  | G  _    |   | H  _    |   | I  _    |     #      | J _   | #  .  |
    |  .  |___|.|___|   |___|.|___|   |___|.|___|     #      |__|.|__| #  .  |
    |  .       .             .              .         ###-#######.######  .  |
    |  ....................................................................  |
    |                                                                        |
    Location                Purpose
    --------                -------
    A: Entrance             Entrance to town
    B: Peddler Mat          Peddler appears here on Sundays
    C: Flower Shop          Buy seeds and grass; Nina lives here
    D: Church               Services held Sundays
    E: Mayor's House        Mayor, his wife, and Maria live here
    F: Town Square          Festivals are held here; people socialize on Saturdays
    G: Bar                  Open at night; Eve works/lives here
    H: Restaurant           Sells cake; Ellen lives here
    I: Tool Shop            Sells tools; Ann lives here
    J: Livestock Dealer     Buy/sell cows and chickens; buy livestock items
    K: Fortuneteller        Receive advice on dating and marriage
    The mountain is the embodiment of nature.  It is meant to be a tranquil and 
    relaxing place.  You can pick fruit and catch fish from here for money.  You 
    can also chop wood for extra materials.  The most useful location is probably 
    the hot springs, which restore stamina each time you jump in.
    |                            MOUNTAIN MAP                             |
    |------------------------------------   ------------------------------|
    |                                     G  |                            |
    |     |________________                  |        &&&                 |
    |&                     |                 |       &&&&&     __ ______  |
    |&&                    |_________________|        &&&      ||/~~~~~~\ |
    |&       &&&                                             F |||~~~~~~| |
    |       &&&&&                                                \______/ |
    |        &&&                               ___________________________|
    |____________________________            #|           /\      #|~~~~|#|
    |                                        #|          /__\ C   #|~~~~|#|
    |                                        #|                 ####    ##|
    |          _                             #|                           |
    |    |____| |______________              #|                           |
    |&         E               |             #|                           |
    |&&                        |______________|       &&&                 |
    |&                                               &&&&&                |
    |_________________________                        &&&            &&&  |
    |      #|~~~|#            |#######                 B            &&&&& |
    |      #|~~~|#            |________                      &&&     &&&  |
    |&                                  @@                  &&&&&         |
    |&&       D                 ________@@_____________|     &&&         &|
    |&                         #                                        &&|
    |###########################   A                                     &|
    o----------------------------    -------------------------------------o
    Location                  Purpose
    --------                  -------
    A: Entrance               Entrance to Mountain
    B: Carpenters' House      Upgrades your house
    C: Fisherman and Pond     Catch fish
    D: Mysterious Spring      Revealed later in the game
    E: Mountain Cave          Collect cave herbs
    F: Hot Springs            Restores stamina
    G: Path to summit         Entrance to mountain summit
    Jack's house begins as one room but can be expanded.  This is where you save 
    the game and go to sleep at night.  There are numerous trinkets and irrelevant 
    items within, so only the useful ones are denoted above.
    |    |___| #  \====/ |   #|| ___ |
    |    | B   C         |____|||___||
    |    |                  D  |_____|
    |____|           o            E  |
    |             _____              |
    |            |     |             |
    |            |     |             |
    |            |_____|             |
    |-------|       o                |
    |-------|                        |
    |                                |
    |______________ A _______________|
    Item              Purpose
    ----              -------
    A: Entrance       Entrance to house
    B: Diary          Save game/activate sleep at night
    C: Calendar       Shows current date
    D: Log Book       Shows farm inventory (money, livestock, animals)
    E: Television     Shows the next day's weather
    Cows are kept in the barn.  Each cow has its own dedicated stall and feeding 
    bin.  Cows only eat from their specific trough, so make sure this is where you 
    place the food.  You can take cows outside, but it is strongly recommended that 
    you keep them here.
    |                                |
    |       ____ _      _ ____       |
    |    12     | |    | |     6     |
    |       ____|_|    |_|____       |
    |       ____ _      _ ____       |
    |    11     | |    | |     5     |
    |       ____|_|    |_|____       |
    |       ____ _      _ ____       |
    |    10     | |    | |     4     |
    |       ____|_|    |_|____     __|
    |                             /--|
    |                           D |__|
    |       ____ _      _ ____       |
    |     9     | |    | |     3     |
    |       ____|_|    |_|____       |
    |       ____ _      _ ____       |
    |     8     | |    | |     2     |
    |       ____|_|    |_|____       |
    |       ____ _      _ ____       |
    |     7     | |    | |     1     |
    |       ____|_|    |_|____       |
    |                                |
    | __                        _    |
    |/__\B                     | | C |
    ||__|__________ A _________|_|___|
    Item                   Purpose
    ----                   -------
    A: Entrance            Entrance to barn
    B: Shipping Bin        Place milk in here
    C: Pregnancy Stall     Pregnant cows rest here; has own feeding bin
    D: Fodder Chute        Take fodder out of here
    #1-12: Cow Stalls      Dedicated cow stalls; feed cows in the bins
    Chickens are kept in the chicken coop.  While you can take them outside, it is 
    strongly advised that you keep them in here.
    |  |                        |  |
    |  |           D            |  |
    |  ==========================  |
    |                              |
    |___                           |
    |---\                          |
    |___| C                        |
    |                              |
    |                              |
    | ___                       ___|
    |/___\ B                  E ___|
    ||___|_________ A _____________|
    Item                  Purpose
    ----                  -------
    A: Entrance           Entrance to coop
    B: Shipping Bin       Place eggs in here
    C: Fodder Chute       Take fodder out of here
    D: Feeding Bin        Place fodder here to feed chickens
    E: Egg Incubator      Place egg here to breed new chickens
    5.  T O O L S   &   I T E M S                                             HM15
    Understanding all of the tools and items is one of the most integral aspects of 
    Harvest Moon.  This includes everything from mastering the basic farming 
    equipment to acquiring special items and upgrades to understanding fruits and 
    produce.  Listed along with the description of each tool is the stamina usage.  
    This is the amount depleted each time the Y button is pressed while this tool 
    is equipped.  See the Farming section for more on stamina.
    This section is completely SPOILER FREE.  Nothing is revealed here that is not 
    also revealed in the instruction manual or game's introduction.  For the 
    information on how to obtain special items and upgrades, you will be referred 
    to the appropriate section of the appendix.
    Below is a list of basic tools in the game.  Almost all of these are stored and 
    equipped in the tool shed.
    HAMMER            The hammer is used to break rocks and remove broken fence
                      pieces around the ranch.  The hammer can destroy small
                      stones in a single blow but requires 6 hits without moving
                      to split a large boulder.  You begin the game with this tool
                      in your shed.
                      COST: Free
                      STAMINA USAGE: 2
    SICKLE            The sickle is used to cut a single square of fully grown
                      grass, which can then be used as fodder to feed the
                      livestock.  The sickle can also cut down crops and bushes
                      around the ranch.  You begin the game with this tool in your
                      COST: Free
                      STAMINA USAGE: 2
    AXE               The axe is used to chop up the large tree stumps on your
                      ranch and on the mountain.  Cutting those stumps produces
                      wood, which is added to your wood shed.  It takes 6 blows
                      without moving to cut up a stump.  You begin the game with
                      this tool in your shed.
                      COST: Free
                      STAMINA USAGE: 2
    HOE               The hoe is used to plow the land around your ranch, which
                      is required before crop or grass seeds can be planted.  The
                      hoe will plow a single square of land.  Keep in mind that if
                      you plow a square and would like to undo that, you may do so
                      by placing a fence piece over that square.  You begin the
                      game with this tool in your shed.
                      COST: Free
                      STAMINA USAGE: 2
    WATERING CAN      The watering can is used to water crops.  It must be filled
                      with water at a pond before it can be used (press Y button
                      to fill) and can hold enough liquid to water 20 crops before
                      needing to be refilled.
                      COST: Free
                      STAMINA USAGE: 2 (water and fill)
    GOLDEN HAMMER     The golden hammer is imbued with a special power and allows
                      you to destroy even the largest boulders in a single blow.
                      Unfortunately, by the time you obtain this tool, there are
                      probably no large boulders left to destroy.
                      COST: Found or 2000 G from Tool Shop
                      STAMINA USAGE: 4
    GOLDEN SICKLE     The golden sickle is an incredibly useful upgrade, allowing
                      you to cut 9 squares of grass in a 3x3 pattern with Jack in
                      the center.  This saves considerable time once you have a
                      lot of grass planted and need large amounts of feed for all
                      your livestock.
                      COST: Found or 2000 G from Tool Shop
                      STAMINA USAGE: 8
    GOLDEN AXE        This massive blade allows you to split wood stumps
                      in a single blow.  The golden axe is very useful for
                      collecting additional wood from the mountain, which is
                      required before you can fully upgrade your home.
                      COST: Found or 200 G (yes, two hundred) from Tool Shop
                      STAMINA USAGE: 8
    GOLDEN HOE        The golden hoe rips through the ground in front of its user,
                      allowing you to plow six squares (6x1) at once.  This is
                      very helpful if you are plowing long rows or entire fields,
                      but it can be annoying if you want to plow in tight area or
                      make specific patterns.  Overall, it's a worthwhile upgrade.
                      COST: Found or 2000 G from Tool Shop
                      STAMINA USAGE: 8
    SPRINKLER         The sprinkler is arguably the single best upgrade in the
                      game.  It allows you to water 9 squares at once (3x3 area)
                      AND it never needs to be filled up at a pond.  It should
                      save you a considerable amount of time during daily
                      chores.  The sprinkler works best with a parallel or extreme
                      "C" formation of crops (see Farming section for more).
                      COST: 2000 G from Tool Shop
                      STAMINA USAGE: 8
    CROP SEEDS        The flower shop sells seeds for different types of crops.
                      In the spring, you can purchase turnip and potato seeds.  In
                      the summer, tomato and corn seeds are for sale (see Farming
                      section for more on crops).  When used, Jack will throw the
                      seeds in the air and cover a 3x3 area of land around him,
                      assuming that the ground has been plowed.
                      COST: 200 for Turnips/Potatoes, 300 for Tomatoes/Corn
                      STAMINA USAGE: 1
    GRASS SEED        Grass seed is sold at the flower shop during the summer and
                      spring and is planted in a 3x3 area just as crop seeds are.
                      Once planted, grass grows on its own without watering and
                      can be cut after 9 days.  Cut grass will then regrow and can
                      be repeatedly cut every 9 days.  Grass grows in every season
                      except winter, but can only be planted in the spring or
                      summer.  Grass even survives the winter, so there is no need
                      to replant it in the spring.  Keep in mind that there is no
                      way for you to remove grass once planted, so carefully
                      choose a location that does not interfere with crop growth.
                      COST: 500 G
                      STAMINA USAGE: 1
    PAINT             Paint is used to coat your house in a soft, cream color.
                      Paint is not available until you have fully upgraded your
                      house, and has no use once the house is painted.
                      COST: 1500 G
                      STAMINA USAGE: 2
    COW BELL          The cow bell is used to summon and direct your cows.  To
                      most effectively use it, stand in a straight line facing
                      your cow.  The bell is given to you for free from the
                      livestock dealer when you purchase your first cow.
                      COST: Free
                      STAMINA USAGE: 1
    BRUSH             The brush is used to groom cows, which increases their
                      affection towards you by 3 points.  Cows with higher
                      affection levels produce larger types of milk, so brushing
                      them every day is very important to your cash flow.  See the
                      Livestock section for more on cows.
                      COST: 800 G
                      STAMINA USAGE: 1
    MILKER            The milker is used to get milk from your cows.  Simply walk
                      up the cow and press the Y button to milk it (make sure the
                      cow is not moving).  Keep in mind that only adult cows
                      produce milk (the ones you buy from the livestock dealer are
                      still calves).  Cows can only be milked once per day, and
                      will not produce milk if they are sick, crank, or pregnant.
                      COST: 1800 G
                      STAMINA USAGE: 0
    COW FEED          Cow feed is a substitute for fodder.  It provides 12
                      feedings.  Despite what the game says otherwise, there are
                      no downsides to using this feed versus grass feeding.
                      However, cow feed is an extremely expensive way to nourish
                      your cows.  Only buy it if you are stuck in the dead of
                      winter and have run out of fodder.
                      COST: 1000 G
                      STAMINA USAGE: 2
    CHICKEN FEED      Like cow feed, chicken feed is a substitute for fodder.  It
                      provides 12 feedings.  The chickens cannot tell the
                      difference between the two, so there is no adverse effect to
                      using it.  However, since chickens do not get sick or die if
                      unfed, it's probably best to just not feed them.  Save the
                      money for cow feed in a desperate situation.
                      COST: 300 G
                      STAMINA USAGE: 2
    MEDICINE          The medicine is used to treat sick or cranky cows.  While
                      it's probably a waste if the cow is cranky, you definitely
                      need to use this on a sick cow to prevent it from dying.
                      This item also has an odd bug when combined with the miracle
                      potion below.  It will immediately eliminate the pregnancy
                      period, so a cow will give birth the day after it is used.
                      COST: 1000 G
                      STAMINA USAGE: 1
    MIRACLE POTION    The miracle potion is used to make a cow pregnant.  Pregnant
                      cows balloon up and are placed in the stall at the bottom of
                      the barn.  Pregnancy normally lasts for 21 days, but it can
                      be sped up using the medicine bug above.  The miracle potion
                      will not work on a cow if there are already 12 in your barn
                      (it will just be wasted).  The miracle potion is also bugged
                      in that it will cure sickness and crankiness when used on a
                      cow.  Overall, this item is a waste of money.  When you
                      factor in the amount of time that is needed to produce an
                      adult cow, it is much more efficient to just buy them from
                      the livestock dealer.
                      COST: 4000 G
                      STAMINA USAGE: 1
    SADDLE BAGS       While not really an item in the same sense as the others
                      above, the saddle bags for your Horse become the single
                      greatest tool for increasing the money you can generate.
                      Once the horse is fully grown, the shipper will bring you
                      some saddle bags that serve as a mobile shipping bin.  This
                      completely eliminates the time needed to run back and forth
                      between the bin and allows you to grow crops anywhere on the
    There are several very rare items that remain shrouded in mystery.  Below is a 
    brief description of each.  More details on all of them are found in the 
    "Secret Items & Upgrades" section of the appendix. 
    CLOCK             The clock is a very useful item that tells you the time of
                      day whenever you press the Select button.
    SNOW GEM          Also referred to as the Seed of the Snow Flower, the snow
                      gem is a mysterious seed sold by the peddler at the Flower
                      Festival.  It needs to be planted on the mountain summit.
    MAGIC BEANS       This item is truly a mystery, both in regards to its use and
                      how to acquire it.  Like the snow gem, it also needs to be
                      planted at the summit.
    TURTLE SHELL      Little is known about this item, but it is rumored that the
                      shell protects from natural disasters.  Even so, it may just
                      be another ornament.
    MONEY TREE        Farmers have always dreamed of a magical tree that sprouts
                      from the ground and literally grows money.  Does such a tree
                      exist?  Unlikely, but you may have the chance to acquire
                      something called a "money tree" at some point.
    GOLDEN EGG        The golden egg is a mythical object that is said to exist
                      somewhere within the clouds.  No one in the game knows
                      anything about it, but it would most likely fetch an
                      extraordinary price if sold.
    Crops, produce, and fruits constitute the primary sources of income in the 
    game.  Crops are planted and harvested on your ranch, produce is collected from 
    your livestock, and fruits are picked from the mountain.
    CROPS             Crops are grown from seeds you plant on the ranch.  There
                      are four types of crops in this game: turnips, potatoes,
                      tomatoes, and corn.  Once the crop is ripe, it is ready to
                      be picked and sold.  You do so by lifting up the item and
                      putting it in the shipping bin.  Fully grown crops will stay
                      good indefinitely until picked and no longer need to be
                      watered.  Crops sell for varying amounts based on the type.
                      See the "Farming" section below for more.
    EGGS              Eggs are laid by the chickens in your coop.  Each chicken
                      will lay one egg per day so long as it is being fed
                      routinely.  Chickens will NOT lay eggs if left outside.
                      Eggs can be placed in the shipping bin in the bottom left
                      corner of the coop.  Unlike crops, eggs do not last
                      overnight, so you must sell eggs in the same day they are
                      laid to be paid for them.  The shipper pays 50 G per egg.
    MILK              Milk comes from the cows you raise in your barn.  Only adult
                      cows produce milk, and each cow can be milked once per day
                      providing it is not sick, cranky, or pregnant.  Milk comes
                      in three sizes: small, medium, and large.  Small milk sells
                      for 150 G, medium milk sells for 250 G, and large milk sells
                      for 350 G.  The type of milk the cow produces depends on its
                      affection score.  See the "Livestock" section for more on
                      cows and milk.
    POWER BERRY       Also called Berries of the Power Tree, Power Berries
                      resemble reddish apples and are hidden throughout the game.
                      Eating a Power Berry will increase Jack's maximum stamina by
                      10.  The garden at the top of the ranch displays the number
                      of Power Berries eaten (each flower represents a berry).
                      There are 10 Power Berries in the game, and you will need to
                      find them all to receive the best ending.
    FISH              Fish can be caught from the pond in the mountain during the
                      spring, summer, and fall seasons.  Speak with the fisherman,
                      then walk to the bench next to the pond.  Press the Y button
                      to cast the lure and eventually you will snag something when
                      the rod wiggles.  Press Y again to pull it up and you may
                      have a fish (otherwise, you will have junk).  The fish can
                      be eaten, given as a gift, or sold.  The shipper pays
                      300 G for a fish, so it is a great source of money early on.
    FRUITS            Fruits and other edibles grow on the mountain during the
                      various seasons.  Wild berries grow in the spring, tropical
                      fruit grows in the summer, mushrooms and poison mushrooms
                      grow in the fall, and cave herbs grow all year round.  These
                      items can be eaten, given as gifts, or sold to the shipper
                      for 150 G (wild grapes and mushrooms) or 200 G (all the
    FLOWERS           Flowers grow on the mountain and are sold from the flower
                      shop in the summer and spring for 300 G.  Flowers can be
                      given as gifts to the various girls in the game, and this is
                      their primary use.  They cannot be sold.  The ones you pick
                      from the mountain are identical to the ones in the flower
                      shop, so buying them is a waste of money.
    CAKE              Cake can be purchased from the restaurant for 500 G.  It can
                      be consumed to restore stamina (complete waste) or given as
                      a gift.  Given its price, the cake does not justify a
                      purchase in either case.  It cannot be resold if purchased,
                      so avoid buying this item.
    FULLMOON BERRY    The Fullmoon Berry is a special fruit that only grows for a
                      few days in the fall (day 10 to day 12) and is found on the
                      mountain summit.  You can pick one berry during each of the
                      days the flower is in bloom.  It makes a great gift but also
                      fetches 600 G from the shipper.
    PERFUME           Perfume is sold at the Flower Festival and is meant to be a
                      gift for one of the ladies in the town.  There are three
                      types of perfume –- violet, lilac, and rose –- and each color
                      appeals differently to the various girls.  Each sells for
                      1000 G.  The perfume is a BIG WASTE of money and should
                      never be purchased.  The effect on the girls' affection
                      towards you is minimal, so save the cash.
    There are several sources for obtaining new items in this game, and it will be 
    important to familiarize yourself with all of them.
    FLOWER SHOP       The flower shop sells crop seeds, grass seed, and flowers.
    TOOL SHOP         The tool shop will occasionally offer new tools, so you
                      should check in periodically.  This store will also sell any
                      of the golden tools if you miss them along the way.
    LIVESTOCK DEALER  The livestock dealer buys and sells chickens and cows.  He
                      also sells animal feed, cow medicine, and the miracle potion
                      for breeding cows.  He sells chickens for 1000 G and cows
                      for 5000 G. If you purchase a chicken, he leaves the bird
                      behind his shop.  If you purchase a cow, he delivers it to
                      your ranch.
    PEDDLER           The peddler appears in the town square on Sundays and
                      makes an appearance at certain festivals.  The peddler only
                      sells two items in the game: the Snow Gem (at the Flower
                      Festival) and the Blue Feather.  Information on how to
                      purchase the Blue Feather can be found by exploring the town
                      and speaking with the townspeople.
    HAWKER            The hawker is a wandering merchant who shows up at your farm
                      on occasion.  He will often try to barter with you, asking
                      to exchange one item for another, but he does sell one item
                      as well.  For more information on the hawker, see the
                      "Hawker" section of the appendix.
    FESTIVALS         At a few of the festivals, you are given the chance to buy
                      unique items like perfume and rice balls.  With the
                      exception of the Snow Gem sold by the peddler, all items for
                      sale at festivals are novelties and are generally a waste of
    There are only a few possible buyers for goods in this game, but it is 
    important to make the most of each.
    SHIPPER           The shipper is the main buyer of goods in this game.
                      He stops by the ranch each day at 5:00 and collects
                      any items you have placed in your main shipping bin,
                      either bin in the coop and barn, or horse's saddle bags.
                      Any money for these goods will be automatically added to
                      your account by the time you wake up the next day.  Place
                      anything you want to sell in these bins, including crops,
                      produce, and fruits picked from the mountain.  You will NOT
                      be paid for any goods placed in the shipping bin after 5:00,
                      so save those for the next day.  The shipper comes every day
                      of the week, including weekends.
    LIVESTOCK DEALER  The livestock dealer purchases your chickens and cows.  To
                      sell an animal, place it in or lead it to the corralled area
                      just to the left of the shipping bin, then visit the
                      livestock dealer and tell him you want to sell it.  He will
                      stop by your farm later in the day and pick it up.  The
                      livestock dealer pays 500 G for chickens and varying
                      prices for cows depending on the type of milk they produce --
                      5000 G for small milk, 8000 G for medium milk, 10,000 G for
                      large milk.  He will not purchase chicks, calves, sick cows,
                      cranky cows, or pregnant cows.  The livestock dealer is
                      closed on the weekends.
    PEDDLER           The peddler appears near the entrance to town on Sunday
                      unless it is raining or snowing.  He will purchase almost
                      any item that the shipper will and usually pays a higher
                      price.  To sell an item, place it on the table next to him.
                      DO NOT throw the item at him or it will be wasted.  A
                      complete list of the prices the shipper and peddler pay for
                      items can be found in the "Selling Prices" section of the
    6.  F A R M I N G                                                         HM16
    Farming is the engine that drives your financial fortunes during the first year 
    of the game.  This section details everything from clearing the land in 
    preparation for crops to advanced techniques for making the most money possible 
    in a season.
    Your farm starts with a small fence surrounding it.  You can move the fence by 
    pulling the pieces from the ground and reorganizing them.  New fence pieces are 
    obtained from the wood shed, but you need to first stock the shed with 
    materials by chopping stumps.  Chopping stumps produces six pieces of wood, and 
    you can chop the ones on the mountain for additional materials once your farm 
    is depleted.
    So what's the point of a fence?
    - Looks nice
    - Helps develop the ranch
    What are the downsides?
    - Fence breaks when it rains/snows and needs to be fixed
    - Broken fence pieces attract wild dogs and make cows cranky
    When it rains or snows, there is a chance that some pieces of the fence will 
    break.  You should always thoroughly inspect the day after a storm.  Broken 
    pieces can be removed with the hammer and then replaced.  If you have any 
    broken pieces, there is a chance wild dogs will come at night.  The dogs are 
    characterized by high pitched barking after you go to bed, and they will eat 
    any chickens you leave outside (you will find chicken feathers the next day).  
    The more broken pieces, the greater the chances that dogs will come.  Once you 
    exceed about 15 or so broken pieces, the dogs will come every night until the 
    fence is fixed.
    The interesting thing to note about a fence is that you do not need to have one 
    at all.  If you don't have a fence, the pieces can never break, meaning wild 
    dogs will never show up and cows will never become cranky when left outside.  
    There is no downside at all to not having a fence, despite what some sources 
    claim.  If you want to remove the starting fence, either throw the fence pieces 
    in a pond or walk off the screen while carrying them. 
    Similarly, a small corral or inner fence area will not protect chickens if wild 
    dogs show up, even if the chicken is safely enclosed from the rest of the 
    property.  The poor bird will still meet its maker if it is anywhere on the 
    farm when the dogs appear.
    Unlike other Harvest Moon games, stone fences (fences made from small stones) 
    are not practical in this game.  While they cannot break, they are a hassle to 
    navigate (you can't jump over them) and they hurt your development rate score 
    at the end of the game.  Stones are not a good alternative, so avoid using 
    The decision on whether or not to have a fence is up to you, but the main 
    rationale should be because you like the appearance.  Since most players keep 
    their fence, this guide will assume you choose to do the same.  However, going 
    fence-less is easier and probably wiser than keeping one.
    Before you can begin laying crops, you need to clear the ranch of the various 
    debris that litters it.  There are four types of debris and each is removed in 
    a different way:
      Type of Debris          Method of Removal
      --------------          -----------------
      Bush/Weeds              Pick up and throw or cut with sickle
      Small Stone             Throw in a pond or smash with hammer
      Large Rock              Break with hammer (hit 6 times without moving)
      Tree Stump              Chop with axe (chop 6 times without moving)
    You do not need to clear the entire ranch on the first day, but you should at 
    least clear a large area south of the shipping bin.  You should also do all the 
    clearing at night and leave the day for making money (from either crops or from 
    collecting fruit/fish from the mountain).
    Stamina is a hidden numerical value that measures your ability to use tools.  
    Each time a tool is used, your stamina decreases by a small amount.  Your 
    maximum stamina is 100 at the beginning of the game and increases by 10 for 
    each Power Berry you eat.  You can see the number of Power Berries eaten over 
    the course of the game by looking at the secret garden behind Jack's house.  
    Each flower represents one Power Berry.
    As you chop trees and smash boulders, you will notice Jack becoming physically 
    tired and eventually unable to work.  Below are the gestures Jack makes based 
    on his stamina:
                        Percent of
      Action            Max Stamina
      ------            -----------
      Pat Brow              50%
      Panting/Sweating      25%
      Stumble             12.5%
      Collapse               0%
    Once Jack collapses, he cannot use tools anymore until his stamina is 
    replenished.  Note that this does not include any actions involving the A-
    button, so Jack can still pull weeds and lift small stones at zero stamina.  To 
    replenish stamina, you need to either eat something (like wild fruit), jump in 
    the hot springs, or go to sleep.  Hot springs are the most efficient method.  
    You regain 24 stamina each time you jump in, so 5-6 dips will restore you to 
    maximum in the early parts of the game.  A complete listing of the effect that 
    various items and actions have on stamina can be found in the "Stamina Usage" 
    section of the appendix.
    Once the field is cleared of debris, you need to plow it before planting seeds. 
    Plow the field using the hoe from the tool shed.  As you plow the field, you 
    may dig up various items.  You can dig up one of each of these items per day:
      1. COIN (worth 10 G) or MONEY BAG (worth 50 G)
      2. MOLE: Resident pest.  Just ignore it.
      3. POWER BERRY: You can find up to two from random digging.
    Before you waste hours looking to get rich, keep in mind that you can only dig 
    up one money item per day (either the coin or money bag).  After you've found 
    either, do not waste time looking for more that day.
    Moles will scurry around when unearthed and will quickly re-burrow if left 
    alone.  You can pick up the mole and carry it around, but this has no practical 
    use.  If you have any cows outside, there is a small chance the cow will become 
    cranky the next day if you dig up a mole.  This is discussed more later but is 
    a relatively minor issue.
    You can also find a couple of Power Berries at random, and you should spend 
    time digging until you unearth them both.  These cannot both be found in the 
    same day.
    When you're ready to plant crops, it's important to keep different formations 
    in mind.  Crop and grass seeds are thrown down in a 3x3 pattern.  While you can 
    plant everything in a 3x3 pattern, you will actually end up wasting 
    considerably more time and resources than if you choose one of the other 
    The biggest drawback to the 3x3 pattern at the start of the game is that it 
    becomes impossible to water the center square once the crops start to grow.  
    This will result in crops growing to maturity on the outer eight squares while 
    the inner square stays unchanged.  You can water the square again once the 
    other crops have grown and are harvested, but then you are forfeiting the space 
    for growth of a new batch of crops.  The solution is to deliberately not plant 
    crops on one or more of those squares, and there are several ways to do this.  
    While it may seem wasteful to plant less than the maximum amount you can from 
    each seed bag, you will see in the next section why this is not the case.
    Below are five possible types of crop formations.  In each image, an "X" 
    represents a square that has been plowed while the others are unplowed.  If you 
    accidentally plow a square and wish to undo it, place a piece of fence over 
    that area.  It will turn the soil back to the regular, unplowed variety.
    3x3             X X X
    Formation       X X X
                    X X X
    Donut           X X X 
    Formation       X   X 
                    X X X 
    "C"             X X X     X X X     X X X     X   X
    Formation         X X     X X       X X X     X X X
                    X X X     X X X     X   X     X X X
    Extreme "C"     X X X     X X X     X X X     X   X
    Formation           X     X         X   X     X   X
                    X X X     X X X     X   X     X X X
    Parallel        X X X     X   X
    Formation                 X   X
                    X X X     X   X
    Once the land is plowed, it's time to plant the crops.  Regardless of type, all 
    crops need to be watered each day to grow.  After a few days, crops will begin 
    to sprout and will change appearance a few times before being ready for 
    harvest.  Crops will not die if you don't water them, but they will never grow 
    beyond their current stage either.  When a crop is ripe, approach it and press 
    the A-button to pick the vegetable.  It may be hard to tell when turnips and 
    potatoes are ripe, but you can see a picture if you watch the game's 
    introduction.  If, for some reason, you wish to remove a crop once it's 
    sprouted, you can use the sickle.
    To get paid for crops, they must be placed in the shipping bin before the 
    shipper arrives.  He shows up every day at 5pm, just before it gets completely 
    dark.  You are not paid for anything placed in the shipping bin after the 
    the crops for the next day.
    Different crops grow in different seasons, and there are certain 
    characteristics you should keep in mind.  In spring, you can grow turnips and 
    potatoes.  These crops can only be picked once, and you will need to replant 
    them after each harvest.  In summer, you can grow tomatoes and corn.  After a 
    long period before the first harvest, tomatoes and corn will regrow every three 
    days if you continue to water them.  This makes the overall profit margin on 
    summer crops a lot higher.
    Before delving into strategies, let's look more closely at the different crops.
    |         Category         |  TURNIP  |  POTATO  |  TOMATO  |   CORN   |
    | Season                   |  Spring  |  Spring  |  Summer  |  Summer  |
    | Cost per bag             |  200 G   |  200 G   |  300 G   |  300 G   |
    | Days to Grow             |    4     |    7     |    9     |    12    |
    | Days to Regrow           |   N/A    |   N/A    |    3     |    3     |
    | Revenue per Crop         |   60 G   |   80 G   |  100 G   |  120 G   |
    | Revenue per Bag          |  480 G   |  640 G   |  800 G   |  960 G   |
    | ("C" Formation)          |          |          |          |          |
    | Profit per Bag           |  280 G   |  440 G   |  500 G   |  660 G   |
    | ("C" Formation)          |          |          |          |          |
    | Revenue per Bag          |  360 G   |  480 G   |  600 G   |  720 G   |
    | (Parallel Formation)     |          |          |          |          |
    | Profit per Bag           |  160 G   |  280 G   |  300 G   |  420 G   |
    | (Parallel Formation)     |          |          |          |          |
    | Maximum Harvests         |   N/A    |   N/A    |    7     |    6     |
    | per season               |          |          |          |          |
    | Maximum Profit per       |   N/A    |   N/A    |  5600 G  |  5760 G  |
    | Season ("C" Form.)       |          |          |          |          |
    | Maximum Profit per       |   N/A    |   N/A    |  4200 G  |  4320 G  |
    | Season (Parallel Form.)  |          |          |          |          |
    If it's not overwhelmingly obvious, summer crops are much more profitable than 
    spring crops.  A single bag of potatoes can only produce a profit of 280 G, but 
    a bag of corn can yield 5760 G.  This analysis may make spring crops seem like 
    a waste, but you can still make a great deal of money if you plant enough.  
    Also, the game cushions the margin on the summer crops because hurricanes can 
    occur during that season.  As hurricanes can destroy up to 30% of your crops, 
    you need the extra margin to stay afloat.
    Below are some useful tips for maximizing your profits from growing crops.  The 
    most important strategy is to harvest as many crops as quickly as possible, and 
    these tips should allow you to do that.  When it comes to crops, the rule of 
    thumb is always the same: time = money.  Keep this in mind throughout the 
    harvest seasons.
    During the first year, the single most important strategy is to plant crops as 
    close to the shipping bin as possible.  I know the demo shows them just below 
    the tool shed, but do not do this.  The best way to maximize profits per day is 
    to minimize the time it takes to pick all your crops.  Even if you do not have 
    many crops, you can always use the extra time that day to pick fruit or catch 
    fish from the mountain for additional money.
    Building on the last strategy, it should start to become obvious why a "C" 
    formation works better in the first spring than a 3x3 formation.  If you use a 
    3x3 formation, the outer crops will all ripen before the center one.  Once you 
    pick those 8 outer crops, you will have a lone crop that requires another few 
    days to grow.  If this crop is near the shipping bin (which it should be), it 
    is now taking the place of other crops.  Using the C formation, all crops are 
    picked and replanted in the same day.  This saves time and allows you to make 
    more money.  In the summer of year 1, you may wish to use the extreme "C" 
    formation once you have the sprinkler.  This is less efficient monetarily, but 
    it allows you to water an entire patch of crops at once, saving significant 
    real-world time.  In the second and third years, you should be using the 
    parallel formation.  See the strategy on the horse below for more.
    It's possible to be harvesting 3-4 patches of crops each day by the middle of 
    the first spring.  Many gamers are surprised to hear this and wonder how it's 
    possible to earn enough money to afford so many bags of seed so early.  The key 
    is to pick fruit and catch fish from the mountain.  You can put fruit in the 
    shipping bin for 150 G and fish for 300 G.  In a typical day, you can probably 
    pick 2-3 pieces of fruit or catch 1-2 fish, allowing you to earn 300-600 G per 
    day.  This is enormous in helping you afford extra crops early.  During the 
    first week, you should take care of whatever business you have in town, then 
    spend the remainder of the day on the mountain.  Leave all chores until night 
    (clearing the ranch, planting/watering crops, etc.) where they can be done at 
    your leisure.
    The best way to build money early on is to make sure that you are harvesting 
    crops every day.  To do this, you need to plant crops every day.  It's best to 
    lay out your farm in advance and know where you will be planting and picking 
    crops on any given day.  This allows you to harvest methodically and to 
    accurately predict your future income.
    In the second and third year, the location of the crops becomes irrelevant as 
    the horse is a moveable shipping bin.  If you use the horse right, you can 
    manage a ranch that is 50% or more covered with crops.  The key is to keep the 
    horse as close to you as possible so that you minimize the walking distance.  
    You should never have to walk more than 2-3 squares to throw crops into the 
    horse's saddle bags.  The horse works most effectively when crops are planted 
    in the parallel formation, and you should use this layout exclusively in years 
    2 and 3.  Your crops should be in long rows or columns as shown below.  An "X" 
    denotes a planted crop and # is a piece of fence.  The fence acts to keep the 
    horse in place so it doesn't move up or down.
       E   D   C   B   A
    The letters, A through E, denote places where your horse will be positioned 
    when you harvest.  Leave the horse in those lettered spots and pick crops as 
    quickly as you can by throwing them at the horse.  The horse sometimes wanders, 
    but if he is stuck between two rows of crops (or the two fence pieces), he 
    won't stray very far.  You should alternate the direction you harvest in the 
    spring and summer to make sure the horse is pinned.  For example, in the 
    spring, you may wish to position the horse at location B while Jack starts 
    picking crops at location A.  You would then mount the horse and get off at 
    location C.  In the summer, it would be more effective to position to horse at 
    location A and start collecting crops moving away from that spot.  When you 
    reach location B, whistle by using the R-button to call the horse, then repeat. 
    The reason for this switch is because the crops disappear when picked in the 
    spring but stay in the summer, so you can use them to keep the horse from 
    straying in that season.  In both seasons, the key is to remain as close to the 
    horse as possible.  
    Finally, some sources say that you must throw crops onto the side of the horse 
    or it will "eat" them instead of store them.  This is untrue.  You can throw 
    crops right at the horse's face or rear and you will receive credit.  The 
    important thing to note is the saddle bags.  They should flare up when you 
    throw a crop at the horse.  Sometimes the horse will "freeze" in position for a 
    few seconds and the saddle bags will not inflate.  Although this is pretty 
    normal, you are not paid for crops when this happens.  If you notice it 
    happening more than once at a time, whistle for the horse or do something to 
    get him moving again.  This should fix the problem.
    Although it may seem odd, spring crops will grow and can be harvested in the 
    summer.  The one rub is that they must be planted during the spring.  One 
    strategy is to plant as many crops as you can on day 30 of the spring.  Since 
    summer crops take 9-12 days for a first harvest, the spring crops will still 
    allow you to generate crop revenue until the summer ones are ready.  If you 
    take this approach in year 1, make sure to reserve the space closest to the 
    shipping bin for summer crops.  Use the areas a bit further to the north or to 
    the sides for the spring ones.  Also, do not stock up on spring crops at the 
    expense of summer ones.  Make sure you have enough money saved to buy 12-15 
    bags of corn or tomato seeds within the first 3 days of summer (this costs 
    3600-4500 G).  Only use anything above this for additional spring crops.
    If you can't pick all the crops before the shipper arrives, just leave them 
    overnight.  Crops will last indefinitely until picked.  Once ripe, they do not 
    need to be watered either.  Also, if the shipper comes when you still have a 
    crop in your hand, do not throw it away or waste it by putting it in the 
    shipping bin.  Give the crop to your wife as a gift or take it to Eve at the 
    bar for some added affection points.
    Odd as it may seem, if you plant seeds while it's raining, you still need to 
    water them.  This is a bug in the game, but it's a bug you still need to factor 
    in as you play.  In the summer, you also need to water tomato and corn plants 
    on the days you pick the vegetables if it's raining.
    Grass is the main source of feed for your livestock.  Once grass grows long 
    enough, you can cut it with your sickle and store it in the feeding silo as 
    fodder.   The exact grass requirements for the animals are discussed in the 
    next section.
    Grass is planted the same way crops are, and should always be placed in a 3x3 
    formation.  From the initial planting, grass takes 9 days to grow to its 
    maximum height and will change colors a few times as it matures.  When fully 
    grown, grass is usually a deep, rich green (in the spring and summer) or dark 
    gold (in the fall).  It will take a while to identify, but you should get the 
    feel for the right color after a few cycles.  After being cut the first time, 
    grass will regrow every 9 days and can be cut repeatedly.
    Grass can only be planted in the spring and summer, but it will still grow in 
    the fall.  In the winter, the grass is covered by snow and does not grow.  
    Grass will survive the winter and does not need to be replanted in the 
    following spring.
    One of the biggest flaws in this game is that GRASS CANNOT BE REMOVED ONCE 
    PLANTED.  Because of this, it is vitally important to determine where you want 
    grass planted in advance.  In general, you should avoid having any grass in the 
    southern half of the farm, as this is where crops should be planted.  It's best 
    to either use the area east of the tool shed or north of your home, around the 
    secret garden.
    Grass can be destroyed by summer hurricanes, and a few patches will also be 
    killed at the end of each winter.  These will remain eyesores until replanted.
    7.  H O U S E   U P G R A D E S                                           HM17
    You can upgrade your house twice in the game.  In addition to looking nicer and 
    improving happiness, house upgrades are required for marriage and a family.  
    You upgrade your house by speaking to the carpenter in the mountain.  The 
    carpenter's house can be found just south of the fishing pond.  Upgrading your 
    house requires both money and wood, and the upgrades are completed 3 days after 
    the carpenters begin work (or 4 days after you pay them).  Here are the costs 
    of the upgrades:
      Upgrade                  Money          Wood
      -------                  -----          ----
      House Upgrade 1          5,000           250
      House Upgrade 2         10,000           500
    The first upgrade widens your house a little bit, but the changes are not 
    significant.  This renovation is required before you can get married.  The 
    second upgrade adds a new wing to your house where the beds are now placed.  
    You receive an additional bed and a baby cradle.  Outside, your house now 
    receives a porch.  This second upgrade is required before you can have 
    Once your house has been upgraded twice, you can paint it.  Paint will be for 
    sale at the tool shop as soon as the second addition is complete.  Paint 
    increases happiness and stops your wife from nagging, but is purely for 
    aesthetic value otherwise.
    To earn extra wood for the upgrades, you can chop the tree stumps on the 
    mountain.  Each time you exit and re-enter the screen, the stumps will reappear 
    and can be cut repeatedly.  It is recommended that you chop these trees at 
    Finally, when you first speak to the carpenters, one of them tells you that you 
    will receive a special gift if you upgrade your house before the end of the 
    first summer.  It is worth trying to meet this target to earn the reward.
    8.  L I V E S T O C K   &   A N I M A L S                                 HM18
    Animals play an integral role in Harvest Moon, both in terms of the money you 
    can generate and your overall happiness.  There is an extreme amount of 
    misinformation regarding livestock in the various FAQs and other sources for 
    this game, so hopefully this section will clear that up.
    This section discusses the grass requirements for livestock and gives detailed 
    information about chickens and cows, as well as an overview of the other 
    animals in the game.
    In order to buy animals from the Livestock Dealer, he demands that you have 
    enough grass to support them.  Specifically, you must have 16 squares of grass 
    for each animal, and this grass must be planted before the animal can be 
    purchased.  Each bag of grass seed can produce up to 9 squares of grass (3x3 
    area), so each animal requires just under 2 bags of planted grass.  When 
    calculating the required grass, the Livestock Dealer counts chicks and baby 
    cows as well, even though these animals do not yet require any fodder.  This is 
    the same number found by adding the chickens and cows total in the inventory 
    book inside your house.
    |EXAMPLE                                                                     |
    |You want to buy a cow.  You currently have 2 chickens and a baby chick on   |
    |the farm.  How much grass do you need to have before the Livestock Dealer   |
    |will sell one to you?  You need to have enough grass for the existing       |
    |animals (including the chicks) plus enough grass for the new animal.  This  |
    |totals four animals.  Each animal requires 16 squares of grass, so you need |
    |64 squares of grass, or roughly 8 bags worth.                               |
    There are no grass requirements for animals you breed yourself.  Keep this in 
    mind during the winter and fall if you want to increase the number of livestock 
    but don't have enough grass to buy from the dealer.  Another alternative in 
    that scenario would be to sell off all but one chicken to buy as many cows as 
    possible, since chickens are less profitable and easier to breed than cows.  
    Then, after the cows are bought, you can start breeding chickens again.
    Chickens are simple, low maintenance animals.  They provide a nice addition to 
    your income without requiring much care or time.  The main downside to chickens 
    early on is the grass requirement, but that should not discourage you from 
    raising them.
    STAGES:     Chickens begin as eggs, hatch as chicks, and grow into chickens.
    GROWTH:     An incubating egg takes 3 days to hatch into a chick.  A chick
                takes 7 days to grow into an adult.  Note that chickens bought
                from the Livestock Dealer are already adults.
    FEEDING:    Chickens require one piece of fodder per day.  To feed them, place
                the fodder in the trough at the back of the coop.  DO NOT throw
                the fodder at the chickens directly, as this does nothing.  You
                can use chicken feed as a substitute for fodder with no penalty
                (despite what the livestock dealer says).  Eggs and chicks do not
                require any food.
    HEALTH:     Chickens are very resilient.  They never get sick or die from
                starvation, so you can ignore a chicken for the entire game and it
                will be just fine.  The only threat to a chicken is wild dogs.  If
                you leave a chicken outside and the ranch has broken fence pieces,
                wild dogs will come at night and eat it.  THERE IS NO REASON TO
    PRODUCE:    Chickens will lay one egg each day if they were fed on the previous
                day.  If a feeding was missed on the previous day, chickens will
                not lay eggs again until they have been fed for 3 consecutive
                days.  Eggs will disappear in one day if not collected.
    MONEY       All eggs sell for 50 G if placed in the produce bin in the bottom
                left corner.  Chickens themselves can be sold for 500 G.
    BREEDING:   To grow your own chickens, simply place an egg in the incubator
                bin at the bottom right side of the coop.  The egg will grow and
                hatch into a chick on its own in 3 days.
    STRATEGY    There's not much to say about chickens.  Feed them every day and
                collect their eggs.  Early in the game, when you are still
                struggling financially and are starting to buy cows, chickens may
                be somewhat of a burden as they all require 16 squares of grass
                (including chicks).  Instead of spending a lot on more grass,
                simply sell off all but one of the adults.
                If you are running out of fodder during the winter, stop feeding
                chickens and save the fodder for cows.  The only downside is that
                the chicken will stop laying eggs until fed again for 3 days
                straight, but this is far cheaper than the problems associated
                with cows.
                If you are breeding chickens to sell for money, you may want to
                place the chicks in your house.  This way, you will know when they
                are fully grown and can save the trip to the coop.  It also clears
                up the coop a bit and prevents the extra birds from getting in
                your way.
    Unlike chickens, cows require a major investment of time and energy.  However, 
    the reward is worth it.  A full barn of cows producing large milk can generate 
    4200 G per day, every day of the year.  Raising cows is also essential to 
    Jack's happiness and your ending scores.
    STAGES:     Cows have a fairly prolonged life cycle.  The physical stages they
                can appear in are the following: baby, calf, adult, and pregnant.
                See the Summary table below for more specifics on each stage.
    GROWTH      Baby cows grow to calves in 14 days.  Calves grow to adults
                in 21 days.  When you buy a cow from the livestock dealer, it is
                in the calf stage.
    AFFECTION   Cows are sensitive creatures and have a hidden score that gauges
                their feelings for you called the affection score.  The cow's
                affection score is what determines the type of milk it produces.
                Unfortunately, there is no way to see the cow's score during the
                game.  The maximum affection score is 255.  The actions that
                change affection score are the following:
                Action                          Effect
                ------                          ------
                Talk to cow                       +1  (once per day)
                Brush cow                         +3  (once per day)
                Cow becomes pregnant             +10
                Feed Cow                           0
                Use Medicine on cow                0
                Cow gives birth                    0
                Cow misses feeding                -8  (cow may become sick)
                Cow is left in the rain/snow      -8  (cow may become sick)
                Cow becomes sick                 -20
                Cow becomes cranky               -30
    FEEDING     Cows require one piece of fodder per day.  The fodder must be
                placed in the feeding bin directly in front of the stall where the
                cow appears when you enter.  Cows will not eat food out of other
                bins, and this will count as a missed feeding.  Also, do not throw
                fodder at the cow directly, as this does nothing.  If you leave
                cows outside, they will eat the grass and not require additional
                feeding from you in all seasons except winter.  Note that you do
                NOT need to feed babies or calves.  They cannot get sick and
                there is no penalty to affection score from a missed feeding.
                Pregnant cows must still be fed.  While they cannot get sick,
                their affection score will still decrease each day they are not
    HEALTH      Cows are highly susceptible to illness and mood swings.  The two
                adverse states the cow can enter are "Sick" and "Cranky."
    SICK        Cows become sick from either missed feedings (in the barn)
                or being left outside in rain or snow.  The cow will not always
                get sick from these things, but the chances are about 50% that it
                will.  Note that no more than four cows can get sick in any given
                day.  A sick cow's face turns grey and the animal becomes
                sluggish.  You will also receive a message when speaking to the
                cow that it is sick.  While sick, cows do not produce milk.  You
                can cure sickness by using the medicine purchased at the
                livestock dealer.  If not cured, cows will die 6 days after
                becoming sick (DO NOT let this happen, as it is very expensive
                and destroys your happiness score).  Note that only adult cows
                can become sick.  Babies, calves, and pregnant cows are
    CRANKY      Cows can also become cranky under certain situations.  Cows in this
                condition will have slanted eyes and will appear generally angry
                and unresponsive.  Cranky cows do not produce milk.  There are
                three potential sources on crankiness in the game.  The first,
                which can happen in the barn or outside, occurs if you beat the
                animal with a tool.  The game stores the total number of times you
                hit each individual cow over the course of the game.  Once you have
                hit the cow 10 times, it will become cranky the next day.  This can
                occur repeatedly, so do not intentionally harm the cows.
                While outside, cows become cranky if there are broken fence pieces
                on the ranch or if they are on the ranch when you dig up a mole.
                In both cases, the crankiness will only occur if the cow is left
                outside overnight, so moving it indoors during the day will
                eliminate the problem.  In the case of broken fence pieces, either
                ALL cows will become cranky the next morning or none will.  The
                likelihood or crankiness is cumulative with each broken fence piece
                and appears to be around 1/8 per piece, although this is
                unconfirmed.  Crankiness from digging up the mole is much rarer,
                roughly a 1/16 chance.  The proximity of the cow to the mole is
                irrelevant, so even if the cow is well out of sight and on the
                other side of the ranch, crankiness can still occur.  Unlike with
                fence pieces, crankiness from mole sightings is calculated for each
                cow individually.
                Crankiness will typically wear off after 2 days, but you can
                remove the condition immediately by using the medicine.  Note
                that if you leave cows outside in poor conditions and do not
                improve them, the crankiness state will keep resetting each day.
                This means you lose 30 affection points and prolong the period
                that the cow will be unhappy.
    PRODUCE     Adult cows will produce one unit of milk each day.  The specific
                size of the milk depends on the cow's affection score.  Cows will
                not produce milk if sick or cranky.  You must purchase the milker
                from the tool shop to milk cows.  Note that cows still produce
                milk when left outside.
                Type of Milk           Affection Score
                ------------           ---------------
                Small                        0-95
                Medium                     96-191
                Large                     192-255
    MONEY       Different size milk and the cows that produce them sell for
                different amounts of money.
                Type of Milk                 Money
                ----                         -----
                Small                        150 G
                Medium                       250 G
                Large                        350 G
                Sell Cow                    Money
                --------                    -----
                Produces small milk         5000 G
                Produces medium milk        8000 G
                Produces large milk       10,000 G
    BREEDING    To breed cows, you need to buy the Miracle Potion from the
                livestock dealer for 4000 G.  Use the potion on the cow and it
                will become pregnant the next day.  Unlike subsequent games, cows
                can still become pregnant after they have been milked for the day.
                Pregnant cows balloon up and are moved to the special stall in the
                bottom right.  Use the bin by that special stall when feeding
                them.  Cows take 21 days to give birth after becoming pregnant,
                and you can see the number of days remaining by talking to the
                cow.  After being born, a baby cow will be placed in a free stall
                (you will need to name it) and the pregnant cow returns to normal.
                If you use the Medicine on a pregnant cow, it will reduce the
                pregnancy time to one day and the cow will give birth the next
                morning.  This is a bug, but it is useful to save time.  The
                Miracle Potion will also cure a cow of sickness or crankiness when
                used (in addition to making the cow pregnant).  This is also a bug,
                but it makes breeding cows more cost effective.
                You cannot impregnate a cow when you already have 12 cows in the
                barn.  Using the Miracle Potion on a cow in this case will just
                waste the item.
    SUMMARY     The table below summarizes much of the confusion from above with
                regards to the cows' conditions and requirements.
    |  Type of   | Need to | Type of | Can Get | Can Get  |                      |
    |    Cow     |  Feed?  |  Milk   |  Sick?  | Cranky?  |        Notes         |
    | Baby       |   No    |  None   |   No    |    No    | Born from pregnant   |
    |            |         |         |         |          | cow. Grows to calf   |
    |            |         |         |         |          | in 14 days.          |
    | Calf       |   No    |  None   |   No    |    No    | Type of cow bought   |
    |            |         |         |         |          | from livestock       |
    |            |         |         |         |          | dealer. Grows to     |
    |            |         |         |         |          | adult in 21 days.    |
    | Adult 1    |   Yes   |  Small  |   Yes   |   Yes    | Have an affection    |
    |            |         |         |         |          | score of 0-95        |
    | Adult 2    |   Yes   | Medium  |   Yes   |   Yes    | Have an affection    |
    |            |         |         |         |          | score of 96-191      |
    | Adult 3    |   Yes   |  Large  |   Yes   |   Yes    | Have an affection    |
    |            |         |         |         |          | score of 192-255     |
    | Pregnant   |   Yes   |  None   |   No    |    No    | Use Miracle Potion   |
    |            |         |         |         |          | on adult cow.  Gives |
    |            |         |         |         |          | birth after 21 days. |
    Note: All three adult cows look the same in the game.
    There are may tips and strategies that will help you more effectively raise 
    cows.  Keep the following in mind:
    If you remember only one tip you read, remember this one.  Do not leave cows 
    outside!  Unlike in later Harvest Moon games, there are no benefits to the 
    cows' happiness or affection from being outside.  However, there are 
    significant downsides.  The cows risk both sickness and crankiness from being 
    left outside, especially if it rains or snows.  Cows are also much harder to 
    milk since they move around, and milking them outdoors wastes valuable day 
    time.  Time stands still inside the barn and has a convenient shipping bin in 
    the corner, so that is a much better place to do it.
    Only adults and pregnant cows need to be fed.  Calves and babies can never get 
    sick, and their affection scores are not lowered by a lack of food.  Conserve 
    your time and fodder and don't feed them.
    Unless you just want to see what happens, do not waste time breeding cows.  
    When you factor in the pregnancy time and additional time as a baby, breeding 
    adds 35 days to the life cycle of the cows.  That's 35 fewer days of milk 
    production from the new cow.  You also lose milk production from the pregnant 
    cow for 21 days while it's pregnant.  The only benefit I have ever seen in 
    favor of pregnancy is that the baby cow will produce large milk when it reaches 
    adulthood.  This is true if you talk to and brush it every day, but this is 
    just a function of being able to raise the affection score while the cow is a 
    baby.  It does not get you large milk any sooner than you would from a 
    purchased cow.  It just trades days when the cow is usually producing small and 
    medium milk for no production at all.  Overall, you're at least 7000 G worse 
    off economically from breeding, and possibly a lot more depending on the milk 
    type of the pregnant cow.  Just spend the extra 1000 G and buy it.
    Brushing and talking to cows each day increases their affection score.  Bushing 
    adds 3 points and talking to them adds one point.  These actions only increase 
    the score once each day, so doing it more frequently is a waste. You can 
    eventually stop brushing and to them (see next point).
    Cows begin producing large milk at 192 affection, and there is no practical use 
    for a score higher than that.  However, your ranch master score at the end of 
    the game is calculated based on the affection rate of ALL cows (not just the 
    highest score), so you should raise them all to at least 200 to get the most 
    points.  To ensure this affection score, you need to brush and talk to cows for 
    two days after they start producing large milk.  Of course, if they get sick or 
    cranky, you will need to brush and talk to them again to restore the affection.
    As you will often experience, cows will start moving away from you when you 
    begin brushing them.  They may also enter a group and make it hard to tell who 
    is who.  This is where body language is useful.  If you brush or talk to a cow 
    for the first time, it will blink its eyes (semi-circles) and shake its tail.  
    If the cow starts walking away when you brush it but still makes these 
    gestures, the brushing counted and increased its affection score.  If you try 
    talking to or brushing the cow more than once per day, it will not make these 
    gestures.  This should signal that your actions are not improving its affection 
    If you have a lot of cows and find them moving around a lot, exit and re-enter 
    the barn. They will reappear in front of their stalls.
    Once you have around 8-9 cows, the game will noticeably slowdown inside the 
    barn.  There is really nothing you can do about this.  Leaving the cows outside 
    causes an even more extreme slow down.
    When you push a cow, it will start walking in that direction until it hits 
    something.  You can roughly guide them this way, but it is very annoying.  If 
    you need to move cows (say, to sell them), use the bell that the livestock 
    dealer gives you.  Stand in a straight line from the cow, use the bell, and the 
    cow will walk right to you.  To move the cow outside, lure it to the barn 
    entrance with the bell, then push it into the door.  Continue using the bell 
    outside to direct it.
    This is the one real exception to the "no animals outside" rule.  Pregnant cows 
    cannot get sick or cranky, so there is no downside to leaving them outdoors.  
    Since they are not producing milk anyway, leaving them outside simply 
    eliminates the need to feed them (note that this does not work in the winter).  
    You will need to move the cow back inside when it's time to give birth, so keep 
    track of the remaining days and move it inside when it's time.
    On the second day of the game, Ellen stops by and gives you her dog, Koro (you 
    may rename the dog if you would like).  The dog will then remain with you for 
    the duration of the game and generally stays in whatever area you leave it.  
    You do not need to feed Koro or put any other effort into taking care of him.  
    Unlike the cows, he does not have an affection score.
    There is a lot of incorrect information about Koro's purpose, both within the 
    game and from external sources.  For the most part, Koro has no use.  To dispel 
    some of the rumors, Koro does not bark or chase away wild dogs at night, he 
    does not increase your happiness, and he does not scare away moles.  You also 
    do not need to take him in when it rains, despite what your wife may suggest.  
    Koro has been reported to cause some glitches when left in a barn or coop with 
    a lot of livestock, so you should avoid placing him there.
    During the game, it does not matter where you leave Koro, so just put him some 
    place out of the way.  You can even bring him back to Ellen's house or leave 
    him on the mountain and it won't make a difference.  To move Koro quickly while 
    on the same screen, press the L-button and he will run after you.  This is a 
    lot faster than picking him up.
    With all that being said, there is one rumor regarding the dog that is true.  
    You do need to hug your dog 100 times to receive the best ending in the game.  
    This is a totally random requirement that is never hinted at during the game, 
    so I am mentioning it here to save you frustration.  Hugging your dog just 
    means picking him up once with the A-button, so you can actually fulfill this 
    requirement in a minute or two.
    You will find a baby horse (foal) on the first day you enter the crossroads in 
    the winter of year 1.  You will be prompted to choose a name.  The horse takes 
    refuge in the stall attached to the barn and does not need any feeding or other 
    After 21 days, the foal will grow to an adult.  When this happens, the tool 
    shop owner will stop by and give you saddle bags.  These allow the horse to 
    carry crops and other saleable goods, transforming it into a moveable shipping 
    bin.  You can also ride the horse by standing next to it and pressing the A-
    button.  The horse runs very quickly and is a great way to travel across the 
    ranch.  You can even jump over fences with the horse by pressing the B-button.
    Other than as a harvesting and transportation aid, the horse has no real 
    purpose.  It does not have an affection score, so you do not need to worry 
    about its treatment.
    The game features cameos from several other types of creatures.  Many of these 
    sightings increase Jack's happiness, but almost none of them have much use 
    beyond that.
    BIRDS       When you leave the house in the morning, you may see a small group
                of birds in the shipping area that quickly fly off.  These birds
                appear randomly and can show up in any season.  They increase your
                happiness by 2.
    WILD DOGS   Though never seen, wild dogs may enter your ranch at night if you
                have any broken fence pieces.  You will hear them barking after
                you go to sleep.  These dogs will eat your chickens if they are
                left outside.  Keep your fence repaired at all times to ward off
                these pests.
    MOLE        When plowing land on the farm, you may unearth a mole.  Moles can
                be picked up and carried around, but will quickly burrow back into
                the ground when dropped.  Moles have no real significance in the
                game.  They do not adversely affect crops, however, there is a
                small chance (roughly 1/16) that cows will become cranky if they
                are outside when you unearth mole.  They do have one "interesting"
                use if brought to the Harvest Festival –- they will be cooked in
                the stew and eaten by Jack!
    FISH        Fish can be caught in the small pond on the mountain by borrowing
                the fisherman's rod.  Catching a fish will raise your happiness
                by 2.  You can then do whatever you want with the fish (eat it,
                sell it, give it away, throw it back).
    FROGS       When cutting grass, you will occasionally see something jump/drift
                away.  It may be hard to tell, but this is a frog.  Seeing a frog
                will increase your happiness by 2.
    P-CHAN      This is Ellen's blue bird that she keeps caged in the back of the
                restaurant.  P-Chan is involved in a special scene with Ellen, but
                he has no direct role otherwise.
    SQUIRREL    In the spring, you can see squirrels in the southeast corner of
                the mountain, near the tree just below the carpenter's house.
                Regardless of how hard you try, you can never catch a squirrel.
                Seeing this creature boosts your happiness by 10, and you can spot
                one on each day that it is not raining.
    BUTTERFLIES Butterflies will appear on the mountain in the spring.  They are
                purely decorative.
    MONKEY      You will occasionally see a monkey in the hot springs on the
                mountain in the spring.  He is added for comedic effect and has
                no other purpose.  Ann even jokes about him later in the game.
    RABBIT      In the fall, you can spot a rabbit in the northwest corner of the
                mountain, right near the area where Nina hangs out on Sundays.
                Spotting the rabbit increases your happiness by 10.  There is also
                a special scene featuring the rabbit and the hunter that you may
                experience later in the game.  This is discussed in the
    FOX         You can find foxes on the mountain in the winter by walking around
                near the hot springs.  As with the other seasonal animals, fox
                sightings increase your happiness by 10.
    9.  S E A S O N S,   T I M E,   &   W E A T H E R                         HM19
    The following section describes how the different seasons, days of the week, 
    times of day, and weather factor into the game.  These are important to fully 
    understand when planning any strategy.
    There are four seasons in the game, each lasting 30 days.  There are a few 
    notable differences among the seasons.
    SPRING      During the spring, flowers are in bloom and everything is alive.
                The spring crops are turnips and potatoes.  On the mountain, you
                can pick Wild Grapes and sell them for money.  You can also spot
                squirrels and butterflies in this season.  The spring has two
                holidays: the New Years Festival (day 1) and the Flower Festival
                (day 23).  You do not celebrate the New Year's Festival in the
                first year.
    SUMMER      During the summer, heat sets in and everyone gripes.  The summer
                crops are tomatoes and corn.  On the mountain, you can pick
                tropical fruit and sell it for money.  There are no unique animals
                that appear in this season.  The summer is also hurricane season,
                and you can experience numerous disasters if you are really
                unlucky.  During year 1, your ranch will be hit by lightning
                one night, which will create a very loud noise.  There are no
                holidays this season.
    FALL        The fall is dramatically different from the previous two seasons.
                Everything starts to die and no crops can be grown, although grass
                can still be cut.  You can pick mushrooms and poison mushrooms
                from the mountain for money.  You can also spot rabbits in the top
                left corner of the mountain.  The fall has two holidays: the
                Harvest Festival (day 12) and the Egg Festival (day 20).
    WINTER      In the winter, the ground is covered with snow and nothing grows.
                You cannot plant crops or pick fruit from the mountain.  You can
                still collect cave herbs from the mountain cave for money, as is
                possible in every season.  You can also spot a red fox near the
                hot springs.  In year 1, an earthquake will occur sometime during
                the season.  The winter has two holidays: the Thanksgiving
                Festival (day 10) and the Star Night Festival (day 24).
    The days of the week are the same as the real world ones, and stores are closed 
    as one would expect on the weekends.
    WEEKDAYS    Weekdays are Monday through Friday.  During the week, stores are
                open and the people are either at their jobs or working somewhere
                around town.  The bar is open every night.  All holidays in the
                game occur during a weekday.
    SATURDAY    Saturday is the day of rest and relaxation.  Stores are closed and
                most people are unwinding somewhere in the town, public square, or
                mountain.  Saturday is also the traditional day for marriage
                proposals (except for Nina, whose day is Sunday).  The bar is open
                on Saturday night.  The shipper will still come in the evening.
    SUNDAY      Sunday is the day for worship.  Stores are closed and most
                townspeople will be in church.  Some of the less religious folks
                will still relax around town or in the mountain.  The Peddler also
                shows up on Sundays near the town entrance and will buy your
                goods for higher prices than the shipper.  The bar is closed on
                Sunday night.  The shipper will still come in the evening.
    Time plays an important role in the game, and most events will only occur at 
    certain times.  If you obtain the Clock, you can see the exact time by pressing 
    the Select button -– it will appear on the menu screen.  Without the clock, you 
    will need to rely on the changing color of the sky to determine the time.
    DAY         Daytime is when you should pick crops, collect produce, and
    (6AM-3PM)   take care of any business in town.  In general, going indoors
                during the day will stop the clock, although there are some
                exceptions (mountain cave and underground passage).  Some
                festivals start mid-day (3pm), and you must arrive at the town
                before that time if you wish to participate.
    EVENING     The evening sky is still slightly lit, but it signals the end to
    (3PM-5PM)   the day.  Stores will close, people will say they should be
                getting home, and the shipper arrives.  It is very important to
                make sure anything you wish to sell is in the shipping bin before
                5pm, as you will not be paid otherwise.  If you are married, your
                wife will serve you dinner at this time (she starts serving it at
                3pm).  This is also when the bar opens.
    NIGHT       Once the sky turns black, it is nighttime.  Night in this game is
    (6PM)       infinite, and it never gets any later than 6pm.  You can play the
                game for hours and the time will not advance.  You should use this
                to your advantage and take care of most chores at night
                (water/plant crops, cut grass, maintain the ranch, etc.).
                Remember, you are NOT paid for anything put in the shipping bin at
                night, so don't do it.  If you are married, your wife will go to
                bed at 6pm.
    Weather is determined randomly in the game for every day except holidays.  You 
    can find the next day's weather by watching the television in your house.
    SUNNY       Most days will be sunny. When the sun is out, people wander about
                the town and mountain and engage in usual daily activities.
                You can propose to a girl only when it is sunny, and certain
                other events will also occur only when it is nice out.
    RAIN        It rains in every season except for the winter.  During the rain,
                people avoid being outside and typically head indoors.  The
                mountain summit is also closed off in this weather.  You do not
                have to water your planted crops when it rains, and this can save
                you a lot of time once you have a significant amount of the farm
                covered (you still need to water any seeds you plant, however).
                For this reason, rain is usually a welcome occurrence in the
                spring and summer.  The downsides to rain are that it breaks your
                fence pieces, causes weeds to grow, and can make cows sick if left
    SNOW        Snow occurs in the winter and is effectively the same as rain.
                Unlike rain, there are really no advantages to snow, as no crops
                grow in the cold anyway.  Some of the townspeople will have
                different messages on the day before or day of a snow storm.
    HURRICANE   Hurricanes are vicious, destructive storms that occur during the
                summer.  Hurricanes are totally random, so you may survive the
                summer without experiencing any, or you may incur three, four, or
                more in extreme circumstances (the theoretical maximum is 10 in a
                single season).  Hurricanes can occur any day from day 2 to
                day 30.  During a hurricane, you are not allowed outside your
                house and cannot do anything on that day.  The hurricane will
                destroy large parts of your crops and grass, and there is no way
                to avoid this.  On the day before and after a hurricane, all the
                townspeople will have different messages talking about the
                storm.  To adequately prepare, make sure you watch TV every night
                before going to bed to know if a hurricane will occur the next
    10.  F E S T I V A L S                                                    HM1A
    The game has its own set of holidays that are observed each year.  You can view 
    a list of holidays by looking at the calendars in either the church or mayor's 
    house.  You are required to participate in the Star Night Festival and New 
    Year's Festivals, but all others are optional.  Still, it is recommended that 
    you partake in all the festivals, as many offer unique items or a boost to 
    happiness.  On the day before a holiday, the townspeople will usually have 
    special messages describing the upcoming festival.  Note that the holidays are 
    arranged so that they will always occur during a weekday in the course of the 
    During the New Year's festival, the townspeople gather on the mountain summit 
    at the first light and pray for a successful and productive new year.  You do 
    not celebrate this festival in year 1.
    The Flower Festival commemorates the blooming of the spring flowers.  The 
    festival begins at 3pm, so do all your daily chores before heading to town.  It 
    is held in the town square and attended by all the townspeople.  The festival 
    offers you a unique chance to buy the Snow Gem from the Peddler or perfumes 
    from the flower shop owner.  The latter are a complete waste of money, so do 
    not feel the need to buy them.  After speaking with all the townspeople, talk 
    to the mayor's wife and mayor on the left side to begin the dance.  You can 
    choose any of the town girls as your partner.
    The Harvest Festival is similar to the American Thanksgiving holiday.  The 
    townspeople get together and share food, celebrating the recent harvest.  This 
    is another optional festival, so complete any chores before heading to it at 
    3pm.  It is customary that you bring something to eat to this festival, and any 
    edible item will do (there is no penalty if you forget, however).  After 
    eating, speak with all the townspeople and finally to the mayor.  The festival 
    ends with a dance.
    The Egg Festival is similar to Easter, and the main event is the egg hunt.  You 
    will need to search around town to find different colored eggs to win the 
    contest.  The winner of the egg hunt receives a prize.  The egg hunt can be 
    quite challenging.  If you lose, simply reset and try again, as you need to win 
    the event in both years to receive the best ending.
    Despite the name, the Thanksgiving Festival is similar to Valentine's Day.  All 
    the women in town prepare cakes and give them to men they like.  Speak with all 
    the single girls in town that day.  You will receive a cake from any girl who 
    has more than 3 hearts in her diary.  Unlike other holidays, the day does not 
    end when you leave this festival.
    The Star Night Festival is supposed to be the night when the stars are most 
    beautiful in the sky.  All the townspeople celebrate in their own way, visiting 
    different locations and partaking in various traditions.  When the day begins, 
    you will be asked to choose one of five places to spend the night.  Each place 
    is where one of the town girls is spending the evening.  Talk to the girls the 
    day before to find out where they will be.  There is essentially no difference 
    in any location, although some are occupied by more people and have more 
    engaging dialog.  If you are married, be sure to visit the same location as 
    your wife.
    11.  R E L A T I O N S H I P S   &   M A R R I A G E                      HM1B
    There is a considerable amount of incomplete or outright bad information 
    available about how to impress girls and what needs to be done once married.  
    This section is intended to help clarify exactly how the relationship system 
    works and how you can minimize the hassles of pleasing your wife.  It also 
    details the exact requirements for having children.  While no plot elements are 
    revealed, some players may consider this level of detail to be a spoiler for 
    the game, as this information is not readily available in the manual or from 
    playing tips.  Keep this in mind before reading.  The companion section to this 
    one is the "Relationships & Affection Score" section of the appendix, and it 
    contains numerical values for the various effects on affection score.
    There are five single girls in the town with whom you can develop relationships 
    and marry.  It may be difficult to tell the girls apart at first, as they do 
    not use their first names very frequently, but the descriptions below should 
    Ann is red-haired girl who lives in the tool shop.  Ann loves working on 
    machines and creating new inventions, although she never seems to have much 
    success.  Her mother passed away and she is raised by her father, who often 
    wonders if Ann's hobbies will prevent her from finding a husband.  Ann is not a 
    very good cook, although she tries her best.  She is probably the most 
    tomboyish of any eligible girl.  Ann can be found inside the tool shop during 
    the week, in front of the tool shop on Saturday, and in church on Sunday.
    Ellen is the brown-haired girl who lives at the restaurant with her parents.  
    She visits the ranch on the second day and gives you the dog.  Ellen loves 
    animals and is often found hanging around the livestock dealer's shop, which is 
    owned by her uncle.  Ellen's father is the town drunk, and Ellen worries 
    relentlessly about him.  She is also an excellent baker, probably due to her 
    employment at the restaurant.  Despite her somewhat tomboyish appearance, Ellen 
    is one of the more feminine and domesticated girls in the game.  In case you're 
    curious, she does let her hair down after getting married.  Ellen can be found 
    in front of the livestock dealer's shop during the week, behind the shop on 
    Saturdays, and in church on Sundays.
    Eve is the blonde girl who wears a red cocktail dress and works at the bar.  
    She also lives in the back room there.  Eve is probably the most complex 
    character in the game.  No one knows what happened to her parents, but her 
    closest known relative is the hunter in the mountain.  Eve worries about him 
    frequently and is terrified of losing him.  This partly contributes to her 
    serious abandonment issues, which come out during scattered conversations in 
    the game.  While not clearly an alcoholic, Eve has a definite affinity for 
    alcoholic ("juice") drinks and even brews her own.  She is intended to be the 
    most physically attractive girl in the game and is definitely the most 
    outwardly flirtatious.  It is somewhat fitting that she also comes with the 
    same baggage you would expect in this type of girl.  She is constantly lonely 
    and extremely jealous.  When married, Eve is the hardest wife to keep happy 
    (more on this below).  She can found in the town square during the week 
    (although not in the early morning), at the bar during the night, near the hot 
    springs on Saturday, and skinny dipping in the hot springs on Sunday.
    Maria is the blue-haired, religious girl who spends most time inside or in 
    front of the church.  Maria's parents are the mayor and mayor's wife, and she 
    lives in the mayor's mansion.  She has the most stable family life of all the 
    characters, and is the typical goody two-shoes type.  She also likes children 
    and looks forward to having her own.  Outside of prayer, playing the organ, and 
    raising kids, Maria does not have many other well developed passions.  You can 
    find her in front of the church during the week and inside the church on the 
    Nina is the pink-haired girl who lives at the flower shop.  Nina loves flowers 
    and nature, but she hates when others disrupt it.  She is raised by her mother, 
    the flower shop owner, and it is implied that her father has passed away (her 
    mother can be found in the graveyard on Saturdays in the fall).  Nina seems 
    rather carefree and very in touch with the earth, although she is also somewhat 
    detached from the rest of the town.  Along with Eve, she is the only girl in 
    the game who is not religious.  Nina can be found outside the flower shop 
    during the week, inside the mountain cave on Saturdays, and in the top left 
    corner of the mountain on Sundays.
    The Fortuneteller is a pretty good source of advice on marriage and the girls 
    in the game.  The book in her house gives some useful basics on developing 
    relationships and marriage proposals, so it is advised that you read it.  If 
    you approach her enough times, she will eventually ask you which girl you like. 
    After choosing, she will give you a somewhat helpful overview of that girl and 
    her likes/dislikes.  Be cautioned that her information is not 100% accurate 
    with regard to the girls' preferences, so use the information in this guide 
    instead.  Still, the Fortuneteller offers more color on relationships than this 
    FAQ can, so consult her throughout the game and listen to what she says.
    Each of the single girls has a numerical score that represents her feelings 
    towards you called an affection score.  The affection score increases when you 
    have certain conversations with the girls, give them gifts, or engage them at 
    the festivals or other events.  You can get a rough idea for the affection 
    score by looking in the diary for each girl.  The diary will show a number of 
    hearts, which are graphical representations of affection score ranges.  
    Affection scores go from 0 to 999.
    Below is a list of how affection score translates into hearts in the girls' 
    diaries.  The ranges are not linear, so the gap between hearts occurs at 
    different scores.
          Hearts in         Affection
            Diary             Score
          ---------         ---------
              1                 0-49
              2               50-119
              3              120-199
              4              200-249
              5              250-299
              6              300-399
              7              400-499
              8              500-599
              9              600-799
             10              800-999
    Affection score affects each girl's actions and dialog with you in some 
    conversations and determines if she will marry you.  Your ranch master score at 
    the end of the game also takes the affection scores of each girl into account, 
    so it's best to raise this value for all five girls, regardless of whom you 
    Once a girl's affection score reaches 200 (or 4 hearts in the diary), you will 
    experience her special event.  This always entails someone stopping by your 
    ranch first thing in the morning and informing you of some issue or problem.  
    Aiding the girl during her special event will result in a 50 point boost to 
    affection score.  You will not receive these unique event scenes once you are 
    married, so try to experience them all before choosing a wife.  A description 
    of these events is in the appendix.
    It's possible to set a girl's affection score higher than 999 using cheat 
    codes.  When this happens, the diary just says "......Th-thank you."  Once the 
    cheat codes are removed, the girl's affection score will return to 999 as soon 
    as you do anything that would normally affect it.  It's never possible to see 
    this message without cheating, so it's an interesting touch added by the 
    There are three main ways to raise a girl's affection score:
      1. Have conversations where the girl asks you a question
      2. Give the girl a gift
      3. Engage the girl in certain events (like dancing at festivals)
    By far, the easiest way to raise a girl's affection is through conversation.  
    The conversations that raise your score are the ones where the girl asks you to 
    choose between two options.  Typically, the more flattering or affirmative 
    answer will increase the score the most, but even the second choice will still 
    have a positive effect.  The exact impact of these scores varies by situation, 
    so consult the appendix for a complete list.
    Whether or not a girl asks you a question depends on the season, day of the 
    week, and weather.  If, for example, you find that Maria will ask you a certain 
    question on a sunny Tuesday in the fall, she will ask this same question every 
    weekday that season.  You can exit and re-enter the screen repeatedly to keep 
    asking and answering the same question, earning points each time.  Keep in mind 
    that most girls have two messages they will say at any given point, so speak to 
    the girl repeatedly if you know she is supposed to ask you a question but 
    hasn't yet.
    The ideal scenario is to engage in these conversations with girls indoors.  
    When inside, time is stopped, allowing you max a girl's affection within a 
    single game day.  It is not possible to do this with all girls, however, so for 
    some you will be forced to have conversations outside.  Below is a list of the 
    times that an indoor conversation is possible.
      Girl        Season /Time                     Location
      ----        ------------                     --------
      Ann         Summer and Winter, weekdays      Tool shop
      Ann         All season, Sunday               Church
      Eve         Spring, all nights but Sunday    Bar
      Eve         Winter, all nights but Sunday*   Bar
      Maria       All seasons, Sunday              Church
    * Eve does not ask you a question, she just serves you juice.  You receive 2 
    points to affection score each time you talk to her and do not need to leave 
    the screen.  This does not work on snowy nights or nights before special 
    events, where her comments are different.
    The second best way to raise affection score is through gifts.  In general, you 
    pick up an item and throw it at the girl to give a gift.  She will usually 
    thank you or tell you she likes it, which boosts affection score.  It is 
    possible to give a gift that lowers affection score, and this is the case with 
    things like weeds and poison mushrooms.
    The impact of gifts varies by girl, as each has her own preferences.  A full 
    list of the effects of all items is contained in the appendix, but below are 
    the top affection-boosting items for each girl.
        Ann            Ellen          Eve            Maria          Nina
        ---            -----          ---            -----          ----
        Crops          Eggs           Flower         Eggs           Cake
        Cake           Milk           Cake           Milk           Flower
        Eggs           Crops          Eggs           Crops          Eggs
        Milk           Fruit          Milk           Fruit          Milk
        Fruit          Fish           Crops          Flower         Crops
        Fish           Flower         Fruit          Cake           Fruit
    The table above excludes perfume and the Fullmoon Berry, both of which are 
    available only at special times of the year.  Also, some sources claim that 
    Nina likes only flowers that are purchased from the flower shop and not from 
    the mountain.  This is false.  The game treats both flowers the same.
    The final way to boost affection score is through special events in the game.  
    These include things like dancing with the girl at festivals or joining her on 
    Star Night.
    To marry a girl, she needs to have an affection score of 256 or higher.  This 
    is just slightly more than 5 hearts in the diary (5 hearts = 250 affection 
    score).  You also need to have upgraded your house once.  If both of these 
    criteria are met, the Peddler in town will sell you the Blue Feather on 
    Sundays, assuming it is not raining/snowing.  The Blue Feather costs 1000 G and 
    is the game's equivalent of an engagement ring.  The feather is placed in the 
    tool shed and can be equipped like any other item.
    Before proposing, it is STRONGLY recommended that you get your wife's affection 
    score as high as possible, at least to 10 hearts in her diary.  It is much 
    easier to raise this score while you are single, and getting married with a 
    high score allows for some leeway to neglect her when wed.
    Girls will accept marriage proposals only on certain days.  The day is Saturday 
    for all girl except Nina, whose day is Sunday.  It must be sunny on the day you 
    wish to propose, otherwise the girl will not be in the right location and will 
    not accept.  If you try to propose on a different day, the girl will tell you 
    to ask her another time.  If you try to propose to a girl whose affection score 
    is too low, she will tell you it's "too soon" or something along those lines.
    When you wish to propose, the girls can be found in the following locations:
      Girl        Location                             Day
      ----        --------                             ---
      Ann         In front of tool shop                Saturday
      Ellen       Behind livestock dealer              Saturday
      Eve         Next to hot springs on mountain      Saturday
      Maria       Inside church                        Saturday
      Nina        Top left corner of mountain          Sunday
    To propose, walk up to a girl and press the Y-button.  This will display the 
    feather and the girl will accept the proposal if all the criteria are met.  The 
    game will then cut to a quick wedding at the church and the day will end.  
    Because of this, make sure you have completed any farm chores before proposing. 
    Record or make a mental note of your wedding day.  You will want to remember 
    your anniversary to receive a nice happiness boost later on (see "Happiness 
    Score" section in the appendix for more).
    Once you are married, your wife moves in with you and switches her attire to a 
    rather boring lavender dress.  Her hair color remains the same, however.  Your 
    wife has almost no practical use.  She never assists with farm work or does 
    anything else to make your life easier.  She will, however, feed you dinner at 
    night, which serves as a useful recovery source of stamina.  She will also give 
    you some common-sense type advice (e.g. the shop is closed on Sunday), in 
    addition to saying nonsense things (e.g. take the dog in during rain) and 
    nagging you repeatedly when she wants something (e.g. paint the house).  During 
    the day, the wife hangs out around the ranch and either does made up work 
    (folding clothes) or works on her hobby (brewing "juice" or working on 
    inventions).  It all depends on the girl, but it's all still trivial.  Your 
    wife is always asleep by 6pm at night.
    The goal of marriage is to keep your wife happy enough to have two children.  
    This is required for the best ending in the game.  There is probably more 
    incorrect information over this topic than anything else, so hopefully this 
    section will clarify things.
    Your wife's feelings towards you are still represented by an affection score, 
    and this score can still be viewed by looking at her diary (same location as it 
    used to be when she was single).  The following actions affect your wife's 
    affection score during marriage:
      Action                             Effect on Affection Score
      -----                              -------------------------
      Go to bed with wife                           +2*
      Go to bed before wife                          0
      Come home when wife is asleep**               -2
      Spend Star Night with someone else           -30
      Give gifts to wife                          Varies***
      Special events                              Varies
    *   For Eve, this is -2.  More on this below.
    **  This occurs each time you enter the house when she is asleep already.
    *** Effects of gifts change once you are married.  See appendix for more.
    Surprisingly, this is almost the entire list.  There are a few other special 
    occasions that are mentioned in the appendix, but everything of importance is 
    included above.  Now, below is a list of actions that do NOT affect your wife's 
    affection score, despite what you may read elsewhere:
      Action                             Effect on Affection Score
      -----                              -------------------------
      Talk to wife                                   0
      Talk to other girls                            0
      Give gifts to other girls                      0
      Dance with other girls                         0
      Hold or talk to your child                     0
    That's right, you almost never need to talk to your wife, you never need to 
    even touch your own children, and you can freely flirt with other women.  None 
    of this bothers your wife at all.  What a great life!
    Most guides stress the importance of going to bed each night with your wife.  
    Practically speaking, this is a huge waste of time and money.  It is nearly 
    impossible to make a decent amount of money in year 2 if you need to have all 
    your chores done by 6pm every night.
    The best strategy is to stay out as late as you want to do your chores.  This 
    will cause your wife's affection to drop by 2 points each day.  You should make 
    up for this loss by giving your wife a gift.  I recommend eggs, as they are 
    easy and don't cost you anything.  Simply swing by the house after taking care 
    of the cows/chickens and give your wife the gift.  An egg increases your wife's 
    affection score by either 4 or 5 points, so you more than offset any loss from 
    staying out late.  This is actually an excellent way to maximize her affection 
    As was noted above, going to bed with your wife typically increases affection 
    score by 2, but this is not the case with Eve.  Eve's affection score actually 
    DROPS by 2!  This could be due to Eve's issues of abandonment that the game 
    mentions, or it could be due to a bug.  Either way, it makes Eve the hardest 
    wife to keep happy.  Keep this in mind before getting married.
    If your wife's affection score plummets (below 200), she will leave you.  When 
    this happens, she approaches you first thing in the morning and says "I'm going 
    back to my parents' home."  This will lower your happiness score by 50.  Your 
    wife can then be found in whatever room her diary is in (for Eve, you need to 
    wait until night).  Simply visit your wife and talk to her to make up -– she 
    will move back with you and will not leave again.  Her affection score will 
    also increase by 100 when she returns, but this will still be far from an 
    acceptable level.  Your wife will never leave you permanently, so you can wait 
    many days and you will still make up the next time you visit her.
    If your relationship with your wife is strong enough, she will get pregnant and 
    eventually have a child.  You can tell if she's pregnant by talking to her.  
    She will let you know it happened and will ask you to think of a name for the 
    baby.  Children will grow slightly during the game (from baby up to walking 
    toddler), but they never grow enough to speak coherently or assist you in any 
    way.  You can have up to two children in the game, and the requirements for 
    your wife to get pregnant with both are slightly different.
      Child 1 Requirements
      - Both house upgrades
      - Married for 20 days
      - Wife's affection score is over 450
      Child 2 Requirements
      - First child is 31 days old
      - Wife's affection score is over 650
    When a child is born, the preacher and midwife come to your house and your wife 
    enters labor.  Talk to her and she will give you the option of staying with her 
    or leaving.  Leaving allows you to exit the house and complete that day's 
    chores, but staying with your wife increases her affection score by 50.  You 
    should still opt to leave, as animals will go hungry that day otherwise.  Once 
    born, you will be told the gender of the child and asked to name it.  Your wife 
    will always refer to the child as male when requesting a name, even if it is 
    female.  Either way, the gender of the child is not important.  The sprites for 
    both are the same, and the gender is not mentioned again after birth.
    Once your wife delivers the child, there is no additional work required on your 
    part.  You never need to speak to or pick up the kid.  Your wife does not care 
    and the children do not have individual affection scores, so there is no effect 
    at all.  Children will grow on their own following a specific life cycle, as 
    illustrated below.
               60 days             30 days                 30 days
    Wife is    ------->  Child is  ------->  Child crawls  ------->  Child walks
    Pregnant             born
    Clearly, pregnancy and child growth take a very long time.  It will take 80 
    days from the day you are married to have your first child under perfect 
    conditions, and 170 days to have a second child.  If you want to make sure you 
    have enough time for two children, you need to be married no later than the 
    first weekend of the spring in year 2 (day 5 or 6).  If you want to make sure 
    both children have grown enough to walk by the end of the game, you need to be 
    married by the first weekend in the summer of year 1.  This is incredibly hard 
    to do and has no real benefit.  You receive the exact same ending and score 
    whether your child is an infant or toddler at the end, so do not rush to get 
    married early for this purpose.  The thing that's important is that you have 
    two children.
    12.  T H E   D A I L Y   G R I N D                                        HM1C
    Below is a general list of the tasks you should perform each day, as well as 
    some common mistakes you should avoid.  The most useful section may be the list 
    of things that are irrelevant, as most other sources advise you to waste time 
    engaging in these tasks.  This list should help you prioritize your time and 
    optimize your daily routine.
    Every Day
    - Collect eggs and milk from livestock as soon as the day begins.
    - Feed all your animals after collecting produce.  Brush and talk to cows as
      well.  Remember, time does not pass in the barn.
    - Take care of any business in town once the produce is collected, including
      buying seeds or livestock.
    - Collect any crops.  If the day ends and you have not picked all the crops,
      save them for the next day.  They will survive until picked.
    - Collect fruit or fish from the mountain for extra money when not harvesting
      crops.  This is especially important in the first two seasons.
    - Build relationships with all the single girls in town in your free time.  It
      is best to do this during the fall and winter when you have some down time.
    - Maintain the ranch.  This includes fixing broken fence pieces and pulling up
    - Chop extra wood from the mountain at night.  You will need to save up until
      You have upgraded your house twice.
    - Before bed, check the weather for the next day.
    When Married
    - Give your wife a gift every other day or so to keep her affection score
      up.  Eggs make excellent gifts.
    Throughout the Game
    - Get married and have two children.  You should be married before the end of
      the first year to make sure you have enough time for both children.
    - Win the Egg Hunt in years 1 and 2.
    - Upgrade your house at least once before the end of the first summer.
    - Collect Power Berries at every chance you get.
    - Hug your dog 100 times before the end of the game.  This is not a rumor and
      is, in fact, needed for the best ending.  Other than this, the dog has no
      purpose in the game.
    - Plow the field, water the crops, cut the grass, or plant new seeds during
      the day.  Save these chores for the night time.  Daytime is when you should
      be making money.
    - Go to bed each night with your wife.  Yes, this is contrary to most other
      sources.  Going to bed without her does lower her affection score slightly,
      but you can easily make up for it with gifts.  Staying up late is essential
      to completing chores and making a lot of money.
    - Place anything in the shipping bin at night.  You will not be paid for it.
    - Keep the livestock outside.  There is no benefit to doing this and there are
      some serious downsides.  Keep them inside at all times.
    - Buy perfume at the Flower Festival.  It is a waste of money.
    - Buy more than one chicken.  After buying the first, breed the rest by
      incubating eggs.
    - Buy the Miracle Potion.  Unless you are rich and just want to see the
      effects, buy cows instead of breeding them.
    Despite what you may read otherwise, the following actions have no effect on 
    the game, positively or negatively.
    - Buy the Money Tree.
    - Plant the Magic Beans.  This is an interesting side event, but it is not
      Required or beneficial.
    - Use fence pieces on your ranch.  There is no negative effect or penalty from
      not having a fence.
    - Talk to or interact with your kids.  Surprisingly, you can ignore them with
      no penalty and are never rewarded for anything you do with them.
    - Talk to your wife.  Conversations (or lack thereof) do not affect her
      affection score once married.
    - Take your wife's advice or satisfy her requests.  She will frequently tell
      you to do things like "take the dog inside during the rain."  You can ignore
      everything she says without upsetting her.
    - Flirt with or build relationships with other women once married.  Your wife
      does not care if you talk to or even dance with other women.  The one
      exception is the Star Night festival –- she will get upset if you don't join
    - Pay any attention to your horse.  You can ignore the horse completely after
      you find it if you want.
    - Screw up any of the scenes required to get the golden tools.  There is no
      permanent penalty for this.  If you do mess them up, the golden tools will
      appear for sale at the tool shop.
                  F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S
    The following section contains answers to some of the more frequently asked 
    questions in the game.  If you're looking for a specific piece of information 
    or are strapped in a given area, the answer can likely be found here.
    1.  S T A R T I N G   O U T                                               HM21
    Q: I'm in town on the first day and the shipper won't let me leave.  What do
       I need to do?
    A: There are six people you are required to speak to on your first trip to
       town before you can exit.  They are:
       1. Flower Shop Owner.  You must go behind the counter to talk to her and
          you must collect the Watering Can.
       2. Livestock Dealer. Talk to him and collect the grass seed.
       3. Nina: Pink-haired girl in the back room of the flower shop.
       4. Maria. Blue-haired girl inside the church.
       5. Eve: Blonde girl in front of the bar in the southwest corner.
       6. Ann: Red-haired girl in front of the tool shop.
    Q: Some girl just gave me a dog.  What do I need to do with him?
    A: Give him a name and then move him some place where he is out of the way.
       The dog has no direct use in the game and does not require any care, so you
       can basically forget you ever received him. You can even leave him in town
       or on the mountain and nothing will happen.
    Q: Just began the game.  What exactly should I be doing?
    A: While it's still light out, you should be collecting wild fruit or fish
       from the mountain and placing it in the shipping bin for money.  The
       temptation is to begin clearing the farm right away, but save that for the
       nighttime.  You will have infinite time to clear it then.
    Q: How do I make money?
    A: At the very start of the game, your only source of money will be from
       collecting fruit and fish from the mountain and selling them.  Fruit sell
       for 150 G each and fish sell for 300 G each, so you can make a decent
       amount early on.  Put this money towards crops (focus on potatoes in
       year 1).  Once crops start to ripen, collect them for money in the morning
       and continue to collect fruit or fish with any remaining time before the
       shipper arrives.
    Q: It just got dark.  How long does the night last?
    A: Time stands still once it gets dark.  You are free to spend as long as you
       would like at night doing chores without any penalty.
    Q: What is the chicken statue at the crossroads?
    A: Very odd that a chicken statue would just be sitting there, right?  See if
       you can find a tool in your shed that will break it.  If you are lucky, you
       may be able to find an item inside.  Try breaking it repeatedly until you
       do uncover a reward.
    Q: How do I fish?
    A: Speak with the fisherman, who gives you the rod (although you can't see
       it).  Next, approach the bench to the right of him in front of the pond.
       Press the Y-button to cast the rod and Y to reel it back in.  Wait until
       the rod starts to shake before reeling it.  You will either pull up a fish
       or some junk from the bottom of the pond, and which one you receive is
       determined randomly.
    Q: What should I do during the day and what should I do at night?
    A: Daytime is for making money.  You should sell crops, harvest fruit or
       fish from the mountain, and take care of any purchases you need to make in
       town.  Nighttime is for chores.  Use that time to water and plant
       crops and clear the ranch.  If you get tired and run out of stamina, you
       can recharge by jumping in the hot springs on the mountain.  Jump in 5-6
       times and you should be fully restored.
    Q: What do Power Berries or "Berries from the Power Tree" do?
    A: Power Berries increase your maximum stamina, which is the energy needed to
       use tools.  Each berry increases your maximum stamina by 10 points (it
       starts at 100).
    Q: How do I get the Power Berry I can see in the mountain cave?
    A: Wait until a certain event occurs later in the game.  It is not accessible
       for a while.
    2.  R A N C H                                                             HM22
    Q: The ranch is covered with rocks, weeds, and tree stumps.  What do I do?
    A: You will need to use the tools to help you clear the land.  If you haven't
       done so already, watch the introduction to the game.  It shows how to clear
       everything.  In general, pick up bushes and discard them, pick up small
       stones and throw them into a pond, break large stones with the hammer,
       and chop tree stumps with the axe.
    Q: What are these things I dig up randomly when I plow the farm?
    A: You can dig up coins (small gold objects worth 10 G), money bags (white
       bags worth 50 G), moles, or Power Berries.  Moles do not do anything and
       can be ignored.  Note that you can only dig up one money item per day
       (coins or money bags), so do not waste time trying to find more.
    Q: What is the secret garden for?
    A: The garden shows the number of Power Berries (Berries of the Power Tree)
       you have eaten.  Each flower represents a consumed berry.  Each Power Berry
       eaten also increases your maximum stamina by 10 (you start with 100), so
       you can use the garden as a way to track this number.
    Q: I'm trying to fix up my farm and Jack keeps falling down when I try to use
       tools.  What should I do?
    A: This happens when Jack's stamina is depleted and he is too tired to work.
       When this occurs, you either need to go to sleep (restores all stamina),
       eat something (restores a little stamina), or jump in the hot springs
       (restores a good amount).  The hot springs is the quickest way.  Jump in
       5-6 times to completely restore your stamina at the beginning.
    Q: What are the barking dogs I hear at night?
    A: These are wild dogs that come to your farm.  They will eat any chickens if
       left outside and are a nuisance.  They only come when you have broken fence
       pieces, so inspect the ranch the day after hearing any to repair the fence.
    Q: How do I fix my fence?
    A: Use the hammer to destroy any broken pieces.  Plant new pieces by taking
       them from the wood shed.
    Q: Do I even need a fence on my ranch?
    A: No, you don't.  A fence actually has no benefits other than being
       decorative.  It does not keep away wild dogs or protect animals outside.
       In fact, a fence does just the opposite.  Wild dogs only come when pieces
       of the fence are broken.  If you have no fence at all, the pieces will
       never break and you will never hear the wild dogs.  Use a fence only if you
       like the way it looks.  To remove the starting fence, throw the pieces in a
       pond or carry them off the screen.
    Q: Sometimes I see birds in front of my house in the morning.  What do they
    A: Birds appear randomly on some mornings after you leave your house.  When
       you see them, they increase your happiness score by 2 points.  They have no
       purpose aside from this and do not signify any other event.  Sightings of
       most other animals also increase your happiness score.
    Q: I heard I can dig up Power Berries on the ranch.  Where are they?
    A: There are two Power Berries that can be found by plowing the ranch, but
       both cannot be found in the same day.  These berries are not "located"
       anywhere, meaning there is no predetermined location where they exist.
       They can appear on any square that can be plowed and are generated
       randomly.  Just keep plowing and you will eventually find them.
    3.  T O O L S                                                             HM23
    Q: I am trying to clear the farm but cannot get the hammer or axe to work.
       What am I doing wrong?
    A: The hammer and axe require 6 consecutive blows to destroy large rocks and
       stumps, respectively.  You cannot move or leave in between blows or the
       count resets.  Do not press the Directional Pad at all when swinging, as
       this interferes with the count as well.
    Q: I am using the hoe and plowed the wrong square accidentally.  How do I
       "unplow" or "unhoe" that spot?
    A: Throw a piece of fence on top of that square.  When you pick the piece up,
       the ground will return to unplowed soil.
    Q: How do I get the golden sickle?
    A: During the first summer, you will hear a loud noise at night.  Inspect the
       ranch and find the tree that was destroyed the next morning.  Head down the
       hole and talk to the gnome.  Tell him you do use the sickle and he will
       upgrade it the next day.
    Q: How do I get the golden axe?
    A: During the winter of the first year, you will hear an earthquake one night.
       The next day, equip the axe and head over the mountain.  The quake will
       have opened the area just north of the entrance.  Stand in front of the
       pond and use the axe.  This will cause the Goddess of the Spring to appear.
       Tell her the golden axe is not yours (tell the truth) and she will give it
       to you.
    Q: How do I get the golden hammer?
    A: Starting in the first winter, the carpenter will come to your farm on a
       sunny Saturday and ask to borrow the hammer.  You must have upgraded your
       house at least once for this to occur.  Let him and he will give you back
       the golden hammer the next morning.
    Q: How do I get the golden hoe?  I think I missed it.
    A: The golden hoe can be acquired in the fall of year 1 or year 2.  As early as
       day 2 of the season, you may find an injured gnome outside your house by the
       shipping bin.  Give him a mushroom from the mountain and he will upgrade
       your hoe the next morning.  In order for the gnome to appear, you must have
       upgraded your house once and have previously met the gnomes under the ranch.
    Q: I screwed up the event and missed [insert any golden tool here].  What do
       I do?
    A: If this happens, relax.  You are not permanently screwed.  Head over to the
       tool shop and that item will be for sale.
    Q: I bought the Snow Flower Seed (or Snow Gem) from the peddler.  How do I
       plant it?
    A: The Snow Gem needs to be planted on the mountain summit during the winter.
       The correct location is just below the cliff near the top of the screen.
       It does not need to be planted on day 1 or any day in particular, just
       during that season.
    Q: I have tried planting the Magic Beans but the beanstalk won't grow.  What
       am I doing wrong?
    A: First off, the beanstalk will only grow in the spring.  This is a critical
       piece of information that most sources omit.  Stand just below the top part
       where the cliff begins and plant the bean there.  It should sprout
       immediately if done right.  Exit and re-enter the screen for the stalk to
       grow to full size.  The day of the week is also unimportant, so plant it
       whenever you want.
    4.  C R O P S   &   G R A S S                                             HM24
    Q: I bought some seeds.  How do I grow crops?
    A: You need to plow the ground first by using the hoe.  Once plowed, use the
       seeds.  They will work on a 3x3 area.  Once planted, water crops every day.
       They will slowly start to grow and can eventually be harvested.
    Q: I grew a 3x3 area of crop and can't water the square in the middle now they
       have started to grow.  What do I do?
    A: Pretend the center crop never existed.  In general, you should avoid
       planting crops in a 3x3 formation, as this problem always occurs.  Leave
       one of the squares empty and plant in either a "donut" or "C" formation.
    Q: What do I do once the crops are fully grown?
    A: First off, make sure you are aware of what fully grown crops look like.  In
       the spring, especially, it can be hard to tell.  The introduction to the
       game is a good place to see this visually.  Once the crop is fully grown,
       pick it from the ground using the A-button and throw it in the shipping
       bin.  You will be paid the next day for these crops.
    Q: Should I grow turnips, potatoes, or both?
    A: In the first year, grow potatoes exclusively.  Even though they take
       slightly longer to grow, you will always make more money with this
       crop than with turnips.  During the first year, in general, it's better to
       stick with one type of crop in each season.
    Q: I picked one of the summer crops (tomatoes or corn) and the plant is still
       there.  How do these crops work?
    A: Unlike spring crops, summer ones will yield multiple harvests.  Just keep
       watering the plants after picking the vegetables and they will regrow crops
       within 3 days.
    Q: How do I remove grass I don't want?
    A: YOU CAN'T.  This is stressed here because it is vitally important to
       remember.  There is no way for you to deliberately remove grass once
       planted, so you need to do some advance planning before placing the grass
       seed.  In general, grass should be out of the way of where you will grow
       crops.  The best spots are the area north of your house or east of the tool
       shed.  Leave the entire southern portion of the farm grass-free.
    Q: Do I need to replant grass each spring?
    A: No.  Once grass is planted, it's permanent and never needs to be replanted.
       While grass does not grow during the winter, it returns to life and
       continues to grow in the spring.
    5.  L I V E S T O C K                                                     HM25
    Q: My chickens stopped laying eggs.  What's wrong?
    A: You missed a feeding or left the chicken outside.  When feedings are
       missed, chickens will not lay eggs again until fed for 3 consecutive days.
       If left outside, chickens do not lay eggs either, but they will lay eggs
       again on the next day you put them inside, provided they are fed.
    Q: How do I breed more chickens?
    A: Place a chicken egg in the incubator bin on the right side of the coop.  It
       will hatch into a chick in 3 days.
    Q: The livestock dealer won't sell me a cow.  He keeps saying I need more
       grass.  What do I do?
    A: Before you can buy a new animal, you must have enough grass to support all
       the existing animals AND the new animal.  You must have 16 planted squares
       of grass for each animal (roughly 2 bags worth).  The number of animals
       includes chicks and matches the number found by adding the chickens and
       cows total in the log book in your house.  The solutions to this problem
       are either to buy more grass or to sell some of your chickens.
    Q: I just bought a cow and it won't produce milk.  What am I doing wrong?
    A: The cows you buy from the livestock dealer are still calves and will not
       produce milk until they grow to adults in 21 days.
    Q: What is the brush for and why do I need to use it?
    A: The brush is used on cows, and its purpose is to increase their affection
       score.  Cows with higher affection scores produce larger types of milk,
       which in turn sell for more money.  Brushing a cow once per day increases
       its affection score by 3 points, and only the first brushing counts.  You
       should also talk to cows each day for an additional 1 affection point.
    Q: How do I get my cows to produce bigger size milk?
    A: By improving their affection score and avoiding anything that lowers this
       score.  In general, you should leave the cows inside and feed/brush/talk to
       them every day.  Eventually they will start producing medium and large
       sizes of milk.
    Q: Do I need to brush cows forever?
    A: No.  Practically speaking, you can stop brushing cows once they begin
       producing large milk.  If you want a higher score at the end of the game,
       it is recommended that you keep brushing and talking to them for another
       two days after they start producing large milk to get their score into
       the maximum range.  
    Q: I heard I can keep livestock outside.  Should I do this?
    A: ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Any source that claims otherwise is referring to another
       game in this series or is totally wrong.  There are no benefits to leaving
       animals outside but numerous downsides.  Chickens do not lay eggs and risk
       being eaten by wild dogs.  Cows take much longer to care for and can easily
       become cranky or sick if it rains/snows.  Avoid this hassle and leave the
       animals indoors.  The indoor approach also saves valuable time, which is
       stopped inside the barn.
    Q: I ran out of food.  Should I buy the cow and chicken feed from the
       livestock dealer?
    A: If it is the middle of the winter, you may have no choice but to buy the
       cow feed to avoid costly illness.  For chickens, never buy the chicken
       feed.  There is no permanent damage to chickens if they are not fed; they
       simply stop producing eggs in the interim.
    Q: My cows keep getting sick.  What is going on?
    A: Cows get sick either when left outside in the rain/snow or when left inside
       and not fed.  If the cow is in the barn, the reason was definitely a missed
       feeding.  When feeding cows, make sure to place the fodder in the feeding
       bin directly in front of the cow.  The cows will only eat from that bin;
       they will not go to others to eat.  Also, do not throw the fodder at the
       cow.  This does not count as a feeding either.  If cows do become sick,
       purchase the Medicine immediately.  The cow will die in 6 days if not
    Q: The cow has crossed eyes and the game says it is cranky.  What does this
    A: It means exactly that –- the cow is cranky.  Cranky cows have been annoyed
       by something and will not produce milk while they are cranky.  Cows become
       cranky either when you hit them with tools (10 times, cumulative over the
       course of the game) or when you leave them outside and the ranch is not
       maintained (broken fence pieces).  When a cow becomes cranky, its affection
       score also drops by 30 points.  Crankiness will normally wear off after 2
       days, assuming you remove the source of what is irritating the cow (that
       is, move the cow inside or fix the fence).  You can also use the Medicine
       to cure crankiness immediately.
    Q: How do I get the cow pregnant?
    A: By using the Miracle Potion, which is bought from the livestock dealer for
       4000 G.  Use it on any adult cow and the cow will become pregnant the next
       day.  Cows are pregnant for 21 days before giving birth.  There is a bug
       that lets you speed this up, however.  After using the Miracle Potion, use
       the Medicine.  This will cut the pregnancy time down to one day, and the
       cow will give birth the day after becoming pregnant.  Still, this process
       is incredibly time consuming.  It is always a better idea to just buy cows
       than to breed them.
    6.  F E S T I V A L S                                                     HM26
    Q: Do I need to buy the perfume at the Flower Festival?
    A: No.  In fact, buying the perfume is a waste of money.  The boost in
       affection score can easily be equaled by giving other, less expensive
       gifts, as well as through basic conversation.
    Q: I'm at the Flower Festival and the woman on the left side of the screen
       will not move.  What do I do?
    A: Talk to everyone at the festival.  This woman will move away once you have
       had a conversation with each person, excluding the mayor behind her.  If
       she won't move, you missed someone.
    Q: What should I bring to the Harvest Festival?
    A: If you spoke to the townspeople the day before, they mention that it is
       customary to bring some type of food to the festival.  You should bring
       either a fish or a Fullmoon Berry from the mountain summit.  Both of these
       will get you a nice reward.
    Q: How do I win the egg hunt at the Egg Festival?
    A: By finding three or more correct eggs before the livestock dealer.  This
       can be quite tricky given the time pressure.  As soon as the game starts,
       head north to the church and start opening the chests going clockwise.
       Between the church and the fortuneteller's shop, there are five total
       chests.  In most cases, you can find enough correct eggs from these chests
       to win the contest.  Just remember the location of a colored egg when you
       find one.  Run back to the town square as soon as the bell rings to find
       the color of the new egg.  If you lose the egg hunt, reset and try again.
       It is impossible to get the best ending in the game if you don't win in
       both years.
    Q: Some girls gave me cakes at the Thanksgiving Festival but some didn't.
       What happened?
    A: Any girl who has 3 or more hearts in her diary will give you a cake.  The
       cake increases your happiness score.
    Q: Where should I go during the Star Night Festival?
    A: If you are married, go wherever your wife is going.  She will be upset if
       you don't.  If you are single, it doesn't matter.  Talk to the single girls
       on day 23 and head to the location of whichever one you like the best.
    7.  R E L A T I O N S H I P S                                             HM27
    Q: How do I get a girl to like me?
    A: The main way is by having a conversation with her where she asks a
       question.  Answering a question always boosts affection score, and the more
       affirmative answer usually boosts the score more.  Girls do not always ask
       questions, and whether or not they do depends on the season and day of the
       week.  If a girl does ask a question, you can get numerous points by
       answering it repeatedly.  Just exit and re-enter the screen to talk to her
       again.  You can track a girl's affection for you by the number of hearts in
       her diary.  In addition to conversations, talking/dancing with girls at
       festivals and giving gifts (see below) also works, though not as well.
    Q: What are the best gifts to give a girl?
    A: The general answer is whatever is cheapest and easiest to give.  You should
       never spend money on gifts or waste considerable time retrieving them.  As
       for specifics, the effectiveness of gifts changes depending on where the
       girl is located, so the list is highly variable.
    Q: I have heard about "special events" for each girl.  How do I get them to
    A: They will occur on their own once you have 4 hearts in the girl's diary.
       Someone will always come to your farm in the morning to begin the event.
       Note that they will not occur with other girls if you are married.
    Q: I was told that Maria ran away, but I can't find her.  Where is she?
    A: Look for Maria in the carpenters' house on the mountain.
    Q: Ann came to my farm and told me she lost her weather-cock.  Where do I find
    A: Trying looking in the chicken coop.
    8.  M A R R I A G E   &   F A M I L Y                                     HM28
    Q: How do I propose to a girl?
    A: First, you need to have 5 hearts in her diary.  If you do, the peddler in
       town should sell the Blue Feather on Sunday if the weather is nice.  Buy
       the feather and use it to propose to the girls.  The proposal day for all
       girls except Nina is Saturday; Nina's proposal day is Sunday.  It must be
       sunny when you make the proposal.
    Q: How come I can't get married?
    A: Assuming you already have the Blue Feather, either the girl's affection
       score is too low or you are proposing at the wrong time.  Make sure she has
       5 hearts in her diary.  If she does, wait until Saturday to propose (or
       Sunday for Nina).  The weather must be sunny or the girl will not accept.
    Q: Which girl is easiest to marry?
    A: This is a bad question that seems to have become popularized by several
       other guides.  There is no such thing as "easy" or "hard."  All girls
       involve the same exact process for increasing affection score: repeated
       conversations.  Ann, Maria, and Eve all have times where you can talk to
       them when inside, which is useful since it stops the clock.  However, the
       real-time requirement is the same for all girls.  Just target the one whose
       personality you like.
    Q: When should I get married?
    A: The best time is in either the fall or winter of year 1.  This allows more
       than enough time to have two children before the game ends.
    Q: What do I need to do once married?
    A: There is a lot of bad information regarding what to do when married.  Other
       than gift giving, the only daily actions that affect your wife's affection
       are going to bed with her and coming home after she is asleep.  Going to
       bed together increases the affection score of all girls except Eve by 2
       points.  For Eve, it lowers her score by 2 points.  Coming home after your
       wife is asleep will lower the affection score of all girls by 2 points.
       With this in mind, you can balance out coming home late by giving your wife
       gifts.  A single egg every other day is all that's needed to keep her
    Q: Can my wife leave me?
    A: Yes.  If her affection score drops below 200 (3 hearts or less in diary),
       she will leave if she is not pregnant and you do not have children.  You
       can always win her back by simply visiting her in her old bedroom (wherever
       her diary is kept).  She will never leave a second time.
    Q: How do I have children?
    A: First, you must be married and have upgraded your house twice.  Second,
       your wife's affection score needs to be above 450 (between 7 and 8 hearts).
       If both these criteria are met, she will get pregnant once you have been
       married for 20 days.  For a second child, your first child must be 31 days
       old and the wife's affection score must be 650 or higher (between 9 and 10
       hearts in diary).
    Q: What do I need to do with the children once they're born?
    A: Nothing at all.  The way you treat your kids has no effect on anything in
       this game.  You can ignore them entirely if you want.
                                 W A L K T H R O U G H
    The following walkthrough takes you through the game from start to finish and 
    explains how to play a "100%" game and get everything you can as soon as you 
    can.  Please keep in mind that Harvest Moon is an open-ended, non-linear game, 
    so there are dozens of ways you can choose to play.  Do not feel pigeonholed by 
    anything you read here.  This is just one way to approach the game, and the 
    choice is up to you.  Take whatever usefulness you can from this text and apply 
    it to your individual playing style.
    1.  S P R I N G   –   Y E A R   1                                         HM31
    Before starting a new game, you see a brief introduction featuring your 
    character and his parents.  They are leaving him for two and half years and it 
    is up to him (you) to cultivate the farm and become a responsible adult.  While 
    you can technically do whatever you want, you are scored by how well you 
    maintain the farm, take care of animals, foster relationships with women, and 
    earn money.  This guide will instruct on how to do well in all those 
    categories, but keep in mind that you are still free to play in any manner you 
    Here are some basic goals to keep in mind for the first season:
    - Clear the entire farm of rocks, stumps, and bushes
    - Plow the field and grow potatoes
    - When not harvesting crops, visit the mountain and collect fruit or fish
    - Buy a chicken
    - Plant at least 4 patches of grass
                                 DAY 1 - INTRODUCTIONS
    It is the first day of spring.  As soon as the game begins, you walk outside 
    your cabin and are greeted by the friendly shipper.  He prompts you to enter a 
    name for yourself and explains that he will pick up items you leave in the 
    shipping box each night.  He then escorts you to town, before you have any 
    chance to explore the ranch.
    Once in town, the shipper prompts you to speak with the townspeople before you 
    leave.  In fact, he blocks the exit, so you have no choice in the matter.  It 
    is important that you become familiar with the town, as this is where you buy 
    seeds, livestock, and tools, as well as where you meet a girlfriend and 
    participate in many festivals.  You can also sell items to the peddler (Sundays 
    only) and receive tips on farming, dating, and raising livestock.  All of these 
    things are described below.
    You should speak with everyone before leaving, although you are only required 
    to talk to six people before the shipper lets you go back to the farm (those 
    people below).  Keep in mind that many people will give you a new message if 
    you speak to them a second time.  This occurs throughout the game and is 
    important to keep in mind.
    Spend some time exploring the following key areas:
    - PEDDLER: Just left of the entrance is a ragged old man sitting on a mat.  He
      appears once a week and will buy (or sell) items.  More on him later in the
    - FLOWER SHOP: This shop is directly north of the peddler and has four flowers
      in front of it.  This is where you buy seeds for crops and grass, and you
      will be visiting here frequently during the game.  There is also a useful
      note on the counter explaining how crops work (which you should read).  The
      room in the back belongs to Nina, one of the single town girls.  Her diary
      is kept on the desk between the two beds (more on the girls below).
    - CHURCH: Left of the Flower Shop is the church.  The church holds weekly
      masses on Sunday and is a good place to speak to townspeople.  During this
      visit, the priest is in the front near the garden.  Inside is Maria, one of
      the single girls in town.
    - MAYOR'S HOUSE: the mayor's house is the large mansion to the left of the
      church.  It is occupied by the mayor's wife and, occasionally, Maria. 
      Maria's bedroom and diary are in the back.
    - TOWN SQUARE: The town square is the large open area below the church and
      mayor's mansion.  This is usually where festivals are held, but the square
      is pretty uneventful otherwise.
    - BAR: Below the town square in the bottom left corner is the bar.  The bar is
      closed during the day and opens at night.  Several of the townspeople are
      regulars.  Eve, who is one of the single girls in town, works here.  Eve
      will be standing in front of the bar during this visit and tells you that
      it's closed.
    - RESTAURANT: Found to the right of the bar.  The restaurant sells cakes.
      Ellen lives in the bedroom at the back of the restaurant along with her pet
      bird, P-Chan.  Her diary is on the left side of the room.
    - TOOL SHOP: The tool shop is found to the right of the restaurant.
      Occasionally, you will be able to buy new tools here.  One of the single
      girls in town, Ann, lives in the bedroom in the back.  Her diary is there as
      well.  During this visit, Ann is outside in front of the store and will
      introduce herself when you speak to her.
    - LIVESTOCK DEALER: To the right of the Tool Shop in the far right corner of
      the screen is the Livestock Dealer.  
    - FORTUNE TELLER: The fortune teller gives you some basic insight into what to
      do next, but her primary purpose is instructing on the ways of love and
      relationships.  The book on her table has tips and guidelines for courting
      and marrying a girl.  You don't really need to focus on this yet.
    If you have played the game before or just want to cut to the chase, there are 
    only six people you need to speak with before the shipper allows you to leave.  
    These include two people who give you items and four of the single girls:
      1. Flower Shop Owner.  You must go behind the counter to talk to her and you
         must collect the Watering Can.
      2. Livestock Dealer. Talk to him and collect the grass seed.
      3. Nina: Pink-haired girl in the back room of the flower shop.
      4. Maria. Blue-haired girl inside the church.
      5. Eve: Blonde girl in front of the bar in the southwest corner.
      6. Ann: Redheaded girl in front of the tool shop.
    Once you're ready to leave, return to the shipper near the entrance and tell 
    him.  He drives you back to farm and you go right to sleep.
                                DAY 2 – GETTING STARTED
    The second day is where the farm life begins.  You now have the freedom to 
    explore all areas of the game, clear your farm, and begin cultivating crops.  
    There is a pretty steep learning curve at this point, so do not feel pressured 
    to do everything this walkthrough suggests.  Take the time to get familiar with 
    the game and comfortable with all the different elements of daily life.
    The first and most important lesson is about how to prioritize your day.  There 
    are some tasks that you definitely want to accomplish while it's daytime, 
    whereas others can be left until night.  Nighttime in this game is infinite, 
    and you can stay awake as long as you want with no penalty.
    Below is a table showing the tasks you should focus on during the different 
    parts of the day:
    |             DAY TIME               |               NIGHT TIME              |
    |  - Harvest any crops or produce    |  - Plant crops                        |
    |    and place them in the bin       |  - Water crops                        |
    |  - Purchase seeds and other goods  |  - Clear the farm of bushes, rocks,   |
    |    in town                         |    and stumps                         |
    |  - Collect fruit from the mountain |  - Move fences and maintain farm      |
    |    and place it in the bin for     |  - Chop wood on the mountain          |
    |    money                           |  - Cut grass                          |
    |  - Fish at the mountain            |  - Feed and groom animals (this can   |
    |  - Visit the peddler (Sunday)      |    also be done during the day since  |
    |  - Talk to any people in town or   |    time stops in the barn)            |
    |    at the mountain                 |  - Visit the bar in town              |
    The time-sensitive items during the day are harvesting crops and produce, 
    buying items from town, and collecting fruit from the mountain.  Remember, 
    anything placed in the shipping bin at night will rot, and you will not receive 
    payment.  This is why it is essential to place any for-sale items in there 
    before the shipper arrives.
    Most of your farm chores can be completed at night, and doing them then is the 
    best way to optimize productivity and profit.  The most important thing to 
    remember during the night is that you can recover stamina from the springs at 
    the top of the mountain.  Each time you take a dip, you recover 24 stamina (out 
    of 100 maximum at the start).  Five quick jumps and your stamina is completely 
    recovered.  It is actually possible to clear the entire farm by the end of day 
    Before getting started on the farm, let's take care of a few things.
    As soon as you leave the house on Day 2, you are greeted by Ellen, one of the 
    single girls from town, and her dog, Koro.  Ellen needs to find a new home for 
    the pooch and kindly dumps him on you.  You are given the choice of renaming 
    the dog if you want.  Once Ellen departs, the dog is yours.  He is pretty 
    useless save for a couple of events described later.  For now, move him some 
    place where he is out of the way.  The dog does not need to be taken inside, 
    fed, or cared for in any way.
    Your first stop on Day 2 should be the flower shop in town.  You'll want to 
    purchase seeds so you can begin farming as soon as possible.  You only have 
    enough money for one bag, and I recommend buying the potato seeds on this day 
    (more on seed purchasing later).  While in the store, be sure to read the book 
    on the counter near the shop owner.  It describes the different types of crops 
    and is quite useful.
    On the way back from town, stop by the mountain.  The people will introduce 
    themselves the first time you visit.  The local inhabitants include a couple of 
    carpenters, a hunter, and a fisherman.  Exit and re-enter the screen for the 
    normal messages.
    The most useful person at this time is the fisherman, found near the pond on 
    the southeast side of the screen.  He will allow you to fish whenever he is 
    around.  Fish can earn you a good deal of money if sold.  Leave them in the bin 
    with the crops for 300 G, or, on Sundays, bring them to the Peddler in town for 
    the same price.  Never eat the fish, as this is a waste.
    To fish, speak to the fisherman and approach the bench on the left side of the 
    pond.  Press Y to cast the fishing line.  When you see the line shake, press Y 
    again to reel in the catch.  You will find either an old boot, a tin can, or a 
    fish.  You will need to have some patience when fishing.  It is possible to go 
    an entire day without catching anything, so some luck is involved.  One trick 
    is to pull in the reel after about 5 seconds and recast if nothing has bitten 
    yet.  This can speed up the rate at which you find things.
    After catching the first fish of the day, you can throw it back into the pond 
    to receive a POWER BERRY from the Water Imp.  You can only receive the berry 
    during the day and only if you throw back the first catch of the day.  Despite 
    what some sources say, you do not have the throw back the very first fish you 
    catch, just the first one you catch on that particular day.
    The POWER BERRY adds 10 to your maximum stamina and will come in handy before 
    you begin clearing the farm.  This is why collecting it now is recommended.
    If there is still daylight after you catch the first fish, you can earn some 
    money by collecting fruit.  In particular, by collecting the "berry of the wild 
    grape."   These look like yellow grapes, and the closest one is found near the 
    middle of the screen, directly north of the entrance.  Bring the fruit back to 
    your farm and place it in the shipping bin.  You will be paid 150 G for each 
    piece of fruit, and this is a great source of income until the crops are ready 
    to harvest.
    Try to come to the mountain every day for fruit.  In most days, you will be 
    able to collect 2 pieces for 300 G before it gets dark.  If you skip town (like 
    on weekends) and really hustle, you may be able to collect 3 pieces.  On 
    Sundays, bring the fruit to the Peddler instead.  He will pay you 200 G for 
    each piece.
    Alternatively, you can try to collect fish instead of fruit.  Fish sell for 
    twice as much, but catching one is less reliable.  However, if you get lucky, 
    you may be able to catch 2 fish on some days for 600 G.
    It's up to you to decide whether you are more comfortable picking fruit or 
    fishing each day.  Fruit is more reliable, but fishing has more upside.  
    Regardless of the choice, you should be doing one of the other to earn extra 
    cash each day.
    Once night falls, you can begin the enormous task of clearing the farm.  This 
    will take time, patience, and use of the tools in your shed.  It is possible to 
    clear the entire ranch in a single night, but this takes about 30 minutes to 
    do.  At the very least, you will want to clear the area south of the shipping 
    bin to make room for crops.
    There are 4 types of debris scattered across the farm.  The table below shows 
    how to remove them.  Make sure you to equip the right tool from the shed before 
    proceeding (walk up to the tool and press A.  You can carry two tools at once).
    Type of Debris          Method of Removal
    --------------          -----------------
    Bush/Weeds              Pick up and throw or cut with sickle (not recommended)
    Small Stone             Throw in ponds or smash with hammer (not recommended)
    Large Rock              Break with hammer (hit 6 times without moving)
    Tree Stump              Chop with axe (chop 6 times without moving)
    Note that removing bushes and small stones does not require any stamina, so you 
    can completely clear the ranch of these objects without having to leave the 
    screen.  It is probably easiest to work on these objects first.  Large rocks 
    and tree stumps require the use of tools to remove, which depletes stamina.  
    When smashing large rocks or chopping stumps, repeatedly press Y and do not 
    move away until the debris is removed.  It will take many blows with these 
    basic tools, and moving away will reset the number of hits needed.  Also, 
    chopping up stumps produces wood (materials) that is automatically stored in 
    the wood shed next to your house.  Materials are used for fencing and later for 
    house renovations.  You can earn additional wood by chopping the stumps on the 
    mountain (more on this later).
    After a while of using tools, you will eventually run out of stamina and fall 
    over.  At this time, you cannot use tools without a boost.  You can either take 
    this time to go to sleep or venture up to the mountain springs to recharge.  At 
    the springs, jump in and out 5-6 times to restore all your stamina.
    During the trip around the ranch, you should notice a couple of odd objects:
    - Secret Garden in the north.  The number of flower blossoms in this garden
      shows how many Power Berries you have eaten.  This garden also allows you to
      compute your maximum stamina: Max Stamina = 100 + 10*(number of flowers).
    - Old Well in the southeast: Ignore this for now.  Its purpose is revealed
    Before going to bed on Day 2, make sure to plant and water the crops (see 
    below).  You may also want to spend time acquiring a couple more Power Berries, 
    which are available to you (two sections below).
    Growing crops is as much an art as it is science in this game.  Many gamers 
    have strong preferences on how and where to grow crops.  The following section 
    describes ONE strategy for growing crops, which should be helpful for new 
    players.  You are free to adopt whatever strategy you want and are encouraged 
    to be creative and have fun with your layout.
    Regardless of what you decide to do, you should definitely have a plan in 
    advance for where all the season's crops will be going in advance.  This type 
    of planning allows you to maximize the crops harvested (and money earned) while 
    minimizing wasted time.
    Crops will grow only on soil that has been plowed.  During this part of the 
    game, you will want to hoe soil in a "C" formation, as shown below.  The "X" 
    represents a single square of soil that has been hoed.
               X X X        X X X       X   X       X X X 
               X X            X X       X X X       X X X 
               X X X        X X X       X X X       X   X 
    All of these patterns leave at least one side square open.  This is necessary 
    as it's not possible to reach the center square once the crops begin to sprout. 
    If you make a mistake when plowing and want to "unhoe" or "unplow" that area, 
    take a piece of fence and place it over the hoed square.  It will return the 
    ground to normal once you pick up the piece (as a point of trivia, you can also 
    use small stones to do this if you have any left over from the start of the 
    Once the soil is plowed in one of the patterns above, stand in the center and 
    press the Y-button to throw the seeds in the air.  This seems like an awfully 
    odd way to plant them, but it's effective in the game.  The soil should now 
    change and tiny seeds will be visible.  Make sure to water each seed using the 
    watering can.  The watering can is filled up by selecting it and pressing Y in 
    front of a pond.  Continue watering the crops every day and they will grow into 
    sellable vegetables after 4 days (turnips) or 6 days (potatoes).
    While digging in the soil, you may unearth a few interesting items.  These 
    include the following:
    1. COIN: Worth 10 G.
    2. MONEY BAG: Worth 50 G.
    3. MOLE: Resident pest.  Just ignore it.
    4. POWER BERRY: There are 2 buried on the ranch.  You dig them up randomly.
    In case you're thinking of spending hours plowing to earn lots of money, the 
    game does not let you dig up more than one money item per day (either coin or 
    money bag).  Still, make sure you get this money item each day.  This is the 
    only way in the game to earn money after the shipper has arrived, and this 
    additional income should let you buy another bag or two of seeds.
    You can also find Power Berries in the course of digging.  There are two in 
    total, and you should make sure you find both.  Keep in mind that you cannot 
    find more than one per day.
    Finally, you do not need to plow new squares to dig up items.  You can 
    repeatedly plow the same square and unearth these goods.  It may be convenient 
    to keep a designated "digging square" right near your house that you use each 
    day to find money items or Power Berries.
    The livestock dealer gave you grass seed on Day 1, and it is used as feed for 
    animals.  Even though you don't have any animals at this point, you should 
    plant the grass seed as soon as possible.  It is planted similar to the other 
    seeds, but never needs to be watered.  Also, grass should be grown in a perfect 
    3x3 block, not in a "C" formation described above.  After 9 days, grass will 
    turn a rich green and will be ready to cut with the sickle.  This is described 
    a bit more later on.
    You will want to think ahead about where to plant grass, as it can NEVER be 
    removed by you once planted.  You generally want to plant grass out of the way 
    so it does not interfere with crop planting.  The best places to put it are 
    either on the northern part of the ranch (west of the secret garden) or east of 
    the ranch.  In general, avoid the area south of the tool shed and the area near 
    the shipping bin.  Those are way too valuable for crop growth.  Keep in mind 
    that you will need a lot of grass by the end of the game, so choose an area 
    that provides for ample expansion.
    So which crop should an aspiring farmer opt to plant?  Or should he mix and 
    match?  Below is a table summarizing some facts about both crops:
                      Days to     Revenue per        Profit per
    Type      Cost     Grow      Bag ("C" Form.)        Bag
    ----      ----    -------    ---------------     ----------
    Turnip    200        4            480               280
    Potato    200        6            640               440
    Turnips produce less money per bag, but they do grow faster.  However, potatoes 
    are still far superior for earning money.  Once you get into a groove -- 
    meaning you are planting and picking crops every day -- the only difference 
    between the two crops is that you waited two extra days to start picking the 
    potatoes.  This money is more than made up for in the profit difference during 
    the other days you are harvesting.
    I recommend growing them exclusively during the first spring.  You need as much 
    money as you can get, and this is the best way to get it.  There is a reason 
    for growing turnips in either the second or third spring, and this will be 
    described then.
    If you want to make decent money from crops and get a jump start on some of the 
    bigger purchases, you need to have a crop strategy.  Most players don't have 
    this during their first play through, and it often makes the spring a giant 
    learning session.  This is useful for understanding the game, but it is highly 
    ineffective.  Below are some helpful strategies and an example layout for crop 
    1. Plant crops as close to the shipping bin as possible.  This allows you to
       harvest faster and grow a larger number of crops.
    2. If possible, you want to harvest crops and plant new seeds every day.  This
       smoothes out your income and really leads to rapid growth in wealth.  It
       may not be possible during the first week, but it should be the routine
       after Day 10 or so.
    3. During the first 10 days, the income you earn from collecting fruit or fish
       on the mountain is critical to funding the purchase of new seeds.  Spend
       any free time at the mountain and always buy as many seeds as you can each
    4. The most successful harvesting strategy involves picking crops during
       almost the entire day.  If you start working when you leave the house and
       place the last crop in the bin just before the shipper arrives, you've had
       a good day.
    5. Despite what some sources say, crops never go bad if left out overnight.
       In fact, crops will survive indefinitely until the season change.  If you
       fail to harvest all the crops in one day, do it the next day.
    6. I find that potatoes are a better crop to grow, and you should stick with
       them exclusively, as was described in the last section.  While they take
       two days longer to grow, they net you more money.  You can never make as
       much in a season planting turnips.
    Below is one example of how to lay out the farm.  Keep in mind that this is an 
    advanced layout, so do not feel you need to duplicate this or attempt to grow 
    this many crops if you are new to the game.  Also, this is one of many possible 
    layouts.  Adopt the design that you feel most comfortable with.
    In the image below, the "#" designates fence and "X" designates planted crops.
    |         ###########
    |      Bin#         #
    |##     []#   XXX   ######
    | #  ######    XX
    | ####        XXX
    | XX  XX   XX  XX  XX  XX
    | XX  XX   XX  XX  XX  XX
    | XX  XX   XX  XX  XX  XX
    | XX  XX   XX      XX  XX
    |  1   2   3   4   5   6
    In case the illustration is unclear, the image above shows 24 patches of crops 
    (4 down, 6 across) placed below the shipping bin.  I prefer planting all seeds 
    for a single day in the same column, which is what the numbers refer to.  For 
    example, I will plant all seeds on Monday in column 1, all seeds on Tuesday in 
    column 2, etc.  After the sixth day rolls around, the crops in the first column 
    will be ready to pick (assuming you grew potatoes) and you can plant new seeds 
    in their place.  This makes it very easy to figure exactly when the crops will 
    be harvested.  Yes, I move the fence up from its starting position to allow 
    another patch of crops closer to the shipping bin
    At first, you will only be able to afford 1-2 bags of seed each day, so many of 
    these patches will be empty.  After a couple of weeks, however, you should be 
    harvesting and planting 2-3 patches each day and raking in a ton of money.  
    Power Berries increase maximum stamina by 10 and are the best friend of hard-
    working farmers who stay awake late.  It is actually possible to earn four 
    Power Berries by the end of day 2 and five by the end of day 3.  However, this 
    takes an incredible amount of time and patience to do in one day.  If you want 
    to give it a try but run out of stamina, visit the hot springs on the mountain. 
    Do not feel like you are pressured to get these Berries.  You can always find 
    them at any time if you missed any one.
    |                                POWER BERRIES                               |
    | BERRY 1: Go fishing at the mountain and throw back the first fish that you |
    |          catch that day.  The Water Imp will reward you with a Berry.      |
    |                                                                            |
    | BERRY 2: Dug up randomly when plowing the ground on the ranch.             |
    |                                                                            |
    | BERRY 3: Chop the tree stumps on the mountain and a Berry will randomly    |
    |          appear.  Note the stumps reappear if you exit and return to the   |
    |          screen.                                                           |
    |                                                                            |
    | BERRY 4: Equip the hammer and smash the chicken statue at the crossroad.   |
    |          If the berry does not appear, exit the screen and keep trying.    |
    |          Interestingly, this is the first possible Power Berry you can     |
    |          find in the game.  It will always appear if you rush to the statue|
    |          on the morning Ellen leaves the dog (while sky is still bluish).  |
    |          However, if you prefer not to rush, just come back that night.    |
    |                                                                            |
    | BERRY 5: This is the second berry found while plowing the ranch.  It also  |
    |          appears randomly, but not on the same day as the first.           |
                                 DAY 14 – IN A GROOVE
    By the second week, you should have several patches of crops planted and have a 
    nice routine down for selling fruit/fish in your free time.  The primary goal 
    now is accumulating as much money as possible.  Below is a look ahead at some 
    of the things you are saving for.  If you are experienced at this game, you may 
    also want to start saving for some of the items listed in the expert category.
    Goal                                  Money Needed            Target Date
    ----                                  ------------            -----------
    Purchase 1-3 bags of grass            500-1500 G              Spring, Week 3
    Purchase chicken                      1000 G                  Spring, Week 3
    Purchase summer crops                 3600-4500 G             Summer, Day 1-3
    Buy Cow                               5000 G                  Summer, Week 1-2
    (Expert Only)
    Purchase Snow Gem                     2000 G                  Spring, Day 23
    Purchase final spring crops           >1200 G                 Spring, Day 30
    Upgrade house                         5000 G + 250 wood       Summer, Week 2
    In addition to harvesting and caring for crops, you should routinely inspect 
    the rest of the ranch for any damage or other problems.  By this time, all the 
    stumps, rocks, and weeds from the beginning should be cleared.  Every few days, 
    weeds will grow again, however.  Walk around at night and tear up any that 
    Weeds often tend to pop up just after it rains, and the rain also destroys 
    parts of the fence.  A destroyed fence allows wild dogs to get onto your farm 
    at night (you will hear them barking while you sleep).  Wild dogs will eat any 
    chickens that are outside in addition to making noise each night.  Remove any 
    broken fence units by hitting them with the hammer.  Replace the fence by 
    grabbing lumber from the wood shed next to the house.  If, for some reason, you 
    don't have enough lumber in the shed, you can collect it by chopping the stumps 
    on the mountain.
    Finally, make sure you cut the grass as soon as it is long enough.  It will 
    turn a dark, rich green color.  If you planted it on Day 2, the grass should be 
    long enough by now.  Use the sickle and cut all the pieces.
    By the second week, you will probably have experienced at least 1-2 rain 
    storms.  Most people in town or at the mountain stay indoors during rain, but 
    the shipper still collects any crops or fruit as usual.
    In general, rain is a welcome event.  It saves you the hassle of having to 
    water the crops that day.  Well, up to a point.  If you plant any new seeds 
    while it is raining, you must still water them separately.  Yes, this is very 
    odd and probably a bug, but the seeds will not grow that night otherwise.
    Finally, don't worry about leaving your dog out in the rain.  He is extremely 
    resilient and doesn't seem to mind.
    Your primary goal during the third week of the spring is to grow and sell as 
    many crops as possible.  You should still be picking crops and planting seeds 
    for new crops every day.  If you have the financial freedom to do so, buy 
    several days worth of seeds from town in a single trip to save time on other 
    days.  Going to town wastes a good couple of game hours and limits the money 
    you can make from harvesting or collecting fruit/fish on the mountain.
    Once you have started to accumulate some money, you will want to buy some more 
    grass.  Grass may seem like an expensive purchase at this point, but it is 
    necessary to begin raising chickens, which are very nice money makers.  Buy at 
    least one and up to three bags of grass before the end of week 3.
    Once you have two patches of grass planted (technically, 16 squares), you 
    should start saving to buy a chicken, which costs 1000 G.  Tell the livestock 
    dealer that you are interested in this purchase and he will deliver it to your 
    ranch later that day.
    Chickens are housed inside the chicken coop at the eastern side of the farm.  
    Chickens require very little maintenance and will produce 1 egg each day so 
    long as they are fed.  Inside the coop, the feeding trough is up against the 
    back wall.  Place one piece of fodder per chicken in the trough.  Do NOT throw 
    the fodder in the chicken's face, as this will not count as a feeding.
    The next morning, you should see an egg on the floor within the coop.  You can 
    either place the egg in the shipping bin at the bottom left for 50 G, or you 
    can place it in the incubator on the bottom right.  Incubated eggs will grow 
    into chicks in 3 days, which then grow into adult chickens in 7 more days.
    Breeding chickens is an excellent source of money, both from their eggs and 
    from selling the chickens themselves –- the livestock dealer will pay 500 G for 
    an adult.  During the spring and early summer, you probably will want to sell 
    any adult chickens if you have more than two.  Numerous chickens will start to 
    quickly deplete your fodder reserve, so you want to take things slow until you 
    have an ample supply of grass.
    As far as care, you should visit the chicken coop first thing each morning 
    before going to town or harvesting crops.  Time does not pass when inside, so 
    there is no rush.  Unlike crops, eggs will not survive until the next day if 
    you miss the shipper.  Collecting them (and milk later) should always be the 
    tasks that begin your day.
    Finally, you can leave the chickens outside if you choose, but there is no 
    incentive to do this.  When outdoors, chickens do not need to be fed (they eat 
    grass on their own), but they also do not produce any eggs.  In addition, 
    chickens are at risk of being eaten by wild dogs at night if you have any 
    broken fence pieces (if a chicken is eaten, you will find a feather the next 
    day).  Given these risks, you should NEVER keep chickens outside.  EVER.
    DAY 22
    On Day 22, the shipper comes by in the morning and tells you that the next day 
    is the flower festival.  As is the case with all such holidays, he will still 
    pick up any items placed in the shipping bin that day.
    If you go to town, the characters will have a special dialogue talking about 
    the festival.  Nothing they say is of any real importance, however, so make 
    sure you place and crops and produce in the shipping bin first.
                                DAY 23 – FLOWER FESTIVAL
    Day 23 of spring is the annual Flower Festival.  Attendance at the festival is 
    optional, and it is possible to miss it if you wait too long to go.  After the 
    festival, you come home and go to sleep right away, so make sure any important 
    chores for the day are completed before heading to town.
    At the start of the day, make sure you place any eggs in the shipping bin and 
    feed the chicken(s).  Unlike most days, I suggest watering any crops before 
    picking ripe ones.  Ripe crops can still be collected tomorrow, but unwatered 
    crops will not grow that day and end up costing real money.  Once Jack eats his 
    lunch, this signifies noon.  You should immediately start heading over so you 
    don't risk missing the festival.
    The Flower Festival takes place in a closed-off town square, and almost 
    everyone is in attendance.  At the top left, you can buy perfume for 1000 G to 
    give to one of the girls, but this is a huge waste.
    At the top right is the peddler, who offers to sell you the "seed of a snow 
    flower" for 2000 G.  This seed is used in the winter to earn a Power Berry.  Do 
    not buy this item unless you have the money and can spend it comfortably.  If 
    you pass on it now, you can always buy it next year and still collect the Power 
    Before you can leave, you need to speak with every single person in the square. 
    Once you've done that, talk to the older, blue-haired woman on the left side of 
    the screen.  She will move aside and let you speak with the mayor, who tells 
    you to pick a lucky gal for the dance.  Pick whichever girl seems to interest 
    you the most and watch the "festivities."  Dancing with a girl will increase 
    her affection for you, but there is no need to worry about this yet.
                                DAY 24 – SPRING CLEANING
    As you enter the final week of spring, your main tasks will be saving money and 
    preparing the farm for the summer crops.  Some gamers hold off on planting new 
    spring crops in the final days of the season because they think these crops 
    will not grow in the summer.  Chalk this up to yet another piece of 
    misinformation.  Any spring crops planted during the spring will continue to 
    grow during the summer.  They only fail to grow if planted *during* the summer.
    With that in mind, do not shy away from planting as many crops as possible.  As 
    the summer crops take 10-13 days to grow, harvesting these spring crops during 
    that period will be a major source of income.
    As the season ends, you will want to start preparing for the summer crops.  
    Most notably, you will want to make sure the area closest to the shipping bin 
    will be free on Days 1-3 when the summer crops will be planted.  Any new spring 
    crops should be planted away from this main area.
    For the summer crops, I tend to favor a different formation over the "C" used 
    in the spring.  I prefer the parallel layout, since it allows for quicker 
    harvesting and MUCH quicker watering.  This layout only uses six of the nine 
    possible squares, as shown below:
               X   X        X X X 
               X   X
               X   X        X X X 
    Yes, this layout is much more wasteful.  However, the summer crops only need to 
    be planted once, so I can easily justify the lower margin with the fact that I 
    make more money overall.  However, do not feel you need to use this method.  
    You can stick to the "C" or any other you choose.
    One example for a farm layout is shown below.  The squares with an "X" mark the 
    area I set aside for summer crops, meaning I do not plant any new spring crops 
    there after Day 25.  The formation I use is a series of long, vertical rows as 
    close to the shipping bin as possible.  The squares marked with an "S" are the 
    spring crops, which I still plant using the C formation.
    |         ###########
    |      Bin#         #
    |##     []#         ######
    | #  ######   X X 
    | ####        X X
    |             X X
    | SS  X X X X X X  SS  SS  SS
    |     X X X X X X
    | SS  X X X X X X  SS  SS  SS
    |     X X X X X X
    | SS  X X X X X X  SS  SS  SS
    |     X X X X X X
    | SSS X X X X     SSS SSS SSS
    | SS  X X X X      SS  SS  SS
    | SSS X X X X     SSS SSS SSS
    |  1   2   3   4   5   6   7
    In case it is unclear, the image above shows 3 rows designated for summer crops 
    using the parallel formation, planted just below and to the right of the bin.  
    This image shows a total of 15 patches of summer crops (meaning 15 seed bags 
    would be needed), but don't feel like you need that much space.  You can do 
    well with as few as 9 patches.
    As you clear this area for summer crops, it will make the task of harvesting 
    any remaining spring crops more time consuming, as they are farther from the 
    bin.  Make an effort not to waste any time in the morning and get to work as 
    soon as the livestock have been taken care of.
    While relationship building with women is best left for the fall and winter, 
    the spring is probably the best time to work on winning over Eve.  If this is 
    your first time playing or you can't be bothered, just skip this section.  It 
    is certainly not necessary to focus on any of the girls yet, and the winter is 
    nearly as good for raising Eve's affection.
    Go to the bar and talk to her repeatedly.  When she asks if you want her 
    homemade juice, say "No thank you."  Eve will think you came to see her and 
    will be impressed, which increases her affection towards you.  Exit the bar, 
    re-enter, and repeat.  As you continue to increase her affection, more hearts 
    will appear in her diary in the back room.  Eventually she will stop asking you 
    questions (when you have 3 hearts in the diary).  Go to the mountain and bring 
    her back some flowers.  After 4 times, she should start asking you questions 
    again.  This time, the inquiry will be if you are lonely at the ranch.  Tell 
    her "Sometimes" and repeat for as long as you want.  You can raise her 
    affection to 10 hearts in a single night if you choose.
    There is also a nice trick that allows you to raise Eve’s affection on 
    Saturdays during any season except winter.  This is discussed in more detail 
    during the section on "Fall – Year 1" of the walkthrough.
    DAY 30
    If you have some extra money on this last day (meaning over 4000 G), you may 
    wish to purchase 6-10 final bags of potatoes and plant them all.  This may seem 
    like an odd maneuver, but keep in mind that you will have no income from summer 
    crops until at least Day 11 of the next season.  If you plant these crops now, 
    you can harvest them during the early days before the summer crops have grown.  
    Remember that you can leave ripened vegetables on the field as long as you 
    want, so you can harvest these potatoes over the course of several days.
    If you are short on money, don't worry about these final crops.  You can still 
    pick fruit or catch fish and make a decent salary in the time being.
    2.  S U M M E R  –   Y E A R   1                                          HM32
    By the time summer rolls around, you should have a pretty good feel for the 
    basics of the game, especially how to grow and maintain crops.  Now it's time 
    to build on that experience and really profit.  The summer is hands down the 
    best season to make money.  There are no festivals to distract you and the 
    crops have the highest profit margins.  The other important tasks for this 
    season are the following:
    - Buying cows
    - Making sure you have a lot of grass before fall
    - Getting some upgraded tools
    - Upgrading your house (you get a special reward for doing it this season)
                            DAY 1 – START THE SEASON RIGHT
    It's important to get off to a good start in the summer, as any mistakes or 
    delays will cost you a lot of money.  The priority during the first 3 days will 
    be purchasing and planting the crops you will need for this season.
    Before you even get one foot out the door, the tool shop owner accosts you and 
    lets you know that he will be selling a new item on Day 20.  Very hands-on 
    marketing technique!  Put this day in your mental calendar and be sure to visit 
    him then.
    In the summer, you have the choice of planting tomatoes or corn.  Unlike spring 
    crops, the summer ones can be harvested multiple times from one seeding.  This 
    means you only need to plant them once and they produce vegetables all summer, 
    which is very convenient.
    The table below shows the differences between the two.  The two figures under 
    "Days to Grow" show time to first harvest, then time to each additional 
    harvest.  The two revenue and profit figures are what can be made using the "C" 
    and parallel crop formation, as was described at the end of the last season.
                    Days to   Revenue/Bag    Profit per   Max Harvests  Max Profit
    Type     Cost    Grow     "C"/Parallel      Bag       Per Season    per Season
    ----     ----   -------   ------------   ----------   ------------  ----------
    Tomato   300    9, 3        800/600       500/300          7        5600/4200
    Corn     300    12, 3       960/720       660/420          6        5760/4320
    Unlike with spring crops, the difference in growth times has a real dollar 
    effect since all crops die on the first day of fall.  However, the profit 
    margin on corn still makes it a superior financial choice, even given the one 
    fewer harvest.  While a profit margin of 160 G per bag (960-800 G) may not seem 
    significant, this can be about a 5000 G difference by the end of the summer 
    depending on how active you are.
    My recommendation is to stick with corn exclusively for the first summer.  
    Tomatoes have their place later on, and this will be discussed in years 2 and 
    One good thing about the summer is that there are far fewer trips to the flower 
    shop.  During your first visit on Day 1, buy at least 5-7 bags of corn.  This 
    is what you will be planting today.  Over the next two days, you will want an 
    addition 4-5 bags, so a total of 12-15 patches of crops on the farm.
    This may seem like a lot to handle, but it is manageable using the parallel 
    formation described at the end of last season.  Also, at least one hurricane is 
    likely to occur sometime during the summer that will wipe out a fair number of 
    crops.  It's better to have too many now than not enough then.
    There aren't many expenditures after Day 3 of this season, so use any extra 
    cash to buy bags of grass seed.  Before week 2, you will want somewhere between 
    8-12 patches of grass.  This is essential before buying cows.
    Around the first or second week of summer, you will want to buy your first cow. 
    It is important to do it in this time period so that at least a few are grown 
    and producing milk by the fall, when money is hard to come by.
    Cows end up being your single biggest and most consistent source of money in 
    this game.  A barn with 12 fully grown cows will yield 4200 G each day in milk. 
    The quicker you buy them and raise them, the faster this money will be yours.
    Before buying the cow, visit the tool shop and pick up the Brush for 800 G.  
    You don't need the Milker yet, so you can hold on that for now.
    To buy cows, simply visit the livestock dealer.  Very often, players will find 
    the dealer saying they need more grass.  Remember, you need 16 squares (roughly 
    two bags worth) of grass for every existing chicken and chick PLUS 16 squares 
    for the cow before you can buy it.  Too many chickens is most likely the 
    problem.  If you can't buy more grass, sell off as many chickens as you can.
    Once the cow is purchased, the livestock dealer delivers the cow and asks you 
    to name it.  You can give it a real name, a generic name like "Cow1," or, as a 
    real pragmatist suggested to me once, name it after the date (e.g. – you bought 
    the cow on Summer, Day 9, its name would be something like "Sm09").  The 
    benefit of naming it after the date is that it makes it east to tell how old 
    the cow is, which helps you figure when it will be an adult and how long before 
    better types of milk are produced.  The cow that the livestock dealer delivers 
    is still a calf, and will not produce milk until it grows to an adult (more 
    The livestock dealer also gives you a Cow Bell with the first purchase, which 
    he places in the shed.  The Cow Bell can be used to direct the cows if you wish 
    to put them outside (more on this later).
    Unlike chickens, cows are very high-maintenance creatures, especially when they 
    become adults.  Each cow has its own "affection score," which is the numerical 
    rating for how happy the cow is.  The higher the affection score, the larger 
    the size of the milk produced by the cow (which means more money).  You can 
    increase a cow's affection score by talking to it (+1) and brushing it (+3) 
    each day.  These actions increase affection only once per day, so doing them 
    any more than that is a waste of time.  There are no other ways to raise this 
    score, so you are essentially capped at +4 per day.
    Cows in the calf stage, which is what the livestock dealer delivers, DO NOT 
    need to be fed every day.  This is a common misconception and often a big waste 
    of fodder among players.  Cows at this stage are very resilient and will never 
    get sick or cranky from missed feedings or anything else.  They do still 
    benefit from being brushed and talked to every day, so continue to do that.
    Eventually the cows will grow into adults.  A summary of their progression is 
                 21 days
          Calf   ------->   Adult Cow
                 96+ affection                 192+ affection
    Small Milk   ------------->   Medium Milk  -------------->   Large Milk
    The goal should be getting the cow to produce large milk as soon as possible.  
    Assuming you talk to and brush your cows each day, they will produce medium 
    milk in 24 days (just 3 days after becoming adults) and large milk in 48 days 
    (another 24 days after they start producing medium milk).
    Once cows are in the adult stage, they become far more finicky.  If you forget 
    to feed them, their affection will drop by 8 and they may get sick.  Sick cows 
    do not produce milk and will die in 6 days unless given the Medicine, which is 
    purchased at the Livestock Dealer for 1000 G.  Adult cows can also get cranky.  
    When cranky, their affection score drops by 30 and they do not produce milk for 
    the two days they are upset.  Inside the barn, cows will become cranky if you 
    repeatedly hit them with your tools.
    You can leave your cows outside where they will eat the grass on their own and 
    not require feeding.  However, it is strongly advised that you DO NOT do this.  
    The downsides to keeping cows outside are the following:
    - Milking them uses game time, whereas time is stopped in the barn  
    - Cows will start to run when being milked or brushed, which adds even more to
      their care time
    - If it rains or snows, the cows can get sick
    - If your farm contains broken fence pieces that are not repaired, they can
      become cranky and stay that way.  This causes affection to quickly plummet.
    One final thing about daily care.  Taking care of numerous cows can be a time-
    consuming task, so any way to streamline that process will be very useful.  I 
    find it easiest to milk all the cows first, then brush/talk to them, and 
    finally feed them.  Many times a cow will start to move away when you begin 
    brushing it.  However, watch the cow's eyes. If they turn to semi-circles, this 
    means the cow was still brushed, even if it has moved.  The eyes will also turn 
    to semi-circles the first time you talk to each cow.  If the cows scatter too 
    much, exit and re-enter the barn and they will be in their beginning location.  
    Finally, when feeding the cows, make sure to put food in the stall directly in 
    front of them.  They will not eat food from other stalls, and this will count 
    as a missed feeding.
    It is possible to breed cows, but this wastes a ton of time.  Breeding is 
    discussed in the "Livestock" section of the Overview.
                               DAY 10 – HURRICANE SEASON
    Summertime is hurricane season, and these storms usually roll in around the 
    latter 2/3 of the season (although they can begin as early as day 2).  A 
    hurricane is a vicious storm that does considerable damage to your crops and 
    farm, in addition to forcing you inside and wasting an entire day.  The 
    occurrence of a hurricane is random – it may actually never happen at all 
    (lucky) or it may even happen two or three times in one summer.
    You do get some advance warning before a hurricane.  The TV will inform you 
    that one is coming, and all the townspeople have different messages.  It's a 
    good idea to refrain from planting any seeds or doing any exterior changes on 
    the day before the hurricane.  This work may all be undone.
    If you happen to leave your chickens outside, one of them will always be killed 
    (but not more than one).  You will hear the sounds of a wild dog eating it 
    (even if you have no fence), but not the usual barking the precedes that sound. 
    Cows also risk sickness and crankiness if left outside during a hurricane.  As 
    there is never any benefit to keeping the livestock outside, KEEP THEM INDOORS.
    There are certain ways you can "manipulate" the occurrence of a hurricane.  On 
    an emulator, this is easy.  Just save state before going to bed and check the 
    TV the next morning.  If it says a hurricane is coming, reload and try again.  
    If not, save state and repeat again that same night.  If you're playing on a 
    cart or using the game's natural save feature, you're in trouble.  The only 
    prevention is to avoid saving each night and reset if a hurricane does happen, 
    which then means replaying many previous days.
    Regardless, if a hurricane does strike, just clean up the farm and move on. 
    Depending on how early it is in the season, you may wish to replant some of the 
    destroyed crops.
    Sometime during the summer, you will hear a loud noise in the middle of the 
    night.  Some guides say this is linked to the hurricane (which would make 
    sense), but this is not the case in the game.  When the noise occurs, the 
    carpenter drops by and tells you to look around.  Visit the location of the 
    tree that's southeast of the tool shed.  You will notice that it's been knocked 
    over and there is now a giant hole leading underground.
    Head down the hole and you will come across a couple of gnomes (really, they 
    could be elves or any creature, but this guide will refer to them as gnomes).  
    These strange fellows have taken up residence under your farm but appear to be 
    somewhat benevolent.  Talk to the top gnome and he will ask if you make use of 
    the sickle.  The text is screwed up here, but choose the top response and he 
    will offer to upgrade your sickle.  Head north from him and you will come out 
    inside the shed.  From now on, you can return to this underground passage using 
    the shed door, but keep in mind that game time does pass while underground.
    When you revisit the shed, the sickle will be missing.  When you return the 
    next day, it will have been replaced with the GOLDEN SICKLE.  The golden sickle 
    is a very nice upgrade that can be used to cut 9 pieces of grass at once.  Once 
    you start to amass a considerable amount of grass, this tool becomes 
    If you choose the second option when talking to the gnome, indicating that you 
    don't use the sickle, he will not upgrade it.  You can still acquire the golden 
    sickle after this point by visiting the tool shop, where it will be on sale for 
    2000 G.  The tool shop works this way for all the golden tools, so you do not 
    ever need to worry about missing one due to screwing up a plot event.
                                DAY 14 – SUMMER HARVEST
    Around the middle of the season, your crops will finally be ready for harvest.  
    Pick them just as you did the spring crops.  The plants themselves remain and 
    will continue to grow vegetables every three days.  Just keep watering them 
    every night, including nights after you pick vegetables.  If you cannot harvest 
    all the vegetables in one day, just leave them for the next.
    One oddity to keep in mind during the summer is that you still need to water 
    the crops after you pick vegetables even if it is raining that day.  This is 
    most likely a bug, just as with planting seeds on rainy days.  If you do not 
    water the plants separately, they will not grow that night.  Also, you never 
    need to water fully grown vegetables.  Those will remain on the plant 
    indefinitely until picked.
    If you followed the instructions in this guide, you should have 12-15 patches 
    of vegetables (in total) and be harvesting every day.  At these levels, you 
    should be making 2000-3000 G per day.  Use any extra cash to buy grass and more 
    cows.  You should also stash some away for a nice house upgrade...
    One of your goals during the first summer should be upgrading your house.  A 
    larger house is one of prerequisites for getting married, but that's not the 
    main reason to do it this season.  The carpenters are offering a special deal 
    where they throw in a free "gift" for completing it before Day 30.
    To upgrade your house, you will need 5000 G and 250 wood.  You should have 
    enough wood just from having cleared the ranch, but you can collect more by 
    chopping trees on the mountain.  Head over to the carpenter's house and tell 
    him you are interested in an upgrade.  He will visit your house the next 
    morning and quote you a price.  If you accept, he and his partner will begin 
    construction the following morning.  They work quite diligently, even late into 
    the night, and there is nothing you or the weather can do to aid or interfere.  
    They will even work through a hurricane.
    Once the upgrade is completed, you will notice that your house is slightly 
    wider, both inside and outside.  The carpenters will also present you with a 
    CLOCK as your special gift.  The clock tells you what time of day it is every 
    time you press the Select button from now on, which can be very helpful.  The 
    clock will be visible on the table next to your TV inside the house.  It must 
    also include a matching watch, because you can tell the time outdoors as well. 
    Either way, it's worth the hassle of saving and upgrading during the summer.
    DAY 20
    When Day 20 rolls around, head to the tool shop first thing in the morning.  
    The special project he was working on is now on sale for 2000 G: the SPRINKLER. 
    The sprinkler replaces the watering can and is one of the best upgrades in the 
    game.  The sprinkler can water a 3x3 area of crops and never needs to be filled 
    up at a pond.  It should easily shave a few minutes off your watering each 
    night.  If you don't have enough money for it now, come back and buy it as soon 
    as you do.
    The sprinkler does work best using a parallel or extreme "C" formation for crop 
    layout.  It does not work well using the regular "C" or donut formations.  In 
    those cases, the sprinkler actually wastes more stamina than the watering can.  
    In case you are confused by these formation, examples are below:
    Donut           X X X 
    Formation       X   X 
                    X X X 
    "C"             X X X 
    Formation         X X 
                    X X X 
    Extreme "C"     X X X 
    Formation           X 
                    X X X 
    Parallel        X X X 
                    X X X 
    If you are using either the donut or regular C formations, you may wish to cut 
    back on the crops by using the sickle (do not do this if you have the golden 
    sickle; it will cut all the crops in a 3x3 area).  This will cost you some 
    money, but it does save considerable time.  The choice is up to you.  
    Regardless, by the second year, all your crops should be planted using the 
    parallel formation.
    As the dog days of summer roll around and the dollars start flowing from the 
    crop harvests, you should have quite a bit of excess cash to spend.  By now, 
    you should have upgraded your house and invested in at least one cow.  Continue 
    saving money and putting it towards grass seed and cows.  You should try to buy 
    3-4 bags of grass seed for each cow you purchase, as grass becomes the primary 
    limiting factor for total livestock in the coming season.  In fact, it's 
    recommended that you save all the money you make in the last few days for grass 
    seed on Day 30.
    DAY 30
    Sadly, the summer comes to an end.  And with it, so goes the money.  However, 
    it is vitally important that you spend any money you have left on day 30 to buy 
    grass seed.  This is the last day this year that grass can be planted, so 
    whatever you have now will limit the number of cows and chickens you can 
    accumulate in the next two seasons.  There is nothing more frustrating than 
    having an extra 30,000 G in the middle of the winter and a barn with only three 
    cows.  Livestock will be your primary source of income in the coming seasons, 
    so make sure your farm can support them.
    If you have any extra crops after the shipper leaves, you can bring them to the 
    bar in town and give them to Eve.  This takes a while, but is a fairly easy way 
    to boost her affection score.  Any crops left overnight will be dead the next 
    3.  F A L L   –   Y E A R   1                                             HM33
    If the frantic pace of planting crops and building your ranch during the summer 
    was stressful, the fall should be a welcome reprieve.  There are no crops to 
    grow, so your days will be replaced with raising livestock and wooing the local 
    women.  Some goals for the fall are:
    - Sell poison mushrooms during the slow periods to make money
    - Continue purchasing cows
    - Sell chickens to make money
    - Harvest as much grass as possible
    - Start building relationships with the single women in town, especially Maria
      and Ellen
    - Gather extra wood from the mountain in your free time
    - Bring a fish or Fullmoon Berry to the Harvest Festival
    - Win the Egg Hunt
                               DAY 1 – MAKING ENDS MEET
    Without crops or a developed barn of milk-producing cows, the fall of year 1 is 
    probably the toughest time to make money.  Make sure you are talking to and 
    brushing cows every day, as you will want them producing larger varieties of 
    milk as soon as they reach adulthood.  Now all you need is a day job.
    Just as you did in the early spring, you will want to pick goods from the 
    mountain to make money.  This season, poison mushrooms are all the rave.  While 
    completely inedible, they fetch a tasty price of 200 G each.  Poison mushrooms 
    are distinguishable from regular ones by the odd dots on them.  The closest 
    poison mushroom is in the bottom right corner of the screen, not far from a 
    regular mushroom.  You should pretty easily be able to sell three poison 
    mushrooms each day for 600 G if you start first thing in the morning.  On 
    Sundays, you can sell the poison mushrooms to the peddler in town for 300 G 
    each.  While nothing compared to a full day of harvesting summer crops, you can 
    still make out quite well using poison mushroom sales to supplement daily egg 
    and milk sales.
    On Day 2, you may see an injured gnome crouched on the ground just above the 
    shipping bin.  The gnome will request something to eat, and hints that you 
    should pick him a mushroom if you interrogate him further.  In exchange for 
    your kindness and nourishment, the gnome will replace your standard hoe with 
    the GOLDEN HOE the next day.  The golden hoe is a nice upgrade that allows you 
    to plow 6 squares of ground at once (in a 6x1 area).  This will come in very 
    handy when plowing the land for the spring crop season.
    The gnome will appear if you have upgraded your house at least once and have 
    met the other underground gnomes during the summer (during the scene that 
    yields the golden sickle).  If you do not meet the gnome before the end of the 
    fall, you are out of luck for the year.  You will need to wait until the 
    following fall for him to appear again. 
    The fall of year 1 is the first time you can meet the elusive figure known as 
    the Hawker.  The Hawker is a wandering peddler who will appear at certain times 
    to offer special "deals."  In this season, the Hawker is in the market for 
    chickens.  The first time you visit the livestock dealer and tell him you want 
    to sell a chicken, the Hawker will appear on your farm (assuming you placed the 
    chicken in the livestock shipping area).  He offers to exchange your chicken 
    for some berries.  You should definitely take his deal, as you receive a POWER 
    BERRY in exchange.  The Hawker will never make this offer again if you refuse, 
    so do not pass it up.  There is no other way to get this Power Berry.
    The Hawker will appear any time during the fall, so you have the entire season 
    to make this deal.  If you fail to do it before the end of the season, you will 
    have to wait until the fall of year 2 for him to make the swap again.
    There is an entire section in the appendix dealing with the Hawker, which is 
    meant to clear up the abundance of misinformation that exists about this figure 
    in various guides and other sources.  One thing I want to clarify here is that 
    no deal that the Hawker offers is tied to any other deal.  In other words, 
    declining to sell a chicken now will not stop the Hawker from making you other 
    offers in the future.
    |                                POWER BERRIES                               |
    | BERRY 6: When you try to sell a chicken for the first time during the      |
    |          fall (either year 1 or year 2), the Hawker will appear and offer  |
    |          to exchange the bird for a Power Berry.  If you decline his       |
    |          offer, he will never make it again.                               |
    You may leave your house one day to discover the fortuneteller's granddaughter 
    waiting for you.  She's not much for words, but requests that you give her an 
    egg.  After doing so she pays you 20 G, and Jack's happiness increases by 30 
    points.  This event occurs the first day you have six chickens (includes 
    chicks) and at least one has produced an egg.  This event can technically occur 
    in any season, but it will most likely happen in the fall if you have been 
    following this walkthrough.
    Do not forget that you can still cut grass during the fall.  You cannot plant 
    new grass, but existing grass still grows just as it would during the spring 
    and summer.  It is extremely important that you accumulate as much as you can 
    this season, as whatever fodder you have at day 30 will need to last through 
    the entire winter and first 9 days of the next spring.
    If you’re bored at night, you can start collecting extra wood from the 
    mountain.  This will be needed for a second house upgrade next season (you need 
    500 pieces in total).  This is purely optional, and it may just be easier to do 
    later after getting the Golden Axe.  However, it is a task on your long term 
    to-do list, so feel free to engage in it if your nights now feel lonely without 
    the daily chores.
                                 DAY 7 – RELATIONSHIPS
    Now that the fall affords you some free time, you should begin building 
    relationships with some of the single girls in town.  This serves a couple of 
    purposes.  First, you need a girl to like you enough in order to get married.  
    Second, having high affection scores with all five single girls is necessary 
    for the best ending.  You can get an idea of each girl's affection score by 
    reading her diary.  This guide will assume that the goal is to woo over all 
    five girls.
    In case you've been ignoring the ladies completely to date, here is a quick run 
    down of each.
    - Maria: Maria is the blue-haired religious girl who hangs out in front of the
      church and plays the organ on Sundays.  Her parents are the mayor and
      mayor's wife, and she lives in the mansion on the top left corner of town.
      This is where her diary is.
    - Ann: Ann is the red-haired, tomboyish inventor that lives in the tool store
      (this is where her diary is).  Her father runs the store on his own, as his
      wife has passed away.  Ann will be found either inside the store working on
      a new project or hanging out just outside the store.
    - Nina: Nina is the pink-haired girl who lives in the flower shop.  This is
      where her diary is.  Nina is very in touch with nature and with either be
      walking around the flower shop or hanging around the mountain on the
      weekends. Her mother runs the flower shop and is also a single parent.  Her
      mother also appears to have feelings for Ann's father, the tool shop owner.
    - Ellen: Ellen is the brown-haired girl who lives at the restaurant.  This is
      where her diary is.  Her uncle is the livestock dealer, and Ellen is
      usually found hanging out around his shop.  This has probably inspired
      Ellen's love for animals.  Ellen is also a very good cook.
    - Eve: Eve is an interesting character.  She is the blonde-haired girl who
      works at the bar (where her diary is) and wears a red cocktail dress.  Both
      of Eve's parents have either passed away or left her, and her only family
      members are the hunter in the mountain (grandfather) and bar owner (uncle).
      Eve hangs out in the town square during the day, the bar at night, and the
      mountain on the weekends (where she bathes nude in the hot springs on
    Now that you're familiar with the ladies, it's time to begin building 
    relationships.  The girls in this game will increase their affection for you 
    either through certain events, conversations, or when given certain gifts.  
    Each girl responds differently to gifts, and a full list (with their effects) 
    is listed in the appendix.  Giving gifts is a very slow and inefficient way to 
    win over a girl while she's single, so the focus should be on talking to her.  
    However, not just any conversation will do.  The girl's affection will increase 
    only during conversations in which she asks you a question.  Whether a girl 
    asks a question has to do with the day of the week and the season.  If the time 
    is right, she will ask the same question every time you visit the screen, 
    allowing you to earn affection points with each trip.
    During weekdays in the fall, the two girls who will ask you questions are Maria 
    (in front of the church) and Ellen (in front of the livestock dealer).  You may 
    need to talk to them more than once, but they will ask a question each time you 
    visit.  Once you answer, enter a building and return.  They will then ask the 
    question again.  In both cases, answer "yes" (the first option) to their 
    question.  This will earn you 8 points.  Choosing the second option is only 
    worth 2 points.
    It will take several days, but you can boost each girl's affection to its 
    maximum.  To view their feelings towards you, check out the diaries in their 
    respective homes.  The greater the number of hearts, the more they like you.
    Once you get 4 hearts on a girl (an affection score of 200), you receive a 
    special event for that girl.  The special event entails someone showing up at 
    your house and asking you to find something or solve some problem.  For Maria, 
    the special event is that she is missing and needs to be located.  For Ellen, 
    the event is that her pet bird is missing.  A complete listing of all the 
    events can be found in the appendix.  If you complete the event successfully, 
    the girl's affection score will increase by 50.
    Even after experiencing the event, you should continue talking to the girls.  
    To get the best possible score at the end of the game, you will need to 
    continue raising this stat.  Ideally, your goal should be the highest affection 
    score possible, which is 999.  However, due to a bug, the ideal range for end 
    game scoring is between 496 and 511.  This is almost exactly at 8 hearts.  The 
    main problem with this range is that it is too low for your future wife to have 
    a second child.  I tend to ignore this threshold and attempt to get every girl 
    to 999, which produces almost the same ending score.  If you want a perfect end 
    score, raise four of the girls to exactly 8 hearts and the one you want to 
    marry to 999 (well after 10 hearts).  You can artificially lower her affection 
    at the end of the game to be in the 496-511 range.
    As for the other girls, you can raise Eve's affection during the fall or any 
    season except winter on Saturdays while she is at the mountain.  The trick in 
    this case is to give her an item after answering her question.  This will reset 
    her dialogue switch and allow you to answer her question again, without leaving 
    the screen.  The mountain has dozens of weeds you can use as "gifts" to 
    accomplish this.  The weeds do lower her affection by 2 points, but the 
    conversations will raise it by 8 points if you choose the "No" answer.  You can 
    still do this even after it gets dark, so swing by around 3pm and clear the 
    mountain of weeds late into the night if this is your goal.  Still probably not 
    as quick as talking in the bar during the spring, but useful to know.
    You can also raise Maria's (and Ann's) affection scores on Sundays by talking 
    to them in church.  However, those conversations only net you 4 points, which 
    is half the usual total.  For this reason, it is better to speak with them at 
    other times.  For more on affection scores, dating, and the specifics for each 
    girl, see the appendix.  Marriage will be discussed in the next season and is 
    also found in the appendix.
                               DAY 12 - HARVEST FESTIVAL
    On Day 11, the shipper stops by to tell you that the next day is the harvest 
    festival.  Anytime he does this, the townspeople will have special messages 
    discussing the next day's events.  A visit to town will reveal that the 
    festival is a ceremony to celebrate the year's final harvest.  People prepare 
    an assortment of different culinary items and share them with one another.  
    Like the shipper, the owner of the bar points out that you are expected to 
    bring a food item yourself.  This is something you should keep in mind the next 
    For three days each year –- fall day 10 to fall day 12 –- a special plant is in 
    bloom on the mountain summit called the Fullmoon Plant.  The Fullmoon Plant 
    produces a very rare berry each day that is highly attractive to women and 
    extremely valuable to merchants.  Giving this plant as a gift is a waste, but 
    you can put it in the shipping bin on day 10 and day 11 for 600 G each day.  On 
    day 12, you may wish to bring it to the harvest festival, as it makes the 
    perfect addition to the feast.
    On Day 12, the usual rules for optional festivals apply –- you have the morning 
    to complete your chores and ship whatever items you need to for the day.  Make 
    sure the chickens and cows are fed and taken care of.  It's then up to you to 
    find a suitable item to bring to the festival.  A few acceptable items include:
    - Bush
    - Fodder
    - Egg
    - Milk
    - Poison Mushroom
    - Mushroom
    - Fish
    - Fullmoon Berry
    - Mole (Yes, a mole!)
    Any of the items will be thrown into a giant cauldron and turned into a 
    delicious stew for Jack.  Most of the items actually come out looking like a 
    mole, and Jack just munches it right down.  Mixing a mushroom will produce 
    something that looks like one of the four crops.  
    You really want to mix either a fish or a Fullmoon Berry.  Both of those come 
    out as a POWER BERRY.  This is the only time you will have for an entire year 
    to get this berry, so make sure not to miss the chance.  You will want to head 
    over to the mountain fairly early in the morning to make sure you can get 
    either item before 3:00.
    Once the stew is done, you need to mingle with the other townsfolk.  The 
    Harvest Festival is a Thanksgiving-type holiday where everyone cooks different 
    dishes and shares them.  Each of the girls has a concoction for you to sample, 
    and rice balls are sold by the shipper at the top of the screen (don't waste 
    your money).  After talking to everyone, speak with the mayor's wife and then 
    the mayor on the left side of the screen.  You will then be prompted to choose 
    a dance partner, so select whichever lady you would like.  Dancing with her 
    increases her affection score by 30.  Once the dance is over, the day ends.
    |                                POWER BERRIES                               |
    | BERRY 7: Bring either a fish or Fullmoon Berry to the Harvest Festival.    |
    |          The stew you consume will contain a Power Berry.  If you fail to  |
    |          get this Power Berry in Year 1, you can still pick it up in the   |
    |          second year.                                                      |
                                 DAY 20 - EGG FESTIVAL
    The fall season is blessed with two relatively involved holidays within just 
    over a week of one another.  The Egg Festival is probably the most active of 
    all the different gatherings in the game.  As with any other optional event, 
    make sure to take care of the daily chores in the morning.  Once you're ready, 
    head over to town.
    The highlight of the egg festival is a giant egg hunt.  As the mayor explains, 
    you need to find the most eggs in the allotted time period to win (you must 
    find at least 3).  The winner apparently receives a special prize, though you 
    get several conflicting stories as to what the prize may be (none of which are 
    The egg hunt involves a lot of luck, so be prepared to reset if you do not win. 
    It is essential that you are victorious in this event, otherwise you cannot 
    achieve the game's best ending.
    As soon as the contest begins, the mayor will display a colored egg on the 
    table in front of him.  You have about 15 seconds to find this egg and bring 
    the egg back to the mayor.  The eggs are hidden in one of the eight purple 
    chests scattered around town.  The chests are located at the following 
    - In the graveyard next to church entrance
    - Top right corner of town
    - Entrance to town
    - Left of the fortuneteller's house
    - Behind the livestock dealer's shop
    - Above the bar
    - Top left corner of town
    - Next to the door to mayor's house
    Each chest will have either a colored egg or nothing, and the contents are 
    randomized each time the contest begins.  The best strategy involves heading 
    north to the chest by the church and then circling clockwise through the nearby 
    chests, all the way down to one by the fortuneteller's house.  Within this 
    short area, you have access to five chests, which should probably be enough.  
    While people are looking for the first egg, focus on examining these chests and 
    remembering the color of the eggs inside them.  If you happen to find the right 
    egg in the process, return it.  Otherwise, it's more important to learn the 
    contents of these chests.  If you can find 3-4 eggs in them, you are almost 
    assured of winning the game on the later rounds.
    As soon as the bell rings, quickly return near enough to the town square so you 
    can see the next color.  If it's in one of the five chests you already opened, 
    you're set.  Retrieve the egg quickly.  If not, you can either frantically 
    search the southern part of the town or just wait for the next color to appear. 
    Remember, you only need to find three eggs to win.
    At the end of the contest, the winner is always you or the livestock dealer.  
    If you lose, reset and try again.  If you win, congratulations.  Your reward is 
    either the Turtle Shell or a Power Berry.  The Turtle Shell is a memento that 
    sits in your home and supposedly protects you from natural disasters.  The 
    prize you receive is random, and you will receive the other prize for winning 
    the festival again next year.
    After your victory, and after the mayor is done talking, talk to the single 
    girls for some affection points (talk to each until they say "puff-puff").  The 
    day will end on its own about 10 seconds after the winner is announced.
    |                                POWER BERRIES                               |
    | BERRY 8: Your prize from winning the egg hunt will either be a Turtle      |
    |          shell or a Power Berry.  If you do not receive the berry this     |
    |          year, you will get it after winning the egg hunt in the second    |
    |          year.  The prize you win is determined randomly.                  |
                             DAY 21 – PREPARING FOR WINTER
    Other than accumulating as much grass as possible, there isn't much you 
    urgently need to do as winter draws near.  Continue spending your days selling 
    poison mushrooms or working on relationships with Maria and Ellen.  If you 
    bought the cows early enough, you should have at least one that is producing 
    milk and providing some income.  Over the next season, any excess money should 
    be invested in cows.
    4.  W I N T E R   –   Y E A R   1                                         HM34
    Winter is the least active season in Harvest Moon.  Your days should be quite 
    free, as there is not even any fruit to gather from the mountain.  Winter is an 
    excellent time to continue building relationships and to get married.  Some of 
    the other goals this season are the following:
    - Continue to buy cows
    - Gather extra wood from the mountain
    - Upgrade your house for the second time
    - Continue to build relationships with the single women in town, especially
      Nina and Ann
    - Get married!
                               DAY 1 – WINTER ACTIVITIES
    Despite the calm and serenity of winter, the season is quite loaded with 
    important discoveries and events, starting on the very first day.
    On your first trip to the crossroads after the winter begins, you will 
    encounter a foal (baby horse).  You will be asked to give it a name.  The horse 
    then returns to your farm and hangs out in the horse stable next to the cow 
    barn.  The horse does not require any feeding or other care.
    After 21 days, the horse will grow into an adult.  The tool shop owner will 
    then drop by and give you saddle bags for the horse.  These bags transform the 
    horse into a moveable shipping bin.  Any item you throw at the horse will now 
    automatically be sold at the end of the day.  This is the single greatest 
    improvement to your farming potential in the game.  Come the spring time, you 
    will be able to plant 2-3 times as many crops as you could in the previous 
    season, as the horse allows you to harvest them without wasting time running 
    back and forth to the shipping bin.
    The adult horse can also be used to move around the ranch much more quickly.  
    Press the A-button to mount him and use the B button to jump over fences.  
    Press the A-button again to dismount.  Note that you will dismount the horse on 
    Jack's left when facing up or down, but always the bottom when facing left or 
    right.  Point the horse in different directions to control the side in which 
    you exit.  You can also summon the horse to your position using the R-button.  
    Additional uses for the horse in farming will be discussed next season.
    If you're desperate for money during the winter, you can make a few extra bucks 
    selling herbs from the cave on the mountain (you can actually do this in any 
    season).  The cave herbs sell for 200 G when left in the shipping bin.  The 
    problem with harvesting the herbs is that it takes a lot of time to do so.  
    Time does not stand still inside the cave, so selling a single herb probably 
    uses half the game day.  You are better off focusing on livestock and trying to 
    make money that way.  Use the cave herbs as a last resort.
    As the carpenters tell you, the winter is a good time to gather extra wood from 
    the mountain.  You will want at least 500 pieces for your second house upgrade. 
    The stumps on the mountain can be chopped just like the ones on your ranch in 
    the beginning.  Unlike those stumps, however, the ones on the mountain reappear 
    every time you exit and re-enter the screen.  If you have not already acquired 
    it, you may find a POWER BERRY when chopping the trees here.
    At some point during the winter, you will acquire the Golden Axe, which makes 
    chopping MUCH easier.  See the "Earthquake" section below for more on that.  
    You can save a lot of time by waiting until then to chop.  However, the 
    earthquake may not occur until late in the season.  If you decide to chop with 
    the standard axe, I recommend either doing so at night or on Sundays.  Use the 
    daytime to work on relationships with the single women.
    If you purchased the Snow Flower Seed from the peddler during the Flower 
    Festival, now is the time to plant it.  Equip the item and head to the mountain 
    summit.  Stand just below the small rocks at the very top of the summit and 
    press the Y-button.  You should see a blue sprout emerge from the ground and a 
    fairy will appear.  The fairy tells you that no one has ever planted the seed 
    before, and gives you a POWER BERRY as a sign of appreciation.
    Despite what some sources say, the seed does not need to be planted on the 
    first day of the season.  It should be possible to acquire on any day.  There 
    does seem to be some bug that prevents you from getting it on random days, so 
    just try again the next day.
    |                                POWER BERRIES                               |
    | BERRY 9: Use the snow gem (seed of the snow flower) that is purchased      |
    |          from the peddler at the Flower Festival on the summit of the      |
    |          mountain during any winter day in year 1 or 2.  A special flower  |
    |          will bloom and a fairy will give you a Power Berry.               |
    If you intend to get married this season, which you should, it's a good idea to 
    get a second upgrade for your house.  In addition to looking nicer and cleaning 
    up the ranch a bit, a second upgrade is required before your wife can get 
    The second upgrade is not cheap.  It requires 10,000 G and 500 materials.  As 
    mentioned above, you can collect additional materials by chopping trees on the 
    mountain.  As for money, if you're making less than 600 G per day from milk and 
    eggs, collect cave herbs from the mountain for some extra cash.
    Like the first upgrade, the second is completed in 4 days after you pay the 
    carpenter (or 3 days after his crew begins renovations).  Your house will be 
    noticeably larger this time, and a cradle and second bed will be added to the 
    sleeping area.  
    Once you have the second upgrade, the tool shop will sell Paint.  Paint costs 
    1500 G and can used to make the exterior of your house a white/cream color.  
    Equip the paint like any other tool and use it on the front of the house,  It 
    will take three strokes to paint the entire front, plus one more to paint the 
    door.  You do not need to paint the other sides and can't use the paint on any 
    other structures on the ranch.  Painting your house raises your happiness score 
    and appeases your wife, who will nag you incessantly if you haven't done it 
    At some point during the winter, you will hear a loud rumbling at night.  This 
    usually occurs on some random day in the first or second week of the season and 
    can happen as soon as day 2.  The next morning, one of the carpenters will tell 
    you to look around the ranch and then visit the mountain.  Visit the location 
    of the well in the southeast corner.  The large board and rock that had been 
    covering it are now gone, allowing you to climb down and enter.
    The well leads to another section of the underground tunnel you discovered 
    during the summer.  After climbing down the rope, you will notice several small 
    rocks and two sign posts.  Destroy the rock to read the sign on the left.  The 
    bottom sign can be read (from what seems to be the back) simply by approaching 
    it and pressing the A-button.
    The two signs offer hints regarding a couple of the game's secrets.  The bottom 
    sign mentions a strange chicken ornament that can be broken with a tool.  This 
    refers to the chicken statue at the crossroads that can be broken with the 
    hammer to uncover a Power Berry.  The left sign says to equip the axe and use 
    it in front of a spring on the mountain.  At this point, the message shouldn't 
    make much sense.  
    Take the carpenter's advice and visit the mountain.  Before going, equip the 
    axe as the sign recommended.  You can use the underground passage that just 
    opened to reach the shed without having to climb back above ground.
    On the mountain, the huge boulder blocking the small area just above the 
    entrance has been removed.  You will notice a small pond, several stumps, and a 
    sign saying "Don't throw things in the spring."  Stand in front of the pond and 
    chop with the axe.  Immediately, the Goddess of Spring will appear.  She holds 
    a golden axe before you and asks if you dropped this item.  Be honest and tell 
    her No.  She rewards your sincerity by giving you the GOLDEN AXE.  The upgraded 
    axe allows you to chop tree stumps in a single blow!
    If, for some reason, you lie and are not given the golden axe, you can still 
    acquire it by visiting the tool shop in town.  As soon as the Goddess departs, 
    the golden axe will immediately be put up for sale and can be purchased for 200 
    G (yes, two hundred).  It may just be easier to reset if you haven't done much 
    else that day, but you do not have to worry about missing this item in either 
    Test out the new axe on the two tree stumps found near the well.  The stump 
    just to the right will uncover a giant hole when split.  Drop down the hole and 
    you will discover a POWER BERRY.  This is the one you could see on the elevated 
    platform in the mountain cave but could never reach.  This is also a slightly 
    faster way to reach the cave herbs in the future.
    |                                POWER BERRIES                               |
    | BERRY 10: After the earthquake occurs in the first winter, visit the area  |
    |           in the mountain just above the entrance.  Chop the tree to the   |
    |           right of the spring to uncover a hole.  Fall down the hole and   |
    |           you will land on a platform inside the mountain cave, right      |
    |           next to a POWER BERRY.                                           |
    The winter is the best season to work on relationships with the girls in town.  
    Even if you are already married, you will want to maximize the affection score 
    with all 5 girls to receive the best ending.  Here is a quick rundown on how to 
    woo each girl:
    - ANN: She is the easiest girl to win over during the winter.  She hangs out
      inside the front room of the tool shop during the week.  Talk to her until
      she asks you if she's acting like a girl.  Choose the first choice that
      reads "No, not at all."  While Ann may seem offended, this increases her
      affection score by 8.  The second choice only increases it by 2.  Exit the
      room through the back door, re-enter, and repeat.  So long as you don't
      leave the house, time never passes.
    - EVE: It is best to raise Eve's affection in the spring, but the winter works
      nearly as well.  Visit her at the bar at night either during the week or on
      a Saturday if it isn't snowing.  Talk to Eve and she will give you the
      "drink and warm your body from the inside" line.  Jack will then consume a
      drink and go slightly crazy, as he always does.  While there is no
      conversation choice, you receive 2 affections points each time you speak
      with Eve.  You do not need to exit the bar for this to work -– just keep
      talking to her.  This takes a while but can be done in one night.
      Additionally, there is the trick described in the previous season about
      giving her weed "gifts" during Saturdays at the mountains to allow for
      multiple conversations without leaving the screen.  This is somewhat
      effective, but it cannot be done during the winter and falls behind the
      methods above in efficacy.
    - NINA: Nina hangs out in front of the flower shop during the week.  Speak
      with her until she asks if you believe in a flower that only blooms in
      winter.  Choose the first response and your affection score will increase by
      8.  Enter the flower shop, exit, and speak with Nina again.  As time passes
      during these conversations, you can probably only raise her affection score
      about 200-300 points per day.  
    - MARIA: Maria was easier to woo in fall, but you can still raise her
      affection score on Sundays.  Visit her in the church where she plays the
      organ, and speak with her until she asks if you have come to listen to the
      preacher.  An affirmative answer raises affection by 4 points.  You can
      also raise Ann's affection on the same visit, as she sits in the last row.
      However, it is easier to do Ann separately as described above.
    - ELLEN: Ellen is the most difficult girl to impress during the winter.  Your
      best bet was to have done it during the fall, but you can also wait until
      spring.  The only real chance with Ellen this season is on Saturdays.  She
      appears behind the livestock dealer's shop and asks if you will be friends
      with him.  Answer "Yes" for 8 points.  You then need to exit the town and
      re-enter, which wastes considerable time.  It's difficult to earn more than
      60-70 points in a day.
                             DAY 10 - THANKSGIVING FESTIVAL
    The Thanksgiving Festival is a special occasion where women bake cakes for men 
    they care about.  It's sort of like a reverse Valentine's Day.  Unlike other 
    festivals, this one does not automatically end the day, so you can head to town 
    at any point.  Keep in mind that the game does not let you use any tools (Y-
    button action) if you visit the town and then leave, so much such any tool-
    required action (like milking, using the brush, etc.) are performed before you 
    head over.
    Once in town, the single girls will be positioned at various spots:
    - Maria: Back of the church
    - Ann: In front of tool shop
    - Nina: In front of flower shop
    - Ellen: Northeast corner of the town square
    - Eve: Outside of the town square, southwest side
    When you talk to each girl, she will give you a cake if you have more than 3 
    hearts in her diary (affection score of 120 or higher).  Eating a cake 
    increases your Happiness score by 10 but doesn't raise the affection score of 
    any of the girls.  There's nothing left to do once you have received your 
    cakes, so just continue on with the day as normal.
                                   DAY 11 - MARRIAGE
    Around the middle of the winter, you should begin plans to get married if you 
    haven't done so already.  You don't want to wait too long, otherwise you risk 
    not having enough time for your wife to have two children before the end of the 
    game.  Some great info on marriage can be found by reading the book in the 
    fortuneteller's house.  It is a bizarre and somewhat complicated ordeal in the 
    Harvest Moon world.
    Before proposing, it is STRONGLY recommended that you get your wife's affection 
    score as high as possible, at least to 10 hearts in her diary.  It is much 
    easier to raise this score while you are single, and getting married with a 
    high score allows for some leeway to neglect her when wed.
    You need to have just a little over 5 hearts before you can get married 
    (specifically, a 256 affection score).  Once you have met this criteria and 
    chosen a bride, purchase the Blue Feather from the Peddler on Sunday.  Hold 
    this item in front of the girl of your choice, and she will agree to marriage 
    if her affection score is high enough.  You can try holding this in front of 
    other townspeople for some amusing conversations.
    All girls except Nina can only be proposed to on sunny Saturdays; Nina's day is 
    Sunday.  For much more on marriage and the married life, refer to the 
    "Relationships & Marriage" section at the beginning of this guide.
                             DAY 24 - STAR NIGHT FESTIVAL
    The Star Night Festival is the night each year where the most beautiful stars 
    are supposed to be visible.  You are supposed to pay homage and reflect, but 
    everyone in the town seems to celebrate in a different way and gathers at 
    different locations.
    On Day 23 you can visit the town and speak to the people about the festival.  
    Each of the five girls will tell you her special location when you talk to 
    them.  The next day, you will be asked to choose one of five locations to 
    visit.  It does not really matter which you choose if you are single, but you 
    should visit your wife's location if married.  The locations where everyone 
    will be are as follows:
    - Ann: Spa
    - Ellen: Public Square
    - Eve: Bar
    - Maria: Church
    - Nina: Mountain Top
    When you talk to each girl at her Star Night location, she will say one of four 
    different messages depending on her affection score or if you are married to 
    - Message 1: 0-200 affection score
    - Message 2: 201-300 affection score
    - Message 3: 301+ affection score
    - Message 4: Be married, any affection score
    A description of each scene and the messages you receive from the girls is 
    found in the appendix
    Several members of the town gather in the nicely decorated public square and 
    celebrate the beautiful night.  In addition to Ellen, the townspeople in 
    attendance include the mayor, mayor's wife, fortuneteller, and Ellen's mother. 
    The fortuneteller will read your horoscope and tell you the girl you have the 
    highest affection score with.  Speak with everyone before you talk to Ellen.
    Maria will be playing the organ at the church and several other people will be 
    in attendance, including the preacher, the church boy, the fortuneteller's 
    granddaughter, the shipper, the shipper's apprentice, and the lonely bachelor. 
    Everyone seems to be dozing off except the bachelor, who wonders if love can 
    really work.  Speak to everyone and then talk to Maria.
    The bar is lively as would be expected.  Everyone is more preoccupied with 
    singing and drinking than with seeing the stars.  In addition to Eve, you will 
    find two carpenters, Ann's father, Nina's mother, Ellen's father, and the 
    bartender.  Eve will just say she's busy until you speak with everyone else.
    It's just you and Nina.  You automatically walk up to her and the screen 
    scrolls to show a shooting star.  Nina then talks to you.
    Ann is naked and alone in the spa, with no other characters on the screen.  
    Jump in the spa and speak with her.
    Once the day ends, you receive 30 points to the affection score of the girl 
    whose location you visited.  If you are married and do not visit your wife's 
    location, she will be upset and her affection score will drop by 30.  Oddly, 
    even if you do spend the night with your wife, you will receive the 30 points 
    but then lose 2 points because she goes to sleep before you.  Guess married men 
    can never win...
                                DAY 25 – ODDS AND ENDS
    The first year nears the end.  If you haven't already, you should experience 
    these events before the season is over.
    Assuming you found the horse on day 1 of the winter, the tool shop owner will 
    stop by on day 22 and let you know that it's grown up.  He furnishes you with 
    saddle bags that can be used to hold crops and other items.  This effectively 
    transforms your horse into a moveable shipping bin, and it is, by far, the 
    single biggest improvement to your farming efficiency in the game.  It will 
    allow you to harvest 2-3 times as many crops as you could in the previous 
    seasons.  Strategies for best using the horse will be discussed in the next 
    On the first sunny Saturday beginning in the winter of year 1, one of the 
    carpenters will drop by and ask to borrow your hammer.  You must have upgraded 
    your house at least once for this to occur.  If you get unlucky and it snows 
    every Saturday, he will still appear and make the request in subsequent 
    If you agree to lend the carpenter the hammer, he promises to return it to you 
    with added power (you also receive +20 to your happiness score).  Visit your 
    shed the next day and you will find the GOLDEN HAMMER.  If, for some reason, 
    you refuse to lend the hammer to the carpenter, you can always buy it from the 
    tool shop for 2000 G.
                                DAY 30 – NEW YEAR'S EVE
    The final day of the winter arrives at last.  Like other pre-festival days, the 
    townspeople have special messages on this day.  However, much unlike other 
    festival days, these messages provide a boost to your happiness when read.  
    This should be motivation enough to talk to all the townspeople, including the 
    ones on the mountain.
    Happiness hasn't been discussed much to this point as it isn't something you 
    should focus on in the first year.  However, most likely due to a glitch, the 
    boost to happiness occurs each time you talk to the townspeople and is 
    repeatable.  This means you can easily get your happiness to 999 in just a few 
    minutes.  This is by far the easiest way to boost this stat, and day 30 of 
    winter is the only opportunity to do it.
    You will have the same chance again in the winter of year 2, so this will be 
    discussed more in that section.  It is also described in more detail in the 
    "Happiness Score" section of the appendix.
    5.  S P R I N G   –   Y E A R   2                                         HM35
    Now that a full year has passed and you have a feel for how this game works -– 
    from farming to raising livestock to improving relationships with women -– this 
    FAQ will take a much more hands-off approach in letting you play the game as 
    you see fit.  The remainder of the walkthrough will be fairly bare bones, 
    largely because most of the events in years 2 and 3 are similar to the first 
    year.  However, if your goal is to achieve a 100% game, everything you need to 
    know is contained here.
    During this season, focus on the following:
    - Decide on your future plans: millionaire or retirement in year 3
    - Continue adding cows and chickens to your barn
    - Diversify crops, especially if you are planning to retire in year 3
    - Continue raising the affection scores of any single girls
    - If you are not already married, focus on it ASAP.  You have until the first
      weekend to tie the knot, or you can't have 2 children during the game
    - Buy the Money Tree from the Hawker (optional)
                             DAY 1 - ASSESSING THE FUTURE
    As the second year begins, it's important to decide on your future goals.  Do 
    you want to be a millionaire?  Are you content making just enough money to live 
    comfortably?  The distinction is important because it affects the type of crops 
    you should be planting, how you should look ahead to the next year, and how you 
    should budget your time.  Becoming a millionaire is certainly achievable, but 
    it is overkill for getting a perfect ending and requires substantial time.  You 
    may still want to earn as much money as possible during the next two seasons so 
    you can retire completely in year 3.  All these points should be kept in mind 
    during the upcoming year.
    If you are shooting for a perfect score, you will want to keep in mind a handy 
    cheat that lets you view the ending at any time.  As you are writing in your 
    diary to go to bed at night, hold the following buttons:
    SELECT + L + R
    Keep in mind that Select is the Z-button if using a Gamecube controller.  If 
    you hold these as you confirm the diary entry, the day will end and the ending 
    sequence will being the next morning.  I will not spoil any of that here, but 
    this cheat is being mentioned because it is the only way to see certain scores 
    that are needed for a perfect ending: namely, things like the number of crops 
    harvested and your exact affection score with girls.  It is strongly 
    recommended that you do not use this cheat if this is your first time playing, 
    as it does remove some of the satisfaction if you already see the ending at 
    this point.  Use it only if your goal is to achieve a perfect score.  You 
    should also refer to the appendix, which gives detailed breakdowns for how all 
    the ending scores are calculated.
    After awakening on the first day of year 2, you will immediately be taken to 
    the mountain summit.  Many of the townspeople have gathered to watch the first 
    sunrise of the new year.  You need to talk to everyone before you can leave, 
    then to the mayor's wife by the entrance again.
    The fortuneteller will offer to read to your fortune and asks you to pick one 
    of three cards.  The card you pick will affect your happiness.  The "excellent 
    luck" card increases happiness by 30, the "luck" card increases it by 10, and 
    the "misfortune" card decreases it by 10.  You are not required to have your 
    fortune read and can just say "No" when the fortuneteller first asks.
                                 DAY 2 - TRANSACTIONS
    Day 2 of the new year opens the door for a couple of transactions with the 
    Hawker.  However, focus first on getting your farm cleared and the crops up and 
    During the crossover between day 30 of winter and day 1 of spring, several 
    squares on the farm are damaged.  This usually results in small chunks of 
    missing grass or unplowed field.  Keep this in mind and make a mental note to 
    repair it in the evening.
    The Hawker will pay you a visit on the first sunny day after year 2 begins that 
    you awaken with 30,000 G or more in your account.  This could conceivably be 
    day 2 of the spring if you saved during the winter.  The Hawker will offer to 
    sell you a Money Tree for 20,000 G.  While the item has nothing to do with 
    money, it is a bell tree that gets planted just outside the entrance to the 
    barn.  The tree will allow you to quickly recall any cows in the field if you 
    happened to have let them out of the barn.
    Despite all the rumors about this item, there is no positive or negative effect 
    of buying the Money Tree.  It is purely a decorative item and the purchase 
    decision should be entirely up to you.  Just keep in mind that the Hawker will 
    never offer this item again if you decline.
    While on the subject of the Hawker, you can now trade him a cow for the Magic 
    Beans.  Place a cow in the shipping area, then visit the livestock dealer and 
    tell him you wish to sell a cow.  When you return to your ranch, the Hawker 
    will show up and offer to make the trade.  This trick will work anytime in year 
    2 or 3, but it is recommended that you do it in the spring.  If the Hawker does 
    not show up, you probably do not have the cow in the right area.  Make sure it 
    is in the special livestock pen below the entrance.
    The cow you trade in this deal must be an adult (producing milk), but you 
    should swap the youngest one in your barn.  Do not give up a cow generating 
    large milk or even medium milk if you can avoid it.
    Once the trade is made, the Hawker puts the Magic Beans in the tool shed.  The 
    beans can be planted at the summit in the SPRING ONLY.  This is a critical 
    piece of information that most other sources seem to omit.  It also does not 
    matter which day of the week you plant the beans.  
    Make the trek to the summit and use the beans when standing just below the 
    cliff edge.  If your positioning is right, a tiny sprout will appear.  Exit and 
    re-enter the screen to find a massive beanstalk.  Climb the beanstalk and you 
    will appear in a special room in the clouds with a golden chicken.  Tell the 
    chicken that you are working hard and it will give you a golden egg.  As soon 
    as you exit the room, you will appear before the Peddler and will receive 
    10,000 G for the egg (does not matter what day of the week it is).
    As with the Money Tree transaction, trading for the Magic Beans is another 
    entirely optional event with no real positives or negatives.  The money you 
    receive from the golden egg is essentially a wash when you factor in the cost 
    of a new cow and the time you are losing milk production from the old cow.  
    Make the deal only if you're curious or haven't seen it before, but don't feel 
    compelled for any other reason.
    Before buying any seeds, you need to decide if you want to grow potatoes only 
    or potatoes and turnips this year.  If the goal is to become a millionaire, you 
    will want to focus on potatoes exclusively.  If the goal is to receive the best 
    ending, you will want to add in turnips as well, as your final score depends on 
    crop diversity.  Even in that case, you may still wish to focus on potatoes 
    exclusively and hold off on turnips until next year.  It all depends on your 
    current financial situation.  If you have 12 cows and some money saved, you may 
    as well mix in turnips and take it easy in year 3.  If, however, your barn is 
    half empty and you have no savings, you probably should focus on potatoes only.
    Once the crop type is decided, head to the flower shop and buy the necessary 
    seeds.  If you have the financial freedom, trying buying seeds for as many days 
    as possible now to avoid trips to the flower shop again later.  Since you can 
    use the horse this year, you are able to harvest a much larger quantity of 
    crops.  While it's possible to harvest around 15 patches of crops in a day 
    (that is, 15 bags worth of seeds planted in the parallel formation), this 
    requires very precise picking and will take an enormous amount of time at night 
    to water and maintain.  My recommendation is that you harvest 9 patches per 
    day, which should allow you some freedom to do other things as well.  You can 
    overdo it a bit more in the summer, but spring crops are not profitable enough 
    to justify the extra 10 minutes you will need to spend each day caring for 
    Once the crops are purchased, you will want to plow your farm appropriately.  I 
    find that the best layout involves making long rows of crops horizontally 
    across the farm.  See the diagram below, which shows a plowing layout for the 
    entire southern half of the farm.  Note that this image is to scale, so each 
    "X" or other symbol matches a square in the game.  The game's natural features 
    are incorporated into the diagram and worked around to minimize loss of time.  
    Note that "X" represents crops and "#" represents fence pieces.
         Shipping Bin
    |##   ######                  ##~~##
    | #####                       #~~~~#
    |                             ##~~##
    |                                               #~#
    |                                                              |
    |                                                              |
    |                                                              |
    |                                                              |
    |                                                              |
    |                                   &&&                        |
    |           #~#                  #XX&&&XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX# |
    |           #~#                                                |
    |                                #XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX# |
    | #XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX#                                |
    |                                       #~#                    |
    | #XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX#                                |
    |                                                              |
    You can probably get by with the six rows at the northernmost part of the farm 
    for now.  The rows in the southern half are for the end of the spring, when you 
    want to make room for summer crops.
    It is best to keep crops of the same type in one row.  For example, the first 
    long row may be potatoes, then the next two rows can be turnips.  Since you 
    should not be as strapped for cash now, plant several days crops at one time.  
    Some of these crop will ripen a day or two before you intend to harvest them, 
    but this will minimize wasted trips to the flower shop later
    If you didn't visit it frequently in year 1, get yourself acquainted with the 
    hot springs in the mountain now.  You will want to visit this location often 
    when you run out of stamina while farming.  You will probably require 1-2 trips 
    there each night at least.
    The key to farming success in years 2 and 3 is successful use of the horse.  
    The horse is a moveable shipping bin at this point, but there are still several 
    strategies for using it effectively.  The two main objectives when using the 
    horse are the following:
      1. Keep the horse as close as possible, preferably within 3 squares.  You
         want to minimize the time it takes traveling to the horse.
      2. Try to keep the horse from moving, as this wastes a lot of time.  The
         best way is to pin it between two rows of crops or fence pieces.
    The strategy for using the horse is somewhat different in the spring than in 
    the summer, where crop plants remain and act as a nice barrier.  See the image 
    below, which represents a long row of crops.
      E   D   C   B   A
    The best strategy in this case would be to ride the horse to location B.  Face 
    down so that you dismount the horse on the right, then harvest all the crops 
    from A towards B.  Once this is done, get on the horse and move to location C.  
    Repeat by harvesting crops from B to C.  Despite what some sources claim, you 
    can throw crops into the horse from any side and it will store them.  Just 
    watch the horse's animation and make sure the saddle bags expand when you throw 
    the crops at it.  Although it does not happen frequently, the horse sometimes 
    freezes and crops thrown at it do not count.  If this happens for more than a 
    second or two, board the horse or whistle to activate it again.
    If you move quickly and make sure to exit the horse on the right side, you can 
    harvest a significant amount of crops in a single day.  That being said, I do 
    not recommend going overboard in the spring.  Caring for a ranch that is 50% 
    full of crops can take upwards of 15 minutes each night just to water and 
    reseed.  Spring crops are much more high maintenance and low profit than summer 
    crops, so it's a better idea to farm moderately and wait until summer to really 
    focus on crop revenue.  If you harvest from 9 patches of crops each day, which 
    is a reasonable amount, you should be bringing in between 3000-4000 G or more 
    per shipment.  This should be sufficient when supplemented with your produce 
    This section is again dedicated to the "perfect game" players and is not really 
    relevant to first timers.  It requires using the end of game cheat to view your 
    current crop totals.  Most players should simply focus on making money and 
    ignore these targets.
    To receive the highest score at the end of the game, you need to have sold a 
    specific number of crops.  It is not the case that "more is merrier" when it 
    comes to farming.  The targets you should shoot for are either:
      1. Between 496 and 511 
      2. Between 1008 and 1023
      3. Between 1520 and 1535
    The end game scoring is odd, but these are the ranges that result in the 
    highest score.  The pattern actually continues beyond this at the same 512 crop 
    intervals, but anything outside this range is probably unrealistic.
    Target 1 is relatively easy to achieve, and you may have actually surpassed it 
    in year 1 if you focused on one type of crop.  In general, it's better to end 
    up just below these ranges than just above them.  You receive more points at 
    the end for 495 turnips than for 512.  For more on the end game score, see the 
    "Ranch Master Score" section of the appendix.
    If you can hit these targets in year 2 while making enough money, there is no 
    reason to farm at all in the third year.
                                DAY 14 – SPRING CLEANING
    Farming will take up most of your time during this season, but make sure you 
    don't forget about the other areas of the farm.  Livestock are still as 
    important as always, and you should have or be close to having 12 cows by now.  
    After all, they are still your biggest money makers in this game, so do not 
    neglect them.
    Also, don't forget about your wife.  If you follow the farming strategies 
    mentioned above, you are certainly not going to bed with her each night.  This 
    lowers her affection score, but you can make it up to her by bringing her an 
    egg every other day.  Periodically check her diary and make sure she stays 
    If you got married in the middle of winter, your wife should be pregnant by 
    now.  If she's not, this either means that you have not upgraded your house a 
    second time yet or that her affection score is too low.  Immediately fix 
    whatever the problem is and get moving.
    If you purchased the Snow Gem in year 1, the Flower Festival is completely 
    optional at this point.  It will probably kill half a day of farm work, so 
    weigh this cost before deciding to do.  Remember, you will have another chance 
    to attend the festival in year 3.
    If you do decide to go, the festival offers the single easiest way to raise the 
    affection of one of the girls if you are married to Maria, Nina, or Eve.  
    Probably due to a bug in the game, you can talk to these women and receive a 
    boost to the affection score of one girl as many times as you want.  Here is 
    how it works:
    Talk to Maria until she says "Let's Dance Later, Darling."  Each time she says 
    this message, you receive 4 points to her affection score.  Use this to boost 
    her score as high as it goes.
    Talk to Nina until she says "Hey, I can dance much better now."  Each time she 
    says this message, you receive 4 points to her affection score.  Use this to 
    boost her score as high as it goes.
    This is probably the most interesting of the three possibilities.  If you talk 
    to Eve, she is in a very jealous mood and says "You, I won't forgive you if you 
    pick up another girl."  Ellen, who is standing right next to Eve, is clearly 
    amused by this.  When you talk to Ellen, she says "It's good to be merry at a 
    festival sometimes."  Every time you speak to Ellen, her affection score 
    increases by 4 points.  Despite the warnings from Eve, she does not mind if you 
    talk to or dance with any other girls at the festival.
    Other than these oddities if you are married, the festival is the same as it 
    was in year 1.  Talk to everyone, then speak to the mayor and pick a dance 
    In the final week of the season, you should start designating land for where 
    the summer crops will be planted.  If your layout is similar to the one given 
    earlier in this section, leave the first three rows for summer crops.  Plant 
    spring crops at the southernmost part of the farm and even in the north, just 
    below the secret garden.  These crops will grow during the summertime if 
    planted before the end of the spring, and they are the only farming income you 
    can receive until at least day 10 of the next season.
    Also, if you did not marry Eve and have not maximized her affection score yet, 
    spend some time at the bar one night and do so.  Repeatedly answer her 
    questions by exiting and re-entering.
    6.  S U M M E R  –   Y E A R   2                                          HM36
    You're approaching the stretch run of Harvest Moon now, and a letter from your 
    father on day 1 informs you of the ticking clock.  The summer of year 2 is 
    probably the longest single season in the game.  You will spend considerable 
    time farming, but know that the end is in sight.  If you make enough money now, 
    you can take an early retirement and focus solely on livestock for the rest of 
    years 2 and 3.  Below are the goals for the summer:
    - Save as much money as possible.  Saving 200,000 G will allow you to finish
      the game comfortably.
    - Make sure your barn has 12 cows that are producing (or are on their way to
      producing) large milk.
    - Make sure the chicken coop has 12 chickens.  A dozen birds add 600 G per day
      and 18,000 G per season, which is nothing to scoff at.
    - Make sure you have enough fodder to last through the upcoming winter.  If
      your fodder reserve is less than 900, plant more grass.
    - Make sure your wife is pregnant by now.  She should be giving birth either
      at the end of this season or in the early fall if you got married in the
    Summer crops are best planted in long rows as was suggested for the spring 
    crops.  See the farm diagram from last season for an example.  Since the summer 
    crops regrow, you don't need to cover as much land to make a lot of money.  
    However, you should still intend to harvest as much in any given day as 
    possible.  While it takes some work, you can collect 18 patches of crops each 
    day (that is, crops from 18 bags of seed).  This would generate over 10,000 G 
    from farming revenue per day, and is far and away the single biggest source to 
    make money in the game.
    If you have the cash, buy all the summer's crops at once and plant them at the 
    end of the first day.  Assuming you plan to harvest 18 patches of crops per 
    day, you will need to buy 54 bags in total for 16,200 G.  You may also want to 
    purchase and plant additional crops now in case a hurricane occurs.  You may 
    never even harvest these crops if you're lucky enough to be spared, but think 
    of it as an insurance policy on your farm.
    Now is the time to decide on the mix or corn and tomatoes.  If you're going 
    down the millionaire path, focus on corn.  If you intend to retire in year 3, 
    diversify.  Depending on what you sold in the first year, you will want the 
    corn-to-tomato crop mix to be either 1:2 or 2:1.  
    As you water and cultivate the summer crops, you should still be harvesting the 
    spring ones you planted at the end of last season.  This is probably the 
    roughest period in the entire game in terms of work, as you could conceivably 
    be tending a ranch that is 50-60% covered in crops.  Prepare for a lot of late 
    nights and many trips to the hot springs.
    Once again, for the veteran players, the crop requirements for the best ending 
    score are:
      1. Between 496 and 511
      2. Between 1008 and 1023
      3. Between 1520 and 1535
    In case it is unclear, this is the total you need to have shipped for each type 
    of crop.  You can view the amount shipped by using the ending cheat.  You may 
    already be close to or above target 1 for corn if that was your sole focus in 
    year 1.  In that case, try to sell 1023 corn by the end of the summer and 511 
    tomatoes.  It does not matter which of those ranges you end up in, just so long 
    as you hit one of them.
    Harvesting crops in the summer is easier than in the spring since the plants 
    remain and act as a barrier for your horse.  This allows you to use the horse 
    more effectively.  Let's take a look at the same layout as we used in the 
       E   D   C   B   A
    The best approach now is to dismount the horse at point A.  Face upwards so 
    that you get off on the left side.  Start harvesting all the crops between A 
    and B.  When you get to B, press the R-button to whistle for the horse.  It 
    will then come to you at that point and you can continue.  Do the same from B 
    to C, and whistle at point C.  Whistling is much more time efficient than 
    mounting the horse and moving it.  Regardless of the direction, keep this 
    methodology in mind; always harvest crops away from the location where you park 
    the horse and keep it within 3 squares by using the whistle.
    The summer still brings with it the risk of random hurricanes.  As was the case 
    in the first year, you may be lucky and not experience any, or you could get 
    slammed with 3 or 4 that wreck your crops and much of your grass.  Expect to be 
    hit by at least one, however.  One safeguard against revenue loss is to plant 
    excess crops on day 1 that you can harvest if needed.  Assuming a hurricane 
    does destroy a portion of your crops, it is not worth it to replant them more 
    than a week into the season.  Just make do with what remains.
    I would advise replacing any destroyed crops with fence pieces to help maintain 
    a barrier so your horse does not stray.  Other than this, good luck.
    It probably shouldn't be an issue at this point, but re-examine the amount of 
    grass you have before the end of the summer.  This is especially important if 
    you experienced multiple hurricanes.  If you do not have over 999 fodder in 
    reserve at this point, plant another dozen or so squares of grass.  It will be 
    extremely costly at this stage to run out of food over the winter.
    7.  F A L L   –   Y E A R   2                                             HM37
    The changing leaves usher in the final leg of your Harvest Moon experience.  
    Assuming you planned properly during the spring and summer, you can very well 
    retire from farming altogether.  Your sole focus can now be on the livestock.  
    While this is not a trivial or particularly enjoyable task, it is far less time 
    consuming than crop care.
    With the financial portion of the game largely in hand, it's time to focus on 
    some of the intangibles so you can achieve the best ending.  Some of the autumn 
    goals are:
    - Have your first child if you haven't already
    - Work on improving your happiness score (more below)
    - Continue to brush and talk to cows until all produce large milk
    - Work on maximizing the affection scores of all the single girls
    - Make sure you win the egg hunt
    - If you did not do so in year 1, trade a chicken to the Hawker for a Power
    Since your days are pretty free, you can probably start coming home before 6pm 
    and going to sleep with your wife.  If you do this, you won't need to give her 
    daily gifts anymore (unless your wife is Eve, in which case you still need to 
    give her gifts).
    If you missed him in year 1, the fallen gnome will appear on your ranch during 
    this season, assuming you finally got that first house upgrade.  Bring the 
    gnome a mushroom from the mountain and he will leave the golden hoe in your 
    tool shed the next day.  While it's certainly not as useful now as it would 
    have been a year ago, the golden hoe will still get its fair share of work 
    before the game ends as you plant grass.
    This guide has largely ignored Jack's happiness score up to this point, but now 
    is the time to begin focusing on it.  If you have loosely followed this guide's 
    advice thus far, your happiness should be quite high.  You can do a quick check 
    using the ending cheat if you prefer.  A good total to have at this point is at 
    least 700.  Even if it's lower than that, don't fret.  There is plenty of time 
    to maximize it.
    The easiest way to improve happiness is to visit the mountain.  Two things will 
    increase it there: catching a fish (+2) and seeing a wild animal (+10).  Wild 
    animals are the best way, and you can find one every day in all seasons except 
    the summer.  In the fall, visit the top left area of the mountain.  Walk below 
    the tree just before the final bend (this is right near the area where Nina can 
    be found on Sundays).  You will eventually see a rabbit running across the 
    screen.  This rabbit's appearance adds 10 points to your happiness and can be 
    seen on any sunny day.  This should allow you to boost your happiness by at 
    least 250 points in each of the next three seasons.
    In addition to animal sightings, you can boost happiness another 4 to 6 points 
    each day by fishing.  This probably takes all day, but you should have plenty 
    of free time this season.  Keeping these two items in mind, you should easily 
    be able to maximize happiness by the end of the game.
    If you received the Power Berry at this festival in year 1, you do not need to 
    attend this year (if you didn't receive it, attend and bring a fish or Fullmoon 
    Berry from the mountain summit).  The only reason to go would be for a quick 
    boost to the affection score of one of the girls.  Participate only if you feel 
    like it.  You may wish to bring a mole for some additional amusement.
    Assuming you got married in the winter, your wife should be giving birth 
    sometime during the fall if she hasn't already.  When the big day comes, you 
    will awaken to find the preacher blocking the door.  The midwife and the wife's 
    closest relative will also be present.  Talk to your wife and she will say you 
    can leave the house while she delivers.  There is no penalty if you leave, but 
    her affection score will increase by 50 if you stay.  However, the animals will 
    miss a feeding if you remain with her.  It's best to leave and take care of the 
    daily chores.  Nothing is more annoying than finding a handful of your cows 
    sick the next day.
    After enough time has passed, the child will be born.  Talk to the 
    fortuneteller to find the child's real gender.  Due to a bug, your wife will 
    always refer to the baby as "him."  You will then be asked to name the child, 
    and the day will end.
    The next day, you will awaken with a new baby sleeping in the cradle.  As 
    illogical as it may seem, your role as a father does not entail any additional 
    work.  You are never required to pick up, talk to, or interact with your child 
    at all.  Even though your wife asks you to do this, her affection score is not 
    influenced by anything that happens with the child.  In fact, once the child is 
    born, you can act as though it doesn't exist at all without any penalty.  This 
    may seem callous and unrealistic, but it is indeed the way the Harvest Moon 
    world operates.
    The fall of year 2 is one of the seasons where you can experience an 
    interesting cut scene on the mountain.  One day, you will find a rabbit sitting 
    still just to the left of the cave entrance.  You can approach the rabbit and 
    catch it by pressing the A-button.  This immediately summons the hunter, who 
    demands that you release his catch.  My guess is that the rest of this scene 
    was poorly translated, because the text does not really make much sense.  If 
    you choose to "Let it Loose," the hunter gives you the option of keeping the 
    rabbit for 1000 G.  If you agree to pay, he sees that you have a kind heart and 
    releases the rabbit without charging you.  If you do not pay, he steals the 
    rabbit and runs off.  Similarly, if you choose the "Just Watching" option in 
    response to the first question, he steals the rabbit and leaves.  These 
    different conversation paths result in different effects to your happiness 
      Response                          Happiness Effect
      --------                          ----------------
      "Let it loose" and pay                   50
      "Let it loose" and don't pay              0
      "Just watching"                         -10
    I am not completely certain what the criteria are for experiencing this scene, 
    but it seems to only occur in the fall and winter.  I have seen this occur in 
    the winter of year 1 as well, but it seems to be more common in year 2.
    Winning the egg festival is the big "to do" item of the fall.  There is no way 
    to receive best ending without winning it, so make sure to save on the day 
    before and get ready to reset if needed.  The strategy is exactly the same as 
    the prior year, so refer to the "Fall – Year 1" section for a full discussion.  
    After your victory, you will be awarded either the Turtle Shell or a Power 
    Berry –- whichever item you did not receive the previous year.
    8.  W I N T E R   –   Y E A R   2                                         HM38
    The winter of year 2 is a very boring time, with little more to do besides care 
    for the livestock.  Treat it as you did the fall.  Below are some of this 
    season's goals:
    - Continue to improve your happiness score at the mountain
    - Continue to brush and talk to cows until all produce large milk
    - Work on maximizing the affection score of all the single girls
    - Attend the Star Night Festival with your wife
    - If you did not do so in year 1, plant the Snow Gem at the mountain summit
    After the livestock are tended, your day is basically over.  If you still need 
    to increase the affection score of any single girl, head to town and do that 
    now.  If you need a bump to happiness, visit the mountain.  The wild animal you 
    can view this season is the red fox.  It is visible by walking around the tree 
    to the left of the hot springs.  If you do not need to do either of those 
    things, just go to sleep early.  You've earned the rest.
    The soonest your wife can get pregnant with her second child is the day after 
    the first child learns to crawl, which is 30 days after its birth.  If your 
    first child is crawling but your wife is not pregnant again, her affection 
    score is probably too low.  You wife needs an affection score of at least 650 
    for a second child, which is more than 9 hearts in the diary (you should get 10 
    hearts to be safe).  This is a much steeper requirement than for a first child, 
    so make sure she is happy.  You need her to get pregnant again before the end 
    of this season if you want to see your second child's birth.
    Assuming you have raised the affection scores of the other single girls, the 
    Thanksgiving Festival is a great day for increasing Jack's happiness.  Start 
    the day by speaking to your wife.  She gives you a cake that boosts your 
    happiness by 30 points.  Next, visit the town and talk to all the girls.  Maria 
    is in church, Nina is in front of the flower shop, Ann is in front of the tool 
    shop, Ellen is in the northeast corner of the town square, and Eve is on the 
    southwest side of town, just outside the square.  Each cake you receive boosts 
    your happiness by 10 points.  Not bad for a couple of minutes of work.
    The Star Night Festival is exactly the same as it was in year 1.  This is one 
    of the only times where your wife actually gets upset at neglect, so do the 
    right thing and visit her location.  Her affection score will drop by 30 points 
    if you ditch her.  In case you forget, below is where all the women are 
    - Ann: Spa
    - Ellen: Public Square
    - Eve: Bar
    - Maria: Church
    - Nina: Mountain Top
    As described in the section for the first winter, New Year's Eve represents a 
    special day where you can infinitely raise your happiness in a very quick 
    manner.  This is most likely due to a bug, however, so if you have any ethical 
    issues with this, the rest of this guide is written assuming you will not 
    utilize this method.
    Regardless, here is how is works.  Most of the townspeople have special 
    messages that only appear on this day.  This includes the characters at the 
    mountain and the ones at the bar at night.  When you speak to them and see this 
    unique message, your happiness increases by 5.  Receiving a boost related to a 
    special message is not uncommon, but what is unique is that you receive this 
    bonus EACH TIME you speak to the townsperson.  As this never happens elsewhere 
    in the game (and there is no logical reason why it should happen), this is in 
    all likelihood a bug.
    The quickest way to exploit the bug is to find someone with a brief message and 
    talk to that person repeatedly.  The best people for this are the Restaurant 
    Owner, Mayor, or Shipper's Apprentice (at the bar).  They all have the same 
    one-screen message that can be rapidly viewed just by hitting the A-button.  It 
    won't take more than 2-3 minutes of talking to max your happiness.  A full list 
    of all messages that give the happiness bonus are listed in the "Happiness 
    Score" section of the appendix.
    9.  S P R I N G   –   Y E A R   3                                         HM39
    As the final year begins, you should be a Harvest Moon master.  At this point, 
    you should know what type of lifestyle you intend to lead.  If you want to be a 
    millionaire, the next couple of seasons will be incredibly time consuming.  If 
    you are content leading a more moderate life (which will still get you a 
    perfect score and ending), then you can take it easy this year.  Here are some 
    goals for this season:
    - Make sure all cows are producing large milk
    - Make sure your wife is pregnant with her second child if it has not been
      born already
    - Continue improving happiness at the mountain
    - Sell at least 200+ potatoes and 200+ turnips if you have not already done so
    - Start buying lots of extra grass seed (more on this below)
    If you have 300,000 G or more saved, you do not need to plant crops to make any 
    additional money.  You may wish to plant crops strategically at this point to 
    ensure the best score and ending.  Below is how many crops you need to have 
    sold for both:
                   Best Ending         Best Score
                   -----------         ----------
    Potatoes          200+             496-511 OR 1008-1023 OR 1520-1535
    Turnips           200+             496-511 OR 1008-1023 OR 1520-1535
    Note that the best ending (which is a cut scene) only requires over 200 crops 
    to be shipped, but the best score requires that you sell within a specific 
    numerical range.  Again, the only way to see crops sold is to use the ending 
    If you've saved enough money that you don't need to farm or collect milk/eggs 
    anymore, the only required daily chore is feeding the cows.  This is still very 
    time consuming, especially if you have 12 cows and the game experiences a 
    slowdown in the barn.  You can speed things up a bit by letting some of the 
    cows outside.  Yes, this may sound somewhat sacrilegious given the dozens of 
    warnings previously not to do so, but it comes with a few heavy qualifiers now.
    First, don't move more than 3-6 cows outside, otherwise the barn slowdown will 
    repeat itself outside in much more annoying fashion.  Second, move the cows to 
    some place near the barn.  If it is going to rain the next day, you will need 
    to move all the cows back inside to avoid sickness.  This is still a very time 
    consuming process.  I like to create a small fenced off area to keep them from 
    wandering.  Use the bell and push the cows strategically to move the desired 
    ones where you want.  Third, make sure to watch the weather forecast each day 
    before bed to see if rain is indeed coming.
    When choosing the specific cows to move outside, I tend to target the ones near 
    the top of the barn (cows 4-6 and 10-12), as they take the longest amount of 
    time to feed and milk.  If you move any outside during the spring, you need to 
    wait until at least day 5 when the grass is long enough for the cows to eat.  
    Letting them out before this will cause missed feedings and potential sickness.
    If you are taking the retirement approach and have some free time after tending 
    the livestock, visit the mountain and continue raising happiness through 
    spotting animals and fishing.  This season's special animal is the squirrel, 
    which can be seen by walking around the bottom right part of the screen, just 
    below the carpenters' house.
    The last leg of achieving a perfect score involves covering or developing as 
    much of the ranch as possible.  This contributes to the ranch development 
    score.  You can cover the ranch in grass, crops, or fence pieces to receive 
    credit.  Fence pieces are not practical, and crops become impossible to 
    navigate once they start to grow (you can avoid watering them, but it will 
    likely rain enough normally that they will sprout).  This leaves grass as the 
    only real choice.
    To give you an idea of what's required, there are 2968 squares on the farm that 
    can be covered or developed.  Even if you could cover 9 squares with each bag, 
    you still need at least 330 bags of grass.  Let's round this to 350, which 
    should take into account any overlap and give you credit for grass already 
    planted.  You will need 175,000 G to buy 350 bags of grass.
    The maximum number of bags of grass you can hold at any one time is 255, 
    although there is a bug in the game that allows the flower shop owner to 
    continue taking your money even though you have reached the maximum.  Start 
    buying some grass now, but do not plant it.  You will want to wait until the 
    end of the summer to avoid any hurricane damage.  You can begin plowing the 
    ground now, however.  The golden hoe will be a godsend in this task.  More on 
    this next season.
    The Flower Festival in year 3 is the same as year 2.  Attend if you need a 
    boost to any girl's affection score.  You can once again use the festival to 
    quickly boost one of the girls' affection scores if you are married to Maria, 
    Nina, or Eve (see "Spring – Year 2" section for details).
    10.  S U M M E R  –   Y E A R   3                                         HM3A
    As the game comes to an end, your focus should be similar to last season.  Get 
    all your ducks in a row for the best endings and tie down any loose ends.  Here 
    are some final goals:
    - Make sure all cows are producing large milk
    - Make sure your wife is pregnant with her second child if it has not been
      born already
    - Continue improving happiness at the mountain
    - Sell at least 200+ corn and 200+ tomatoes if you have not already done so
    - Cover every square of the ranch with grass, crops, or fence pieces
    - Hug your dog at least 100 times
    As was the case in the spring, you may wish to plant crops strategically at 
    this point to ensure the best score and ending.  Below is how many crops you 
    need to have sold for both
                   Best Ending         Best Score
                   -----------         ----------
    Corn              200+             496-511 OR 1008-1023 OR 1520-1535
    Tomatoes          200+             496-511 OR 1008-1023 OR 1520-1535
    Assuming you followed the timing in this guide and your wife got pregnant again 
    in the winter, your second child should be born at some point this season.  As 
    was the case last time, do not stay with your wife.  Leave and make sure all 
    the livestock are fed for the day.  Even if your wife is not expected to give 
    birth before the end of the season, you will still receive credit for the 
    second child so long as she is pregnant with it.
    Once you get to around day 24 or 25, it's time to start covering the ranch with 
    as much grass as possible.  The reason for waiting this long was to avoid the 
    likely risk of hurricanes.  There is still a slim chance you will experience 
    one before day 29, so you may choose not to save in the diary each night before 
    The task is time consuming, but the goal is simple: make sure that every square 
    of the farm is covered with either a fence piece, crops, or grass.  Rocks, 
    weeds, and broken fence pieces do not count, so remove those if they exist.
    The grass planting will probably take at least 2-3 days given the limit on what 
    you can hold at one point.  Just be patient and make sure that no square is 
    missed, particularly in the nooks and crannies around the barn and other 
    One of the more obscure requirements for the best ending is that you hug your 
    dog at least 100 times.  A hug just means picking up the dog.  You can 
    accomplish this in a few minutes, so make sure it's crossed off the list before 
    the summer ends.
    During the last couple of weeks, run down this list and make sure as many are 
    completed as possible.  You will need these for the best score and ending, and 
    most can be significantly improved within a 10-day period.
    - 12 chickens
    - 12 cows
    - Wife is at least pregnant with second child, if it is not born
    - 900+ happiness
    - All girls' affection scores maximized
    - Any available Power Berries eaten
    - 100+ hugs to dog
    - Ranch is completely covered
    - 100,000 G saved
    If you missed any Power Berries, refer to the appendix for a complete list.  
    Six of the ten are available at this point if they were not collected 
    DAY 29
    Day 29 is the last playable day in the game, so say one last farewell to all 
    your friends in the town and mountain.  Unfortunately, they do not have any 
    special messages for you.  Some important things to keep in mind on this day:
    - Make sure all the cows are fed.  If any of them get sick, their affection
      score will take a hit, and this cannot be corrected before the ending
    - If married to anyone but Eve, make sure you go to bed with your wife.  If
      you come home late, the hit to affection score cannot be fixed before the
    - Since Eve's affection decreases even when you go to sleep with her, the only
      way to maintain her score for the ending is to go to bed in the middle of
      the day when she is out of the house
    Note that if you are shooting for a 999 ranch master score, you need to lower 
    your wife's affection to between 496 and 511.  You can do this on the final 
    night simply by entering and exiting the house repeatedly after she is asleep.  
    Her affection decreases by 2 points each time you do this.
    Your parents arrive the next morning, and the cut scenes that follow show 
    ending you have earned through two and a half years of toil.  Congratulations 
    on making it through Harvest Moon!
                                    A P P E N D I X
    The following appendix contains detailed information about many areas of 
    Harvest Moon.  Please be warned that this section contains major plot spoilers.
    1.  P O W E R   B E R R Y   L O C A T I O N S                             HM41
    Power Berries are the reddish, apple-like fruits that you find throughout the 
    game.  These berries increase your maximum stamina by 10 when eaten.  You can 
    see how many total Power Berries you have acquired by looking at the garden 
    north of Jack's house.  The number of flowers will equal the number of berries 
    |   |   Earliest you   |                                                     |
    | # |    can obtain    |                     Location                        |
    | 1 | Spring, Day 2    | Go fishing at the pond in the mountain.  Throw the  |
    |   | Year 1           | first fish you catch back into the pond and the     |
    |   |                  | Water Imp will appear, giving you a Power Berry.    |
    | 2 | Spring, Day 2    | Plow the ground on your farm.  A Power Berry        |
    |   | Year 1           | appears at random.                                  |
    | 3 | Spring, Day 2    | Chop the stumps at the mountain.  A Power Berry     |
    |   | Year 1           | appears at random underneath one.                   |
    | 4 | Spring, Day 2    | Break the chicken statue at the crossroads with the |
    |   | Year 1           | hammer.  This may take several attempts, but a      |
    |   |                  | Power Berry appears at random.                      |
    | 5 | Spring, Day 3    | This is the second berry found by plowing the       |
    |   | Year 1           | ground at the ranch.  It appears at random but not  |
    |   |                  | on the same day as the other berry.                 |
    | 6 | Fall, Day 1,     | In the fall, try to sell a chicken to the livestock |
    |   | Year 1           | dealer.  The Hawker appears on your farm and asks   |
    |   |                  | to trade the chicken for the Power Berry.           |
    | 7 | Fall, Day 12,    | Bring either a fish or the Fullmoon Berry to the    |
    |   | Year 1           | Harvest Festival.                                   |
    | 8 | Fall, Day 20,    | Win the egg hunt.  You may receive this prize in    |
    |   | Year 1 or 2      | year 1 or 2, and this is determined randomly.       |
    | 9 | Winter, Day 1,   | Visit the summit of the mountain and plant the Snow |
    |   | Year 1           | Gem that the peddler sold at the Flower Festival.   |
    |   |                  | Leave the screen and return, then pick up the berry.|
    | 10| Winter, Year 1   | At some point during the winter of year 1, an       |
    |   |                  | earthquake will occur.  Visit the mountain and you  |
    |   |                  | will notice that the area just above the entrance   |
    |   |                  | has opened.  Chop the stump right of the pond and   |
    |   |                  | drop down the hole to find a Power Berry.           |
    Based on the numbers above, the following Power Berries can be acquired at any 
    time in the game: Power Berries 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
    The following Power Berries can be acquired at any time after a certain date or 
    event: Power Berry 10 (after winter of year 1).
    The following Power Berries can only be acquired during a particular season: 
    Power Berry 6 (fall) and 9 (winter).  These berries are both missable after the 
    fall and winter of year 2.
    The following Power Berries can only be acquired on specific dates: Power 
    Berries 7 (Harvest Festival) and 8 (Egg Festival).  These berries are both 
    missable after the respective festivals in year 2.
    2.  S E C R E T   I T E M S   &   U P G R A D E S                         HM42
    There are several special items or tool upgrades that can be found throughout 
    the game.  Note that this section does contain SPOILERS, so be forewarned 
    before reading ahead.
    SPRINKLER         The sprinkler is sold at the tool shop beginning on day 20
                      of the first summer for 2000 G.  This is the special item
                      the tool shop owner says he's working on at the start of the
    GOLDEN SICKLE     During the summer of year 1, you will hear a loud noise at
                      the ranch one night.  The particular night is chosen at
                      random.  The carpenter will come by the next morning and
                      tell you to look around.  Visit the hollowed out tree and
                      jump into it.  You will run into a gnome who asks if you use
                      the sickle.  Respond to him affirmatively and he will leave
                      the golden sickle in the barn the next day.  If you screw up
                      the response and the gnome does not upgrade the sickle, it
                      will immediately be for sale at the tool shop for 2000 G.
    GOLDEN AXE        During the winter of year 1, you will hear a loud rumbling
                      one night.  The carpenter will come to the house the next
                      day and tell you to look around your ranch and the mountain.
                      The quake will have opened the mountain area just north of
                      the entrance that contains a pond and some stumps.  Equip
                      the axe and use it directly in front of the pond.  The
                      Goddess will then appear holding a golden axe and will ask
                      if it is yours.  If you tell the truth and say "No," she
                      will let you keep the golden axe.  If you say yes, she does
                      not give the upgrade.  She will never reappear after this
                      conversation, regardless of your choice.  If you screw up
                      the scene and miss the golden axe, it will immediately be
                      put up for sale at the tool shop for 200 G.
    GOLDEN HAMMER     Starting in the winter in year 1, one of the carpenters
                      will drop by on the first sunny Saturday and ask to borrow
                      your hammer.  You must have upgraded your house at least once
                      for this to occur.  If you lend it to him, he will place the
                      golden hammer in the shed the next morning.  If you do not
                      let him borrow it, the golden hammer will immediately be
                      placed for sale at the tool shop for 2000 G.
    GOLDEN HOE        During the fall of either year 1 or year 2, you will find an
                      injured gnome by the shipping bin who requests something to
                      eat.  If you bring him a mushroom from the mountain, he will
                      give you the golden hoe the next day.  This event will occur
                      if you have upgraded your house at least once and have
                      previously met the gnomes under the ranch.  It can happen as
                      early as day 2 of the fall.  The golden hoe is obviously much
                      more useful if you get it in year 1.
    SNOW GEM          Also called the Seed of the Snow Flower, this item can be
                      purchased from the peddler at the Flower Festival for
                      2000 G.  Plant the seed just below the northernmost part of
                      the mountain summit during the winter.  The seed will
                      immediately sprout into a flower and free a fairy, who gives
                      you a Power Berry.  You should be able to plant the seed on
                      any day of the season, although it does refuse to grow in
                      some instances.  I have tested this thoroughly and cannot
                      attribute it to any in-game event, so I assume it is a bug.
                      If this happens, just try to plant the seed again the next
                      day.  That will usually work.
    MAGIC BEANS       These beans are acquired by trading a cow with the hawker.
                      To make this trade, visit the livestock dealer in any season
                      during years 2 or 3 and tell him you want to sell a cow.
                      When you return to the ranch, the Hawker should show up and
                      offer to make the deal.  The Magic Beans can be planted on
                      the mountain summit just below the northernmost point of the
                      screen.  These beans MUST BE PLANTED IN THE SPRING.  I
                      emphasize this because it is crucial information that most
                      sources omit.  It also does not matter which day you plant
                      the beans (does not need to be Sunday), which is another
                      commonly repeated error.
                      Once planted, the seeds sprout slightly.  Leave the screen
                      and return to find a giant beanstalk.  Climb the beanstalk
                      and you will come out at a room in the clouds with a golden
                      chicken.  Tell the chicken you work hard when it asks, and
                      you will receive the Golden Egg.  After exiting the screen
                      (and regardless of the day), you immediately appear before
                      the peddler who pays you 10,000 G for the egg.
    CLOCK             The clock is a special item that you receive from the
                      carpenters if you upgrade your house once before the end of
                      the first summer.  The clock is physically placed on the
                      table in your house, but it somehow lets you see the time on
                      the menu screen each time you press the Select button.  This
                      comes in very handy when trying to be at the ranch before
                      5pm or making sure you arrive at festivals before 3pm.
    TURTLE SHELL      The Turtle Shell is one of the prizes you receive from
                      winning the egg hunt.  Whether you receive this or a Power
                      Berry as prize is determined at random, but you will
                      definitely receive it in the second year if you miss it in
                      the first.  It looks like a purple hump and is placed on the
                      table in your house.  The Turtle Shell supposedly protects
                      from disasters, but it will not prevent hurricanes from
                      occurring in the subsequent summer seasons or even reduce
                      their damage.  In all likelihood, this item is purely
                      decorative.  It does, however, contribute to your score at
                      the end.
    MONEY TREE        Once you have 30,000 G or more for the first time after year
                      2 begins, the Hawker will appear on your ranch and offer to
                      sell a "Money" Tree.  He can appear as early as day 2 of the
                      second spring.  If you pay him, the Hawker plants the tree
                      right in front of the cow barn.  The tree appears the next
                      day and is obviously not a money tree.  It is, however, a
                      tree of cow bells.  If you face the tree and press the A
                      button, it will ring the bells and recall any cows that you
                      have outside to the barn.  Since you shouldn't be keeping
                      cows outside, this item is mostly decorative.  There is no
                      real benefit to buying it and no penalty if you decline, so
                      it's up to you.  If you do decline the Hawker's offer, there
                      is no way to ever get this item.
    GOLDEN EGG        This is probably the rarest item in the game.  See the Magic
                      Beans description above for information on how to obtain
                      it.  The egg has no use other than being sold for 10,000 G.
                      Note that there is no penalty at all if you never acquire
                      this item.  It has no effect on the ending or any score, so
                      it is purely for amusement.  Do not feel compelled or
                      obligated to try to obtain it.
    3.  S T A M I N A   U S A G E                                             HM43
    The charts below summarize the effects on stamina of using tools and consuming 
    Tool                            Effect
    ----                            -------
    Magic Bean.........................0
    Snow Gem...........................0
    Cow Bell..........................-1
    Miracle Potion....................-1
    Chicken Feed......................-2
    Cow Feed..........................-2
    Watering Can (water and fill).....-2
    Golden Hammer.....................-4
    Golden Axe........................-8
    Golden Hoe........................-8
    Golden Sickle.....................-8
    Item                            Effect
    ----                            -------
    Poison Mushroom..................-10
    Wild Grapes...................... 10
    Tropical Fruit................... 10
    Mushroom......................... 10
    Fish............................. 10
    Lunch............................ 20
    Hot Springs...................... 24
    Dinner........................... 30
    Cake............................. 50
    Fullmoon Berry................... 50
    4.  S E L L I N G   P R I C E S                                           HM44
    The table below summarizes the prices paid for items by both the shipper and 
    the peddler.  The shipper visits the ranch at 5pm each day and pays you the 
    next morning for any items placed in one of the shipping bins.  The peddler 
    only appears on sunny Sundays in town.  To sell him an item, place it on the 
    table next to him.  Do not throw the item at him or it will be wasted.
    Item                 Shipper          Peddler
    ----                 -------          -------
    Small Milk.............150..............200
    Medium Milk............250..............300
    Large Milk.............350..............400
    Wild Grapes............150..............200
    Cave Herb..............200..............200
    Tropical Fruit.........200..............300
    Poisonous Mushroom.....200..............300
    Fullmoon Berry.........600..............600
    Golden Egg.............N/A...........10,000
    5.  T H E   H A W K E R                                                   HM45
    The Hawker is a wandering peddler who appears on your farm from time to time to 
    sell or swap goods.  There is a considerable amount of misinformation and 
    confusion regarding this character in various online sources.  None of the 
    Hawker's three appearances have anything to do with one another, so you can 
    ignore any source that says to accept one deal to prevent being denied another. 
    There is nothing mysterious or random about this fellow at all.  His actions 
    depend entirely on the season and year.
    Note that every one of the Hawker's offerings is unique and cannot be acquired 
    by other means in the game.  In other words, if you decline any of his trades, 
    you permanently miss out on the item.  In the case of the Power Berry, this 
    means you can never get the best ending.
    Below is a complete list of all the times this character will appear.
    |                     |   When does   |                                      |
    |        Event        |   it occur?   |            Description               |
    | Exchanges Power     | Fall of Year  | When you try to sell a chicken to    |
    | Berry for Chicken   | 1 or 2        | the livestock dealer in the fall,    |
    |                     |               | the Hawker will appear and ask to    |
    |                     |               | make the trade.  He never tries to   |
    |                     |               | make this trade again if you decline.|
    | Sells Money Tree    | Any season in | On the first sunny morning after     |
    |                     | Year 2 or 3   | year 2 begins that you wake up with  |
    |                     |               | 30,000 G or more, the Hawker will    |
    |                     |               | offer to sell the Money Tree for     |
    |                     |               | 20,000 G.  The earliest this can     |
    |                     |               | occur is day 2 of the second spring. |
    | Exchanges Magic     | Any season in | When you try to sell a cow to the    |
    | Beans for Cow       | Year 2 or 3   | livestock dealer in year 2 or 3, the |
    |                     |               | Hawker will appear and ask to make   |
    |                     |               | the trade.  He never tries to make   |
    |                     |               | this trade again if you decline.     |
    6.  R E L A T I O N S H I P S   &   A F F E C T I O N   S C O R E         HM46
    This section outlines the effects of conversations, gifts, and other actions on 
    the affection scores of the different girls in the game.  There is a specific 
    section dedicated to each girl as well.
    Conversations are the quickest and easiest way to raise a girl's affection 
    score.  However, they will only occur in certain seasons and at certain 
    locations.  The tables in the next two sections show the times and places where 
    these questions will be asked.  The specific questions and affection score 
    values are listed under each girl's individual section.
    Note that all girls have special conversations on Saturdays when their 
    affection is between 120 and 149 and again when it's between 150 and 200.  The 
    latter range results in questions, and these are listed in the section for each 
    girl.  Also, when affection score is between 200 and 249, the girls' parents 
    will have a special message for you (except for Nina's mother).  These 
    conversations do not impact affection score, so they are not included below.
    Gifts are also a good way to raise affection score, but the impact of the gifts 
    changes depending on where the girl is located.  Girls change their gift 
    preferences even more radically once married.  The specific values at each 
    location are listed for each girl.
    The single girls can be found at the following locations at these times.  They 
    will be at these spots in all four seasons.
    |    Time    |    Ann    |   Ellen    |    Eve     |   Maria    |    Nina    |
    | Weekday    | Inside    | In front of| Town       | In front   | Outside    |
    | Daytime    | tool shop | livestock  | Square     | of church  | flower     |
    |            |           | dealer     |            |            | shop       |
    | Weekday    | N/A       | Inside     | Inside     | N/A        | N/A        |
    | Night      |           | bar (1)    | bar        |            |            |
    | Weekday    | Back room | Inside     | N/A        | Bedroom in | Back room  |
    | Rain/Snow  | of tool   | restaurant |            | mayor's    | in flower  |
    |            | shop      | (2)        |            | house      | shop       |
    | Saturday   | In front  | Behind     | By hot     | Inside the | Inside     |
    | Daytime    | of tool   | livestock  | springs on | church     | mountain   |
    |            | shop      | dealer     | mountain   |            | cave       |
    | Saturday   | N/A       | N/A        | N/A        | Bedroom in | Inside     |
    | Rain/Snow  |           |            |            | mayor's    | mountain   |
    |            |           |            |            | house      | cave       |
    | Saturday   | N/A       | Inside     | Inside     | N/A        | N/A        |
    | Night      |           | bar        | bar        |            |            |
    | Sunday     | In church | In church  | Bathing in | In church  | Top left   |
    | Daytime    |           |            | hot springs|            | corner of  |
    |            |           |            |            |            | mountain   |
    | Sunday     | N/A       | N/A        | N/A        | N/A        | N/A        |
    | Rain/Snow  |           |            |            |            |            |
    | Sunday     | N/A       | N/A        | N/A        | N/A        | N/A        |
    | Night      |           |            |            |            |            |
    (1) Spring and fall only
    (2) During winter, in back room.
    During some seasons, the girls will ask questions.  These questions are 
    valuable for raising affection score.  Below are seasons where questions will 
    be asked.  Combine this table with the one above to find the appropriate season 
    and location for raising affection score through conversation.
    |    Time    |    Ann    |   Ellen    |    Eve     |   Maria    |    Nina    |
    | Weekday    | Summer &  | Spring &   | None       | Spring &   | Summer &   |
    | Daytime    | Winter    | Fall       |            | Fall       | Winter     |
    | Weekday    | None      | None       | Spring &   | None       | None       |
    | Night      |           |            | Winter (1) |            |            |
    | Weekday    | None      | None       | None       | None       | None       |
    | Rain/Snow  |           |            |            |            |            |
    | Saturday   | None      | All        | All        | None       | None       |
    | Daytime    |           | seasons    | seasons    |            |            |
    | Saturday   | None      | None       | None       | None       | None       |
    | Rain/Snow  |           |            |            |            |            |
    | Saturday   | None      | None       | Spring &   | None       | None       |
    | Night      |           |            | Winter (1) |            |            |
    | Sunday     | All       | None       | All        | All        | Winter     |
    | Daytime    | seasons   |            | seasons (2)| seasons    |            |
    | Sunday     | None      | None       | None       | None       | None       |
    | Rain/Snow  |           |            |            |            |            |
    | Sunday     | None      | None       | None       | None       | None       |
    | Night      |           |            |            |            |            |
    (1) In the winter, Eve will just serve you juice.  This increases your
        affection score by 2 points each time.  Unlike with questions, you do not
        need to enter and exit the room to continue receiving points.
    (2) Occurs randomly.
    Ann is the tomboyish, red-haired girl who lives at the tool shop.  She enjoys 
    tinkering with machines and creating new inventions, though she is seldom 
    successful.  Ann enjoys cooking as well, but she does not seem to have much 
    talent there either.  As a wife, Ann will spend her free time in the tool shed 
    working on new contraptions like an auto-milker and yogurt maker (she is never 
    SUMMER, WEEKDAYS – In tool shop
    "It'll be showcased at the shop one of these days so please try it"
     > "Hum"                 +8 affection
     > "I don't want it"     +2 affection
    WINTER, WEEKDAYS – In tool shop
    "Aren't I acting like a girl?"
     > "No, not at all"      +8 affection
     > "Not that bad"        +2 affection
    ALL SEASONS, SUNDAYS – In church
    "Ho hum... it's boring, isn't it?"
     > "Yes"                 +4 affection
     > "Not really"          +1 affection
    ALL SEASONS, SATURDAYS – In front of tool shop (affection score is 150-200)
    "Hello! Hey, look at this! This is the automatic pudding maker! I've put eggs 
    and milk in here. Now all you have to do is turn it on.  Do it!"
     > "Push"                +10 affection
     > "I don't want to"     +2 affection
    The table below shows the impact of gifts when at specific locations.  The 
    locations are defined below and are different for each girl.  Ann is the only 
    girl who has two different gift value sets when married.  Also, Ann develops a 
    peculiar indifference to mushrooms when married, despite liking them when 
                            Single         Single         Wife           Wife
    Gift                  Location 1     Location 2     Location 3     Location 4
    ----                  ----------     ----------     ----------     ----------
    Cake                      6              5              8              5
    Flower                    2              2              8              8
    Turnip                    6              5              5              5
    Potato                    6              5              5              5
    Tomato                    6              5              5              5
    Corn                      6              5              5              5
    Egg                       6              5              5              5
    Small Milk                6              5              5              5
    Medium Milk               6              5              5              5
    Large Milk                6              5              5              5
    Wild Grapes               6              5              5              5
    Tropical Fruit            6              5              5              5
    Mushroom                  6              5              0              0
    Fish                      6              5              0              5
    Cave Herb                 0              0              0              0
    Fodder                    0              0              0              0
    Weeds                    -2             -2             -4             -6
    P. Mushroom              -8             -8             -8             -6
    Fullmoon Berry            6              5              5              5
    Location 1 = Front room of tool shop or Ann's bedroom
    Location 2 = Outside in front of tool shop or inside church
    Location 3 = Inside Jack's house
    Location 4 = Inside tool shed
    The following table shows the impact of certain events if Ann is single or your 
    wife.  Note that AS stands for Affection Score.
    Event                                     Single       Wife
    -----                                     ------       ----
    Talk (AS is 0-100)                          8           4
    Talk (AS is 101-150)                        8           4
    Talk (AS is 151-300)                       12           4
    Talk (AS is 300+)                          15           4
    Dance                                      30          30
    Rose Perfume                                3           3
    Lilac Perfume                               6           6
    Violet Perfume                             15          15
    "Yes" to request                            8           8
    "No" to request                             2           2
    Dance                                      30          30
    Talk after contest                         10          10
    Visit location                             30          30
    Talk                                       NA          NA
    SPECIAL EVENT                              50          NA
    Go to bed with wife                        NA           2
    Go to bed before wife                      NA           0
    Come home when wife is asleep              NA          -2
    Wife comes home after leaving              NA         100
    Stay with wife during birth                NA          50
    Visit another girl during Star Night       NA         -30
    This event occurs once you have an affection score of 200 (or 4 hearts in the 
    diary).  It will only occur while you are still single.
    Ann will come to your ranch and tell you her weathercock (wind vane) is 
    missing.  It can be found in your chicken coop, and usually appears in the same 
    spot as an egg.  After picking it up, you immediately appear before Ann for a 
    quick scene, then the day ends.  Be sure to do all your daily chores before 
    retrieving the weathercock.
    Ann will be at the Spa and has the following messages based on her affection 
    score or if she is your wife.
    Affection Score is:
    - 0-200:   Ann enjoys watching stars while taking a hot springs bath.
    - 201-300: Ann figures you think she's a monkey or something
    - 300+:    Ann comments that people don't usually meet at the spa late at
               night and is nervous.  She scolds you for not listening...
    - Married: Ann says the springs feel good and are the best spot.
    Ellen is the brown-haired girl who gives you the dog on the second day and 
    lives at the restaurant.  She is usually found around the livestock dealer and 
    is a huge animal lover.  Her uncle is the livestock dealer and her father is 
    the town drunk, who she worries about considerably.  Ellen is also an excellent 
    cook, largely due to her working at the restaurant.  Although she seems to have 
    short hair when single, she lets it down when married.  As your wife, Ellen is 
    surprisingly domesticated and spends the days just outside the cow barn, 
    usually expressing concern about the dog or horse.
    SPRING, WEEKDAYS – In front of livestock dealer
    "Hey, do you like animals?"
     > "I love them"             +8 affection
     > "I don't like them"       +2 affection
    FALL, WEEKDAYS – In front of livestock dealer
    "Hey, do you like sweets?"
     > "I love them"             +8 affection
     > "Not really"              +2 affection
    ALL SEASON, SATURDAYS – Behind livestock dealer
    "My uncle liked you. Please make friends with him. OK?"
     > "OK"                      +8 affection
     > "No"                      +2 affection
    ALL SEASONS, SATURDAYS – Behind livestock dealer (affection score is 150-200)
    "Hey, I baked a new cake. Will you have a bite?"
     > "Yes"                     +10 affection
     > "No"                      +2 affection
    The table below shows the impact of gifts at specific locations.  Despite many 
    tips telling you to try it, Ellen's affection score cannot be raised when she 
    is at the bar at night.
                            Single         Single         Single          Wife
    Gift                  Location 1     Location 2     Location 3     Location 4
    ----                  ----------     ----------     ----------     ----------
    Cake                      0              0              0              6
    Flower                    5              0              0              6
    Turnip                    6              5              0              6
    Potato                    6              5              0              6
    Tomato                    6              5              0              6
    Corn                      6              5              0              6
    Egg                       8              8              0              4
    Small Milk                8              8              0              4
    Medium Milk               8              8              0              4
    Large Milk                8              8              0              4
    Wild Grapes               6              5              0              6
    Tropical Fruit            6              5              0              6
    Mushroom                  6              5              0              6
    Fish                      6              5              0              6
    Cave Herb                 0              0              0              0
    Fodder                    0              0              0              0
    Weeds                    -4             -2              0             -4
    P. Mushroom              -8             -8              0             -8
    Fullmoon Berry            6              5              0              6
    Location 1 = In front of livestock dealer or in front room of restaurant
    Location 2 = Behind livestock deal
    Location 3 = Bar at night or back room of restaurant
    Location 4 = Inside Jack's house or outside barn
    The following table shows the impact of certain events if Ellen is single or 
    your wife.  Note that AS stands for Affection Score.
    Event                                     Single       Wife
    -----                                     ------       ----
    Talk (AS is 0-100)                          8           8
    Talk (AS is 101-150)                       12          12
    Talk (AS is 151-300)                       12          12
    Talk (AS is 300+)                          15          15
    Dance                                      30          30
    Rose Perfume                               15          15
    Lilac Perfume                               8           8
    Violet Perfume                              6           6
    "Yes" to request                            8           8
    "No" to request                             2           2
    Dance                                      30          30
    Talk after contest                         10          10
    Visit location                             30          30
    Talk                                       NA          NA
    SPECIAL EVENT                              50          NA
    Go to bed with wife                        NA           2
    Go to bed before wife                      NA           0
    Come home when wife is asleep              NA          -2
    Wife comes home after leaving              NA         100
    Stay with wife during birth                NA          50
    Visit another girl during Star Night       NA         -30
    * If you are married to Eve, Ellen's affection score is increased 
      by 4 each time you speak with her.  This can be repeated infinitely.
    This event occurs once you have an affection score of 200 (or 4 hearts in the 
    diary).  It will only occur while you are still single.
    Ellen will come to your farm and tell you that P-Chan, her pet bird, is 
    missing.  The bird can be found near the fishing pond on the mountain.  
    Approach it and press the A-button, then Ellen will appear.  She decides to let 
    P-Chan free, but is happy that you found him.  The day ends immediately after 
    the bird is found, so make sure to do all your chores first.  You can still 
    experience this event at night.
    Ellen will be at the Public Square and has the following messages based on her 
    affection score or if she is your wife.
    Affection Score is:
    - 0-200:   Ellen feels like she's floating when she closes her eyes.
    - 201-300: Ellen prays for everyone's health and... a secret.
    - 300+:    Ellen realizes how improbable it is to find the right person and
               is thankful she has you.
    - Married: Ellen wonders if the stars will still shine when you become old.
    Eve is the blonde girl who works at the bar.  Eve has no parents that we know 
    of, and her closest relative is the hunter in the mountain.  In her free time, 
    she enjoys nature, nude baths in the hot springs, and fermenting her own 
    "juice."  Eve is outgoing and flirtatious, but she does have abandonment issues 
    and easily becomes lonely.  As a wife, Eve is very hard to keep happy.  She 
    carries her abandonment issues into the relationship and actually loses 
    affection for you if you go to sleep with her.  You will need to give her gifts 
    regularly to maintain her happiness.  In her free time, Eve will ferment her 
    own juice in the tool shed.
    SPRING, WEEKDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS – At bar (affection score 0-119 or 200+)
    "It's my home made fruit juice. Do you want it?"
     > "Yes"              +4 affection
     > "No thank you"     +8 affection
    WINTER, WEEKDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS – At bar (affection score 0-119 or 200+)
    "Wasn't it cold outside? When it's cold, you better drink and warm your body
     from the inside"
     > +2 affection each time you talk
    ALL SEASONS, Saturdays – Mountain, near hot springs*
    "Oh, what a coincidence to meet you here"
     > "Yes"              +2 affection
     > "No"               +8 affection
    ALL SEASONS, SUNDAYS – In hot springs (random)
    "You are pretty daring, aren't you? Shall I wash your back?"
     > "Yes"              +8 affection
     > "N..N..No"         +2 affection
    ALL SEASONS, WEEKDAYS AND SATURDAYS – At bar (affection score is 150-200)
    "I couldn't stand to be alone in that huge place. Don't you feel lonely?"
     > "Sometimes"        +8 affection
     > "Not at all"       +2 affection
    * You can reset Eve's dialogue switch by giving her a gift on the mountain,
      allowing you to have unlimited conversations without leaving the screen.
      This works in any season except winter and can be done by giving her a weed
      "gift."  The weed will lower her affection by 2 points, but the conversation
      can raise it by 8 points.  This can even be done once it gets dark.
    The table below shows the impact of gifts when at specific locations.  When 
    both married and single, Eve has a strong aversion to fish.
                            Single         Single         Single          Wife
    Gift                  Location 1     Location 2     Location 3     Location 4
    ----                  ----------     ----------     ----------     ----------
    Cake                      8              8              6              8
    Flower                    8              8              6              8
    Turnip                    3              5              4              4
    Potato                    3              5              4              4
    Tomato                    3              5              4              4
    Corn                      3              5              4              4
    Egg                       3              5              4              4
    Small Milk                3              5              4              4
    Medium Milk               3              5              4              4
    Large Milk                3              5              4              4
    Wild Grapes               3              5              4              4
    Tropical Fruit            3              5              4              4
    Mushroom                  3              5              4              4
    Fish                     -8             -8             -8             -8
    Cave Herb                 0              0              0              0
    Fodder                    0              0              0              0
    Weeds                    -2             -4             -2             -4
    P. Mushroom              -8             -8             -8             -8
    Fullmoon Berry            3              5              4              4
    Location 1 = Bar
    Location 2 = Town Square
    Location 3 = Mountain
    Location 4 = Inside Jack's house or the tool shed
    The following table shows the impact of certain events if Eve is single or your 
    wife.  Note that AS stands for Affection Score.
    Event                                     Single       Wife
    -----                                     ------       ----
    Talk (AS is 0-100)                          8           0
    Talk (AS is 101-150)                        8           0
    Talk (AS is 151-300)                       12           0
    Talk (AS is 300+)                          15           0
    Dance                                      30          30
    Rose Perfume                               12          12
    Lilac Perfume                               4           4
    Violet Perfume                              8           8
    "Yes" to request                            8           8
    "No" to request                             2           2
    Dance                                      30          30
    Talk after contest                         NA          NA
    Visit location                             30          30
    Talk                                       10          10
    SPECIAL EVENT                              50          NA
    Go to bed with wife                        NA          -2
    Go to bed before wife                      NA           0
    Come home when wife is asleep              NA          -2
    Wife comes home after leaving              NA         100
    Stay with wife during birth                NA          50
    Visit another girl during Star Night       NA         -30
    This event occurs once you have an affection score of 200 (or 4 hearts in the 
    diary).  It will only occur while you are still single.
    The carpenter races to your farm first thing and tells you that the hunter is 
    trapped in the mountain cave.  Do your daily chores first, then bring the 
    hammer and head to the mountain.  The hunter is in the back near the cave 
    herbs, and you must clear away a few rocks to get to him.  After freeing him, 
    Eve reiterates how worried she is and thanks you for the rescue.
    Eve will be at the bar and has the following messages based on her affection 
    score or if she is your wife.
    Affection Score is:
    - 0-200:   Eve cheers to the beautiful night sky.
    - 201-300: Eve cheers to the stars for the fate of having met you.
    - 300+:    Eve is glad you came and wants to spend time with you next year.
    - Married: Eve says you are late but wants you to join the fun.
    Maria is the blue-haired, religious girl who is often found around the church.  
    Maria is the mayor's daughter, and she enjoys reading, children, and playing 
    the organ.  She is an obvious goody-goody and is probably the most upright girl 
    in the game.  As a wife, Maria does chores around the barn and makes mostly 
    abstract comments about the time or weather.
    SPRING, WEEKDAYS – In front of church
    "Do you believe in God?"
     > "Yes"                 +8 affection
     > "No"                  +2 affection
    FALL, WEEKDAYS – In front of church
    "....Excuse me, do you love kids?"
     > "I love kids"         +8 affection
     > "Not really"          +2 affection
    ALL SEASONS, SUNDAYS – In church
    "Oh, you have come to listen to the priest"
     > "Yes"                 +4 affection
     > "No"                  +1 affection
    ALL SEASONS, SATURDAYS – Inside church (affection score is 150-200)
    "Aren't you lonely living in that big place?"
     > "A little lonely"     +10 affection
     > "No, not at all"      +2 affection
    The table below shows the impact of gifts when at specific locations.  Maria 
    does not have any strong affections for anything until she is married
                            Single         Single         Wife
    Gift                  Location 1     Location 2     Location 3
    ----                  ----------     ----------     ----------
    Cake                      3              3              8
    Flower                    4              4              8
    Turnip                    5              5              4
    Potato                    5              5              4
    Tomato                    5              5              4
    Corn                      5              5              4
    Egg                       5              5              4
    Small Milk                5              5              4
    Medium Milk               5              5              4
    Large Milk                5              5              4
    Wild Grapes               5              3              4
    Tropical Fruit            5              3              4
    Mushroom                  5              3              4
    Fish                      0              3              4
    Cave Herb                 0              0              0
    Fodder                    0              0              0
    Weeds                    -2             -2             -4
    P. Mushroom              -8             -8             -6
    Fullmoon Berry            5              3              4
    Location 1 = In front of church (sweeping) or inside church
    Location 2 = Inside bedroom in mayor's house
    Location 3 = Inside Jack's house or outside barn
    The following table shows the impact of certain events if Maria is single or 
    your wife.  Note that AS stands for Affection Score.
    Event                                     Single       Wife
    -----                                     ------       ----
    Talk (AS is 0-100)                          8           4
    Talk (AS is 101-150)                        8           4
    Talk (AS is 151-300)                       12           4
    Talk (AS is 300+)                          15           4
    Dance                                      30          30
    Rose Perfume                                5           5
    Lilac Perfume                              15          15
    Violet Perfume                              8           8
    "Yes" to request                            8           8
    "No" to request                             2           2
    Dance                                      30          30
    Talk after contest                         NA          NA
    Visit location                             30          30
    Talk                                       10          10
    SPECIAL EVENT                              50          NA
    Go to bed with wife                        NA           2
    Go to bed before wife                      NA           0
    Come home when wife is asleep              NA          -2
    Wife comes home after leaving              NA         100
    Stay with wife during birth                NA          50
    Visit another girl during Star Night       NA         -30
    * When married, you can talk to Maria repeatedly at the Flower Festival for 4
      affection points each time.
    This event occurs once you have an affection score of 200 (or 4 hearts in the 
    diary).  It will only occur while you are still single.
    The mayor comes to your house and tells you that Maria is missing.  Maria is 
    hiding out in the carpenters' house on the mountain.  Finish your chores for 
    the day, then head over there before 5pm.  Maria may remain missing for several 
    days, and you won't be able to find her on the weekends.  Once you enter the 
    carpenters' house, they initially try to conceal her, but Maria appears and 
    heads home.
    Maria will be at the church and has the following messages based on her 
    affection score or if she is your wife.
    Affection Score is:
    - 0-200:   Maria hopes to have a good dream.
    - 201-300: Maria wishes she can spend some time with you next year.
    - 300+:    Maria asks you to see the stars with her after church.
    - Married: Maria hopes everyone is happy and wants to go home after
               seeing the stars.
    Nina is the pink-haired girl who lives at the flower shop.  Nina loves flowers 
    and nature and is very in touch with the earth.  She spends her free time in 
    the mountain and the cave.  Nina is a free spirit and, along with Eve, is one 
    of the two girls who does not attend church on Sunday.  As a wife, Nina spends 
    time around the barn doing laundry and folding clothes.  She often comments on 
    flowers, grass, or the wildlife on the mountain.
    SUMMER, WEEKDAYS – In front of flower shop
    "Hello. Do you like flowers?"
     > "Yes"                  +8 affection
     > "Not really"           +2 affection
    WINTER, WEEKDAYS – In front of flower shop
    "Do you believe that there is a flower which blooms in winter?"
     > "Yes"                  +8 affection
     > "You're kidding?"      +2 affection
    WINTER, SUNDAYS – At mountain
    "Plants are alive under the snow. Isn't it wonderful?"
     > "Wonderful"            +4 affection
     > "So?"                  +1 affection
    ALL SEASONS, SATURDAY – In mountain cave (affection score is 150-200)
    "I heard there was the 'Secret Garden' in the ranch  Is it so? I want to go
     see it"
     > "OK"                   +10 affection
     > "I don't want to go"   +2 affection
    The table below shows the impact of gifts when at specific locations.  Nina 
    gets very upset if you pick cave herbs, so never give those to her as gifts.  
    She also hates flowers of any kind when married.  She is oddly open to poison 
    mushrooms when married, however, and is the only girl in the game to respond 
    favorably when given one.
                            Single         Single         Single          Wife
    Gift                  Location 1     Location 2     Location 3     Location 4
    ----                  ----------     ----------     ----------     ----------
    Cake                      8              8              8              8
    Flower                    6              4              4             -8
    Turnip                    4              3              2              5
    Potato                    4              3              2              5
    Tomato                    4              3              2              5
    Corn                      4              3              2              5
    Egg                       4              3              2              5
    Small Milk                4              3              2              5
    Medium Milk               4              3              2              5
    Large Milk                4              3              2              5
    Wild Grapes               4              3              2              5
    Tropical Fruit            4              3              2              5
    Mushroom                  4              3              2              5
    Fish                      4              3              2              0
    Cave Herb                -6             -6             -6              0
    Fodder                    0              0              0              0
    Weeds                    -4             -4             -4             -4
    P. Mushroom              -4             -4             -4              5
    Fullmoon Berry            8              8              8              8
    Location 1 = Outside flower shop
    Location 2 = At mountain or inside mountain cave
    Location 3 = Inside bedroom at flower shop
    Location 4 = Inside Jack's house or outside barn
    The following table shows the impact of certain events if Nina is single or 
    your wife.  Note that AS stands for Affection Score.
    Event                                     Single       Wife
    -----                                     ------       ----
    Talk (AS is 0-100)                          8           4
    Talk (AS is 101-150)                        8           4
    Talk (AS is 151-300)                       12           4
    Talk (AS is 300+)                          15           4
    Dance                                      30          30
    Rose Perfume                                8           8
    Lilac Perfume                               8           8
    Violet Perfume                              8           8
    "Yes" to request                            8           8
    "No" to request                             2           2
    Dance                                      30          30
    Talk after contest                         10          10
    Visit location                             30          30
    Talk                                       NA          NA
    SPECIAL EVENT                              50          NA
    Go to bed with wife                        NA           2
    Go to bed before wife                      NA           0
    Come home when wife is asleep              NA          -2
    Wife comes home after leaving              NA         100
    Stay with wife during birth                NA          50
    Visit another girl during Star Night       NA         -30
    * When married, you can talk to Nina repeatedly at the Flower Festival for 4
      affection points each time.
    This event occurs once you have an affection score of 200 (or 4 hearts in the 
    diary).  It will only occur while you are still single.
    Ann's father comes to the ranch in a panic.  Nina went to the mountain to 
    retrieve an herb for her sick mother and hasn't returned.  After doing your 
    chores, equip the hammer and head over to the cave.  Break the rocks and talk 
    to Nina.  She asks for an herb.  Bring her one and she recovers, thanking you 
    for helping her.
    Nina will be at the mountain and has the following messages based on her 
    affection score or if she is your wife.
    Affection Score is:
    - 0-200:   Nina says she sees a shooting star every year and asks you to
               keep the place a secret.
    - 201-300: Nina asks if you made a wish and says her wish is a secret.
    - 300+:    Nina looks forward to the shooting star every year but is much
               happier with you.
    - Married: Nina hopes she can see stars with you every year.
    7.  D E V E L O P M E N T   R A T E   S C O R E                           HM47
    Development rate is one of the statistics presented at the end of the game.  It 
    measures the percent of your ranch that is covered or "developed," and the 
    score ranges from 0-100%.  Development rate only takes into account free 
    squares that you can interact with.  Squares occupied by buildings, immovable 
    structures, or any other permanent object do not count.  A square is considered 
    "developed" if it is free and you cover it with crops, grass, or a piece of 
    fence.  The table below summarizes which objects affect the ranch development 
    |       Counts Towards Score         |    Does NOT Count Towards Score    |
    | - Crops                            | - Buildings or natural structures  |
    | - Grass                            | - House upgrades                   |
    | - Fence                            | - Large or small rocks             |
    |                                    | - Stumps                           |
    |                                    | - Weeds                            |
    |                                    | - Broken fence pieces              |
    |                                    | - Money Tree                       |
    Overall, the ranch measures 60 squares horizontally by 57 squares vertically.  
    Within that space, 2968 squares can be covered or developed by you.  The 
    formula for calculating the Development Rate is the following:
       Development Rate = ROUNDDOWN("Developed Squares" / 29.5) * 100
    | EXAMPLE                                                                    |
    | Let's say your farm has 60 fence pieces to start, and you plant 3 patches  |
    | of crops in a "C" formation and 2 patches of grass in the 3x3 formation.   |
    | The number of squares of crops planted is 3*8 or 24.  The number of squares|
    | of grass is 3*9 or 27.  The total number of developed squares is           |
    | 60+24+27=111.  To calculate the Development Rate, we divide the 111 by 29.5|
    | to get 3.763.  This is rounded down to 3.  After multiplying by 100, we    |
    | have a Development Rate of 3%... still a long way to go.                   |
    You reach a 100% development rate with 2950 squares covered.  This means you 
    can have 18 free squares (or two 3x3 blocks) and still receive a perfect score.
    Covering the entire farm is an extremely daunting task.  The cheapest way to do 
    this is with fence pieces, but it is completely unmanageable in the event that 
    one piece breaks.  And you have no way of accessing it for repairs.  You COULD 
    wait until Day 29 of summer in year 3 to cover the farm with fence pieces, as 
    this would assure none are broken.  However, covering the farm with fence takes 
    many hours of time, both in chopping lumber and in positioning the pieces.  It 
    is a very undesirable choice if you have an alternative.  Crops are an equally 
    unmanageable choice, and they're expensive in addition.
    The best, although most expensive, method is to cover the farm with grass.  You 
    can keep certain squares occupied by crops and fence pieces, but fill in all 
    the others, including those around your house and between crops, with grass 
    seed.  This actually looks quite nice when the grass blooms, but it costs a 
    small fortune -– roughly 175,000 G.  That's right, you need about 330 bags of 
    grass in total, and this doesn't factor in overlap, screw ups, or natural 
    damage.  It is certainly possible to save up enough money for this, and you may 
    wish to make grass planting a dedicated project in the spring or summer of year 
    3.  Regardless of your tactic, reaching a 100% development rate is a very time-
    consuming task.
    8.  H A P P I N E S S   S C O R E                                         HM48
    Happiness is another score you receive at the end of the game, and it has been 
    mentioned throughout this document extensively.  The maximum happiness score is 
    999.  In general, happiness reflects Jack's overall well-being and 
    contentedness.  It is closely related to his work on the ranch, but it also 
    takes into account the effects of nature, family, and people that don't 
    directly result in money or a tangible reward.  Happiness is tracked throughout 
    the game and cannot normally be viewed (although you can see it by using the 
    ending cheat mentioned in the Tips and Tricks section).  
    There are many possible ways to reach a maximum score.  The list below shows 
    all the items that affect happiness.  I have classified these items into 
    general categories to make it easier to follow.  All the values listed below 
    show the effect on happiness EACH TIME the event occurs.  For example, if you 
    visit the mountain and catch a fish, you will receive 2 points of additional 
    happiness for each one.
    See birds in morning                     2
    See frog in cut grass                    2
    Catch fish                               2
    See squirrel in spring                  10
    See rabbit in fall                      10
    See fox in winter                       10
    Receive dog from Ellen                  10
    Find horse                              10
    Get married                             50
    Give wife gift on anniversary           30
    Wife leaves you                        -50
    First child is born                     50
    Second child is born                   100
    Give any family member cake
     on first child's birthday              10
    Give wife cake on second
     child's birthday                       30
    Buy chicken                             10
    Buy cow                                 20
    Sell chicken / give to Hawker          -20
    Sell cow / give to Hawker              -50
    Chicken eaten by wild dogs             -30
    Cow becomes sick                       -30
    Cow dies                              -100
    Incubate chicken egg                     5
    Baby cow is born                        70
    Buy rice balls at Harvest Festival       1
    Buy dumplings at Harvest Festival        3
    Win egg hunt (Turtle Shell)             80
    Win egg hunt (Power Berry)              30
    Receive cake from a girl at
     Thanksgiving Festival                  10
    Receive cake from wife on
     Thanksgiving Festival                  30
    Eat Power Berry                         10
    First house upgrade                     50
    Second house upgrade                   100
    Paint house (each stroke)               10
    Read girl's diary                       -1
    Gnome upgrades sickle                   20
    Gnome does not upgrade sickle          -10
    Give injured gnome mushroom             20
    Give injured gnome poison mushroom     -20
    Give injured gnome anything else         0
    Tell truth about axe                    20
    Lie about axe                          -30
    Let carpenter borrow hammer             20
    Do not let carpenter borrow hammer     -20
    Give egg to fortuneteller's
     granddaughter when she asks            30
    Do not give the fortuneteller's
     granddaughter an egg and be on
     the ranch at 6pm                       -5
    Cards drawn at New Year's Festival
     Excellent luck card                    30
     Luck card                              10
     Misfortune card                       -20
     No pick                                 0
    Catch Rabbit in the Mountain
     "Let it Loose" and pay                 50
     "Let it Loose" and don't pay            0
     "Just Watching"                       -10
    Winter Day 30
     Talk to townsfolk (see below)           5
    New Year's Eve (day 30 of winter) is a special day of the year where just the 
    sound of the townspeople's voices is enough to increase happiness to infinity 
    (or 999 in the Harvest Moon world).  Most likely this is a bug, but speaking 
    with the people on this festive day increases your happiness by 5 points EACH 
    TIME.  This means that you can engage in a few minutes of chatting and quickly 
    max this stat.
    Only certain messages will trigger this boost to happiness, and they are all 
    listed below.  Some townspeople have multiple messages, so talk to them a few 
    times until they say the special New Year's one.  
    From a strategy standpoint, the quickest way to boost happiness is by talking 
    to the Restaurant Owner, Mayor, or Shipper's Apprentice, all of whom say: "The 
    year is coming to a close."  This message only takes up a single screen, so you 
    can easily reach 999 happiness in about 2-3 minutes just by button mashing.
    "Hello! Was it a good year for you? Try our best next year too."
    "The fisherman will be back here soon from a warm place."
    "My annual event at the beginning of the year is to see the first sunrise."
    "You can plow the field before spring. But I hear it's a little damaged when it 
    comes to spring. "
    "Hey the long winter is finally over. Animals looks so happy when springs comes 
    "Spring is New Year in this area. 1st day of Spring is New Year's Day."
    "The year is coming to a close."
    "We are happy to live in health this whole year." 
    "Spring is finally returning. We'll sell seeds again at the shop so dropby." 
    "You should pick a target for next year."
    "This is the last juice to drink seeing snow this year. Well, we can drink 
    juice again seeing flowers soon." 
    "I'll do the first fortune-telling at the mountain top."
    "Thank you very much for everything this year. I'll do my best next year too."
    The New Year's Eve glitch mentioned above is by far the easiest way to boost 
    your happiness.  It is, however, almost certainly a glitch, so keep reading if 
    you have any ethical issues about using this method.
    If you're looking for an easy way to maximize happiness throughout the rest of 
    the year, look no further than the mountain.  Visit the mountain each day 
    during the spring, fall, or winter and you can earn up to 300 happiness per 
    season just from viewing the animals.  Of course, since there are holidays and 
    rainy/snowy days where animals cannot be viewed, you should assume the 
    realistic number is more like 220 per season.
    In addition to the mountain, the second best way to raise happiness is to give 
    your wife gifts on your anniversary.  You receive 30 points for each gift you 
    give her on your first or second anniversary.  She will give have a special 
    message after receiving a gift on that day, which indicates that you earned the 
    happiness boost.  The best way to take advantage of your anniversary is to give 
    her as many eggs from the chicken coop as you can.  It is possible to give her 
    12 eggs in a single day (especially if she hangs out near the barn in the 
    afternoon) for a happiness boost of 360.
    Based on how you play the game using the events detailed above, you should be 
    able to gauge what else is needed to reach 999 happiness.  As a rule of thumb, 
    you do not need to focus on your happiness score until year 2.  Focus instead 
    on earning money in the first year and ignore any impact on happiness.  It is 
    easy enough to reach 999 happiness before the end of the game even if you begin 
    the second year with 0 points.
    9.  R A N C H   M A S T E R   S C O R E                                   HM49
    Ranch master is really the "ultimate" score in the game.  It takes into account 
    both the development rate and happiness scores and adds in many other 
    productivity factors.  The maximum ranch master score is 999.
    Unlike happiness, ranch master is not tracked throughout the game; it is 
    calculated at the very end based on the numerical progress you have made in 
    numerous categories.  Also unlike happiness, there are not multiple ways to 
    reach a 999 ranch score.  There is only one exact method, and you need to play 
    almost perfectly to achieve this total.
    Before going any further, I think it is important to point out that it is 
    nearly impossible to reach a perfect score in the course of a normal game 
    without being aware of the scoring criteria below.  I believe this is due to 
    several bugs in the game's calculations.  The game gives more points for lower 
    values in some categories than it does for higher ones, which is likely due to 
    errors in the algorithm when values contain more than one byte in the memory.  
    More on this is discussed below.
    Below is a list of the categories that effect the ranch master score and their 
    maximum impact on the final value.
    Category                  Effect on RM Value                  Max RM Value
    --------                  ------------------                  -------------
    Money                     1 pt for every 1280 G                    78
    Cows                      3 pts per cow owned                      36
    Chickens                  3 pts per chicken owned                  36
    Stamina                   5 pts per eaten Power Berry              50
    Tomatoes*                 1 pt per 16 crops sold                   31
    Corn*                     1 pt per 16 crops sold                   31
    Potatoes*                 1 pt per 16 crops sold                   31
    Turnips*                  1 pt per 16 crops sold                   31
    Cow Affection             1 pt per 8 affection per cow            300
    Maria's Affection*        1 pt per 16 affection                    31
    Ann's Affection*          1 pt per 16 affection                    31
    Nina's Affection*         1 pt per 16 affection                    31
    Ellen's Affection*        1 pt per 16 affection                    31
    Eve's Affection*          1 pt per 16 affection                    31
    House Upgrade 1           16 if upgrade made                       16
    House Upgrade 2           16 if upgrade made                       16
    Clock                     22 if you have it                        22
    Turtle Shell              21 if you have it                        21
    Married                   32 if you are                            32
    First Child               16 if you have it                        16
    Second Child              16 if you have it                        16
    Development Rate          1 pt per 2% developed                    50
    Happiness                 1 pt for every 32 happiness              31
    =====                                                         =============
    TOTAL                                                             999
    * Likely bugged.  See next section.
    The following section describes each of the categories factored into the ranch 
    master score.  Several of the categories are likely bugged, and this is 
    discussed here as well.
    Money is simply your gold total on the status screen at the end of the game.  
    You receive 1 point for each 1280 G you have, up to 78 points.  This 
    corresponds to 99,840 G.  You do not receive additional points for any amount 
    over this, so don't waste your time trying to become a millionaire in the hopes 
    of improving your score.
    This is the number of cows you own at the end of the game.  The number used in 
    this calculation is the one from the log book in your house, so calves and even 
    unborn cows are included in this total.  You receive 3 points for every cow up 
    to a maximum of 36 points, which occurs when you have 12 cows.
    As with cows, this category measures the amount of chickens you currently own 
    and matches the total in your log book.  This number includes chicks as well as 
    adult chickens.  You receive 3 points for every chicken up to a maximum of 36 
    points, which occurs when you have 12 chickens.
    Stamina is the amount of stamina you have over the starting value of 100.  For 
    each additional 10 stamina, you receive 5 points.  This is analogous to the 
    number of Power Berries eaten.  At 200 stamina or 10 Power Berries eaten, you 
    will receive 50 points.
    For all four crop categories, you are scored based on the total sold to the 
    shipper (anything sold to the peddler does not count).  This is the amount 
    displayed with the scores at the end.  Typically, you receive 1 point for every 
    16 crops sold, with a maximum score of 31.  However, once you reach 512 or more 
    crops of any kind, the game resets your score to zero and begins the count 
    again.  The same thing happens again and at every 512 crop interval thereafter. 
    The table below shows how the score is calculated at some of the values near 
    512, 1024, and 1536.
                  Crops Sold          RM Score
                  ----------          --------
                    480-495              30
                    496-511              31
                    512-527               0
                    528-543               1
                    544-559               2
                    992-1007             30
                   1008-1023             31
                   1024-1039              0
                   1520-1535             31
                   1536-1551              0
    Odd as it may be, you lose 31 points when you sell the 512th crop.  Same thing 
    with the 1024th and 1536th.  And yes, even though the text glitches during the 
    scoring, you can have over 1000 of every crop.  This rollover is likely a bug 
    caused by the game's mishandling of the higher byte in the crop equations, but 
    it's something you need to keep in mind.  It will take careful planning (and 
    using the end game cheat) to ensure that your crop totals end up in one of 
    these ranges.
    The ending credits display the cow with the highest affection score, but you 
    are actually scored on the affection of ALL cows.  Cow affection rate is the 
    single biggest component of the ranch master score.  You receive 1 ranch master 
    point for every 8 points of affection score for every cow, with a maximum of 25 
    per cow.  Only adult cows are factored into this calculation.  If all 12 cows 
    have affection rates of 200 or higher, you will receive 300 points to your 
    ranch master score.
    You are scored based on the affection of each of the five town girls.  This 
    calculation works in the same way as the one for crops.  You receive 1 point 
    for every 16 points of affection score for each girl, with a reset occurring at 
    512.  The maximum ranch master score occurs when all five girls have affection 
    scores of 496 to 511, and this translates to a 155 ranch master score.  This is 
    almost certainly a bug, as you would actively need to lower your wife's 
    affection score after she has a second child to ever end up in this range.
    You receive 16 points for each house upgrade.  This contributes 32 points in 
    total with both upgrades.
    If you upgrade your house by the end of the first summer, you will receive a 
    free clock from the carpenters.  Having this clock adds 22 points to your ranch 
    master score.
    One of the prizes you receive from winning the egg hunt at the Egg Festival is 
    the turtle shell.  This shell adds 21 points to your ranch master score.
    You receive 32 points if you are married.  You will receive these points even 
    if your wife has "left you" and is living with her parents at the time the game 
    You receive 16 points for each child you have.  The child does not even need to 
    be born when the game ends.  So long as your wife is pregnant, you receive 
    credit for that child.
    For each 2% of development rate, you receive 1 point to the ranch master score. 
    The maximum is 50 points.  See the Development Rate section for more on 
    computing that score.
    For every 32 points of happiness, you receive 1 point to the ranch master 
    score.  The maximum contribution from happiness is 31 points.  See the 
    Happiness section for more on computing that score.
    Now that the scoring criteria have been listed, the table below shows the value 
    you need for a perfect score.  Given the bugs described above, I show criteria 
    for both a "perfect" game score and a "100%" game score.  A "perfect" score is 
    one that gives you a ranch master value of 999, but it involves playing the 
    game in a very unintuitive way and would never normally be reached by anyone.  
    A "100%" score is the one you would achieve if you did everything and collected 
    as much as you could, odd crop total requirement aside.  You can think of this 
    as a true perfect score, and it will result in a ranch master value of 994.
    |                          |      Perfect Game      |        100% Game       |
    |                          |------------------------|------------------------|
    |       Category           |   Value   |  RM Score  |   Value   |  RM Score  |
    | Money                    |  99,840+  |     78     |  99,840+  |     78     |
    | Cows                     |     12    |     36     |     12    |     36     |
    | Chickens                 |     12    |     36     |     12    |     36     |
    | Stamina                  |    200    |     50     |    200    |     50     |
    | Tomatoes                 | 511, 1023 |     31     | 511, 1023 |     31     |
    | Corn                     | 511, 1023 |     31     | 511, 1023 |     31     |
    | Potatoes                 | 511, 1023 |     31     | 511, 1023 |     31     |
    | Turnips                  | 511, 1023 |     31     | 511, 1023 |     31     |
    | Cow Affection (for all)  |  200-255  |    300     |    255    |    300     |
    | Maria's Affection        |  496-511  |     31     |    999    |     30     |
    | Ann's Affection          |  496-511  |     31     |    999    |     30     |
    | Nina's Affection         |  496-511  |     31     |    999    |     30     |
    | Ellen's Affection        |  496-511  |     31     |    999    |     30     |
    | Eve's Affection          |  496-511  |     31     |    999    |     30     |
    | House Upgrade 1          |    Yes    |     16     |    Yes    |     16     |
    | House Upgrade 2          |    Yes    |     16     |    Yes    |     16     |
    | Clock                    |    Yes    |     22     |    Yes    |     22     |
    | Turtle Shell             |    Yes    |     21     |    Yes    |     21     |
    | Married                  |    Yes    |     32     |    Yes    |     32     |
    | First Child              |    Yes    |     16     |    Yes    |     16     |
    | Second Child             |    Yes    |     16     |    Yes    |     16     |
    | Development Rate         |    100%   |     50     |    100%   |     50     |
    | Happiness                |    999    |     31     |    999    |     31     |
    | TOTAL                                |    999     |           |    994     |
    10.  E N D I N G S                                                        HM4A
    There are 20 endings in Harvest Moon.  Each ending is a brief cut scene that 
    will occur if you meet certain criteria in the game.  Some endings cannot occur 
    if you receive others, as they have conflicting requirements.  Once the game 
    ends, you will witness all of the scenes you have earned in the order they are 
    listed below.  Information on how to meet any of these requirements is 
    discussed elsewhere in the guide.
    REQUIREMENTS: Unmarried, happiness less than 100, no livestock
    Jack leaves his house, dejected, and walks off the screen.  The dog follows 
    barking at him as somber music plays.
    REQUIREMENTS: Own 1-6 cows
    Jack visits a single cow in the field below the tool shed.  He collects some 
    small milk and brushes it.
    REQUIREMENTS: Own 7-12 cows
    Jack is in the field with 4 adult cows, 1 calf, and 1 pregnant cow.  He rings 
    the bell and the cows swarm him.
    REQUIREMENTS: Own 1-12 chickens
    Jack is collecting eggs in the coop when five chickens swarm him and he drops 
    the egg.
    REQUIREMENTS: Any cow has an affection rate of 192+
    Jack visits a single cow in the field below the tool shed.  He collects a large 
    milk, then falls asleep against the cow.  Butterflies, a calf, and the dog are 
    REQUIREMENTS: Ship 200+ corn and have 100+ happiness
    Jack picks some corn and waters a few plants with the watering can.  After he 
    departs, the dogs urinates on several of the plants.
    REQUIREMENTS: Ship 200+ tomatoes and have 100+ happiness
    Jack picks tomatoes and loads them into the horse.  He then waters the crops 
    with the sprinkler as the dog looks on.  He finally pats his brow and eats 
    lunch as the dog barks at him.
    REQUIREMENTS: Ship 200+ turnips and have 100+ happiness
    Jack is watering turnips with the watering can. The dog barks and two gnomes 
    appear, one possibly injured or hungry.  Jack gives him a turnip.
    REQUIREMENTS: Ship 200+ potatoes and have 100+ happiness
    Jack picks some potatoes and departs.  Meanwhile a mole wanders around and then 
    burrows.  Shortly after, several potato plants begin disappearing.
    REQUIREMENTS: Unmarried and have 100+ happiness
    Jack is in the field below the tool shed with the dog and horse.  He runs up 
    and hugs the dog.
    REQUIREMENTS: Unmarried and 800+ happiness
    Jack is chopping wood in the mountain.  A rabbit appears and gives him a Power 
    Berry.  A squirrel, birds, and a fox also appear.  A monkey can be seen in the 
    12. LADIES' MAN
    REQUIREMENTS: Unmarried, 300+ affection score with all 5 girls, 200+ happiness
    Jack walks into town and interacts with each of the single girls as he makes 
    his rounds.  Nina gives him a fullmoon berry, Maria blushes, Eve gives him 
    juice, Ellen gives him a cake, and Ann shows him a machine that blows up and 
    scorches his face.  Ann then chases after him as he runs away.
    REQUIREMENTS: Be married to Maria
    Maria and Jack begin at the ranch and walk to town.  They stroll up to the 
    church, where they meet the mayor and his wife.
    14. ANN IS WIFE
    REQUIREMENTS: Be married to Ann
    Ann and Jack first visit the tool shop, then stop in the town square to talk to 
    Nina, then finally stop in front of the church.  Ann's father and Nina's mother 
    are getting married.
    15. NINA IS WIFE
    REQUIREMENTS: Be married to Nina
    Nina is planting flowers on the ranch with her mother, when a frog jumps on her 
    head.  The scene then shifts to a picnic in the mountain, where the Goddess of 
    Spring appears and takes a cake.
    REQUIREMENTS: Be married to Ellen
    Jack is playing with the dog on the ranch as Ellen rides the horse.  The scene 
    then shifts to Jack and Ellen at the mountain.  The livestock dealer appears 
    and spots P-Chan in the trees.
    17. EVE IS WIFE
    REQUIREMENTS: Be married to Eve
    Jack is chopping a tree in the mountain as he prepares for a picnic with Eve 
    and the dog.  The hunter eventually joins the party, followed by the carpenter, 
    who brings a fish with him.
    REQUIREMENTS: First child has been born or wife is pregnant with it
    Jack's wife, the dog, and child (in infant form) are inside.  Jack's wife 
    approaches him and gives a kiss as the child crawls around.  The wife then 
    gives attention to the child.  Note that the first child will always appear in 
    the crawling form even if it was older when the game ended.  You will receive 
    this ending even if the first child was not yet born, but your wife was 
    pregnant with it.
    REQUIREMENTS: Second child has been born or wife is pregnant with it
    Jack is outside plowing the ranch just below the tool shed.  The first child 
    (walking) plays with the dog as the second crawls around.  The horse and a 
    chicken are visible also.  Jack's wife eventually comes by and gives attention 
    to the crawling child.  Note that the first child will always appear in walking 
    form and the second child in the crawling form regardless of their ages when 
    the game ended.  You will receive this ending even if the second child was not 
    yet born, but your wife was pregnant with it.
    REQUIREMENTS: Married, 2 children, 900+ happiness, 10 Power Berries eaten,
                  10,000 G, own 1+ cow, own 1+ chicken, hugged dog 100+ times
    This is the "best" ending in the game.  Jack will be sitting on the front porch 
    of his house with his wife, parents, two children, dog, and horse.  They all 
    wave at you as the screen fades.  You will receive this ending even if the 
    second child was not yet born, but your wife was pregnant with it.
    Below are the maximum number of endings you can receive as a married or 
    unmarried farmer, assuming you accomplish as much as possible.
         |           MARRIED            |            SINGLE            |
         | 3. Prolific Cow Farmer       | 3. Prolific Cow Farmer       |
         | 4. Chicken Farmer            | 4. Chicken Farmer            |
         | 5. The Happy Cow             | 5. The Happy Cow             |
         | 6. Corn Master               | 6. Corn Master               |
         | 7. Tomato Master             | 7. Tomato Master             |
         | 8. Turnip Master             | 8. Turnip Master             |
         | 9. Potato Master             | 9. Potato Master             |
         | 13-17. Married               | 10. Content Bachelor         |
         | 18. First Child              | 11. Happy Bachelor           |
         | 19. Second Child             | 12. Ladies' Man              |
         | 20. The Happy Family         |                              |
    11.  T I P S   A N D   T R I C K S                                        HM4B
    Harvest Moon contains many interesting secrets, tricks, and even a few cheats.  
    Below are some of the more helpful ones that you should keep in mind.
    You can see the ending of the game at any time by holding down
    SELECT + L + R as you go to sleep at night (use the Z-button instead of Select 
    if playing with a Gamecube controller).  It's best to have these pressed just 
    as you confirm the sleep message in the diary.  The ending you will see is the 
    one you would receive if you finished the game with your current stats and 
    inventory.  This can be very useful to gauge your progress if you're replaying 
    the game and shooting for a high score, but it probably does ruin the 
    experience for a first-timer.
    The maximum affection score for the girls in this game is 999, which is usually 
    displayed as 10 hearts in their diary.  You can use cheat codes to set their 
    affection score higher than 999, however.  When this happens, the diary message 
    will read "......Th-thank you."  It is not possible to legitimately see this 
    diary message otherwise, so consider it an Easter egg for cheaters.  If you 
    want to see this for yourself using Nina's diary, enter the following PAR Code: 
    New Year's Eve is apparently a raucous and merry holiday in the Harvest Moon 
    world, just as it is in the real one.  This day of revelry represents the 
    opportunity for unlimited happiness.  Each of the townspeople has a special 
    message on this day that boosts your happiness by 5 points.  However, due to a 
    bug, you receive this happiness bonus EACH TIME you speak with the townsperson. 
    That's right, by repeatedly speaking with the townsfolk, you can maximize your 
    happiness in just a few short minutes.  Just make sure the message you receive 
    is the special New Year’s Eve one (all of them are listed in the Happiness 
    Score section).  Now you can enjoy all the happiness of a great New Year's 
    experience without the nasty hangover the next day.
                                 THE RANCH AND FARMING
    On rare occasions, this wandering peddler may show up on your ranch with a 
    strange offer or barter opportunity.  For years, rumors have existed about when 
    the Hawker will come and what exactly will trigger his appearance.  Well, the 
    mystery is no more.  The Hawker can come on three separate occasions, and none 
    of them have any randomness at all.
      Event                      Trigger
      -----                      -------
      Power Berry for Chicken    Sell chicken in the fall of year 1 or 2
      Magic Beans for Cow        Sell a cow any time in year 2 or 3
      Sells Money Tree           First sunny day you have 30,000+ G in year 2 or 3
    That's right, you have total control over when the Hawker appears.  The only 
    seasonal event is trading a chicken for the Power Berry.  The other two events 
    –- trading for the Magic Beans and selling the Money Tree –- can happen any 
    time in year 2 or 3.  None of the three events are linked, meaning you do not 
    have to worry about missing a new offer if you rejected the previous.  However, 
    if you decline the Hawker's offer, he will never make the same one again.  
    Overall, the only essential transaction is the chicken for Power Berry swap; 
    you need to do this to receive a perfect ending and score.  The other two 
    transactions are purely for entertainment and are up to you.
    If you make the cow-for-Magic Beans trade with the Hawker, you can take a 
    magical trip to the clouds.  There are two important things to note about the 
    Magic Beans that are blatantly wrong in most other sources.  First, the Magic 
    Beans can only be planted in the spring.  Second, they do not need to be 
    planted on Sunday; any day will suffice.  Take the beans to the mountain summit 
    and stand just slightly below the top.  Use the Magic Beans and a small sprout 
    will appear.  If you exit and re-enter the screen, the sprout will have grown 
    into a tremendous beanstalk.  Climbing the beanstalk will take you to a 
    mysterious room in the clouds occupied by a golden chicken.  Tell the chicken 
    that you have been working hard and it will give a Golden Egg.  As soon as you 
    exit, you automatically appear before the peddler (regardless of the day) and 
    receive 10,000 G for the egg!
    To receive a decorative clock for your home, upgrade your house once before the 
    end of the first summer.  Do this by speaking to the carpenters in the 
    mountain.  The clock also adds a time of day display to your menu screen, 
    allowing you to see precisely what hour it is.  If you fail to get the clock 
    before the end of the summer, there is no other way to get it in the current 
    Fences are one of those things that most people have on their ranch but never 
    really think about.  Most assume a fence keeps the wild dogs away or provides 
    some sort of boost to happiness... and they couldn't be more wrong.  A fence 
    does... nothing!  That's right, you can go the entire game without a fence and 
    be no worse off for it.  A fence does not keep away wild dogs at night.  In 
    fact, wild dogs will only show up when you have broken fence pieces on your 
    ranch, so having no fence at all remedies this situation.  You can leave 
    chickens on a fence-free ranch for the entire game and wild dogs will never eat 
    them.  If you want to remove your starting fence, either throw the pieces into 
    a pond or carry them off the screen.  Use fences purely for aesthetics and do 
    not feel any obligation to keep the one you start with.
    Although it may not seem completely logical, you can still grow and pick spring 
    crops during the summer.  The one catch is that the seeds must be planted 
    before the end of the spring.  So long as they are in the ground by then, they 
    will grow and can be harvested through the end of summer.  Use these crops as a 
    source of income in the early summer until the corn and tomatoes are ready to 
    While rain usually saves you some time in not needing to water crops, you still 
    need to water any seeds you plant on a rainy day or any summer crops from which 
    you pick vegetables.  This is because the game determines whether the ground is 
    "watered" or "unwatered" only when the day begins.  If you do anything to 
    change the crop or the ground, the game treats it as not being watered.  Keep 
    this in mind to avoid harvest delays.
    Your farm is a veritable treasure chest of money, moles, and other items.  Each 
    day, you can dig up two items (items include either a coin, money bag, or 
    mole).  You can also find two Power Berries on the farm (though not both in the 
    same day).  One easy way to uncover these items is to repeatedly plow the same 
    square over and over.  It does not matter if the square was already plowed; you 
    can just keep using the hoe.  This can help save some time and avoid the hassle 
    of digging up half your farm looking for items.
                                 LIVESTOCK AND ANIMALS
    For some reason, people like taking the livestock outside.  Maybe they think 
    it's more humane, or maybe they're just doing something that worked in later 
    Harvest Moon games.  In this game, NEVER take the livestock outside.  Ever.  
    The only slight convenience from keeping the animals outdoors is that you do 
    not need to feed them; they will eat the grass on their own in all seasons 
    except winter.  However, there are numerous downsides: 1) caring for the 
    animals takes much longer since time stands still in the barn but not outside, 
    2) chickens do not lay eggs outside, 3) chickens can be eaten by wild dogs 
    outside, and 4) cows risk sickness (if it rains) or crankiness (if any fence 
    pieces break or a mole is unearthed).  Not to mention, having numerous animals 
    outside will cause a major slowdown.  The animals receive no boost to affection 
    or anything else from the outdoor exposure, so save yourself the frustration 
    and leave them inside.
    One of the more useful yet unknown facts about cows is that you do not need to 
    feed them when they are still calves.  This is the stage you receive them in 
    when they are purchased from the livestock dealer.  Calves cannot get sick and 
    do not get upset when not fed, so save the fodder (and a lot of time) until 
    they become adults.  You should still brush and talk to calves every day.
    Once cows start to produce large milk, there is no practical reason to keep 
    brushing or talking to them.  Barring a missed feeding, sickness, or 
    crankiness, the cows will produce large milk for the rest of the game and do 
    not need any further brushing.  You may still wish to brush them for 2-3 days 
    after they first produce large milk, as that will get them to the affection 
    level needed for the highest ending score.
    The mountain is the best area to boost your happiness score.  Every time you 
    see one of the seasonal animals (squirrels, rabbits, or foxes), your happiness 
    increases by 10 points.  You can see these animals each day unless it rains or 
    snows.  You also receive 2 points of happiness for every fish you catch.  You 
    can use the free time in the fall and winter of year 2 to really boost 
    happiness at the mountain.
    While it's more for amusement than usefulness, you can keep your dog anywhere 
    you want.  This includes in town or on the mountain.  You can even give him 
    back to Ellen!  The same goes for your chickens.  You can store all 12 in the 
    pen behind the livestock dealer's house or in the underground cave if you want. 
    These chickens will remain perfectly safe from wild dogs and hurricanes, 
    although they will not lay any eggs.
    One of the gnomes under the ranch warns you that moles "scare the cows 
    sometimes" and that you had better "kick it out of the fence right away."  
    Horrible translation aside, there is some truth to that.  Well, to the first 
    part of that anyway.  The appearance of moles does have a slim chance of 
    causing crankiness in cows.  This chance is relatively small, however, around 
    1/16 in my estimation (calculated separately for each cow outside).  The 
    proximity of the moles to the cows does not matter, so digging up a mole on the 
    extreme end of the ranch affects the cows as much as unearthing one just a 
    square away.  And despite the gnome's assertions, a fence and "kicking it out" 
    also do not matter.  Now, there is a bit of quirkiness to the subsequent 
    calculation for crankiness.  When the game determines if the cow should become 
    cranky the next day, the only two things it checks are whether any mole was dug 
    up that day and whether any cow is outside when you go to sleep.  So, if you 
    dig up a mole early in the morning and then only let the cows outside just 
    before bed, there is still a chance they will be cranky despite never having 
    even been on the ranch with a mole.  The reverse benefits you as well –- move a 
    cow inside on any days you dig up a mole and they will never get cranky from 
    its appearance.  This may seem like an odd and slightly annoying bug, but it 
    has little actual effect on gameplay. Just keep in mind that the problem is 
    always remedied by moving the cows inside that same night.
    For years there have been rumors that you need to hug your dog in this game.  
    Well, it turns out that these rumors are correct.  You need to hug your dog 100 
    times or more to receive the best ending (a hug is counted as picking up the 
    dog).  Dog hugs do not affect happiness or any numerical score, only the 
    presence of one of the ending scenes.
    This is another point of trivia, but there is a dialog glitch with Ellen if you 
    marry her before the end of the first summer.  Talk to her one day when she is 
    outside by the barn, and she will tell you to ride your horse.  The only 
    problem is, you don't have a horse yet.  And since you haven't received the 
    horse, the game inserts a large blank space where Ellen is supposed to say the 
    horse's name.  Ellen has a few other odd messages along the same lines.  The 
    most unintentionally funny one might just be when she says: 
    "I want to ride on     ."  You can fill in the blank.
    Harvest Moon has its fair share of graphical glitches, but one of the more 
    amusing and easily reproducible ones involves the dog and the baby chicks.  If 
    you hold the dog and try to throw it on top of a chick, the dog will disappear 
    within the chick as though it has been eaten.  You will then be holding the 
    chick, but the dog will be gone.  Fear not, the dog will reappear in the same 
    place if you leave the screen and return.  Also, despite what other sources 
    claim, there are no adverse effects to the chickens from doing this.  They 
    won't miss a feeding or suffer any other consequences.
    Odd things happen in the Harvest Moon universe when you attempt multiple animal 
    transactions at once.  One such glitch occurs when you visit the livestock 
    dealer and tell him you wish to sell a chicken and buy a cow without leaving 
    town in between.  Assuming you left the chicken in the area by the shipping 
    bin, when you return to the ranch, one Livestock Dealer will be waiting for you 
    to sell the cow just as another shows up to buy the chicken.  Both will be on 
    screen at the same time!  This may be entertaining but has some nasty after 
    effects.  Usually it will just screw up one of the transactions (most likely 
    the cow sale), but occasionally Jack will freeze and a reset will be required.  
    It's worth doing once for laughs, but make sure you save right before 
    attempting it.
                               RELATIONSHIPS AND MARRIAGE
    As is the case in real life, it's a very smart idea to remember your wedding 
    anniversary.  If you give your wife any gift that day (assuming it normally has 
    a positive effect on her affection score), she thanks you for remembering the 
    occasion.  While she receives the usual boost to affection score, you receive 
    30 points to your happiness score.  This bonus is repeatable for every gift you 
    give her that day!  The best way to take advantage of your anniversary is to 
    give your wife as many eggs from the chicken coop as you can.  It's possible to 
    give her all 12 from a full coop (and even easier if she moves near the barn 
    outside in the afternoon) for a happiness boost of 360!  Your anniversary is 
    the single best day in the game for increasing happiness.  Be sure to record or 
    remember the date of your marriage.  This trick works for both your first and 
    second year anniversaries.
    Along the same lines as the anniversary trick above, you receive a happiness 
    bonus for remembering the birthdays of your children.  On the date of the first 
    child's birthday, purchase a cake from the restaurant and give it to any member 
    of your family (wife or kids).  Your wife will be happy that you remembered the 
    child's birthday, and you will receive 10 points to your happiness score (no 
    change to her affection score).  This is repeatable for each cake you give on 
    that day.  On your second child's birthday, you can also receive a happiness 
    boost by giving a cake to your wife (not the kids this time).  The wife's 
    message is different for the second child –- she seems to have forgotten it was 
    his/her birthday –- and you receive 30 points to your happiness score for each 
    cake you give.  Experiencing the second child's birthday is probably not 
    possible without cheating, as you would need to be married by the first weekend 
    in the game in order to have a second child soon enough.
    Eve is a true rebel in the game.  She has no parents, works at a bar, flirts 
    openly with you and everyone, bathes nude in the spring on Sundays, and has an 
    extremely high affection for "juice."  Eve also has serious abandonment issues, 
    including a perpetual fear of losing her grandfather, the hunter.  Well, this 
    hate-love relationship transfers to you if you marry her.  All of the other 
    wives enjoy it when you go to sleep at the same time, and this is an action 
    that normally increases their affection score by 2 points.  Eve, however, 
    dislikes your company.  Going to bed with her will actually lower her affection 
    score by 2 points!  Her score also decreases if she goes to bed before you, so 
    there's no way to win with her.  If you are married to Eve and want to keep her 
    happy, you will need to give her gifts routinely.  Eggs from the barn work very 
    well.  Periodically check her affection level by looking at her diary in the 
    back of the bar and make sure it doesn't tank completely.  Eve is definitely 
    the hardest wife to stay married to, so keep this in mind before you pop the 
    blue feather.
    It's common knowledge that coming home after your wife is asleep makes her 
    unhappy.  Indeed, this decreases her affection score by 2 points.  However, the 
    2-point decrease occurs EACH TIME you enter the house when she is asleep.  This 
    means if you come in and out of the house 5 times while your wife is asleep in 
    the same night, her affection score will decrease by 10 points.  There's no way 
    to get around annoying your wife if you have a lot of chores to do, but try to 
    minimize the impact by avoiding more than one trip into the house at night.
    Yes, it is possible for your wife to leave you.  This will happen if her 
    affection score drops below 200 (3 hearts or less in the diary) and she has not 
    had any children or is not currently pregnant.  When the wife leaves, she goes 
    to her old bedroom (wherever her diary is kept).  If you visit her there, she 
    will always come back to you, so there is no way to permanently lose your wife. 
    Your wife will never leave you again after this, regardless of how low her 
    affection is.
    Being married to Maria, Nina, or Eve allows you an easy opportunity for 
    increasing affection score with at least one girl during the Flower Festival.  
    If you are married to Maria or Nina, they will give you a message about dancing 
    later.  Each time you receive this message, the girl's affection score 
    increases by 4 points.  Talk to the repeatedly to quickly maximize her love.  
    If you are married to Eve, the festival is even more entertaining.  She will 
    say "I won't forgive you if you pick up another girl."  Ellen, who is standing 
    near Eve, seems amused by this.  Each time you speak to Ellen, Ellen's 
    affection score will increase by 4 points.  Despite her warning, Eve's 
    affection score will not decrease if you talk to or even dance with any other 
    C O N T A C T   I N F O R M A T I O N                                    HM04
    Thank you for taking the time to read through this guide.  I hope you found it 
    informative and useful in your adventures through Harvest Moon.  If you have 
    any comments on the guide, whether they be corrections, suggestions for future 
    revisions, spelling/grammar mistakes, formatting problems, additional 
    strategies, or any other type of feedback, please let me know.  Anything 
    contributed will be credited in detail to the sender.
    I can be reached regularly at the following email address:
    Admiral1018@yahoo.com.  Please include "Harvest Moon" or something along those 
    lines in the email subject heading if you can, so I don't accidentally delete 
    the email.
    R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y                                          HM05
    Version 0.99 – April 2, 2008
      - Preview Version
    Version 1.0 – April 3, 2008
      - Initial Release
    Version 1.1 – April 10, 2008
      - Numerous spelling, grammar, and syntax corrections
      - Added information about fences made of rocks in the Farming section
      - Clarified the information on items dug up while plowing
      - Attempted to clarify harvesting strategy using the horse
      - Corrected point about bar owner being Eve's uncle
      - Corrected Maria's question on Sundays in church
      - Corrected information on Ann's special event
      - Corrected the price the hunter asks when you find the rabbit
      - Corrected the 100% game score value in ranch master section and clarified
        several categories in that section
      - Added information on unborn cows counting towards ranch master score
    Version 1.2 – April 21, 2008
      - Added extremely useful tip about a special happiness boost from
        giving your wife gifts on your anniversary.  Updates were made to the
        walkthrough, Happiness Score, and Tips and Tricks sections
      - Added information about a happiness boost from celebrating your child's
        birthday to the Tips and Tricks section
      - Corrected happiness impact from getting married
      - Corrected information about finding more than one coin or money bag each
        day.  Changes were made to Farming section, FAQ section, and walkthrough
      - Clarified odds of cow sickness and most number of sick cows per day in
        Livestock & Animals section
      - Added clarification regarding the dates during which hurricanes can occur
        and the maximum number of hurricanes in a season
      - Added "House Upgrades" section
      - Clarified point about selling crops to the peddler and the effect on ranch
        master score and crops shipped statistics
      - Minor spelling, grammar, and formatting corrections
    Version 1.3 – February 24, 2011
      - Added information on New Year's Eve happiness trick/glitch to Happiness
        Score section, Walkthrough, and Tips and Tricks section
      - Added the exact criteria for getting the golden hoe from the gnome, the
        golden hammer from the carpenter, the Fortuneteller’s granddaughter to
        request an egg
      - Corrected information regarding moles and their effect on the crankiness of
        cows in the Livestock & Animals section and various other spots
        throughout the guide.  Also added the description of the odd calculation to
        the Tips and Tricks section
      - Add a trivial although interesting trick allowing for unlimited
        conversations with Eve on the mountain on Sundays by giving her weeds.
        This was added to the walkthrough and appendix
      - Added information throughout the walkthrough about the affection score
        needed from the girls for a maximum ranch master score
      - Added a strategy for moving the cows outside during retirement to
        save time ("Spring – Year 3" section)
      - Added a comment about not being able to use tools (Y-button) after the
        Thanksgiving Festival
      - Added disappearing dog and "Livestock Dealer Doppelganger" glitches to Tips
        and Tricks section
      - Corrected code for the ending cheat
      - Corrected amount of wood required for second house upgrade
      - Added PAR code to see the cheating diary message
      - Reorganized Tips and Tricks section into categories
      - Changed name for cow's child stage to "calf" for additional clarity
      - Minor spelling, grammar, and formatting corrections
    C R E D I T S                                                            HM06
    Big thanks to everyone who helped me with this guide, especially the members at 
    the GameFAQs message boards –- this guide would not have been possible without 
    your ongoing support.  Particular thanks to the following people:
    - FemmeFromMars: Tremendous thanks for reading over this guide and pointing
      out a lot typos and other interesting items that I missed.  Particular
      thanks for information on happiness boost during anniversaries, unborn cows
      counting towards ranch master score, triggers for events with the single
      girls in town at different affection, and scores, clarification on Eve's
      uncle being the bar owner, and many other useful pieces of information.
    - JLukas: Major thanks for all your work, which was the foundation and
      motivation for version 1.3 of this guide.  Most notably, big thanks for
      confirming the mechanics for the ranch master score and finding the remaining
      values that increase happiness.  The New Year's glitch discovery is the
      result of this finding.  Apologies that it took a couple of years to finally
      incorporate, but big thanks for all your help.
    - CeCeeS: For correction on digging up more than one money item per day and
      for looking over this guide and pointing out many useful corrections.  I
      really appreciate your help.
    - Hasukawa Kazuyaa: For information on grass removal, grass requirements for
      livestock, Eve as wife, girl's affection score, gift values, and
      probably numerous other things I picked up but am forgetting.
    - bruno2472000: For information on the rabbit and hunter, chicken statue, and
      information about the town bachelor.
    - zerocool647: For clarification of events regarding the single girls in town.
    - CrAckLeT: For information on maximum cow affection score.
    - Ronald B.G. (Ronald_BG@telkom.net) for his PAR codes guide, hosted on
      GameFAQs.com, which was immensely useful in doing much of the testing for
      this guide.
    - Xiangrui: For information on the fortuneteller's granddaughter and the egg
      request trigger.
    - BlkFenix89: For an interesting trick about giving Eve gifts when on the
      mountain to allow for multiple conversations.
    - Benjamin Parent and Jonathan DeBlock for information that lead to the real
      triggers of the gnome's appearance in the fall.
    - Everyone at the Harvest Moon message board on GameFAQs.  This FAQ could not
      have been written without the help of the community there.
    - Everyone else for reading this guide and emailing me with feedback on it,
      including Christian Russell, deceptak0n, Fick1122, Geoff Wakefield,
      GIANTBOWSER, Hickey8787, Jack Talk Thai, jelly soup, Kame, Kristina Potts,
      KrystalKairi, Liz, Lousy_Fellow, mattdog1000000, meth962,  Michael Foster,
      Mike, mkmaster95, MonarchPaulos, red255, sum1notinuse, thedayea, Tom Buford,
      Tora Sakura, TreeHater, and vinebell.  I always appreciate all your support.
    ================================END OF GUIDE=================================

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