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    Harvest Moon Faq Version 1.0 (**First Release**)
    By: Linc   (Magus432@hotmail.com)
    Last Updated: Um........
    The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at GameFAQs
    3)Playing Harvest Moon
    10)Lessons In Love
    1) UPDATES
    - FAQ Release
    - Missing Alot Of Stuff
    2) STORY
    	Well, here is the basic setup.  Your parents are going away for 
    two years, (actually it's two and a half) and they have left the farm to 
    you.  Now its your job to fix it up and get it into working order by the 
    time they return.  This may sound easy, but when you think about all the 
    stuff that you have to do it's pretty overwhelming.  In addition to the 
    normal farmer rountine with you crops, you have t raise livesstock, get 
    marriesd, upgrade your house and eventually, (Is this legal?:) have 
    children. And all this stuff is set up in about a two minute day.  Do 
    you have what it takes to become a Master Farmer?
    	So.  You decided to become a farmer.  Thats good, but first you 
    have to learn the basics.
    A Button:
    This is your basic action button.
    Button to talk to people, pick
    up rocks, bushes, etc.
    B Button:
    Use this button to run.  You know 
    how to run, right?
    Y Button:
    Use this button to use your equipped 
    tool. *NOTE* This uses stamina.  See section --
    X Button:
    Use this button to switch your equipped 
    L & R Buttons:
    Use these Buttons to whistle for your horse and dog.
    For more on them, see section --
    Use this to move around.
    Select Button:
    Use this to see the date, the time, 
    (if you have the watch)and your current amount 
    of money.
    Each day consist of 10 hours, 15 seconds each.  Which means you have 
    just about 2 minutes and 30 seconds to do your work.  This may seem like 
    a long time, but when you consider it takes you about an hour (game 
    time)to cross your field, time really flies.  Later on you can get a lot 
    of stronger tools.  I will go into details in later sections.  To do 
    most things you need stamina.  For more on stamina, see section --
    This section contains every item or tool you can pick up in the game.
    The stamina is a rough estimate.  There is no possible way to be sure 
    what the exact numbers are, so bare with me.  I will not list the gold 
    tools here, but rather in section --  Also the Vegetables will be listed 
    in section 5.  The prices are from memory so if some are wrong, sorry.  
    If anybody wants to make a complete/accurate/better list you are welcome 
    to send it to me.
    Here is the basic setup:
    Name: The name of the item/tool.
    Use: What it can be used for, if anything.
    Stamina: Rough estimate of how much stamina it uses, if any.
    Price: How much it can be bought for.
    Location: Where you can find/buy it.
    Name: Hammer
    Use: Use this to smash big rocks, small rocks, and other various things.
    Stamina: 3
    Price: --
    Location: Start off with this in your toolshed.
    Name: Axe
    Use: Use this to spit tree stumps.
    Stamina: 3
    Price: --
    Location: Start off with this in your toolshed.
    : Plow
    Use: Use this to plow your fields.
    Stamina: 3
    Price: --
    Location: Start off with this in your toolshed.
    Name: Scyth
    Use: Use this to cut down your grass.
    Stamina: 3
    Price: --
    Location: Start off with this in your toolshed.
    Note: NEVER use this near your crops.
    Name: Water Can
    Use: If you can't figure out what a watering can is for, this game is 
    going to go right over your head and you should stick to board games.
    Stamina: 3
    Price: --
    Location: Talk to the flower shop lady behind the counter at the 
    begining of the game to get this.
    Note: If the can runs dry, fill it up at the little ponds around your 
    Name: Medicine
    Use: Use this item to cure your sick cows.
    Stamina: --
    Price: 1000
    Location: Livestock Dealer
    Note: This will also get your cows pregnant.
    Name: Brush
    Use: Use this item to brush your cows.
    Stamina: 2
    Price: 200
    Location: Hardware Shop
    Name: Milker
    Use: Use this to milk your cows.
    Stamina: 2
    Price: 500
    Location: Hardware Shop
    Name: Cow Feed
    Use: This is to feed your cows when you don't have any grass.
    Stamina: --
    Price: 1000
    Location: Livestock Dealer
    Name: Chicken
    Use: Same as Cow Feed, but for chickens.
    Stamina: --
    Price: 1000
    Location: livestock Dealer
    Name: Blue Feather
    Use: Use this to propose to the girl you love.
    Stamina: --
    Price: 1000
    Location: The Peddler has this when you get enough hearts in your girls 
    Name: Paint
    Use: Use this to paint your house.
    Stamina: --
    Price: 500
    Location: Hardware Shop
    Note: This won't appear in the Hardware Shop untill you upgrade your 
    house twice.
    Name: Bell
    Use: use this to call your cows.
    Stamina: --
    Price: --
    Location: Livestock dealer give this to you.
    Name: Bush
    Use: I don't know.  Give it to someone you don't like maybe.
    Stamina: 0
    Price: --
    Location: Everywhere
    Note: When you get rid of all the bushes they still grow back.
    Name: Wood
    Use: Use this to Build fences.
    Stamina: --
    Price: --
    Location: Woodshed
    Name: Rock
    Use: You can use these as makeshift fences.
    Stamina: --
    Price: --
    Location: All over your field.
    *Note* The next few items I list can also be used as gifts.  All the way 
    to poison mushroom.
    Name: Wild Grape
    Use: you can use these to recover stamina or you can sell them.
    Stamina: +10
    Price: Sold For 200
    Location: Back Hills
    Name: Flowers
    Use: Gifts, thats it.
    Stamina: --
    Price: 500 if you buy it from the flower shop.
    Location: Back Hills, and the Flower shop.
    Note: You can buy flowers from the Flower shop but they are expensive.  
    The only reason you should buy them from there is if you are going for 
    Nina.  See section --
    Name: Fish
    Use: You can eat these for stamina or sell them.
    Stamina: +15
    Price: Sold For 300
    Location: Fish for them in the pond.  See section --
    Name: Cake
    Use: Makes a good gift, or a good stamina refill
    Stamina: +50
    Price: 500
    location: Resturant
    Name: Mushroom
    Use: You can eat these for stamina or you can sell them.
    Stamina: +10
    Price: Sold For 200
    Location: Back Hills
    Name: Poison Mushroom
    Use: You can sell this for money or you can commit suicide by eating it 
    (Just Kidding).
    Stamina: -15
    Price: Sold For 300
    Location: Back Hills
    This is a list of all the vegetables you can grow and there 
    prices/growing times.  All these things can be found at the flower shop.  
    *NOTE* I did most of these prices from memory so if I have some wrong 
    sorry.  If anybody wants to make a complete/accurate/better list you are 
    welcome to send it to me.
    Here's the setup:
    Name: The name of the veggie.
    Season: What season you can buy and grow it in.
    Price: How much it can be bought for.
    Sold: How much it can be sold for.
    Growing Time: How lng it takes to grow.
    Notes: Any sidenotes I might have.
    Name: Turnip
    Season: Spring
    Price: 200
    Sold: 150
    Growing: 3 days
    Notes: These are quick growing, but they are really to cheap to use in 
    the second spring.  By then how much money you should have would just be 
    a waste on turnips.
    Name: Potatoes
    Season: spring
    Price: 200
    Sold: 300
    Growing: 8 days
    Notes: While these take a few more days to grow than turnips they will 
    be your best money maker in the second spring.
    Name: Tomatoes
    Season: Summer
    Price: 200
    Sold: 300
    Growing: 10 days
    Notes: These are really good because after you harvest the first crop if 
    you keep watering them they will produce over and over in three day 
    Name: Corn
    Season: Summer
    Price: 200
    Sold: 400
    Growing: 10 days
    Notes: These will be your absolute best crop through the entire game.  
    Like the tomatoes they grow back in three days.
    Name: Grass
    Season: All, except Winter
    Price: 500
    Sold: --
    Growing: 7 days
    Notes: i know this isn't a vegatable but I put them here because you can 
    plant them.  There is no need to water grass.  And it will keep growing 
    untill winter.  You have to replant in Spring.  You use this to feed 
    your livestock and to beautify your farm.
    6) ANIMALS
    This is a list of all the animals in the game except your cows and 
    chickens.  Those will be listed in section 7.
    Here's the setup:
    Name: The name of the animal.
    Use: What its purpose in the game is.
    How to get: How to get it.
    Location: Where you can find it.
    Name: Dog (I name him Rowf)
    Use: Besides telling you if you lost a chicken, none.
    How to get: Beth gives him to you at the begining of the game.
    Location: Wherever you put him, he will be in that general area, though 
    he does tend to wander.
    Name: Horse (I name her Angl, short for Angel)
    Use: She is used to get around the farm quicker and she is also a 
    portable shipping bin.
    How to get: In the first Winter go to the road next to your house to get 
    her, though she won't be big enough to ride till spring.
    Location: Road
    Name: Fox
    Use: none that I can see.
    How to get: You can't catch him.
    Location: Once in a while if your in the Back hills you will see a fox 
    run by.
    Name: Rabbit
    Use: If you grab it the hunter will ask you to let it go for 50 bucks.
    How to get: Just pick it up.
    Location: In the Back Hills.  He's only there once, I think.  So if you 
    see him grab him.
    Here is the livestock in the game.  now remember, time stops when your 
    in a building, so don't freak out when you spend 10 minutes (real time)
    In the barn milking your cows.
    You can have as many chickens as you want outside but in the coop you 
    can only have twelve.  The chickens can be bought full grown for 500, or 
    grown from an egg you put in the incubator which is in the bottom right 
    of the coop.  Chickens will not lay eggs for 7 days when you get them.  
    Then when they do lay eggs put them in the shipping box on the bottom 
    right of the coop.  If you miss a feeding or leave them outside in the 
    rain they will not lay eggs for 3 days.  You can sell eggs for 50 bucks.
    Chickens will not lay eggs outside but they will feed themselves.  If 
    you leave them outside make sure they are in a fenced in area.  There 
    are wild dogs around that will eat your chickens if their not fenced in, 
    or the fence is broke.  Your dog will bark if you have lost a chicken 
    during the night.  A healthy coop of chickens can make 600 bucks a day.
    By far, the absolute best way to make money in the game.  In your barn 
    you can have twelve cows.  I am not real sure whether you can get more 
    than that.  I never tried. You can buy cows for a 1000 bucks.  That may 
    seem expensive but it is well worth it.  If you want your cows to be 
    happy (And remember, the happier the cow the more the milk) buy a brush 
    and make sure you brush them each day.  Also talk to them.  When you 
    name them make sure you remember which ones which so you don't waste 
    stamina brushing a cow twice.  You can do what i do which makes it real 
    easy name the Cow1, Cow2, Cow3, etc.  Then talk to the cow before you 
    brush it so you know.  When you buy a cow it comes only half grown, so 
    you have to feed it and brush it everyday.  Then when it doesstart 
    producing milk it will only be a small. After about 3 weeks of being 
    good to your cow it will produce more and more milk.  You can only milk 
    a cow once a day.  You can leave the cows outside, but if there is a 
    storm, your chances are they will get sick.  When the cows get sick you 
    have about 2 and half weeks before they die.  You can cure them using 
    medicine but this also gets them pregnant.  You can't milk them, when 
    they are pregnant I don't think.  It takes about 30 days for the cow to 
    be born, and another 30 for it to be full grown.  Try not to get a lot 
    of cows.  The more cows you have in your barn the slower the game will 
    go when you are in there.  If you have 12 cows it can take almost 30 
    minutes to milk and brush them all.  Once you have a good amount of 
    money sell some of your cows untill you have about 8.  Although it may 
    slow down your game, an entire barn of contented cows can produce 3600 A 
    DAY!!  Here is a list of the prices for your milk.
    Small: 100
    Medium: 200
    Large: 300
    Pretty simple I know but hey.  Well, good luck raising your animals.
    8) PEOPLE
    This is a list of all the people in the game except for the Girls they 
    will be listed in section 9.
    Ma & Pa- These are your parents, you only see them at the end of the 
    The Shipper- This is the guy who picks up your vegetables and what not. 
    He also reminds you the day before any festival.  you will see him 
    everyday around 5 if you are at your ranch.
    The Mayor- He is the mayor of the local town, he is also Marie's dad.  
    he host all the festivals and takes care of your work on the day your 
    kid is born.
    The Peddler- On the weekends he is in town.  You can sometimes sell him 
    things for twice the price they should be.  You also buy the blue 
    feather to propose marraige.
    Livestock Dealer- He is the owner of the livestock store, and he is also 
    Beth's uncle.
    Flower Shop Owner- She is the owner of flower shop obviously, and she 
    might be related to Nina, though it doesn't say.
    Priest- He is the priest at the local church.  Every Sunday he gives a 
    Bartender- He is the bartender at the local bar.  He might be related to 
    Eve but it doesn't say.
    Mayors Wife- She is the mayors wife and Marie's mother.
    Little Boy- I think he is the little girls sister, he can normally be 
    found at the chruch.
    Little Girl- She mostly stays out in front of the Fortune tellers shop.
    Guy- There is a guy in the town square once in a while.  He gives you a 
    few tips.
    Fortue Teller- She will give you some usefull tips on the local females.
    Hardware Shop Owner- He owns the Hardware Shop and is Ann's dad.  He is 
    also interested in the flower shop owner.
    Resturant Owner- She owns the local resturant and I think she is Beth's 
    Drunk- I assume he's drunk because he sway back and forth.  He can be 
    found in the resturaunt at day and the bar at night.
    Hunter- He is a hunter that hangs around in the Back Hills sometimes.  
    He is also Eve's grandfather.
    Construction Worker 1- He walks around in front of the house on the Back 
    Construction Worker 2- He is in the house on the Back hills.  Talk to 
    him if you want to enlarge your house.  You can enlarge it twice.
    Bigfoot-  If you go into the Bacl Hills around 13 0r 14 of fall bigfoot 
    will be in the spa.  When you talk to him he say "La la la la!!"  
    Useless but funny.
    9) LADIES
    Here are the eligible girls that you can marry.  The diarys are written 
    in hearts, the more hearts the better.
    Here's the setup:
    Name: The girls name.
    Looks Like: What she looks like.
    Hangouts: Where she is at.
    Likes: The gifts that she likes.
    Dislikes: The gifts she does not like.
    Difficulty: How hard she is to marry.
    Diary: Where her diary is.
    Notes: Any sidenotes I might have.
    Name: Eve
    Looks Like: Eve has blonde hair that she keeps in a ponytail.
    Hangouts: 4:00-5:00 She is in Town Square.  6:00 She works at the Bar.  
    On Saturdays and Sundays she is at the Spa.
    Likes: Everything except fish.
    Dislikes: Fish
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Diary: In the back of the Bar.
    Notes: Eve is the easiest girl to get because she is at the Bar at 
    night.  That way, you can finish all your work and go see her before you 
    go to bed.
    Name: Marie
    Looks Like: Marie has long Black Hair
    Hangouts: She is always at the Church
    Likes: Fruit, Flowers, And Cake.
    Dislikes: Mushrooms and Fish.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Diary: In the mayors house.
    Notes: Marie is pretty easy because you always know where to find her.
    Name: Beth
    Looks Like: Beth has short brown hair.
    Hangouts: She is in front of the livestock Dealers mostly.  I don't 
    think she goes anywhere else.
    Likes: Anything but Fish
    Dislikes: Fish
    Difficulty: Average
    Diary: In the back of the resuraunt.
    Notes: If you want Beth whatever you do, DON'T GIVE HER A FISH.  She 
    loves animals.  So make sure you have a cow or two.
    Name: Ann
    Looks Like: She has red hair pulled into a ponytail.
    Hangouts: She is always in the hardware shop.
    Likes: Anything except Mushrooms.  She even likes Fish.
    Dislikes: Mushrooms
    Difficulty: Hard
    Diary: In the back of the Hardware shop.
    Notes: I don't know why she is so hard.  It just takes a long time to 
    get some hearts in her diary.
    Name: Nina
    Looks Like: She has long pink hair.  You can't miss her.
    Hangouts: She is almost always outside the flower shop.  Except on 
    Saturdays, she is in mountain cave.
    Likes: Store Bought Flowers
    Dislikes: Everything else.
    Difficulty: Very Hard
    Diary: In the back of the Flower shop.
    Notes: Nina is the hardest girl in the game for two reasons. 1- She 
    likes flowers but she hates when people pick them so you can only give 
    her store bought flowers which cost 500 bucks!!  2- This game was 
    translated from Japanese very poorly so some of the stuff she says is 
    hard to understand.  If your going for a challenge, go for Nina.
    Here are some good tips for when you are dating a girl and when you get 
    Give a girl at least two gifts a day.
    Talk to her untill she starts saying two different things.
    Dance with her at all the festivals.
    Never give any other girls presents.
    When you get married do not stay out pass six or else your wife will go 
    to bed without you.  If you dont have a watch, 6:00 is when the music 
    stops playing.  And the shipper comes at five.  So at 5:00 you have 
    fifteen seconds to get home.
    If you want a baby be REAL good to your wife.
    When you get a baby hold him alot.
    11) SECRETS
    There are alot of secrets in the game.  Here are the ones I found.  If 
    you send me a secret I will try it.  If it does not work, I will put it 
    up in the rumors section.  Once I have verified that it does work I will 
    Switch it over to here.
    Golden Tools:
    Gold Scynth- Sometime in the summer of the first year a guy will tell 
    you he heard a noise.  Go to the bottom right and you will find a well.  
    Go down it and there will be two elves.  Talk to one and he will ask if 
    you like your Scynth.  Say yes and he will upgrade it for you.  The gold 
    scynth will cut down all the grass in the squares around you.  It takes 
    5 stamina.
    Gold Plow- In the Spring of the second year you will find a elf in front 
    of your yard.  He will ask you for food.  Bring him some and he will 
    upgrade your Plow.  The golden plow will will plow six squares in a 
    straight line.  The golden plow takes 5 stamina.
    Gold Axe- Sometime in the Winter of the first year you will have an 
    earthquake.  Go to the Back Hills and the boulder that was blocking the 
    path before is gone.  Swing your axe at the pond and a fairy will drop 
    down and asked if you dropped the gold axe.  Say no and she will give it 
    to you.  The gold axe can cut a stump in one hit.  It takes 5 stamina.
    Gold Hammer- In the Fall of the first year one of the construction 
    workers will ask to borrow your hammer.  Say yes and he will upgrade it.  
    The gold hammer can smash a big rock in one hit.  it takes 5 stamina.
    Sprinkler- In the begining of Summer of the second year the Hardware 
    shop owner will tell you he is building a new invention.  Go to the 
    Hardware shop on the 22 and he will have the sprinkler.  I think you can 
    trade the water can for it.  The sprinkler waters in all the squares 
    around you.  It takes 5 stamina.
    Seed Secrets:
    Snowflower- In the harvest festival the peddler will offer to sell you 
    the seed of snowflower.  You can buy it both years so don't worry if you 
    don't worry if you can't afford it the first.  If you do buy it in the 
    winter go to the top of the mountain and plant it.  when it grows you 
    can sell it to the peddler.
    Magic beans- If you sell a cow later in the game.  Before the Livestock 
    dealer comes to your house he will offer to trade the cow for some magic 
    beans. (Sound Familiar?:) If you plant the beans on the top of the 
    mountain a vine will grow up.  When you get there walk up to the golden 
    chicken and talk to it.  It will give you a golden egg which you sell 
    for 20,000 Bucks.
    Bell Tree- Later in the game, a peddler will ask you if you would like 
    to buy a money tree from him for 2,000 bucks.  Say yes and he will plant 
    a tree with bells all over it.  It doesn't give you money.  What it does 
    is calls your cows in from all over the farm.
    12) CREDIT
    Both of which i gained inspiration from their work.
    My brother Nino
    For helping me with some spelling.
    If anybody sends me anything that i put on this FAq I will add your name 
    here.  Also If anybody has a spellcheck they want to run this through.  
    I would be grateful if you would then send it back to me.  I will put 
    your name at the top of the list in big bold letters.
    13) CONTACT
    E-mail:  Magus432@hotmail.com
    (c) Copyright 1999 Linc. If you want to use this FAQ on your 
    site, please contact me via e-mail. Please do not change, steal, or 
    sell my FAQ for profit. And remember to add updates when they are 
    made if you use it on a site! Also, if you would like to contribute, 
    or if you have any questions, corrections, or 
    comments please e-mail me.

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