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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AMorozin

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 09/29/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Harvest Moon
    FAQ/Walkthrough Version 1.4
    Writer: Andrew R Morozin (LoudKing@aol.com)
                    (C)Copyright 1999. All rights reserved.
    New in Version 1.4: 
    New bug found.
    Instant baby cow! Find this inside "Codes" section.
    What perfumes the girls like inside "Quest for a Heart" section.
    Other stuff added and fixed!
    Past Versions:
    Version 1.0
    First version. So close to perfect! First REAL FAQ/Walkthrough ever for 
    this game!
    Version 1.1
    Second version! Had Codes section added and gamegenie codes added!
    Version 1.2
    Third version! Added a GameGenie code.
    Version 1.3
    Fourth version! Added a code that gets a baby cow in two days!
    That's all....for now!
    Game Info:
    Name:    Harvest Moon
    Type:    RPG/SIM
    System:  Super Nintendo
    Company: Natsume/Serious Fun
    For more info check out my review at gamefaqs.com!
    Don't worry if you play this game you won't be
    a mindless geek the rest of your life. No offense to Dungeons and 
    Dragons fans!
     1.   Beginners
     2.   Story
     3.   Guide to Girls
     4.   Quest For A Heart
     5.   Animals
     6.   Tools
     7.  Time, Days, and Seasons
     8.  Settings
     9.  Other items
    10.  Controls
    11.  Characters
    12.  Folk Tales
    13.  Shopping and Selling
    14.  Diary of a Millionaire-First Year
    15.  Do's and Don'ts
    16.  Bugs and other Strange stuff
    17.  Codes
    18.  How to Get Best Ending
    19.  FAQ
    20.	 Rumors: Answered!
    21.  Credits
    Hello I'm Andrew, I just got this game a few days ago and I loved it, so 
    I decided to write a strategy guide using my game and several Nintendo 
    Power issues. Before you go out and buy this game a word of WARNING! 
    This is for RPG and/or SIM lovers! RPG and/or SIM haters BEWARE! If you 
    have never played an RPG before the RPG stands for Role/Playing Game. It 
    means it's sort of a story game instead of all that action. And SIM 
    stands for Simulation. A SIM is a realistic game where you have to make 
    choices, work, and deal with disasters that may destroy something you 
    are working on (example: A farm, fence, or animal). This was written in 
    1997 everything, below is updated.
    Andrew R Morozin
    {1} Beginners
    So you want to be a Farmer? Good! Now if you are a beginner to this game 
    you will need to read the following sections before playing:
     8, 9, 10, 11, 13
    Have fun playing and read as much as you want! I don't advise you 
    reading these following sections if you want to beat the game by 
     6, 7, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, and 21
    If you don't care about beating the game without a few tips read the 
    whole thing!
    ALSO! If you are looking for information you can't find in this guide 
    try the FAQ section!
    Send questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas to LoudKing@aol.com . Or 
    IM me if you are on America Online.
    {2} Story
    What's the point of your farming career? Well your parents are going 
    away for 2 1/2 years (No not your REAL parents, your characters parents. 
    If your REAL parents were going away there would be a big party) and you 
    must find success, and if you believe girls have NO cooties (Which you 
    should!) then you can marry one of the girls, and if you are good to 
    them you can have babies. When your parents come back you can...oops. 
    Check "Time, Days, and Seasons" for the list of endings.
    {3} Guide to Girls
    Houses of the Ladies:
    Nina- Nina lives in the Flower shop with her mother
    Maria- Maria lives in the Mayors Mansion with her parents
    Eve- Eve lives in the Bar with the barkeeper
    Ann- Ann lives in the General Store with her dad
    Ellen- Ellen lives in the Restaurant with her parents
    What type of girl are the girls?:
    Nina- Nina is a plant lover.
    Maria- Maria is a kind of goodie, goodie. A god loving person.
    Eve- Eve is a kind of girlie, girl. She's a girl you'd know she played 
    Barbies when she was young. She likes brewing drinks.
    Ann- Ann is the outgoing one. She likes to have fun and work. Sitting 
    still is not her favorite things. She is also a Tom/Boy learning to be a 
    woman. She likes making machines.
    Ellen- Ellen is a nice girl. You'll always count on nice comments from 
    her. She loves animals.
    Loves flowers
    Likes Mountain
    Likes Herbs
    Likes people
    Dislikes people picking flowers but her (She works at a flower shop)
    Loves God
    Loves Church
    Likes organ
    Dislikes satanic people
    Likes bar
    Likes beer
    Likes Mountain
    Likes making beer and juice
    Dislikes fish
    Likes Mountain
    Likes machines
    Likes Pool (Spa)
    Dislikes Mushrooms
    Loves animals
    Likes visiting Livestock store
    Likes public-square
    Dislikes animal slaughtering
    Flowers (Picked or bought)
    Flowers (Picked or bought)
    Berries of Wild Grape
    Summer Fruit
    Flowers (Picked or Bought)
    Flowers (Picked or Bought)
    Flowers picked from the mountain
    Bushes from the mountain
    Poison Mushrooms
    Bushes and weeds
    Poison Mushrooms
    Bushes or weeds
    Poison Mushrooms
    Anything but bushes (Yes she'll even take poison mushrooms and weeds)
    Poison Mushrooms
    You will usually find her outside the Flower Shop. She picks herbs on 
    the Mountain on Saturdays and Sundays.
    You will usually find her sweeping outside the Church. She's in church 
    on Saturdays and Sundays.
    Sometimes she's at the public square. She's usually in the bar 
    preparing. She's at the Public Square on Saturdays and on Sundays she's 
    in the SPA.
    You will usually find her in the General store working on a machine. And 
    she is outside of the General Store on Saturdays and in church on 
    She is usually outside of the Livestock store. She is behind the pen 
    (Livestock store) on Saturdays. 
    On rainy days all the girls are in their rooms.
    Locations of Diaries:
    Maria's- Mayor's House-Maria's Room (Push A on note on table)
    Ann's- General Store-Back Room (Push A on note on table)
    Eve- Bar-Back Room (Push A on note on table)
    Ellen- Restaurant-Back Room (Push A on note on table)
    Nina- Flower Shop-Back Room (Push A on the flower on the table)
    So you want to know if a girl is expensive or if she's not too hard to 
    win her heart? Well here lists who's hard and who's easy to win her 
    Easiest 1.Eve (You can give her as many presents you want at night time, 
    and you don't have to pay for her presents, unless you get her a cake 
    plus you can see her as much as you want, since nighttime lasts forever, 
    and the bar is open all week besides Sunday.
    2.Ellen (You can get her flowers for free at the forest or give her your 
    milk or eggs! Don't pay much for Ellen!)
    3.Ann (You can get her flowers for free at the mountain and she's 
    usually inside the store instead of outside and wasting time)
    4.Maria (The only thing she likes is free! Get flowers on mountain and 
    hurry she's always outside besides Saturday and Sunday!)
    Hardest 5.Nina (This girl's expensive! The only things she likes you 
    have to pay for. You have two choices. Cake or flowers bought at the 
    {4} Quest For A Heart
    Have you ever had a girl come to your farm? No? That's because you need 
    to have 5 hearts in her Diary. Here I'll tell you how to get to that 
    point and what to do when it happens.
    How to get a Quest for a Heart:
    1.	Dance with her at a festival. (1 heart)
    2.	Give her a present then talk to her. (1 heart)
    3.	Go to the place she goes at Star Festival Night. (1 or 2 hearts)
    Flower Festival Perfumes(1 = loves, 2 = likes, 3 = hates):
    Likes all perfumes
    How to dance:
    To dance talk to EVERYONE at the festival, then talk to the Mayor's 
    Wife. She will move. Talk to the Mayor and say yes. Go pick a girl to 
    dance with!
    The locations of the girl's on Star Night Festival:
    Nina-The Summit
    Ann-The SPA
    Ellen-The Public Square
    Maria-The Church
    Eve-The Bar
    The girl came, huh? You don't know how to help her? Well I can help you!
    Ann lost her Chicken wind measurer! She comes and asks if you know where 
    it is. Think for a moment. Where do you think it could have blown? 
    It's in the Chicken Coop.
    Uh oh! Eve's Grandpa is stuck in the cave! Ask the people in the forest 
    how to save him. 
    Get your hammer and go break the rocks in the cave then talk to Gramps.
    Ellen's P-Chan is missing! What's a P-Chan you ask? It's Ellen's pet 
    bird, which she keeps hidden in her room in the back of the Restaurant. 
    Hard to find the bird? You're asking the wrong people where it went. 
    Perhaps you can ask the Fortune Teller or you can find out now by doing 
    the same with two above. 
    It's on the fence covering the Fisherman's Pond.
    Oh no where is Nina? She's missing!
    She's stuck behind the rocks in the cave, grab your hammer and go save 
    her. After destroying all the rocks give her an herb, trust me.
    Oh no where is Maria? She ran away from home! Her parents are counting 
    on you to find her! 
    She is hiding in the Carpenter's house on the mountain.
    Ok well finally got them all! Now you won't be stuck with girls anymore, 
    {5} Animals
    Animals: The second best thing about Harvest Moon. The only animals you 
    DON'T have to take care of, is your pets, the dog and the Foal (the 
    horse). The others you do. The cow and the chicken (No not the stupid 
    Here is information on the animals:
    Ellen gives the Dog the second day once you get out of the house so 
    don't oversleep. You get to name this cute pup. Also the dog is good for 
    scaring (and ARGH!) eating the moles that pop out of the ground and 
    playing with the children (if you have any). What this dog is very 
    useful for is it stops the Wild Dogs from breaking your fences at night. 
    Or you can just keep him as a pet.
     If you want to get rid of him take him to someone else's house (they 
    won't notice), the cave, anywhere EXCEPT the hen house and the cow keep.
    To work with the dog, keep in the house and when you go out to cut 
    grass, dig the ground, or pick veggies take him with you to scare the 
    moles. You can also make a cage out of fences on the farm if you want to 
    keep him still.
    This is a very special bird. It is Ellen's pet bird, which she keeps in 
    the back room of the restaurant. If you push A on it's glass case you 
    hear it chirp. Nothing else special.
    These just fly on by sometimes. Most of the time they're in front of 
    your house and they scatter when you run at them in the morning. It does 
    this by itself.
    These funny but annoying critters pop-up when you start planting seeds. 
    To get rid of them put them near the dog they'll get so scared they'll 
    even dig under the wood if you're in the house.
    The chickens should be your first-bought-animal. When you get your first 
    chicken get your hammer and smash the Chicken statue in the T path 
    outside your farm. Cut grass in, Spring, Summer and Fall. And when 
    winter comes, buy a bag of chicken feed at the livestock store in case 
    you run out of grass. 
    It takes 1 day to get an egg from a store bought chicken. Eggs sell for 
    50 G.
    It takes about 6 days to breed a full chicken and get eggs.
    Special Tip: By one chicken and breed the rest by putting an egg at a 
    time in the breeding nest.
    Cows are the best animals in the game. You get to pet them and talk to 
    them, and get a lot of milk, which means you sell them and get ALOT OF 
    MOOLAH! When they get sick (Don't let them get outside when it rains) 
    but if it does get sick get the needle at the Livestock store for 1,000 
    G a pop. Cut grass in the spring, summer and fall and when winter comes 
    get a bag of cow feed (Just like chickens). When your cow matures buy a 
    milking machine and milk, milk, milk, MILK! And put the milk in the 
    shipping box in the cattle shed. And save one bottle for Ellen. It turns 
    her on, yeah baby YEAH! ;)
    Small Milks last 3 days and can be sold for 150 G.  After 3 days of a 
    finally mature cow you get Medium Milk which can be sold for 250 G. When 
    your cow is finally mature you get a Large Milk which can be sold for a 
    whopping 350 G! Don't sell that cow! 
    Special Tip: It's smart to buy all your cows because breeding cows takes 
    WAY too long. If you're going to breed make sure it's just once and just 
    for fun.
    You find the foal (horse) the first day of winter in the T path outside 
    your farm. You don't need to cut hay for it or feed it in any other way, 
    either. You get a saddle and saddlebags from the General Store owner 
    when it matures. Saddlebags are like the shipping box. You can put 
    veggies in the saddlebags and save a ton of time. Put the fruits and 
    herbs you get from the forest in the main shipping box outside of the 
    You can save the rabbit from the Hunter (Eve's grandpa) in the winter 
    near the herb cave. To save it say let it go and say you'll pay 1000 G 
    (You won't lose anything). The Hunter will say you have a big heart and 
    let it go for free.
    These just fly on by. Don't mind them any.
    Squirrels and Rabbits:
    Don't mind these they just run by in the Mountains sometimes. Just like 
    how the butterflies just fly on by.
    Wild Dogs:
    You never see these pesky pests. But you hear them in the night 
    sometimes. They come to bother the cows and kill chickens if you leave 
    your animals out. And they also break your fences. How to prevent this: 
    Keep your animals in the cattle shed and chicken coop and keep your dog 
    outside at nighttime.
    These just come out some times when you reap grass. Don't mind them any. 
    Prices for Animals:
    Koro (Dog)- Ellen gives it to you for free the second day you come out
    Chicken- 1,000 G or free if you reproduce (I recommend reproducing)
    Cow- 5,000 G or free if you reproduce (I recommend buying)
    Foal- Find it in farm free the first day of Winter
    Rabbit- Free
    {6} Tools
    Watering can: The watering can must be used in a water pit and then on 
    some seeds in the ground (You don't need to water grass).
    Grass Seeds: Very expensive all you have to do is buy them, dig away 
    ground, throw the seeds and it grows by itself.
    Normal Ax: The normal ax takes 6 swings to chop up a stump. It takes 
    about 18 to chop away a whole tree.
    Normal Hammer: It takes 6 pounds to break up a boulder, and 1 pound to 
    break a regular rock.
    Sprinkler: My opinion I think the watering can is better. If you use the 
    watering can you get more vegetables. When you get married THEN buy a 
    Turnip Seeds: Though not as good as potatoes it does grow faster. 
    Turnips grow in 4 days.
    Potato Seeds: Better than radishes, though grows longer. It grows in 6 
    Tomato Seeds: Better than Potatoes though it also grows longer. It grows 
    in 10 days.
    Corn Seeds: Yes, yes this is the last time. Better than Tomato seeds 
    though it grows longer. It takes a WHOPPING 13 days to grow.
    Normal Hoe: Hoes dig the grounds so you can plant seeds. Hoes are also 
    good to find Moles, money, and other surprises.
    Normal Sickle: The Sickle cuts grass. That's all it just cuts grass.
    Needle: The needle is used to cure sick cows.
    Cow feed: The cow feed is used to feed your cows in winter or if you 
    don't have grass.
    Chicken Feed: Same as cow feed.
    Milker: The milker milks your cows when they mature. Remember to talk to 
    them, and if you don't have a brush get one.
    Brush: The brush is used to brush your cow and keep her happy.
    Paint: Paint is used to paint your house.
    Bell: The bell is used to herd your cows. This tool is useless. You only 
    need it when you have to sell a cow.
    Golden Ax: Better than the normal Ax you get it from the Golden Pond in 
    the Mountain.
    Golden Hammer: Better than the normal hammer, you can get it for lending 
    your normal hammer to the Carpenter.
    Golden Hoe- Better than the normal hoe you get it for feeding the 
    starving dwarf.
    Golden Sickle- Better than the normal sickle you get it for 
    complimenting the sickle to the dwarf when the tree in your field turns 
    Where to buy these tools:
    Watering can- Get it free from the Flower Shop lady.
    Grass Seeds- Grass seeds can be bought at the Flower Shop for 500 G.
    Normal Ax- The normal ax is in your shed at the beginning of the game.
    Normal Hammer- Same as normal ax.
    Sprinkler-The sprinkler can be bought at the General Store. The price 
    will be here in a later version.
    Radish seeds- Radish Seeds can be bought at the flower shop for 200 G.
    Potato Seeds-Same as radish seeds.
    Tomato seeds-The tomato seeds can be bought at the flower shop. The 
    price will be here in a later version.
    Corn seeds-Same as tomato seeds.
    Normal Hoe- Same as normal ax.
    Normal Sickle- Same as normal ax.
    Needle-The needle can be bought at the Livestock store for 1,000 G.
    Cow Feed- The cow feed can be bought at the Livestock store for
    Chicken Feed- Same as Cow Feed.
    Milking Machine- The milking machine can be bought at the General store 
    for 1,800 G.
    Brush-The brush can also be bought at the General store but for only 800 
    Paint- Get it in the General Store for only 2,000 G after you remodel 
    your house 2 times.
    Bell- Get it for buying your first Cow.
    {7} Time, Days, and Seasons
    Days only last 2 minutes and 45 seconds. If you don't want to be late 
    for your wife you should have already enlarged your house so press 
    select and check the time. Also here's a tip. Your wife goes to bed at 
    6:00. Go home at 5:00! And don't get so frantic, time stops when you 
    step inside! This works everywhere but tunnels and the cave. You must be 
    inside a building to stop time.
    You can have off on rainy days if you want. Also if you want to win 
    Maria's heart go to church every Sunday. It wouldn't hurt to take a few 
    seconds off to visit her on Saturdays either. Also Ann and Ellen go to 
    church on Sunday too unless it rains.
    Special Holidays:
    Flower Festival- 23rd of spring
    The Flower Festival is where you can buy perfume and dance. Talk to all 
    the girls before you choose one to dance with, don't be shy because 
    they'll all say yes. They were programmed that way. Plus you can buy 
    special seeds from the beggar here.
    Harvest Festival- 12th of fall
    Everyone is required to bring a food to the Festival. If you're too 
    greedy to share your egg pick a non-poisoned mushroom in the mountains. 
    You dance here too.
    The Egg Hunt- 20th of fall
    The Egg Hunt is a contest where you have to find eggs (Gee really?). If 
    you win the first year you get a charm which prevents too much damage 
    against natural disasters. If you win the second year you get a Power 
    Thanksgiving- 10th of winter
    Thanksgiving is the day all the hard working farmers are rewarded with 
    cakes. If you are dating a girl a lot you will probably not get cakes 
    from other girls. You'll get cakes from girls with 3 hearts or over in 
    their diary.
    Star Festival- 24th of winter
    The Star Festival is a romantic holiday when you can make your move on 
    one of the girls in town. Find out where the girls go from the Fortune 
    Teller or my "Quest for A Heart".
    New Year- 1st of spring
    New Year is the day everyone goes to the Mountain to celebrate the 
    upcoming year. Talk to everyone before the Mayor's wife let's you leave. 
    Spring is the Season you should be feeding and taking care of your 
    animals in the morning, picking Berries or herbs in the mountain at the 
    rest of the day, and planting and watering at night.
    Summer is the Season you should be feeding and taking care of your 
    animals in the morning, picking herbs or summer fruits in the mountain 
    at the rest of the day, and planting and watering at night.
    Take care of the animals in the morning and pick poison mushrooms the 
    rest of the day. At night you can relax and go to the bar if you haven't 
    In winter, you have nothing else to do but feed your animals in the 
    morning, pick herbs in the mountain cave, and talk to everyone in town. 
    Winter is a good season to get married.
    Game Endings:
    Sit around and talk to your dog until your parents, come home- BAD 
    Don't talk to anyone in town but grow some crops- LITTLE BIT BETTER
    Don't talk to anyone but become a millionaire- BETTER
    Become a millionaire and marry 5 times- BETTER, BUT YOU'LL BE A SNOB
    Become a millionaire and date one girl- EVEN BETTER
    Get married- GOOD
    Get married and have babies- REALLY GOOD
    Become a millionaire get married and stay married- VERY GOOD
    Become a millionaire get married stay married and have babies-SECOND 
    Become a millionaire get married stay married and have babies and get 
    all power fruits-BEST
    You will get scenes if you do some of the below:
    Sit on your but and do nothing and you get a scene of you giving up on 
    the farm.
    Grow a lot of one vegetable and you'll have a scene of you taking care 
    of that certain vegetable.
    If you have one certain really happy cow you'll have a scene of you 
    taking care of it.
    If you have 12 cows you'll get a scene of you outside chillin' with all 
    the cows.
    If you're married you'll get a scene of you and your wife.
    If you have babies you'll get a scene or scenes with you playing with 
    If you're married with at least two kids, all happy Flowers, 12 large 
    cows and 12 chickens, with a VERY high happiness score, you'll get the 
    best ending. Especially if you're a millionaire.
    How to instantly see the ending look for the code in the Codes section 
    of this guide.
    {8} Settings
    1.House- This where your day begins and ends. In the house you get a TV, 
    a calendar, a diary (this makes you sleep and save), and a money/animal 
    list. You have to remodel your house 2 times before you get married and 
    get a clock and watch. If you win the Egg Hunt you get a charm 
    2.Wood Shed- After, you chop tree stumps your wood is automatically 
    placed here. You can see how much wood you have by reading the sign.
    3.Horse Stable-When you get a foal in the winter he's kept here. Don't 
    worry he feeds and shelters himself.
    4.Cattle Shed-This IS, where you keep, take care of, and feed your cows.
    5.Silo-This is where all your cut grass is automatically stored. You can 
    see how much you have by reading he sign.
    6.Chicken Coop-This is where you keep, take care of, and feed your 
    7.Produce Bin- Put all your produce (Vegetables, fruit from the 
    mountain, mushrooms, and Special items like Moon Flower!) before 5:00.
    8.Tool Shed- This where all your tools and animal care products are 
    stored. Special cow and chicken feed are in the cattle shed and chicken 
    9.Ponds-These fill your watering can. Also, very good for getting rid of 
    small rocks in your field without wasting stamina. You don't need to 
    fill your sprinkler.
    10.Sectret Garden-The flowers in the garden show how many power fruits 
    you got.
    11.Secret Well-It takes a whole lot of shaking to get rid of the boulder 
    on the Well. Wait until an important natural disaster.
    12.Special Tree-After a storm this splits open allowing you to get a 
    1.Mayor's House- This, is where the Mayor his wife and daughter, Maria, 
    live. It's the biggest house in town.
    2.Church- This, is where everyone gathers on Sundays to worship God. 
    Some people don't go like the Jewish fortuneteller, and a few girls in 
    town. Even if you DON'T believe in God the only way to date Maria is say 
    you do. Some people also gather here on festivals.
    3.Flower Shop- One of the best shops in town. This is where you buy 
    vegetable and grass seeds for making crops. And flowers (For the 
    4.Public Market-If you want to get money the day you sell your items put 
    something like a fruit or mushroom on the table and get fast cash on 
    Weekends only. Also this is where you can buy a blue feather once you 
    get 5 hearts in a girl's diary. 
    5.Fortune Teller- This, is where you get information on relationships 
    with women. Also get hints with finding things or any kind of hint.
    6.Bar- The bar opens 5:00 PM and stays open all night. That way you can 
    give tons of presents to Eve, or Ellen if she's there. You can also get 
    "grape juice" or get hints and talk to the guys around.
    7.Restaurant- This, is where you can buy cake and visit Ellen and P-
    8.General Store-The General Store sells farming tools. This is where you 
    can buy a brush, milking machine, paint, and the sprinkler.
    9.Livestock Store-This, is where you buy and sell animals and buy animal 
    care products. Best shop in town!
    1.Cave-You can find some herbs in here. In the winter the Cave reveals a 
    2.Carpenters House-This is where you can get people to remodel your 
    3.Fisherman's Tent-This is where you can get fish. There are rumors of a 
    spirit in there.
    4.Hot Springs-You can get healed in the Hot Springs.
    5.Golden Pond- Drop something in, tell the truth, and get something 
    better. Reminds me of another game...
    6.The Summit-You can find and plant some flowers here and some holidays 
    neighbors meet here.
    {9} Other Items
    Wait Hold On! There are tools, seeds, and animal care products...What 
    Good Question. Well there are a variety of secret items. Like the Snow 
    Flower, Moon Flower, and Money Tree. Here is where you learn how to get 
    items, where to get them and why or why not to get them.
    Moon Flower:
    Where to get it- The Summit
    When to get it- The 11th of fall.
    Why not to eat it-Because it can be sold for 600 G!
    What to do with it- It's better to bring it to the Harvest Festival.
    Snow Flower Seed:
    Where to get it- Flower Festival
    Why to get it-It has a power fruit inside!
    Where to plant it- The Summit
    When to plant it- Winter 1st 
    Money Tree:
    Who to get it from- The Hawker
    Why not to get it-It's fake
    Why to get it- It provides happiness
    Power Fruit:
    Where to get it-They pop up everywhere. Look in "How to get the Best 
    Ending" to find out how to get them all.
    How's it good- It plants happy flowers which are good for the end of the 
    Where to get it- Mountain
    When to get it- fall
    Why not sell it-Eat the mushrooms, sell the poison mushrooms. 
    Poison Mushroom:
    Where to get it- Mountain
    When to get it- fall
    Why not eat it- It poisons you. Sell it, and don't give it as a gift.
    Why to get it-It can be sold for 200 G
    Wild Grape:
    Where to get it- Mountain
    When to get it- Spring
    Comments- Good for selling or eating.
    Southern Fruits:
    Where to get it- Mountain
    When to get it- summer
    Comments- Good for selling or eating.
    Where to get it- Cave in Mountain
    When to get it-Any season
    Comments- Good for selling or giving it to one of the girls (besides 
    Nina) or your wife.
    Where to get it- Fisherman's Tent in Mountain
    When to get it-Any season but winter
    Comments- Good for eating or giving it to any of the girls BUT Ann. Also 
    remember to throw your first caught fish back in to get a Power Fruit.
    Where to get it- The Restaurant in town.
    When to get it-Any season
    Comments- Good for eating or giving it to ANY of the girls. NEVER sell 
    it, remember, you bought it.
    Where to get it- Your farm (I'm talking about Grass not Grass seeds)
    When to get it-All seasons but winter
    Where to put it- In the Chicken Coop and Cattle Shed
    {10} Controls
    Whistle for your dog- L Button
    Run- Hold B
    Use Tools- Y
    Walk- Control Panel
    Pick up item- A
    Throw or Give Item- A
    Talk- A
    Select Tool- X
    Pause (See what time, day, and money you have)- Select Button
    Whistle for your horse- R Button
    Other-You can only use Start Button when you first turn on the game.
    {11} Characters
    Here is where you learn about EVERYONE in Harvest Moon. Even non-
    important people.
    Jack (The main character): This is the character you use. He has to make 
    a living before his parents arrive. You can change his name.
    Shipping Boy: This is also a newbie. What a coincydinc! Your, new to the 
    farm business and he's new to the shipping business. You two have to 
    help each other out.
    Shipping Man: This is the guy in charge of the shipping business.
    Maria: She is a god loving person. She plays the organ in the church.
    Eve: She makes award winning "fruit juice" or beer. She works at the 
    Ellen: She loves animals. She has a bird and a dog but gives the dog she 
    can't keep to you on your second day, or your first day of work.
    Nina: Nina loves plants. She works at the flower shop and gathers plants 
    in the forest only because she is a florist she doesn't like other 
    people picking plants.
    Ann: She likes to make machines she works at the general store and only 
    hangs around there.
    Flower Shop Owner: She takes a liking of the General Store Owner. She 
    lives with Nina.
    General Store Owner: Him and the flower shop owner are going out. Ann
    is his daughter, his wife is deceased.
    Mayor: The mayor is in charge of the town. He has the biggest house too.
    Mayor's Wife: She is married to the Mayor. It will stay that way.
    Fortuneteller: The fortuneteller helped Ann and Maria's mother give
    Fortuneteller's Granddaughter: She lives in the shack with her 
    grandmother. She thinks she's in love with the Preacher's son.
    Preacher's Son: He thinks he is in love with Maria. He lives in the 
    Preacher: He preaches on Sundays and you can find him in the Church 
    Bar Keeper (Ellen's uncle): He's at the bar every night except Sunday. 
    He looks after Eve.
    Ellen's Dad: He's the drunken hillbilly who's always at the bar.
    Restaurant Keeper (Ellen's Mom): She keeps the restaurant and lives with 
    Ellen and her husband.
    Peddler: He's the guy you find at the public market on weekends. He 
    sells the Blue Feather, and you can sell items to him.
    Hawker: He often tries to rip you off, NEVER BUY OR MAKE DEALS WITH HIM! 
    Unless you want to sell only 1 cow and 1 Chicken to him to get a Power 
    Berry and beans! Also the money tree is really a bell tree! This calls 
    your cows without needing the bell if you leave your cows outside.
    Livestock Store/Owner: He's sort of like a shipper, only he ships 
    nothing but animals. He lives in the Livestock store. He sells animal 
    items and animals.
    Carpenter: He remodels your house. He lives in the tree house in the 
    Carpenter's assistant: He assists the carpenter. He is on the Mountain.
    Fisherman: He tells strange tales of a spirit of Water Imp in his pond. 
    He also lets you fish for free. He lives in his tent, which you can't 
    Eve's Grandpa: He lives in the Mountain and refuses to go to town. Eve 
    misses him but he doesn't know.
    Koro: This is the dog you get. He's useful as a pet and mole and wild 
    dog fighter. You can either leave him outside to protect your animals 
    and fences, leave him inside as a pet, or put him somewhere forever to 
    give to someone else or let him go. You can change his name.
    Foal: This is the horse you get in the first winter. When he matures you 
    can ride him and put plants in him to use him as a fast shipping bin. He 
    can't leave the farm. You can change his name.
    Cow: This is probably the thing that will make you the most money each 
    day. Lots of large milk gets up to 4,000 G a day. Feed, talk, brush, and 
    milk them each day. You can change their names.
    Baby: Your baby. You get to name it, pick it up...like the dog.
    Kid?: A grownup baby. 
    {12} Folk Tales
    Yes weird folk tales in a realistic RPG/SIM. It wouldn't be an RPG 
    without them.
    The Little People:
    Have you yet heard rumors of Dwarves that live under your farm? Are 
    these the same dwarves that made your grandfathers tools? Believe it or 
    not, these dwarves are real. Be very nice to them and they'll give you a 
    golden sickle and a golden Hoe. If you want to get the Golden Sickle, 
    farm until one day you go outside and a Hillbilly will tell you he heard 
    a very strange noise coming from your farm. Then find the tree (There's 
    two) that split open, and jump inside. You will find some dwarves. Go up 
    to one and he will ask if you like your sickle, and say "Very Good!". He 
    will then fix it and make it golden (it takes a day). If you want a 
    golden Hoe, farm until an Autumn day there's a starving Dwarf outside, 
    go to the mountain and pick a mushroom (not poison), and he will make 
    you a Golden Hoe (this also takes a day).
    Make a wish:
    If an earthquake ever struck it might clear the big boulders that are 
    blocking the way to the Golden Pond. It is rumored that if you throw 
    something in the pond and tell the truth you are rewarded for your 
    honesty. I don't know if you heard this rumor but that sounds like 
    another game to me. If you throw the Axe in the pond and say you didn't 
    throw it in you might get a golden axe.
    "Jack" and the Beanstalk:
    Once you get a cow you can go to the livestock dealer and choose to sell 
    your cow. Go get your cow and put her in the livestock shipping area. A 
    guy will try to sell some "beans" for a cow. I advise you choose to 
    trade him the cow. Go to the Summit and plant the beans. Wait until 
    Sunday and go back. "Jack" will climb the beanstalk and guess what you 
    find!? A Golden Chicken! Grab the Golden Egg and sell it to the peddler 
    at the Public Market in town. You will get 10,000! Enough for two new 
    cows! Goodbye baby cow hello two baby cows! 
    Something Fishy:
    The local fisherman has a lot of strange stories of a Spirit of Water 
    Imp. They might be true...or he might have had a lot of "Grape Juice". 
    But even though he IS drunk they are true. Throw your first caught fish 
    back in the pond for a prize. Then the rest of the times just keep the 
    Money Tree:
    The Hawker will come one time a year trying to sell a "money tree". It 
    is 20,000 G and well spent if you're rich. This tree actually grows into 
    a Bell Tree, which calls your cows without using the bell if you leave 
    your cows outside.
    {13} $hopping and $elling
    Here is where all the prices of buying items and selling. Remember Love 
    is important but $$MONEY$$ is what puts food on the table, or a rifle 
    and a really good cook.
    Remodeling your house the 1st time:
    How much?- 5,000 G
    Where do I tell the Carpenter?- The Tree House in the Mountain
    When do I tell him?- After the first Spring
    What else?- You need 250 pieces of wood in your wood shed.
    Remodeling your house the 2nd time:
    How much?- 10,000 G
    How much wood this time?- 500 pieces
    How much?- 5,000 G
    Where do I buy a cow?- Livestock store in Town.
    How come I can't buy a cow?- You need more grass.
    How much?- 1,000 G
    Where?- Livestock Store in Town
    How much?- 500 G
    Where do I buy it?- Flower Shop
    When do I buy it?- All seasons but Fall.
    Radish Seeds:
    How much?- 200 G
    Where?- Flower shop
    When do I buy it?- Spring
    Potato Seeds:
    How much?- 200 G
    Where?- Flower Shop
    When do I buy it?- Spring
    Tomato Seeds:
    How much?- 300 G
    Where?- Flower Shop
    When?- Summer
    Corn Seeds:
    How much?- 300 G
    Where?- Flower Shop
    When?- Summer
    How much?- 500 G
    Where?- Restaurant
    When?- All seasons
    "Money Tree":
    How much?- 20,000 G
    Who do I get it from?- a man wearing a black mask.
    Should I buy it?- Does it sound realistic? No? Well it's not a money 
    tree. Buy it if you're rich because it's really a Bell Tree which calls 
    your cows if you leave them outside without having to equip the bell.
    Milking Machine:
    How Much?- 1,800 G
    Where?- General Store
    Worth it?- YES!
    How much?- 800 G
    Where?- General Store
    Worth it?- YES!
    How much?- 2,000 G
    Where?- General Store
    When?- 20th of Summer
    Comments-A real time saver!.
    How much?- 300 G
    Where?- Flower Shop
    When?- Spring and Summer
    Blue Feather:
    How much?- 1,600 G
    Who do I buy it from?- The peddler
    Where is the peddler?- The public market.
    What is the Blue Feather?- It is like an engagement ring. You can't get 
    married without it.
    A Radish = 60 G
    A Potato = 80 G
    A Tomato = 100 G
    An Ear of Corn = 120 G
    A Fish = 200 G
    A wild grape = 150 G
    A southern fruit = 150 G
    Mushroom = 150 G
    Poison Mushroom = 200 G
    Chicken = 500 G
    First Bought Cow = 5,000 G
    Grown Cow = 8,000
    Happy Full Grown Cow = 10,000 G
    Egg = 50 G
    Small Milk = 150 G
    Medium Milk = 250 G
    Large Milk = 350 G
    Moon Flower = 600 G
    Herb = 200 G
    Things you get in the game for free:
    Dog (Ellen gives it to you the 2nd day)
    You get free grass the 1st day only.
    Watering Can (The flower shop owner gives it to you the 1st day)
    Normal Axe (You start out with it)
    Normal Hammer (You start out with it)
    Normal Hoe (You start out with it)
    Normal Sickle (You start out with it)
    Moon Flower (Find it on the Summit the 11th day of fall)
    Fish (Catch it in the Fisherman's pond)
    Mushroom (Get it at the Mountain in fall)
    Poison Mushroom (Get it at the mountain on fall)
    Wild Grapes (Get them at the Mountain in spring)
    Summer Fruit (Get it at the Mountain in summer)
    Herb (Get it in the cave on the Mountain)
    Horse (Get it the 1st day of winter)
    Golden Sickle (Get it from the Dwarf for complimenting the Normal 
    Golden Hoe (Get for feeding the Dwarf)
    Golden Axe (Get it by throwing it in the Golden Pond)
    Golden Hammer Same as Golden Axe)
    Flowers from the Mountain (Get them near the Fisherman's Pond)
    {14} Diary of a Millionaire- First Year
    Monday 1st of Spring- Spent entire day meeting new neighbors. Got some 
    grass seeds and a watering can!
    Tuesday 2nd of Spring- Went to store and bought radishes. Went home and 
    planted grass and radishes. Cleared my whole field in one night!
    Wednesday 3rd of spring through Saturday 6th- Went to mountain and 
    picked Wild Berries and herbs. Bought more seeds when I could. Watered 
    plants at night.
    Sunday 7th of Spring- Harvested first radish crop! I'm going to grow 
    potatoes for now on. I'm saving up for cow.
    Monday 14th of Spring- Bought first and only chicken, I'll raise the 
    rest. I have a field full of potatoes now.
    Friday 18th of Spring- Used revenue from potatoes to buy a cow! I bought 
    a brush but I'm going to wait until my cow matures before I spring for a 
    milking machine.
    Tuesday 23rd of Spring- Today was the Flower festival, but I didn't 
    spend too much trying to impress people. One bottle of perfume is good 
    enough, and I'm saving up for another cow.
    Wednesday 1st of Summer- Went to Flower Shop and bought corn and tomato 
    seeds. Stayed up late to water every seed I bought.
    Friday 3rd of Summer- Went to Flower Shop and bought a ton of grass.
    Friday 10th of Summer- Harvested first tomato crop. Watered the plants I 
    picked so I'll get another batch soon.
    Monday 13th of Summer- Harvested first corn crop. Also my tomatoes are 
    ready to pick again! I'm spending all my daylight hours in the field.
    Tuesday 28th of Summer- It's almost the end of the season, and I have 
    more crops than I can possibly pick in a day. Since corn is my biggest 
    cash crop in the field, I'll pick all of it before I harvest my 
    Wednesday 29th of Summer- Bought a lot more grass.
    Thursday 30th of Summer- The shipper collected the last harvest of the 
    year. I gave all my remaining vegetables to Eve (or someone else at the 
    Bar). I think she really likes me!
    Friday 1st of Fall- The harvest is over. I'm selling most of my chickens 
    to add more revenue and save grass to buy more cows.
    Thursday 7th of Fall- In the mornings I take care of my animals and the 
    rest of the day I pick poison mushrooms in the Mountain. At night I cut 
    Monday 11th of Fall- Found a Moon Flower today! I sold it for 600 G!
    Tuesday 12th of Fall- Today was the Harvest Festival! I saved money by 
    just picking a mushroom in the Mountain.
    Sunday 1st of Winter- Snow blankets all of my fields and I can't harvest 
    any more grass until spring. I own 12 cows, which means I need 360 bales 
    of grass to feed my herd this winter. I sold all of my chickens to cut 
    down on the feed consumption. Found a foal today!
    Tuesday 2nd of Winter- I take care of my animals in the mornings and the 
    rest of the day I collect herbs and put them in the shipping bin.
    Saturday 7th of Winter- There was an earthquake today! My farm is a mess 
    and I'll spend all my evenings mending fences, but I did find a shortcut 
    to the forest cave. All I had to do was tell the truth!
    Monday 30th of Winter- Tomorrow is the first day of spring, and I'm 
    ready to have my most profitable season ever. After the New Year's 
    celebration, I'll run to the Flower Shop and buy enough potato seeds to 
    keep me planting until summer.
    {15} Do's and Don'ts
    Most of the Do's are just optional and a very good idea.
    Do get married
    Do have kids
    Do give your wife daily gifts
    Do clear your field
    Do buy animals
    Do feed animals daily
    Do pick fruit in the Mountain
    Do plant vegetables
    Do make all your tools golden
    Do find secret items
    Do water plants daily
    Do keep dog in house or out (You choose)
    Do keep animals in the Chicken Coop and Cattle Shed
    Do buy important tools
    Do buy seeds in Flower shop when needed
    Do grow grass
    Do cut grass
    Do remodel your house 2 times
    Do chop wood when needed
    Do repair fences when needed
    Do repair fields when needed
    Do wait for Shipper at night when you put items in the bin
    Do go home right after the Shipper when you are married
    Do visit your girlfriend if you're not married
    Do go to festivals
    Do win Easter egg hunt
    Do dance with girlfriend on some festivals if not married
    Do dance with wife on some festivals
    Do plant important seeds
    Do grow all happy flowers by eating all power fruits
    Don't cheat on your wife
    Don't stay up late when married
    Don't eat poison mushrooms
    Don't eat Moon Flower
    Don't put dogs near chicken
    Don't put moles near cows
    Don't put dogs near cows
    Don't put moles near chicken
    {16} Bugs and other Strange stuff
    Yes Harvest Moon does not have perfect programming but it's still a 
    great game.
    Text Bug:
    The text bug sometimes puts words somewhere else or just forgets the 
    words all together, but don't worry you hardly see the text bug and if 
    you do you still can read it, it's readable just messed up a little.
    Chickens want doggie tonight! Doggie tonight!:
    If you put your dog on top of a little chicken say goodbye, because 
    believe it or not, the chicken will EAT your dog. Sounds gross, but 
    funny. Leave and re-enter the dog will be back, but the chickens won't 
    be happy. Don't save afterwards. This only works if you put the dog on 
    top of a chick not a full grown chicken.
    Mischief Night:
    If you leave an egg in your chicken coop until night pick it up and go 
    to town, you can egg houses! Did a girl in town dump you? Well it's 
    perfect pay back! They won't know who did it!
    Goodbye doggie!:
    You hate your dog? Well you can ditch him, you know. Just pick him up 
    and put him wherever you want. Place him in the cave on the mountain, 
    EVEN in the restaurant. The restaurant owners won't say a thing. That 
    way Ellen can keep the dog and she won't even notice him. Also you can 
    put him ANYWHERE you want. Just DON'T put him near any of your cows or 
    That's bush in your face!:
    Has a girl in town dumped you? Well go pick up a bush in the forest and 
    give it to her. She deserved it!
    Too slow Bug:
    Here's a very annoying bug. If you have a lot of cows or chickens you go 
    pretty slow. You can have them outside and make you really slow while 
    you're trying to pick…or save time and keep them inside and don't waste 
    a second…you're choice, but I picked the cattle shed and chicken coop, 
    it's just a bug...you still get things done.
    I just want my berry and chicken!:
    This bug is a real pain. Various things happen when you break the 
    chicken statue after you buy a chicken to get a Power Fruit. This here 
    will tell you all the signs and help you avoid them.
    List of happenings
    1.	Chicken disappears and you get the Power Fruit.
    2.	Chicken goes on top of the statue's stand and you hold the Power 
    Fruit but cannot eat it or drop it.
    3.	Chicken goes on top of you and you can't put it down to eat the Power 
    4.	The Chicken goes on the ground while you hold the Power Fruit. When 
    you drop the Power Fruit it disappears and when you pick up the 
    Chicken you eat it.
    5.	The Power Fruit goes at the top of the screen and you can't reach it.
    How to avoid above
    1.	Eat the Power Fruit leave the screen and re-enter and get your 
    chicken. If this does not happen reset the game and try again.
    2.	Reset and try again.
    3.	Reset and try again.
    4.	This is disgusting. Reset and try again.
    5.	I advise you resting and try again since the Power Fruit's are very 
    important in the game.
    Mmm...Mole. Now that' goood eatin'!:
    On the day of the Harvest Festival, find a mole in the ground and take
    it to town. Ellen's mom...will cook it for you...and you'll eat it!
    Mmmmmm...mmm! Yum.
    If you put a chicken in the shipping area for animals, buy a cow, and, 
    of course sell a chicken you run the risk of there being two 
    merchants at your farm (twins? I think not!).  Once I sold my chicken 
    to the second one which appeared the game was appeared to freeze 
    though the music continued.  The only solution I've come across is 
    the old 'reset and try again'.
    If you know of any other strange stuff or bugs e-mail me at the address 
    in credits.
    {17} Codes
                          GameGenie Codes
    Star with 654500 G: EECD-3763 + EECD-37A3
                        EECD-A763 + EECD-A7A3
    FD8F-0FAA or FD8F-1FAA
    Walk through walls. Not quite perfect as it will glitch out once in a 
    while in the mountains and you can't walk across plowed fields. Use it 
    to get the gold axe in the very beginning.
                         Regular Codes
    See the Ending:
    To see the ending when you shouldn't just do the following:
    Hold in L, R, START, and SELECT when you are sleeping. You will see the 
    ending that you would get if the game were to end right there.
    Instant Baby Cow:
    To get an instant baby cow you first need a full grown cow,
    miracle potion, and some cow medicine. Go up to the full grown cow
    and use miracle potion. RIGHT after the miracle potion use the
    cow medicine...in about two days you will have a baby cow instead
    of waiting a season or half!!!!
    {18} How to get the Best Ending
    How to get married:
    Now first you are going to have to pick a girl. To choose go to the 
    "Guide to Girls" section to find the number look it up in Contents. 
    Second you are going to have to talk to her as much as possible. Buy her 
    perfume at the Flower festival and dance with the person you chose every 
    time you can. Find out from the fortune teller or look in Guide to Girls 
    to find out where she goes at the Star Night Festival then go where the 
    girl you chose is. Third remember to remodel your house two times. In 
    winter go to the peddler on a Saturday and buy the blue feather. You 
    must have at least 5 hearts in the diary of the girl you have chosen. 
    Then go to the tool shed and equip the feather. Bring it up then go to 
    your girlfriend and press Y on her 1 or 2 times. You then should be 
    married! For help on girls and getting married go to "Guide to Girls" 
    and "Quest for A Heart"
    How to stay married and get kids:
    Talk to your wife every day! Give her at least 2 presents a day (Milk, 
    eggs, flower, food, cake, herb, etc…) And talk to the fortune teller or 
    read Guide to Girls to find out what presents the girl you chose doesn't 
    like. Never flirt with any other girls. And never be late! Always get 
    home before 6 o' clock. To do a fast job in the field you'll need a 
    Sprinkler to get home early. Always remember to hold, pick up, and play 
    with your child a lot!
    Complete Folk Tales:
    Read the "Folk Tales" section or find out and do it yourself. 
    Share your toys:
    The Carpenter will come one day and ask for your hammer. GIVE IT TO HIM! 
    If you don't you won't get the Golden Hammer.
    One day the Fortuneteller's granddaughter will ask for an egg. You won't 
    get 50 G but it will be nice to give it to her. And she'll thank you 
    later. Make sure you always have at least 1 chicken on your farm!
    If there are more things to share, and remember I already wrote up the 
    Folk Tales section, tell me and I'll post it up.
    Grow all your Happy Flowers:
    First things first, the only way to grow Happy Flowers is to eat Power 
    Berries. Below are all the locations.
    I'm going to be nice and put all the locations and how to get all the 
    Happy Flowers
    1.	Plow your field. I advise you to use the Golden Hoe for this.
    2.	Chop all Tree Stumps on Mountain.
    3.	Sell a Chicken to the Hawker in Fall 1st or 2nd year.
    4.	Bring fish or a moon flower to the Harvest Festival.
    5.	Break the Chicken Statue with the Golden Hammer then put a Chicken 
    near it. Eat the Power Fruit, to get help with bugs go to the "Bugs 
    and strange Stuff" section.
    6.	Win Egg Festival second year. Make sure you get Special Egg the first 
    7.	Plant the Snow Flower (1st day of Winter)
    8.	After the rock falls in the Mountain chop the stumps near the flowers 
    and fall in the hole. You will be in the cave, eat the Berry.
    9.	Ask the fisherman if you can fish. Then sit on the bench and fish 
    until you, well, catch a fish. Then throw your first-caught fish back 
    into the pond. Bingo!
    10.Plow your field. It's good to use the Golden Plow to find this one.
    Do a good job:
    Ok you will need to get 12 Cows and 12 Chickens. How to get them? Buy a 
    lot of radishes and potatoes and save up, of course! Remember to buy a 
    Brush after the first Cow you buy! When your Cow matures you MUST buy a 
    Milking Machine! Remember to get all the Golden Tools, and always have a 
    Needle in your Tool Shed. Try to make a million dollars.
    Your own Dairy:
    To get the best ending remember to have 12 cows and 12 chickens and take 
    care of each and every one! And when you're doing the Folk tale remember 
    that if you have 12 cows sell a cow plant the beans then go buy Miracle 
    potion! To get a very high happiness score remember to breed 1 cow! Then 
    the next day, finish up your day, then at nighttime go to the Summit! 
    Night will automatically turn to day and you'll get a day's profit AND 
    10,000 dollars for the Golden Egg! For info on the Golden Egg read folk 
    Get ALL Gold Tools.
    Here's how:
    Read the "Folk Tales" section.
    You should have it!
    {19} FAQ
    This is it! If you e-mailed me a question the answer's in here.
    Q: How come I can't break boulders or chop trees?
    A: Well first have your axe and hammer out, second stay still when you 
    use your tool on a tree stump or boulder, once you move start over 
    again. Hammer or chop 6 times to break a stump or boulder.
    Q: How come I can't buy livestock?
    A: First you need enough money, a cow is 5,000 G and a chicken is 1,000 
    G. Second you need enough grass, keep buying until he sells you 
    Q: How do I propose marriage?
    A: You need the Blue Feather, Buy it from the peddler at the public 
    square on a Saturday or Sunday once a girl in town has 5 hearts in her 
    Q: How come I can't get married?
    A: You need to remodel your house two times before you get married. You 
    also need at least 5 hearts in her diary. I've heard only 5 and I proved 
    it true by marrying with only 5 hearts in a girl's diary.
    Q: I have the blue feather and my house has been remodeled two times, 
    how come I still can't get married?
    A: You must equip the blue feather by getting it from the tool shed then 
    go to the girl that has 5 hearts in her diary and push the Y button. And 
    you must do this on a Saturday only.
    Q: What do Power Berries do?
    A: They grow your flower garden (the secret garden). Read "How to get 
    Best Ending" to find them all. They also raise your stamina level.
    Q: Are there any Game Genie codes for Harvest Moon?
    A: Yes! I just added some in the new Codes section!
    Q: Ellen came to my farm today and asked if I know where her P-Chan is. 
    Do you know where she is…and what is P-Chan?
    A: P-Chan is Ellen's pet bird. To find out how to get P-Chan go to my 
    "Quest for A Heart" section.
    If you have any questions SEND EM! Don't worry that's not a demand.
    {20} Rumors: Answered
    Hear lots of Rumors? Here I'll list a lot, and answer most of them! If 
    you have a Rumor that you heard and want it explained send it to me at
    LoudKing@aol.com . 
    If you think a rumor that I list is fake or true also email me.
    Rumors for Natsume
    Natsume™ is planning on making a Harvest Moon game for the N64.
    True. They are also making a Legend of River King for the N64, too.
    There is going to be a Harvest Moon for GameBoy.
    True. In fact Harvest Moon GB is out right now. So is the first fishing 
    Natsume™ game, named "Legend of River King"!
    Heard any Rumors about Natsume™ or Serious Fun? Send 'em over!
    Rumors for Harvest Moon
    If you sell a cow in Spring and trade it to the Hawker for beans instead 
    and plant it on the Summit and climb it the next few days, you get to 
    keep a Golden Chicken, which lays Golden Eggs, which you can sell for 
    10,000 G each day!
    Fake. What really happens is you get to just keep one Golden Egg. The 
    Golden Chicken stays where it is.
    Heard any other Rumors about Harvest Moon for SNES? Send 'em over!
    {21} Credits
    Writer: Andrew R Morozin- LoudKing@aol.com  
    Inform: Andrew R Morozin, Nintendo Power Magazine, and the Unofficial 
    Harvest Moon Site
    Andrew R Morozin got his information from Nintendo Power and his own 
    experience in the game.  
    For permission email LoudKing@aol.com and specify which information you 
    would like to use.
    Lauren (Catznip84@aol.com):
    Sent me a weird thing (eating a mole) and corrected my characters 
    Sent me a bug I didn't know about. The twin Livestock Dealer
    Special Thanks To:
    -Nintendo Power Magazine for informing me about Harvest Moon and            
    inspiring me to get it and make a FAQ/Walkthrough. 
    -I thank Natsume and Serious Fun for making a great game. 
    -I thank all the readers.
    -willw@compusmart.ab.ca for giving me the gamegenie codes.
    -Anyone who helped me!
    Email your questions, suggestions, ideas, and/or comments at 
    Well I hope you got a lot of tips, codes, hints, and secrets from my 
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