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    FAQ/Walkthrough by zeldadomer

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/24/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Lost Vikings 2 Walkthrough
    By Mike Jenista
    Version 1.00
    March 2007
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. Controls
    III. Items
    IV. Enemies
    V. Walkthrough
    VI. Acknowledgements
    VII. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
    I. Introduction
    Lost Vikings was an amazingly new and challenging game with plenty of humor and
    good graphics.  The sequel is also good, with new stuff to make the game fresh, 
    but not so different as to be a whole new game.
    The vikings are enjoying their lives of viking conquest when Tomator returns and
    kidnaps them!  He tries to put them in his space prison, but the lights go out
    and the vikings beat up their robot gaurd.  Now they have robotic enhancements
    and they try to escape with a nearby time machine.  It launches them on a crazy
    adventure through time in which they meet many new friends, including a bratty
    little kid.
    II. Controls
    There are basic controls for everyone and specific controls for each character.
    * BASICS *
    D-Pad: Move around, up and down ladders (occasionally, up and down also are used
    	to operate various environment objects, I will explain these in the
    	walkthrough section)
    Start: Pause (brings up quit menu, with 'no' selected by default)
    Select: Pause, but brings up item menu.  Selected character can switch items, or
    	press B to select an item for trading and then move it to a character 
    	that is nearby (you CAN pass through walls and doors, but sometimes it
    	is tough to position two characters to accomplish).  If you want to get
    	rid of an item (to make space), select it and trade it to the trash can.
    	You can also use L and R to switch which character's items you want to
    L and R: Toggle through characters (left and right)
    A: Press buttons, flip switches
    X: Use selected item
    Eric: Use B to jump, and B again to double-jump.  You have to be moving upward
    	for the double-jump to actually move up; otherwise Eric's boost jets 
    	will fire (slowing him down as he descends) but he won't actually jump.
    	Use Y while moving left or right to put Eric's head down and speed up
    	to ram things.  It hurts enemies and destroys barriers.
    	You can also destroy barriers above Eric by double-jumping into them.
    	Eric also can swim with his helmet's breathing apparatus.  Use X and A
    	like normal, but B will make Eric move faster.  It takes only a little
    	practice to get very good at swimming.  ALL OTHER CHARACTERS WILL DROWN
    	IN WATER!
    Baelog: Baelog has a laser sword instead of his old broad sword, but it works 
    	the same, with B.  However, he has lost his bow!  Instead he has a 
    	bionic arm, just like Bionic Commando.  Using Y and the D-Pad, you can
    	grab left, right, up, and even at angles!  It also will punch and damage
    	any enemies Baelog hits.
    	Throughout the game are little colored spheres hanging out over 
    	pits and above spikes.  Baelog can grab these with his bionic arm and
    	swing around (you can also shorten the length of the arm during the
    	Baelog can also hit those little targets like in the first game, but 
    	with his bionic arm instead of his bow.
    Olaf: Olaf's shield works the same as before; toggle it between up and down
    	positions with B.  When down, it blocks any projectile in the game.
    	When up, Olaf can float around like a glider.  Also, with the shield up
    	Olaf acts like a platform that other characters can stand on, and he
    	can even support large blocks with it (although he gets smushed if he
    	puts his shield down).  The up position also blocks falling objects
    	from hurting anyone under it.
    	Olaf's new moves are farting and shrinking.  With Y, Olaf can fart.
    	This will destroy any barriers below him, and during flight it gives
    	him a little boost (you can only use it once per flight).  Olaf's new
    	shield allows him to shrink also.  Just press down when Olaf is not over
    	a ladder, and he shrinks.  He can now move through very small tunnels,
    	but CAN'T use his shield to fly.  Press up to grow back, or any other
    	button almost.
    Fang: Fang the werewolf is a new character.  Use B to jump and Y to swipe with
    	his powerful claws.  Fang also can cling to walls, and jump off of them.
    	I find it is actually easier to cling and jump against one wall rather
    	than trying to jump back and forth between two walls.  When going down
    	a vertical corridor, you should have patience because Fang usually has
    	to kill something at the bottom and it sucks to lose a point of life
    	before you duke it out.
    Scorch: This dragon is also a new character.  He flies and shoots fireballs.  
    	Use Y to shoot fireballs, which damage enemies and also can destroy
    	targets like Baelog's arm.
    	To jump, press B, then press B again and again to fly around.  It takes
    	a couple tries to find the best timing for each flap, but Scorch can fly
    	to great heights if you time it well.  If Scorch stops flying up, he
    	can not start going back up again, so practice a little before trying
    	difficult maneuvers.
    	Finally, Scorch can glide the same as Olaf just by holding B.
    III. Items
    There are a variety of items throughout the game that all characters can pick
    up and use.
    Food: Any food item (meat, beer, cheeseburger, etc) will restore one unit of
    	life.  All enemies deal damage one unit at a time.
    Shield: This gives the character an extra unit of life (denoted by a little
    	shield icon next to their remaining life dots).  You actually have to
    	select and use it for the shield to be in effect.
    Keys: There are many colored keys.  When you see a lock of the same color, stand
    	in front of it and use the key to unlock a door or barrier.
    Bombs: Bombs are dropped onto barriers and will destroy them after the fuse
    	burns down.  They also hurt enemies, but you should only use them on
    	barriers unless you are fighting Tomator.
    Smart Bomb: This item looks like a tiny skull exploding.  When you use it, any
    	enemies on the screen will be killed.  Most levels don't have them, and
    	there's only one on levels that do, so use it wisely.
    Torch: In the Amazon levels, there are dark areas that you can only see in if
            the character entering them has a torch.  This item can be passed 
            and does not need to be "used," it just works.  If your character is 
    	not carrying the torch, he can still see IF the character WITH the torch
    	is on the screen.
    Three Items: In each level, you need to collect three items and bring them to
    	the person who will help you (or to the time machine).  In each world, 
    	these three items are the same for each level, except for the last level
    	in each world when you collect the three items needed to repair the
    	time machine (it keeps breaking... sheesh).
    IV. Enemies
    Each world has its enemies, with varying degrees of difficulty.  One note: any
    of your characters can touch and run past enemies.  You will only be damaged if
    they attack.  In other words, don't be afraid of touching and enemy and dying.
    * Transylvania *
    Skeletons: These guys are totally easy.  Just hit them.
    Vampires: The vampires will occasionally turn into a bat and zoom at you.  But
    	they are still easy.  They usually drop the bat wing you need in these
    * Dark Ages *
    Knights: Very easy, but they will try to block your attack sometimes.  Just
    	attack really fast.
    Dragons:  These guys look like Scorch, but they are different colors.  Observe
    	their flight pattern and then charge in.  Baelog is good for these guys
    	because he can attack straight up and at an angle.
    Wizards: Very hard!  Wizards materialize, shoot a magic bolt, then disappear.
    	Thus, they can appear behind Olaf and are very dangerous.  The good news
    	is that you usually have a smartbomb or a short space to fight a wizard.
    	The best thing to do is stand Baelog or Scorch near the middle of the
    	wizard's stomping grounds and attack continuously in one direction (you
    	can tell which side he'll appear on because he usually alternates
    Pirhanas: These fish lurk in the water for Eric.  Wait for them to swim toward
    	Eric and then swim past very fast.  It doesn't matter if Eric touches
    	them, as long as it is FAST.  You can not kill them because Eric can
    	not attack underwater (as if his ramming attack was worth anything
    * Pirates *
    Sailors: Very easy.  
    Parrots: They flap about and are trickier than you think.  Approach carefully.
    Captains: They shoot and use swords, so the best strategy is to come from 
    	above or below so he'll try to use his sword instead of gun.  Fang is
    	really good at killing these guys.
    Jellyfish: Jellyfish are slow but will shock Eric if he swims into them.  Watch
    Pirhanas: There are pirhanas in the water here, too.
    * Amazon Jungle *
    Warriors: The warriors are not too tough EXCEPT when they throw their voodoo
    	thing at you and turn you into a Gorilla.  You must be careful about
    	this.  Scorch is the best to use with his long range attack, Baelog is
    	okay because he has a little range with his punch, and Fang's only
    	chance is to get really close and kill the warrior really fast.
    Gorilla: Gorillas roll around and are invincible while they do.  When they stop
    	and throw a banana at you, they are vulnerable.  They are also pretty
    	slow so they are not too hard.
    Pirhanas: More of these guys!
    * War-Torn Future (aka, James Cameron's nightmare) *
    Aliens: The aliens look pretty much exactly like they do in the Alien trilogy.
    	They bite and shoot a little "alien ball" of some sort that hurts.  
    	However, they are actually not hard.  Just attack them.
    Robots: Oh my GOD, these are devious enemies.  Robots attack in two forms: 
    	flying and rolling.  In rolling mode, they are not too bad; they shoot
    	fireballs intermittently.  But in flying mode, you are in trouble.  
    	Robots fly above you and release little bombs that home in and hit you
    	(although they detonate if they take too long).  The best strategy is
    	to save a smartbomb for them, and if there aren't any, wait for the
    	robot to go into rolling mode.
    	Olaf can block the bombs with his shield though, so if you have a little
    	hole where you can block all bombs and lure the robot over, you might
    	be able to do that also.  
    Tomator: Tomator will appear in the last two levels, and he is as huge as ever.
    	He flies about in a little "Bowser-mobile" and shoots thermal detonators
    	(same as the bombs in the rest of the game).  He also surrounds himself
    	with traps.  I will describe how to beat him in the walkthrough.
    V. Walkthroughs
    I wrote the walkthrough in such a way that if you do the steps in order and 
    DON'T do any extra stuff in between, you should never have to guess how I got
    from one place to the next.
    "Advance" means take the obvious route to the next obstacle.
    I will also point out as many movie quotes and little jokes as I can.  If I miss
    any, e-mail me!
    * Transylvania *
    These levels are pretty easy, but in case you are having any trouble at all...
    STRT (start): Just move all three vikings over to the witch.
    ST3W (stew): 1. Have Baelog kill the bat for the BAT WING.
    	2. Have Olaf block the fireballs to allow the other vikings to move past
    	3. Have Olaf block the fire dropping down to again allow safe passage,
    	   making sure to pick up the EYEBALL.
    	4. Have Eric jump up for the MUSHROOM near the witch.  
    	5. Give all the spell items to the witch.
    K3YS (keys): 1. Baelog-kill the skeleton
    	2. Olaf-Climb up and fly over to the ledge. Shrink down to get GRAY KEY.
    	3. Advance past the gray door and pick up the EYEBALL.
    	4. Advance along the bottom of level to the red lock.
    	5. Eric-double jump to get the MUSHROOM and RED KEY.  Unlock the red 
    	   lock and advance.
    	6. Olaf-block the flames and advance Baelog up the ladders to get the
    	   YELLOW KEY; advance all the vikings.
    	7. Baelog gives the YELLOW KEY to Olaf who shrinks and opens the yellow
    	8. Baelog-kill the vampire for the BAT WING; advance all vikings to the
    TRSH (trash): 1. Eric-destroy the barrier
    	2. Olaf-advance past elevator and shrink through passage.  Go down the
    	   shaft and grab the EYEBALL.  Throw one of Olaf's GARLICs in the trash
    	   and grab the KEY to unlock the lock.
    	3. Advance Baelog/Eric to Olaf via the elevator.
    	4. Baelog-hit the target with bionic arm.
    	5. Eric-double jump to destroy barrier and jump down the shaft for RED
    	   KEY and BAT WING.
    	6. Baelog-advance to kill the skeleton; grab the MUSHROOM.
    	7. Olaf-block fireballs while Eric breaks barrier, then have Eric bring
    	   down elevator.
    	8. Advance all vikings to the witch.
    SW1M (swim): 1. Eric-jump into the water for the EYEBALL and press the switch
    	   on the far side.
    	2. Olaf-advance to the horizontal barrier, fart it, then block fire
    	3. Baelog and Eric advance.
    	4. Baelog-swing over large area and kill skeletons.  On the far landing,
    	   destroy the target to open door.
    	5. Eric-destroy small barrier below Baelog's platform; now Olaf is free.
    	6. Eric-go up through door Baelog opened and swim to get the MUSHROOM
    	   and the GRAY KEY.
    	7. Olaf-take small passage and float down to get YELLOW KEY and BAT
    	8. Open the gray door, then the yellow door, and advance all to the 
    TW0! (two!): Where is Eric???
    	1. Baelog-kill the skeleton that's coming.
    	2. Olaf-fart the barrier, shrink through the tunnel to get EYEBALL, then
    	   climb up and fart the next barrier.  Bring down the elevator.
    	3. Baelog-advance, take he elevator up and destroy the target to open
    	   the door.
    	4. Olaf-take ladder down and on the landing leave shield up.
    	5. Baelog-stand on Olaf's shield and grab YELLOW KEY (give to Olaf).
    	6. Olaf-take key through tunnel; open the lock to free FANG.
    	7. Fang-go down and kill skeleton, jump to hit the button and open the
    	8. Advance all down the elevator.
    	9. Baelog-grab GRAY KEY and open the gray door.
    	10. Fang-advance to the vertical corridor, and jump-climb it to obtain
    	   MUSHROOM, drop down the other side and hit switch to open door.  Kill
    	   the vampire for the BAT WING, but do not advance!
    	11. Olaf-advance past Fang to block the fireballs.
    	12. Baelog-grab RED KEY.
    	13. Fang-jump-climb the vertical corridor to bring down elevator.
    	14. Advance all to red door, open it and kill the skeleton.
    	15. Advance to the witch.
    T1M3 (time): FANG, ERIC, OLAF
            1. Eric-drop into water and grab DOOHICKEY.  Hit the button to
    	   lower the bridge, then swim to other exit and destroy barrier to get
    	2. Fang-climb the shaft, use the SMARTBOMB (or just kill them).  Pick
    	   up GRAY KEY and FLUSH CAPACITOR. Advance to gray lock and open.
    	3. Olaf-advance to the red lock.
    	4. Fang-climb up for the RED KEY and open the lock.  
    	5. Olaf-block the fireballs to advance Fang and Eric up to elevator.
    	6. Olaf-go down the ladder and fart across gap, then have Eric bring
    	   down the elevator and advance all to barrier.
    	7. Set up Olaf to block fire and destroy barrier with Eric.
    	8. Advance to elevator and go down (keep Olaf's shield to the right to
    	   block flames),
    	9. Olaf-advance to the bottom and block more fireballs.
    	10. Eric-destroy the barrier, have Fang nearby to kill enemies (one
    	   drops the FUEL CELL).
    	11. Advance all to the time machine where Baelog is waiting (if you talk
    	   to Baelog, he says that he has been in the Pit of Despair, a
    	   reference to The Princess Bride).  The time machine will tell you
    	   that you need a NUCLEAR FUEL CELL, a FLUSH CAPACITOR (flux capacitor,
    	   which makes time travel possible according to Doc Brown from 
    	   Back to the Future), and a METAL DOOHICKEY, which I am pretty sure
    	   is just a gear belt.  Bring all the parts to the time machine, and
    	   it will fix itself and send the vikings to the Dark Ages.
    * Dark Ages *
    K4RN (Kar-in): VIKINGS
    	1. Baelog-swing over the pit, kill the knight, open the gray door and
    	   talk to Kar-in.
    	2. Olaf-float down the pit, shrink and go right and float for the YELLOW
    	   KEY.  Use the geysers to get up to the yellow keyhole and unlock it.
    	3. Eric-head to water pool for RED KEY.
    	4. Eric and Baelog advance down the ladder near Kar-in to the barrier;
    	   destroy it with Eric, kill the knight, and open the red door.
    	5. Advance all vikings past the fireballs to the scales.  Baelog needs
    	   to go on the left scale, and as Eric lifts him, switch back to Baelog
    	   and grab the SCROLL (he can't reach it from the equilibrium position)
    	   and have Eric jump up for some MEAT if you want.
    	6. Olaf-go down ladder, fart the barrier and then block the flames
    	7. Eric and Baelog advance, destroy the barrier, kill the knights and
    	   then the dragon.  Take the DRAGON EGG.
    	8. Olaf-advance past the others to block the flames, then Baelog grabs
    	   the WAND.
    	9. Eric-destroy the barrier at the bend in the tunnel, then advance all
    	   vikings up the ladder and the then use the geysers to reach Kar-in.
    	   Kar-in will chant the spell "Klatu, veratu, HOWRIYUCAN," which is
    	   either some garbled message like "How are I you can" (???), or (and
    	   I think this is much more likely), it is a subtle reference to 
    	   Street Fighter II, in which Ryu and Ken both say something like that
               as one of their moves.
    B0MB (bomb): ERIC, OLAF (and soon, SCORCH)
    	1. Eric-destroy the barrier, jump in water, surface to the right for the
    	   RED KEY, then unlock the door for Olaf.
    	2. Olaf-advance to the barrier and fart it, float down over spikes, then
               go left and use the geysers to reach the ladder up to the left.
    	   Grab the WAND near Scorch, then fart the barrier to free him.
    	3. Scorch-go down and use his fireballs to destroy the targets.  Kill 
    	   the knight through the newly opened door, then move further to kill
    	   a dragon and take the DRAGON EGG.
    	4. Olaf-fart the barrier and advance Scorch through the teleporter to 
    	   kill the dragon.  Advance Olaf through and fart the barrier.  Kill
    	   the knight, shrink Olaf through the passage, climb down and hit the
    	5. Eric-enter water and swim to the right, avoid fish to grab the SCROLL
    	   and then through the door Olaf opened, up the shaft and destroy the
    	   barrier at the exit.
    	6. Scorch-destroy the target near the water shaft Eric came from, then
    	   climb down to Olaf and destroy the target near the button.
    	7. Olaf-teleport, shrink through tunnel and go to Kar-in.
    	8. Eric and Scorch go through the other door-send Scorch down the shaft
    	   and Eric up to the teleporter.
    	9. Scorch-kill the knight, then get on scale.  Eric can now step on
    	   safely, while Scorch gets off to let Eric to bottom, where he gets a
    	   bomb.  Return Scorch to the scale, and Eric can jump repeatedly to
    	   get lifted all the way to the top.  Teleport back, bomb the barrier
    	   and advance them to Kar-in and Baelog.  Kar-in says that Baelog has
    	   been at the Cliffs of Insanity, and then chants the spell "Klatu,
    	   veratu, INCONCEIVABLU," which will sound familiar if you like The
    	   Princess Bride...
    	1. Scorch-float down over spikes for the DRAGON EGG.  Open the door with
    	   the button but do NOT teleport.
    	2. Baelog-come down to the open door and kill the wizard.
    	3. Eric-go down through transporter, go down to the bottom floor near
    	   the spikes Scorch floated over, and ram the wall to the right.  It
    	   falls away, and then you can jump up for the SMARTBOMB.  Return the
    	   way he came, destroy the barrier and dive in the water.  Hit the
    	   button to lower the bridge, then swim down for the YELLOW KEY and
    	   exit the water to the right and open the yellow lock.  Go up the
    	   shaft and grab the SCROLL.
    	4. Baelog and Scorch advance over the bridge to the bone see-saw.
    	   Launch Baelog up to the ladder, then grapple over at the top and kill
    	   the knight.
    	5. Scorch-fly up to Baelog and advance past him to fly up and bring the
    	   elevator down.  Ride the elevator up and down constantly to shoot
    	   fireballs at the wizard while dodging his magic shots.  When he's
    	   dead, advance Baelog and Scorch to the top of the elevator.
    	6. Scorch-push the block down over the spikes, then head left to kill
    	   a knight and dragon.
    	7. Baelog-advance down to the targets and doors (he can reach right into
    	   the rock for that MEAT).
    	8. Scorch-also advance;now hit all targets between the two of them.
    	9. Eric-teleport (don't move! Eric will fall safely to a geyser), then
    	   jump up to the area where Scorch and Baelog are.  Climb up to the 
    	   barrier on the left side of the pit and use the SMARTBOMB to kill the
    	   wizard.  Destroy the barrier, jump in the water and press the button
    	   to extend the bridges.  Destroy the barrier to free the GRAY KEY,
    	   then jump to it and fall down.  Open the gray door to Kar-in.
    	10. Baelog-swing over the chasm to where the wizard was, then advance
    	    left over the bridge to the fire, grabbing up through them for the
    	    WAND.  Advance all to Kar-in.  She mentions that Olaf is "over the
    	    rainbow" and then chants the spell "Klatu, veratu, LYCANTHROPU,"
    	    which foreshadows the arrival of Fang, the lycanthrope, in the next
    BLKS (blocks): FANG, ERIC, OLAF (Olaf makes some hilarious jokes about Oz)
    	1. Eric-destroy both barriers right away.
    	2. Fang-climb up the shaft, kill the knight for the YELLOW KEY, then
               climb down that platform's secret ladder to find a SMARTBOMB, and
    	   slide back down the shaft to the start.
    	3. Olaf-shrink through tunnel and press button, then go through the
    	   open shaft and fart the barrier, but watch out for the water below!
    	4. Eric-go to water and get the bomb, give it to OLAf and get back in
    	   the water.
    	5. Olaf-use the bomb on the barrier, then advance all to the locked 
    	6. Fang-open the yellow door, and let Olaf float down over the spikes
    	   (ignore the brat).  Grab the SCROLL and wait.
    	7. Fang-jump into the shaft and start climbing it (again, I recommend 
    	   climbing along one wall in times like this).  Kill the knight at the
    	   top, drop down the other side and press the button to open the floor
    	   and then kill the wizard with the SUPERBOMB.
    	8. Olaf-advance up to the small barrier and press the button.
    	9. Eric-destroy barrier, jump up for the RED KEY and open the red door.
    	   Get in the water and press the two buttons you find along the way.
    	   Now return to the others.
    	10. Olaf-press the left button to raise the rightmost blocks.  Move
    	   Eric and Fang to the MIDDLE, then press the right button to raise 
    	   the LEFT block (the right lowers, crushing anyone who is too close).
    	11. Eric-jump up to the area above where there is a barrier overhead.
    	   Destroy it and then return to the blocks.  Move Fang out to the left
    	   and have Olaf press buttons in reverse to get Eric back to the right.
    	12. Eric-go back into the water and at the other end, get out and wait
    	   on the small ledge.
    	13. Fang-jump up to the switch above where the little barrier was.  Hit
    	   it to lower the bridge for Eric.  Now kill the knight and dragon.
    	14. Eric-destroy the barrier, pick up DRAGON EGG, destroy the other 
    	   barrier and jump down.  Destroy the small barrier under the big one.
    	15. Olaf-fart over the water, shrink through tunnel, and use geyser to
    	   reach WAND (may need to use a fart to get all the way up).  Teleport
    	   and go through the tunnel Eric made.  Climb up and float over to fart
    	   the big barrier.  Now head down the ladder and grab the GRAY KEY.
               open the gray door and advance everyone to Kar-in.  She takes a pot
    	   shot at Olaf for being fat.
    TLPT (teleport): SCORCH, BAELOG, OLAF (Olaf wants Scorch to come live with them
    	and then Scorch thinks about this by singing Scorch the Magic Dragon...)
    	1. Olaf-fart the barrier, shrink through the left tunnel and float down
    	   over spikes.  Teleport, fart the barrier there and drift down to the
    	   start.  Repeat this path, but at the last part, fart over the chasm
    	   to the other teleporter and use it.  Shrink through the passage, grab
    	   the SCROLL and then go up the ladder to block the fireballs.
    	2. Baelog-fall down and advance right to the buttons.
    	3. Scorch-fly up and kill the enemies there, then drop down the shaft to
    	   the right and shoot the targets to open the floor.  Kill the wizard
    	   below.  Have Baelog move Scorch through the blocks (there are four
    	   now, and you need to press three buttons - first the MIDDLE button, 
    	   to open the first two blocks; stand in the second space.  Now press
    	   the RIGHT button to open the middle two and move Scorch to the 3rd
    	   space.  Press the LEFT button now to open the blocks and move Scorch
    	4. Scorch-grab the DRAGON EGG, the RED KEY and teleport.  Unlock the red
    	   door and kill the dragon.
    	5. Baelog-meet up with Scorch, then trace his path back and teleport to
    	   grab the YELLOW KEY the Scorch could not reach, then return.
    	6. Olaf-advance to Baelog and Scorch, shrink through tunnel and avoid
    	   the wizard to get the BOMB to the right.  Use it to destroy the
    	   barrier and then have Scorch or Baelog kill the wizard.  Advance all
    	   to the yellow door and unlock it.
    	7. Baelog-advance up the geysers and kill the dragon (he can reach the
    	   dragon with diagonal shots from below, so you don't need to go all
    	   the way up to it), now grab the WAND and hit the target.
    	8. Olaf-head up the geysers, go through the passage on the left of the
    	   vertical corridor.  Use the geyser (that is no longer blocked) to 
    	   get up to the right and fart the barrier there.
    	9. Advance everyone to the teleporter and head to Kar-in.  She chants
    	   the spell "Klatu, veratu, DOKTIRHU," which I thought might be Klingon
    	   at first, but was not in my Klingon dictionary.  It turns out that
    	   it is a reference to "Doctor Who," an old TV show about a time 
    	   traveler and his buddies and their wacky adventures.  Kind of like
    	   some wacky time traveling vikings we know...
    GYSR (geyser): VIKINGS (upon arriving, the vikings have a conversation about
    	sorceresses that should remind you of two Imperial officers'
    	conversation about bounty hunters on the flagship star destroyer in 
    	Empire Strikes Back...)
    	1. Eric-double-jump to a secret passage in the ceiling for some MEAT.
    	2. Baelog - kill the knight and advance all vikings through the
    	   teleporter to the scales.
    	3. Olaf-lift him up on the right scale to the passage where he grabs the
    	   METAL DOOHICKEY and farts a barrier.  Advance the others to him.
    	4. The pit below has many offshoots, but the one you want right now is
    	   at the very bottom on the right.  Send Olaf down first with his 
    	   shield down and then Baelog down to kill the enemies in the passage.
    	5. Olaf-advance right through the passage to block the fireballs so 
    	   Baelog can destroy the target there, then swing Baelog back over the
               new water pit out of range of the fireballs.
    	6. Eric-go into the new water pit and swim around to the other exit,
    	   then get out and press the button to open a path above the geyser
    	   near Olaf (Eric has to avoid some enemies).
    	7. Baelog-go back to that geyser and go up to kill the enemies there,
    	   and Eric can now destroy the barrier on the other side of the cavern
    	   Baelog is in.
    	8. Baelog-head through the transporter and kill the dragon.  Then go 
    	   down a secret passage to grab a SMARTBOMB, and advance Olaf and Eric
    	   to Baelog.
    	9. Eric-destroy the barrier and have Olaf fart across the gap to block
    	   the fireballs from the ceiling.  Baelog can now swing over and pass
    	   the fireballs to kill the wizard (use the SMARTBOMB).
    	10. Olaf-fart the barrier near Baelog and send him down to kill the
    	   knight and grab the RED KEY and FUEL CELL.
    	11. Take everyone back to the chasm and fall down to some geysers again.
    	   Jump up to the left, open the red door and kill the dragon to get
     	   the FLUSH CAPACITOR.  
    	12. Advance through the red door to the time machine, where the vikings
    	   get zipped back to their life of sailing around for plunder... or
    	   at least SOMEBODY's life of sailing around and plundering!
    * Pirate World *
    In the Pirate World, there are some new mechanics.  First, there are chests
    which contain items like keys and the collectibles, but occasionally contain
    a bomb that explodes.  I will try to note them.
    Also, the horizontal rigging can be climbed on and hung from.  You can walk 
    across it like normal, or you can climb up and down it like a ladder.  When 
    hanging from it, you can still move left and right, but if you press down, you
    let go.  Olaf and Scorch can NOT hang from rigging nor can they land on it. 
    Olaf can walk on it, provided that he starts on something solid before moving to
    the rigging.  Scorch can not walk on it at all.
    Finally, there are cannons.  You can blow them up by dropping a bomb near them.
    B3SV (Be Su...): VIKINGS
    	1. Eric-go straight into the water for a bomb, then take it up to the
    	   barrier in the upper passage.  Blow up the barrier, then sneak past
    	   the cannon to hit the button.  This releases the big block.
    	2. Olaf-fart across the water and then push the block onto the spikes.
    	   Stay there to block the cannon shots.
    	3. Eric-jump across spikes to door; Baelog use rope to get over to the
    	   same spot as Eric.
    	4. Olaf-float down and open chest to get YELLOW KEY.  Bring the elevator
    	   up and open the door with the key.  The old gypsy says she will send
    	   you to the time machine if you bring her a CRYSTAL BALL, a TAROT CARD
    	   and a DIAMOND.
    	   To get the beer in the secret hole above the cannon, stand Olaf under
    	   the hole but past the cannon's shot and put the shield up.  Use
    	   Baelog's arm to swing up to the Olaf's shield, then grab up to get
    	   the beer.
    	5. All-go up the elevator to the scales.  There is a pirate, so be
    	   careful.  Put Olaf to the left of the scales (NOT on them!) to block
    	   the fire there.  Put Baelog on the left scale and then use Eric to
    	   bring the left one down to him.  Now use Eric to jump up to the right
    	   scale and bring Baelog up near the grapple point.  Use it to get
    	   Baelog up to the platform nearby.
    	   Now move Olaf onto the scale and again have Eric bring it down, then
    	   get on the right to balance.  Baelog can now use the grapple point
    	   again to swing to the RIGHT scale with Eric and lift Olaf all the way
    	   up to the platform.  Once Olaf is up, have him shrink to reach the
        	   big block and push it to block the fire permanently.  Now repeat all
    	   this to get all the vikings up to the platform.
    	6. Baelog-hit the target with arm and kill the pirate to get the
    	   DIAMOND.  Advance all to the room beyond.
    	7. Eric-jump up to the ladder and press A to lower it for the others.
    	   Ignore the annoying brat.  If you want to get the beer sitting to the
    	   left, shrink Olaf and walk through the wall.
    	8. Baelog-hit the target above to remove the trap door overhead.
    	9. Eric-jump off Olaf's shield to reach the elevator and bring it down.
    	   Also, he can go left to grab some beer and a SMARTBOMB.
    	10. Olaf-go to the right and block the pirate's shot so Baelog can kill
    	11. Eric-explore the rigging until you find the CRYSTAL BALL.  On that
    	   same platform, run to the right to destroy a small barrier for Olaf.
    	12. Olaf-use the rope that leads to Eric's position to walk over and
    	   reach the new tunnel.  Remember, Olaf CAN NOT HANG FROM ROPES, so you
    	   have to use this exact one.  However, DO NOT GO DOWN TO THE TUNNEL
    	13. Baelog-climb over the ropes until you are above Olaf.  Jump onto his
    	   shield so you can reach the grapple point and swing up to the rope
    	   over the fire.  Climb up to go over the fire, then go kill the parrot
    	   that is below.  Advance all to this area.
    	14. Baelog-go down and kill the easy pirate.  Hit the target to open the
    	   door.  Get all vikings on the elevator.
    	15. Olaf-get off at the first stop and go through the tunnel.  Float 
    	   down to obtain the TAROT CARD (watch out for flames!).  Hit the 
    	   button to open the door for the others, and have Eric hit the barrier
    	   to open the way to the old elevator.  Go up to the gypsy to finish.
    R3T0 (...re To...): VIKINGS
    	1. Olaf-stand near the barrier so that when Eric breaks it, he can block
    	   the shots from the pirate beyond.  Use Baelog to kill him.
    	2. Eric-jump over the water and destroy the small barrier for Olaf.
    	3. Olaf-fart over the water and go through the tunnel.  Go up to find a
    	   cannon and block the shots.
    	4. Baelog-use the ropes to climb up to Olaf.  When standing on one rope,
    	   just press up to hang from the next one.  This is how you get over 
    	   the flames.  Hit the switch near Olaf to open a door, then go past 
    	   that door to reach the rope and climb over and drop onto the 
    	   CRYSTAL BALL.  Move Baelog and Olaf away from the cannon.
    	5. Eric-get ready for a long Eric part.  Go into the water and head left
    	   (there is a chest to the right, but sometimes it has a bomb).  You
    	   will get the DIAMOND right away.  Keep going left until Eric comes
    	   to a small tunnel; go through and open the chests for the TAROT CARD.
    	   Go up into the ship and break both barriers there.  Now backtrack
    	   through the small tunnel and go up past a jellyfish to reach a large
    	   area between two ships.  Now go to the right and destroy the barrier
    	   there to clear the way for Olaf and Baelog.
    	6. Baelog-use the grapple point to swing and hit the see-saw.  This way,
    	   you can shoot Olaf up and then switch to him to float over to the
    	   barrier on the right side of the wall.  Fart it, then use Baelog to
    	   shoot him up to the ladder.  Baelog can use the grapple point to 
    	   get to the ladder and advance.
    	7. Baelog-hit the target above to start the elevator.  Eric can now come
    	   down and destroy the barrier.  Advance all up to the area above.
    	8. Olaf-fart over the water to the other ship.  Now float over the 
    	   spikes and FART TO THE PLATFORM BEYOND.  Don't go down the spike hole
    	   just yet.  Float down the left pit to get the elevator and bring it
    	   all the way back up.  Get off the elevator.
    	9. Baelog-use the grapple points to reach Olaf.  Use the elevator to 
    	   go down and hit the target.  Go all the way down and grapple over the
    	   water to hit the target and open a small tunnel.
    	10. Olaf-now float down through the open door and fart the barrier there
    	   to reach the GRAY KEY.  You can pass through the tunnel and fart over
    	   the water pit to reach Baelog.
    	11. Eric-use the water passages to reach Olaf and Baelog.  Advance all
    	   vikings up the elevator and ladders to a barrier near the GRAY LOCK.
    	   Break the barrier and then open the door.
    	12. Baelog-climb up the rope and use the grapple point overhead to get
    	   to the springboard.  Spring over to the platform on the right and go
    	   down to kill the pirate.
    	   (right above the springboard is a secret passage to the left where
    	   you can grab two SMARTBOMBS but they are protected by two parrots.
    	   The sad news is that these items are totally useless since you killed
               everything dangerous already).
    	13. Eric-follow Baelog and destroy the barrier nearby.  Baelog can grab
    	   the YELLOW KEY, then go to the right to use a see-saw.  Eric shoots
    	   Baelog up so he can use the ropes to climb back to the left.
    	14. Bring all the vikings to the YELLOW LOCK (Olaf can fart across).
    	   Open it and have Eric destroy the barrier beyond.
    	15. Olaf-fart across the gap to the tunnel.  Have your shield up, then
    	   shrink.  As you come out of the tunnel, your shield should be up and
    	   you can fart to the right to avoid the flames.  Then float back left
    	   to avoid more flames and fart the final barrier.  Advance all the
    	   vikings to the gypsy below (use the rope to avoid falling too far).
    	   She will tell you to find her twin sister in case of trouble, and 
    	   then Baelog quotes none other than Darth Vader.
    DRNK (...Drink...): VIKINGS
    	1. Eric-jump up to the ladder and press A to lower it.  Get away from
    	   the pirate and bring Baelog to kill it.  Now Eric can destroy the
    	   small barrier to the left.
    	2. Olaf-go through the new tunnel and fart the barrier there to open a
    	   water passage for Eric.
    	3. Eric-enter the water and avoid the many traps to reach the chest with
    	   a RED KEY.  Return to the others and open the RED LOCK.  Jump up to 
    	   the ladder and lower it.  Jump up again to the right to destroy a 
    	   small barrier there.  Come back down, jump over the fire and destory
    	   yet another barrier blocking a target.
    	4. Olaf-climb up the ladder to the right of the flames, then float off
    	   it to reach Eric.  Stand below the target with shield up.
    	5. Baelog-use the grapple point to swing onto Olaf's shield, then hit
    	   the target.  Now Eric can use the springboard to launch Olaf and
    	   Baelog up to the springboards and up to the top (leave Eric below).
    	6. Olaf-float down over the spikes to grab the CRYSTAL BALL.  Then use
    	   the ladder to get in the air and fart over the gap to reach the small
    	   tunnel that Eric opened earlier.  Go through the tunnel and go down
    	   to the barrier.  Fart it and float right to safety near the GRAY LOCK
    	7. Eric-go back to the Olaf but use the ladder to climb down (past where
    	   the barrier used to be) and into the water.  Go left for a beer if 
    	   you need it, then go right and get the YELLOW KEY from a chest in a
    	   small cave.   Go back to Olaf, and climb up the ropes to a barrier
    	   (NOT the top one!) and destroy it.
    	8. Olaf-float to the ladder, then go use the tunnel again to reach the
     	   new tunnel Eric just made.  Go through to get a BOMB and the GRAY
    	   KEY.  Now go down and open the GRAY LOCK.
    	9. Eric-go to Olaf and open the YELLOW LOCK.  Have Olaf stand with
    	   shield up in the vertical corridor so Eric can jump up to the 
    	   elevator.  Bring it down.
    	10. Olaf-go up and to the left to use the BOMB on the cannon.
    	11. Eric-backtrack to the ropes and climb up to destroy the small
    	   barrier behind Olaf, then the other one on the other end of the top	
               rope.  Stand on the big button to open the door for Olaf.
    	12. Olaf-go left and grab the DIAMOND and RED KEY, then go back and open
    	   the RED LOCK.
    	13. Baelog-use the ropes to get past the spike pit, then use the 
    	   grapple point to reach a moving platform over the fire.  Use this to
    	   reach an elevator and go down to the newly opened path to rejoin the
    	   other vikings.  Advance everyone to the elevator shaft here.
    	14. Baelog-hit the target in the elevator shaft to open the door above
    	   and then kill the parrot (you can use the SMARTBOMB that Baelog gets
    	15. Eric-jump and destroy the barrier above, then use the springboard to
    	   get over to the right and down the vertical shaft.  Hit the button to
    	   open the next door.  Advance all vikings to the scales below.
    	16. Eric-destroy the barrier to the left, then get Olaf up to it.
    	17. Olaf-go through the barrier, but DON'T GO DOWN YET!
    	18. Baelog-go down and kill the pirates below.
    	19. Eric-go down and destroy the barrier for Olaf.
    	20. Olaf-now fart the barrier and float down for the TAROT CARD.
    	   Advance all vikings to the gypsy.
    YOVR (...Your...): OLAF, ERIC, SCORCH
    	1. Scorch-fly up and kill both the pirate and the parrot.  Go down into
    	   the shaft and into the secret area on the right for a BEER.
    	2. Olaf-go under the first barrier and fart the second.  Float down and
    	   go right through a tunnel, float to the ladder and climb up.  Float
    	   left onto a barrier and destroy it.  This opens a small area with a
    	   BOMB for Scorch. 
    	3. Scorch-grab the BOMB at the bottom of the shaft and then fly back up
    	   to use the BOMB on the barrier blocking your way.  Go down the shaft
    	   and bring the elevator up for Baelog.
    	4. Baelog-go down and use the grapple point to swing over the fire.  Hit
    	   the target in front of you to open a door above.  Stay here.
    	5. Olaf-go through the open door and then over some fire.  Go through
    	   the tunnel to the right and press the button to drop the block (if
    	   Baelog goes across the next pit, he might get squashed by this).
    	6. Scorch-join Baelog, then go past him to kill the pirate there. 
    	7. Olaf-fart the barrier here and collect a BOMB on the way down.  Use 
    	   it to destroy the barrier to the right.
    	8. Scorch-fly up the shaft to the elevator and bring it down for the
    	   vikings.  You will get a BOMB up there and the TAROT CARD.  Now fly
    	   up the shaft to the left and kill the pirate before using the BOMB
    	   to destroy the barrier and open the way for the others.
    	9. Olaf-go across the gap first and use your shield to block the cannon
    	   when Baelog hits the target to open the door.  Advance all past the
    	10. Baelog-go up and kill the pirate, advance all to the scales.
    	11. Olaf-stand on left scale and have Scorch lift him up to the tunnel
    	   to grab the RED KEY and then go over and open the RED LOCK.  
    	12. Baelog-get on left scale, then Scorch gets on the right to make them
    	   even.  Now Olaf gets on to lift Baelog to the passage near the top.
    	   Go to the left and use the springboard to get over to another 
    	   springboard.  Use this one to go over the fire and hit a target to 
    	   open a door, and standing on the big switch opens a trap door so you
    	   go down and kill the pirate below. 
    	   NOTE: to get down  
    	13. Scorch-lift Olaf up to the RED LOCK and both advance to Baelog.
    	14. Olaf-go under the barrier and up to the chests.  Get the BOMB and
    	   use it on the LEFT barrier, then fart the one below you.
    	15. Baelog-advance to Olaf, use arm to grab CRYSTAL BALL and hit the 
    	   target to open the door below.
    	16. Olaf-go down and float down the shaft and fart the barrier.  Use
    	   your shield to block the parrot.
    	17. Scorch-come down to Olaf, shoot the parrot, then go down the shaft
    	   to the right and kill the pirate on the bottom.  Leave the elevator
    	   there in case Olaf or Baelog falls down later.  Now spring/fly up to
    	   the ladder and lower it for the others to spring to.  Advance to the
    	   gypsy.  Clearly, these gypsies just want you to collect a ton of
    	   loot for them!
    0V4L (...Oval...): OLAF, BAELOG, FANG
    	At the beginning, Olaf says something that has to be a quote from some
    	movie, but I can't place it.
    	1. Fang-jump up and lower the ladder.
    	2. Olaf-go up and float down to stand on the platform with shield up.
    	3. Baelog-jump onto the shield and hit the target to open the door, then
    	   jump down and kill the pirate.
    	4. Olaf-go through the tunnel to the left.  Jump out over the fire and
    	   fart right away to avoid getting burned.  Fart the two barriers in 
    	   this area, and avoid the parrots.
    	5. Baelog-go down to Olaf and hit the target to open the door.  Now you
    	   can grapple over the gap and kill the parrot and open the chest for
    	   the DIAMOND.  
    	6. Olaf-go under the barrier, then have Baelog flip the switch above to
    	   open the door.  Grab the BOMB and use it to blow up the barrier.  Now
       	   Fang can also go through with Olaf to the other side.
    	7. Fang-jump up the shaft, kill the pirate and open the chest for the
    	   CRYSTAL BALL.  You will also get the YELLOW KEY.  Jump up the shaft
    	   some more to bring the elevator down to Olaf.
    	8. Olaf-float to the barrier and fart it, then have Fang lower the 
    	   elevator to bring Olaf back up to the scales.
    	9. Fang-put Olaf on the right scale and then lift him up (you will have
    	   to jump-scale the wall on the left) so he can float to the door.  
    	   Join him and open the door.  Advance Olaf to block the pirate and
    	   cannon, then use Fang to kill the pirate.  Lower the ladder for
    	10. Baelog-climb up to the platform above, then use the grapple points
    	   to swing over and get the TAROT CARD.  Go back and climb up the 	
    	   ladder to join the others.
    	11. Fang/Baelog-whoever has enough life to withstand a hit, run out and
    	   grab the BOMB between the two cannons.  You can do it without taking
    	   a hit, but just be careful.  Back everyone away from the cannon and
    	   then blow it up with the BOMB.  Have Olaf block the second cannon.
    	12. Fang-jump up to lower the ladder, then climb up to the other pile
    	   of rope and lower it as well.  Bring up Baelog, then Olaf.
    	13. Baelog-put Olaf between the two ladders with shield up, then use
    	   it to get from the right ladder to the left ladder.
    	14. Olaf-fart over to the left ladder and climb up.  Fart over the gap
       	   to the area just above the spikes.  Put your shield up.
    	15. Baelog-swing over and land on Olaf's shield.  Make sure both vikings
    	   are NOT under the block.
    	16. Fang-go up and push the block down onto the trap door (again, make
    	   sure the vikings are NOT under it!) and then climb down to them.  
    	   Jump over to the wall and slide down, hitting the button when you get
    	   near.  Don't jump to safety until the block has landed.
    	17. Olaf/Baelog-scooch over until Baelog can hit the target.  If he
    	   falls off the shield, use the grapple point to get back up.  The door
    	   above is now open.
    	18. Olaf-make your way up to the open door and then to the left.  Fart
    	   the barrier, grab the BOMB and GRAY KEY, then fart the next barrier
    	   and float to the right.  Make sure to put your shield down so you
    	   can sneak past the cannon and get back up to the GRAY LOCK and open
    	19. Fang-go up and to the right to kill a pirate, then down to the 
    	   scales below.  Have Baelog join him.
    	20. Olaf-go up the ladders and fart over to where the pirate used to be
    	   and go down to the cannon and destroy it with the BOMB.
    	21. Fang-lift Baelog on the right scale and then have Olaf float down
    	   to lift Baelog all the way up and onto the platform.  Fang can lift
    	   Olaf up to the left and Olaf can then go back up in the rigging, but
    	   instead of going down, he should go across and fart over the gap to 
    	   block the cannon up there.  
    	22. Fang/Baelog-get up to Olaf and go past the cannon.  Make sure that
    	   only Baelog is standing on the chain when he hits the target to open
    	   the trap door.  Hang from the ropes to avoid the fire and make your
    	   way down to the moving platform and the gypsy.  Olaf will have to 
    	   float down.  The heros discover that the gypsies are cheating them.
    T1N3 (...tine): ERIC, BAELOG, SCORCH
    	If you didn't catch it, the level names in the Pirate World actually 
    	form one big long joke: "Be sure to drink your ovaltine."  It's the 
    	secret message that Ralphie decodes in A Christmas Story, and when I 
    	finally got the joke I marvelled at the sheer genius of the game makers.
    	1. Eric-go up and lower the ladder, then jump over to the left and break
    	   the barrier above the springboard.
    	2. Scorch-advance to Eric, then go up the shaft he opened and lower a
    	   ladder and keep going up the shaft there to lower an elevator.  
    	3. Scorch/Eric-both should now go back and go up past the grapple point
    	   to the a big swithc.  Have Scorch stand on it and then have Eric ram
    	   the barrier to the left while the chain is up.  Then Eric needs to 
    	   jump up to the rope above and work his way past the fire to the
    	   moving platform and then to the barrier in the upper right.  Break it
    	   and then bring Scorch up (by flying up the shaft, not over all the
    	   fire).  Now one needs to press the switch in the upmost right of the
    	   ship to block the fire, then the other presses the other big switch
    	   to lower the block.
    	4. Baelog-finally time to do a bunch of stuff.  Climb up and use the
    	   grapple point to reach the springboard.  Jump up and grab the FLUSH
    	   CAPACITOR with your arm, then jump up to the left and use the
    	   elevator to reach the GRAY KEY.  Go back down the elevator, but then
    	   jump off to grab the ropes and go past the flames.  Have Eric or 
    	   Scorch stand on the big switch to provide a platform for Baelog to
    	   climb down onto, and have him give the GRAY KEY to Eric.
    	5. Eric-use the GRAY KEY to open the hatch to the water.  Go through the
    	   passage and hit the button below the ship to open the door for Scorch
    	   and Baelog.  Keep going left and you will find the FUEL CELL in the
    	   lower left.  Wait for the others.
    	6. Baelog/Scorch-go down and through the door to the scales.  Lift 
    	   Baelog on the left on and have him go into the little pit to grab the
       	   BOMB but DO NOT use it!  Give it Scorch.
    	7. Scorch-take the BOMB up and to the left to reach the barrier on the
    	   other side and blow it up.  The block will fall, crushing the spikes
    	   and opening the door for Eric, and the barrier will fall away so 
    	   that Baelog can get down.
    	8. Baelog-have Scorch and Eric lift him to the top and use the rope to
    	   get across to the door.  The other two can just jump over to the door
     	   and then hit the target to open it.  DON'T put anyone near the see-
    	   saw just yet.
    	9. Eric-jump up past the cannon and break the barrier above.  Then push
    	   the block down to block the flames.  Use the rope to climb up to the
    	   chest and get the BOMB.  Go up a little more to destroy another 
    	   barrier, then go down and use the BOMB to destroy the cannon.
    	10. Baelog-have someone shoot you up to the left and use the springboard
    	   there to reach the rope high above.  Hang on it and go all the way to
    	   the right until the flames.  Drop down and to the right to land on
    	   the platform (go back down if you miss).
    	11. Eric-go past Baelog and lower the ladder for him.  Then stand on the
    	   rope above to ram the barrier to the left.
    	12. Scorch-fly up and shoot the target that Eric exposed to make a
    	   little platform for Baelog.
    	13. Baelog-run off the platform and grab the rope; climb up and then go
    	   left to grab the METAL DOOHICKEY, then go back right.
    	14. Everyone now has to go past the cannon, one by one.  Baelog is the
    	   hardest because he has to hang from the rope over the fire, then
    	   climb up over and past the cannon before it fires again.  Once you
    	   are all at the time machine, the heros fight and someone mentions the
    	   jungle, which of course sends the heros to the Amazon.
    * The Amazon *
    In the Amazon, instead of see-saws there are popper boxes that work just like 
    the see-saws.  There are also torches that allow the carrier to illuminate dark
    screens.  There are teleporters again, in the form of big snake heads.
    D4RK (dark): VIKINGS
    	The vikings crack some jokes a la Forrest Gump.
    	1. Eric-go right and grab the TUSK.  Go into the water and swim right to
    	   find the TORCH.  Bring it back and give it to Baelog.
    	2. Baelog-grapple over the water and press the button to fire the geyser
    	   below you so you can land on the moving platform.  At the top, jump
    	   off and fight the warrior.  Have Olaf join you and block the rocks
    	   from the ceiling.  Go down below, and again have Olaf come down to	
       	   block the flames.  Destroy the vines with Baelog's arm, then go and
    	   get the BOMB and the VOODOO DOLL.
    	   Backtrack to the moving platforms (go up the column
    	   there to grab a secret BANANA), and then use the BOMB on the barrier
    	   and have Baelog hit the two targets to open the door.  Advance all
    	   to this point.
    	3. Baelog-slash the vines and then go past to fight the gorilla.  Slash
    	   the vines again to let Olaf past.  Grapple over the pit and then
    	   slash through the vines to get to the poppers.
    	4. Olaf-float down the pit and left to the teleporter.  Go through to
    	   land on the barrier above and fart it.  Then push the block to open
    	   the way for Baelog.
    	5. Baelog-have Olaf launch him up to the geyser, and from here on to 
    	   the moving platforms.  Get to the left one and hit the target to open
    	   the door.  Now grapple right and climb up so you can grapple over and
       	   fight the gorilla for the GRAY KEY.
    	6. Eric-swim over to the right and then jump up to get to the moving
    	   platform area.  Go down and launch Olaf so you can both proceed up
    	   to Baelog (if it looks like Olaf can't make it from one platform to 
    	   the other, just float left and fart and the left platform will go 
    	   below him).
    	7. Baelog-slash through the vines and use the GRAY KEY to get the SKULL.
    	   Step on the switch to open the trap door, then slash the vines again
    	   to let Olaf and Eric through.  Go down and kill the gorilla, then
    	   advance all to the YELLOW LOCK and open it.
    	8. Olaf-get on the left scale, and have Eric and Baelog lift him up to
    	   the little tunnel.  Go through and stand on the switch below to open
    	   the door.  Lift Baelog up and then jump Eric up to reach the witch
    	   doctor.  He takes the SKULL, TUSK, and VOODOO DOLL to send you to the
    	   next level to save his brothers.
    H4RD (hard): OLAF, FANG, ERIC
    	Enjoy a little Guns 'n' Roses allusion, and get ready for a tough one.
    	1. Fang-jump up to the right where there is a big switch.  It releases
    	   a block and now Fang can go kill the warrior.
    	2. Eric-join Fang and go get the GRAY KEY and break the barrier there.
    	3. Olaf-use the geyser to get up and fart the barrier under the block.
    	   Use the geyser again to get up on the block and through the tunnel
    	   to Eric.  Get in position to hold up the blocks that will fall when
    	   Eric rams the barrier to the left.
    	4. Eric-ram the barrier (put Olaf under it!) and grab the BOMB.  Jump to
    	   destroy one barrier, then bomb the other and go down for the RED KEY
    	   and VOODOO DOLL.  Advance all to the vines.
    	5. Olaf-have Fang slash the vines, then get on the block.
    	6. Eric-use the RED KEY to lower Olaf and the block, then give him the
    	   GRAY KEY.
    	7. Olaf-go through the tunnel and use the GRAY KEY to open a trap door.
    	   Go down and float right to wait by the YELLOW LOCK.
    	8. Eric-go back up past vines and down through the new trap door.  Get
    	   in the water and find the button below Olaf to open a tunnel for him.
    	9. Olaf-go through the tunnel and put your shield down to block flames
    	   as you fall down and fart some barriers.  Get all the way down and
    	   wait on the inactive geyser with shield up.
    	10. Eric-go to the bottom of the water cave and press the button to 
    	   boost Olaf onto the barrier.  Have him fart it to lower a big block
    	   so Eric can grab the SKULL and YELLOW KEY.  Go back up and use it to
    	   create a bridge.  Advance all to the this bridge.
    	11. Eric-ram the barrier and then Fang can go kill the warrior (the 
    	   warrior can throw his spears over Olaf if he gets close, so go attack
    	   him right away).
    	12. Eric/Fang-slash the vines and advance both past them.  Fang should
    	   go first to kill the gorilla.  Eric can now break the barrier to the
    	13. Fang-go up and kill the warrior, and keep climbing to the left to
    	   grab the TUSK and GRAY KEY.  You can't go back the way you came, but
    	   you can use the vine to go past the spikes and then drop down to the
    	   blocks below (make sure to hang from the series of vines to avoid
    	   taking damage from a long fall).  The blocks break away, and you can
    	   go slash the vines to let Eric back.  Advance all to the GRAY LOCK.
    	14. Fang-use the GRAY KEY to open the floor.  Carefully advance all the
    	   heros past the traps and to a barrier.
    	15. Eric/Olaf-ram the barrier and then put your shield up to support the
    	16. Eric/Fang-advance past Olaf.
    	17. Olaf-go TO THE RIGHT and press the switch in the room above.
    	18. Eric-after Fang slashes the vines to the left, jump up and break the
     	   barrier.  Go press the button nearby to lower the blocks for Olaf to
    	   join you.  Make sure that Fang is to the left of the door before Olaf
    	   leaves the switch!
    	19. Olaf-get on the scale using the geyser and have Fang and Eric lift
    	   you to the tunnel.  Come through and advance all to the witch doctor,
    	   who will send you to his brother Kumonawannago (come on, I wanna go).
    	This level is harder than the last, but not terribly.
    	1. Baelog-go up and hit the target.
    	2. Olaf-fart the barrier and grab the revealed BOMB and pass it to 
    	   Baelog.  Then go and push the block to the right.
    	3. Scorch-go up and shoot a fireball through to the target to open the
    	   floor for Baelog.
    	4. Baelog-use the BOMB to destroy the long barrier, and have Olaf push
    	   the block under the dropping barrier before it gets too low and 
    	   blocks the way to the rest of the level.  Advance all to the area
    	   below and then past the spikes to the poppers.
    	5. Scorch-shoot the target to turn off the fireball-shooter.
    	6. Olaf-go through the tunnel and then the teleporter to reach the
    	   barrier above.  Fart it and come down.
    	7. Baelog-use the popper to get up to the ledge above, then use the
    	   grapple point to reach the ledge near the moving platform.  Get on
    	   and hit the targets to open the door and wait there.  Bring Scorch
    	   here as well, and then down to shoot the other target and turn off
    	   the second fireball-shooter.
    	8. Olaf-come through the tunnels to the scales.
    	9. Baelog-get on the right scale and have Scorch lift you to the little
    	   gap to get the RED KEY and VOODOO DOLL.  Now get on the left scale
    	   and have Scorch and Olaf lift you back up so you can go around and
    	   to the teleporter to arrive near the RED LOCK.  Advance Scorch and
    	   Olaf here as well, and open the RED LOCK.
    	10. Scorch-go down and to the right.  There is a room above with the
    	   little brat hanging around.  Hit the switch to activate the moving
    	   platform below.  Advance all heros to the right ledge using the
    	   moving platforms (use the teleporter to the far left to get back up
    	   if you fall---also, if you have trouble seeing the platform with
    	   Baelog, put Olaf on it so that you can see Olaf and aim for him).
    	11. Scorch-shoot the target and go up above.
    	12. Olaf-go through the tunnel and fart the barrier.
    	13. Scorch-grab the SKULL and go below to hit a button opening the way
    	   for Baelog.  Advance all to this point.
    	14. Baelog-swing up on the grapple point to reach the vine above.  Climb
    	   up and hit the target to start the geyser below.
    	15. Olaf-go through the tunnel and use the geyser to get up and fart the
    	   barrier to let Baelog through.  Advance all to this area.
    	16. Olaf-go left to block the fireballs.
    	17. Baelog-get up on the vine to hit the target, then go back down to 
    	   get the GRAY KEY.  Go past Olaf to kill the warrior there.  There is
    	   a switch that opens the door for a few seconds, then it closes.  Use
    	   the switch to advance all past the door and the vines.
    	18. Scorch-fly up and bring down the elevator; advance all the heros up	
        	   the shaft.
    	19. Olaf-go down and put shield up to block the first two falling rocks.
    	   The gorilla will not come too close.
    	20. Baelog/Scorch-go past Olaf and kill the gorilla to get the TUSK.
    	21. Scorch-bring down the elevator and advance all up and over the gap
    	   to finish the level.  The witch doctor and Baelog relive a little
    	   conversation between Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, then he sends you
    	   to his brother Dakindagaiyuluftahait (the kind of guy you love to 
    L0ST (lost): ERIC, BAELOG, FANG
    	1. Eric-jump up and hit the button to start the geyser so Baelog can
    	   hit the target and open the trap door to the left.
    	2. Fang-climb up, go left on the vine, then up and kill the warrior
    	   below the moving platform.  Grab the YELLOW KEY, then go down through
    	   the collapsing blocks and open the YELLOW LOCK.  Press the button 
    	   below to open the door below.  LEAVE FANG HERE.
    	3. Baelog-go through the open door and kill the warrior below.  Then hit
    	   the target to the far left to start the moving platform.  
    	4. Eric-come in and break the barriers at the top of the room to reveal
    	   some more grapple points for Baelog to go to the left and hit the
    	   target and go through here.
    	5. Baelog-in the new area, use the geyser to get over the hump and down
    	   to kill the gorilla (use the teleporter to get back up if you miss).
    	6. Eric-follow Baelog, but use the geyser to reach the area above and
    	   go left to bring the elevator down for Baelog.  Bring both vikings
     	   through the teleporter to the right.
    	7. Eric-break the barrier above, then hit the button up there to lower
    	   the bridge for Baelog.	
    	8. Baelog-go grab the TUSK and use the teleporter to get to the top,
    	   then go and kill the warrior and stay here.
    	9. Eric-jump up to Baelog, then into the water.  Avoid the traps and
    	   pirhanas to collect the VOODOO DOLL, then go up to the other side and
    	   jump up to destroy the barrier for Baelog.
    	10. Baelog-swing over to the moving platform and ride it to hit the 
    	   targets on the other side (it is tough to get on the platform, and
    	   to get back up you have to fall down to where Fang is, which means
    	   you have to take damage--the best thing to do is try to get on it
    	   from the lower platform in that room--also, if you bring Eric down
    	   and ram the barrier under the fireball-shooter, Baelog can land on
    	   this to break his fall and take no damage).  Go through the newly
    	   opened door and down to the scales.  Advance all to this point.
    	11. Baelog-have Fang and Eric lift you up to the top and grab the SKULL
    	   and BOMB.  Use the BOMB to break the barrier below you and go down
    	   to the room below.
    	12. Fang/Eric-take one of the jumpers back to the little room below the
    	   fireball shooter.  Wait for a fireball and then switch to the other
    	   characters.  You should see the fireball go through a tunnel and hit
    	   a target to open the trap door to the RED KEY.  Use it to open the
    	   way and finish the level, where the witch doctor sends you to his
    	   brother, Kumonankikme (come on and kick me).
    0B0Y (oh, boy): VIKINGS
    	I am pretty sure that the level was named after Sam's catch-phrase from
    	Quantum Leap.  He would leap into a new adventure, and always there was
    	some wacky situation that made him say, "Oh, boy!" because he was sure
    	he was gonna die or get arrested or whatever.  Anyhow, let's do this.
    	1. Baelog-go all the way to the right.  You need to kill a warrior and
    	   swing over many grapple points.  If you fall, use teleporters below
    	   to get back up.  Once you get across, grab the RED KEY, then go down
    	   and get the TORCH and kill the warrior.  Use the RED KEY and go down
    	   to kill another warrior and then hit two targets to activate the
    	   geysers above you.
    	2. Eric-jump over to the geyser area above Baelog, and jump way up to 
    	   break the barriers and collect the YELLOW KEY and the SKULL.  Get the
    	   TORCH from Baelog, then go back up and right to the water.  Go
    	   through and up and use the YELLOW KEY (make sure Baelog is NOT on the
    	   trap door).  Go left into more water and swim until you find the
    	   VOODOO DOLL and hit the button to open the way for Olaf.
    	3. Olaf-float down to the bottom.  Use the elevator to go up and grab
    	   the GRAY KEY.  The teleporter brings you back up, then fart across 
    	   the gap and use the GRAY KEY to open the trap door.  Use the geyser
    	   to get across the gap and down to Baelog.  Bring Eric as well.
    	4. Baelog-use the vines to get down and kill the warrior.  Advance all
    	   to the bottom.
    	5. Olaf-put shield up to block the rocks from the ceiling to advance
    	   everyone to the scales.
    	6. Baelog-have Eric lift you to the grapple point, then have Eric lift
    	   Olaf on the RIGHT platform (so Eric is on the left).  Now while they
    	   are balanced, swing to the left scale and have Eric jump to the right
    	   and you can reach the BOMB.  
    	7. Olaf-take the BOMB and blow up the barrier on the other side to let
    	   the others through.
    	8. Eric-jump up to the right and stay on the tiny ledge here.
    	9. Olaf-go up to the switch and lower the bridge so Eric can ram the
    	   barrier to the left.  Then reraise the bridge so Eric can come down
    	   launch Olaf up to the same little ledge.  Now Baelog can lower the
    	   bridge and Olaf can go left and fart that barrier.
    	10. Baelog-go left and up the ladder and walk over Olaf's shield to hit
    	   the target.  Go back down to the poppers.  
    	11. Olaf-go back right over the bridge, then have Baelog raise the
    	   bridge so Eric can pop him up to the ledge and then jump up to join
    	   the others.
    	12. Eric-jump up and bring down the elevator.
    	13. Baelog-go up and kill the warrior.  Make sure Olaf is there to block
    	   the flames from the right and grab the TUSK.  Then backtrack all the
    	   way to the right and give the stuff to the witch doctor.
    H0M3 (home): ERIC, FANG, SCORCH
    	This is a very tough level because it requires lots of acrobatics from
    	the all three jumping characters.  So although I have outlined the steps
    	to succeed, it will take a couple tries to do some things.
    	1. Scorch-float down to grab the TORCH.  Then fly back up and give it
    	   to Eric.  Advance all the heros down the vertical shaft to the right.
    	2. Fang-go up and down the two shafts to the right to stand on a switch
    	   near some vines.
    	3. Eric-have Scorch blast the vines to let you down the left passage and
    	   into the water.  Eric needs the TORCH here, so make sure he has it
    	   before he goes in.  Swim through and then surface in an area below
    	   Fang.  Break the barrier near the gorilla, then jump up to safety.
    	4. Scorch-advance to Eric then go down and kill the gorilla.  Now shoot
    	   the vines to the left so Eric can jump up there and then go in also.
    	   Both teleport, grab the METAL DOOHICKEY, ram the barrier, shoot the
    	   the target to lower the block, then stay here for a second.	
    	5. Fang-climb up to the ledge above the others, and stand directly over
    	   them.  Whoever has the TORCH, jump up and press select to give the
    	   TORCH to Fang (this WILL work, just keep trying).  Then go and stand
     	   on the switch to the right.
    	6. Scorch/Eric-go back through the teleporter and to the right past some
    	   more vines until you come to a ladder down to a gorilla.  Have Scorch
    	   go down and kill him for the GRAY KEY.  
    	7. Eric-ram the barrier to the right so Scorch can shoot the target.
    	   This opens a trap door back past the vines that the two can go up to
    	   get near Fang.  Go there.
    	8. Scorch-go up and right to the room below Fang and grab the YELLOW KEY
    	   and then go back down (you may get a little bit of darkness, but it
    	   won't matter since it is really easy to find your way through and
    	   there is no danger).
    	9. Fang-now leave the switch (make sure no one is in the little room or
    	   they will be stuck!), and carefully go down the shaft to the right.
        	   stand below the target and switch back to someone else so they can
    	   trigger a fireball with the nearby button, then switch back to Fang
    	   to hit the target.  The block will fall and Fang can jump across, 
    	   collecting the FUEL CELL at the same time.  Advance everyone down to
    	   the ladder near the water.
    	10. Fang/Scorch-give all the keys to either attacker and send him
    	   through to kill all the warriors-the last one drops the FLUSH
    	   CAPACITOR.  Now advance everyone to the time machine, which will
    	   activate the "homing sequence"... which does NOT send the Vikings
    * War-Torn Future (aka, James Cameron's nightmare) *
    This world is really cool looking, but it is also devious.  The absolute hardest
    thing is fighting the robots.  They are REALLY hard when they enter their flying
    mode and shoot bombs at you.  So be on the lookout for smartbombs and ONLY use
    them on robots unless I tell you otherwise.
    One of the really new devices here is the anti-grav field.  It will slow you
    down while falling and eventually lift you up.  But if you enter it without
    falling, it takes you up right away.  If you jump or fart or in any way propel
    yourself up, it will REALLY lift you fast, so be careful.
    Also, instead of ropes or vines, there are blue beams that can be turned on and
    off, but they work the same way as ropes and vines.
    The see-saws in these levels look like big bones.
    SHCK (shock): VIKINGS
    	As soon as the vikings appear, the rebel leader Conroy appears in a
    	hologram and tells you to find the parts for the teleportation device
    	because he thinks you are part of his resistance army.  Anyhow, you now
    	need to collect the parts.
    	1. Olaf-float down and to the left to go through a tunnel and trip a 
    	   little beam to turn off the zapper on the ladder.  Then go down the
    	   ladder to hit the button that opens the water for Eric (but watch
    	   out for the spike-ball!).  Go all the way back up.
    	2. Eric-go into the water and swim past the traps to grab the YELLOW
    	   KEYCARD.  Then surface and ram the barrier to the left.  Go up the
    	   ladder and open the YELLOW LOCK for Baelog.
    	3. Olaf-float down and then through the tunnel and stay there.
    	4. Baelog-swing across and go down to hit the target, lowering the
    	   bridge for Olaf to stand on with shield up under the tube so Eric
    	   can jump up.
    	5. Eric-go down and jump up the tube to break the barrier for Baelog to
    	   grab the CIRCUIT BOARD and RED KEYCARD.  Advance all down to the
    	   bridge and open the RED LOCK.
    	6. Olaf-enter the anti-grav field and fart to the right to get on the
    	   barrier.  Fart it, and go through the tunnel below to trip the beam
    	   which moves the door down.
    	7. Baelog-use the anti-grav field to get into the room above Olaf and
    	   then hit the target there to activate a beam nearby.  Have Eriv come
    	   over to destroy the barrier so Baelog can grab the SMARTBOMB and
    	   BURGER.  Now both must go up and over using the beam to cross the
    	   spikes and get to the elevator on the far right.  Go down, but have
    	   Baelog ready to fight the alien below, then use geyser to hit the
    	   target and open the way for Olaf.  Advance all down to the see-saw.
    	8. Olaf-have Eric launch you over the shooter to collect the BLUE 
    	9. Baelog-go down and kill the alien so Eric can then destroy the 
    	   barrier blocking Olaf's way.  Now take Baelog down the stairs and
    	   select the SMARTBOMB.  Go left through the tunnels until you find 
    	   the robot flying around and waste him with the SMARTBOMB.  Return
    	   to Eric.
    	   Now Baelog must use the platforms and grapple points to make his way
    	   to the left (a good thing to do here is shorten Baelog's arm to make
    	   his swings very small and controlled), BUT MAKE SURE to hit the
    	   targets above Baelog's head.  DO NOT get off the last moving platform
    	   but instead go back to the right.
    	10. Eric-also use the platforms to go all the way across, up the ladder
    	   and destroy the barrier.  Now there should be a clear path for Olaf.
    	11. Olaf-make your way left to the last ladder in this area and go up
    	   to get the CD, then advance everyone down and to the right to find
    	   Conroy.  Then he tests out his teleporter on you.
    TNNL (tunnel): FANG, ERIC, OLAF
    	1. Eric-jump over the pit to destroy a barrier, then jump back.
    	2. Olaf-fart over the pit and go through the small tunnel.  To the left
    	   is a little trip-beam that deactivates the shockers.  Stand there
    	   with shield down to block the robot's bombs.
    	3. Fang-jump over and kill the robot.  This is best done by dodging his
    	   bombs until he comes to the ground.  He is much easier to kill on the
    	   ground.  If Fang is in trouble, go down below (the shockers should be
     	   off thanks to Olaf).  Advance all to this area.
    	4. Eric-switch places with Olaf (Eric needs to stand in place BEFORE
    	   Olaf leaves).
    	5. Olaf-have Fang lift you up on the left scale to reach the tunnel
    	   there. Go through and climb up a tube and stand there with shield up.
    	6. Fang-follow Olaf and stand on his shield to get up and kill an alien,
    	   then drop down and trip the beam to let Olaf across.
    	7. Olaf-fart over and go through the small tunnel, past Conroy, then
    	   fart over the big pit and stand on the trip-beam to open a passage
    	   to the right.  STAY HERE!
    	8. Fang-backtrack to the beginning and go up the vertical shaft.  Kill
    	   the alien at the top, then jump over the shocker and kill another
    	   alien.  Jump down and go past Conroy to activate the switch and turn
    	   on the anti-grav field.  Now go back the same way you came and stand
     	   on the trip-beam to deactivate the shocker there.
    	9. Olaf-use the anti-grav field to go up and from the top float left
    	   to reach a ledge (may have to use a fart to get there).  Go through
    	   the tunnel there and press the button to open the door above.  Now
    	   go back to the anti-grav field, but don't get in yet.
    	10. Fang-go down and switch off the anti-grav field.
    	11. Olaf-float down to Fang and stand on the trip-beam he used to be on.
    	12. Fang-reactivate the anti-grav field, and go switch places with Eric.
    	13. Eric-jump into the bottom of the anti-grav field and go all the way
    	    to the top.  Go through the door that Olaf opened and destroy the
    	    the barrier there.  Now go switch places with Olaf.
    	14. Olaf-go back up and into the little tunnel.  Fart to grab the 
    	    SMARTBOMB, then climb up to the area above and fart over the gap.
    	    Keep going left and use the SMARTBOMB on the robot.  When you reach
    	    the far left, hit the button to deactivate the shocker and drop down
    	    to grab the CIRCUIT BOARD, then trip the beam to the right and stay
    	15. Eric-advance to Olaf (don't go the way Olaf went, come down through
    	    the tube and past the deactivated shocker.  Switch places with Olaf.
    	16. Olaf-go back up and over the shockers to reach that tube on the far
    	    left of the map.  Have Eric join you and both advance down the tube.
    	17. Eric-jump and hit the button so Olaf can drop down.
    	18. Olaf-hit the button and float down to grab the CD and then fart the
    	    barrier to get to the RED KEYCARD (may have to trash some stuff).
    	19. Eric-climb down through the tubes to the water.  You can surface
    	    near Olaf and then ram a barrier to the right for him.
    	20. Olaf-go right and through the tunnel to the button; it deactivates
    	    the shocker and now Fang can join you!  Whoever has room should 
    	    grab the BATTERIES and then both Olaf and Fang can teleport.  Eric
    	    must go back through the water to reach the place where Fang and
    	    Olaf are now.
    	21. Olaf-use the RED KEYCARD and everyone can drop down to the
    	    teleporter here.  It sends you right to Conroy, who channels some
    	    Darth Vader right before teleporting you to the next level.
    H3LL (hell): VIKINGS
    	1. Eric-jump up and to the left into a secret cave for a SMARTBOMB, but
    	   save this for MUCH later.
    	2. Baelog-go right and kill the robot before it starts flying around.
    	   Don't go too far to the right because there is a shooter there.
    	3. Olaf-block the shooter.
    	4. Eric-go down the right side of the scales to ram a barrier.
    	5. Baelog-get on the left scale.
    	6. Olaf-go down and through the tunnels and then up to stand right
    	   behind the shooter (looking at the target).
    	7. Eric-jump onto the right scale, and as it goes down, have Olaf get
    	   on ASAP so that Baelog continues to go up and takes at most one hit
    	   from the shooter.  (You can time it so that he takes no hits, but
    	   it is kind of difficult).
    	8. Baelog-get on to the right scale, then have Olaf go back and balance
    	   you so you can hit the target.  Now have Eric join Olaf so Baelog 
    	   can go all the way up and off the scales to the right.  Now that the
    	   shooter is off, you can advance everyone to the anti-grav field
    	9. Olaf-go down first and advance until you come to the robot.  Stay
    	   there with shield down.
    	10. Baelog-come down and kill the robot, advance all to this spot.
    	11. Eric-stand on the trip-beam to deactivate the shocker.
    	12. Baelog-go up and hit the target to activate a beam, then go back
    	    down and take Eric's place.
    	13. Olaf-go up and stand with shield up to "complete" the floor near
    	    the barrier.  Now Eric can ram it and go past.  Return Olaf to 
    	14. Eric-use the beam to grab the CIRCUIT BOARD and then drop down 
    	    without moving left or right.  You will drop past some enemies and
    	    right into the water.  Swim right to collect the CD and then press
    	    the button to clear the way for Olaf and Baelog.
    	15. Baelog-take Olaf to the bottom of the stairs and leave him at the
    	    mouth of the little cave to block enemies.  Now lure all the enemies
    	    to this point and kill them with your arm from the safety of Olaf's
    	    shield (one alien and one robot).
    	16. Olaf-go just outside of the cave and put shield up.
    	17. Baelog-use the teleporter to the right and land on Olaf's shield.
    	    Now you can reach the grapple points to swing across the pit.
    	18. Olaf-use the teleporter, then float left and fart to reach Baelog.
    	    Now stand on the elevator with shield down and facing left.
    	19. Baelog-use the elevator to go up and hit a target, then grab the
    	    BLUE KEYCARD.  Go down and use it to open the BLUE LOCK for Eric to
    	    join you.  Advance all to the see-saw on the left.
    	20. Eric-ram the barrier.  Then launch Baelog up on to the geyser.
    	21. Baelog-from the geyser, work your way up and hang on the topmost
    	    beam to reach the BATTERIES.  Do not stand on the trip-beam yet.
    	22. Eric-join Baelog, then have him trip the beam.  Now you can ram the
     	    the barrier there.  Switch with Baelog so he can cross to the
    	    teleporter, then jump to join him.  Teleport through, and Olaf can
    	    now go through the small tunnel and float down to join them.
    	23. Olaf-get on elevator with shield down and facing left.  Give any
    	    and all food to Baelog.
    	24. Baelog-go down the elevator with Olaf blocking the shooter to the
    	    left.  Go right and kill the aliens.  Try to fight them in the gap
    	    between the anti-grav fields.  Advance all to this gap.
    	25. Olaf-take the SMARTBOMB, and go up the anti-grav field to kill the
    	    robot (Olaf because his shield will block the bombs).  If you don't
    	    have the SMARTBOMB anymore, send Baelog up and get onto solid ground
    	    ASAP to punch upward mercilessly until the robot is dead.  Advance
    	    everyone to this spot.
    	26. Eric-with someone tripping the beam to deactivate the shocker, go 
    	    through the anti-grav field and get near the button.  MOVE THE OTHER
    	    VIKINGS ONTO THE GEYSER, then press the button to lower the block.
    	    The block now trips the beam forever, and you can advance everyone
    	    to Conroy.
    4RGH (argh!!): SCORCH, ERIC, BAELOG
    	This level is named "Argh!!" because there is a TON of backtracking if
    	you do even the tiniest thing wrong.  Also, the potential for killing
    	someone by making a wrong move is very high.  So follow my directions
    	very carefully here.
    PART I - getting the RED KEYCARD:
    	1. Scorch/Baelog-move as far to the right as possible so that the door
    	   will open right in front of you.
    	2. Eric-hit the button.  This will open the door for a few seconds, but
    	   also the trap door.  Eric will fall into water safely, and you should
    	   move the other two into the room before the door shuts again.  Kill
    	   the alien before going back to Eric.
    	3. Eric-go to the right and cross the beam to reach a trip beam on the
    	   far right.  Stand on it to deactivate shockers above.
    	4. Baelog-go right and collect the CD and hit the target.  Come back
    	   and stand at the door of the room.
    	5. Eric-with Baelog away from the shockers, backtrack to the start area
    	   (the teleporters are all safe).  Now press the button again to let
    	   Baelog out of the room and move Baelog past the door (the trap door
    	   comes back faster than the door).
    	6. Baelog-hit the button to fall through the trap door, but grab the
    	   beam before hitting the water.  Go left and climb onto the teleporter
    	   to reach a new beam so you can trip the SAME trip-beam that Eric did
    	7. Eric-swim right and climb up to the closed door near the RED KEYCARD.
    	   Stay here and be ready to move in.
    	8. Scorch-hit the button to open the door for Eric, then move Eric in.
    	   Eric destroys the barrier, then have Scorch let Eric back through the
        	   door and into the water. MOVE Scorch to the left so he doesn't get
    	   shocked when Baelog moves.
    	9. Baelog-use the teleporters to get back to the start. Bring Eric back
    	   and stand in front of the door so Eric can let you through into the
    	   room again to grab the RED KEYCARD.
    	10. Eric-go back right and trip the beam to let Scorch press the button
    	   to let Baelog out of the room.	
    	11. Baelog-go through the door and take the teleporters back to the
    	   start.  Make sure to stand to the left off of the trap door.
    	12. Scorch-move away from the shockers back to the door.
    	13. Eric-let Scorch back out of the room, then rejoin the others at the
    	   start.  Advance everyone to the RED LOCK and open it.
    PART II - the tunnels
    	1. Scorch-fly up through the long vertical shaft and take the teleporter
    	   to a switch (note that the teleporter you left turns DARK--this means
    	   that no one can use it until you come back through--very tricky!). Go
    	   past this switch to the NEXT teleporter, and go through it as well
    	   and flip the switch here.  Stay.
    	2. Eric-jump up the same shaft, but take the tunnel halfway up to go
    	   right.  You can not go right, but you can drop down and flip the
    	   switch.  Do so.
    	3. Baelog-come up and go right to the deactivated geyser below Eric.
    	4. Eric-flip the switch again to reactivate the geyser.
    	5. Baelog-geyser up, then flip the switch to go left and get to the top
    	   of this area.  Have Eric jump up and jon you.
    	6. Scorch-flip the switch to deactivate shocker and close the trap door.
    	7. Eric/Baelog-advance through the tunnels to the right until you come
    	   to a deactivated geyser below the two teleporters.
    	8. Scorch-go back through the teleporter and flip the switch to turn on
    	   the geyser.
    	9. Baelog-take the left teleporter to reach the top of the level.
    	10. Scorch-get on the geyser and have Eric flip the switch to open the
    	   path back to the left.  Take this all the way back to the vertical
    	   shaft and fly up to Baelog.  Take the teleporter back to Eric.
    	11. Eric-first, go through the teleporter on the right to destroy the
    	   barrier near Baelog.  Then go back through and again let Scorch down
    	   through the trap door and close it behind him so he can go left. Now
    	   Eric can take the teleporter to Baelog and Scorch can fly back.
    PART III - getting to the end
    	1. Baelog-have Eric trip the beam and then go through and grapple across
    	2. Scorch-go left and kill the alien, then take the teleporter to 
    	   Baelog.  Now FLY back left to Eric, and let BAELOG take the
    	   teleporter to the upper ledge.  Advance everyone to Baelog.
    	3. Baelog-go left and use a diagonal punch to deactivate the shocker.
    	   Now drop down and kill the two aliens below.  Have everyone advance
    	   and trade items so that Baelog has all the food he can hold.  Also
    	   have one of the jumpers go get the BATTERIES.
    	   Now Baelog has to go down and kill the robot.  There is a low cieling
    	   so this should be easy, especially with back up food.  Advance all
    	   to Baelog
    PART IV - the end
    	1. Scorch-fly up and press the button to open the door for a second.
    	   Go through quickly, then go down and stand on the trap door.
    	2. Baelog-stand on the trip-beam to the left.
    	3. Eric-go down the tunnel and trip the beam, then immediately get off
    	   it-this will let Scorch down through the trap door but not too far.
    	4. Scorch-go the left until you find two targets.  You can shoot one, 
    	   but must leave the other.  Use the teleporter at the bottom to get
    	   back.  Now go through the door again, but instead of standing on the
    	   trap door, trip the beam next to it.
    	5. Eric-go through the door and then to the far right where there is a
    	   trip-beam (Scorch is deactivating the shocker).  Stand on it.
    	6. Baelog-stand on Scorch's trip-beam so Scorch can go left past the
    	   deactivated shocker.
    	7. Eric-jump out of here to the closed door, and have Scorch let you 
    	8. Eric/Scorch-do the two-beam trick again to let Baelog fall down
    	   through the first BUT NOT THE SECOND trap door.  
    	9. Baelog-use the beam (which Scorch activated) to go left and hit the
    	   other target which opens the door above.  Advance all through the
    	   door and down the elevator to Conroy, who tells you that Tomator
    	   took your time machine and you must get it back from him.
    B4DD (bad or baddy): SCORCH, FANG, OLAF
    	This is the first Tomator fight.  There will be a second harder fight
    	on the last level.  Also, Tomator's thermal detonators are clearly a
    	reference to Star Wars, yet again.  The guys at Blizzard must REALLY
    	like Star Wars (as they should).
    PART I - Fang's Fight
    	Fang can claw his way up the right shaft to a teleporter.  This takes
    	him to a big room where Tomator will start flying at him.  Down below,
    	there are two alien spawn-points.  Killing an alien on the left gives
    	you a BOMB and killing one on the right gives you a BURGER.  
    	There is a big spot in the middle that you need to use to defeat Tomator
    	in this room.
    	Fang should always be going clockwise through this room as fast as 
    	possible.  As Tomator comes up the left side, drop a BOMB on him and
    	he will drop the BLUE KEYCARD.  Use it on the BLUE LOCK to raise the
    	bridge.  Now Tomator will go into the middle of the room.
    	Before Fang goes in, get another BOMB.  Now go in to the middle when
    	Tomator is going left along the bottom.  HANG from the wire and scoot
    	left as Tomator goes right and above you.  Then climb up so that you
    	are standing over the shocker.  As Tomator comes back, drop the BOMB
    	on his head and he will drop down on the shocker.  This makes him really
    	mad so he disappears but leaves behind the YELLOW KEYCARD.  Grab it and
    	use it to get the FUEL CELL and take the teleporter.
    	Fang should now go stand next to the time machine on one of the trip-
    PART II - Scorch's Fight
    	Scorch can fly up to another teleporter to the left, and go through to
    	find Tomator in his second room.
    	Tomator is up at the top flinging BOMBS everywhere, but you should go
    	along the bottom at first.  On the right side, go up until you see a
    	button.  Press it to turn off the shocker above and get near Tomator.
    	He looks scary, but he probably won't hit you and will not come up near
    	you.  What you need to do is flip the switch above you.  You can either
    	try to time your jump so you fall down before the shocker comes back,
    	or you can jump really high and flap until the shocker deactivates, then
    	just fall quick and flip the switch.
    	Now shoot a fireball at Tomator so he raises his shield, then quickly
    	fly over to the other side and do the same thing to flip the other
    	switch, then leave by the left side.
    	If you take a lot of damage, the aliens at the bottom drop BURGERS.
    	Now you should see a block below Tomator.  Push it to the left to trip
    	the beam and open the door at the left; grab the YELLOW KEYCARD and then
    	push the block to the right to trip the other beam and go open the
    	The aliens in this room drop BOMBS, and you need to use one to drop
    	Tomator on the shocker.  The easiest way is to hit him with a fireball
    	so he doesn't move, then fly over and drop the BOMB on him.  He will
    	drop the RED KEYCARD and you can grab it to get the FLUSH CAPACITOR and	
    	teleport to Fang.  Bring the FLUSH CAPACITOR to the time machine, and
    	then start worrying about those two blocks that look like they will fall
    	on top of Scorch and Fang.
    PART III - Olaf's Challenge
    	Olaf can go through the tunnel on the left to reach a teleporter.  As
    	soon as he goes through, Tomator steals the Dennis Hopper's line from
    	Speed and starts a chain reaction that will soon drop those block on
    	your two buddies.
    	Immediately grab the METAL DOOHICKEY and once the barrier opens up go
    	right and give it to Scorch or Fang (make sure Scorch or Fang is close
    	enough to take it.  They will fix the time machine and be whisked away
    	to safety, thwarting Tomator's evil will.
    D4DY (daddy, like "who's your daddy?!" I assume): VIKINGS
    	Like the first game, the last level involves each viking fighting 
    	Tomator seperately and then finally all together.
    PART I - Olaf's Fight
    	Have Eric ram the barrier for Olaf to go through.  
    	Tomator floats around a long path, and Olaf has a lot of things to do
    	to set up the kill.  He has to use one BOMB to change Tomator's path, 
    	then quickly grab another and use it to drop Tomator on the shockers.
    	GET THE FIRST BOMB: Stand near the teleporter under the button.  You
    		will see Tomator fly up along the right and then you won't see
    		him coming left.  Just watch him once or twice to time it, then
    		when you are ready, fart and hit the button to shoot flames
    		just as Tomator is coming down.  He will be stunned and not hurt
    	   	Olaf, but he will also drop a BOMB!
    		To get this BOMB, drop past the beam, and go right under the
    	   	platforms using the ladders.  Get into the anti-grav field
    		and fart to get up fast.
    		From this platform go left and fart over to the button, hit it,
    	 	and fart back fast.  This activates the geyser temporarily and
    	  	you need to get on it and into the anti-grav field before 
    		Tomator gets you.  Float up (and fart to go faster), then left
    	  	and down to grab the BOMB.
    	HOW TO TAKE OUT TOMATOR: Get to the ledge with the deactivated geyser.
    		Now wait for Tomator.  As he comes along, go out over the gap,
    		FART first to get some momentum up, then drop the BOMB right
    		away to hit Tomator.  He will now go under this platform unlike
    		As he comes up, you need to fart and hit the button there to
    		shoot flames at Tomator, then you need to IMMEDIATELY float out
    		and grab the BOMB and drop it ASAP to hit Tomator and drop him
    		onto the shockers.
    		If you mess up, start over with the first bomb.
    	Once you do it right, he drops the BLUE KEYCARD and disappears.  Grab it
    	and go down through the door to grab the YELLOW KEYCARD and teleport
    	back to the start.  Give the YELLOW KEYCARD to Eric.
    PART II - Eric's Fight
    	With the YELLOW KEYCARD, go up and through the door and teleport to a
    	big long room.  Go down into the water and swim all the way to the
    	right to find a button.  Press it and go up through the trap door
    	(which will close behind you).  This is the first part of Eric's fight.
    	Get up to the beam and hang.  You can avoid Tomator by hanging and
    	going left and right.  Once he goes up over the beam and starts to the
    	left, climb up and jump way up to hit a button.  It deactivates a
    	Now do the same thing, but instead of going to the button, break the
    	On a third pass, jump up to the new area and push the block there to 
    	the left.  This will open the small room and Tomator will now be going
    	back and forth along the whole room.
    	This is the second part.  Get down and run left past Tomator.  Get back
    	in the water and notice that the little button is now accessible.  Hit
    	it to open the trap door.  Now you need to jump out of the water when
    	Tomator is above you and ram up into him.  He will drop down and if he
    	hits the water he gets shocked and drops the BLUE and RED KEYCARDS.
    	Take them and go left to get back to the others.
    PART III - Baelog's Fight
    	Advance everyone through the RED LOCK to a new area.  Olaf needs to trip
    	a beam through a tunnel and Eric needs to trip a beam that only he can
    	reach.  This opens a door for Baelog.  Go through, hit the target to
    	open the other door and then go through to meet Conroy.  Conroy tells
    	you that you must hit Tomator with your saber, and he does it in YET
    	Go to the right and get ready for a tough battle.
    	There are two buttons here; they turn on the geysers for one blast.
    	The first thing you must do is open the trap door, then you need to
    	drop Tomator through it to the shocker.
    	When you hit Tomator with your fist, he will move away from you, so if
    	he's coming, just punch him.  Also, when you hit him with sword or
    	fist, it changes him from high to low flying (or back).
    	OPENING THE TRAP DOOR: Use your fist to bring Tomator down to your level
    	 	and then hit him with your saber.  He will drop a BOMB.  Now
    		hit him again with your fist so he will go low, but instead of
    		trying to get him just use the geyser to get up and grab the
    		grapple point.  Do not try and swing back and forth, just go for
    	  	the platform to the left on the first try.  If you miss, you can
    		just try again.  Once you get up, drop the BOMB here and the
    		block will fall.
    		Repeat this to get another BOMB and get back to the ledge, but
    		now use the block to reach the other barrier, BOMB it and get
    		down to avoid the blast.  Now repeat again to get another
    		BOMB and get back up there, but just hit the target.  You should
    	  	now have the trap door open and a BOMB ready.
    	DROPPING TOMATOR: If you don't have a BOMB, get one and get ready.  You
    		need to punch Tomator so that he comes low, then geyser over his
    		head, grab the grapple point and then drop the BOMB on his head
    		when he is in position.  This is hard and will take a few tries.
    		There is another way to do this that is even harder to TIME but
    		much safer to DO because it involves no geysering.
    		Once you get the BOMB, hit Tomator so that he is flying high.
    		Then drop the BOMB as close to the edge of the gap as you can,
    		wait a second, then hit Tomator.  He will pause, then fly down
    		right over the pit.  If you time it right, he will be right
    		next to the BOMB and over the pit when it blows and he will get
    		shocked.  This is safe because if you fail, you can just punch
    		Tomator to get him away from you and start over.  It does take
    		some careful timing though.
    		Remember, if at any time you are not sure if you will make it,
    		just punch Tomator to get him moving away from you.
    		Once you defeat him, he goes to the final room.  Get back to 
    		Eric and Olaf.
    PART IV - The Final Battle
    	Use the elevator to get all the vikings up to the small corridor below
    	Tomator.  Put Olaf all the way to the left on Tomator's level with his
    	shield down to protect everyone, then get the others behind him.
    	Here's what to do.  When Baelog hits Tomator with his fist, Tomator will
    	back away.  When Eric rams Tomator (only works when Tomator has his
    	blue shield up), his ship falls.
    	So have Baelog punch Tomator back little by little and creep Eric up
    	until everyone is close to the shocker.  Then punch Tomator to put his
    	screen up and then ram him to push him onto the shocker.  This is very
    	easy with two players, but not difficult with one.
    	Once you do it, Tomator's ship falls apart and you can enjoy the
    	extremely awesome ending, filled with movie quotes!
    VI. Acknowledgements
    I want to thank Jimbo, who got me on to Lost Vikings 1, and also Blizzard, 
    because they are an amazing game company.
    VII. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
    Copyright 2006, Mike Jenista
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders. 

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