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    Boss FAQ by Puff Koro

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    Kirby's Dreamland III
    Boss Butch Strategies Guide (v1.0)
    Puff Koro
      Hello, everyone. I'd like to tell you that this is my first guide. In case
    you're wondering why I am writing this, to tell you the truth, I came here
    looking for some Battle Tactics that went indepth on how to beat the entire
    Boss Butch mode, with no powers. I couldn't find what I really wanted to help
    me, so I went back to my Super NES and practiced a little more. I have finally
    finished the mode, and I have improved upon my boss strategies, tips, and
    guidelines, hoping to help others finish this mode! That's pretty much why this
    guide is here, so I hope it helps!
      Version History
    V1.5: My strategies have proved succesful for myself! I have finally beaten the
    Boss Butch mode, and this section will include my HP lost for a boss in
    brackets next to the suggestion in parentheses. I also fixed the automatic game
    reset, which contains less buttons than I had originally believed.
    V1.0 (11/04/01): The first volume of my first guide is up, and I have
    strategies for all of the bosses up to King Dedede.
      Table of Contents
       1.)File Info
       3.)Version History
       4.)Table of Contents
       5.)Tips Before the Battle
       6.)Boss Strategies
           6.a)Whispy Woods
           6.b)Acro the Whale
           6.c)Pon and Con
                The Ice Cube Beast
                The Spark Monster
                The Sun and Moon
                Frusterated Ado
           6.e)King Dedede
           6.f)The Dark Matter
                Phase 1: Dark Cloud
                Phase 2: Eyeball
                Phase 3: Pupil
       8.)Copyright Stuff
      Tips Before the Battle
      First things first, I'd like to teach you the Controller's In-game reset. You
    can use this at any point in the game, to avert from time-consuming letting
    Kirby die, or getting up to press the reset button on your console. When you
    think that Kirby's health is too low for you to finish the string of bosses
    that you must face, you should use this technique, that will automatically
    reset the game for you.
      At any point in the game, whether you selected the wrong game mode or you're
    losing in the Boss Butch, press this button combination:
    L+Select+Start+R all together to reset the game. It doesn't matter if you screw
    up, just try again! Your main objective is to reset the game, right? Then it
    doesn't matter what you have to do in the process.
      If you're doing the Boss Butch, you've probably beaten the file up to around
    97% with all of the Hearts, and the game itself completed. My next suggestion
    is to start a new file, and complete the game without getting any Heart-Stars.
    My reasoning is, if you defeat an in-game Boss Battle without getting the 6
    Hearts from that section, the Dark Matter will remain within the Bosses, and
    you will be able to select and battle them whenever you like, within that file.
    That way, if you're having trouble with a Boss that causes you to lose more
    health than you are suppose to each time you play, you can select and practice
    them from your second file. _Don't_ forget, you can always use my strategies
    when you're individually practice bosses, and I suggest that you practice them
    without powers and friends, unless you're really having a problem with them, so
    that you're facing what you will have to come up against in the Boss Battles.
      Though it's sometimes hard to do, it is very important to be patient.
    Usually, when I get harmed in a boss battle, it's because I was trying to deal
    damage to the opponent, when the situation was too dangerous. The obstacles in
    Kirby games were designed, so that if you took your time, you could conquer
      Be quick with your reflexes! You need to be patient in a boss battle, but
    don't just sit there, either. Sometimes, enemies can be surprising with their
    quick abilities, which can put you in danger. It is always more important to
    avoid enemy attacks than deal damage of your own.
      That's pretty much all you need to know before you begin the Boss Butch
      Boss Strategies
      Here is the main section of this guide. This is where you will find my
    detailed boss strategies, for Kirby, unarmed. I will also list suggestions on
    how many health you should let yourself lose in order to stay alive for the
    whole challenge, which are subject to change as I come closer and closer to
    finishing it. _ex._ (0-1 HP) next to the boss title is an example suggesting
    that I would try to stay at perfect health through this boss battle, though I
    would probably let 1 HP damage slide...
        Whispy Woods (0 HP) [0 HP]
      Whispy Woods is a peice of cake. In the first part, he will blow little
    clouds of wind at you, and sometimes spit fruit. You need to inhale the fruit
    and spit it at his nose to harm him. Probably the most important thing here is
    to watch what comes out of the tree's mouth before starting to inhale.
    Sometime, Whispy will surprise you with wind when you're expecting him to spit
    out fruit. You have plenty of time to inhale the fruit, so you don't need to
      When Whispy is down to 1/2 health, Whispy will become rotten, root itself,
    and start to chase you. Avoid getting too close to him, as he will bounce you
    across the room. Now, the tree will spit rotten fruit out in front of you,
    which can be an obstacle while you're running. Quickly inhale the pile, turn
    around, and spit it back at the tree's nose. Repeat the process until it runs
    out of health. Also don't accidently fly into Whispy's nose, as it will damage
        Acro the Whale (0 HP) [0 HP]
      In the beginning, Acro doesn't cause much of a threat. What it does, is hops
    from one side of the room several times, and dashes into the opposite wall head
    first. A small rock will break from the wall and fall behind him. He will then
    repeat the process to the other side of the room. What you need to do, is
    figure out when he's about to charge into the wall, and jump, fly, or leap to
    safety, also dodgeing the rock. When you land, you must suck up the rock, and
    spit it at the Whale as he turns around. Repeat the process, until Acro is
    halfway down on HP.
      When Acro only has 1/2 of his health left, he will jump up and down,
    destroying the floor of the arena that you were battling in. Beneath, is a
    pool, Acro's home field advantage. The whale, much faster than you in bodies of
    water, will swim around in front of you, spitting out skulls, baby whales, and
    anchors. You must avoid the anchors, while blowing bubbles at the whales and
    skulls to make them go in the same direction as the force you push upon them,
    and possible hit Acro. Don't get frustrated with Acro's frequent moving,
    because he eventually hits the wall on either side of the field. Acro will be
    stuck in the wall for a short period of time, as rocks fall that you can blow
    into him. Remember to stay clear of him and the things that he spits out of his
    mouth as he turns around, and repeat the process.
      _Don't_ forget, Acro lives in the water, and Kirby is meant for land combat.
    You may get a sudden urge to jump out in front of Acro when he's turning
    around, but you must remember to stay clear, or he'll slam right into you.
        Pon and Con (0 HP) [0 HP]
      This is an annoying battle, in my oppinion. Pon and Con run around the
    screen, with their children also on the loose. Every once in a while, bombs
    will fall from the sky, and stay in an area for a short period of time, before
    exploding, and possibly harming you, or animal children that could've been used
    to help move you're battle along. Be wary, after the bomb explodes, the small
    area around it will still harm you for about a second, which can prove to be an
    obstacle when running from the giant beasts. My best suggestion is to be
    cautious but quick in this battle, and to remember that you can drop through
    floors by holding down. Don't even be afraid to fly at the top of the screen
    for a few seconds, if it will keep you from losing health. Stay in the middle
    of the screen on the first and second levels as often as possible, so that you
    have time to avoid the animals' attacks as they appear. Also, don't go for
    crazy opportunities, since you can always wait for a safe solution.
        Ado (2 HP) [2 HP]
      This is a battle of several stages, though first, I'd like to advise that you
    should try not to lose more than 2 HP if you lost 1 for Pon and Con.
      As any other boss would, Ado will use his specialty to battle you. In this
    case, it just happens to be drawing. Before hiding behind the canvas, Ado will
    make beasts come to life, either created from his own brainstorming, or basing
    it on beasts of Kirby's previous Adventures. Let's move on, to see individual
    strategies for each monster.
          The Ice Cube Beast (0/2 HP) [0/2 HP]
      In case you don't know what I'm trying to say for that HP suggestion up there
    is that I suggest that zero out of the three HP that I suggested you might lose
    for the entire battle should be lost for this section of the boss.
    It will work this way for the rest of the mini-phases that I write about. Now,
    on with the strategies.
      When Ado creates this creature, it will do one of two things. It will kick an
    ice cube that you can inhale across the screen, or it will charge at you,
    breathing chilly air. If it kicks an ice cube, inhale it, and dodge the rest,
    waiting for it to charge. When it does, hastily spit the ice cube at it and fly
    to safety, landing behind him and running across the screen before the beast
    can make it's next move. If you don't get an ice cube, just fly away from the
    charging monster and make way for the opposite side of the room. Repeat the
    process until it's destroyed.
          The Spark Monster (0/2 HP) [0/2 HP]
      Next, Ado will create a brown fish-type thing. Run until you're just left of
    the canvas, before the artist finishes. The fish will hop around, allowing you
    just enough space and time to go under if he'd chased you into a corner of the
    room, where it isn't any fun to battle him. Eventually, a rod on his head will
    start to glow. If it's a yellow ball, get ready to inhale a star block that
    will form, though get ready to jump, dodgeing little sparks if the ball is
    spiked. The sparks will aim exactly in the direction of where you were on the
    screen when it was shot. There are three in a row, so I find it easiest to jump
    over the first one, dodge underneath the second one as long as it was shot
    while I was in the air, and jump over the third. Be careful, though, because it
    will sometimes shoot six in a row. If you have a star rock in your mouth, wait
    until it starts jumping again, and shoot it while it's in mid-jump. Repeat the
    process until it's destroyed.
          The Sun and Moon (1-2/2 HP) [1/2 HP]
      Get ready, Kirby veterans. If you would recall, you've faced the Sun and Moon
    before, in Kirby's Adventure. (Mr. Shine, and Mr. Bright) Fortunately, this
    time, they are much less vicious. Only three hits will do one of the two in.
      For those who have no clue what I'm chattering on about, the Sun and Moon are
    pretty much what you'd expect when you look up in the sky. (the sky of a
    fairytale storybook) First, the Moon will float around at your level, while the
    Sun drops inhalable objects from above. Dodge the Moon, and hit him three times
    with the objects to do him in. If you don't make it in time, the Sun and Moon
    will switch places, and you have to repeat the process. Eventually, they'll
    switch places, and you'll be able to finish off the Moon, if you didn't already
    get him.
      Once one is gone, the other will drop an inhalable item, before swooping down
    and trying to hit you. My suggestion is to grab an item, dodge your opponent's
    swoop, and wait around until next time, with the item still in your mouth,
    before hitting him.
          Kracko (0/2 HP) [1/2 HP]
      This one's also a boss from Kirby's Adventure, and several other Kirby games.
      Kracko is a storm cloud, that can do a whole bunch of neat stuff. He'll
    usually shoot thunder in a steady connection from one side of the room to the
    other. This cannot affect people who are standing in the corners of the room.
    You have to be careful, though, because sometimes Kracko will take a sweep from
    one side of the room to the other, sending out little storm clouds. Take one,
    and get ready to use it the next time that he gets himself lowered for another
    attack. He can sweep in any direction, so be careful. Kracko will also
    sometimes zero in directly above you _wherever_ you are in the room, to either
    drop a little storm cloud straight down, or strike a lightning bolt, so don't
    let it hit you, and take the storm cloud if you are given one. Repeat the
    process until this one is dead.
          Frusterated Ado (0/2 HP) [0/2 HP]
      In an angry rage, the artist comes out and tries to sweep you away with his
    paintbrush. Don't take this as anything more than a joke. As he gets closer to
    you, hold the down button, and press B button, to dash right into him, tripping
    him and knocking him out. It was no wonder that he spent all of his time hiding
    behind the canvas. Let out a sigh of relief, you finished that battle!
    Hopefully you've been able to follow my recommendations, though don't worry if
    you'd made a mistake or two. It's okay to get in some practice sometimes, even
    if you know you won't finish.
        King Dedede (1 HP) [1 HP]
      Okay, the battle that you've all seen before, with a few new twists. If you
    didn't already know, King Dedede is a common enemy of Kirby's. To sum it all
    up, Dedede's a Penguin antagonist that usually (strangely enough) _causes_ the
    final boss, though not quite in this game.
      I like to go airborn for the first part of this battle, and wait for Dedede
    to make the first move, flying close to him, though not directly above. Move
    out of the way if he jumps up to slam down the hammer, and let out the air as
    he falls. Begin to suck in air just as you land, and spit back the star that
    gets created from the hammer, damaging him. If he spins around and jumps high
    up, and across the screen, falling and creating a star on each side of him. As
    he begins to fall from the spinning jump, let out air, and fall with him. Suck
    up one of the stars, and hit him. Repeat the process until you take his health
    all the way down.
      The Battle isn't over yet. As with the other bosses, the dark matter has
    taken over Dedede, but aren't about to let their most precious character go
    just yet. Now, Dedede floats in the air, with two attacks, as it swoops around
    the screen. I like to do this part mostly on the ground. One attack, is that
    Dedede's stomache will open up with fangs, and start to chomp the air, swooping
    down for Kirby. Simply fly over him or dash under him when he does this attack.
    The other attack is where an eyeball will appear on his stomache, and shoot 3
    black blots at you that will hesitate before locking on to your location. My
    best strategy for this attack so far, is one that I find pretty reliable. What
    I do, is I suck up the first blot, jump low and shoot it at the second one.
    When the third appears, I inhale it and wait for Dedede to fly low so that I
    can shoot it at him, and repeat the process. Hopefully, you have enough health
    for the Dark Matter.
        The Dark Matter (8- HP) [N/A]
      I've got good news! I have finished the Dark Matter, and can now have
    strategies for all three phases.
          Phase 1: Dark Cloud (0/8 HP) [0/8 HP]
      Phase 1 can be a challenge, until you get used to this part of the battle.
    One thing that you should know, is that, wherever you are going on the screen,
    the Dark Cloud will move from one side of the screen to the other before
    turning. This way, if you get behind it, you may get a chance to hit it in the
    back with your Heart thrower. The cloud's first attack is one that causes jolts
    of electricity to come out of the monster's pupil, which you must avoid. It
    will only come out at an angle, so if you stay directly in front of the eye,
    you will be okay. I usually stray a little bit from directly in front of the
    pupil, so I can try to get a few hits in. It's other attack it where the little
    pedal/nut things come off of it, and chase you. Try to destroy a few of those
    that are still on the cloud, and ones that are getting a little too close to
    you, and try to dodge the rest. This takes a little bit of time, but once you
    get used to it, you won't have too hard of a time keeping your health up.
    Continuosly avoid attacks, and hit it with stars, to finish Phase 1.
          Phase 2: Eyeball (8- HP) [N/A]
      This is the toughest section of the battle, so just hold onto any health that
    you can, and hope for the best. Don't worry yourself about preserving for the
    next phase, this is more important.
      The Eyeball is much larger, which makes it easier to hit. I recommend staying
    as far away as possible, while hitting it on the sides, instead of in the
    middle, because it makes no difference. You want to be able to get out of the
    way if the giant eye suddenly starts charging at you. I'll get to that in a
      The Eyeball has quite a few attacks that you have not quite experienced in
    this game. The attacks will usually confuse you a little, letting you barely
    avoid damage.
      Okay, one of Eyeball's most common attacks is one where he makes little Phase
    1-type creatures that track your location on the screen as they appear, and
    travel in a straight line off of the screen. This doesn't sound like an unusual
    attack, but there are so many little dark clouds, that you have to stop
    attacking to swerve around them, and barely escape from harm's way.
      The next, and possibly most dangerous attack (which is made even harsher with
    the partially red Boss Butch background) is the Blood Shot attack. The
    Eyeball's eye will shoot red ovals at you, wherever you are on the screen. This
    is very similar to the previous attack, only there are many more red ovals that
    are harder to avoid.
      The third attack is very unique. The Eyeball will charge at you, and leave
    through the left side of the screen. It will then appear in the background and
    shoot at you from afar. You cannot touch the Eyeball at that point, since he is
    so far away, so I recommend going up and around (or even over) him, to avoid
    the attack. This time he will return to the foreground on the right side of the
      The Eye's final attack is a feint, based on the previous attack. The Dark
    Eyeball will charge at you, and pretend to go off the left side of the screen,
    though you must _beware_. In an attempt to trick you, the Eye charges backwards
    at you from the left side of the screen! He doesn't do this quite often.
      Once you defeat Phase 2, give out a sigh of relief, though hold on to your
          Phase 3: Pupil (0/8 HP) [0/8 HP]
      Phase 3 isn't hard at all, though you have to keep moving. It's not much more
    than a little touch of detail in the fact that the Dark Matter doesn't want to
    give up so easily.
      When the Pupil starts charging at you, start moving! It will chase you in
    circles, and has no real attacks. Let it chase you in small circles, so that
    you can wack it with your wand every time it goes through a cycle. It'll go
    down in just a few hits. When you win, congratulate yourself, for doing a great
    job in beating an entire sequence of bosses that you may have even had trouble
    with individually once before while you were playing Kirby's Dreamland 3. Enjoy
    the credits, and afterwards, you finally get the last Secret Option! And don't
    worry, it's not another challenge.
      I have a feeling that it was good that I wrote this guide. The very day after
    I began it, I finally finished the Boss Butch, while I had been trying for a
    week before that day. I guess this is pretty much it with this guide for now,
    until I can come back with more information for you. If you have any questions
    or comments regarding this guide, please feel free to email me. My adress is
    listed at the top of the page in my file info. I might even post a FAQs section
    in the future of this guide, for repeating questions about it.
      Copyright Stuff
      You may not copy this guide, alter and add to it without my permission. Right
    now, you should only find this guide at:
    If you see it anywhere else, please inform me by way of email. Thanks for your
      Since I just started this guide, I don't have many people to credit, though I
    still have several thanks to give out, so I'll list them down here and add on
    to them in the future.
      1. GameFAQs- Without GameFAQs, where would this guide be right now?
      2. Nintendo and HAL- Kirby has occupied a great portion of my videogaming
    life, along with other Nintendo games, like Mario and Pokémon. I don't know if
    I could've made it this far in my life without them, dieing slowly of boredom.
      3. You- I have to give you credit for coming and visiting _my_ guide out of
    tens or even hundreds of thousands of others. I think that the reader deserves
    lots of credit. Would people write FAQs and guides if others didn't read them?
    I don't know if many people will read this guide, but, it will be there if they
    do, and that's why _I_ wrote this guide.
    This guide Copyright 2001 Puff Koro

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