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    FAQ by DBM11085

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/09/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        Kirby's Dream Land 3 FAQ/Walkthrough
                               For the Super Nintendo
                           Version 1.0 (Created 6/9/2000)
                                  By Devin Morgan
        This file is Copyright (c)2000-2006 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved.
    Table of Contents
    1. What's New
    2. Introduction
    3. Story
    4. Controls
    5. Friends/Abilities
    6. Heart Star Guide
    7. Enemies
    8. Mini-Bosses
    9. Bosses
    10. Secrets/Tips and Tricks
    11. Credits
    12. Copyright Notice
    13. Contact Information
    -=  1. What's New -=
    Version 1.0 (6/9/00): This is the first and pretty much complete version of 
    this FAQ. This was part of the old Ultimate Kirby Guide, but here is a 
    completely redone and edited version of the original guide!
    -=  2. Introduction -=
    Kirby's Dream Land 3 continues the great Gameboy Kirby series on the more 
    advanced Super Nintendo Entertainment System. There are new friends and 
    abilities in this game, as well as an all new cast of enemies and a couple 
    new bosses. The object of this game is to defeat Dark Matter by finding all 
    the Heart Stars scattered throughout each level of each world. After you find 
    them, you can finally take on Dark Matter for a chance to defeat it once 
    again. This is definitely one of the better Kirby games for SNES and should 
    definitely be played even if you're not really into this particular series.
    -=  3. Story  -=
    Kirby, our hero, makes his home in Dream Land, which is located on PopStar. 
    PopStar is a small, peaceful planet at the edge of a vast universe.
    One day, Kirby and Gooey went fishing. Birds were singing. The sun was 
    shining. It was such a nice day that they felt more like napping than 
    As Kirby and Gooey relaxed, they noticed a black, cloud-like object appear in 
    the PopStar sky!
    The black object started to spit out small clouds. These clouds were 
    scattered everywhere.
    Just then, Coo appeared, looking panicked. "Hurry, Kirby!" he said. 
    "PopStar's in BIG trouble!"
    The small clouds took control of King DeDeDe and his minions. They started to 
    do terrible things.
    Now, Kirby and his friends have left to get rid of these strange clouds and 
    save PopStar!
    -=  4. Controls -=
    Start: Pause the game
    Y: Inhale, exhale, blow air bubbles underwater, attack with current ability
    Down: Squat down, drop through thin floors, swallow enemies
    Up: Go through doors, climb ladders
    Left and Right: Walk around (press twice and hold in either direction to run)
    B: Jump (press repeatedly to fly), slide (press down and B)
    Select: Get rid of ability
    A: Call Gooey
    X: Take/release a friend
    -=  5. Friends/Abilities  -=
    ChuChu: She sticks to ceilings and can fly for short amounts of time.
    Coo: He can fly against wind currents and gusts.
    Kine: He can swim against currents underwater and allow you to inhale while
          swimming underwater.
    Nago: He can jump 3 times consecutively before touching the ground.
    Pitch: He can fly pretty well, but not as well as Coo.
    Rick: He doesn't slide on ice; when near a wall, press B to kick off the
    The abilities in this game are Cutter, Broom, Ice, Spike, Spark, Parasol, 
    Fire, and Stone. Each ability has a different effect when combined with any 
    of the Friends. Below, I'm going to tell what each possible effect of the 
    ability does:
    ChuChu + Broom: Kirby and ChuChu fly in the air on a broomstick. The tiny
                    "sparks" that come out of the back of the broom can harm
                    enemies. You can also fly endlessly on the broom!
    ChuChu + Cutter: Kirby will take ChuChu and swing her in a circle above and
                     below him. ChuChu will hurt anything she touches!
    ChuChu + Fire: Kirby will shoot a short flame out of his mouth, harming any
                   enemy that comes close. If you hold B while shooting the
                   flame, you'll shoot a flame upward, which will make ChuChu
                   float like a hot-air balloon. Whatever she touches will also
                   get hurt.
    ChuChu + Ice: ChuChu will shoot snowballs in a random direction, freezing
                  anything they touch.
    ChuChu + Parasol: ChuChu and Kirby will spin around while sitting inside the
                      upside-down parasol. Any enemy that you hit will be killed.
    ChuChu + Spark: Hold Y to make ChuChu charge up electric power, then release
                    it to shoot a small electric bullet. It can bounce off some
                    walls and harm any enemy (if any) it touches.
    ChuChu + Spike: ChuChu shoots spikes in five directions, hurting anything
                    they hit.
    ChuChu + Stone: Kirby turns into a stone and ChuChu and himself spin around
                    in circles, hitting anything in their way.
    Coo + Broom: Kirby will shake Coo sideways in front of him like he's a
                 feather duster! It hurts anything that hits it.
    Coo + Cutter: Coo will throw a large feather. You can either allow it to go
                  straight or aim it upward or downward by pressing Up or Down.
    Coo + Fire: Kirby and Coo will become a huge fireball and rocket diagonally
                downward in the direction you're facing, toasting anything that
                touches it!
    Coo + Ice: Coo will shoot icicles in three directions, freezing anything they
    Coo + Parasol: Kirby and Coo will spin around for a few seconds very fast,
                   hurting anything they touch.
    Coo + Spark: Coo will shoot a lightning bolt straight down below him, hitting
                 anything below!
    Coo + Spike: Kirby will turn into a spike facing straight down, harming
                 anything it hits. Kirby and Coo will drop down rather slowly in
                 this form.
    Coo + Stone: Kirby will turn into stone, causing himself and Coo to drop to
                 the ground at a rapid speed. If you press B repeatedly, you can
                 have Coo try and fly with Kirby as a stone.
    Kine + Broom: Kine will stick a plunger out of his mouth; press and hold Y
                  when facing an enemy to stick them to the front of the plunger;
                  let go of Y to spit the enemy out.
    Kine + Cutter: Kine shoots out a large beam shaped like the cutter. It
                   becomes smaller and smaller as it goes until it disappears. It
                   can go through walls, plus after it hits an enemy, it
    Kine + Fire: Kine shoots out a big flame ring that doesn't decrease in size!
                 It keeps on going, hitting enemies along the way, until it
                 disappears off the screen.
    Kine + Ice: Kine turns into a jagged ice block (similar to an iceberg) and
                freezes anything that touches it.
    Kine + Parasol: Kine sticks the parasol out of his mouth and points it
                    upward. If you're in the air, you can float in the air for a
                    limited time!
    Kine + Spark: Kine makes a light bulb and sticks it out of his mouth. It
                  shines light in darkened rooms, revealing hidden doors and
                  marks on the doors (see World 3, Level 6). After the light bulb
                  breaks, you can use the sharp points of the bulb to hurt the
    Kine + Spike: Kine has spikes pointing out of his body in many directions,
                  which can harm enemies from all sides!
    Kine + Stone: Kirby turns into a stone inside Kine's mouth. Kine hops up just
                  a small bit and drop down mouth first to the ground.
    Nago + Broom: Nago "rides" Kirby along the ground, killing any enemies in the
    Nago + Cutter: Nago will flip around and shoot a beam similar to the one Kine
                   shot out of his mouth. Instead, Nago shoots the beam
                   diagonally up and to the direction you're facing!
    Nago + Fire: Nago shoots a small fire thing that moves along the ground,
                 getting larger as it travels. It'll become small again and
                 disappear after a few seconds.
    Nago + Ice: Kirby breathes icy breath downward, which will propel you and
                Nago into the air. Anything Kirby's breath touches will be
    Nago + Parasol: Kirby and Nago will bounce on the upside-down parasol like
                    it's a pogo stick! Anything you bounce on will get hurt.
    Nago + Spark: Hold Y to charge up the power, then release it after a few
                  seconds to make sparks come out of Kirby. The sparks will stay
                  surrounding Kirby until he hits enough enemies or star blocks,
                  or if he gets out of Nago's grasp (press X).
    Nago + Spike: Kirby will shoot out spikes in different directions. Anything
                  they hit will be hurt or destroyed.
    Nago + Stone: After Kirby turns into a stone, Nago take him and bangs him
                  against the ground. The dust that appears when he hits the
                  ground can hurt any nearby enemies, too.
    Pitch + Broom: Pitch will throw these blue bubbles that explode on impact
                   with anything.
    Pitch + Cutter: Pitch will become a boomerang and fly to the edge of the
                    screen. He can fly through anything and defeat any enemies he
    Pitch + Fire: Pitch does pretty much the same thing as with the cutter
                  ability, instead he's a flying fireball!
    Pitch + Ice: Pitch does pretty much what alone does with this ability; blows
                 "puffs" of frozen breath. The only difference is that with
                 Pitch, the breath goes a bit further!
    Pitch + Parasol: Kirby will hit Pitch with the parasol, sending him flying!
                     The longer you hold Y as Kirby swings, the higher Pitch
    Pitch + Spark: Pitch turns into a radio controlled electrical bird! Use the
                   Control Pad to control where Pitch flies, and press Y to call
                   Pitch back to you.
    Pitch + Spike: Pitch will move forward, stabbing in the direction he's facing
                   with his beak. The weird thing about this is if you're in the
                   air holding Y, Pitch will stab forward while staying at the
                   same altitude in the air!
    Pitch + Stone: Pitch will turn into a stone and jump slightly off the ground.
                   Then, he'll crash down to the ground, hitting anything that
                   comes under!
    Rick + Broom: Rick will stick this blue duster out of his mouth and shake it
                  in front of him.
    Rick + Cutter: Rick takes Kirby, who is shaped like a cutter, and throw him!
                   You can move Rick around while Kirby flies around, hurting
                   anything he touches!
    Rick + Fire: Rick shoots many fireballs out of his mouth, scorching anything
                 they hit!
    Rick + Ice: Rick rolls into a ball and Kirby (also in ball form) sits on top
                of Rick, and shakes small ice things off of him. They freeze any
                enemy that gets hit by them.
    Rick + Parasol: Rick balances the parasol on his nose and Kirby rolls around
                    on the top of it. Anything that touches Kirby or the umbrella
                    will be hurt.
    Rick + Spark: Rick shoots a beam out of his mouth that goes from the air to
                  the ground, hurting anything that gets hit.
    Rick + Spike: A bed of spikes comes out of Rick's back. The spikes will kill
                  any enemy coming towards you from behind!
    Rick + Stone: Rick will become a rolled up boulder with Kirby standing on
                  top. You can walk on Rick and roll on the ground, crushing
                  enemies in your path!
    -=  6. Heart Star Guide -=
    World 1: Grass Land
    Level 1: In the 3rd room, don't step on any of the flowers.
    Level 2: In the 2nd room, get ChuChu, then go to the 3rd room. Go in the room
             halfway through this room and use your basic attack at this point.
    Level 3: In the 3rd room, beat the mini game.
    Level 4: In the 3rd room, get the Stone ability and use it on the special
             blocks to reach the once blocked door. Defeat the Fire mini boss,
             then go in the following room and get the lost monkey.
    Level 5: In the 2nd room, enter the door to the left and get Kine. Then,
             finish the entire level with him.
    Level 6: In the 2nd room, find and collect ALL 3 colored shapes for the clown
             at the end of the level.
    World 2: Ripple Field
    Level 1: In the 1st room, get the Broom ability and in the 2nd room, get
             Pitch. Then, in the 3rd room, go in each of the 3 underwater rooms
             and use your power to water all 6 flower stems.
    Level 2: In the 1st room, get the Parasol ability, then in the 2nd room, get
             Kine. Next, go to the 4th room and enter the first door you see.
             There, use your ability at that point.
    Level 3: In the 5th room, beat all 3 rounds of the mini game.
    Level 4: At the end of the 4th room, go in the hidden room to the left. Go
             up, and enter the next room and defeat the Spike mini-boss. Take his
             ability and use it on the special blocks in the next room to free
             the trapped frog.
    Level 5: Find Pitch somewhere in this level and finish the level with him.
    Level 6: Near the middle of the 5th room, enter the lower-right hand door.
             Break the blocks to make a design like this one:
                               _|  |_
                             _|      |_
                            |_        _|
                              |_    _|
    World 3: Sand Canyon
    Level 1: In the 1st room, step on all the flowers, but don't step on any
    Level 2: Get the Broom power somewhere in this level. Then, in the 6th and
             8th rooms, sweep the floor where it's all dark and dirty until it's
             all clean!
    Level 3: In the 4th room, beat all 3 rounds of the mini game.
    Level 4: In the 3rd room, follow the bottom, top, and middle paths and enter
             the room. Defeat the Broom mini boss, and go in the next room and
             take the lost kid.
    Level 5: In the 3rd room, enter the door about halfway through the room, and
             get ChuChu and complete the level with her.
    Level 6: Get to the large blue-colored room with the green blob in the middle
             that shoots you in any direction. The bottom room contains all the
             friends and abilities, so whenever I say you need a specific
             friend/ability, please come to that room first before following my
             directions for that room. You must get shot into each room and get
             through each one's challenge to get a piece of the robot you must
             build to get the Heart Star.
        Upper-Left Room: You'll need Kine and the Spark ability to reveal the X's
                         and O's on the doors throughout this room. Enter only
                         the doors marked with O's to proceed, enter one with an
                         X and you'll be stuck starting over from the bottom.
        Top Room: Here, simply jump up through all the ledges and enter the door
                  at the top. After you get the part outside, go back inside and
                  make your way down to the bottom before you get crushed. You
                  can only fall through blue-colored ledges, not the red ones.
        Upper-Right Room: Here, take either ability from the enemies on either
                          side of the room and use their abilities to break
                          through the special blocks on the left or right side of
                          the room to access the doors. Go through the door and
                          repeat the process until you reach the top. If you go
                          through the middle door, you'll fall down a long shaft
                          and be stuck starting over again!
        Lower-Right Room: You'll need Kine and the Parasol ability here. Get a
                          running start and start to jump over the pit with Kine,
                          then deploy the parasol and float to the other side and
                          enter the next room. There, swim through the water
                          currents to reach the robot part.
        Lower-Left Room: You'll need Coo and the Stone ability in this room.
                         Here, use the Stone ability as close to the wall as
                         possible to drop through the blocks and reach the
                         breakable blocks in the stone wall. Lose the Stone
                         ability and inhale/spit out those blocks, then go back
                         up the hole you made and get Coo. Now, fly through the
                         new passage you made and inhale the blocks to get to the
                         top, then enter the door and fly through the strong wind
                         gusts to get the last robot part.
    World 4: Cloudy Park
    Level 1: In the 1st room, get the Broom ability, then get Rick in the 2nd
             room. With them, go all the way to the 12th room and use the ability
             to dust off all the flowers (without stepping on them!).
    Level 2: In the 6th room, get the Spike ability. Then, go to the 8th room and
             use it to pop the floating balloon.
    Level 3: In the 4th room, beat all 3 rounds of the mini game.
    Level 4: In the 2nd room, get Coo. Then, enter the door at the end of the 6th
             room and defeat the Parasol boss. In the next room, use Coo to fly
             against the wind gusts to get the orange.
    Level 5: In the 3rd room, get Rick and finish the level with him.
    Level 6: In the 8th room, enter the 2nd door you see. Break the blocks there
             so they look like this:
                                _ _ _ _ _
                               |_       _|
                                 |_   _|
                                   | |
                                  _| |_
                                 |_ _ _|
    World 5: Iceberg
    Level 1: In the 3rd room, get the Fire ability and use it on all the frozen
    Level 2: In the 2nd room, take the Ice ability. Then, in the 3rd room, enter
             all 3 of the rooms and use it to defeat the flying enemies.
    Level 3: In the 4th room, beat the mini game.
    Level 4: In the 3rd room, get the Fire ability from the enemies and at the
             bottom of the room, break the ice blocks to the left and go in the
             room and get Coo. Then, go all the way to the 8th room with Fire
             ability and Coo, and break the ice blocks blocking your path. Enter
             the door with the 2 flower things on both sides. Break the ice with
             Coo, and then get ChuChu. Fly upward with her to break the ice.
             Continue breaking the ice with Coo, the Fire ability, and ChuChu
             until you reach the LAST door in the room. Drop down and take the
             shell with swirls on it.
    Level 5: In a different level, get Nago, and then enter this level. Just beat
             the level with him to get it.
    Level 6: In each room, there will be an enemy with a special ability, and
             you'll need to take their powers to use in the following rooms. Use
             each of the abilities to get all the feathers to give to the angel
             at the end.
    World 6: Hyper Zone
    You can only access this world if you've collected all 24 Heart Stars found 
    throughout the levels. The boss here is the Dark Matter.
    -=  7. Enemies  -=
        Ability: N/A
        Description: His home is on the sides of trees and other round objects.
                     He will spin around on the cylinders and not do much else.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This annoying pest will hang from ceilings, then when you
                     get near, will fly around, trying to get a piece of your
                     face, which he will, sometimes.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This looks like a clone of Kirby! You can never encounter
                     him directly, as there is always a barricade between him and
                     you. I've found out a way to kill this enemy, thanks to
                     OneFinger5(at)aol.com. You must have Pitch and the Spark
                     ability. When Batamon appears, quickly initiate the Spark
                     ability and direct Pitch toward Batamon. If you are quick
                     enough in doing so, Pitch destroys him.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This fish can be in or out of water. Out of water, he's no
                     threat. Under water, he will move in your direction.
        Ability: Fire
        Description: This little fireball will walk around. They come in the
                     short and fat version, or tall and lanky! Take your pick!
        Ability: Spike
        Description: This thing is always on the top of cactuses in desert areas.
                     They will not do anything until you walk under them; then
                     they will fall down and try to spike you.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This spring creature will just bounce around with her pretty
                     bow in her hair.
    Bronto Burt
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This guy will sometimes rest on the ground, and when you
                     come near, he'll fly up and dive-bomb you! Other times he
                     will just fly in the sky, following a pattern.
    Broom Hatter
        Ability: Broom
        Description: He walks on the ground, sweeping up dust with his broom. He
                     wears a witch's hat for some weird reason.
        Ability: Varies
        Description: These creatures are unique in the fact that they will give
                     any powers! Their attacks will show which powers they give.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This is a little mushroom that hops around. Suck off his cap
                     and he will walk around, looking a little frightened. >;)
                     Now suck HIM up! MWA-HA-HA!!!
        Ability: Ice
        Description: He is an evil snowman that will throw out a little force
                     field of ice flakes around him. He will sometimes waddle
                     towards you in certain levels.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This creature looks like a tick-spider mix and will hang
                     from surfaces by his thread, coming down to throw his
                     webbing at you.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: He looks like one of those statues from Easter Island! He is
                     the large one that spits out Kabus. You can't inhale him.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This little caveman will hit anything you spit at him with
                     his trusty club!
        Ability: N/A
        Description: He will go around throwing pieces of rock at you with his
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This guy wears a skull for a cap and throws bones. Suck his
                     hat off, though, and he is a helpless wimp!
        Ability: Fire
        Description: These fire dragons will not move and apparently will snooze
                     until you come near enough.
        Ability: Stone
        Description: This seems to be made of three stones, which take turns
                     being the head. He rolls around.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: He will hang from ceilings and floors and shoot rays at you.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This spike ball will float around or stay in place. You
                     can't do anything to it but avoid it.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: These are sharks that will try to take a hunk outta yer
        Ability: N/A
        Description: These are little Dekabus! They will roll around and do
                     nothing else.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This looks like a little crab that will try to grab you with
                     his claws.
        Ability: Cutter
        Description: He looks like a green duck. He will stand in place, jumping
                     and throwing his spiky hat at you randomly. He can also
        Ability: Broom
        Description: She's a cute little witch, riding her broom. Suck her broom
                     and check out her awesome cartwheels!
        Ability: Parasol
        Description: This purple dude looks like he's wearing a straw hut on his
                     head! He will hop around.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This rain-cloud will hover in the sky and drop rain
        Ability: N/A
        Description: He's a little wizard who flies in the sky, staying above you
                     until you stand still so he can have a clear shot at you
                     with his black blobs. However, they can destroy some blocks
                     that you cannot, allowing you to access passages you
                     yourself could not go to!
        Ability: Fire
        Description: This fireball has a black center and will jump up when you
                     come near.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This is a black circle that will grow legs and come after
                     you! It looks like a giant spider. Rather uniquely, he will
                     give you damage if you swallow him!
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This is a little creature that lives in his shell, swimming
                     around and doing nothing.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: These are blue rays that only appear in one level of the
                     game. They shoot out from their hiding place. Try and attack
                     their heads.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: They look like little hovering mummies.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: These creatures look like doors, until you get too close!
        Ability: N/A
        Description: These look like porcupines that run around, bumping into
                     anything they meet and changing direction. They are
                     sometimes ridden by Waddle Dees.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: He is a yellow blob that hides on floors and ceilings,
                     rearing his little head when you get too close.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: These big traps will jump up or fall down and try to chew
                     you up. You can't suck them in, though.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: These white clouds are too spiky to touch, and when you do,
                     they split into three small ones!
        Ability: N/A
        Description: These faces don't appear until you are directly underneath
                     them, then they will drop their tongues and try to eat you!
                     Yuck! You can't do anything to them.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: These dudes will peek out from their hiding place behind the
                     wallpaper and spit blobs at you.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This guy looks like a bunny and only appears in level 3-1.
                     TRICK: However, leave him alone and he will disappear! Press
                     Up where he vanished to find a hidden room with a 1-Up and
                     lots of Power Stars!
        Ability: N/A
        Description: He looks like a bunch of green blobs stacked up on each
                     other, because that's what he is! He will grow indefinitely
                     unless you can destroy the bottom blob. He will also throw
                     green blobs at you.
    Poppy Bros. Jr.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: These will sometimes walk along on pieces of rather large
                     fruit. Otherwise he will just walk around aimlessly. No
                     powers, though you can get two attack stars: one from him,
                     one from the fruit.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This starts out as an egg, but when you come close, this
                     creature hatches out! He comes in random colors; there is no
                     difference what color it is. He will fly around and try to
                     hit you.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: They fly around, hovering to your level, though they never
                     change direction unless they come to a wall.
        Ability: Stone
        Description: The basic rock power form. He will walk around, sometimes
                     jumping to smash you. They will also roll down hills, like
        Ability: Parasol
        Description: This creature has a little umbrella on his head. They will
                     sometimes fall from the sky, using their umbrella heads as a
        Ability: N/A
        Description: He will float in the air, looking rather harmless, but if
                     you try to inhale him... Wow! Can he ever get mad!
        Ability: N/A
        Description: It is nothing but a cannon that shoots round bullets at you.
                     You cannot suck them or attack them, and they will hurt you
                     if you touch them.
        Ability: Cutter
        Description: This looks like a little knight in armor, and will throw
                     boomerangs at you.
        Ability: Spark
        Description: This green blob will hop around and start shooting
                     electricity at times.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This squid does nothing but float up and down, sometimes
                     jumping out of the water.
        Ability: Spike
        Description: He looks nice, harmless, and cute when you are at or below
                     his level, but when you are above him, this evil thing will
                     spike you with his pointy head.
        Ability: Spike
        Description: This creature has a spiky shell and walks around slowly,
                     sometimes thrusting out his spikes with vigor.
    Waddle Dee
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This baddie is really easy; all he can do is walk and jump
                     around. Sometimes he rides Nruffs or paddleboards.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This is some sort of Waddle Dee genie. He will recreate
                     indefinitely unless you destroy his bottle.
        Ability: Ice
        Description: This furry creature does nothing but walk and roll around.
        Ability: N/A
        Description: This fatso will jump up and shoot arrows at you. Talk about
                     evil Cupids!
    -=  8. Mini-Bosses  -=
        Ability: Fire
        Strategy: He's not too hot to handle! He'll keep ramming himself into the
                  walls of his fiery room and leaving little chunks of coal for
                  you to fire back at him.
        Ability: Ice
        Strategy: This giant snowman is not very happy. He will throw three
                  snowballs, so suck them up and fire them back when his head
                  reappears. He will sometimes jump around.
        Ability: Broom
        Strategy: This humongous broom will jump around, creating stars. He will
                  also sweep up stars. Very, VERY easy.
        Ability: Stone
        Strategy: This guy's not too tough. Just inhale the rocks he knocks out
                  of the wall when he charges and blast them back at him. Also,
                  blast the rocks he knocks off the floor back at him.
    Captain Stitch
        Ability: Spike
        Strategy: Like last time, this guy's not confined by gravity. He will
                  throw his spikes at you. Suck them up and spit them back. Hurry
                  though, he's invincible with his spikes.
    Jumper Shoot
        Ability: Parasol
        Strategy: This guy likes to spin after you, stopping to throw his sandals
                  at you. Suck them up and fire them back. When he's spinning, he
                  is invulnerable. Fly to the highest corner of the room so he
                  can't hurt you.
    -=  9. Bosses -=
    Whispy Woods
        Found: World 1
        Strategy: Inhale the fruit he spits at you back at him. When he starts
                  chasing you, inhale the rotten fruit he spits at you at him
                  until he's defeated.
        Found: World 2
        Strategy: When you're above water, inhale the rocks that fall from the
                  ceiling when he hits the wall and spit them at him. When you go
                  underwater, when he spits out skulls and smaller fish, use your
                  air bubbles to blow those things back at him. Also, when he
                  hits the wall again, blow the rocks at him, too.
    Don and Con
        Found: World 3
        Strategy: Inhale the smaller enemies that come running out of the holes
                  on both sides of the room and spit them back at the larger
                  bosses running about while avoiding the falling bombs.
        Found: World 4
        Strategy: Defeat his first painting, the Ice Dinosaur, by inhaling the
                  ice blocks it makes and spit them at it. Against his second
                  painting, the Angler Fish inhale the stars it creates and spit
                  them back at it. For his 3rd painting, Mr. Sun and Mr. Moon,
                  inhale the stars that appear when they attack and spit them
                  back at the enemy on the ground. Against his 4th painting,
                  Kracko, inhale and spit out the smaller enemies at it until it
                  blows up. When Ado gets mad and attacks you, just do your slide
                  against him once to destroy him!
    King Dedede
        Found: World 5
        Strategy: For the first phase of battle against King Dedede, he uses his
                  hammer to attack, can inhale you, and jump across the room.
                  Inhale the stars that appear when he hits the ground from
                  jumping or using the hammer, then spit them back at him. Keep
                  doing that until you defeat his first form. In his second
                  phase, he becomes consumed by the Dark Matter and starts to
                  float around. Try and stay away from him until he starts
                  shooting out black blobs. Inhale those blobs and spit them back
                  at him. Keep on attacking in that fashion until you completely
                  defeat King Dedede.
    Dark Matter
        Found: World 6
        Strategy: This is the final boss of the entire game, therefore it is a
                  bit tough to defeat. In its first phase, it is a large black
                  orb with small spikes on all sides of it. Just keep attacking
                  it with your Heart Star weapon while avoiding its numerous
                  attacks. After you finally defeat its first form, Dark Matter
                  will become a very large white orb with a red eye. Attack it
                  constantly like before while avoiding its attacks and dashes
                  towards you until you defeat it. The final form is just the red
                  eyeball floating around. Simply attack it while keeping it away
                  from you until it explodes!
    -=  10. Secrets/Tips and Tricks -=
    Options Menu
    On the File Selection screen, you can access an options menu as long as 
    there's a game saved in a file. Below I will list all of the options, as well 
    as how to enable them.
        Note symbol (Sound Test): You have this option at any point during the
        B (Boss Butch): Defeat the 6 bosses one after another with no abilities
                        and with only ONE life!
        J (Jumping): Jump onto the smiling faces 10 times as yourself or with a
                     friend to win. Don't step on the spike enemies; they'll kill
        M (Mini Game 5): Play the 5 mini games one after another. Win all 3
                         rounds in each one to enable the Jumping option.
        ?: You get this option from beating all the other options. Here, you can
           see the opening introductions to each world, as well as each of the 3
           endings to the game.
    -=  11. Credits -=
    NTsui (segaholic2(at)yahoo.com): For allowing me to use his complete enemy 
    list for this game!
    OneFinger5 (OneFinger5(at)aol.com): For giving me information on how to 
    defeat the Batamon enemy.
    Skainter (jones5(at)blazenetme.net): For giving me information on the mini-
    bosses of the game!
    -=  12. Copyright Notice  -=
    This file is Copyright (c)2006 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved. Please view 
    the following URL to see the list of sites that are allowed to post my work:
    This list is comprised of sites I know and trust well. If your site is not on 
    the aforementioned list, you are not currently not allowed to post any of my 
    files on your site. If you wish to acquire permission, feel free to email me 
    (see the section below); permission may or may not granted at my discretion. 
    Please respect my work and do not steal it or post it without my permission. 
    I only want my most recent work to be available and I do not feel that can be 
    achieved if others take from me without my knowledge or permission.
    If you are writing a FAQ for this game as well, and would like to use some 
    information, contact me and we'll talk. Please do not rip me off, as that is 
    blatant plagiarism and such will not be tolerated.
    -=  13. Contact Information -=
    As of this version, the file contains all the information I know to date. If 
    it is a work in progress, give me time before bombarding me with emails about 
    things being missing. All I ask is that you READ THE FAQ before emailing me, 
    since that's what it's here for! Don't waste my time (and yours) by asking me 
    for information obviously covered in the guide. If it's in reference to a 
    side quest or item, chances are they can be found in another section besides 
    the walkthrough, so check the appendices as well.
    If you have any questions, comments, or things to add that are not already in 
    this FAQ, feel free to email me. I usually do post submissions, credit given 
    of course, so long as I feel they are relevant to the game in question. My 
    email address is: dbmfaqs(at)gmail.com. Thanks for reading, and be sure to 
    check out the rest of my work at this URL:
    =- End of File -=

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