Review by Archmonk Iga

Reviewed: 05/17/06

Just because it's not Superstar doesn't mean it's bad.

Kirby is potentially the cutest thing ever when it comes to not-real stuff. I just want to hug him to death! ESPECIALLY when he's with his friends Rick (hamster), Kine (fishy), and Coo (owl). Oh, what's this Kirby? You want to introduce four NEW friends?! Oh, well! Now Chuchu (slimey thing), Pitch (birdy), and Nago (chubby kitty) are also here to aid Kirby in his quest, plus his trusty adorable new sidekick, Gooey. Okay, I won't go over the edge with the cute-factor in my introduction alone, but while Kirby's Dream Land 3 is by no means a huge step forward for his series, it will still hold that place in your heart.

Well it's a Kirby game, so don't expect too much. It's very childlike-- a dark cloud has taken over the once beautiful Dreamland. One mighty hero must step forward, and that hero is none other than Kirby. He has to fight baddies and stuff. The end.
STORY: 6/10

The graphics for this game are very original, yet simple. They look as if they were drawn with pencils alone, and look very nice. Each character looks adorable, and the animations are very well done. You'll love it.

The old Kirby sound effects are back, surprise surprise. The sucking, the spitting, the swallowing... okay that sounds totally disgusting, which this game is totally not. Anyway, they basically recycled old sound effects and brought in a few new ones for the game's new features. Nothing extraordinary.

The music is precious, of course. Nothing over the top, nothing TOO light-hearted, but you will never feel pressured with the music playing in the background.
SOUND: 7/10

First off, completing each level is easy enough, but there is always a bonus mission. For example, you may need to watch your step to avoid squashing the flowers, or you might need to figure out which Gordo the guy through across the screen. Very clever, and you'll get rewards for taking that extra step.

Inhale, swallow, use special powers, jump, run... times SIX!! All of Kirby's old shenanigans are back, but now that he has six friends to team up with, there are dozens of new variations put into the gameplay. Each friend uses the powers Kirby absorbs differently, and sometimes a specific friend/power combo is necessary to complete a level (Gooey is nearly identical to Kirby, so he can use the friends too). Plus, each friend has his/her own special abilities. For example, Nago has a triple jump, and Rick can inhale and run at the same time. It's a joy to use each friend and see how everything plays out, but there are a couple flaws.

First off, this game moves sssslow. You need to do a dash to get at least a little satisfaction in the speed, because Kirby and Gooey walk sooooo darn slow. It will bug you throughout the entire game, no doubt.

Another thing that is a bit disappointing is the difficulty. This game is a breeze. Walk right, beat each baddy with one hit, level complete. Piece of cake.

Overall though, you will love playing this game. It's far from deep at all, and it moves as sluggish as hell, but the variation is what this game is all about.

Well, the actual game is short, especially if you don't take the time to figure out the bonus objectives for each level. You will be finished quickly either way, and there are too few extras to last you long at all. Luckily it's two-player (one can play as Kirby and another as Gooey), which may add some time to your playing. You should buy this game if you can find it and are a Kirby fan, though, because you'll want to come back to it every now and then.

It's Kirby, so you'll be a jerk if you diss it. It's nothing spectacular, or even close to that, but you'll enjoy watching Kirby and his friends proceed through their adorable adventure in the adorable ways that they do. Play it if you dig smiling. If you're more into frowning, pass this one up.

Thanks for reading =)

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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