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Reviewed: 01/12/09 | Updated: 06/15/09

Back to the basics

Back when it was released, Kirby's Dream Land 3 took big heat from fans about being a step down from Kirby Superstar. Dream Land 3 had only 8 abilities to choose from (with only one move each), simple level progression, and a different colorbook artstyle that turned many fans off of the game.

Though the game is much more simple than Superstar was, that doesn't make the game bad. I would dare say that putting down 800 points for this would give more bang for your buck than buying the 30 dollar DS remake of Kirby Superstar. The colorful platformer is certainly worth a visit. I think the main reason Dream Land 3 made the game more simple was because the creators wanted to follow up to the first two games. Sakurai wasn't directly involved in Dream Land 2,3, or Kirby 64, so that explains the different approach to what some may call the "Dark Matter" trilogy.

The variety of Dream Land 3 comes from the animal partners. Kirby can choose from six different animals, each which hosts different abilities. Furthermore, Kirby can combine the ability he has absorbed from an enemy with an animal to create a new and interesting ability. This approach allows different methods of playing levels. Also, there are secrets hidden in different levels, and sometimes they require a certain animal and/or ability to find. Secrets include locating different parts, or blooming flowers. These secrets unlock the 100% ending, so it's always nice to revisit levels again.

Kirby's Dream Land 3 also took a tip from Superstar allowing co-op play. A small bluish black Dark Matter blob, Gooey, doesn't agree with the evil ways of the Dark Matter and instead joins Kirby. A CPU can control Gooey, but he only proves to be useful when a second player is using him.

Aside from these new quirks, Dream Land 3 is the similar platformer Kirby fans have loved since the beginning. It may be too simple, but in hindsight, Kirby is all about simplicity.

The difference with Kirby's Dream Land 3 in comparison to a game like Kirby's Adventure is the level design. Kirby's Adventure has more sections and puzzles, while Dream Land 3 is more barren. The more barren levels allows easy flight and are more standard in platformers, so it may not be desirable. However, the levels have nice pacing and good design.

Graphics (10/10)- May be too quirky or kiddy to some, but then those people may not be in the Kirby audience to begin with. The game is actually very pretty. I love the later SNES games, because they tend to be much more radical in graphical styles.

Gameplay (8/10)- Good, may be too easy or slow (especially at the start), but the game is unique in its own way.

Audio (8/10)- Similar to past Kirby games with some nice new tunes as well. May be a bit too happy for some, as it never really gives much suspense. Still very catchy.

Story (3/10)- No point in even counting this.

Lasting Appeal (6/10)- Like most Kirby games, it ends a bit too soon. However, the game is replayable if one ever wants to sit down for pure platforming fun.

Overall (8/10)- While Kirby's Adventure is certainly worth picking up (for a cheaper price of 500 measily points), and Superstar is also a great package, Dream land 3 is also worthwhile for Kirby fans (as is Kirby 64).

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Kirby's Dream Land 3 (US, 01/05/09)

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