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"Better than people say!"

Typical Kirby gameplay with a slightly new twist. I didn't pay KDL2 on Gameboy, so the addition of the animal helpers is new to me. Some people complained on here about the lack of powers, but each helper has a different variation on the power that Kirby has. So there's 8 powers: Fire, Cutter, Spark, Ice, Parasol, Needle, Stone and Broom, each being different with the 6 animal helpers gives you essentially 48 powers. I mean what more is a power than an action carried out when pressing a button, when you have fire power Kirby makes himself into a flame ball, when you have fire power with Kine, Kine shoots a flame from his mouth. Different powers. I also liked how each level had a simple mission above and beyond completing the level that would give you one of those heart-star things.

I happen to like the graphics, any game that is hand drawn or painted is usually under-appreciated. The graphics in this were interesting and new, very soft on the eyes. If you don't feel like playing a game that's soft on the eyes, than go play Gears of War and saw people's faces off. Kirby games are cute, fluffy and soft.

Typical Kirby music, not a masterpiece, but fitting. There could have been more variations in themes for levels, but then again, there could have been limitations because of the cartridge size. Some old themes from other Kirby games and SSB, and some new songs.

Not bad, not by any means perfect, I just wish the Kirby controls underwater were more practical. When using Kine underwater it's fantastic, perhaps Halken did that on purpose. I mean if Kirby was perfect to use underwater, then the abilities of Kine would be pointless. This game is a little more difficult than other Kirby releases.

I'm on my third run through, and who knows if I'll ever play it again, but I definitely think it's worth more than one play, especially if you didn't gather all of the heart-stars.

I recommend this game to any SERIOUS Kirby fan. A great deal of the reviews on here complain about this release saying that it's dry, and slow or that it should have never been released. But assertions like these lack any credibility whatsoever without any form of evidence. It's their own opinion of what they thought about this game, so why should you believe it? Play it for yourself!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/07/09

Game Release: Kirby's Dream Land 3 (US, 11/27/97)

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