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"Definitely worth a look"

Introduction- Hi everyone, this is my 3rd review written for Gamefaqs, reviewing Kirby's Dreamland 3. Since this game was released in 97, many gamers already had their SNES in their closets and were playing PSX, so this game was pretty much overlooked. But they didn't know what they were missing.

Whoa...the graphics look like they were hand drawn....sorta like Yoshi's Island. They're good for SNES, but this game doesn't make as much use of Mode 7 as Kirby Superstar did. Graphics rating-8

The controls are simple-one button to jump, one to inhale enemies(the same button to use your power if you've already inhaled an enemy), one to make a helper. Select is to get rid of your current power. You have to tap left or right on the D-pad to get Kirby to run, however, and this can get annoying. Kirby's controls are a bit 'slippery'-if you stop suddenly, chances are you'll slide a bit. But that's how it was designed. Control rating-8

Sound and music was always a big part of the Kirby series, and this game doesn't disappoint. The music is nice, and the title theme is catchy. The sound effects are dead on. But I liked the music in Kirby Superstar more. Sound rating-8

Gameplay in Kirby games was always fun, and this game is also. Kirby's best power lies in his mouth-his ability to inhale enemies and adapt their power as his own. For example, if you inhale a fire enemy, Kirby will gain the ability to jet across the screen as a fireball. Inhale a rock enemy and Kirby will be able to turn into a rock. Kirby has animal friends-a bird, cat, hampster, fish and more. If you're controlling Kirby with an animal friend, and have a special power, that animal will use that special power. For example, if you have a fire and you're on the hampster, the hampster will use the fire power to spit out fire instead of turning into a fireball like Kirby without an animal does. Ok, on to the stages. There are 5 worlds, each with 5 stages each and a boss. That makes 25 stages. But in order to complete them you must please a certain friend in that stage. In one stage, there's a snake that wants to play hide and seek with you. If you find him and win the game, then finish the stage, that stage will be complete. Gameplay rating-10

Replay Value
The replay value is always good in Kirby games, because you'll want to see all the powers Kirby has. There's 5 animal friends, 8 powers, Kirby has his own powers, and each animal friend has 8 powers, so that makes a total of 48 powers, I believe. And It'll take you a while to see all of them. Plus the stages are fun to play over and over and over. Replay Value rating-9

I'm not sure if there is a story at all. From what I know, King Dedede has overrun Pop Star (Kirby's home) with monsters. Kirby has to get rid of them and stop King Dedede. Story rating-6

This game isn't that hard to beat without pleasing every friend in every stage, but getting all 100% will take you quite a while. It's fun also, so you won't get sick of it. Challenge rating-9

There's only 25 stages, but those stages are pretty big. There's such hazards as spikes, cliffs, the usual. Design rating-8

Buy or Rent?
If you're a fan of 2-d platforming, you should go get this now. Also check out Kirby Superstar. But I'm having a hard time finding either for under $20, so good luck.

This game isn't as good as Superstar, which I'd give a 10, but it's still a great game and worthy of a 9.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/28/01, Updated 03/28/01

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