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Reviewed: 08/28/01 | Updated: 08/28/01

Kirby takes a step back

The strange thing about Kirby is he never has a sequel on the same system. Kirby 1 NES, Kirby 2 Gameboy, and Kirby 3 is on SNES.

-The Story-
One day Dreamland was a happy bubbly place full of colorful creatures that would rot your teeth. Then one day a big ''Dark'' Cloud floats into town and spreads evil everywhere and now it is up to Kirby to stop King Dedede and the Dark Cloud from it's rain of terror.

Kirby games are side scrolling plat-forming goodness. In laymen terms you jump, you use a special power and you look like a 2D marshmallow. Kirby has the ''Power'' to inhale enemies and either spit them out at other enemies or to absorb their powers and use them against other enemies. Kirby also has the ability to fly as long as his mouth is empty. The simple gameplay has made Kirby a classic since his NES days.

The graphics were pretty good back when this thing was first released. It sorta has a ''Yoshi Story'' thing though. It kinda looks like stuff was all done in crayon.

All the tracks are ''happy, bubbly'' stuff you probably listened to when you were still in elementary school. I should mention that one of the songs was used in the N64 game ''Super Smash Bros.'' Of course its on the kirby stage of that game (duh).

If your into Kirby games well then you will be satisfied with this one too. If your looking for the best Kirby experience on the SNES well then go get Kirby Super Star. Kirby 3 does get kinda tiring after a while since you tend to do the same thing for way too long. A little reply value is in the fact there are 2 ways to complete a stage and doing it the right way will let you battle the ''Final Boss''.

Final Tally
Story: 8 (pretty much the same story in every kirby game)
Gameplay : 7 (New friends, new moves, everything else is the same)
Graphics : 5 (I honestly dont like the graphics on this one, It seems just a little to kiddie for me)
Audio/Video : 7 (A couple memorable tracks but everything else is forgettable)
Buy/Rent : 7 (Its a kirby game, Everything is pretty predictible and nothing is too hard, Its a good game though, and it should be pretty cheap now a days)

Final Score : 7.5 rounded to 8 (To me Nintendo made this just because it felt like it needed a sequel. I dont feel this game was done well, Look at Kirby Super Star, There are better Kirby games then this one. It's still fun if you have time for it though.)

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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