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"They made it AFTER Kirby Superstar???"

The first Kirby game I ever played was Kirby SuperStar. I was amazed by how fun it was! Then, I tried Kirby's Avalanche and found it pretty fun too... I wanted to try another Kirby game, so I tried this one. Big disappointment! This game is no fun at all! Let's go on with the review... you'll see what I mean!


Well, this is the first bad point of the game. In Kirby SuperStar, you had big, bright and colorful graphics. In this game, you have pale and small graphics. In fact, it looks like they were made with pencils! Even the first Kirby on the NES had better graphics in my opinion...

SOUND: 5/10

The sounds are average. Nothing very special here. They are not particularly fun, but they are appropriated for the situation.

MUSIC: 4/10

Unlike Kirby Superstar, there are no memorable tunes in this game. I liked the tunes in Superstar a lot, and even those in Kirby's Avalanche were fun to listen! In this game, they are boring. Simply boring.


I don't like the gameplay for many reasons. First of all, because of the graphics and the aspect of the game, you don't feel you're actually playing a fun game... you just feel like if you were looking at a drawing made by a child. Also, unlike Kirby SuperStar, you don't have a ''Helper'' which use the ability you have. Instead, you have a stupid looking blue helper, which doesn't help so much when you are playing alone. Another thing that bothers me is that in Kirby Superstar, you had about 15 different powers. Now, in this game, you only have 8. Considering this game was made AFTER Superstar, shouldn't there have been MORE powers?


If you are a great Kirby fan, maybe you'll like it. But personnaly, I don't. If you wanna enjoy it, I'll give you a tip: play it BEFORE you try Kirby Superstar, because once you tried SuperStar, you won't like this game anymore!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 03/01/02, Updated 03/01/02

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