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"Kirby's first and only Dream Land game for the SNES, but is it good?"

With all the Kirby games out on the market Kirby's Dream Land 3 is the only Dream Land game for the SNES. This game is very fun to play, but does this make Kirby's Dream Land 3 a good game? Is it worth the time and money to find and buy it? Should you play it? Read more for answers.

-9 out of 10-
Much like Kirby 64, Black matter has fallen to Pop Star, and is taking over the minds of Kirby's friends, and other residents of the planet. As Kirby, try to save Pop Star and his friends from the evil Dark Matter.

-7 out of 10-
The game is much like many of the other Kirby games out there, but there are some differences between the gameplay in Kirby Super Star and in Dream Land 3. But this could either be a good thing, or a bad thing due to the overall ''good'' control. But one of the most saddest things in this game, and the reason this game got a 6 out of 10 is the lack of abilities. Also the abilities in Dream Land have no other moves than the button press to use them, not like in Super Star when you could get an ability like fire and do moves like fire dash, flame-thrower, etc. But I must admit the animal friends are the best things in this game; too bad they were not in Super Star. Also, each stage has one objective to finish to ''completely'' beat that stage. For example you may have to do things for an old Nintendo character, or beating an alien for Samus, or beating little mini games like which Spikey will fall out? or how many Spikey's with two eyes were there.

Music and Graphics
-9 out of 10-
The songs in this game are some very nice songs that will get stuck in you head if you play for a while. Kirby songs are very upbeat, and nice to hear, and some of the songs from Super Star, and the Dream Land series. The graphics is one thing that is totally not like Super Star and some of the Dream Land games, but this is not a bad thing. Also it is one thing I like about this game, it is it's ''pencil-like'' graphics, it is very good on the eyes and is one thing that makes playing this game an enjoyable experience.

Replay ability
-8 out of 10-
This all matters whether you like Kirby games and if you like to get everything in a game before putting it away. If you want to get it done it may take you 10...15 hours, or if you want to beat it with everything done and completed, it might take you a bit more time. But nonetheless, this game is fun, and will provide plenty of hours or gameplay.

-Hard to Very hard-
This game was a very difficult to play with the slightly ''not Super Star-like'' control. You run much slower in Dream Land 3, and it can really make it hard to beat many of the stages. Many attacks can force you to stop, and in some cases stop in the middle of the air and fall down. This could cause problems, but with the right moves, you will able to play without any problems.

Should you get it?
-it all depends-
You should buy it, but that is if you can find it. It is a great game that will last you plenty of hours and will take you plenty of time to get it 100% completed. Thought it's lack of abilities, moves, and options, this is a great game with plenty of fight in it. You should pick this game up and play it, but if you want something else try Super Star. Either way, you won't be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/20/02, Updated 04/20/02

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