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Reviewed: 10/01/02 | Updated: 10/01/02

I hope Kirby vaccuums this game up!

Firstly, I should say that I am a huge fan of Kirby (and hyenas, for that matter) and I have been playing Kirby when I was VERY young. So don't think I have anything against the pink puffball. But seriously, I hope this game gets vaccuumed up by Kirby.

I feel that there are TWO teams spewing Kirby games. The one that makes the wonderful tales of Dream Land with cool characters like Kirby, MetaKnight, DeDeDe, etc., and the idiot squad that churns out the stories of Dark Matter and includes doofus characters like the hamster and the owl and the fish. While I really like animals, this idiot squad chooses domestic (meaning boring) animals, with the exception of the owl. If there was a wolf, or a hyena, or a snake, I wouldn't complain.

Graphics (2 OUT OF 10)

This game looks like garbage. More specifically, it looks like some kid scribbled out some sprites and sold them to HAL/Nintendo. Everything is the wrong colour, the graphics are scribbly, Kirby's animation is pretty bad. The reason I didn't give the game 1/10 is because they used parallax, which is under normal circumstances cool.

The animations are choppy and slow, and I have NOTHING to reccomend in terms of graphics. If this game were a work of art, no museum would ever buy it.

Sound/Music (4 out of 10)

The music sounds distinctly UN-Kirby-like. The beat and tone are depressing. Boring. Yawn... zzzzzzzz... If one had played Kirby 64 (which I think was awful), the music is either similar or identical. I can't stand it.

The sound... Well, it's awful. It sounds pretty bad, and I think Kirby's Adventure (my favourite) was a lot better, even on an 8-bit system. The sound is hard to describe other than ''bad'', but I think it might be because the junked-up music drowns it out.

Control (2 out of 10)

Okay, I must say that the control is unbelievibly slow and unresponsive. It's hard to handle weapons, Kirby is sluggish in water, and there is some kind of interference whenever Kirby blows out air. Not to mention that flying is awkward, and that the screen doesn't scroll WITH Kirby properly.

Gameplay (1 out of 10)

HELP! This game is tedious and boring! After a few stages, everthing seems to be the same, except the few outstandingly FRUSTRATING parts. In addition to the horrible controls, there are very few weapons. And they're awful. Let's see...

Fire: Like the fireball in Kirby's Adventure (a fire-dash), except it's horribly slow, the range is awful, and there is no ''kick'' when Kirby hits a wall.

Broom: Whose idea was this? Kirby can sweep with a broom and the dust hurts enemies. This attack slows the game down and is hard to actually use.

Spark: Instead of firework sparks flying (like Kirby's Adventure), this new spark makes Kirby glow a bit and sometimes damage enemies.

Parasol: This parasol is HARD to handle. Don't use it. In Kirby Super Star, for SNES, Kirby can do a parasol drill, a charge attack, etc. But not here.

Cutter: YES! Finally, a decent attack. Kirby throws NORMAL, EFFECTIVE boomerang-cutters. What makes these seem bad is that Kirby Super Star, another SNES game, has a VERY advanced cutter that allows melee attacks, dives, etc.

Stone: Turns kirby into a stone. Very dull. Not screen-shaking action. And there's only one stone variation.

Anyways, you get the point. The levels are designed in a very boring way, there are stupid memory puzzles, and NO secrets. There is no high-speed action, nor is there depth.


I don't suggest playing this game a second time. Or a first time, for that matter. And if you MUST try out this game, look at a screenshot. It will tell you how awful it is.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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