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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Cro-Magnon / cjs28

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 03/03/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Front Mission FAQ Version 0.5
    26th February 2002
    By cjs28 (cjspeirs@hotmail.com) & Cro-Magnon (cro-magnon@talk21.com)
    Any questions, comments, junk mail, complaints, send them to my e-
    mail address above. Any money, send it to Cro. He needs it at Uni :)
    This document copyright of Craig-James Speirs. So don't go around 
    making copies of it, y'hear?
    Version History
    0.1 - The bare bones of an FAQ. The walkthrough isn't even finished.
    0.5 - Current version. Completed basic walkthrough. In-depth 
    walkthrough still to come. All contributions welcome. Cro saves the 
    day again...
    Still to come:
    In-depth missions
    Tactics (alternate playing styles, such as Human Shields)
    Shopping List
    Coliseum (Along with, very possibly, a very special Kanji code...)
    Secrets (Along with one secret that hasn't been stolen yet. Cough.)
    Cool ASCII art (maybe)
    Anything Cro thinks of...
    1 - Contents 
    1 - Contents, what you're reading now. 
    2 - Characters 
    3 - Weapon list 
    4 - Parts list / Item List 
    5 - Gameplay and tactics 
    6 - Walkthrough
    7 - Coliseum
    8 - Secrets 
    9 - Credits
    2 - Characters 
    When you first start, you'll be asked to name yourself, and give a 
    Callsign. The Callsign appears during battles. Here's a list of all 
    17 mechs that you'll be able to control, in order of appearance. 
    Name           Callsign       Mech Name (default)    Best Skill 
    You (Bob)      Roid           Shrike                 Take your pick
    Sakata         Sakata         Raioh                  Short/Long 
    Natalie	       Natalie        PrimRose                Short 
    Keith          Keith          Mr.Jerry               Short/Fight
    J.J            J.J            Hunter.J	               Short 
    Frederick      Frederick      Witness                Long 
    Yang           Yang           Gyokuran	               Long/Fight
    Paul           Paul           Rainbow                Long 
    Alder          Alder          Cowboy                 Fight
    Hans           Hans           My Maria	               Long 
    Gregorio       Gregorio       Mr.Kong                Fight 
    Maury          Maury          Tomy                   Fight
    Bobby          Bobby          Death                  Long 
    Porguna        Porguna        Natural                Fight/Short 
    Yeehin         Yeehin         Garyo                  Short 
    Gentz          Gentz          Richter                Fight
    Ralph          Ralph          Cancer                 Fight 
    Roid is known as Lloyd in the translation, but since I prefer Roid, I 
    think we'll stick with that.
    Other Characters 
    Olson - Your commander for early missions. Tells you where to go to 
    fight, from the safety of his Military Office. 
    Driscoll - The main bad guy. Hiss and throw tomatoes at the screen 
    when he appears. Owns a rather nice mech. 
    Blakewood - Natalie's father. Isn't too chuffed that Natalie is in 
    the unit.
    Sakata Sr. - Sakata's father. The owner of Sakata Enterprises. 
    Sakata Son - Co-owner of Sakata Enterprises. Involved in dodgy 
    Peewee - Your supply truck driver. Peewee carries a PAP 55 until 
    quite late in the game, where he upgrades to a Artassault SP. He also 
    learns the Speed skill at Level 3.
    Hell's Wall Squad - These guys and gals introduce themselves early 
    3 - Weapon List
    This table shows all the weapons in the entire game. ----- shows that 
    it cannot be bought. 
    Weapon  Range  Type   Attack  Hit % Cost   Shop 
    Raptor  1      Short   4 x 3   60   -----  ----- 
    Siege   1      Short   5 x 2   76    180   Barinden 
    Sieger  1      Short   1 x 10  76    180   Barinden 
    F-1 Bat 0      Fight   1 x                 New Milgan 
    Grave   1      Short   4 x 3   74          New Milgan 
    Winee   1      Short   1 x 13              New Milgan  
    Rim-3   1-4    Long    1 x 13  60          New Milgan 
    Shoulder (Missile) 
    Weapon  Range  Attack Bullet Cost  Shop 
    PIZ3           1 x 10   3 
    MGR-13         2 x 12   3          New Milgan 
    Bone           2 x 14   3          New Milgan 
    Shoulder (Shield) 
    Name  Defence  Weight 
    Fire Wall
    4 - Parts List 
    Name   Defence  Hp   Engine   Weight 
    Arm L 
    Name   Defence  Hp   Hit   Weight 
    Arm R 
    Name   Defence  Hp   Hit   Weight 
    Name   Defence  Hp   Move  Weight 
    Name   Fight   Short   Long   Agility  Cost
    Name           Item    Range   Engine   Cost
    Chipmunk	+0	+0	  +X      400
    Repair S - Restores 50 Hp to a body part. Cost - 
    Repair M - Restores 100 Hp to a body part. Cost - 
    Repair L - Restores 200 Hp to a body part. Cost - 
    Repair Sp - Restores 400 Hp to...I think you can guess. Cost - 
    BA Mine - When used, plants a small mine where you're standing. Then, 
    if a mech stands on it, boom! However, it barely does any damage. 
    Nearly useless. 
    Save your cash. Cost - 
    Flash Grenade - Stuns an enemy, causing them to lose 2 or 3 turns. 
    Near essential on the Hell's Wall mission. Cost - 
    Chaff Grenade - This is used to prevent missiles hitting a mech in 
    the next turn. Not much use. Cost - 
    Smoke Grenade - I don't know what this does. Cost - 
    Acid Bomb - Again, I'm not sure what it does. Cost - 
    5 - Gameplay 
    During battle, your mechs receive Exp. This Exp serves two purposes. 
    One - its added to your total Exp, and that lets you gain levels. 
    When you gain levels, you get some bonus Exp to improve your pilot's 
    fighting abilities. Also, you sometimes get a chance to teach your 
    pilots new Skills. I'll explain these in a minute. Two - The exp is 
    also added to your skill exp. If you gain 200 exp from using a Long 
    weapon, 200 Exp will be added to your pilot's Long skill. Not 
    exclusively - Cro has gained Guide after a round of Short fighting. 
    (Cro-Mag: I believe this will only happen if you have all the skills 
    in the particular discipline you are using already.)
    There are 4 skill areas. 
    Fight - How well the pilot can use Fight type weapons, such as 
    batons, punches, etc. 
    Short - How well the pilot can use Short type weapons, such as guns. 
    Long - How well the pilot can use Long type weapons, such as 
    Agility - As your agility increases, your guard level increases, 
    reducing the damage enemy mechs deal. Shields can boost your guard 
    Now, I mentioned Skills up there. Skills aid your cause in many ways. 
    All skills have 3 levels and a 'Last' level (Cro-Mag: A note about 
    the 'Last' level; you are unlikely to see this unless you train your 
    characters REALLY hard, and even then you haven't much chance of 
    getting more than one or two skills to it. My 'Super Roid', at level 
    46, still only has one skill on 'Last'. It appears in the following 
    format; taking 'Double' as an example, the skill slot would list it 
    as "Last Double", instead of the usual "Double lvl3"). The higher the 
    Skill level is, the more often it happens/more chance of hitting, 
    Fight Skills - 
    First - Normally, the Fighter goes last, after the enemy has his shot 
    in. But with this, the fighter goes first. Level affects frequency.
    Double - If the Fighter has 2 fight type weapons in his hands, he can 
    attack with one, then switch and hit with the other. Level affects 
    frequency and number of attacks.
    Stun - This can make the enemy lose turns, like a Flash Grenade was 
    used. Level affects frequency and length of stun time.
    Short Skills - 
    Duel - This lets the Short fighter select a body part to attack. As 
    the level increases, it becomes more accurate. 
    Switch - This lets the user attack with one arm, then change to the 
    other arm. Level affects number of Switches and frequency.
    Speed - This gives Machine Guns extra bullets. At level 1, one extra 
    bullet. Level 2, 2 extra bullets. Level 3, 3 extra bullets. 
    Long Skill - Guide - Choose what body part to aim for. Level affects 
    At the end of each mission, there's a status screen. This shows the 
    amount of money you earned, firstly for completing the mission, then 
    for the enemies you killed (referred to as 'bounty' in the 
    walkthrough), then a bill for lost team members. As a lost team 
    member can cost a good amount to replace, you're looking for minimum 
    losses at all times. 
    Finally, units in your squad with NPC beside them are controlled by 
    the computer. 
    Tactics -
    The starting point here is how you equip each panzer, whether centred 
    around long range, short range or fighting. The character list at the 
    beginning of this FAQ provides indications of each character's 
    potential best areas, based on the skills each can learn for the most 
    part. Some characters gain greater exp in certain areas on level-up, 
    but this isn't a huge factor in development, rather an indication of 
    the area you should be training that character in. But first we'll 
    talk set-ups.
    Fight - This one's easy. You obviously want both fists free for 
    punching (or hand-rods, of course) otherwise you won't be able to 
    take advantage of any skills learned, so above all look for punching 
    power when selecting arms. Luckily the most powerful arm is usually 
    the one with the most HP, so it isn't much of a dilemma. So that 
    leaves our shoulders free. You will probably have noticed that the 
    enemy missilers always have fists free; this set-up is a good one to 
    follow as it gives you the greatest number of battlefield options. 
    But since you are developing this character's fight skill, don't use 
    missiles when you can dive in with fists. A missile and one shield is 
    probably a better idea for fighters, however; but two shields is a 
    bit of a waste. In terms of other parts fighters have good options, 
    not having to bear the weight of guns, so you can most likely go for 
    the toughest suits.
    Short - Quite probably the most devastating set-up later in the game, 
    you certainly want to take advantage of the available skills by 
    taking two guns. However, this gives you less choice in terms of body 
    parts as it takes up a substantial portion of your weight allowance. 
    You will almost certainly not be able to take two missiles without 
    sacrificing the best suit for one with more engine power/less weight, 
    and even one missile will put pressure on your choices. It might be 
    an idea to take a missile along though, so you have the tactical 
    choice. Two shelds is lighter and still a better option than in a 
    fight set-up, but you might have to take some tough shoulder-option 
    decisions along the way whatever you do. Another decision you have 
    here is the different style of short-range weapons, the main 
    distinction being between single-shot guns and multi-shot machine-gun 
    types. For most of the game and in most situations you'll want to 
    carry one of each; the former to substantially weaken or destroy a 
    single body part, and the latter to give a good spread of damage. 
    Late in the game, you'll probably find it more effective to use two 
    machine-guns; as your exp rises you can do ridiculous amounts of 
    damage, combine this with the switch skill and it's all over for 
    virtually any enemy. At this level, when selecting the correct gun, 
    it's best to look first at the number of hits rather than damage, 
    since the difference in damage becomes negligible.
    Long - Since most of the Long specialists don't do particularly well 
    in other disciplines, leaving fists free will give you the most 
    options within the weight limit and will be the best choince in most 
    cases. Even so, compromises will be necessary at some points between 
    the best suits and engine/weight. Of course, you always want to take 
    two missiles with these guys to save them running back to Peewee 
    every couple of turns.
    Some Notes -
    - Duel is a wonderful skill when it works, for a number of reasons, 
    the first being you can almost always predict which arm the enemy 
    will attack with. If they have fists or two weapons the same, they 
    will always use the right arm. If they have a fist and a gun of 
    whatever kind, they always use the gun. If they have two guns of 
    different types, they will go with the single-shot gun. A short 
    specialist with high exp doesn't have much to fear in his attacking 
    - Weak bad guys next to supply cars are excellent infinite exp 
    sources. Shoot off arms and legs, and they get replaced next turn all 
    ready to be destroyed again.
    6 - Walkthrough 
    When you start a new game, a picture of you will pop up, and you can 
    name yourself. English letters are near the bottom. Having given 
    yourself a name that'll strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, 
    such as Bob, you'll then get to give yourself a Callsign. Finally, 
    you'll be ready to start...oh wait, there's some text to go through 
    CJ's Story Condenser (Tm) - You've been sent on a scouting mission. 
    Go scout.
    You'll arrive outside The Factory, and there's some more chat between 
    Bob, Sakata, and a girl named Karen. After the small talk, a small 
    squad of USN mechs appear from thin air, and Mission 1 begins. 
    Your Squad - Bob, Sakata, Karen (NPC) and OCU soldier. 
    Enemy Squad - Driscoll, Attacker x 2, Missiler x 2 
    Mission statement - USN mechs have appeared from nowhere. Wipe them 
    Info for the battle - 
    Driscoll is in a mech that slightly overpowers yours. Don't even try 
    to go near him. 
    Karen can't be saved, so don't worry when she carks it. 
    Your OCU Soldier buddy will never be seen again, so send him into the 
    bottom-left corner. This means Bob and Sakata get all the Exp. 
    The Attackers are in Gust machines, and the Missilers are in Calm 
    machines. Both of these types are so poor you can't buy them. 
    Compared to the Zenith machines Bob and Sakata are in, they're toys. 
    Simply move Bob and Sakata to The Factory, and wait for the 4 enemy 
    machines to come to you. Use Bob's Bone and Sakata's Ibis to deal 
    most of the damage. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. 
    Driscoll leaves, and The Factory blows up. No more late night parties 
    there, then. 
    Next is a long story bit. However, the nice chaps at Squaresoft have 
    included an English translation above the Japanese. 
    CJ's Story Condenser (Tm) - Bob was blamed for The Factory being 
    destroyed, and OCU and USN go to war. After a year, OCU owns Huffman 
    Island. But the war isn't over yet... 
    You're in the Colosseum (thank god for spellchecker...) about to 
    fight. Olson pops up with an offer to join Carrion Crow. Then you 
    have to go fight.
    Fight - Bob Vs Random Mech
    It doesn't matter if you win or lose. But it's nice to win. You're in 
    a Tendus machine, one of the worst there is. You have equipped a 
    Raptor, a PIZ3...and that's it. Win, and you get an extra 3 Exp. 
    Lose, and you get nowt. 
    Olson asks you to join the Carrion Crows, a mercenary force that 
    works for the OCU. After a long, dramatic pause of 3 seconds, Bob 
    joins up. Olson gives you 1000 credits, the kind soul, to upgrade 
    your mech with. Go to the shop in Barinden. I recommend you buy a 
    Siege to replace your Raptor, and replace your Tendus stuff with 
    Zenith. Once you're a happy chappy, go to the Military Office, and 
    tell Olson YES! He'll transport you to an airfield, where you'll be 
    tearfully reunited with Sakata, and meet Natalie. After some talk, 
    you'll be flown to the next mission. 
    MISSION 1 - Reinforcements Have Arrived
    Your Squad - Bob, Sakata, Natalie, Keith, J.J 
    Enemy Squad - Commander x 1, Missiler x 2, Attacker x 
    Mission Statement - Keith and J.J, other members of the Canyon Crows, 
    are under attack by USN mechs. Save them. 
    Info for the battle - 
    Sakata is in Zenith gear, equipped with a Sieger. Natalie is in Husky 
    Mk.III gear, equipped with a Siege. Keith is in Galvo gear, equipped 
    with a Raptor and PIZ3. J.J is in Alpha gear, and has a Sieger 
    equipped. The Missilers are equipped with PIZ3's, and are a small 
    threat. The Attackers have a Raptor, which is slightly more powerful 
    than a Siege, but dreadfully inaccurate. The Commander has a Siege, 
    and a PIZ3. He's also got the strongest gear of the enemies, so gang 
    up on him. 
    Move Bob and Natalie closer to Keith and J.J. Keith should shell the 
    enemy Missiler to the North, and J.J should continue to hurt it. 
    Leave Sakata alone for the first turn: he'll pick off the lone mech 
    to the South. As the battle progresses, Natalie should move South, to 
    cut off two mechs from the West, trying to reach Sakata. Bob, Keith 
    and J.J should attack the Commander when he wanders over. The battles 
    over when all enemy mechs are dead. 
    Keith and J.J thank you for the save: they're now in your team. 
    You'll be rewarded with a small cash bonus of 5000 credits for 
    completing the mission. You also get about 2000 more for killing the 
    enemy mechs. Finally, if any of your squad hit the deck, you lose 
    money. Afterwards, head out to New Milgan. 
    First stop is the Shop. I recommend that everyone get a Tempest body. 
    Then, upgrade the weaponry. I normally give Bob a Rim-3, a Bone, and 
    a Shield. Sakata works well with a Grave, Rim-3, Bone, and Shield. 
    Natalie should be equipped with a Grave in each hand, a Shield, and a 
    Bone. Keith and J.J should each carry a Bone, Shield, Grave, and 
    Winee. If you still have cash after this, get Vapor legs for 
    everyone. You may also want to equip Husky Mk.III arms. That should 
    do you for the next mission. Visit your good buddy Olson in the 
    Military Office. Oh no! An OCU plane has crashed! Best go out there, 
    hadn't we? 
    On the scene, Bob sees a neutral mech, Witness. The pilot Frederick 
    explains that he is a news reporter, after being asked to leave by 
    Natalie. Suddenly, USN mechs arrive on the scene. After a few 
    commands between the enemies, the battle is ready to begin. But 
    wait...this screen will be new to you. It gives a list of all the 
    mechs in your group. The number in the bottom right states how many 
    mechs you're allowed to bring in. In this case, you can bring in all 
    MISSION 2 - Salvage Rights
    Your Squad - Bob, Sakata, Natalie, Keith, J.J, Frederick (NPC) 
    Enemy Squad - Commander x 1, Missiler x 3, Attacker x 5, Egreter x 1 
    Info for the battle - 
    The Egreter isn't really called that, but I call him that because 
    he's the one that opens the little crate next to the plane with the 
    Egret in. He will seriously hurt one of your mechs. Thankfully, when 
    he grabs the Egret, there's only one bullet in it. And when you kill 
    The Commander is in Zenith Gear, with an Iguit7 equipped. He's pretty 
    dangerous, but for the most part he'll be chasing Frederick. Pick him 
    off with Bone shots before Frederick goes down. 
    The Missilers have PIZ3's. No worries there, then. The Attackers have 
    a Siege equipped. 
    Frederick's in Tendus gear. He will go down pretty quickly if you 
    don't get the commander sharpish. 
    Battle! - Move Natalie and J.J north, and the rest east. Frederick 
    will be attacked and head towards Nat/J.J. Next turn, move Nat and 
    J.J close to Fred as possible. Proceed forward, and wipe out each 
    mech in turn. The Egreter will hurt someone bad - pull them out for 
    repairs. The rest of the mission is clean up, though if you're bored, 
    you could grab a lot of Agility exp from the enemies with Seiges...
    Aftermath - Frederick asks to tag along. And you've got an Egret. 
    Back to New Milgan
    Frederick needs a much better mech. I recommend the FTHS tactic. Or, 
    Frederick The Human Shield, for long. Equip him with 2 wing shields 
    and whatever else you like.  In the next mission, find a few weak 
    enemies, and let them keep hitting Fred while he defends. He'll get a 
    high guard level in no time. From here on in, he can take a LOT of 
    MISSION 3 - Nobody Here But Us Trees
    Your Squad - 6 units, Supply trucks x 3 (NPC)
    Enemy Squad - Commander x 1, Attacker x 5, Missiler x 4
    Info for the battle - You're vastly outnumbered, but don't worry - 
    the trucks are a lot more powerful than they look. And you've got an 
    Battle! - Defend the supply trucks. In the first turn, they will 
    drive into the forest area. The enemy approaches in two groups; a 
    small one further along the road, and a large spread out one that 
    attacks from the north of the map. I advise heading off the smaller 
    group, as they will go straight after the trucks. You should try to 
    destroy them before the large group catches up with you, otherwise 
    you will be surrounded. The supply truck's PAP 55 will do quite a bit 
    of damage to the enemy at this stage, so if you get in trouble, just 
    let the enemy attack the trucks.
    Aftermath - Off to Menasa.
    Buy your group Husky gear - it's simply the best here. Equip your 
    mechs with the weapons of your choice, but don't remove the Egret... 
    When you go to the Military Office, you're told you have a day off. 
    Go to the Colosseum.
    Yang's gonna loooooose...
    Kick her butt with judicious use of the Egret. 
    MISSION 4 - Special Delivery
    Your Squad - 7 units, Paul (NPC)
    Enemy Squad - Driscoll, Commander x 3, Attacker x 6, Missiler x 3, 
    Supply truck x 1
    Info for the battle - Paul will most likely be destroyed, but it 
    doesn't cost you anything.
    You can't kill the supply truck. Stop trying.
    Driscoll is killable, and you'll get a LOT of experience, but you'll 
    be trying for days, and you'll get really bored with the game, and 
    give up...
    Sometimes, you get a PIZ8 when you kill one of the Missilers... 
    Battle! - Send the bulk of your forces to engage the main enemy at 
    the crossroads, and just send one or two to help out Paul (Yang on 
    her own could handle them). After two turns, Driscoll will start to 
    move. If you haven't killed all of the enemies by the time he reaches 
    you, you will be in trouble, so hurry up! (Cro-Mag: Doing this with 4 
    panzers, Driscoll chased me round and round the buildings for ages: 
    there were two enemy left and I couldn't get near them because of 
    Driscoll, but after a while he just stopped moving again). The enemy 
    supply car will arrive after a turn, then leave again soon after, 
    giving no repairs to their troops. That's because it was dropping 
    things off...
    Aftermath - Boom. That'd didn't quite grasp the explosion.
    A nice long flashback sequence...
    There is a lot to do here. Moth equipment is the best for the next 
    few missions, but there's no way you can afford it for all units. 
    Focus on getting Moth bodies first, and Egret launchers. Shield 
    upgrades are also high priority. Lowest priority is replacing Ibis 
    with Empire - it's a boost of one. Not that important.
    Getting Alder - Go to the bar and talk with everyone. Someone will 
    mention Alder. Go back to Menasa and talk with Alder. He'll challenge 
    you to a fight. Win and he'll join. Don't lose. He's one of the 
    better fighters in the game.
    Seek Hans for information, and then head to the office for your next 
    MISSION 5 - Death From Above, Tin Can
    Your Squad - 8 units, Peewee (first appearance on your team)
    Enemy Squad - Boss unit x 3 (Anti-air missiles), Commander x 2, 
    Attacker x 6, Missiler x 3
    Info for the battle -
    You have to destroy all three anti-air missile cars before friendly 
    aircraft fly over in 10 turns. This is quite a tough mission because 
    the enemy commanders and missilers have Egrets. Send a small 
    contingent over to the far east of the map to take out the single 
    missile site and the few enemy. Use the main force to attack in the 
    centre; the enemy will try to send troops over to the east, and you 
    must intercept them before they give your smaller group problems. If 
    you can't kill all the enemy in time, just go all out for the missile 
    sites. The more there are left alive, the more friendly planes get 
    destroyed and the less money you get for the mission.
    Aftermath - 
    MISSION 6 - Break The Wall Down
    Your Squad - 8 units, Peewee.
    Enemy Squad - 'Hell's Wall' x 6 (Frost gear: 2 x Fighters, 2 x 
    Missilers (Egret, Goldias), 2 x Short), Missilers x 6 (Galvo SV, 
    Info for the battle -
    Uh-oh. The 'Hell's Wall' attack an OCU outpost. They all have 'Frost' 
    panzers, with very high HP and defence compared to what you are used 
    to, and they carry gear the next level up from yours. They are 
    arranged in two's: Missilers, Fighters and Short, supported by two 
    normal missilers each.
    Fred The Human Shield - If you have equipped Fred with shield 
    equipment, then this will be a LOT easier. Simply let him take the 
    flak while you shell the enemy with bazookas...
    (Cro's tactic) From the start, run over to the west of the map, where 
    the higher ground and trees are, and defend this area. Try to stay 
    back and weaken the enemy with missiles as much as possible, and 
    concentrate on one at a time. The Fighters will immediately move to 
    your position, as will one of the Short gunners and all the normal 
    missilers, but the Hell's Wall missilers and their leader, one of the 
    Short guys, will stay put; a good thing. Try to ignore the normal 
    missilers until you have a bit of breathing space: they can be a 
    pain, but you must concentrate on destroying the Hell's Wall members. 
    Flash grenades can be very useful here (but I didn't bother with 
    them) to make them easier missile targets. Once you have taken out 
    everyone who attacked you, have Peewee make repairs on everyone and 
    restock on items, then go after the missilers. They just stay put for 
    the most part; you can win the standoff through superior numbers. Go 
    in close when they are weakened to finish them. Then go for the last 
    guy left: the leader. Just surround him and missile to death. Go in 
    close for better EXP, but watch out, as he knows the Switch skill.
    (CJ's tactic) Head South. Get into a formation to repel the 
    Missilers. I'd recommend:
    From front to back. Then hold in position. Even if the non-HW 
    Missilers attack - hold position.
    The missilers of HW will take the bait and fire at your front most 
    troop. Pull him back to Peewee, and shell the missilers before you 
    send in the close rangers. With luck, both will be dead in 2 turns. 
    Then swat any troublesome missilers, and set up your formation to the 
    other direction. The fighters of HW will have been closing in - 
    welcome them with open rocket launchers. By the time they're dead, 
    you'll need to reload - do so, then proceed to charge the Short HW, 
    winning the map.
    Aftermath - Well, you're better than the best now, aren't you?
    MISSION 7 - Night Watch
    Your Squad - 
    Enemy Squad - Boss x 1 (Clinton Type-spiderbot), Commander x 1 
    (Clavechi Lv.8), Attacker x 7 (4 x Pavot II, 3 x Galvo SV), Missiler 
    x 5 (Zigle 6B - Galvados), Supply car x 2
    Info for the battle - Your forces are strung across the bridge. Head 
    to the east and wipe out the small forces there. Swoop north and kill 
    the truck.
    Aftermath - Hans joins, thinking he'll be safer with you. Fool.
    (town update)
    MISSION 8 - Aftermath Of War
    Your Squad - 9 units, Peewee, Maury (NPC)
    Enemy Squad - Commander x 1 (Moth Lv.9), Attacker x 5 (Genem), 
    Missiler x 4 (Grop), Supply car x 2
    Info for the battle - A pretty easy mission. Maury will almost 
    certainly be blown up. She IS in Tendus gear. There are three enemy 
    groups: one directly ahead of your start position, outside the built-
    up area, one in the far south eastern corner, and one to the north 
    west. Split into 2 groups, with equal numbers of fighters and 
    Aftermath - Back in the town, upgrade Maury with the best defensive 
    gear. Don't bother arming her yet.
    MISSION 9 - Maury Iscariot
    Your Squad - Must take Keith and J.J., 8 units, Peewee, Maury (NPC)
    Enemy Squad - Commander x 3 (Moth Lv.11), Attacker x 5 (Grop), 
    Missiler x 4 (Genem), Supply car x 3
    Info for the battle -
    Maury will get trapped between an enemy Commander and a Missiler in 
    the jungle area to the north. If she has decent gear and a shield, 
    you should be able to just let her hold out indefinitely until you 
    are ready to rescue her (all she does is defend). Be careful not to 
    get stuck in the trees ahead of where you start, as it can leave you 
    open to heavy missile attacks. Try and destroy any damaged enemies 
    quickly, as they will run to the supply trucks for repairs. Once you 
    have eliminated the enemies closest to the start, it should be easy 
    to clean up the rest on the more open plains. Be sure to get the 
    Supply cars, and don't forget about Maury.
    Aftermath -
    MISSION 10 - Moon River
    Your Squad - 8 units, Peewee
    Enemy Squad - Boss x 2 (Grostar walker), Commander x 2 (Vasa Lv.15), 
    Attacker x 4 (Avenir), Missiler x 6 (Bizant), Supply car x 1
    Info for the battle - Battle across a river. One of the missilers has 
    better equipment than the others. The Commanders pilot Panzers the 
    next level up from you.
    Aftermath - 
    (town update)
    MISSION 11 - The Great Train Robb...Bugger, It's Blown Up
    Objective - Railway car
    Your Squad - 8 units, Peewee
    Enemy Squad - Commander x 1 (Vasa Lv.15), Attacker x 6 (3 x Crof, 3 x 
    Bonart), Missiler x 3 (Zeareid)
    Info for the battle - 
    Secure the railway cars in 8 turns by eliminating the enemy. (Very 
    Aftermath - 
    (town update)
    To save money, only upgrade your 5 best Panzers, as that's all you 
    can use in the next mission.
    MISSION 12 - Desert Storm
    Your Squad - 5 units, Peewee
    Enemy Squad - Commander x 3 (Husky Lv.15), Attacker x 3 (Sand Vapor), 
    Missiler x 3 (Husky, Ragos)  (NOTE: These are not the same as the 
    husky suits you can buy - they are utterly unique)
    Info for the battle - 
    The enemy pops up (literally) in 3 groups of 3: A Commander, 
    Missiler, and Attacker in each. They give tons of EXP. They always 
    defend in the turn they are attacked. Roid should have some decent 
    skills at this stage; with the new equipment, this should be easy.
    (town update)
    MISSION 13 - Rogue Force
    Your Squad - 10 units, Peewee, Yang (NPC until she reaches Yeehin), 
    Yeehin (NPC, Type90X, Donkey)
    Enemy Squad - Commander x 1 (S Orcs, Ragos, Magic Box), Attacker x 4 
    (Grop SP-V), Missiler x 3 (Cicada II, Magic Box), Supply car x 2
    Info for the battle -
    Yang cannot be controlled until she has reached Yeehin. The enemy 
    does not move on the first turn. The main group is to the south east, 
    and there are missilers in the jungle to the north.
    Aftermath - Reward: 20,000 + Bounty
    MISSION 14 - Kirkland's Hill
    Objective - Fortress Cannons
    Your Squad - 9 units, Peewee
    Enemy Squad - Boss x 3 (Long Force cannon), Guns x 4 (Defence MG), 
    Commander x 1 (Jinc, Kirkland - Character), Attacker x 8 (3 x 
    Prisomea, 2 x Grop, 3 x Type 90), Missiler x 3 (Type 65 - Egret, 
    Info for the battle - 
    The big guns have a huge range and hit about 100 on an unshielded 
    Panzer. The smaller guns are weaker but still pack a punch. The enemy 
    is spread out: a small group of attackers to the north of your start 
    position, attackers and missilers to the far east of the map, three 
    attackers in the centre, Kirkland to the far north. The cannons are 
    spread out.
    Aftermath - Reward: 20,000 + Bounty
    MISSION 15 - Liberation
    Fort Monus
    Your Squad - 10 units, Peewee
    Enemy Squad - Boss x 1 (Seaking, Grieg of Hell's Wall), Attacker x 3 
    (Prisomea), Missiler x 8 (3x Arpeggio - Skull, 5 x Type 65 - Slay), 
    Supply car x 2
    Info for the battle - 
    Fighting around the skyscrapers of the city of Fort Monus. A 
    straightforward mission made difficult by the high number of enemy 
    Aftermath - Reward: 20,000 + Bounty
    (town update)
    MISSION 16 - We're Not An Escort Service...
    Your Squad - 8 units, Peewee
    Enemy Squad - Commander x 1 (Richter, Gentz - Character), Attacker x 
    6 (Orgel x 3, Jinc X 3), Missiler x 5 (Ratmount - Slay), Supply car x 
    Info for the battle -
    This mission introduces Gentz, a local bandit you'll meet at several 
    intervals, and his private army, who are currently trying to 
    assassinate Sakata senior as he cruises to a helipad in this forested 
    region. The enemy is very spread out, main groups starting to the far 
    west, some around a Supply car to the north, and Gentz plus some 
    others to the south-east. The helicopter starts in the south and 
    travels up to the helipad in the north. Don't worry if the chopper is 
    destroyed: Mr. Sakata survives and there is no effect on the game as 
    far as I can tell. Even if it reaches the helipad, enemy troops can 
    still get at it anyway.
    Aftermath - Reward: 20,000 + Bounty
    MISSION 17 - War And Peace
    Your Squad - 10 units, Peewee
    Enemy Squad - Commander x 1 (Prozion), Attacker x 4 (Type67C x 2, 
    Algem x 2), Missiler x 6 (Ratmount - Slay)
    Info for the battle - 
    A very straightforward mission, with your group starting at the 
    bottom of a hill, facing the main enemy group at the top. A small 
    enemy contingent of three starts down a slope to the east of your 
    start point. You should have no real difficulties here.
    Aftermath - Olson turns up in a chopper to debrief (?) you, because...
    	"On this day, the second Huffman war come (sic) to an end.
    	Along with this cease fire, both countries, OCU and USN, were 
    	in position to accept the proposal of Zaftra Republic, one 
    	which exercises direct control over PMO." 
    (Don't look at me, this is what it says)
    This is followed by scenes from what is presumably the peacekeeping 
    Reward: Bounty only.
    No shop here; just make sure you are all set up and talk to everyone 
    in the menu.
    MISSION 18 - Medic!
    Your Squad - 5 units, Peewee
    Enemy Squad - Commander x 1 (Ratmount), Attacker x 6 (Prozion x 3, 
    Zeroa x 3), Missiler x 3 (Orgel - Slay)
    Info for the battle -
    A mission I can't really say much about without knowing what everyone 
    is talking about (help me out here CJ), other than this mission is 
    rather easy. The enemy begins spread out around the infirmary, and 
    for some reason the Panzers furthest from you will run off to the 
    north-west when the mission starts. Around 4 Panzers start to the 
    south-east of you; they will engage you immediately, as will the 
    commander and the couple that start in front of you. You should be 
    able to mop these up without difficulty.
    Aftermath - You get a storyline segment here. Reward: Bounty only
    MISSION 19 - Driscoll VS Gentz
    Your Squad - 11 units, Peewee	 NPC: Driscoll
    Enemy Squad - Commander x 1 (Gentz - Character, lvl. 17), Attacker x 
    6 (Orgel), Missiler x 5 (Zeroa - Donkey DX), Supply Car x 1
    Info for the battle -
    Driscoll joins your forces temporarily as you both try to take out 
    Gentz and his bandits once more. There are enough of them to keep you 
    busy, but not enough to cause you any real trouble. Driscoll will 
    make straight for Gentz, stomping all who try and get in his way. For 
    reasons of pride (and exp.) try not to let Driscoll kill to many, and 
    race him to get Gentz first. The trees are quite thick here and there 
    aren't many paths through; don't get stuck.
    Aftermath - Reward: 20,000 + Bounty
    MISSION 20 - There's Bandits In Them Thar Hills...
    Your Squad - 11 units, Peewee
    Enemy Squad - Attacker x 7 (Orgel), Missiler x 6 (Ratmount - Crane), 
    Supply Car x 2
    Info for the battle - 
    Comparatively difficult as missions go, mainly due to the small gap 
    up the cliffs that you have to take to reach the enemy forces, and 
    that the enemy attackers carry Hexafire guns, which are pretty nasty. 
    There is an open plain to your east on which a Supply car can be 
    found, but other than that all the enemy start up a large hill. Run 
    up to meet them or wait for them to come to you, depending on what 
    type of player you are (i.e. Short or Long).
    Aftermath - Reward: 20,000 + Bounty
    MISSION 21 - Slide
    City of Soleit
    Your Squad - 11 units, Peewee
    Enemy Squad - Gentz x 1 (Gentz - Character, lvl. 17), Commander x 1 
    (Walker), Attacker x 4 (Orgel), Missiler x 9 (Fagot - Donkey DX), 
    Supply car x 1... And, er, Frederick.
    Info for the battle -
    The enemy defends an industrial complex at the base of a large steep 
    hill - naturally, you start at the top. Because of the steepness and 
    the trees blocking your paths, there are only a few routes you can 
    take, and this leaves you vulnerable to a pounding from the 
    missilers, so watch your health. You should soon have them on the run 
    back to their supply truck though. Storm into their base and finish 
    off Gentz, the big Walker thing and anyone who is left alive. 
    Frederick appears on the enemy side here; he won't attack you, but 
    kill him if you want, it makes little difference.
    Aftermath - You get more storyline here, and Gentz joins your forces. 
    Reward: 5,000 + Bounty
    Upgrade in Soleit, your first chance to in quite a while
    MISSION 22 - Inside The Heart Of The Beast
    Your Squad - 11 units, Peewee, Gentz. Natalie, Keith and J.J are 
    Enemy Squad - Driscoll x 1 (Type11DS), Attacker x 8 (Type 67C - Some 
    carry Donkey DX), Missiler x 3 (Perzea - Donkey DX), Supply car x 1
    Info for the battle -
    Driscoll again, but this is the first battle in which you have a 
    decent chance of beating him. You start on a raised area that would 
    probably be quite defensible if you wanted to play that way, with 
    enemy groups to your east and another to your south. There are a lot 
    of missiles flying around this mission, due to some of the 'fighter' 
    classes carrying missiles and long-range guns. It's probably an idea 
    to finish off most of the enemy before going after Driscoll, as the 
    stage ends if you destroy his Panzer. To take on Driscoll himself, 
    use someone skilled in Short and Duel off his arms (Remember: Most 
    panzers attack with the right arm first). Any other method and you 
    are taking serious risks. Missiling him, for me, takes too long.
    Aftermath - Once again things blow up. Driscoll has serious anger 
    issues. You get more storyline revelations; particularly important 
    ones at that. Reward: Bounty only
    MISSION 23 - Deja Vu
    Your squad - 11 units, Peewee. Natalie, Keith and J.J are still 
    Enemy Squad - Driscoll x 1 (Type11DS), Attacker x 10 (Fagot x 6, 
    Perzea x 4), Missiler x 3 (BriziaII - Crane), Supply car x 1
    Info for the battle -
    Back to the scene of Roid's disgrace, you take on Driscoll once more 
    and quite a substantial force of his. The enemy is in two groups; one 
    over to the east, on one side of the derelict factory, another with 
    Driscoll to the west. You start in the same place you began before a 
    year ago, in the trees to the south. The missilers here come in the 
    hardy BriziaII suits, but apart from that the enemy is pretty 
    standard fare. I would advise heading east first to take out the 
    group and their supply car. Driscoll is kitted out for Short 
    encounters; he has two rather disproportionately large gun arms. Take 
    him on with care, as always.
    Aftermath - Reward: Bounty only
    This town is a one-off; you can't get back to it after completing the 
    next mission. It has equipment quite a lot better than the stuff you 
    have had up to now, so upgrade thoroughly.
    MISSION 24 - Double Cross
    Your Squad - 8 units, Peewee. Natalie, Keith and J.J rejoin you after 
    1 turn.
    Enemy Squad - Olson x 1 (Eldos - Character), Commander x 2 (Banyan - 
    Spiderbot with Long Range cannon), Attacker x 6 (BriziaII x 4, Perzea 
    x 2), Missiler x 6 (BriziaII - Crane), Supply car x 1
    Info for the battle -
    Turns out Olson was manipulating you all along. Oh well. Natalie, 
    Keith and J.J start the mission on his side, but after the first turn 
    they see the error of their ways and return to the Carrion Crows. 
    Natalie will attack Olson right away, but after that it's probably 
    best to have all three of them run back to Peewee, as they haven't 
    had the chance to upgrade for a while. A group of enemy missilers 
    start out spread out in the trees ahead of your start position, the 
    rest start in a big clump amongst the hill to the north around Olson 
    and their supply car. The missilers in front of you usually run away 
    from your main group to intercept Natalie, Keith and J.J, so try to 
    get them quickly. Take on the main group slowly and they shouldn't 
    cause much difficulty, but watch for the long range Spiderbots. Also, 
    Olson is pretty well equipped; take him with care.
    Aftermath - Reward: Bounty only
    MISSION 25 - Of Course Explosions Are Stealthy...
    Your Squad - 9 units, Peewee
    Enemy Squad - Commander x 1 (Gavel - Stomper bot, Long Range cannon), 
    Attacker x 3 (Type150), Missiler x 5 (Type103 x 3, Pegase x 2), 
    Supply car x 2
    Info for the battle -
    This mission is the start of a campaign to rid Rupidis of Olson's 
    forces. The first step is taking the main city itself; the rest take 
    place in its transport links. Get used to fighting the tough Pegase 
    panzers here; they appear as missilers near your start position. 
    Otherwise, there isn't much to this mission. The commander is in a 
    stomper bot with a long range gun, but up close he's a wimp.
    Aftermath - Reward: Bounty only
    Now you have the run of Rupidis, the final city of the game. First 
    stop: the shop, for the best equipment money can by. Short rangers 
    get the fantastic FV-24B, long rangers get the (apparently) nuclear 
    Donkey DX II or the three-shot Albatross, depending on your 
    preference, fighters get the nasty-looking Dalser Ironclaw (you may 
    have found a similar arm during an earlier mission if you're lucky). 
    The huge Valiant suits have a ton of HP, but the lighter Zenith V has 
    the better all-round stats. Take your pick.
    After shopping, talk to everyone in the bar. The next mission will 
    open up in the "Harborware" section of Rupidis.
    MISSION 26 - Redemption
    Your Squad - 11 units, Peewee	   NPC: Cars
    Enemy Squad - Olson x 1 (Eldos - Character), Commander x 3 (Brizia 
    II), Attacker x 5 (TNPAH x 3, Type 150 x 2), Missiler x 3 (Pegase), 
    Supply car x 1
    Info for the battle -
    Time to take on Olson once and for all, along with his relatively 
    well-equipped forces in some familiar looking terrain. Small groups 
    of enemies start out to the west and east of the warehouse you emerge 
    from; I suggest heading west first to slaughter the larger group and 
    letting the rest come to you, before heading to Olson and his small 
    group in the south-east of the map. There are two NPC cars on this 
    stage, one containing Natalie's father. They get in a little fight a 
    few turns into the mission, but I won't know what they are going on 
    about until I play through the English version.
    Aftermath - A short conversation with Natalie's father. Reward: 
    Bounty only
    The 'Dock of No.16' is now open back in Rupidis. When you are ready, 
    head over there.
    MISSION 27 - Family Matters
    Your Squad - 8 units, Peewee. Must take Sakata
    Enemy Squad - Commander x 1 (Valiant), Carrier x 1 (Algem - Walker 
    bot), Attacker x 8 (Type 105 x 4, Pegase x 4), Missiler x 3 (Vals - 
    Albatross), Supply car x 2
    Info for the Battle -
    Looks like Sakata got here before us - you encounter him meeting his 
    father who disembarks from a cargo ship in a black car, but the car 
    is immediately shot to pieces on the order of the dastardly Sakata 
    Son, much to the alarm of our Sakata. The boat steams away, leaving 
    us and Sakata at the mercy of the forces who them mount an ambush. 
    Sakata starts out in the centre of the map, the force you bring along 
    to save him starts to the west. The enemy has a group to the direct 
    north of your start position around a supply car and a walker bot, a 
    group to the far north-east with the commander and another supply 
    car, and a force mainly composed of missilers spread out to the south 
    of the map. You can most probably afford to split into two groups; 
    short-rangers to take out the group immediately north of you quickly, 
    so you have command of that area as a defensive position, and 
    missilers to attack the enemy's equivalent to your south. The rest 
    should come to you, and, being unsupported, get slaughtered rather 
    Aftermath - Reward: Bounty only
    Now the Airfield is open back at Rupidis. You're going to be needing 
    that helicopter...
    MISSION 28 - We're Taking Over!
    Your Squad - 11 units, Peewee
    Enemy Squad - Commander x 2 (Innova - Spiderbot, L/R cannon), 
    Commander x 1 (Valiant), Attacker x 8 (Arpeggio x 4, Pegase x 4), 
    Missiler x 5 (Eldos - Donkey DX II), Supply car x 1
    Info for the battle -
    A tough mission once again, you are up against quite a large enemy 
    force. You start to the south-west, with enemy strewn over a large 
    platform area to the north of the runway. They have two routes down 
    from the platform, one immediately to your north and another further 
    to the east nearer the runway. Depending on which way you head, most 
    will come down the closest route to you, but a few will always take 
    the other. The big spiderbots will keep their distance and pound you 
    from afar. There will be plenty of enemy running back to the supply 
    car here, so it might be an idea to send all your forces to the 
    furthest route, thus luring the enemy that way, then sending a couple 
    of tough panzers the other way to take the car out and anyone who 
    tries to run from your main force. They'll probably have to contend 
    with the spiderbots on the way though.
    Aftermath - 
    The area secured, a couple of stray enemy show up at the end but are 
    quickly blown away. You all get into the helicopter and fly away to 
    the final encounter.
    Back on the map screen, you'll probably want to go back to Rupidis to 
    restock first, so press 'cancel'. Note that offshore island, though.
    MISSION 29 - Oh My God, It's Huge!
    Your Squad - 17 units, Peewee. Everyone, basically.
    Enemy Squad - Driscoll x 1 (MNP OPNEH - 3 parts, becomes Type11DS - 
    lvl 44), Koichi Sakata x 1 (Growning), 6 x Attacker (Eldos x 3, 
    KOPONZI x 3), Missiler x 2 (Valiant - Donkey DX II)
    Some of the above names contain characters that I can't find, so 
    these are the closest approximation. They aren't in the Greek set, 
    contrary to common belief.
    Info for the battle -
    Take a look at that big ugly thing right at the top of the map first 
    of all. Yep, that's Driscoll somewhere in all that. But first of all 
    you have to contend with the dastardly Sakata Son and his forces. 
    They're quite tough, as you'd expect. It's probably best not to take 
    all 17 (if you remembered to pick up everyone along the way) 
    characters, just your best 8 or so, as you are very likely to lose 
    the weaker ones. Or you could just use them to guard Peewee, or 
    something. Easiest way to win here is to keep everyone together; the 
    enemy may be tough but there aren't many of them, so you can swamp 
    'em quickly. Especially the nasty and very tough missilers. Sakata 
    Son is in a Driscoll-type multi-part big panzer, but he won't join 
    the fray until you get close to him. He can be taken out pretty 
    easily with a decently skilled character (duel his arms off, as 
    usual), leaving you with a clear run to the Big Bad Guy. Now then. 
    Breathe in, clear your mind, have a cup of tea, check for damage, 
    then move out. Driscoll has the rather strange ability to tractor-
    beam in to close range anyone within a certain distance, and then 
    quite probably demolish them with his very powerful minigun-type 
    weapon. On top of that, he counts as three in one: he can attack you 
    three times in one turn, enough to kill even the hardiest panzer. 
    Unfortunately for him, the range of the Donkey DX II just about 
    exceeds his own, so you can quite safely sit back and pummel him into 
    oblivion. It'll take a few turns, but he'll be powerless. Once again, 
    a big explosion ensues, but as the dust settles you probably won't be 
    surprised to see that he's still there, only this time in the more 
    recognisable panzer of earlier missions. He doesn't seem to have 
    improved much from earlier missions either, so, for the sake of 
    poetic justice have Roid move in close and destroy him.
    Aftermath -
    I think you can guess what comes next. The ending, of course. Oh, and 
    congratulations from us.
    9 - Credits
    Cro-Magnon - Main contributor to this FAQ. Without his help, I'd 
    never have started.
    Me - For being bored at school and hooked on FM.
    Square - For making it.
    Gamefaqs.com - For hosting this.
    Until we meet again...
    Craig - James Speirs, 26th February 2002
    Douglas Roberts, aka Cro-Magnon, 20th February 2002

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