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Reviewed: 04/07/03 | Updated: 04/07/03

A fight with Schneider...

As you may already know if you are reading this, this is a game based on a known japanese anime/manga called Captain Tsubasa, a series about soccer. As you may think the main character is named Tsubasa, but there are also other important characters (Hyuga, Matsuyama, Wakabayashi and many more) like the ones you can see in the opening sequence of this game.

This game has a gameplay similar to the ''classic'' Captain Tsubasa games, I mean, you'll be playing in a field and you can just see a the player who has the ball, all the others will be seen in a small field and you can only control a defending player (which you may switch, pressing a certain button), pass the ball, dribble or make combinations, selecting those options in a menu that you can make appear by pressing anoter button. At first sight it may seem hard for you to understand the controls (mainly if you don't understand a single japanese ''letter'') but after some practice you will notice that they aren't hard to understand at all. You also have 2 gameplay modes in this game, a usual Story Mode and a 2P Mode, and as you proceed through the story you will get more special moves for your characters to use on this 2P Mode. Special Moves? Yeah, one of the most interesting things on Captain Tsubasa games are the ability of some characters to use special techniques, for example, Hyuga Kojiro, Japan's ace striker, has a dribble that can send hurt the opponent and some special shots that can blow up the opponent goalkeeper. There is also a goalkeeper that uses the bar to help him stops the whard shots and all other things.

In this game you start by playing with the amazing Ozora Tsubasa in the famous San Paulo FC club, you'll then play with all the main players from the japanese team (you'll even play in an amazing match from Wakabayashi against Schneider, the Kaiser from the european soccer) before playing with the japanese team in a tournament that will finish with and amazing match against the Germany national team, you'll also fight Brazil (of course!!!), Holland and many others. The ''Challenge of the Kaiser'' quote that was given to this game means that you'll fight Germany at the end and the great Karl Heinz Schneider will be there to revenge the glory of the german soccer and score a goal to Wakabayashi from outside the goal area (HUH, impressive).

The graphics are good, they represent quite good the spirit that this game wants to transmit and there are even special animated sequences for the special moves. As for the sound, it is quite fine for a SNES game.

Play Time/Replayability
This game may seem hard in some parts of it, but once you master the gameplay and you finish this game, I don't think you will want to play this game all over again. If you have somebody else to play it with, it is kinda funny to have lots of battles in the 2P Mode, granting this game some more replayability value.

Final Recommendation
You should buy this game if you like the series or you wanna try this type of game, it is quite good.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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