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"One of my favourites of the Series!"

I really adore Konami's Parodius series. They are funny, witty and cute. However, Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius is one of my most favourites in the series. Next to Gokujou Parodius.

Let me get to the characters...

The characters are one of the greatests I seen in a Konami SHUMP. Vic Viper is there, along with his buddy, Lord British. Pentaro and his main squeeze is there along with Takosuke's Son and his lover. (Or is it sister?) TwinBee and Winbee return also. Upa and Rupa also.

There are some new faces as well. Two cats with Bandages on their crotches and two fairy girls. Each character has their own power up choices. Oc coruse, your main baddies are always Penguins doing parodish thing such as driving cars, wearing samurai suits and having hair 'dos. Of course, there are your Ocotopi and Moai also.

There are alot of wacky things in the game such as School Girl Moai, Sailor Senshi that look like pieces of... well.. Poo and a peeing puppy. There is also a parody of one classic Konmai game called Xexexx.

The sound and music is excellent for a Super Famicom game. There is a man chatter in the background, but you can turn him off. The music however, is remarkable. Remixes of classic Konami tunes are in it,a s well for Parodius' parody of classic music and so on. Stage one plays "That's the Way I like it!" and so on.

The graphics are colourful also. Like what a Parodius is ment to be. The sprites are also colourful and clean. The backgrounds are remarkable also.

Bosses are done well, but they differed in the Sega Saturn version; whih I never played.

The Boss Rush in the SFC version was great also. I will not spoil it, but one of the bosses you battle is the ghost girl from Ganbare Goemon for the SNES.

In closing, this is a great game and if you can find it. It's worth a play. You will not be upset by it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/08/06

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