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    FAQ/Walkthrough by EHooton

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 11/28/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    C L O C K   T O W E R  -  THE FIRST FEAR ---------------------------------------- 
    Clock Tower: The First Fear Walkthrough 
    For Super Famicom 
    Written by Eric S. Hooton 
    Version 3.0 - November 28, 2001 
    Copyright (c) 2001, Eric Hooton. 
    1.0 - T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S 
    1.1 - UPDATES 
    1.3 - STORY 
    1.6 - CONTROLS 
    1.7 - MAIN MENU 
    1.8 - CHARACTERS 
    1.9 - ITEMS 
    1.10 - STRENGTH 
    2.0 - WALKTHROUGH 
    3.0 - MAPS 
    3.3 - SAFE SPOTS
    3.4 - FAQ 
    4.0 - CLOSING STUFF 
    1.1 - U P D A T E S 
    3/13/01 - Added to sections 1.9, 3.0, 3.2, 3.3 and 4.0. Upgraded guide to 
    version 1.5. 
    11/28/01 - Updated all sections, added an FAQ section (3.4) and upgraded guide 
    to version 3.0. Yes, it's been awhile. It's tough to update without a 
    1.2 - I N T R O D U C T I O N 
    I just want to make this as breif as I can. I am a Clock Tower junkie who 
    noticed there doesn't seem to be a single Clock Tower: First Fear guide in 
    existence, so I decided to make one. And if this guide doesn't help you...Then 
    I'll be a Barrows' uncle!
    1.3 - S T O R Y 
    Raised in the Granite Orphanage, Jennifer and her friends were wanted as 
    daughters. Jennifer's parents died while she was still very young, and was 
    always on the quiet side. Everything was fine in the Orphanage with her 
    friends, and things were looking alright. In September of 1995, a lady named 
    Mary Barrows found it in her heart to adopt Jennifer and her friends, taking 
    them to her nice mansion. But as soon as Mary went to find Mr. Barrows, all 
    hell would break loose...
    1.4 - G A M E  TERMINOLOGY 
    Click Point - The cursor (arrow on screen) will change shape when moved across 
    certain objects or areas of a room. This indicates that Jennifer can interact 
    (pick up, talk, search, etc) with whatever should be compatible. 
    Panic/Danger Mode - When Jennifer's life is in danger, the background to her 
    photo will flash red and blue. Tap the panic button rapidly to escape. 
    Escape Mode - Escape mode is activated if Jennifer is being stalked. You will 
    know you are in Escape Mode if your character runs when you push the walk 
    button, and by Scissorman's theme music. This is a good time to hide. NOTE: 
    be careful when running from Bobby, as Jennifer sometimes manages to trip 
    and fall. Kinda like b-horror! Also, don't let being quick on your feet go 
    to your head. I dusted Bobby down a corridor, and yet, he pops up right in 
    my face. He must take after Jason Voorhees. Be wary!
    1.5 - D I S P L A Y   S C R E E N 
    Cursor - Jennifer will perform an action or move to a new location when the 
    cursor is moved to a click point and/or area of the room and is selected. 
    Item Window - To use an item that you've picked up, open the inventory (by 
    pressing the A button) to display your current items. Select the item you 
    want to use. The cursor will become the icon of the item you have in your 
    hand. You can then select a click point with the cursor to use that item. 
    Dialogue Box - Displayed at the bottom of screen, shows the text throughout 
    the game. Also accompanied by a photo of whoever is speaking. 
    Character Photo - A photo of Jennifer is normally displayed here. This 
    determines two things - who is talking, and when you are in danger, suprised, 
    1.6 - C O N T R O L S 
    Directional Pad - moves the cursor around the screen. 
    Y Button - makes Jennifer walk to an area on screen and/or a click point. 
    Double-clicking will make Jennifer run. 
    X Button - makes Jennifer stop walking or running. 
    A Button - brings up your inventory. 
    B Button - tap rapidly when in Panic/Danger mode to evade death. 
    L Button - makes Jennifer run left. 
    R Button - makes Jennifer run right. 
    Start Button - pauses game. 
    Select Button - no function. 
    1.7 - M A I N   M E N U 
    GAME START - starts a normal game. 
    QUICK START - skips the prologue and starts a normal game. 
    CONTINUE - starts you off where you last entered a room if you were killed. 
    ENDING LIST - shows the list of endings. There are a total of 9 endings in 
    the game, from S to H. The end is determined by your progress in the game 
    and what conditions are met. 
    STEREO/MONAURAL - set sound to either stereo or monaural. 
    1.8 - C H A R A C T E R S 
    JENNIFER SIMPSON - main character of the game. She is adopted with her buddies, 
    Ann, Laura and Lotte, by the Barrows family from the Granite Orphanage. 
    MARY BARROWS - adopter of Jennifer and her friends, also is the psychotic 
    mother of Dan and Bobby Barrows.
    BOBBY BARROWS - one half of the demonic Barrows twins, Bobby spends alot of 
    time having fun by stalking and killing adopted children his Mother brings 
    home, which appears to be mommy's idea of fun for the whole family.
    DAN BARROWS - not much is known about the other half of the demon children, 
    but he is recognized as the "cradle under the star". Just wait 'til you see 
    ANN - Jen's buddy in the green dress with brown hair. She can survive, if 
    Jen plays her cards right.
    LAURA - Jen's blonde buddy. She can also survive.
    LOTTE - Jen's redheaded buddy. Despite Lotte's heroism efforts and hard edge, 
    she dies no matter what ending you're going for.
    SIMON BARROWS - Without sanity or food, Simon is locked away in a jail cell 
    somewhere on the premesis for unknown reasons. If this was supposed to be 
    Mary's husband, consider the divorce!
    WALTER SIMPSON - Jenifer's father. He doesn't have a big role at all..he's 
    a corpse, for christ's sake! But he unevails an interesting part of the story 
    if you can find him.
    1.9 - I T E M S 
    Note: an item marked with * means that the item can only be found when certain 
    conditions have been met. 
    ROCK - found in rock room. Used to smash away weak wall in rock room. CAR 
    KEY - found in the garage. Used to start car. 
    HAM - found in the kitchen. Give to Simon Barrows in the jail cell.
    INSECTICIDE - found in cabinet room. Used to kill the cockroaches in the meat 
    locker in the kitchen (by equipping the can and clicking the meat locker 
    rapidly as soon as you open it). 
    PERFUME - found in master bedroom. Used for a disguise from guard dog in cave 
    BLACK ROBE - found in cabinet room or phone room. Also used for a disguise 
    from guard dog in cave 1. 
    CAGE KEY - found in cage room. Used to unlock cage. 
    *DEMON IDOL - found in hall 14. Used to open doorway to underground caverns 
    (cave 1) in the chapel.
    WEST WING KEY - found in lounge or hall 11. Unlocks west wing.
    GOLD KEY - found in kitchen. Unlocks phone room.
    SILVER KEY - found in phone room. Unlocks reading room.
    ROPE - found in cabinet room or storage room. Used to repel to hall 8 if stuck 
    on hall 14 (refer to safe spots for info). 
    *SCEPTER - found in music room. Used to gain access to cave 1.
    *LANTERN - found in fireplace room. Used to locate green key in the library. 
    (only appears if you witness your friend get thrown out the window)
    COPPER KEY - found in wall in library. Use unknown.
    1.10 - S T R E N G T H 
    During the game, Jennifers' picture will prove to be somewhat helpful. The 
    window color symbolizes Jennifer's strength, blue being normal, red being 
    near death. You can lose strength from encounters with Bobby, constantly 
    running if noone is after you, natural dangers, etc. You can regain strength 
    overtime, too, by standing idle until Jennifer sits to rest. Also, her 
    reactions to the environment and other things will let you know when something 
    is fishy. Here's a list of what you may see. 
    BLUE WINDOW - normal. You have full strength. 
    GREEN WINDOW - moderate. You have two levels of strength. 
    BROWN WINDOW - caution. You have one level of strength. 
    RED WINDOW - danger. You have no strength left. You can still use the panic 
    button to escape danger, but natural dangers that require strength to 
    overcome may kill you instantly (example: the parrot) FLASHING WINDOW - panic 
    mode. Tap the B button rapidly. 
    SURPRISED LOOK - something unusual has just been seen or heard. 
    EXTREME CLOSE-UP! - you've probably just had a close encounter with madness. 
    Usually wise to run. 
    GAME OVER SCREEN - you will see this if you are killed. Basically, a screen 
    that simply says "Dead End". You can continue from where you last entered 
    the room by clicking "continue" at the main menu. 
    2.0 - W A L K T H R O U G H 
    Below are the methods for each ending. Side note: you must follow the 
    walkthroughs exactly as they are said in order to get the ending(s). 
    Go to master bedroom, get cologne from bureau. Go to lounge, examine box on 
    top of bureau. Go to bathroom 1, evade Bob. Go to hall 11, examine birds nest 
    on wall, push box to wall, examine ledge again. Go to cabinet room, examine 
    chest behind the cabinet. Examine the middle box, then examine chest again 
    to get the black robe. Go to Bobbys' room, examine toy box. Defeat the doll. 
    Go to cage room, get cage key from table, use cage key on right side of cage 
    to free the crow. Go to the library, examine second bookshelf from left. Go 
    to hall 14, use the wooden board to cross the gap, get the demon idol from 
    one of the statues. If idol isn't there, go to music room and get the scepter 
    from the curtain. (if you have the scepter, get the key from the meat locker 
    in the kitchen, go to the phone room and get the silver key from the table, 
    go to the reading room, examine the books on table, the mulan, then push the 
    left shelf over and examine the mulan twice to gain access to chapel. Use 
    the scepter in the vase in the chapel to open the door.) Go to storage room, 
    pull the cart to the left, use pipe to break the wall down. Go to secret room, 
    examine scribbles on wall, both notes on the floor, the duffle bag, then the 
    corpse (for a pretty cool side of the story). Go to chapel, use demon idol 
    on the iron disk. Go to cave 1, walk until the dog barks. Use the robe and 
    perfume on self. Go forward and talk to Lotte. Go to cave 2. Go to Dan's lair, 
    examine curtain to reveal Dan. After defeating him, go to the elevator and 
    choose floor 3. You will automatically run up the ladder and turn on the power 
    to the clock, causing Bobby to lose his mind and fall over the railing, to 
    his death. After you see your friend, Mary will try to kill you. Tapping the 
    panic button will have an old winged pal come and save the day with his friends, 
    and you'll survive the madness with a friend. (if you saw Laura die, then 
    Ann will survive. Vice versa.)
    Follow the directions for ending S, but instead of going to the secret room, 
    get thrown in the jail cell with Simon (refer to dangers/oddities to conquer 
    this dilemna), then play on to the end.
    Follow the directions for ending S or A, but have Ann and Laura die.
    Follow the same directions for ending B, but select floor 2 in the elevator. 
    When you reach the hall, fend off Mary. After she's down, run to the left 
    (going right takes you to balcony 2 in foyer 1). Enter either archway. Run 
    left and climb the ladder. When Mary grabs your leg, kick her in the face 
    and enjoy her big plunge. When you enter the clock tower, you will 
    automatically flip the switches, causing a pursuing Bobby to plunge to his 
    death. You may be the only one, but you're alive.
    Follow the directions for ending C, but don't acknowledge the secret room. 
    Go to floor 2 in the elevator and go to hallway, where Mary gives you an 
    untimely ending. 
    Follow the same directions for ending D, but go to floor 3 in the elevator. 
    Dan will cut the elevator power and jump down into the elevator with you, 
    and everything goes black. Apparently, this is as far as you go! 
    Follow the directions for ending D, but don't acknowledge Lotte at the end 
    of cave 1. Or have her get killed by going to the kitchen and examining the 
    shelf of drinks a few times to find your way into a jail cell with Simon Barrows 
    (make sure you got the ham from the fridge FIRST). Talk to Simon, then give 
    him the ham. He'll mention something important, then Lotte should come and 
    free you eventually. When you try to go outside, you'll hear Lotte scream, 
    and think otherwise. Rather than clicking on the box (which wouldn't be good), 
    club Mary with the 2x4. Once outside, proceed to the end of the game following 
    the directions for ending D, and go into the elevator. This time, you won't 
    have the honor of living long enough to even observe the interior of the 
    Witness the death of Ann and Laura, then go to the garage, get the car key 
    and start the car three times to escape.
    Go straight to the garage, get the car key and start the car three times to 
    escape. After the credits, you'll figure out where they got the idea for Urban 
    3.0 - M A P S 
    you may want to pay close attention to these if you want to get through the 
    madness in one non-confused piece. NOTE: I didn't map -balcony 2- because 
    it is pointless. All the screens after the elevator in the caves are pretty 
    much self-explanitory one-wayers, too. 
    #: stairs                   / or \: door
    H1-H14: hall 1 thru 14      X: dead end (not literally)
    F1-2: foyer 1 and 2         BR1-3: bathroom 1 thru 3
    RR: rock room               G: garage
    K: kitchen                  MB: master bedroom
    LNG: lounge                 F: fireplace room
    CG: cage room               CH: chapel 
    TR: trophy room             JC: jail cell
    CY: courtyard               MR: mannequin room
    LB: library                 MUS: music room
    CB: cabinet room            PH: phone room
    ST: storage room            RED: reading room
    BOB: Bobby's room           DAN: Dan's lair
    CV1-2: cave 1 and 2         SC: secret room
    ELE: elevator               BY1-2: balcony 1 and 2
           FIRST FLOOR
                | G |               ____
                |_\_|__             |   |
            ____|   |  |            |TR |
           | K  /H3 |PH|            |_/_|
           |____|_\_|/_|____________|   |
                |   |    H4         /   #to H9
                |F2 /________/______|H5 |
                |   |      |   |    |_/_|
                |   #to BY1|   |    |   |____
                |   |      |   |    |   / CG |
                |_/_|      |   |    |   |____|
                |   |___   |   |    |H6 |    |
                |   |   |  |   |___ |   / CH |<to CV1
                |   /BR1|  |   |   ||   |____|
                |   |___|  |   / JC||   |    |
                |   /   |  |   |___||   / BR2|
                |H2 |MB |  |   |    |/__|____|
                |   |_/_|  |CY |    |   |___
                |   |   |  |   |    |   |   |
                |   /LNG|  |   |    |H7 / X |
                |___|___|  |   |    |/__|___|
                |   |______|   |    |   |
                |H1 |RR   /    |    |   #to H14
                |/__/_____|____|    |   |
                |   |               |H8 |____
                |   |               |   |    |
         start> |F1 |               |   / MUS|
                |   #to BY2         |   |____|
                |___|   (dead end)  |   |    |
                                    |   / LB |
                                    |   |____|
          SECOND FLOOR
                             | CB |
                to F2        |_/__|____
                 __#_________|   H11   |
                |    BY1     /_________|
                |___/________/   RED   |
                  |   |      |_________|
                  |   |
                  |H10|    ___   ________    ___        _______
                  |   |   |BR3| |BOB/ F  |  | X |      |ST / SC|
           | MR   | H9   |    H12        | H13  |  H14         |
                   to H5                          to H8
               to CH
              |     |   ___
              |     |  |   |
              |     |  |ELE|
              | CV1 |__|_/_|______________
              |     |               |     |
              |     /     CV2       / DAN |
              |     |_______________|_____|
    the following is a list of what rooms may switch locations, depending on your 
    actions. If you're looking for a room and it's not where the map says, refer 
    to the list below. 
    CAGE ROOM - sometimes trades places with bathroom 2 or library. 
    LIBRARY - sometimes switched to where cage room, bathroom 2 or music room 
    normally is. 
    BATHROOM 2 - sometimes switched to where cage room OR library normally is. 
    Also inaccessible sometimes. 
    BATHROOM 3 - sometimes trades places with the Music room. 
    MUSIC ROOM - sometimes trades places with bathroom 3 or library. 
    TROPHY ROOM - sometimes trades places with the mannequin room. 
    3.2 - D A N G E R S / O D D I T I E S 
    HALL 1 - sometimes the drapes on the window will move, or a pair of glowing 
    eyes may be visible. I'm not sure if it's Dan, but maybe someday, I'll find 
    COURTYARD - if this is your first destination (by using the rock on a weak 
    wall in the rock room) you can watch Ann fail at the backstroke. That blasted 
    Bobb-o doesn't make a good life guard! 
    LOUNGE - sometimes, the painting will bleed. This is usually followed by the 
    TV turning on by itself, and a strange, windy sound. Good creep-out. 
    MASTER BEDROOM - sometimes, when you admire yourself in the mirror, your 
    reflection will become jealous and strangle you. AND, not only will the little 
    bastard kill you if you free him, but the PARROT will even blow your hiding 
    spot cover when Dan comes-a-knockin'! I wish you could destroy this nuisance. 
    Here's one thing you can do, though: you can counter his kill by clicking 
    on the right bed when he is flying around, and clicking it again when Jennifer 
    is holding the sheet to catch him. That will shut him up. (if you still die, 
    then click alot of times to insure safety. Also, your strength has to be in 
    at least the brown level to do this) 
    BALCONY 2 - halfway across, the floor will give out, making it totally 
    BATHROOM 1 - sometimes, when examined, the sink will pour blood. Other times, 
    it will pour maggots. This is why Bob has no manners. Also, if this is your 
    first destination, you can find one of your friends hanging in the shower. 
    Bob will play shark and make you go #2 in your pants. 
    FOYER 2 - if this is your first destination, Bob will crash through the sunroof 
    with one of your friends and say "hi". 
    HALL 4/10 - if you hear a scream in here, look out one of the windows to see 
    one of your friends learn to fly from another area of the house. Keep in mind, 
    this also determines what ending you get.
    KITCHEN - inside the meat locker are a swarm of cockroaches and such that 
    love to piss you off. Just nuke 'em with the insecticide by equipping it and 
    clicking a few quick times on the meat locker as soon as you open it. If you 
    don't have it, run. Also, the drink shelf can either restore your health or 
    make you pass out (effects are random).
    JAIL CELL - if you wind up inside with Simon, he will gobble you up like a 
    happy meal if you don't give him the meat. If you forgot the meat, you might 
    as well start all over again. Also, if inside the cell at first, after your 
    escape, hiding in the box or trying to exit will earn you buckshot in the 
    tummy. Click on the pole instead to knock on Mary.
    MANNEQUIN ROOM - one of the mannequins moves and makes noises. Strange, but 
    your worries are the middle two mannequins that fall apart when examined. 
    Sometimes, Bob will be hiding behind the left one.
    BOBBYS' ROOM - the doll hanging by its leg will try to kill you when you examine 
    the toy box. Use the panic button to defeat it. 
    BATHROOM 2/3 - sometimes a cat will surprise you by popping out of a box. 
    PHONE ROOM - this room contains a ringing phone, although the line has been 
    cut. Sometimes, you can also find Laura in here, wearing armor. Also, if you 
    come here without finding the body in the secret room, Mary will knock you 
    out and you'll find yourself in the jail cell with Simon. If so, you better 
    have grub to share.
    STORAGE ROOM - on your first visit, either Bob or a cat will pop out of the 
    MUSIC ROOM - Bobby is usually behind the curtains. Sometimes he is in the 
    ceiling, too. Trust me, it will be fairly obvious to notice him up there 
    waiting for you to rock the piano. Also, the record player sometimes turns 
    on by itself. 
    TROPHY ROOM - in one of the jars is a pulsating organ of some type. Sometimes, 
    a corpse can be discovered in the closet. Don't know what those 
    gurgling/roaring sounds are coming from, though.
    FIREPLACE ROOM - if you saw your friend get killed through the window in hall 
    4 or 10, you will see that the window in this room is shattered. 
    GARAGE - sometimes, the car will be missing. As if Jennifer can't take a hint!
    3.3 - S A F E   S P O T S 
    Here are some places you can go to evade Bobby. Some of them may not work 
    at times. 
    BATHROOM 1 - you can lock the door from the left side. Sometimes, Bobby won't 
    fall for it. That would be bad.=) 
    MASTER BEDROOM - you can hide under the left bed, but the parrot will hint 
    Bob in on your location. Take care of the parrot before hiding here (refer 
    to dangers/oddities section to learn how) 
    GARAGE - climb the ladder and hold still and Bobby will bypass you. Sometimes 
    he will drop in and spoil your fun, though.
    ROCK ROOM - if you used the rock to make a passage to the courtyard, you can 
    crawl through and instantly lose Bobb-o. 
    CABINET ROOM - you can climb the left cabinet and hide behind it. Always works. 
    Also, you can throw one of the cans on the floor at Bob. When the fumes drive 
    him out, you better leave too. Consider yourself dead if your energy in the 
    red, however.
    LIBRARY - you can hide between the far left bookshelves, but usually Bobby 
    will pop out and let you know who is truly stupid. 
    BATHROOM 2/3 - hiding on the left side of the middle door always works, but 
    the only downside is that you have to wait a couple minutes before you leave. 
    If the music stops when you leave the bathroom, then Barrows is gone. I don't 
    recommend this annoying waste of time, but if you're absolutely petrified, 
    then camp out in here. 
    HALL 14 - if you are entering from hall 13 and already have the board across 
    the floor, you will automatically lift it and cause Bobby to fall. NOTE: if 
    you're being chased from inside hall 14, you can run into hall 13 and back 
    out and it will work anyways. A dandy move if he's in the storage room. If 
    the board isn't laid out, after you jump the gap and escape, walk to the ledge, 
    then use the rope on the statue standing to the left of the tapestry. The 
    rope can be found in the storage room if you don't already have it. 
    COURTYARD - if Bobby tries for a game of freeze tag out here, just go through 
    to the rock room to instantly lose him. 
    3.4 - F  A  Q
    igured I'd throw in an FAQ just for a little more assistance, due to all the 
    questions i received while I had no computer. It is also possible that some 
    people pirated my old guide word for word and now everyone knows what to do. 
    Never took the time to read any of those other guides, anyways, so I'll never 
    know. Well, here goes anyways.
    Q: Where can I get an English patch, if one exists?
    A: It took some time, but I finally found an existing patch. Go to this 
    Q: Where can I find the ROM?
    A: www.pe2000.com
    Q: Where can I find the cart itself?
    A: Japan.
    Q: What is Clock Tower 3?
    A: Clock Tower 3 is known as Clock Tower 2- the struggle within, here in the 
    USA. It has a completely different cast, no clocks, a foul-mouthed alter ego 
    and a more humorous, kick-ass-and-chew-bubblegum b-horror approach that has 
    absolutely nothing to do with the other 2 games at all, save for the gameplay. 
    It made me laugh more than paranoid. I liked it, though. Check it out sometime 
    if you want to laugh.
    4.0 - C L O S I N G   S T U F F 
    If you have any other questions/comments about anything, just drop me a line 
    at Fragmatik@hotmail.com. Hope this has been helpful, and thanks for reading. 
    ERIC HOOTON: everything
    ALL THOSE E-MAILS AND STEVE WILLIAMS: all them hints you provided
    BARROWS FAMILY: inspiration 
    Copyright (c) 2001, EHooton.

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