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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Master_Kudo

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/14/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     _____  __       ___     _____  __   ___
    / ___/  ||      / __\   / ___/  ||  / /
    ||      ||     ||   ||  ||      || / /
    ||      ||     ||   ||  ||      ||/ /
    ||      ||     ||   ||  ||      |  /
    ||      ||     ||   ||  ||      ||\\
    ||____  ||___  ||___||  ||____  || \\
    \____/  |___/   \___/   \____/  |/  \|
                _______   ___    __ __ __  _______   _____
                --  ---  / __\   || || ||  | ____/   | __ \
                  ||    ||   ||  || || ||  ||        ||  | |
                  ||    ||   ||  || || ||  ||____    ||__| /
                  ||    ||   ||  || || ||  | ____|   |    /
                  ||    ||___||  ||_||_||  ||_____   ||\ \
                  ||     \___/   \_____/   |______\  || \ \
    Clock Tower FAQ guide :: ver 1.0
    By Master Kudo
    (Jonathan Lissick)
    :INTRO (of intro?):
    A rather freak of a pioneer for the graphic horror adventure genre, Clock Tower
    is one hell of a game, literally... too freaky for American cowards to chicken
    to touch.
    But with modern-day tech, and the glorification of internet anonymousity, it
    can be played around the globe via ROM / Emulation system. Firstly, assuming
    you are indeed using an emulator, get the english patch. Most ROM places
    that have the Japanese ROM also include a pre-patched english translation.
    Unless of course you speak Japanese, in which case, ohayo gozaimasu.
    Using an emulator, you most likely can do all sorts of stuff, like freeze
    states and whatnot, therefore should not require this guide, or any for that
    matter.  Of course, if you need help here and there, for a room or an ending
    or two, sure.  But if you insist reading this whole thing, you may spoil alot
    of the fun found in the Horror of it all.
    Don't worry though, no matter who or where else you hear or see it from, you
    are bound to get scared a first time through...
    1.0 --- One
    4/14/07 --- April Fourteenth, 2007:
    Guide complete by submission standards. Sent in.
                                 :Copy Right Notice:
    Plagiarism, Infringement, lawsuits, you know the gist. On an honest note, I
    have no idea why you'd want to take this scrappy FAQ anyways... If you want to
    ask me, sure, but I don't see much of a reason to post this elsewhere if people
    have access to the net if they can see your site anyway.
    So yaddah yaddah-
    Do not copy, plagiarize, or reproduce any of the original content of this
    document, by prosecution of the law and gamefaqs requiem of this kind of
    copyright notice for every FAQ submitted.
    But honestly? Why would you?
    --1: Intro
    -----Intro of Intro
    -----Copyright junk
    -----Version Update
    -----Story Brief
    --2: Gameplay
    --3: Rooms
    -----Foyer Halls:
    A: Rubble
    B: Lounge
    C: Master Bedroom
    D: Foggy Bathroom
    E: Corridor 1
    F: Phone or Religious Study
    I: Nest Corridor
    G & H: Scream Halls
    -----West Wing:
    x: Rubble rooms
    P: Mannequin / Trophy
    M & N: Scream corridors
    Q: Music
    ---Bathroom 2
    T: Child's / Bobby's room
    U: Fireplace room
    V: Storage room
    R: Ceremony Room
    --4: Playthrough
    -----Key Events
    -----Objects needed
    -----Other events
    --5: Endings
    -----A (friend killed)
    -----B (electrification)
    -----C (climbing the tower)
    -----D (killed on fl-2)
    -----E (Can't make it to fl-3)
    -----F (Oh F*** in the elevator)
    -----G (Run away, three days later)
    -----H (Run away, immediately)
    -----S (secret ending)
    ---Epilog notes---
    :The Story:
    It happened in September...
    Jennifer & Co, Company being her fellow orphan friends, Laura, Ann, and Lotte,
    along with the mysterious social worker, Ms Mary, walk through a forest in
    Norway under a cloud covered sky with the winds in their faces.
    Laura and Jennifer are a bit anxious, and Jennifer asks Mary, for the fifth
    time, about the new place they'll be living in. Mary smirks and says that "It's
    a wonderful place"
    Off in the distance, the gigantic Clock Tower Mansion appears as Ms Mary points
    it out. Dark Clouds hang over it and howls of wind, but retains its rain for
    a later time...
    The group enters the house and begins to settle in the Large Foyer (Which means
    lobby, you'll have to get used to it) The three friends calmly sit or stand
    still, as Jennifer slowly trails behind Mary, who informs the girls that she
    will retrieve their soon-to-be Father, Mr Barrows, owner of the Mansion.
    Jennifer talks among her friends about their new home, and start to take note
    that Mary has been gone for quite a long time. Lotte, being the manly, yet
    meak one, asks if she should look for her, but Jennifer decides to take the
    Cue eery music box theme
    Not four feet from the door, Jennifer hears a scream from the main Foyer,
    and runs back to find them gone. Are they dead? Who killed them? Where is Mary?
    Who is Mr Barrows?
    The game has just begun...
    Jennifer Simpson:
    No relation to any Homer from what we know, and probably not from what is
    obvious.  A young girl, 15 years, and without parents or a home. By the way she
    walks, dresses, looks, and talks, it seems she'd be the kind of girl who goes
    through highschool depressed, and with their long hair in their faces. Timid.
    She is the Heroine, mainly because of her self control and ability to remain
    calm at desperate times. She will not do stupid things out of impulse, does not
    shriek, and knows how to not run. Public pool lifeguards would love her...
    It seems to begin that she is just another victim of this homicidal home, but
    the story soon reveals that she has a destiny, and previous connections to Miss
    Mary and her son, Scissorman.
    Not much to say besides that she sure likes to fall to her death, along with
    make fun of Lotte.
    The boyish looking one, with a bit of bravery. She often always gets killed,
    but survives long enough to help through tough times.
    Apparently even more shy than Jennifer. Plays the roll of the shower curtain
    girl in those scary movies where a pervert tries to sneak a peak. Again, does
    nothing much but die.
    Ms Mary (but later revealed: Mary Barrows):
    Sinister, insane, and evil. She is the wive of the owner of the house, but
    after seeing his condition, she pretty much runs things now. Most likely went
    insane from the horrific deformation of her children, after which, strives to
    please and feed them, along with seek revenge among the innocent.
    Scissorman (Bobby Barrows)
    Worse than any Zombie you'd meet in Resident Evil, as well as any demon child
    you'd ever babysit. Bobby is the childish child who's hobbies include sky
    diving, deep sea diving, and killing teenage girls. His most prominent
    feature, besides his skills to survive that which most would die to (high falls
    and underwater for long times) and his ability to transmit himself to right in
    front of you, he is most known for his scissors.
    Bobby is the less deformed, more demonic son of Mary (Heh, Mother Mary gave
    birth to Jesus, Ms Mary to Scissorman) He walks extremely slow and limped,
    but has the strange ability to pop up anywhere in the house. He also has
    a strangely given strength, which he uses to kill and hold his scissors.
    Despite his pure evil, he is very playful, and adds much of the game's action.
    His most favorite game is Hide-and-go-seek, in which he is excellent at
    seeking, bad at hiding. (Though once you discover the secret of hiding spots,
    you will find it is quite the opposite)
    He's the pop-out kind of villain, an absolute screamer.
    Simon Barrows:
    The hobo who hangs out in a jail shed and begs for meat, not at all resembling
    the many portraits he probably once did. He mutters something about his sons,
    but Marriage has taken its toll on his physique, and mind. I can only assume
    he's a strong catholic, because people often times divorce before wives pull
    out the cage.
    Dan Barrows (The fat cannibalistic Baby):
    Referred to as "the cradle under the star" he is the true source of all the
    evil. He spends his time moaning in behind his large curtains, and is on a
    special diet of humans. Mary practically worships him, in a satanic ritual kind
    of way.
    Walter Simpson:
    The dead father of Jennifer. He plays a key roll as the skeleton doctor in the
    secret room. Walter, as from his notes, was the one who witnessed the birth of
    Mary's twins, Bobby and Dan, who then bite off and ate his right hand. After
    making claims that the two should've died, he got into a beef with Mary when
    he wanted her put in the padded room for her insanity. Mary turns the tables
    and seals him inside.
    A: Inventory:
    Changes the cursor into the object you select. Must reselect cursor or exit
    room to change back.  Use by pushing left and right, then tapping "A" again.
    NOTE: this is not the button for using the selected item. Once chosen, you
    must push the action button "Y" to use it.
    B: Panic:
    If your face picture background color flashes, you must repeatedly tap this
    button to save your life or avoid losing health.  Sometimes, though this may
    not be right, you can press it when you aren't flashing and avoid losing health
    (so to say for the Bird in the Master Bedroom)
    X: Stops Jennifer when walking or running, does not stop if she is in the
    background (interacting or doing something)
    Y: The action button for the cursor. When not highlighting something, this
    makes Jennifer walk (or run) in that direction, even if the cursor is an
    L: Makes Jennifer run left,
    R: ""   ""    ""   right,
    Note: L or R only need to be pressed ONCE, not held.
    Directional Pad: Moves the cursor,
    :About the Cursor:
    This acts as Jennifer's conscience, more of a suggestive voice. That would be
    While you can't control Jennifer directly (especially during a panicking
    moment) you can point her in certain directions. Movement and such are as
    direct as you'll get. This makes her a little smart and dumb in different ways.
    Firstly, it removes the stupidity control you would have in other games, such
    as constantly running into a wall
    (NOTE: I have tried, and if you do with L or R, you will make her health go
    as far as red mode)
    But then, it makes it limiting as to what you can do. You will not have to
    spend time checking each object because anything with interaction is
    highlighted by the cursor, so a mere scroll over without moving Jennifer, will
    reveal what needs to be done.
    But for some interaction, she may need to first examine the object, and use
    something else and then examine it.  I call it a Triple Fold Interaction.
    For Example:
    The box in the Nest corridor cannot be moved until you examine the birds nest,
    after which, will need to examine it a second time.
    The health is represented by Jennifer's face picture.  Though it also means
    more than just an actual health level, such as a "scare" level, but more so
    a panic level.
    Occasionally, Jennifer may get startled.  This is if you interact with
    something in the background that triggers that, (such as the bird in the master
    bedroom) Though often times you loss health by running or a scissorman
    There are four levels of stationary health:
    A BLUE background is full health, normal vigor,
    A GREEN background (though some perceive it as yellow) is the most often level
    you'd get for certain events.  One level below blue.
    A BROWN background (or yellow, I suppose) is one level below green, but I've
    hardly gotten it.  Its more just when you move up a level from...
    A RED background, Very serious. The lowest standard health you could have.
    If ever at this state, you should stop in a hall and heal
    As your health descends, it becomes harder to win in a panic mode, therefore
    the lower your health, the more frequently you need to push the panic button
    if you ever need to.  So its always best to stay at full health.
    Healing is a matter of calming yourself down.  You can do this anytime you are
    in a hallway (foyer, corridors, NOT a room) Just stop herself from walking and
    let her do the rest (by the "X" button)  It will take some time, but its best
    to maintain full heath for any occasion.
    There are also two other faces,
    The panic face is when Jennifer is in confrontation (with Bobby or other) it is
    a flashing background (blue, red, and white)
    This signals the panic button smashing.
    The other face is an eyeball, (of Jennifer) which happens when you pull back
    the curtain on Laura in the bathroom, and when you pull back the curtain on
    Bobby in the Music room.  Does nothing much but disable her movement to let
    Bobby catch up from the background.  Only fair sportsmanship I suppose...
    Scissorman, the notorious Bobby. He appears with triggers, and doesn't stop
    stalking you until you use a hiding place to evade him.  You will know when its
    safe by the music. But during this time, every movement you make will be
    running, with the exception of opening doors.
    Bobby only appears in certain rooms, and appears in random places in the main
    halls and corridors, and often times right in front of you.
    When you encounter him, you have a chance to run past by engaging. Don't run
    into him, otherwise you may slip and end up with a dead end screen.  If you see
    him, you must stop with the "X" and wait for him to walk up to you (that is
    if you need to go past him) and let him clip his snippers twice before you
    grab hold of them.
    Panic mode will happen, and you now must smash away at the "B" button for a
    chance to knock him down.  If you succeed, he will temporarily be stunned, or
    you will be knocked down yourself with a loss of health or even death.
    If you get up, you can try again or run off.
    One thing I've noticed about Bobby is that he can't get you while in the
    background. Sometimes your sprites can even pass eachother if you walk into
    or from an interaction, which is probably why most of them are disabled.
    Some hiding places include:
    -the bathrooms
    -under the bed in the Master Bedroom
    -The courtyard<->Rubble room hole from either end, that is if its already
    made when not in chase.
    -the smashed window in the Fireplace room
    -Garage ladder-- If you do use this one, stand for a moment near the entrance,
    and wait until you hear the footsteps to ensure he doesn't pop up on you.
    Firstly, its best to be slow and cautious, unless of course you want to milk
    all the joys of Horrific adventure. It is best to keep a finger on the "X" key,
    so you have maximum control over Jennifer. Don't let her trail off constantly,
    or franticly walk back and forth.  Stopping occasionally will better allow
    you to select the right object, and is easier since the cursor is hard to use
    when the screen is scrolling.
    Plan routes. If you are about to enter a room where Bobby may appear, think
    about where the closest hiding spot may be, and how you may get there.  You
    can pretty get to any place from any position in the house, with in mind the
    confrontations you may have with Bobby, which you loss health to some degree
    whether you win or not, and the health you will lose when running.
    Make a sequence of events.  Some things happen in two ways, such as items or
    deaths, and therefore if something happens one way, it cannot happen the other.
    Keep in mind who is still alive, where rooms are, and what is accessible and
    Lastly, and this may sound contradicting, but you should try experimenting,
    especially if you want the glory of discovering some things for yourself. Face
    Bobby head on, especially with the knowledge that you are more than twice as
    fast as he is.  Bobby may be notorious, but he is stupid, so it is often okay
    to try something new from time to time.
    Jennifer moves along a single horizontal line throughout the hallways, (with
    some variation on the second floor of Foyer 2.) She will continue to walk in
    one forward direction if you tell her to, until she reaches a door, wall, or
    tell her to stop. When she reaches a door along that line, she will go through
    Maps from a birds eye view will be confusing, while they logically depict the
    mansion as if it were real, the environment graphics are screwed up navigation
    wise, simply because the programmers never added a feature where you can enter
    through a door on the bottom of the screen (where she would walk towards you to
    enter) There is a door that displays this in the main foyer, but it is not
    There are two basic sections to the mansion, the Foyers and the fuchsia
    halls of the "West Wing" (accessible with the West wing key, obviously)
    There is also a courtyard that is supposed to be in the center, but with
    logic, the doors leading from the rubble room and the first floor scream
    corridor point in opposite directions, away from the center of the mansion,
                  2nd Foyer                          1st Foyer
                F|     H          |                  ________________
    2nd floor   I|________________|                 |________________|
                  _________/______                   _________/______
                F|     G  /       |__D___C__B__ _A__|        /       |
    1st floor   E|________________|____________|____|________________|
    /  : Stairs
    A: Rubble
    B: Lounge
    C: Master Bedroom
    D: Foggy Bathroom
    E: Corridor 1
    F: Phone or Religious Study
    G & H: Scream Halls
    I: Nest Corridor
    First Foyer:
    This room has not much use besides a starting point.  The stairs goes up
    to a collapsing railway.  The doors here are sealed except the one leading
    into the mansion.
    A: Rubble room:
    This is the first entrance into the courtyard.  Grab a rock from near the top
    of the pile and use it on the cracking hole in the wall.
    Logically, it leads to the right instead of the left, but programmers didn't
    take time to put that into use.
    But once this becomes accessible, you can use this hole as an escape from
    scissorman from either end.
    B: Lounge:
    Contains the West wing key in the box on top of the cabinet.  The door to
    the upper right corner door leads into the master bedroom, which you should
    use to get the perfume right away. For kicks, the TV will pull a "the ring" on
    you, also, "The Scream" painting may start to bleed.
    C: Master Bedroom:
    This room provides alot of things, useful and otherwise.  First, there is
    the perfume which is in the cabinet, not to be confused with the green box
    (the cracked photo) and definitely NOT the mirror, which will occasionally
    get tired of Jennifer fluffing her hair and attempt to strangle you (panic
    button moment) Another thing is the bird, which you should let out only to
    have it screech "I kill you!" and fly around in a fit of attacks (panic) To
    handle him, use the bed with red covers, where you will in turn kill him.
    If the bird is gone, you can use this room to hide under the bed without
    covers to evade Bobby.
    D: Fog bathroom:
    This is theme room for the game's horror movie spin off.  There are two
    parts, separated by a wall and door.  The first part has a broken sink.  If
    you enter the second part, you will close the door (and lock it if chased
    by scissorman) BAD IDEA for first time enterers, for in the second
    division, there is a toilet which Jennifer insists she doesn't need use,
    (No inapropriacy here) and the shower, which will reveal the hanging corpse
    of Laura.  Just after shock is followed another, for the notorious
    scissorman soon makes his star entrance.  For some reason, you will get an
    eyeball health level, which stuns you as you step back, Leaving you little
    time to flee.
    Thats where holding the door open comes in handy.  Though you close it, you
    can open it by walking back through, which will leave it open for a quick
    E: corridor 1:
    A small corridor leading to the kitchen and the Garage
    This contains the flying tic infested meat locker, a common place for
    storing keys. To safely get the key, you must use the pesticide on the steel
    double doors, which will take out those bugs without hassle.  Open it alone
    and prepare yourself for a freaky scene of a crazy swarming mass surrounding
    you and the entire room. There is also a drink cabinet, which can either
    knock you out, sending you to the shed, or revive your vigor (health) The
    refrigerator holds a ham which will help you for the shed scene.
    Looks more like a stable. It has a ladder which can get you away from bobby,
    (some of the time) and the car for the not so great escape.  The key is on
    the box right behind the car, and you have to use it three times to actually
    get her going. Once you see Lotte die, the car vanishes.
    F: Phone Room / Religious Study:
    Both rooms switch places with eachother from 2nd floor to 1st floor:
    This room is accessed with the GOLD key.  Named because of its constantly
    ringing phone, which you can hear in the Foyer.  Sometimes Mary appears in
    here to poison you, sending you to the Shed with her husband.  If you've
    seen Jennifer's dad in the secret room and she appears, she immediately
    kills you, due to the knowledge of her evil. If mary doesn't appear, (which
    she won't if you've been in the shed) you can search the glass you drank,
    or most likely someone else if you haven't seen her.  Now I don't know
    about you, but my whisky is the last place I'd put a SILVER key.  You can
    also search the cabinet for the black robe if you haven't already gotten it
    from the closet, and kill one of the two (Ann or Laura) by looking at the
    suit of armor, which is a freaky cutscene.
    Religious Library:
    This room needs the SILVER key, therefore you must go to the phone room
    first, where you would risk seeing Mary if you are trying to shoot for the
    S ending. First, you must examine the wall, which depicts a ceremony, and then
    push over the bookshelf and examine it again.  If you have gotten, or need to
    get the Devil's Idol, you won't be able to interact with the bookshelf. Then
    you must read the book, which explains the importance of the clock tower in
    defeating Bobby.
    I: Nest Corridor:
    This room is like a corridor that leads to the closet and the crow's nest.
    If you haven't gotten the West Wing key from the box, you'll need to
    examine the birds nest, push the box, and examine it again.  DO NOT USE THE
    STICK! Its not a big deal though if you do, for you can leave and re-enter,
    but causes frustration for you slow people who constantly do the same thing
    over and over and get frustrated with it. The open door leads to
    The Closet:
    Near the door is laying a can of pesticide, which you'll need to get the
    aforementioned GOLD key.  If you want to avoid going into Phone Room, or
    just can't wait, you can also grab the Black Robe in a box behind the tall
    cabinet, in which you'd need to first attempt to climb (by clicking on the
    chest, not the top of the cabinet) and then use the box and then climb it
    again.  Game designers must have gone crazy with this triple fold
        |      U    |
    This room can be entered a first time through the window in the Fireplace
    room(U), the Shed (W) or, most likely the rubble room hole (A)
    W and U can only be exited, and the Hole to A must be broken from the
    other side. The L door to the scream corridor has a box which needs to be
    moved, but you won't be able to if Bobby is chasing you here.
    But for uses, this room is pretty much a center point for house access, and
    if you don't feel like entering the bathroom or 2nd Foyer, you can see Ann
    drown, and experience another Bobby popping out of water moment, this time
    it's scarier.
    This room can only be entered from drinking poison, either from Mary in the
    Phone Room, or the cabinet in the Kitchen. This is more of a cutscene than
    an actual room, for you always appear in the jail cage with Mr Barrows,
    depending on whether or not you've been to the secret room. Be sure to have a
    ham from the refrigerator to immediately give to him if that is the case.
    He will mutter something about the Cradle under the Star, after which you have
    the ability to leave with either the Green Key, or Lotte, who will come to
    save you here since she doesn't appear anywhere else.  When Lotte lets you out,
    she dies by the gun of Mary, who will come to get you next. Save yourself by
    using the plank of wood to knock her out and let her fat butt pop out.
    When you leave, she won't be chasing you, and you can no longer enter, but for
    some reason, Jennifer automatically runs right.
    G and H: Scream corridors:
    2nd   |           |
          |           |
    1st  H|_____L_____|M
    They are not visibly connected, but they would appear like this if stacked
    onto of eachother, (which virtually they are)
    These connect the 2nd Foyer to the West Wing, and, henceforth, require the
    West Wing Key. You can enter door H (first floor) without the key, but
    cannot enter from the other side (door M)
    G is always locked until you get the key.
    The iron door L leads to the Courtyard (from wrong side, logically) but is
    jammed until you enter the courtyard before hand and move the box. But the
    key thing is if you haven't seen Ann die yet, you can choose to here.  If
    Ann hasn't yet, you will hear her scream (on either floor) and once you
    look out the window, she is, again, soared through a window (poor girl
    always falls) All else aside, brace yourself for
                  ________________                      ________________
                 |                |___Q___T___U____ ___|      ; S    V  |
    2nd floor   P|______N_________|________________|_x_|______;_________|
                  ___/____________                      ___/____________
                 |  /             |___Q___R___Q____ ___|  /    Q    Q   |
    1st floor   P|______M_________|________________|_x_|________________|
    ; :hole in the floor
    / : Stairs
    P: Mannequin / Trophy
    M & N: Scream corridors
    Q: Music
    Q: Library
    Q: Cage
    Q: Bathroom 2
    Q: Locked
    (Which Q is which, you have to find out)
    R: Ritual Ceremony
    T: Child's / Bobby's room
    U: Fireplace room
    V: Storage room
    x: Rubble rooms (supposedly previously connected near 1st Foyer)
    West Wing Halls:
    Fuchsia and shadows, a styling look for the Barrows.  The first floor and
    second are often displayed as one in room in places with stairs.  Most of
    the rooms here switch places each gameplay, adding a bit of variety and
    application of different strategy.
    On the Right side, there are a few greenish statues of naked ladies, one
    with a Demon Idol lodged inside her boobs.  Horny little guy must represent
    the 1st deadly sin, Lust.
    To get to the side where the Secret room is, examine the hole then use the
    plank of wood nearby.
    The game designers most likely wanted the West Wing to mirror the Foyer
    Halls, (2nd Foyer is on the left, therefore the doors to the second Foyer
    are on the left side of the West Wing) for people who can't comprehend the
    idea that when you turn around, your right becomes your left.
    To fix this, they could've added a feature where you enter doors from the
    bottom side of the screen, but yeah yeah, Already complained enough, but
    just as a just-so-you-know
    The open doors marked "x" lead to a rubble room with nothing in particular to
    do.  The most likely used to lead to the Clock Tower and first Rubble room.
    P: Mannequin / Trophy Room:
    The both switch places, like the Phone and Religious Study.  There is not much
    in each except a good scare.  For the sake of the "Horror" theme, you
    should explore them sometime.
    But heck, if you really want to know, you have a Corpse and a Heart beat in
    the Trophy room and a Bobby posing as a Mannequin.  You've now spoiled the
    Q: these rooms are constantly switching places, though I think the Music
    room can only appear on the first floor. There are four different rooms:
    The Music Room:
    Here is another Bobby pop up, (occasionally down) place.  If, confirmed,
    that you need the staff, It will appear behind the curtain.  If not, Bobby
    Another pointer, (if you haven't confirmed from the Mural) is if a ceiling
    tile falls, Bobby will menacingly stick his head out, which is more scary
    than him actually coming out. If Bobby does that, it means the staff is
    behind the curtain.
    If you do need the staff and you play the piano, in a rather melancholy
    tune, Bobby will use his feet to finish the melody as he crashes from
    above. To top it off, the record player plays at random intervals.  The
    freakiest room due to its danger, unpredictability, and usefulness, in my
    This room has four bookshelves, three of which are completely useless.  The
    third bookcase from the door has vital info, and unlocks the ability to obtain
    the Devil's Idol, otherwise, will appear to be "technical books".  A
    maternity magazine lies on the floor, probably from Mary.  The crevice has
    nothing truly needed but the green key, which you can use to get yourself
    out of jail with, but since you need the Lantern (in which you need Ann to
    die via scream corridor) and Lotte already comes to the rescue, its not
    worth getting, unless you plan multiple trips to the shed...
    Cage Room-
    More like a slaughter house.  Here is where Mary kills crows in sacrifice
    for her evil rituals. You can free the remaining one by grabbing the cage
    key from the counter (where a bird will be lying) Doing so would help you in
    some of the endings.  I suggest not turning on the lights, I got some pretty
    nasty noises.
    Bathroom 2-
    Surprisingly clean, well cut, and pink.  I suppose Mary's civilized side
    needs some relief herself, while she uses leaves the guest bathroom for just
    that- killing guests. You can hide here from a Bobby fleeing some of the times.
    The box will rumble as you enter the for the first time, holding a Bobby or a
    cat, so if you want to use this as a hiding place, I suggest checking it
    The fifth Q is supposedly another bathroom, but is just a random sealed
    T: Child's room:
    Hung dolls that attack, blood near the crib, you can only define this as
    Bobby's room. Here rests the Ceremony key, on top of a clown thing. Once you
    pick it up, the french doll drops from being hung, and begins a creepy, but
    pleasant tune.  She will float around, and at this time, the door will not
    open, until she is dead.  When Jennifer flashes, thats the trigger for
    another Panic mode, in which she will collide with you.  You may loss all
    the way to red health, but if you get her head to pop off, you can leave.
    The door to the upper right connects to the fireplace room.
    U: Fireplace:
    A large roaring fire burns in the pit, this room is useless unless you've
    seen Ann die through the Scream Corridors.  If so, the window will be
    smashed and the curtains blood stained. There will also be a lantern you can
    use in the crevice in the Library to get the key which you don't need.  The
    open window provides an escape-- Don't worry, its safe, but frustrating,
    since you must walk back to the West Wing.
    V: Storage:
    This room starts with the controls disabled for a moment as a box in the far
    right corner shakes violently.  Hold your breath, for it's either you-know
    who or a rather ugly black cat with misplaced red eyes.  This room provides
    one use, and that is to access the plastered Secret room, in which Bobby
    would delay you for awhile if he shows.  First, you must bear the dreaded
    Three fold Interaction, only this time, it's four fold
    First, you need to move the two crates on wheels out of the way.  Then you
    need to tap on the cracked wall. "Yep, sure solid alright", then you can use
    the pipe to bust it open.  Now you can finally walk through to the
    Jennifer will make her comments about this crazy person padded room.  There
    are two notes on the ground, which further reveal the connection between Mary
    and Scissorman.  The bag reveals the near by corpse to be Jennifer's
    one and only father, Dr Simpson. You will get an ugly angle of Jen morbidly
    holding her poor pop, along with a rather long note written with his last
    breath, er, hand pulse... whatever...
    It explains the evil and yaddayadda, get the english version if you really
    want to know, though you probably do since you spoiled yourself with WikiP
    and youtube demos.
    Most importantly, and obviously, this room is key to completing the S
    ending, though if you've already seen Mr Barrows in the shed, you might as
    well listen to the Austin Powers 3 theme, "Daddy Wasn't There"
    R: Ceremony Room:
    This is the room the Mural depicted.  It has quite odd colors for a satanic
    ritual, Green, Pink, Purple, kinda feels like the coziest room in the house,
    even more so than the pink bathroom.  Watch out, Evil's got a hot new look.
    To gain access, you'd need the Ceremony Key.  Also nice to have a gold staff
    or Devil Idol at hand, along with the Black robe and Perfume.  If all are in
    check, you're ready to meet your ending.
    If you have the staff, you need to go to the Religious Study if you haven't
    already, to place it in the vase (depicted by the revealed mural, and you do
    need to examine it a SECOND time)
    If you have the Idol, you're ready to lock and load.  Place it on the center
    piece near the crow's corpse to watch it play Mary-go-round The center STAR 
    piece will reveal a trap door, in which you will enter
    This is pretty straight forward, so bear with no map... I know, the
    disappointment for not again seeing my crap ASCII skills.
    If you are not Christian, and just don't buy the flaming pit BS, this would
    be the best depiction of a reality Hell.  I mean, fire is hot and all, but
    anyone in the real world knows a bit better.  The Devil is yet to be
    The first room is large, and you'll see the dark figure of the deaf Mary
    ahead of you, How she is only a few feet ahead and cannot hear you clank, I
    do not know. Walk until you are stopped a second time in the dog's vied,
    and use the Robe and Perfume on yourself.  Lotte is at the end of this
    first room if you haven't seen her die already, which would most likely be
    required for the S ending. The door to the second room is hard to see,
    since it blends with the background, but with your cursor you would be able
    to see it only a bit from the dog.  By the way, you cannot go back now...
    Continue on forward, and you will climb up a higher path, and down again to
    reach the lair of the Devil.  Behind the fitting red curtains moans a
    monster, a beast, committer of the Second Deadly Sin, gluttony, The mortal
    equivalence of pure evil, a giant hungry baby. The twin. Dan. You will
    signal his snack time, thus he plops out into a chase. You can't go up
    again and ditch him because you will conveniently trip.  Panic mode flashes.
    Get up and keep that button under a smashing thumb.  You will reach a cliff
    and fall once, but still so need to continue pushing the panic.  When you
    reach the top, you can rest and watch the rest of your ending, determined by
    the state of the variable conditions:
    There are four main conditions that can either happen or not, based on your
    actions.  They are the deaths of each friend, Ann, Lotte, and Laura, and the
    discovery of Ms Mary's evil side.  The two that happen in most of the
    endings are the unveiling of Mary and the death of Lotte. Each event can
    happen in a variety of ways:
    The death of Laura is often times triggered by pulling the shower curtains
    in the first bathroom.  If you see Ann die first, however, she can be found
    in the suit of armor in the Phone Room.
    The death of Ann is tied with the death of Laura, and in every ending, one
    or both of them dies.  Ann happens to have a more gruesome varieties of
    witnessed murder.  If you don't go into the bathroom and walk into the 2nd
    lobby (foyer) you will see her crash through the ceiling window.  If, again,
    you avoid Laura's death and break through to the courtyard, you will find
    her in the pool with Bobby.  If you do see Laura first, you can also look in
    the suit of armor and find her there.  Lastly, you can choose to look out
    the window in one of the scream corridors to find her falling through yet
    another window.
    There is an addition to both their deaths that happens in the A ending,
    though it is merely part of the cutscene and is a result rather than a
    Lotte's death is inevitable for all the good endings. If you end up in the
    jail shed, she comes to the rescue, only to die at the gunshot of Mary.  If
    you never go into the shed, you can walk all the way to the end of the first
    cavern room and see her lying in an alter of candles.  If you don't see her
    die, you will automatically be killed once you enter the elevator.
    Mary's dark side can come to light in two ways.  If you enter the room
    requiring the gold key in the second lobby, she may appear to poison you
    unknowingly, sending you to the shed.  You can also go to the shed by
    drinking something from the kitchen drink stock. Either way, you will walk
    away knowing the truth (or not if you don't have ham)
    The second way is if you avoid seeing Mr Barrows in the shed, and find
    Jennifer's father in the padded secret room.  Reading the notes will tell
    you of Mary's evil, and if you encounter her in the Phone room afterwards, she
    will kill you with haste.  If you go to the shed first, you will not find
    daddy in the padded room. This condition is key for most endings, and reveals
    alot more story info as well.
    Remember, each time you start a new game, Jennifer will not know of her evil
    until either of these events happens, regardless of what you personally
    know.  This is pretty obvious yes, but there are those of you who are too
    dim witted to understand game mechanics,
    :Key Events:
    These are events that have to happen, with the exception of a few,
    and the exception of the H and G endings.  This is pretty much the
    guide for the entire gameplay, and will spoil much of the fun of
    mystery.  But heck, you've already spoiled yourself by reading this
    PERFUME, found in the cabinet of the master bedroom.
    BLACK ROBE, found in either the closet of the phone room, or the
    chest of the first storage room.
    SCEPTER or IDOL, it is often randomly chosen from early on, and you
    can only get one or the other.  A way to determine is if you are in
    the religious study: if you are able to push over the bookcase to reveal
    the rest of the mural, you will need the staff in the music room, otherwise
    it will be replaced with Bobby.
    If the bookcase cannot be moved, you would need to go to the normal library and
    search the third bookshelf from the door.  In the english translation, if it
    explains something about the Devil Idol, then you must take it from the boobs
    of the statue near the blocked door of the secret room. Pesticide, in the
    closet storage, found on the ground near the door.
    A Ham is useful for most endings, so best take it from the kitchen to be safe
    for the encounter of Mr Barrows.
    (in sequential order)
    ---The West Wing key, though its not really needed first, it is the most
    important.  It can be found in the box on top of the cabinet in the lounge,
    which you should always check first.  If not there, it will be in the
    bird's nest in the closet corridor stemming from the 2nd foyer, 2nd floor,
    in which you need to push the box and NOT use the stick.  If you do disturb
    the bird, you need to exit then re-enter and retry.
    This gives access to the main part of the mansion through either of the scream
    ---The GOLD KEY is found in the meat locker in the kitchen, and requires the
    pesticide received from the closet.  It is used to open up the phone room,
    which is on either floor of the 2nd foyer, (best to try the bottom one first
    as you leave the kitchen)
    ---The SILVER KEY is found in the glass of Mary's poison, left in the phone
    room. If at first you encounter Mary, you need to go back and check the glass.
    Use it to access the Religious study in the room the phone room wasn't in.
    ---The CEREMONY KEY is found in the child's room on the box the clown is set
    upon, gains access to the ceremony room, obviously...
    :Other events of importance:
    The death of Ann or Laura, though its pretty much inevitable.
    You need to read the note in the religious study, as well as examine the
    mural, Otherwise, you'd need to examine the third shelf in the library if
    you need the idol.  This is just to allow actions that you'd do in the
    ceremony room.
    You also could, but don't always need, to unlock the crow in the cage room,
    just so he can help you in the end.
    :The FINALE:
    Once you have done the above requirements, you can now finish the game,
    Go to the Ceremony room and place the staff in the vase, or, the Idol
    on the pedestal to gain access to the basement.
    Once down, you will need to walk until you reach the dog, (she will say
    two lines of text which stop you before you get there) and use the robe
    and perfume on yourself. After you walk past, there is no turning back.
    If you haven't seen Lotte die, walk all the way to the end to avoid
    the F ending, unless of course that is the ending you want...
    Now just a little ways from the dog, there is a tunnel in the background,
    Go through and go all the way past the gasoline tanks into,
    Open the curtain to reveal an obese beast of a baby, after which is pretty
    much panic button smashing.  Let yourself fall, and then slide down ONCE
    on the slope, after which you press the panic to ensure your safety. Watch
    the amazing graphic effects of an Earthbound battle background, and proceed
    to the elevator.  Here, your ending will be determined:
    If you don't see a pool of blood (F ending) you can choose either floor
    two (ending D or C) or the third (A, B, and S)
    At the finale room of the clock tower, you will operate the power switch
    which will send Bobby to his death, and then panic button smashing would
    be used to get Mary as well.
    The other two are pretty lame endings, G and H are obtained by driving
    away with the car in the garage, though the car disappears once you see
    Lotte die.
    The endings:
    Ending A:
    You will go to the third floor, and make it out just barely, Bobby quickly
    on your tail.  Operate the the switches and watch as "Time causes adherence"
    discombobulating Bobby to walk himself to his crushing death.  No more high
    jumping for you young man.
    A surviving friend (Ann or Laura) runs to embrace you, however, Mary comes to
    screw things up and send her flying down to a gruesome death, and then jump to
    pull out the dagger on you, though with the help of your crow friend, she'll be
    pecked to her own death, as you slowly walk out onto the perch of the Clock
       Laura: Dead or alive (must be her or Ann, but NOT both)
       Ann: Dead or alive (must be her or blah blah)
       Lotte: Dead
       Mary: You must see Mr Barrows
    Ending B:
    You will go to the third floor, kill Bobby, and Miss insanity comes out
    only to be flung onto the electrical box.  She gets what she deserves here,
       Laura: Dead
       Ann: Dead
       Lotte: Dead
       Mary: discovered either way
    Ending C:
    You will go to the SECOND floor and find Mary being her evil self. Panic her
    down and run outside, and she will call Bobby on you.  Go up the ladder and
    panic button Mary off as she grabs hold of you, and continue to turn on the
    clock tower.
       Laura: doesn't matter
       Ann: doesn't matter
       Lotte: Dead
       Mary: discovered either way
    Ending D:
    You will go to the second floor but have no clue about Mary's evil self, and
    die in her hands, at her hands. Lame.
       Laura: doesn't matter
       Ann: doesn't matter
       Lotte: Dead
       Mary: Not found out...
    Ending E:
    You will attempt to go to the third floor but get stopped by Bobby. This one
    cuts everything short in the excitement of it all, but leaves a traditional
    and good horrific ending.
       Laura: dead
       Ann: dead
       Lotte: dead
       Mary: Not found out
    Ending F:
    Stands for "Oh F***"
    You enter the elevator and die.
       Laura: don't matter
       Ann: don't matter
       Lotte: Not dead
       Mary: doesn't matter
    Ending G:
    The Chicken ending. You see two people die (not Lotte though) and escape in
    the car, only to be found three days later in the same conditions as your
       Laura: Dead
       Ann: Dead
       Lotte: Not dead (though, heck, she'll probably die eventually)
       Mary: Not the Phone room / Shed, because then Lotte will die
    Ending H:
    Even worse, you coward.
    You run away via Car and find scissors riding in the back seat. Fade to Black
       Laura: don't matter (read bellow)
       Ann: don't matter (can't be both)
       Lotte: Not dead
       Mary: Lets just say No,
    ENDING S: secret--
    This one is a bit tricky, simply because you must see daddy in the secret room.
    The reason is because if you have to NOT see Mary in the phone room, But the
    results are promising.
    Here is your only chance to save one of your buddies. 
    Go to the third floor with the below requirements in check, and kill Bobby once
    again.  You will find a friend lying on the ground, but as you stand, Mary
    comes to strangle you from the behind. Panic the crows to the rescue once more. 
    You can now walk away with Ann or Laura. poor Lotte not only looks ugly, but
    always dies.
    NOTE: To avoid Mary in the Phone Room, you can first see Jen's dad in the
    secret room, then drink the drink in the kitchen to go to the Shed (with
    Barrows gone) and then when you go to the phone room, Mary won't ever be there.
    Though of course you may regain health instead, its better than risking dying
    right away (which you may after seeing the Secret room first)
       Laura: Either (read below)
       Ann: dead with Laura alive, or alive with Laura dead
       Lotte: Dead
       Mary: found out via Secret room
    Once you play through the first time, the rest become fairly easy and do-able
    within ten minutes.  The Dan scene also begins to loss its charm.
    !!!!The Guide Ends here!!!!
    I've made a bit of an analysis on the factual information and event sequence
    To break down the plot, and unveil a deeper understanding of the Clock Tower
    This game has a very complex mystery theme in combination with a demonic
    horror theme, forming together an interesting story.
    Most of it revolves around the strange nature of Mary's evil ways:
    Firstly, it would be rather strange to say that Mary was evil to start.
    There is the question of her and Simon's Marriage.  The master bedroom has
    two separated beds, which could perhaps show signs of problems early on.
    Simon hanging out in the jail clearly shows she has lost all love for this
    man, and the truth behind this may lie in her children.
    Also, in the master bedroom, is a smashed photograph of two babies,
    presumably Bobby and Dan.  This may show how she was traumatized by their
    deformation, which lead to the complete insanity she has.
    The asylum room may have been intended for her, perhaps by the whim of
    Jennifer's father, being a doctor with Mary as a patient.  Insanity
    would've driven into an outrage with Walter, sort of a denial of her sons'
    evil condition, especially when the Doctor, in a way, intended them to die.
    Her husband and Walter may have been the first to suffer the seeds of
    Mary's wrath.  The dismembered looking bodies in the shed may as well be
    the previous employees to the mansion. 
    The Clock Tower most evidently emits an evilness into the mansion.  Perhaps
    the menacing nature of its structures and echoing chimes driven Mary and
    her boys crazy.  Or perhaps it simply does have a direct connection to Hell
    and fills the house with evil sprites, which the house evidently has.
    Another thing is Mary's satanic rituals.  The insanity in combination with
    her love for her demon twins may have converted her.  It is unlikely that
    she was a satanist to start.  The mural brings question to this, since it
    looks old in style, and the turban wearing things are just weird.  Some
    believe it to have been made with the house, but I haven't heard of many
    nomads of a satanic cult who built giant mansions with functioning
    clockwork in Norway.
    The study itself was where Mary most likely first delved into the faith of
    Hell, and the mural may have been purchased or recreated by herself.
    In a way, this tells the opposite story of Jesus, and the name is
    unquestionable.  Mother Mary gave birth to her own savior, as Ms Mary gave
    birth to her Deities.  With the bad marriage idea, Mary could've been
    impregnated by Satin himself, as Mother Mary did not need the help of her
    husband.  Mother Mary then promptly becomes Christian, as Mary, a Satanist.
    The twins themselves, as I've aforementioned, bare the 2nd and 3rd deadly
    sins, Gluttony, and Greed.  Dan is obviously taken indulgence to the next
    level, and in an evil sense, eats people.
    Bobby is Greed in a violent trickery way, (look up WikiP) because this sin
    also covers treachery, the action, as opposed to the state of mind. His
    actions are all about deception and torture.
    Mary, in a sense, has experienced the rest of the sins, in a way...
    The ceremony room is most likely Dan's previous room, or prebuilt room,
    anticipating his arrival.  This is likely because it is directly underneath
    Bobby's room, the Child's room, which only fits one baby.  When it comes to
    light that Dan required a bit more than a few bottles of formula to live,
    Mary may have most likely taken incentive to create a place of worship for
    him, and then his own little Hell, as God created a Heaven for Jesus.
    Dan could be seen as the more evil of the two, and is seemingly served by
    both his brother and mother.  Mommy brings home the bacon, and Bobby fries
    it up, ready to serve. Regardless of how it seems, Bobby is more of pawn
    in the idea of influence and control.  The most powerful of them all, of
    course, but takes orders from Mary, who takes orders from Dan.
    When I say "orders" I literally mean "would you like an apple pie with that?"
    in this case, "how would you like your teenager? Drowned, stabbed,
    or slaughtered?"
    Then again, comes the Clock Tower. While throughout the game, it stands as a
    symbol of evil, when yet it may very well be the cause, it turns to become
    the savior.  It does in fact drive Bobby up the wall, could it have caused his
    Evil?  Hearing a total of 156 chimes every day on every hour would make me
    want to slit someone's throat as well.
    "Time will cause adherence" So it may have driven Bobby to his violet play,
    which then has driven Mary to adhere to the devil.
    "The Clock Tower's clock stopped" Perhaps it has an evil that is so menacing,
    that those who convert under its spell cannot handle.
    Or perhaps it wades off evil. If Mary lived any life during the years the clock
    tower was in operation, it would have been a sane one.  The music room would've
    been live with, well, music. The Fireplace surrounded by a loving couple. The
    clock tower in full operation.
    Once the Clock Tower stopped, evil crept into the house with the unholy
    trinity, (Wow, another reverse-christian idea) The mother, the son, and the,
    uh- other son... Mirrors became envious, hearts began to pulsate, and death
    followed every corner.
    Reaching the pinnacle of the Tower sent a homicidal maniac to insanity, and
    killed the perhaps-not-virgin Mary.  It was more so the Tower itself that
    killed Bobby, for those of you who think that he avoided the gears remember
    that he has survived falls before (Music Room and 2nd Foyer)
    In the end, the Tower remains elusive... whether its good, evil, or just some
    strange incarnation of a divine being, the Clock Tower has chosen to keep you
    alive... for now...
    I'd like to thank Wikipedia for its valuable info on the game itself
    Other than that, there's not much else of a bibliography...
    Like to drop a word? Email me...
    (I fear robotic spammers, so I hope you get it...)
    Copy right: Master Kudo : Jonathan Lissick 2007

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