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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Big Blue

    Version: 2.2 | Updated: 02/18/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

              "Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate"
                         Dante Alighieri
     ______               _     _                     _        
    |___  /              | |   (_)               /\  | |       
       / / ___  _ __ ___ | |__  _  ___  ___     /  \ | |_ ___  
      / / / _ \| '_ ` _ \| '_ \| |/ _ \/ __|   / /\ \| __/ _ \ 
     / /_| (_) | | | | | | |_) | |  __/\__ \  / ____ \ ||  __/ 
    /_____\___/|_| |_| |_|_.__/|_|\___||___/ /_/    \_\__\___| 
     __  __          _   _      _       _     _                    
    |  \/  |        | \ | |    (_)     | |   | |                   
    | \  / |_   _   |  \| | ___ _  __ _| |__ | |__   ___  _ __ ___ 
    | |\/| | | | |  | . ` |/ _ \ |/ _` | '_ \| '_ \ / _ \| '__/ __|
    | |  | | |_| |  | |\  |  __/ | (_| | | | | |_) | (_) | |  \__ \
    |_|  |_|\__, |  |_| \_|\___|_|\__, |_| |_|_.__/ \___/|_|  |___/
             __/ |                 __/ |                           
            |___/                 |___/                            
    The FAQ and the Walkthrough
    Author: Dustin Martinez (aka: The Big Blue)
    E-mail: tbb@uole.com
    Date: 25-07-2001
    Version: 2.2
    Well, the second second releasement of my great great FAQ.
    Well, my friends, i think this is the greatest update i've (we've) made
    til date.  I supose that everybody was waiting for the levels
    walkthrough, and here you have it.  I am thinking to release a spanish
    version of my FAQ, but i think this plan will take some time, so mail
    me and tell me yer oppinion.  Or... mail me, tell me something, just say
    me hi!, or ask me something, but i would like that every person who
    download this FAQ mails me.  Thanxx.
    NOTE TO CJAYC:  Hey, i've made a little program in C language which
                    can read what's the maximum amount of characters per
                    line you typed in a text based document.  This little
                    software tells that the max characters my FAQ has in
                    a line is 73, that means, 6 less than the max you accept
                    in a FAQ... nice, isn't it?
    //Thanks Chun.  Great site, great ASCII, great game... Great Chun...
    0) Revision History
    1) Button Scheme
    2) Weapons
    3) Items
    4) Monsters
    5) Bosses
    6) Bonus
    7) Levels
    8) Credits
    9) Legality
    v0.1  Just started the hard work
    v0.2  Added the Items section.  Not released.
    v1.0  First public releasing.  Added the Bonus stuff.
    v1.1  Some minor modifications. Unreleased
    v2.0  Added the first levels walkthrough (A great update!)
    v2.1  More levels updated
          A new worthy way to kill the snakeids
          A new ez way to kill the frankensteins
          A new other way to kill the chainsaws
    v2.2  Data about the "Flamethrower" added
          Unusable items added
          38 levels available.
    The Button scheme for ZAMN is as following:
    D-Pad: Move your cute sprite character in any direction
    A: Roll up your items inventory
    B: Roll up your weapons inventory
    X: Use your selected item
    Y: Fire your selected weapon
    L-R: Pull out your mini-radar
    Start: Pause
    Select: No use. 
    2) WEAPONS
    This section contains info about the weapons you will find in the
    -Name of the weapon
    -Speed (From 1 to 10, being 1 worst and 10 best)
    -Uses (Which monster will you kill with it?)
     - A right use
     X A wrong use
    Name: Water Gun
    Description: Your main Weapon.  Never get out without it. This weapon
                 will be the main thing you will use to kill monster,
                 because you will find ammo for it almost everywhere.
    Speed:       (8)  It's speed will take you out of troubles.
    Assets:      It's speed and range (reach longitude) makes of this 
                 weapon an almost perfect selection.
    Drawbacks:   It's damage (harming ability) will make you cry.
    Uses:        - Zombies (No, really?)
                 - Twins
                 - Chuckies (good guys?)
                 - Mummies
                 - Fishmen
                 - Put out fires
                 X Mutant Plants
    Name: Fire Extinguisher (The Ultimate Fire Fighter)
    Description: This weapon is not as great as it looks. Use it to put
                 your enemies in a temporal-frost-status while you run.
    Speed:       (9)  A great speed.
    Assets:      This will kill certain kinds of enemies, also freezing
    Drawbacks:   Damage NULL and a very poor range.
    Uses:        - Toxic Slimes (The only weapon being able to kill them)
                 - On-Fire Chuckies (1 Hit!)
                 - Put out fires (1 Hit!)
                 - Freeze enemies (More shots, more freezing time)
    Name: Martian Gun (The alien bubble-shooter)
    Description: A yellow kinda gun. Will put your enemies to sleep a
                 little while (while you look for another weapon).
    Speed:       (5) Acceptable.
    Assets:      The time it gives to you is greater than some Fire
                 Extinguisher shots.  You can run while your enemy is
                 asleep.  Great range.
    Drawbacks:   It's damage is almost null, and the alien enemies can
                 use it too (Not only against you, but also against your
    Uses:        - Ants (1 Hit!)
                 - Vampires (Use it while you look for the Weed Cutter)
                 X Zombies
    Name: Weed Cutter (Black Nightmare)
    Description: This weapon is like a God Blessing.  Save it and use it
    Speed:       (10) The fastest, no need to say it.
    Assets:      Great damage combined with a great speed makes of this
                 weapon one of my favorites (Maybe in 2nd place).
    Drawbacks:   A STUPID range. You must stick to your enemy to use it.
    Uses:        - Almost EVERY ENEMY will fall against this quickly.
                 - Vampires (Sure Death)
                 - Weed (Duh!)
                 - Spider webs (Not as the walls, as obstacles in floor...)
                 - Spiders
                 - Mutant Plants
                 - Mushroom Men
    Name: The Holy Cross (Golden Nightmare, the ULTIMATE weapon).
    Description: No questions asked. This is the BEST weapon in all game.
                 A kind of short-duration-aura will surround you, hitting
                 VERY HARD what it touches.
    Speed:       (8) The perfect speed for this weapon.
    Assets:      Mega damage if you are beginner.  TERA DAMAGE if you 
                 know the secret.  Show the cross almost-sticked to your
                 foe, without having the aura hitting him, and he will
                 be puree.  Also, if the enemy touches you, you won't be
    Drawbacks:   Crappy range, making it perfect.
    Uses:        - Chainsaws (Sure Death) (Apply my secret)
                 - Vampires
                 - Werewolves
                 - Fishmen
                 - Use it when you are surrounded by any amount of any 
                   kind of enemy, and you will be free.
    Name: Bazooka (Silver Nightmare)
    Description: Just grab it and go kick some zombies. A big bertha, being
                 able to crash everything.
    Speed:       (2) Bazooka reaction speed = NULL.
    Assets:      Ultra hard damage + Infinite range = Bazooka. Plus, you
                 will be able to open normal doors, cracked walls and 
                 drawers (i really don't believe that someone will use to 
                 the former).
    Drawbacks:   Bazooka = Stupid speed + A push back per shot.
    Uses:        - Kill many (Lv.1 & 2) enemies in a row.
                 X Chuckies.  They will just duck yer bullets.
                 - Kill bosses (a snakeid is BIG!)
                 - Open normal doors (as a normal key will do it too)
                 - Open some walls
                   > Cracked walls
                   > Cracked boxes
                   > Dark bushes
                   > Closed trap-doors
                   > Cracked wood
                   > And every suspicious looking thing.
    Name: Soda can (Pepsi is back to kill everybody).
    Description: The corrosive, but refreshing components of the soda-pop,
                 makes of the soda cans a good weapon to choose. Toss it
                 once and twice and again and you will never get used to
    Speed:       (5). No comments.  Use it and you judge by yourself.
    Assets:      Formidable weapon.  This improved soda has two new facts:
                 The ability to jump every obstacle (walls, monsters, trees)
                 and a unique explosion range, plus a very good damage.
    Drawbacks:   A bad reach range.
    Uses:        - Use it when you see many Lv.1 foes behind a wall
                 - Fire-on Chuckies
                 - Mutant Babies
                 - Kill throwing it before the enemy appears (useful when a
                   victim is about to be slaughtered)
                 X Mutant Plants
    Name: Tomatoes
    Description: A bunch of (i believe) useless red things.
    Speed:       (3) Pokey.
    Assets:      It goes thru things, such as boxes...
    Drawbacks:   Pokey and no assets.  Aaah, i forgot; a stupid damage.
    Uses:        - Use them only when you are despaired.
    Name: Ice-Cream Bars
    Description: A twin ice cream bar.  No good, John.
    Speed:       (3) As pokey as a stupid tomatoe.
    Assets:      Maybe they could be eaten, not thrown.
    Drawbacks:   I want ice cream.
    Uses:        - It's incredible.  Everybody found an use to this weapon
                   (Excepting me).  Kill with them the Toxic Slimes
    Name: Dishes
    Description: A pile of plates.
    Speed:       (3) As pokey as a stupid tomatoe (And ice cream too).
    Assets:      An infinite range and acceptable damage, also a boss-arm.
    Drawbacks:   They're kinda rare.
    Uses:        - Tha plates have a very good using way: The Snakeids.
                   With about 13-15 plates, a single snakeid will be dead.
    Name: Silverware (Silver Avengers)
    Description: A SILVER knife and fork. Although they are rare, they will
                 act easily as a silver bullet.
    Speed:       (5) No good, no bad.
    Assets:      Infinite range (if you know the secret, a 1 Hit! weapon).
    Drawbacks:   Rare.
    Uses:        - Werewolves (1 Hit!)
                 - Chuckies (1 Hit!)
                 X Fire-on Chuckies
    Name: Footballs
    Description: A football (Not soccer).  No more comments.
    Speed:       (3) Bad speed.
    Assets:      Infinite range. They could be as bas as the dishes, if they
                 didn't had a secret use.
    Drawbacks:   A crappy damage level.
    Uses:        - Pass them to the football players and they will act as if
                   they will do a field goal.
    Name: Flamethrower (The evil extinguisher twin)
    Description: A very powerful and secret weapon. 
    Speed:       (9) Same as fire extinguisher. 
    Assets:      Kills fast and for sure.
    Drawbacks:   Only one in the game (maybe the rarest).  400 ammo.
    Uses:        - My advice is:  Use in hurries, when surrounded by swarms
                   of strong enemies, or in bosses.
                 X Mutant Baby
    3) ITEMS
    The items you will use in the game (If you didn't know, you can switch
    them with the A button and use them with the X button)
    -Name of the item
    Name: Medical Kit
    Uses: Use one medical kit to recover to full health. Don't waste them,
          use them wisely, because they will save lots of lives.
    Name: Pandora's Box
    Uses: When open, the Pandora's Box will release a golden shining kinda
          stars, killing any Lv.1 & 2 enemiesin the screen.  Use them when
          a zombie is about to kill a victim.
    Name: Clown
    Uses: Use the clown to lead astray some enemies (maybe they will kill
          Krusty thinking about you). I reccommend to save them, because
          they will help you to kill the last doctor Tongue...
    Name: Keys
    Uses: The keys will open any normal door in your path.
    Name: Skull Keys
    Uses: The skull keys are the RAREST item in the whole game. They will
          open any Skull Door in the game.  When you (luckily) receive one
          of them, save it to be used to get some extra lives in some of
          the levels.
    Name: Shoes
    Uses: Use them and you will get a super turbo boost. Run and get some
    Name: Monster Potion (Red)
    Uses: Save them to the Chainsaws special levels (and some for the final
          boss). When used you will take the form of an undead invincible
          beast. Pack a wallop to every monster in your path, because the
          effect will last a little.  Also they kill the chainsaws in a very
          quick way, just as the crosses, hitting but not so hard.
    Name: Invulnerability Potion (Blue, ha!)
    Uses: When used, you will get a nice blue color, making you invincible,
          plus making you able to walk over spikes, weed and water without
          being harmed.
    Name: Random Potion (Question marked)
    Uses: When used you will get one random effect on your character. The
          choices are the following:
          - A Medical Kit effect
          - A Monster Potion Effect
          - An Invulnerability Potion effect
          - A Zombie Effect (Will make you attack your partner and the
            victims for a while)
          - A Shoes effect
          - Will take out some of your health
    Name: Gold Coins
    Uses: Not an inventory item.  Worths 500 points in your score.
    Name: Bills
    Uses: Not an inventory item.  Worths 1000 points in your score.
    Name: 1Up Box
    Uses: Not an inventory item.  Worths one extra life.
    Name: Question Box
    Uses: Not an inventory item.  Its effects varies by the stage.
    This is a comprehensive list of (i think) all the monsters in the game.
    -Level (Based in it's attack and defense)
    -Weaknesses & strengths
    Name: Zombie
    Level: (1)  One hit kill (Unlimited)
    Description: The most common enemy in the game will appear from death
                 corpses. It's easy to say. A simple zombie, will die with
                 one only hit with any weapon (excepting Fire Ext.).
    Weaknesses:  Any weapon will kill these pests.
    Name: Chuckies
    Level: (1) A hard Lv.1 enemy. (Unlimited)
    Description: An annoying enemy.  This little nice dolls will appear
                 from toy boxes (Houses and Markets).  Plus, if you are
                 (un) lucky, when dead, they will fire themselves, turning
                 into a Fire-on Chuckie. Be careful with them.
    Weaknesses:  They like to be slayed with the Silverware (1 Hit!).
    Name: Fire-on Chuckie
    Level: (1) Another hard enemy. (Unlimited)
    Description: A little doll-form fireball, that will chase you til' you
                 kill them. The little Chuckies spawns.
    Weaknesses:  Think: "What should i do to kill a fireball?"  Gotcha!,
                 the fire Extinguisher. Don't even try the Silverware,
                 because they are not chuckies now.
    Name: Toxic Slimes
    Level (2) First Lv.2 enemy. (Unlimited)
    Description: A red slimy slime.  LOOKOUT, cause they will shoot you a
                 piece of slime. If it falls against your head, say bye
                 to 3 HEALTH POINTS!. Also they will aim for the victims.
                 if you see a red slime in your neighbor's head, RUN AND
                 SAVE HIM (or HER.  Just in case, master Cactuar)!!!
    Weaknesses:  Ok, ok.  It seems that the only person who didn't know
                 that those stupid slimes could be killed with just one
                 ice cream bar hit (1 Hit!).  Sorry, i just was not in the
                 mood to try it out...  Ahh, and thanks to ALL the people
                 who mailed me telling me about this.  And... Of course,
                 you can use the Fire Extinguisher instead...
    Name: Chainsaw
    Level: (3) A Jason spawn. RUN!!! (Limited)
    Description: A masked fat man, armed with a big chain saw. This guy is
                 hard, no joking, unless you know the secret to kill them.
    Weaknesses:  God, how do i love the crosses. Just take them, and show
                 them with pride. But wait, you must use them wisely: shoot
                 when the chainsaw is stickin' to you, without the golden
                 aura hitting him.  If you're run out of crosses, run and
                 use the Soda Cans where he can't reach you (e.g. behind a
                 wall or behind a couple of clowns).  Also, you can use the
                 monster potion in the same way as the crosses (Punch near
                 but don't hit directly).  There is another way to kill them,
                 by freezing them and weedcutting them.  This method is just
                 useful to kill just any Lv.3 monster (not the vampires).
                 Use if you don't have any cross in your inventory.
    Name: Fishmen 
    Level: (2) Aquaman's worst nightmare: The Mermen.  (Unlimited)
    Description: A green thing with a great jumping ability. They are born
                 from the water, so watch the Swimming neighbor.  They are
                 not one, nor two. There are a whole swarm of them.
    Weaknesses:  Just use the cross and open your path. Or the bazooka,
                 because they like to do long lines.
    Name: Aliens
    Level: (1) Easy but fast.  (Unlimited)
    Description: Lots of big-headed green aliens will shoot you red Alien
                 Gun shots, leaving you paralyzed for a short time.
    Weaknesses:  A single Water Gun shot will take the hard work.  But be
                 careful, because they like to throw their red bullets to
                 your neighbors, leaving them in a paralysis status, then
                 die.  Just be fast, rapid, speedy and quick.
    Name: Mushroom Men
    Level: (1) No sweat.  (Unlimited)
    Description: A little friend, almost imperceptible among the weed.
                 If you see a little red thingie, you are near to a weed
    Weaknesses:  Just use the Weed Cutter. But be careful, because while
                 they're dying, during the animation, if you touch them
                 you will be damaged.
    Name: Twins
    Level: (1) Maybe the easiest enemy in the whole game.  (Unlimited)
    Description: Rub your eyes, cause they are identical to you (duh!).
                 They will walk as you do it, but they can't swim nor
                 shoot you.
    Weaknesses:  A single water splash will kill them (Water Gun, if you're
                 not so perceptive).  If there are too many, use the Soda
    Name: Spiders
    Level (1, but 9999) The MOST ANNOYING ENEMY in the game. (Unlimited)
    Description: A little red thingie. "But why 9999?"  Because it looks
                 that Flash lent his speed to them.  They can kill a victim
                 in miliseconds. Look out in the last level, against the
                 Doctor Tongue (Stage 48), because there will be a last
                 victim behind a locked door, that will open itself when
                 Dr. Tongue is dead.  But there will be lots of spiders
                 too, so be careful, because when the boss is dead, they
                 will run (even faster) to kill the Cheerleader. If you had
                 only 1 victim left, you are Game Over, man. They spawn
                 from places with spider-nets
    Weaknesses:  A single water gun shot will kill them, but they will hit
                 in the dying animation.
    Name: Ants
    Level: (2) Hard and fast. (Unlimited)
    Description: There are two kinds of ants in the game: Black and red. They
                 are almost the same, their only difference is that black
                 ants are weaker than the red ones. Look out when you see a
                 hole in the floor.
    Weaknesses:  The ants have a terrible (1 Hit!) weakness to the Alien gun.
                 Don't worry, both of them are weak.
    Name: Frankensteins (Tonguensteins?)
    Level: (3) Hard. (Limited)
    Description: They are like the frankensteins in the movies.  Big, bad and
                 brute guys. Being the latest Tongue's invention, they'll
                 only appear when Tongue (or something like Tongue) is near.
    Weaknesses:  If you have plenty of crosses (about 20-25) and you know
                 how to use them, then go ahead. Don't try chainsaw's trick
                 with them.  The aura must hit them (but only a little).
                 You may also use the new brand way to kill them: just freeze
                 them a little, about 20 fire extinguishers, then shock him
                 with lotsa weedcutter.  Try it to believe it.
    Name: Werewolves
    Level: (2) Jumping flashes (Unlimited)
    Description: Brown wolf-like demons, with a great jumping ability. They
                 will appear in two kind of levels: Pre-defined wolf levels
                 and twiligh levels. When there is a complete darkness, they
                 will appear. RUN and grab your Oldies neighbors, because
                 when the sun is set, they'll turn into a couple of ugly
                 werewolves, threatening your dear neighbors.
    Weaknesses:  A classic weakness: a silver bullet.  What? You don't have
                 any silver bullets? so use any silver thing. Maybe the
                 Silverware will work (1 Hit!).
    Name: Vampires
    Level: (3) Bat-throwing Vlad Tepes cousins.
    Description: A scary yell, There they are. A group of bats will appear
                 and when they get close to you, they'll turn into the black
                 caped Vampires. These dreadful creatures will shoot little
                 bats to you and disappear, then appearing again to throw
                 more bats to you, until you hit them.
    Weaknesses:  When they appear, use the Weed Cutter. If not, use the
    Name: Mutant Plants
    Level: (1) Easy. (Limited)
    Description: Martian-like plants, like to make grow spiky weed. If you
                 kill it (them, if many), then the weed won't grow anymore.
    Weaknesses:  Use the Weed Cutter.  If not use anything but the Water Gun
                 or the Soda Cans.
    Name: Tentacles
    Level: (1) Easy, easssy. (Unlimited)
    Description: A huge octopus tentacle.  They'll only appear in two stages
                 (being this way the rarest enemy in the game): in the first
                 bonus level, and in the last bonus (credits) level.
    Weaknesses:  A single couple of Water shots will slay the tentacles.
    Name: Mummy  
    (Thanks to Nate Gleason for pointing their ausence in the FAQ)
    Level: (2) Easy
    Description: Did you see the movie 'The Mummy'?  Well, ZAMN mummies are
                 really not as the one of the movie.  They appear from the
                 coffins in the walls.
    Weaknesses:  You may attack them with anything.  They will fall in five
                 or so squirt gun shots.
    5) BOSSES
    The hard enemies.  A list of (maybe) every boss in the game.
    All of them are limited, its quantity depends of the stage
    -How to kill it
    Name: Mutant Baby (1 per stage)
    Description: A HUGE baby, with a huge milk bottle. When dead, he will 
                 turn into a little Baby neighbor, plus a very useful skull
                 key. This boss is fast and will stomp on you.
    How to kill it: There are a couple of ways: The first way is drinking a
                 monster potion, and not wasting any second. The second way
                 is to take refuge and when he comes, throw him tons of Soda
                 Cans until it's dead. The third way to kill him is to use
                 the Bazooka, trying to save some of it's bullets.
    Name: Snakeids (4 Max per stage)
    Description: See those Bugs Bunny-like-mole tracks? The Snakeids will
                 come from the land, show their big tongues and dig, and
                 repeat the whole process. Take care with their long-range
                 tongues. When dead they'll turn into a little skull key.
    How to kill it: I have discovered a new brand way to kill the snakeids:
                 the dishes.  Just dish about 13-15 dishes to the snakeid
                 head and it will give you the skull key in a decent way.
                 Just try and look for yourself.  But if you don't have any
                 dish in your inventory, just try over the classic bazooka
                 shoot-and-retrieve tactic, just in it's head, or the
                 very classic monster potion way, just trying to make a good
                 use of it.
    Name: Alien Ship (1 per stage)
    Description: A big airship with an alien inside. It will shoot some kind
                 of rays to the floor, thus hitting you, and disappearing
                 then. Note that in the ship is a lid, that will open and
                 close at intervals of time.
    How to kill it: You must use the Soda Cans to kill it. But you can only
                hit it when the lid is open. If it looks that the lid will
                never open, just run, and wait until it appears again.  If
                neither running away it will opem the lid, try to corner it
                to a right border of a stage, then try to go up. Eventually
                it will open its lid.
    Name: Spider Mastermind (Doom who?)
    Description: It's nothing more than the doctor Tongue, but after drinking
                 one of his potions. It's hard, you must hit it in the face
                 to harm it, and it will spawn some spiders (LOOKOUT with the
                 neighbors) and throw spider-nets to the floor.
    How to kill it: A hard boss. At this point, you should have about 9
                 monster potions. Use one before it fills the floor with
                 those spider-nets. Try to use it without wasting your
                 transformation time. When the transformation is over,
                 quickly use the Weed Cutter to send to the hell those
                 spider-nets. Then repeat the monster potion process. Don't
                 use more than four monster potions. If you've used about
                 half of your potions, use the bazooka (or the random potion)
                 to hit it (don't waste all of your bazooka ammo). Heal when
                 needed. You can also use the Pandora's Boxes (save about 5).
    Name: Doctor Tongue's Head
    Description: A big head wearing glasses. The second transformation of the
                 Doctor Tongue. It flies and throw tongues to you.
    How to kill it: It's the last enemy, so unleash yout true power, use 
                 everything in your inventory without fear.
                 Use all of your monster potions, but before, try to clean
                 the floor.
                 There is a tactic to kill it: Take refuge behind three
                 clowns (i told you to save them, didn't i?) and when it 
                 comes (it will hit the clowns, not you) use the soda cans to
                 damage him. When he is wounded, he will start to throw his 
                 own eyes to kill you. Just stick to the three clowns
                 strategy and it will eventually will be dead. But that's not
                 finished yet. It's spawns, the spiders (about two of them)
                 will run to kill your last neighbor (behind the locked wall)
                 the Cheerleader. If she's your last neighbor, run to save 
                 her. Use the Pandora's Box to kill the spiders. Rescue her, 
                 and the game will be really over.
    UPDATE:      Jeff Lawhead e-mailed me telling about a new use of the
                 "Not only are they good on Snakeoids, but the Head of 
                  Dr. Tongue as well! It only takes 6 plates to kill him!
                  (And they're not that rare, theres 100 in Level 41.)"
                 I haven't tested this yet.  Please, somebody help me.
    6) BONUS
    A list of the bonuses you can get by accomplishing certain events in the
    levels. If there is a missing one, please, e-mail me to put it right
    here, and i will put you in the credits.
    Maybe another question may be asked: It worths the effort of getting a
    bonus? Just take it as a challenge, because some of them are very hard
    to get, but the satisfaction after you complete the stage is a very
    valuable prize.
    Name: All victims saved Bonus!.
    How?: If you don't understand just by reading it's name, well, maybe you
          shouldn't be playing in a console.
    Name: Massive destruction!.
    How?: You get this bonus by totally screwing up a stage, with the help
          of a Chainsaw man. You can get it in Chainsaw based stages.
    Name: Chainsaw begone.
    How?: You can get it by killing the Chainsaws (ALL of them) in a stage.
    Name: Ten Cheerleaders bonus.
    How?: You can get this bonus only in a level (i don't remember which now)
          but there are ten Creerleader neighbors in the stage, so don't let
          your Cheerleaders get killed, because it worths a lot of points.
    Name: Alien invasion repulsed.
    How?: To get this bonus you must kill the Alien Ship in Alien based
          stages. Remember to read the Bosses section to get info on how to
          kill it.
    Name: Secret bonus.
    How?: You get this bonus by picking up the Question symbol, hidden in
          some stages.
    Name: Weed cutting bonus.
    How?: You can get it by cutting lots of weed in a stage. Get it in Weed
          based stages.
    Name: Bonus extra player.
    How?: Just keep winning stages without letting the enemies kill you, and
          eventually you get this bonus.
    Name: Bonus extra victim.
    How?: Just keep winning stages through the game, but you must have 9 or
          less victims.  Then the computer will gift you with a brand new
    Name: No bazooka fired bonus.
    How?: You get this by not shooting any bazooka bullet, specially in the
          chainsaw stages.
    Name: Perfect player bonus.
    How?: I really don't know what trigger this bonus.  Just try to be a
          real perfect player (No victim deaths, no player deaths & grab all
    Name: Bonus for pass completion.
    How?: In the football players stages, just try to pass lots of footballs
          to lots of players, and the money is yours.
    Name: Vampires destroyed!.
    How?: You can get this bonus only in a couple of stages.  You get it by
          killing every vampire in the level.
    Name: Fish Fry Bonus! (Thanks cactuar10000@yahoo.com)
    How?: Bonus has been confirmed.  You should kill many fishmen, but you
          must not use any powerful weapon (bazooka who?).
    Name: Extra Victim Bonus!.
    How?: Master Bill, it's up to you:
    "You must finish any level with a multiple of 40,000 points, and you
     will get one as the game adds up your bonuses. Example: If you have
     79,900 points, and the level you are on will give you a password,
     stick  around until 80,000 points, then exit the level to get a
     password with one more victim in it."
    Name: Extra Bonus Player
    How?: Again, you're next, Master Bill:
    "You don't have to beat the whole game or anything, just have the
     following when you finish a level: All 10 victims saved, the max
     number of lives (I think it's 6 or 7), and enough points to get the
     Extra Victim Bonus (read: 40,000, 80,000, 120,000 points). I got one
     once, and for a perfect player, they didn't give me much. Way less
     then that Vampire Destroyed bonus late in the game when you terminate
     those 3 vampires. Not too impossible to get if you have memorized the
     first 12 levels, and go to the Day of the Tentacle bonus level twice."
    Name: Extermination Bonus! (Thanks DanZeroSG@aol.com)
    How?: Kill as many ants as you can.  This bonus was confirmed.  That's
          a great thing to say.
    7) LEVELS
     1. Zombie panic
      Bonus. Day of the tentacle
     2. Evening of the undead
     3. Terror in aisle five
     4. Chainsaw hegdemaze mayhem
     5. Weird kids on the block
     6. Pyramid of fear
     7. Dr. Tongue castle of terror
     8. Titanic toddler
     9. Toxic terrors
      Bonus. Mushroom men
     10. No assembly required
     11. Weeds gone bad
     12. Mars need cheerleaders
      Bonus. Cheerleader vs. the Monsters
     13. Chopping mall
     14. Seven meals for seven zombies
     15. Dinner in monster island
     16. Ants
     17. Office of the doomed
      Bonus. Someplace very warm
     18. Squidmen of the deep
     19. Nightmare on terror street
     20. Invasion of the snakeids
     21. The day the earth ran away
     22. Revenge of the Dr. Tongue
      Bonus. The son of Doctor Tongue
     23. The caves of mistery
     24. Warehouse of evil dolls
     25. Look whos shopping
     26. Where the red fern growls
     27. Dances with werewolves
     28. Mark of the vampire
     29. Zombies' house party
     30. The horror of the floor thirteen
     31. Look who's coming to dinner
     32. Giant ant farm
     33. Fish and crypts
      Bonus. Curse of the Pharaohs
     34. I was a chainsaw maniac
     35. Boardwalks of terrors
     36. Monster phobia
     37. Labyrinth of horrors
     38. Monsters of the blue lagoon
     39. Destroy all vampires
     40. Pyramid of fear 2
     41. Martians go home
     42. Spikes
     43. Super fund cleanup sit e
     44. The curse of the Dr. Tongue
     45. Danger in picnic park
     46. Day of the chainsaw
     47. Gridiron terror
     48. Curse of the Tongue
    Starting the hard work, eh?  Let's begin:
    Take note:  This (kind of) walkthrough is made to get 10-9-8 victims
    per level.  If you let the victims get killed, just restart from the
    latest password.  The passwords given are with that number of victims.
    Ahh, and remember that you have some kind of radar in your pocket.  
    Pull it out to get more help in the stages.
    NOTICE:  When i say 'oldies', i'm referring to a couple, but they
    worth by one victim.  In fact, when i say 'oldies' i'm not talking
    in a plural way.
    -Number and name. (With number of starting victims in my case)
    -Favorite monster (Starring the level).
    -Bonuses (If exists).
    -What to do
    -Secrets (If exists).
    Level 1: Zombie Panic (10)
    Monster: -Zombies
    Bonus: -Secret Bonus!
    Well, in the very first level there are very little to say.  Just grab
    the first five victims north of the starting point, then a Baby inside
    the room, three more to the east then use the jumpers to get to the pool
    and get the tenth one.  There are some goodies in the southeast part of
    the level, don't miss them.
    There is a bush wall (remember?) in the nothern part of the level.  If
    you're lucky (And i said about fifty points of luck) and get a bazooka
    or a monsta potion in the cabinets, use and break.  There is a ? mark,
    which lets you go to the Day Of The Tentacle Bonus level.
    A very special password (Thanks DanZeroSG@aol.com).  This will let you
    start in the Day Of The Tentacle bonus level, the when you finish the
    stage, you will go to the Level 1.  Great, it isn't?
    Bonus Level: Day Of The Tentacle (10)
    Monster: -Tentacles
             -Mutant Plants
    Take care of the first three victims: a baby (northwest) and two of 
    those soldiers (east), because the tentacles are quick and lethal (If
    they kill one of the neighbors, just don't worry).  In the northern
    part of the stage is a vitim with a skull key.  Use it to get inside
    the house and save the others.  Don't miss the 1UP in the very north
    western part of the house.
    Level 2: Evening Of The Undead (10)
    Monster: -Zombies
    Just put your hands over the bazookas and save victims in your way to
    the house.  When you're in the house, try to not look at the explorer
    and the teacher, because they will get dead by a zombie.  The same to
    the explorer in the northeastern part of the stage.  There are some
    additional goodies hidden in two bush walls.
    Level 3: Terror in Aisle Five (10)
    Monster: -Zombies
    The chuckies (in my personal case) always kills the oldies in the 
    northeastern part of the stage.  Try to be quick getting the two 
    starting soldiers and the baby in the stairs, because the zombies here
    are hungry.  The baby in the northwestern part of the stage is the most
    difficult victim, because he gets killed easily.  Grab him quickly.
    Level 4: Chainsaw Hedgemaze Mayhem (9)
    Monster: -Chainsaws (7 of them)
    Bonus: -Chainsaw Begone!
           -Massive Destruction!
           -Extra Bonus Victim!
    The very first hard level of all the game.  Fortunately, the Chainsaws
    don't even kill me a victim, but killing them without crosses is just
    a nightmare.  Try to make the chainsaws open your path up to arrive to
    the victims.  There are a few goodies in bush walls, including a medi
    kit (up of the starting point) and a MONSTER POTION! (right of where
    you got the medical kit).  Read this if you wanna get the 
    Chainsaw Begone! bonus.  Try to use the potion when you are surrounded
    by three or so chainsaws.  Use the trick above and kill them all,
    because they're just seven.  Look for the bazookas in the latest north
    western part.  Ahh, and there is a chainsaw hidden in the northeast part
    of the stage inside a bush box.
    Level 5: Weird Kids On The Block (10)
    Monster: -Twins
             -Mutant plant
             -Mushroom Men (Handle with care)
    It's impossible you get astray by those stupid twins (Unless you're
    playing with a partner).  Just right of the starting point there is a
    soldier.  He's the first victim in danger, because he's stepping a 
    mushroom born zone.  He should the very first victim to get.  Second you
    should get the baby in the very center of the level, because there will
    be a swarm of twins.  The others are just inside houses, and easy to get.
    Don't forget to kill the mutant plants, because there are some goodies
    under them.
    Level 6: Pyramid of Fear (10)
    Monster: -Mummies
    In this stage, just try to be quick getting the explorers inside the 
    maze.  I reccomend you start by the northern part, by getting the oldies
    then the explorer just up of the starting point.  Don't miss the 
    Pandora's Boxes and the Cross in the center of the maze, and don't miss
    the pots and the pile-of-dirts, because there will be (surely) some
    good hidden prizes.  Before you get inside the exit door, get ready to
    use a Shoes item, because you will need the quickly in the next level.
    Level 7: Dr Tongue's Castle Of Terror (10)
    Monster: -Zombies
             -Mutant Plants
    INMEDIATELY use the shoes (with the X button).  Run right to save the
    oldies, then run back and up (open only one of the double door), save
    the oldies, get left and down to save other oldies, run back and up to
    save the cheerleader, then the explorer left.  Run and save the other 
    cheerleader just south of there.  The very first six victims in about
    twenty seconds.  In case you don't have the shoes, just follow the same
    procedure, but stop with the cross to kill the THIRD victim in this stage
    walkthrough, because the oldies will turn into a couple of werewolves.
    If you finish this stage with 8 or less victims, just restart from the
    password, because the next stages won't be easy.  Let's continue: Then go
    to the right, by the stairs, then left again, to save a cheerleader.
    Don't even miss the treasure box and the curtains (They have items).
    Go back then up.  Kill the fire with water gun, fire extinguisher, or
    soda cans.  Go left and up to get some money.  Go back then right.
    There will be some kind of door maze.  Open the first and save the baby.
    Open the second door north, then the third to save the cheerleader.  Go
    back to the entrance of the maze.  Go right then open the door.  You
    will see three doors to be opened.  Open the western door to get a free
    monster potion.  Open the eastern door (Don't worry).  A very good 
    secret is waiting for you.  Search in the wall to the right to find a 
    hidden path.  Go up then look for another hidden path to the left.
    This will be your first encounter with Dr. Tongue in the game.  He
    will drink a potion then disappear.  Open the chest and the curtains.
    Take the key then go down STAYING AWAY FROM THE FRANKESTEIN.  Take the
    water potion, the medical and the 1UP carefully by navegating through
    the electric beams.  Go back, back and back.  Open the center door to 
    save the baby, then exit the level.
    (Thanks to cactuar10000@yahoo.com for a great help in this level)
    (Excuse me, friend, but my way is better.  Ha, ha, ha... It's joking...)
    Level 8: Titanic Toddler (10)
    Boss: -Mutant Baby
    A very special level.  Go south, save the teacher, then into the 
    southern house to save the baby and get some goodies.  Next: The Baby.
    Use the soda can method to kill him.  If you run out of soda cans, use
    the tomatoes then the ice cream bars.  Remember:  If a victim is shown
    in the screen, he/she will get killed by the baby.  Try to kill him away
    of your heighbors.  If you are in the mood, use a shoes item and save the
    four babies and the soldier.  Or use a random potion (Inside the house).
    If it gives you a monster transformation, a shoes effect or a water 
    effect, will be great.  With the monster and the water you will be
    invulnerable to his attacks, and with the shoes you will be faster than
    him.  Remember that you must kill him to get a skull key and save the
    last two cheerleaders.  Don't forget the explorer in the western part.
    Level 9: Toxic Terrors (10)
    Monster: -Toxic Slimes
    Bonus: -Secret Bonus!
    I really recommend you use the fire extinguisher, because the ice cream
    bars sometimes misses, and lets you naked in front of one or two of 
    those toxic slimes, while the fire extinguisher lets them freezed while
    you kill them.  Rescue the victims as soon as you see them, because the
    slimes will throw toxic things at them, and after a while they'll be
    dead.  There is a dog and an oldies neighbors just right of you, an
    oldies neighbor in the upper left part (don't miss the weedcutter in
    the most upper left part of the stage), and a baby inside the house.
    The others are spread in the house's backyard.  There is a bush box in
    the nothern part of the stage.  Break it in and get the question mark
    to go to the next bonus level.  Ahh, and don't forget the medical kit
    in the northeastern part of the stage.
    Bonus Level: Mushroom Men (10)
    Monster: -Mushroom men (Duh!)
    Bonus: -Weed cutting bonus!
    This level is neat.  Just grab the ten victims (they're just there, 
    close to your hands), and DON'T GO 'EXIT', because the goodies are in
    the upper part of the stage.  Pass through the bush box, and pull out
    your weed cutter, because there are lotsa weed in the floor.  The 
    goodies in this level includes a mosnter potion (just up of the
    entrance of the weeded zone), a cross (upper part), a medical (middle
    part), and a 1up (upper).
    Level 10: No assembly required (10)
    Monster: -Chuckies
             -Fire-on chuckies
    This level is HARD, just grab the victims wuickly, cause' the chuckies
    fellas won't forgive anything.  Remember that you can pass through the
    broken boxes just by hitting them with the bazooka (hope you have
    plenty of them).  There is a soldier just by the entrance, an oldie in
    the bottom part (by a medical), an oldie and a baby in the upper part, 
    taking the rightmost way by the bottom oldie (maybe this baby is the
    most easily killable victim in the game.  Just use the shoes or a 
    pandora's box to kill any chuckie in the way), a soldier left of there
    (should use a bazooka), an oldie couple north of there (by a monsta pot-
    MUST use a bazooka), a cheerleader (left), a medical kit (three bazookas
    will make enough), a teacher (left), a soldier (down, by two bazooka
    fires), and a baby (down) and you can go home.
    Level 11: Weeds gone bad (10)
    Monster: -Mutant plants
    Bonus: -Weed cutting bonus!
    As easy as it could be.  Just pull out your radar, and the weed cutter
    and this level will be history.  Remember that the mutant plants 
    sometimes have stuff below them, for example, the most southeastern
    plant have a neat monster potion below, and the one in the middle
    upper part of the stage has a weedcutter below.  There are a couple
    of weedcutters by the level, but i don't remember the position by now.
    Just use a blue potion, and look for them.
    Level 12: Mars need cheerleaders (10)
    Monster: -Aliens
             -Football Players
    Boss: -Alien Ship
    Bonus: -Ten cheerleader bonus!
           -Alien Invasion repulsed!
           -Secret Bonus!
    Easy, easy.  Just make a good use of the radar and a couple of shoes,
    (or blue potions) and the work will be finished.  Just try to not get
    any of the cheerleaders killed, because if you get all of them (10), you
    will get to the next bonus level.  Remember to be quick, because the
    aliens are so, and if you want to kill the alien ship, just look at the
    section called BOSSES.  If you don't have shoes for this level, there
    are one in the leftmost part of the stage (by a bush wall) and one 
    inside the house.
    Password: GFCY
    Bonus Level: Cheerleaders vs. the Monsters (10)
    Monster: -Zombies
             -Spiders (OUCH!!!)
             -Vampire (1 of them)
    This is a some kind of hard level, because there are too many monster.
    Just forget the goodies (by now) and the monsters and run up to save a
    dog and a cheerleader (they're in danger, because there is a spider nest
    near), pull your radar out and run to save the other eight cheerleaders.
    When you have saven the victims, is time to get the loot.  This level is
    full of keys, but also full of doors, but be wise, because there are
    doors that goes to nothing.  If you're smart, you should get out of
    this level with lots of loot and keys, without wasting too many
    It's weird, you get the last password here too.
    Level 13: Chopping Mall (10)
    Monster: -Zombies
             -Toxic Slimes
             -Chainsaw (1 of them)
    Remember: If you can't get a neighbor, just DON'T LOOK HIM/HER, because
    a zombie or a chuckie will arrive and kabooom.  There is a baby in one
    of the cash registers.  Save him when you enter, then the soldier right
    of there, and a couple of victims in the upper right part.  These four
    must be saved quickly, because they are in heavy danger.  Then go to
    the ones in the left and up.  Don't kill the Chainsaw, because you
    won't get anything for it.  Don't miss the blue potion and the medical
    kit in the back part of the stage.
    And now, take a pair of shoes, for the next stage.
    Level 14: Seven meals for seven zombies (10)
    Monster: -Zombies
             -Toxic Slime
             -Werewolves (hope this won't happen)
    This stage could just be called with a lone word: IMPOSSIBLE.  It's
    almost impossible for you to get out of this stage with no victim
    deaths, because the fact of being a twilight stage makes about three
    of the oldies turn into werewolves.  After entering, use the shoes
    and rescue the oldies, then run left, down, right, down to get another
    oldies, left, then up to get a explorer neighbor, back down, in the
    crossroads take the left path, then down to get another explorer and
    the final menace of an oldies neighbor.  You've rescued just five
    of the victims in the level.  But there are three more just north of
    where you got the last victim, but... it's almost impossible to do;
    when you get to the next victim (between the spikes) a zombie arrives
    and kills the explorer in the far right side.  The only way to avoid
    this is to use two pandora's boxes and run to get him, but it doesn't
    worth the waste.  There is another explorer in the far north side of
    the stage.  Go back to the crossroads and go down and save the baby
    in the right side of the spike zone, then go right and rescue the last
    explorer (look out for the spike zone).
    I got a very helpful Extra bonus victim!, and i don't know if it was
    only me or everybody can just do it.
    Level 15: Dinner in monster island (10)
    Monster: -Zombies
             -Mutant Plants
             -Chainsaw (1 of them)
             -Werewolves (if you don't want to)
    This level is not as hard as it looks.  There are only three things you
    should worry about.  First: this is a twilight stage, meaning that you
    must rescue the only oldies neighbor in the stage (it's just northwest
    of the starting point, after three doors).  Second: There is a dog 
    neighbor just northeast of the starting point, but this victim is in
    a severe danger of being killed by those fishmen.  Third:  There is
    a floating fatman neighbor in the northwestern part of the stage, and
    they're a lot vulnerable to those swimming fishmen.  The other victims
    are widespread in the entire stage, and they're in some way safe.
    DON'T MISS THE SKELETON KEY in the most southwestern part of the stage,
    just swim there, and in a little island you can get it.
    Level 16: Ants (10)
    Monster: -Ants
    Bonus: -Extermination Bonus!
    This stage is a giant spiral wall maze.  You start in the center of the
    spiral and you must follow a clockwise path to get all the victims and
    success.  Just try to be quick, and don't let the ants kill the
    neghbors you can't get.  There is some goodies near the ants holes and
    by the trees, but the ants will carry them in their mouths and get
    the items inside their holes.  Kill them first.  If you don't have
    enough martian gun, just use the weedcutter, or freeze them a while.
    Don't try to take shortcuts with the bounce pads, because (surely) you
    may skip a victim.
    Password: KKYM
    Level 17: Office of the doomed (10)
    Monster: -Zombies
             -Spiders (Beware!)
    Bonus: -Secret Bonus!
    Ins this stage it's just plain impossible to get all victims alive.  I
    arrived to this stage with ten victims left and gone with eight victims,
    but they could be less.  In any case, just try to get the oldies victim
    in the upper right part of the stage, near a baby, the which was killed
    in my case.  The other victim i lost was a oldies neighbor, because
    they turned into a couple of ugly werewolves.  Just be careful with the
    spiders, because they'll kill lotsa explorer neighbors.  DON'T MISS the
    secret bonus in the upper right part of the stage (must use one or two
    bazooka bullets) and the monster potion, in teh right side of the
    question symbol.
    Bonus Level: Someplace very warm (8)
    Monster: -Fire-on Chuckies
    This level is easy.  Just take the victims in the beginning of the stage
    and get to the spoils.  Dont go exit now.  Use a blue potion and run up
    to get some Pandora's boxes and a medical kit, then go right (don't go
    berserk to get those stupid wads of dollers, they don't worth the
    effort) to get a very useful 1up and a weedcutter (if you don't see
    them, they are in a part south of a very suspicious looking passage).
    Nou you can go in peace.  If the Fire-on Chuckies are bothering you,
    just make a good use of the fire extinguisher.
    Level 18: Squidmen of the deep (8)
    Monster: -Fishmen
    Bonus: -Fish Fry Bonus!
    There is jus one thing left to say about this stage: keep an open eye on
    those swimming neighbors, because there are many of them.  I use a kinda
    trick in this stage: when in your radar appears that you're close to a
    neighbor, just wait until there are FIVE fishmen in your screen.  Then
    just kill them all as quick as possible, and they won't appear in a few
    seconds, and you can use those seconds to rescue another victim without
    fear.  A strange fact about this level is that there is not any item
    there.  Rare.
    Level 19: Nighmare on terror street (9)
    Monster: -Zombies
    In this stage you should start by going south as soon as you start, and
    grab the first oldies (before the "werewolving"), then going left to the
    house and getting the second oldies, and then going up, outside the
    house, and going left again to get the next and last oldies neighbor.
    Jus try to be quick while getting those victims, because you can't afford
    to get another dead neighbor.  The others are just crap, but there is
    a cheerleader who is in severe danger of being killed, jus in the middle
    of the stage.  Jus use some pepsis to get rid of those stupid zombies
    and letting her free.  You can get the loot when you see that holy exit
    door opened.  Jus in case: there are a pair of shoes in the southest
    part of the stage, and a medical kit in the southwestern part, don't
    miss them.
    Level 20: Invasion of the snakeids (9)
    Monster: -Zombies
    Boss: -Snakeids (3 of them)
    This level is easier than it looks.  Just be quick killing the first two
    snakeids in the beginning of the stage (remember the plates), grab the
    useful bazookas, and get into the mine.  Remember: If you want to pass
    this level out, you MUST kill all three snakeids, because in the level
    are three skulled doors, with victims inside, and you want to spare this
    skull key you got in the Level 15, for next levels.  When you get in the
    mine, the only endangered neighbor is a baby in the upper left corner of
    the stage.  There is another snakeid lurking inside, so be careful.
    Don't forget the items and the piles of dirt (they may contain some
    prizes inside).  Ahh, by the way, this FAQ was written by Blue,
    tbb@uole.com.  Why this?  Because if somebody steals my work, well, they
    have a real high chance to miss this note.  Thanks to Donphan for the
    stolen idea.
    Password: ZXBL
    Level 21: The day the earth ran away (9)
    Monster: -Aliens
             -Toxic slimes
    Boss: -Alien Ship
    Bonus: -Alien invasion repulsed!
    DON'T GO BERSERK while trying to kill the alien ship, because you could
    get some dead neighbors.  This level is pretty linear, the neighbors
    will just appear in your radar while you walk north.  There is a good
    spot in this level: Most of the aliens WILL NOT appear inside the
    houses, so you just can keep inside a house in a safe way.  There is
    a couple medical kits you can use in the future in this level: one is
    inside the first uppper-left house (must use a normal key) and another
    in the end of the level, in the upper left corner of the stage.  If you
    want to kill the Alien ship, just wait 'til you get all the victims in
    the stage.  Don't forget the risk brought by the toxic slimes.
    Got an Extra victim bonus!!!
    Level 22: Revenge of Dr. Tongue (10)
    Monster: -Zombies
             -Toxic Slimes
             -Mutant Plants
             -Vampires (1 of them)
             -Frankesteins (1 of them)
    Bonus: -Secret Bonus!
    Ooooops... a whole swarm of a very good set of monsters.  Don't worry,
    this is not a twilight stage, so don't worry for the oldies.  Don't try
    to be quick, just try to be wise.  Learn the stage (using a password)
    and pinpoint the location of the victims with your radar.  The only
    threatened victims are a teacher (Slimes and zombies) in the right part
    and a dog (twins) near the teacher.  Don't miss the bonus level: rescue
    all the victims (the last two are inside two little rooms), then go
    down (The gargoyle faces in the wall may be broken, but don't know why)
    You will see a grassy part west of there.  Look in the very lower
    part of the wall to discover a secret passage.  Get in there, pass the
    grassy part to the north and discover the question mark, BEHIND A
    SKULLED DOOR!!!  Use the skulled key you found in level 16, because
    you will like what you will find behind the door.  Take the secret
    bonus, and turn right.  In the wall, hidden, there is an item, get in
    until you hear the sound indicating that you have grabbed the item.
    Look at your inventory.  Surprise!!!  You now have the Flamethrower,
    a very powerful weapon.  Try to save it, because you won't have any
    other in the whole game.
    Bonus Level: The son of Dr Tongue (10)
    Monster: -Werewolves (oops...)
             -Frankensteins (3 of them)
    Boss: -Mutant Baby
    This level is hardddd.  The first victims are just in the beginning of
    the stage (as always), there are three non-endangered victims in a
    baby field, but there is an oldies victim, inside a very fortified walls
    (you can't rescue them) the which will turn into a couple of werewolves
    (you can't avoid this).  Kill the baby, enter the lab, and rescue the
    very strange victim: he is the Son of the doctor Tongue.  He looks like
    one of his dreadful experiments, with a broken potion at his side.
    Don't kill the Frankies (unless you want to), because there are three,
    and they're very dangerous in that number.  I reccomend to kill them
    one by one, the first, the second and the third, not the three at once.
    Don't forget to loot after you kill them.
    Level 23: The caves of mistery (10)
    Monster: -Zombies
             -Toxic Slimes
    In this level you could become lost if you don't follow your radar and
    your path-finding-instinct.  There are some endangered victims in the
    lower part of the stage, but not so much trouble, and a soldier in the
    upper part of the level is being overrun by ants, so be quick while 
    getting him.
    Level 24: Warehouse of evil dolls (10)
    Monster: -Chuckies
             -Chainsaw (1 of them)
             -Toxic Slimes
    Bonus: -Bonus Password
    You may want to use a couple of bazooka shells in the beginning, by the
    lower part of the starting point are four easily grabable victims, but
    after some bazooka fire.  There are two victims threatened by chuckies
    in the most right part of the stage.  Be careful while you get close to
    them.  In the most southern part of the level there is a skulled door.
    You choose by what you have: There (inside the door) is a question mark.
    When you get it, the bonus is a password to level 24 with all ten victims
    alive, including a monster potion and a soda-can pack.  I don't recommend
    you to get this, because you may be passing thru the game without using
    passwords, and if you're using passwords, you can just get it by reading
    my beautiful FAQ.  By the way, the bonus password is GYLM, which is the
    same you can get by going out of the level with all ten victims alive.
    Password: GYLM
    Level 25: Look who's shopping (10)
    Monster: -Chuckies
             -Ants (A whole swarm)
             -Toxic Slimes
    Boss: -Mutant Baby
    This level is BIG and BAD.  You may get lost, because there are two
    height levels.  The most endangered victims are the ones in the baby
    turf.  They are three, and you should get them first, with the help of
    a blue potion (not the shoes, the baby will step on ya).  The others
    are spread in the surroundings of the second floor (north and south).
    You must use you imagination to get to some of the prizes, by using the
    jump pads.  There is a medical kit in the most southeastern part.  You
    can get it by beaking the wall (hit by the purple cans in the wall
    sprite).  There is also a red pot in the upperleft part.  Just break the
    wall by the potatoes, and here you go.  If you killed the baby, and you
    want an extra life, just use the skull key in the door in the lower part
    and get the 1up.  If you killed the baby, but you don't want an extra
    life (maybe you have all six), just save the key for later purposes.  If
    you haven't killed the baby, and don't want to, just don't do it, but i
    recommend you to kill him and get the life (unless you have all six).
    Level 26: Where the red fern growls (10)
    Monster: -Zombies
             -Mutant plants
    Bonus: -Weed cutting bonus!
    No sweat.  This level is big, but short.  The only endangered victim in
    the stage is a explorer in the southwestern part.  Don't look him if you
    can't get him.  Don't miss the first goodie, south of the starting point.
    You can also get the Weed vutting bonus by killing as many red fern as
    you can, and this can be acomplished by getting the weedcutters (there
    are many in this level).
    Level 27: Dances with werewolves (10)
    Monster: -Werewolves (a _real_ swarm)
    In this level 9 of 10 victims are threatened by the wolves.  The only one
    who is not in danger is a bounce pad kid.  Just be AQAP (as quick as
    possible), because the wolves are twice as quick as you.  A couple of
    shoes may work, if you use them the right way.  Use some of the bazooka
    shells you're saving fot the final monster in this stage, because there
    are many victims behind bush walls.  Don't miss the free 1up in the bush
    box in the upper part (aside a soldier).
    Level 28: Mark of the vampire (9)
    Monster: -Vampires (3 of them)
    One victim less.  You must get all four skull keys to pass through this
    difficult stage.  But first go up, then right, then up to get to the en-
    trance to the vampires hall.  You can't go in, because you may not have
    all four skull keys, but you should go there, because there is an oldies
    victim you should get before the sunset.  Go down then right to get to 
    the first spikes, then up, thru the maze up, to get to a hall where is
    the first skulled key.  Don't miss the baby and the explorer just by the
    key.  Go back to the spikes, but instead going up, go right then up, get
    the explorer (beware the wolves), and, don't matter how quick you get
    here, you can't get the oldies in the most northeastern part of the map.
    Kill the two newborn werewolves, and take the second skull key by there.
    Go right, thru the spike maze, then get the teacher, go down to get to 
    where two chests are, then get the third key by.  Go down to discover
    a secret passage, which will get you to the entrance to the vampires
    hall.  Use the three keys you have, and kill the two vampires (if you
    want, but i recommend doing so).  Get the cheerleader, the fourth skull
    key, go right (don't miss the martian gun hidden by a short hidden
    passage), up to get the two remaining victims and there you go.
    I don't undertand why, but i didn't get any Vampires Destroyed bonus.
    Maybe it's something i ate...
    Password: LLZS
    Level 29: Zombies' House party (9)
    TWILIGHT STAGE! (or something like that)
    Monster: -Zombies
             -Toxic Slimes
             -Chainsaws (2 of them)
             -Mutant plants
             -Mushroom men
             -Want more?
    Although this is a twilight stage, there won't be any oldies neighbor, so
    don't run so much.  Each monster appears in a determined area, so the
    werewolves won't cross with the aliens.  Don't even kill the chainsaws,
    they don't worth the waste, because you won't get any bonus for this.
    Maybe the only seriously endangered victim in the map is a cheerleader
    in the upperright corner, by the aliens.  The other are just not in that
    danger (be careful with the pool victim, because there are fishmen).
    This stage has the most cabinets in the game, so happy looting!.  Don't
    even try to miss the medical in the lowerright corna of the level.
    Level 30: The horror of the floor thirteen (9)
    Monster: -Zombies
             -Spiders (NOOOOOOOoooo...)
    Bonus: -Ten cheerleader bonus! (Nightmarish)
    The following level is rated R.  Difficulty: 11/10.  I can't tell you too
    much about thiz stage, just survive, and try to make the most victims
    survive.  When i arrive to this level, i run to save the first
    cheerleader (down and right), threatened by a chuckie.  Then run to save
    the others.  The spiders will just make a good work over your victims,
    so have plenty of those pandora's boxes.  I once arrived to this stage
    with ten victims left (with the help of an extra bonus victim), then
    rescued them risking my life.  I went out the level with zero bazookas,
    zero pandora's boxes, three medicals, one life left, and all ten victims
    alive, to see if they were all cheerleaders, and to see if i could get a
    special bonus.  Nothing.  I rescued ALL the cheerleaders, got the ten
    cheerleaders bonus, and no more...  So, don't kill yourself to test this
    fact: this doesn't exists.
    Got a very helpful extra bonus victim...
    Level 31: Look who's coming to dinner (9)
    Monsters: -Zombies
              -Chainsaws (2 of them)
              -Mushroom men
              -Mutant plants
              -Toxic slimes
    This level is not so hard.  There are few endangered victims: The baby,
    threatened by the fishmen right of the starting point; another baby,
    threatened by a chainsaw, up and left of the starting spot; a cheerleader
    threatened by a bunch of zombies, left-down of the start, and the others
    just require some care.  Try to kill the chainsaws, because they could
    kill some of your victims, if you're not careful.
    Level 32: Giant ant farm (9)
    Monster: -Ants
    Pretty confusing, but easy.  Just save the first victims in the
    surroundings, then a explorer, going down and left and down of the
    starting point.  You must get the three skull keys to rescue the victims:
    One is in the southeastern corner of the map, by the cactus (don't touch
    the cactus) (you can pass by the edge of the land, near the cactus).
    Other key is in a house, just north of the key you just got.  The third
    is just under an oldies victim, inside the maze in the center of the
    stage (take the left way when you get to a skulled door).  Use the keys
    in the door you just saw, in another door in the room you unlocked, and
    the other to rescue a explorer in the most southwestern corner of the
    A very kind friend of mine told me that he got the Extermination Bonus
    in this stage... and i believe him.  Thanks goes to thecode@prodigy.net
    Password: XJQY
    Level 33: Fish and crypts (10)
    Monster: -Fishmen
    Bonus: -Secret Bonus!
           -Fish Fry Bonus!
    When you see this level, think about the level 6: Pyramid of fear.  This
    is just about the same, but with some water and a secret bonus.  The
    bonus is in the upper left corner of the map, by a semi-secret passage,
    after a pile of dirt.  Swim in ther to get the bonus.  There is only one
    endangered victim: a explorer in the center of the map, enclosed inside
    a maze of hungry mummies.  I recommend to use the pandora's box.
    Although you may get all ten victims in the stage, you won't get any
    "Ten archaeologist bonus!" or something like that.
    The next level is hard, so, ready with the shoes, the bazooka, or the
    pandora's box.
    Bonus Level: Curse of the pharaohs (10)
    Monster: -Mummies (Aiiieee...)
    In this level is just impossible to get all victims alive.  This level
    is pretty linear, so you should get your shoes and rescue the first
    victims, then, when you're up, use the pandora's boxes to avoid the
    mummies kill the explorers.  I got an explorer dead...  sorrow...
    Don't forget to get the items, and the 1up.
    Level 34: I was a Chainsaw maniac (9)
    Monster: -Chainsaw
    Bonus: -Chainsaw Begone!
           -No Bazooka Fired Bonus!
    Pretty easy for your skills now.  First, snake south avoiding the
    Chainsaws (whilst they open your path) and take the soldier.  This is
    for getting a first glance of the stage: lots of boxes.  Right, you're
    surrounded by 3 or more chainsaws...  time to get serious.  If you want
    to be deadly, use a monster potion and break your way away, buy if you
    want to save it, just use the crosses (you should have a couple, because
    there were some in the Level 33).  Either you chose, go west, grab the
    soldier and make your way until you get by a room with a skull key
    inside.  Take it and go south by the doors and get another soldier.
    Go back where you got the skull key and solve the pseudo-maze (just
    break the walls) to get the teacher victim.  Go up and east and you'll
    be back at the beginning.  Go south where the third chainsaw was (he
    should have opened your way) and go east to get an oldies victim.  Go
    back to the beginning and go east by the conveyor belt, and go south to
    get a skulled key.  Back again go north then kill the cainsaw (if you
    want) and open the first skulled door to get a cheerleader then the
    second one to get a baby (west)  Take the explorer neadr that room
    and the baby in the upper-left corner and... done.
    Some people thinks this was a very hard level, but i don't.  I see it
    from the right way.
    Level 35: Boardwalk of terrors (9)
    Monster: -Fishmen (a bunch)
    Bonus: -Fish Fry bonus!
    Breathe deep and follow me.  Enter the house below for a nice medikit.
    The first thing you should know about the fishmen is that they have a
    spawning time (as when you kill one, it lasts about three seconds to 
    reappear from water).  this strange thing happens with almost the
    enemies in the game, but it happens in different numbers.  Eg: wait a
    little for the fishmen to appear.  Now kill him.  It should take about
    three or four seconds to respawn himself from water.  Now, this
    time is the time you should use to take your victims.  Step on an
    adjacent screen (see your map) and wait for the lone fishman to appear,
    then kill him and run for your victim.  This way you don't risk your
    dear neighbor.  Understood?  This is the trick you MUST use in this
    hardy level to get all your victims, because the water neighbors are
    in a very high risk of being killed by spawning fishmen.  Otherwise
    this level is pretty linear an easy.
    What a nice Extra Bonus Victim.
    Level 36: Monster phobia (10)
    Monster: -Chuckies
             -Toxic Slimes
             -Mutant weed
    Boss:    -Spider Mastermind
    When starting, look out for the chuckie that comes from avobe, because
    there are two victims in that way.  Carefully rescue them (and the
    bazookas), then follow the way down (don't forget the cabinets) and
    to the right.  Open your way to the dog neighbor, then go left to get
    to the teaher (There are two more cabinets to the left and a medical).
    Bazooka the wall south to the baby neighbor.  Take the southeastern path
    in the spider web maze, break and take the baby (Look out with the
    chainsaw).  Break the wall south, cut the weed and rescue the explorer.
    Tahe the eastern path by the roof to get to another baby (Only if he
    has not already been a lunch fot the werewolf).  Go back to the weed.
    Ignore the door, go left and break the wall, then inside break the
    window to get to the roof.  Go out and break in again by the northern
    window.  The cheerleader is in a heavy danger.  Use the pandora to save
    her of the chuckies and rescue her.  The last of the victims is inside
    the Spider's lair.  You must kill the boss in order to pass, so just
    follow the directives in the Bosses Section.
    Password: KZVJ
    Level 37: Labyrinth of horrors (10)
    Monster: -Zombies
             -Toxic slimes
             -Vampires (1 of them)
             -Mutant weed
             -Frankensteis (1 of them)
    This is a very easy level.  From the starting point go northeast to a
    baby, then go nortwest via water to the cheerleader.  West again to get
    a baby endangered by the spawning mummies.  West of there is a zombie
    spawning point, and inside is a cheerleader, so use the pandora to
    rescue her.  Go south until you get to a baby near a spikey weed.
    When you have rescued him, go south then west.  Get the medical.  Try to
    avoid the frankenstein and the vampire and go inside the lab to get the
    cheerleader, then north to get an explorer, then east to get another
    cheerleader.  Now, go to the most eastern point, then south to rescue
    a soldier, then go south again to rescue a baby.  You can go now, but
    to the north-west there is a loot spot by a Mutant weed.
    More levels are coming!!!
    8) CREDITS
    I would like to thank personally:
     For having the greatest place in all the web.
    Kao Megura:
     For having the greatest FAQs ever made. (My hero)
    Ergibbon (Fritz Fraundorf)
    YelseyKing (Matt Hobbs):
     For writing great FAQs.
    Paola Piamba Ceballos
     For being the solution of the second order differential equation
     of my life.  Don't ever let the transient status finish...
    DARPA Chief (Diego Ruiz)
    Chofer (Fernando Reyes)
    Farinango (Carlos Rivera)
    Hose Car (Oscar Dorado):
     For being great fiends.
     For great games.  Didn't you enjoy Sunset Riders, Castlevania,
     Metal Gear Solid, ISSS Deluxe, Silent Hill, Cybernator, Metalwarriors, 
     Vandal Hearts (How do i love this game...), and some others?
    And about the FAQ:
    Juanchi (link4@mixmail.com):
     For a great help in the bonus section.
    Chun Fung Wonh (yoshi1091@hotmail.com):
     For a great help with the ASCII art.  Thanks, man.
    Mori (mori@zworg.com):
     For a better use for some weapons.
    Bill (Artie5@aol.com):
     LOTS of help with the bonuses and some other corrections.
    Edward Kolbasowski (ekolbasowski36@hotmail.com):
     For lotsa encouragement.  Thanks, and thanks.  "It's Easy M'Kay"
     Ahhh, and for a greeeeeat help with the bonus levels.
    Cactuar (cactuar10000@yahoo.com):
     For help with some huge spelling corrections, and help with the
    DanZero (DanZeroSG@aol.com):
     Help with the bonuses and lotsa help with a password.
    ZEKE (raw_rab@hotmail.com)
     Lotsa help and encouragement from a latin friend.  Keep your drawings
     as they are.  Visit his GREAT ZAMN page at:
    Jeff Lawhead (MeteoX9999@aol.com):
     For some strange facts of the game, and some other valuable thingies,
     such as one of the new uses of the plates.  Bravo!!!
    Poker (GGoldeneye007fan@aol.com)
     For important data about the Flamethrower and saving job to me.
     (Hey, you don't stop poking me)
    Mark Carpenter (tuxkamen20@yahoo.com)
     For important things i should know about the game itself.
     For confirming the truth about the 'extermination bonus'.
    Nate Gleason (nategleason@mail.com)
     For some corrections and noticing the lack of mummies in this FAQ.
    If you think you should appear in this credits, and you don't appear,
    just mail me, because there should be some other missing people.
    And if you want to, just send me mails in Spanish language (i like to
    reply messages with my own language).
    Note that this FAQ is a long time work, and i won't tolerate the people
    who likes to copy other's work.
    One of my heroes (Kao Megura) finished his work: He won't write FAQs.
    He did it just for one reason: PLAGIARISM.  So, i will pursue any FAQ
    thief in all the web.  (-_-*)
    But, don't worry.  You may print this FAQ, only if these terms are met:
    -  You will e-mail me                       (tbb@uole.com)
    -  You get this FAQ from www.gamefaqs.com
    -  You give me ALL credit
    -  You show it full as it is
    -  The header, the credits and the legality are in it.
    -  You will not receive any kind of profit with it
    You can also add this FAQ to your page, only if the terms are met too.
    Also, if you would like to print this document in a magazine, or
    something like that, mail me, so i can receive a printed version of the
    magazine.  This rule also applies to magnetic and optical
    publishing ways and software creation.
    Document copyrighted (c) 2001 The Big Blue - All Rights Reserved  
    (Es decir: Derechos de copia reservados al autor (The Big Blue))
    Copyright:  The Big Blue, Perfect Mime, Garden Raider, Pale Face, etc.
    Zombies Ate My Neighbors (c) is a trademark of Konami (c). Characters
    appearing in this FAQ are trademark of Konami Computer Entertainment
    (c). Pepsi, Aquaman, Krusty, Jason, Chuckie, Bugs Bunny, and any other
    brand name references in my FAQ document are trademarks of their
    respective owners.
    The Big Blue doesn't ensure the precision of the information contained
    in this dossier.
                  "La verdad... la verdad es Helena de Troya"
                        Janeane Garofalo as Abby Barnes
                "Si las cosas terminan, es porque terminan mal"
                              A great philosopher
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