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"Hey I'm using the force!... It burns!!!! It Burrrrrnnns!!!"

Hello I'm Gammaknight and I'll be your Super Empire Strikes Back reviewer for tonight. First off I'll tell you that the game isn't too bad, its playable if you have patience and a little luck and of course, skill. SESB is actually interesting if you can get out of the mindset that ''every game has to be a masterpeice or its teh suX0rs''

Story 8/10: The story is told the only way that an SNES action games story can be told, through lines of text with a few picture backgrounds. Don't worry, its the same story as the movie so there's a remote chance that you probably know what its about.

Graphics 9/10: Very good compared to other SNES games from the same period, very clean and crisp. Luke looks like a blasted idiot though its probably the best that could be done for poor Hamill. Poor poor Hamill.

Gameplay 7/10: I try to enjoy it as much as I can, but the sheer difficulty gets in the way 50% of the time. (mind you the other 50% is where I love it)Its kind of like WW2 combined with the Crocidile Hunter put into an SNES cart and slapped with the Star Wars franchise. You've got kamikaze birds dropping down at you out of nowhere and bears looking for a nice chunk of your scrotum, wave after endless stupid wave of stormtroopers etc. The bombardment never ceases so you'll be wrestling with the controller a lot.

You can collect a few power ups that drop randomly from enemies to help you a bit, like shields (which by the way have nothing to do with Star Wars) and bombs that annihilate everything onscreen with a rainbow blast.(Don't ask)Oh and you can get these tiny swords that make your Lightsaber bar longer. And finally, what star wars game would be complete without blasters? You are able to get 5 different types of blasters, aren't you exited now?

Replay value: You'll probably want to boot it up every once in a while if you feel masochistic or come down with a hankering for some Star Wars and don't have anything else to play. Or if you just like the offbeat feel of the game like me.

In conclusion, we have a decent SNES era shooter that mocks the Star Wars franchise more that it tributes it, and although I'm fairly certain that this is a game that some wouldn't wish on their worst foe, I'll go so far as to say that this SESB is worth picking up if you see it for cheap at Gamestop. Its actually quite entertaining if you can get through the outer mess and find its groove.(whatever that means). OVERALL SCORE. 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/21/03

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