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    Pro Action Replay Codes by flamingspinach

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       ZSNES/PAR codes for
       Act Raiser
       Engineered by flamingspinach – http://genesisreality.dyndns.org/
    This file is adapted from the readme for a .CHT file submission to Zophar’s
    Domain (http://www.zophar.net/). All these codes have been engineered by me,
    flamingspinach, and are not supported by the makers of the game (namely, Enix
    and Quintet). I’m following GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/) convention in
    terms of the width of this document (79 characters). I have found a surprising
    number of working cheats for Act Raiser, and may think of more to look for
    later; therefore, this is not a final version.
          Code Table (ZSNES/PAR format)
    NOTE: Since there are so many codes, I’ve split them up into four sections.
    The first two sections apply to the [ACT] mode, when you’re walking around
    killing monsters, jumping, walking through doors etc. The last two sections
    apply to the [SIM] mode, when you’re flying around shooting bats, dragons,
    devils, and giant heads, as well as helping the people build their houses. The
    first and third sections are codes you will have to turn off from time to
    time. The second and fourth sections are codes that you can just leave on
    forever. Just FYI. :)
    1)  7E001D08 INF HP
    2)  7E001C01 INF LIVES
    3)  7E00E601 INF TIME
    5)  7E0BCC00 NO BOSS HEALTH 1
    6)  7E134C00 NO BOSS HEALTH 2
    7)  7E0CCC00 NO BOSS HEALTH 3
    8)  7E130C00 NO BOSS HEALTH 4
    9)  7E0ECC00 NO BOSS HEALTH 5
    10) 7E00210A INF MP
    11) 7E0282FF INF SP
    12) 7E00E480 RANGED SWORD
    13) 7E001F99 MAX SCORE
    14) 7E002099 MAX SCORE
    15) 7E00C300 ROOM ALWAYS LIT
    16) 7E02A208 1ST ITEM WHEAT
    17) 7E02A30E 2ND ITEM SKULL
    18) 7E02A409 3RD ITEM HERB
    19) 7E02A50A 4TH ITEM BRIDGE
    20) 7E02A60B 5TH ITEM MUSIC
    21) 7E02A70D 6TH ITEM TABLET
    22) 7E02A80F 7TH ITEM FLEECE
    23) 7E02A907 8TH ITEM BREAD
    24) 7E028608 INF HP [SIM]
    25) 7E022E03 MAX QUALITY 1
    26) 7E023003 MAX QUALITY 2
    27) 7E023203 MAX QUALITY 3
    28) 7E023403 MAX QUALITY 4
    29) 7E023603 MAX QUALITY 5
    30) 7E023803 MAX QUALITY 6
    31) 7F9EFA40 INF SOUL POINTS 1
    32) 7F9EFC40 INF SOUL POINTS 2
    33) 7F9EFE40 INF SOUL POINTS 3
    34) 7F9F0040 INF SOUL POINTS 4
    35) 7F9F0240 INF SOUL POINTS 5
    36) 7F9F0440 INF SOUL POINTS 6
    37) 7E029901 HAVE FIRE
    38) 7E029A02 HAVE STARDUST
    39) 7E029B03 HAVE AURA
    40) 7E029C04 HAVE LIGHT
    41) 7F96B800 SAFE FILLMORE 1
    42) 7F96B900 SAFE FILLMORE 1
    43) 7F96BA00 SAFE FILLMORE 2
    44) 7F96BB00 SAFE FILLMORE 2
    45) 7F96BC00 SAFE FILLMORE 3
    46) 7F96BD00 SAFE FILLMORE 3
    47) 7F96BE00 SAFE FILLMORE 4
    48) 7F96BF00 SAFE FILLMORE 4
    49) 7F96C000 SAFE BLOODPOOL 1
    50) 7F96C100 SAFE BLOODPOOL 1
    51) 7F96C200 SAFE BLOODPOOL 2
    52) 7F96C300 SAFE BLOODPOOL 2
    53) 7F96C400 SAFE BLOODPOOL 3
    54) 7F96C500 SAFE BLOODPOOL 3
    55) 7F96C600 SAFE BLOODPOOL 4
    56) 7F96C700 SAFE BLOODPOOL 4
    57) 7F96C800 SAFE KASANDORA 1
    58) 7F96C900 SAFE KASANDORA 1
    59) 7F96CA00 SAFE KASANDORA 2
    60) 7F96CB00 SAFE KASANDORA 2
    61) 7F96CC00 SAFE KASANDORA 3
    62) 7F96CD00 SAFE KASANDORA 3
    63) 7F96CE00 SAFE KASANDORA 4
    64) 7F96CF00 SAFE KASANDORA 4
    65) 7F96D000 SAFE AITOS 1
    66) 7F96D100 SAFE AITOS 1
    67) 7F96D200 SAFE AITOS 2
    68) 7F96D300 SAFE AITOS 2
    69) 7F96D400 SAFE AITOS 3
    70) 7F96D500 SAFE AITOS 3
    71) 7F96D600 SAFE AITOS 4
    72) 7F96D700 SAFE AITOS 4
    73) 7F96D800 SAFE MARAHNA 1
    74) 7F96D900 SAFE MARAHNA 1
    75) 7F96DA00 SAFE MARAHNA 2
    76) 7F96DB00 SAFE MARAHNA 2
    77) 7F96DC00 SAFE MARAHNA 3
    78) 7F96DD00 SAFE MARAHNA 3
    79) 7F96DE00 SAFE MARAHNA 4
    80) 7F96DF00 SAFE MARAHNA 4
    81) 7F96E000 SAFE NORTHWALL 1
    82) 7F96E100 SAFE NORTHWALL 1
    83) 7F96E200 SAFE NORTHWALL 2
    84) 7F96E300 SAFE NORTHWALL 2
    85) 7F96E400 SAFE NORTHWALL 3
    86) 7F96E500 SAFE NORTHWALL 3
    87) 7F96E600 SAFE NORTHWALL 4
    88) 7F96E700 SAFE NORTHWALL 4
          Code Descriptions
    NOTE: For this section, I’m going to deviate a bit from my normal system and
    clump similar codes into one description. If I didn’t, this section would be
    incredibly long. :)
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Beating the bosses (except the ones in Death Heim) will cause
    the game to crash if you have certain codes on. HERE IS HOW TO BEAT A LEVEL
    WITHOUT CRASHING THE GAME: When the boss appears, save state. Then turn off
    codes 1, 2, 3, and 4 (if they’re not already off). Then turn on either code 5,
    6, 7, 8, or 9, depending on the boss (see the descriptions of those codes for
    details). Only turn on one of these! By now, your health bar and the boss’s
    health bar may look screwed up. Load the state you just saved. Now attack the
    boss once. Try not to die – I mean come on, how hard is it to hit a boss once
    without dying!? :) Now the boss will start exploding. When it’s gone, your
    character will raise his sword in a victory stance. Notice that the game is
    taking your lives and seconds on the timer and converting them into points.
    This is why you don’t want to leave codes 2 and 3 on. After that’s done, the
    game heals your character. This is why you don’t want to leave code 1 on. :)
    As soon as you’re back in [SIM] mode, you can turn codes 1, 2, 3, and 4 back
    on again if you want. Make sure to turn off codes 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9! And
    that’s all. Sorry it’s that hard, but this game is STRANGELY CODED! Let me say
    DEATH HEIM – there, just turn on all the codes 5-9, and defeat the bosses.
    Why? Because in Death Heim, beating the bosses isn’t beating a level, and you
    just get transported back to the main room.
    NOTE: If you want to modify any of these codes, keep this in mind: Many of the
    values in this game are stored in a strange way. For instance, if on the
    screen the number says 28, the value will be stored as 28 IN HEXADECIMAL!
    Which is 40 in decimal. So if you’re stuck, try searching in hexadecimal for
    decimal numbers... o_O
    IMPORTANT NOTE: -- This note was removed because it applies to the .CHT file
    that originally went with this document. Go to http://www.zophar.net/zsnes/cht
    to see it. --
    1) INF HP – Fixes your HP at 8. Why 8? Because if your HP is higher than your
          max HP, the health bar looks screwed up. And in the beginning of the
          game, your max HP is 8. Later on it will look like you’re low on health,
          but don’t worry, it will stay at 8. It just looks ugly that’s all. Live
          with it! :)
    2) INF LIVES – Fixes your lives at 1. Why 1? Because at the end of the level
          the game converts all your lives to points, and nobody wants to wait for
          99 lives to scroll down to 0. :D
    3) INF TIME – Fixes your remaining time at 1. Why 1? See above (#2).
    4) INVULNERABILITY – This is the most annoying-looking code ever. It makes you
          flash red and white really fast. Not for the epileptic. However, it does
          get the job done (i.e. makes you invulnerable to enemies and attacks).
          There are some problems, though – for example, jumping onto a moving
          platform will cause you to lose control of the character until you turn
          off the code – so I’d keep this turned off unless you really need it
          (i.e. when enemies are swarming you).
          These codes will turn bosses into wimps. :) One hit will kill them.
          However, different bosses have different codes. Here is a list:
                For Boss:           Use Code:
                Fillmore Boss #1    NO BOSS HEALTH 1
                Fillmore Boss #2    NO BOSS HEALTH 2
                Bloodpool Boss #1   NO BOSS HEALTH 3
                Bloodpool Boss #2   NO BOSS HEALTH 4
                Kasandora Boss #1   NO BOSS HEALTH 5
                Kasandora Boss #2   NO BOSS HEALTH 4
                Aitos Boss #1       NO BOSS HEALTH 4
                Aitos Boss #2       NO BOSS HEALTH 4
                Marahna Boss #1     NO BOSS HEALTH 4
                Marahna Boss #2     NO BOSS HEALTH 4
                Northwall Boss #1   NO BOSS HEALTH 4
                Northwall Boss #2   NO BOSS HEALTH 1
                Tanzra              Use all the codes when facing Tanzra and all
                                      the other bosses in Death Heim.
    10) INF MP – Lets you use your magic attack as many times as you want by
          fixing your MP at 10 (0A in hex).
    11) INF SP – Lets you cause “Miracles” in [SIM] mode as many times as you want
          by fixing your SP at 255 (FF in hex). NOTE: Later on in the game, this
          will look like 511 (01FF in hex), because (as I found out a while after
          I made the code) this value is two bytes long... but there’s no real
          reason to go back and fix it, and besides, it’s a good thing, right? :D
    12) RANGED SWORD – Exactly ONCE in the game, you’ll find a powerup that looks
          a bit like a lightsaber. ONCE! And it expires after you leave the room.
          I don’t even know why Enix/Quintet put this in the game, but I’m sure
          glad they did, because now I’ve hacked it so that you can use this
          super-rare powerup... ALL THE TIME! *crazy maniacal laughter* Yeah. So,
          what does the Ranged Sword (I made that up) do? It causes crescent
          shockwaves to fly forward when you swing your sword, which allows you to
          kill enemies across the screen! Cool, no? Again, I have no idea why they
          even made this.
    13-14) MAX SCORE – Just what it sounds like. Your score is always 99990. Why
          the 0? Because you only get points in units of 10! How ridiculous. So
          the max score is actually 9999, it just shows up as 99990 because the
          programmers apparently thought it would look cooler. :)
    15) ROOM ALWAYS LIT – There’s ONE room in one of the dungeons where the
          lighting slowly goes from bright to dark back to bright again (remember
          those rooms with fireflies in Super Metroid?). Yes, ONE room in the
          entire game. See my rant in #12. :) This code keeps the light level at
          full so you can see what you’re doing.
    16-23) The ITEM codes – There are exactly 16 items in the game. You can hold
          up to 8 items at a time. Luckily, only 8 of the items are even necessary
          for advancing the story (Wheat, Magic Skull, Herb, Bridge, Harmonious
          Music, Ancient Tablet, Sheep’s Fleece, and Loaf of Bread). So, I made
          codes so that you’re always holding the 8 important items! Cool, no? :)
          As for the other 8 items... four of them are the magic powers (which I
          made codes for anyway), two are items to increase your stats (which I
          also made codes for), and the remaining two are the bomb which kills
          flying enemies (which don’t even exist anymore, thanks to the SAFE
          codes) and a duplicate Ancient Tablet which doesn’t work (!?). NOTE:
          when selecting an item, GO BY THE NAMES, NOT THE PICTURES! For some
          reason the pictures might be mixed around... o_O IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t
          use your infinite magic skulls to seal random Monster’s Lairs – the
          Monster’s Lairs are important to the advancement of the story, so if you
          seal them before the people do, there could be problems. Only use the
          skull on the one Monster’s Lair it was originally intended for – the
          devils’ Lair in the southwest area of Bloodpool.
    24) INF HP [SIM] – This infinite HP code works on the angel (looks more like a
          cherub to me) in [SIM] mode. Apart from that it’s the same as code #1.
    25-30) MAX QUALITY 1-6 – These codes maximize the quality of housing in all 6
          cities. Normally, the houses get better and better depending on the
          number of Monster’s Lairs you seal, and if you want all the houses to be
          top quality, you have to destroy the lower quality ones with
          earthquakes. Unfortunately, that often destroys farms, ranches, etc., so
          this code is a cool alternative! :) Each code works on a different city.
    31-36) INF SOUL POINTS 1-6 – You may not know this, but every time you shoot
          and kill a flying enemy in [SIM] mode, you get a “soul point”. Did you
          notice that when you kill a monster, it turns into a small white orb and
          flies to the temple in the city? That’s what I call a “soul point”. I
          don’t know what it’s really called, because your “soul points” aren’t
          displayed anywhere, as far as I know. Why do I call it a “soul point”?
          Notice that Enix and Quintet, the makers of this game, also made Soul
          Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma (my favorite SNES game!). Also
          notice that the music in Act Raiser is similar to that in Soul Blazer,
          and that the sound effects are almost identical between Act Raiser and
          Soul Blazer. Also remember that in Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and
          Terranigma, souls are represented by glowing white orbs. Aha! These must
          be souls too! :) Anyway, what do “soul points” do? Whenever a villager
          leaves the temple and builds a house, you use up a “soul point”. You can
          only get “soul points” by killing monsters. Since the SAFE codes got rid
          of all the monsters, there’s no way to get “soul points”, and you can
          never build houses! Hence these codes. Each code acts on a different
          city, and sets the “soul points” for that city to 64 (for some reason if
          you set it higher it doesn’t work).
    37-40) The HAVE -------- codes – These four codes give you all four magic
          attacks before you’re supposed to get them. The four attacks are Magical
          Fire, Magical Stardust, Magical Aura, and Magical Light, with Fire being
          the least powerful and Light the most.
    41-88) The SAFE codes - I put these last on the list because there’s so @#&$
          many of them! What do they do? Every two codes get rid of the monsters
          from one Monster’s Lair. There are four Lairs per city, so there are 8
          codes per city. And there are six cities. So there are 48 codes. Simple.
          Now aren’t you glad there isn’t an entry for each code? Heh. :)
          Codes Planned for Later Updates
    - A better invulnerability code! This one annoys me.
    - Fix the item codes so the images don’t move around, maybe... I have no idea
          how I’d go about this one though.
    - There are way too many SAFE codes, but I don’t know what I can do about
    - Invulnerability in [SIM] mode, maybe... not really necessary though.
    Any suggestions? Contact me – see the contact section below.
          Terms of Use                                                             
    Here’s what you need to know about this file, legally speaking. Don’t be 
    offended by the all caps text, please. I fully capitalized it not to seem as if 
    I were shouting at you but rather just to draw attention to it, and to make 
    sure that people actually read it. Thanks to Sayain for pointing out that some 
    people might see it otherwise. :)
    Websites whose owners have explicit, willing consent from me to distribute 
    and/or redistribute this document:
    - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    Simple enough, no?
    You can contact me, flamingspinach, with questions, comments, suggestions, or
    whatever (no spam please :) ) at:
       AIM:    flamingspinach
       YIM:    flamingspinach
       MSN:    flamiSUPERBLEARYngspinach@@@lycos.com
       ICQ:    214673046
       IRC:    flamingspinach on sorcery.net
       Jabber: flamingspinach on jabber.org (if I can get it to work... o_O)
       Email:  genesDECAFFEINATEDisreality@@@genesisreality.dynVORTEXdns.org
    Some guidelines for talking to me (@_@): Don’t ask me to add you to my buddy 
    list, if you’re the one who contacted me. I won’t do it. After all, the reason 
    I’ve put this contact info up here is so that people can talk to me about my 
    guides, not for lonely people to bombard me with small talk. :) I don’t mind 
    talking to my readers on IM, but this contact section is not a Personals ad. If 
    you talk to me on IM after reading this FAQ, I expect that you want to talk to 
    me about my FAQ. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Thanks.
    Of course, remove the ALL CAPS stuff and extra @'s, they're antispam... à la 
    Slashdot. o_O

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