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    FAQ by CBomke

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    Actraiser FAQ v.01
    by Christine Bomke, exclusively for GameFAQs
    Actraiser was released in 1991 by Enix for the Super Nintendo/Super 
    Famicom, combining the side-scrolling action of Super Mario Bros with
    the town-building simulation aspect of SimCity. It was the first - and to my 
    knowledge ONLY - game of its kind, and the graphics and music are on par with 
    games that were released a few years later at the twilight of the SNES/SFC's 
    Table of Contents
    Version info
    1. v.01 - 9.20.99
    1. The story
    2. Controls
    	a. Acts
    	b. Simulation
    3. Icon Explanation
    	a. Acts
    	b. Simulation
    	c. Sky palace
    4. Levels
    1. Fillmore
    	a. Act I
    	b. Simulation
    	c. Act II
    2. Bloodpool
    	a. Act I
    	b. Simulation
    	c. Act II
    3. Kasandora
    	a. Act I
    	b. Simulation
    	c. Act II
    4. Aitos
    	a. Act I
    	b. Simulation
    	c. Act II
    5. Marahna
    	a. Act I
    	b. Simulation
    	c. Act II
    6. Northwall
    	a. Act I
    	b. Simulation
    	c. Act II
    7. Death Heim
    	a. Act I
    	b. Simulation
    	c. Act II
    8. Extras
    Version Info
    v.01 The first version! Contains basic controls, FAQ structure, and walkthrough 
    up through Kasandora.
    [B.1] The Story
    You are The Master, a diety who once protected a world full of worshippers from 
    any evil that would threaten the peace. The Evil One, heretoafter referred as 
    Tanzra, sent his six guardians to conquer your world and defeat you in the 
    process. After Tanzra and his guardians entrapped you in the Sky Palace after a 
    brutal battle, where you have been recovering your strength in a deep sleep for 
    the past few hundred years. Your goal is to first purify your lands - Fillmore, 
    Bloodpool, Kasandora, Aitos, Marahna, and Northwall - in the Action portion, 
    then direct your people to rebuild and repopulate them in the Simulation 
    portion. Good luck!
    [B.2a] Controls: Acts
    Control Pad - moves The Master right, left, and causes him to kneel
       A Button - nothing
       B Button - jump
       X Button - use magic
       Y Button - swing your sword
          Start - pause
    [B.2b] Controls: Simulation Mode
    Control Pad - moves Angel and the Yellow Square left, right, up, and down
       A Button - nothing
       B Button - calls up the menu, confirms commands
       X Button - nothing
       Y Button - shoots arrows, cancels commands
    [B.3a] Icon Explanation: Acts
    Half Apple - 1/4 of your life gauge will be refilled
    Whole Apple - all of your life gauge will be refilled
    1UP - gives you an extra life
    Magic Scroll - increases your MP by one point
    Crown - gives you 1000 points
    Diamond - gives you 500 points
    Crush - instantly kills all enemies onscreen, eschewing bosses
    Flaming Sword - allows you to shoot projectiles from your sword
    [B.3b] Icon Explanation: Simulation
    Clouds - return to the Sky palace
    Sky Palace - move the Sky Palace elsewhere
    Arrow - direct the building
    Praying Woman - go to the shrine and see what your people have to say
    Grasping hand - take an offering from the shrine
    Hand with glowing orb - use the offering *
    Finger - preform a miracle, consuming SP (Super Points?); they are:
       Lightning, 10 SP - destroys bushes and houses; kills monsters  **
       Rain, 20 SP - restores dried-up fields; washes away desert sand
       Sun, 30 SP - dries up swamps; melts arctic snow
       Wind, 80 SP - blows away flying enemies; restarts windmills
       Earthquake, 160 SP - destroys all but top-level houses; kills monsters; may 
    even rearrange land masses
    * Offerings are gifts from the people to you. They may range from a harvest of 
    grain, to an invention, to special arrows for Angel, to a stat boosting item 
    such as magic or a 1UP for The Master.
    ** Another icon of note in the simulation is monster lairs - simply killing them 
    with Angel's arrows isn't enough, as they'll continue to regenerate and venture 
    forth to wreak havoc and generally bug you. You need to direct the building of 
    your cities towards the monster lairs, where your people will Seal them, 
    preventing any further monster outbreak.
    [B.3c] Icon Explanation: Sky Palace
    Sky Palace - move the sky palace to another area
    Angel - observe the people in Simulation
    Circle with prongs - fight monsters to purify the land in Action
    Magic Scroll - select magic to bring with you in Action
    [B.4] Levels
    The number of people in your world will affect you two ways:
    1. Improve living conditions allowing for more people to live under one roof, 
    and ergo, make efficient use of land space. There are three levels of housing 
    sophistication to each area, and after your people have attained the most 
    advanced, it is well worth destroying the old ones so that better, newer houses 
    can be built.
    2. Add bars to The Master's life gauge; Actraiser's answer to levelling up.
    [W.1a] Fillmore Act I
    Before leaving the sky palace, you'll be prompted by Angel - your servant - to 
    enter a name for yourself. Do so, then select Fight Monsters from the menu at 
    left. You will then enter the Action portion of Fillmore.
    Walk all the way to the right, hacking and slashing monsters as you go. Ride the 
    platforms through the trees to pick up curative items - including a 1-up - from 
    the crystal orbs, and watch out for the thorns on the ground should you fall.
    BOSS: Centaur
    He's a pushover. Dodge his lightning magic, kneel when he charges you with his 
    partisan, and you should be able to defeat him without any trouble.
    [W.1b] Fillmore Simulation
    After the deCentaurification of Act I, your leaders will be born. Destroy the 
    bushes around your shrine with lightning, then direct the building in general 
    direction of a monster lair. Watch out for the Napper Bats and Blue Dragons - 
    they can steal townsfolk and burn houses down, respectively. Also, be sure to 
    visit the shrine everytime your people Seal a monster lair, since they'll have 
    an offering for you. If you destroy the big rock south of the eastern cliffs, 
    the people will offer you Fireball magic. There are Sources of Magic, AKA Magic 
    Scrolls, aka Action MP's along the seashore and in the woods to the east.
    [W.1c] Fillmore Act II
    After sealing the last monster lair, a chasm will open by the cliffs, and you 
    can go in there and fight Minotaurus. Act II is pretty straightforward, just 
    avoid the goblins who throw thorns at you, don't fall into a pit and get 
    skewered, and take advantage of the apples in crystal orbs.
    BOSS: Minotaurus
    A little harder than the Centaur, he jumps around and flings axes at you. While 
    he's on the ground, get right up next to him and pound on the Y Button to 
    repeatedly swing your sword. If you go into the battle with more or less full 
    life, it shouldn't matter when he hits you with his axe - your HP will last out 
    his so long as you're hitting him enough.
    Note: if you've attained level 5 (700 people or more), you can skip Bloodpool 
    for the moment and move on to Kasandora.
    [W.2a] Bloodpool Act I
    Pretty straightforward act, again, be sure and pick up a 1UP on the second to 
    last wooden structure, and a Whole Apple on the last.
    BOSS: Chimera
    You should arrive at him with full health if you got that Whole Apple, and if 
    not, you shouldn't have any problems. He jumps from platform to platform when 
    you try to attack him, but if you catch him on the bottom rung, you'll be able 
    to hit him 4-5 times before he disappears into the red water. You can also use 
    Fireball magic.
    [W.2b] Bloodpool Simulation
    Start by clearing away the swamp using Sunlight, and give the people the bridge-
    building skill your Fillmore-ian worshippers offered to you. With this, you can 
    build bridges across the delta to the south, and seal the Blue Dragon's monster 
    lair, bringing up the civilization level a notch. Once the civ. level is at two, 
    your people will be able to grow Wheat, and be able to feed many more mouths 
    than Corn. From this point on, they'll also have unlimited offerings of Wheat 
    for the rest of the game, so take their offerings, and go to other lands and 
    share the harvest. This is pivotal to populating your lands to capacity. 
    Continue clearing away the swamp, give Bread to Teddy, and use the skull on the 
    Red Demon's lair. Once you do so, the lake will no longer be poisoned, and your 
    people will find Magical Stardust - your second magic - while fishing. Get ready 
    for Act II!
    [W.2c] Bloodpool Act II
    Kill the gargoyle and enter the castle after marvelling at the beauty of the 
    background in the first screen. Ride the chained platforms to the top, jump to 
    the right, and continue on. In the room with glowing fungus, try not to move 
    until you can see where you're going, since the spikes are deadly. Keep going, 
    grab the whole apple on the upper left side of the room with retracting ledges 
    (_Wizards and Warriors_, anyone?), and go through one more archway to face the 
    BOSS: Sorcerer/Werewolf
    He's like the Chimera in that he'll teleport from platform to platform - 
    whichever side you're not on, unfortunately - except he moves a whole lot 
    faster. Once you take off about half of his life bars, he'll transform into a 
    werewolf and attack you more aggressively. This battle may be the first one you 
    lose, so don't feel bad if you see Actraiser collapsing on his sword and making 
    that "Unh!" noise Enix later explanted into _Soulblazer_, it happens to the best 
    of us. If you're level 7 - 8 ideally - and have Magical Stardust, you can squeak 
    If you go back to the simulation mode after this, you'll notice lots of thought 
    bubbles with crossed swords. There is unrest a-brewin' in Bloodpool, and unless 
    you can find something to soothe the violent thoughts of the people, the rest of 
    the town won't get built. Make a note of this, and come back later.
    [W.3a] Kasandora Act I
    In the first screen, concentrate on staying at full health and be sure to kill 
    the flying fires, since they move quickly and will drop multiple flames. In the 
    second screen, don't fall off the rock formations, elsewise you'll drop into a 
    bottomless pit and lose one life. Bummer, man. Grab the extra Magic Scroll at 
    the top of the last rock formation for another MP, and make your way to the 
    BOSS: Antlion
    After the gross difficulty that was the Sorcerer/Werewolf, this insectile pest 
    is a breeze. Pass the Raid, please? Swing your sword when the head is above the 
    sand, and time your jumps to dodge its claws when they come towards you. Using 
    magic will take off 4-5 of its life bars at once.
    [W.3b] Kasandora Simulation
    Use Rain to clear away the sand, and give the people Wheat right away. The lost 
    man is on the east side of the desert, just south of a Blue Dragon's lair. Once 
    you lead the people to the lost man, 'Music' will be invented. Take it back to 
    Bloodpool to appease the warlike thoughts of the people there.
    All the rest, COMING SOON!

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