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    Boss FAQ by Hunter-K01

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/14/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Actraiser Boss Guide 1.0
    Revised 7/14/99
    Author: Hunter-K01
    Email: kool_knight2@hotmail.com
    AIM: AZNDrgn831
    ICQ: 21297177
    Homepage: http://members.tripod.com/~Argus83/main.htm
    Game Type: RPG/Strategy
    Publisher: Enix
    Number of Players: 1
    Difficulty: Unavailable
    (c)1999 by Hunter-K01. All rights reserved. You all know the rest; no 
    ripping of my work etc. Updated versions of all FAQs will be only @ 
    gamefaqs.com. This FAQ/Boss guide must not be sold under any 
    circumstances as this is free to the public.
    Act 1-1
    --Boss: Centaur Knight--
    The easiest way to defeat this guy is to crouch and slash him a couple 
    of times and then run away quickly. His lightning attack can be avoided 
    at a safe distance, but harder when closer to him. You can dodge his 
    lance by crouching low and slashing him. 
    Act 1-2
    --Boss: Minotaurus--
    He'll try to jump on you, slash at you and fire off a projectile. The 
    strategy you ask? Once he lands, hit him and RUN away from where he was 
    standing. You'll be able to anticipate the projectile. DO NOT get too 
    close to the walls. Doing so may quickly finish you instead of the boss. 
    He's quite difficult considering his speed is far greater than yours.
    Act 2-1
    --Boss: Night Creature--
    Way too easy for a boss...no? The trick is to get on the upper right 
    platform and jump the fireballs he spits at you. Take a slash at him 
    (don't get too greedy!) and repeat. If you try to jump after him, he'll 
    just go to the other platforms and do the fireball thing over again. 
    You'll likely be knocked to your death if you try to chase him around. 
    Patience pays off a lot here.
    Act 2-2
    --Boss: Wizard--
    The first form is very easy to defeat. Jump the triple fireballs and 
    avoid the lightning hitting him as many times as you can. It's better to 
    hit him from the bottom platforms. Next, he'll transform into a werewolf 
    and begin jumping from wall to wall. If at this point you still have 
    lots of HP left, fight as viciously as you can. Otherwise, hit him ONCE 
    when he howls and watch out for the projectiles that come after his 
    Act 3-1
    --Boss: Sand Lion--
    This boss is difficult (IMO) due to his variety of attacks. The sand 
    makes everything harder and when he burrows under the sand, watch out 
    for two tentacles that'll come ripping to ya. After the tentacles reach 
    the center, the beast will rear it's ugly head spitting stuff at you. 
    Crouch, hit, and jump the tentacles. 
    Act 3-2
    --Boss: Golden Pharaoh--
    He'll try to crush you, spit fireballs at you, and make shooting heads 
    appear depending which direction the fireball is headed. Avoid the 
    little heads, run under the big head, slash, and repeat.
    Act 4-1
    --Boss: Serpent--
    Hey! Where'd that projectile come from? I dunno...well use that 
    advantage to your fullest to outwit this fast-moving moster. You'll be 
    able to get a few hits and try not to jump often. Doing so usually leads 
    to many deaths. Take your time, and remember, his head is the only 
    vulnerable spot.
    Act 4-2
    --Boss: Flaming Wheel--
    Man this is one difficult dude! He follows you and shoots these green 
    things at you. I suggest using a source of magic such as the STARDUST 
    magic to beat him considering you have enough scrolls. Otherwise, hit 
    and and try not to take so many hits. 
    Act 5-1
    --Boss: Giant Plant--
    The fireballs are easily avoided but the vine can cause quite a lot of 
    pain. This boss requires much timing and patience to outwit and defeat. 
    Run toward him, jump the vine, and slash him and quickly run back. 
    Repeat the same strategy and you'll prevail.
    Act 5-2
    --Boss: Snake God--
    The magic power, MAGICAL LIGHT is definitely the best to beat this boss. 
    Uh, never mind. He'll drop spikes and drop himself onto you. Avoid the 
    spikes, his lightning attack, and hit him when he tries to crush you. 
    Simple enough right?
    Act 6-1
    --Boss: Cave Gargoyle--
    You best be waiting in the corner and slash him when he gets near you. 
    If you're lucky, you'll be able to pull off two hits on this guy and 
    he'll be toast.
    Act 6-2
    --Boss: Ice Dragon--
    STARDUST MAGIC will definitely pay off here and will aid you greatly. 
    Else, it him in the back when he lowers himself and prepares to shoot at 
    Final Boss

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