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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Joe the Destroyer

    Version: 0.45 | Updated: 12/01/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    For play on Super Nintendo Entertainment System (also on Nintendo Wii - Virtual
    Presented by Joseph Shaffer (Joe the Destroyer)
    Version 0.45
    Last Updated: 12/1/2010
    Walkthrough: About 1/7 complete.
    Other stuff: Getting there.  Maybe 1/4 complete
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    -4:53 AM Update
    -9:49 AM Update
    I don't think it's the ton of snow outside that scares me.  It's the Washington
    state drivers.  About to fill out  this guide with all the necessary goods.
    Questions added to the FAQ.  Section 1A complete.  Started the walkthrough
    -7:40 AM Update
    Happy birthday to me!  My twenties have ended, and I kind of miss them.......
    not that I remember much of them.   Section 1B completed, 3A and B started, and
    added more to the walkthrough.  It now covers the Fillmore section of  the
    -7:48 PM - 12:11 AM Update
    Proofreading what has already been written.  Started up 1E and Section 4.
    Walkthrough now goes through Act I of  Bloodpool.
    Reference credit goes to:
    Nintendo Power for boss names
    Contents According to Joe
    Section 1: Introduction
    1A: I Don't Mind You Playing God
    1B: Divine Intervention (controls)
    1C: Playing God
    1D: Tips
    Section 2: Walkthrough
    2A: In the Beginning...
    2B: Fillmore
    2C: Bloodpool
    2D: Kassandora
    2E: Aitos
    2F: Northwall
    2G: Maranha
    2H: Final Showdown
    Section 3: Items and Offerings
    3A: Single Use Items
    3B: Event Items
    3C: Action Stage Items
    Section 4: Magic
    Section 5: FAQ
    Section 6: Legal Bit
    Section 7: Thank You and Goodbye
    Imagine a game where you play as a god.
    What?  SimEarth?
    Okay, imagine a game that doesn't totally blow where you play as a god.
    You send your spirit down from the heavens to animate a monument built to you.
    That monument becomes your avatar,  and you guide it through perilous forests,
    poisonous swamps, and giant snowy trees to hack evil to pieces.  Your  avatar
    sends evil packing, and finally humans can cultivate the lands again.
    Sadly, these humans are idiots and do not possess the supreme intellect that
    you do.  You have to show these people  how to rebuild their societies, ruling
    with tough love.  They build a pasture and it pisses you off.  You send down
    lightning bolts to destroy all of their needless garbage so that you can have
    more room for what matters: more  followers.  What else does a deity profit
    from except having a bigger choir to sing to it?
    A game like this can certainly give you a complex.  That's what video games are
    for.  They're there for you to  unwind and vent your frustrations.  It doesn't
    matter if you're running over old ladies in GTA or causing a  magnitude 8
    earthquake in ActRaiser.  Playing god is an excellent way to stroke your ego
    after a long day of work.
    This game is divided into two gameplay modes.  One is a side scrolling hack 'n
    slash platformer.
    You start off an area in a side scrolling environment.  This is referred to as
    "Act 1".  You guide your avatar  through many hazards and monster-infested
    lands, shoving your sword in monsters' faces, horribly murdering their  kin,
    pillaging, destroying, ruling with the iron fist a god should!
    When you've succeeded, the land is mostly free of monsters, though some still
    roam the land.  It is at this point  that you create some humans to screw like
    bunnies and multiply like overpopulation ain't a big deal.  This is a
    simulation mode like SimCity.  It's here that you have to guide the people of
    the land towards building their new  civilization, but also towards ridding the
    land of the remaining monster lairs.  These are represented by crests on  the
    land, and you can definitely tell where they are because enemies will sprout up
    from them.  Some of them will be  hidden, and it's up to you to find them.
    Guiding your humans to build their city on top of the nests will cause  them to
    seal them.  This will stop new monsters from spawning.
    You control your servant during these scenes.  You must guide him toward
    killing off any creatures that pose a  threat to your civilization.  Killing
    them will not complete remove them as a threat.  They will continually respawn
    until the people have built part of their civilization next to the lair.
    People will surround the lair, the loud  chinks of metal will be heard, and
    then a blast will sound.  The lair will be shut, gone forever, and will no
    longer  be able to spawn monsters.  Quite often, this will lead to the
    storyline being moved forward, advancements in your  civilizations culture, or
    even items like Bombs or Sources of Magic being found.
    Also scattered about the simulation environment are various land formations
    that need to be dealt with like trees,  rocks, snow, marshes, etc.  You have to
    use your godly powers to make these things go away, sending lightning after
    rocks or the sun after snow.  The great thing is that you can also use these
    abilities to screw over your own  inhabitants.  Don't like what someone built?
    Lightning bolt it!  Are the people being unruly?  An earthquake ought  to fix
    After you've closed up all the monster nests, the inhabitants will inform you
    of yet another area that's infested by  monsters.  This means you will go into
    "Act 2", which is the side scroller environment again.  This time, the level
    will be slightly more challenging, and the boss battle might make you want to
    pull your hair out.  Kill the boss and  you've completed the area once and for
    You can then go back to your city and instruct the people toward further
    advancement.  As the overall population of  your continent rises, so does your
    level.  Population is like experience.  As you have more people living in the
    area, you gain levels.  Gaining levels means having more HP and MP*, which
    means those side scroller scenes become a  tiny bit easier.  It makes sense
    when you think about it.  A deity demanding worship would only become stronger
    with  more people putting having faith in it.
    The area doesn't necessarily end just because you've killed off the second act
    boss.  The people will sometimes have  hardships like feuding or plagues.  The
    answers to these problems usually comes from other lands.  For instance, the
    desert area ends with the citizens getting the plague.  This can be solved when
    you cultivate the jungle area and  the citizens there gather herbs that can
    cure the plague.  You can take those herbs then to the desert area and cure
    the plague.  Failure to do so means that you won't be gaining anymore
    population in that area, and that means less  people praying to you.
    This game really is original.  The idea has been replicated a few times before
    (like in the Dark Cloud games), but  never as well done as here.  One can only
    hope that one day Square Enix will pull their heads out of their bums and  make
    a true sequel to this game, one that does the gameplay some justice.  Not
    likely, though, since Quintet  developed this game and they are currently MIA.
    Though, if you do want to play a concept sequel, check out Soul  Blazer.
    *Leveling up only increases the MP in simulation modes.  To raise MP in action
    modes, you must collect more Sources  of Magic.
    Action sequence:
    D-Pad Left/Right- Move left/right
    D-Pad Down- Crouch
    D-Pad Up- Not used
    A- Use spell
    B- Jump
    X- Use spell
    Y- Attack
    R- Not used
    L- Not used
    Start- Pause
    Select- Not used
    Simulation sequence:
    D-Pad- Move
    A- Not used
    B- Bring up menu/select menu item
    X- Not used
    Y- Cancel menu/Attack
    R- Not used
    L- Not used
    Start- Pause
    Select- Not used
    While in the Sky Palace:
    D-Pad- MOve cursor
    A- Not used
    B- Make selection
    X- Not used
    Y- Cancel/exit Sky Palace
    R- Not used
    L- Not used
    Start- Not used
    Select- Not used
    For those of you who just don't like to tinker with stuff and learn things the
    kinesthetic way, I have provided this  section for you.  This section covers
    the menu choices in simulation mode and in the Sky Palace, both of which will
    be essential for advancing in this game.
    The menu should look something like this
    To Move -> Sky Palace Movement -> Observe the People
    Fight -> Fight Monsters -> Select Magic
    Status -> Status of Master -> Status of Cities
    Other -> Progress Log -> Message Speed
    Those far left selections are categories.  Selecting them does nothing.  It's
    the two selections to the right of  each category that allow you to do
    -Sky Palace Movement- Gee, you think this allows you to move the Sky Palace?
    Of course it does!  Select this to go  to the world map and move to another
    -Observe the People- Allows you to go into an area's simulation mode.  Cannot
    be used if Act I hasn't been  completed.
    -Fight Monsters- Allows you to initiate Act I or Act II in an area.  Necessary
    when first entering an area or after  sealing all of the monster lairs in
    simulation mode.
    -Select Magic- As it states, it allows you to equip a spell.
    -Status of Master- Shows your status.
    -Status of Cities- Allows you to view the status of your cities.
    -Progress Log- Allows you to save.
    -Message Speed- Set message speed.
    The menu looks like:
    To Move -> Return to Sky Palace -> Sky Palace Movement
    Direct the People -> Building Direction -> Let Us Listen
    Miracles -> Lightning -> Rain -> Sun -> Wind -> Earthquake
    Offerings -> Take an Offering -> Use Offering
    Status -> Status of Master -> Status of Cities
    Other -> Progress Log -> Message Speed
    -Sky Palace Movement, Status of Master, Status of Cities, Progress Log, and
    Message speed are all exactly the same  in simulation mode as they are in the
    Sky Palace.
    -Return to Sky Palace- Returns you to the Sky Palace.
    -Building Direction- Tells your city which direction you want them to build in.
    This is necessary for sealing  monster lairs.
    -Let Us Listen- Allows you to listen to the leaders.  Usually, this will tell
    you what you need to do next in the  game.
    -Lightning- Destroys bushes, rocks, or man-made structures like buildings.
    This also kills any enemies that happen  to be caught by it.
    -Rain- Restores crops and puts out fires.  Also removes arid regions like
    desert land.
    -Sun- Melts snow, dries up marshes, or even dries up fields.
    -Wind- Blows away all enemies in simulation mode.
    -Earthquake- Destroys all buildings and can help change the shape of the ground
    (though it only does that at one  point).
    -Take an Offering- Accept a gift given to you by the people.
    -Use Offering-...and use the gift they've given you.
    1D: TIPS
    In action squences:
    -Learn your weapon's range.  It's actually longer than it looks.  Part of
    fighting effectively is not getting too  close, and a large part of that is
    learning how far out your sword can hit.
    -You are not blown back when you are hit.  This can be a good thing and a bad
    thing.  It means you won't be knocked  off small platforms, but it also means
    that you will continually take damage while sitting still.
    -Save magic for boss battles.  There's no need to waste it on weaker enemies.
    -Learn each boss's motions.  It is possible to fight each one with taking
    minimal damage.  It may not be as  important earlier on.  You can power through
    the bosses all you want then, because all that matters is a V instead  of an L.
    In the final area, however, you will fight all the Act II bosses all over
    again, all one after another.   You will need strategy to beat these bosses, or
    else you will fail.  The most important thing is losing as little HP  against
    these bosses as possible.
    In simulation sequences:
    -Colonize your land carefully.  You don't want to just expand out faster than
    your people can develop.
    -To maximize population, do not allow people to build something that isn't a
    home or a field.  Destroy those things  if you see them.
    -Pay attention to the enemies.  If you see any coming close to the city, hunt
    them down.
    -Take out closer enemies first unless there's one that poses a huge threat like
    the giant skulls.
    -If a giant skull uses earthquake, it's not the end of the world.  You
    population will drop, but it can always  rebound.  This is why you probably
    shouldn't be to overly conerned with population until you've sealed all of the
    -Wheat can allow for a higher population than the other crop.  Anytime you
    start a new area, go back to Bloodpool  and grab some wheat.  Use it on one of
    the fields in the new area so that they will continually grow wheat.  While
    you're at it, destroy any non-wheat fields.
    If there's one thing awesome about being a god, it's that you can pick your
    name.  Since you're eternal, you have no  parents.  No one gets to name you.
    Pick whatever you want here.  Maybe you want to be God, or Gilgamsh, or Goku.
    Or maybe you just want to be a deity named Tony.
    After picking your name, listen to what your fine feathered cherub has to say.
    Blah blah blah, that's nice.  I want  to kill stuff.  You'll get a menu.  The
    second selection on that menu is "Fight".  Move the cursor over to the right
    once and it will be upgraded to "Fight Monsters".  Now you're talking!  Engage
    and head to the first area.
    Did you tell your servant that you want to fight monsters?  If you haven't yet,
    do so.  This kicks off the game.
    -ACT I-
    Boom Shaka-Laka!  Head right and chop up the imps as you go.  You'll climb up
    the side of a hill and drop down.  Be  careful, as a red babboon creature thing
    will jump towards you with impure thoughts.  Show him atonement with the  edge
    of your blade.  You might notice a statue up in the trees.  Platform jump
    through the branches and slash the  statue for 1000 points.  What good are
    points?  Meh, nothing really.  I actually don't see the point of having a
    score in this game except to try to accentuate the arcade aspect of the side
    scroller scenes.
    It really doesn't matter if you platform jump in the trees and do the
    unnecessary ziplining, or if you just run  along and slash things to bits, head
    right.  You'll eventually come to an anthropomorphic tree spitting balls of
    energy at you.  Jump up and hack his head three times and he will die.  How do
    you like them apples, woodboy?  A  platform will pop out of the wall on the
    right.  Jump onto it and over the wall.
    You might have noticed another statue when coming this way.  Getting there is
    actually quite easy.  After you jump  on that newly formed platform, head right
    and you'll find a tree stump, a branch you can jump on, and a bee with a  blue
    aura around it.  Kill the bee and use the stump to elevator you to the branch.
    Careful for the babboon thing,  and platform your way to the other branches
    until you get to the zipline.  Jump on it and it will guide you to  another
    one.  This one will take you to the statue, which holds a 1UP.
    Get back to the stump, head right, slash another statue for an apple.  This
    refills your life.  Continue right.   Climb up the tree to the zipline, drop
    down, head right.  You'll find a tree with arms and a pissed-off face.
    Careful of the brambles on the ground and jump onto the tree's closest hand.
    Jump up to its other hand, then to its  head, stay clear of the oncoming bees,
    and slash the statue for another apple.  Let the tree guide you to the right
    over the last of the brambles and drop past a huge wall.  You're nearing a boss
    battle.  Already...
    My, what a long lance you have.  Compensation much?  Must be that the old
    expression involving the word "hung"  doesn't extend to centaurs.
    Run up to this guy before he has a chance to move and take a cheap slash at
    him.  The game might freeze a bit, as if  loading the new BGM.  You'll see the
    Centaur spurred into action after the BGM loads.  Head all the way left.  You
    might notice that the Centaur sometimes sticks out his lance.  How indecent!
    If you're far enough left, then this  shouldn't pose a problem.  He will charge
    at you and all you have to do is crouch on that brown patch of dirt and  his
    lance will hit the wall.  He won't be able to make contact with you because he
    won't be able to go any further  than that.
    When his lance isn't sticking out, take a few cautious shots.  Watch for the
    tip of his lance to light up.  This  means he's about to do a lightning attack.
    Quickly run away from him.  If he's really close to the wall, then hug  the
    wall and leap into the air if necessary to dodge the bolt.
    The key to beating this guy is not to get too close when attacking.  You may
    not realize it, but your sword actually  has a decent reach to it.  If you do
    get too close, he will run into you.  Unlike games like Castlevania, you aren't
    pushed back when hit.  This means you can keep suffering damage while you hold
    still, as your temporary hit immunity  doesn't last very long.
    Be cautious mainly of his positioning in relation to yours when attacking, and
    look out for his bolt.  Like I said,  take advantage of that far left area.
    You can't damage him while he has the lance out, so be aware of that.
    That's enough platforming and slashing for now.  You'll be taken to a SimCity-
    looking environment.  This is where  you will be instructing your followers how
    to best build their land and destroy those confounded monster lairs.
    "I know it's unexpected..."
    Bull.  He will say this A LOT.  It becomes more and more expected each time.
    Anyway, you won't be able to do  anything just yet until you've listened to
    your new humans.  They'll say that they've got some problems with bushes.
    Nothing a little godly wrath can't fix.
    We'll hold off on any bush destruction just yet.  If you look to the northwest
    of the capital building, there will  be a circle with a bat shape inside of it.
    This is a monster lair, and one in particular that generates bats.   Here's
    what you need to do: hit the B button to bring up the menu, move down one spot
    and move to the right one  spot.  You should see a yellow arrow labeled "Build
    Direction".  This action allows you to tell your inhabitants  where to build
    their city.
    Select it.  You'll move back to the capital building and will be in control of
    a cursor in addition to your servant.   Move the cursor up two squares, and
    then left two squares and stop at the northwest lair.  Hit B.  The inhabitants
    will start building in that direction.  For every round that goes by, the will
    build more and expand by one square.   When they reach the lair, you'll see a
    bunch of people surrounding it.  This means they're sealing the lair.  This
    also means that no more bats will come from that lair, and it will be gone
    forever.  The citizens can now build on  that portion of land.
    Be on the watch while your people are building.  Bats will come and try to take
    some away, dropping your population.  There are also the blue dragon-like
    creatures that can destroy buildings.  What you want to do is stand your ground
    while your people make their way to that first lair.  Fight off any bats that
    threaten to take citizens, and  especially destroy the blue creature if it gets
    close to any homes.  Don't be a sissy.  Kick the crap out of  anything that so
    much as looks at a house.  It even helps to be aggressive and preempt the
    monsters by attacking  them as they spawn.
    Sadly, killing these creatures isn't enough.  They will respawn if you every
    time you do.  That's why you need to  take those lairs out.
    Your people will not seal the monster lairs until they've said that they have
    gained the ability to hunt.  No  biggie, because they will certainly gain it
    while on the way to the first monster lair.
    When the northwest lair is sealed, the people will tell you they found a statue
    (it's a bomb).  There will be  another monster lair to the east.  Guide them to
    seal that one now.
    Around this point they will stop you to say they've been sensing a strange
    presence.  Hrm...
    You may be stopped at some point to put a house out of fire.  This doesn't
    always happen when playing this game, but  if it does just use rain on the area
    with the fire.
    Sealed that eastern lair yet?  Good.  Go back to the capital and use the
    lightning just to the south of it to  destroy the bushes there.  Now, direct
    your people to build to the south and seal up the last of the bat lairs.
    Sorry, Mr. Wayne.
    They will likely stop you again around this point to tell you they feel a
    presence coming from a rock to the  southeast.  If you look just east fo the
    lair that lies to the south, you should see a small rectangular rock  resting
    just below a precipice (cliff edge).  Use the lightning here and your people
    will say they found something.   To claim this item, open the menu and move
    down to "Offerings."  Select "Take an Offering" and they will show you  what
    they've found.  You'll receive the first spell, Magical Fire!
    Eventually, the citizens will seal the south lair.  This will lead to two
    events if you've been following the guide  exactly.  One will be the leaders
    telling you they found a bow.  This is not a bad item, as it temporarily
    increases  your strength.  The other will be to notify you that they have
    mastered the ability of bridge building.  Now you can  take out that lair to
    the west. Guide them to the blue creatures' lair.
    They may stop you soon to tell you that they've started a fishing trade and one
    of the fishermen found something out  at sea.  Go to "Take Offering" to claim a
    Source of Magic.
    The last lair will be sealed and the leaders will call your attention again.
    See, not so unexpected anymore, is it?   It seems like whenever someone in the
    vicitinty gets indigestion, they have to stop and talk to you. One of them
    will tell you that he's been having horrible dreams about a "gruesome" beast
    called Minotaurus.  He wants you to  deal with it.  Oh, how typical.
    Alright, time to grind.  Use the lightning to destroy any buildings that aren't
    as advanced as can be.  Allow your  people some time to colonize and build.
    The higher the population, the higher your HP will be.
    When it's reached the pinacle, go back to the sky palace.
    Before you do anything, go to "Fight" and then "Select Magic" and select
    Magical Fire.  When you're ready, select  "Fight Monsters" and begin Act II.
    -ACT II-
    Yeah, I'm still a kid at heart.  I still think entering this level looks like
    you're falling into a giant butthole.   It's funny how fifteen years ago when I
    first played this game and just recently when I picked it back up I had the
    same thought.
    Walk right, kill the skullbat, and drop down.  Ignore the left and head right.
    Careful for the goblin creature  thing that throws knives.  Give him a good
    whack to kill him.  Continue right and you'll see a statue on a platform.  You
    can grab it without touching the platform.  It's only 1000 points. Farther
    right will be some blue bricks.   You'll see a skull statue sitting there.
    These guys are a pain.  They take three hits to kill and shoot projectile.
    From here, you have two choices.  You can either continue right and get a 1UP,
    or just go left.
    [if you chose right]
    You'll come to a drop off with a bunch of spikes down below and some areas you
    can walk on.  Head left, watch for  spikes and red goblins throwing knives.
    Destroy the statue there for an apple.  Go back to the right, watch for
    another red goblin, and carefully jump over the spikes.  You will find some
    platforms that have spikes that  occasionally push up from the floor.  Wait for
    the spike to go back down, jump on the platform, and stand on the far  right
    portion.  You should be clear of the spike then.
    Keep going to the right until you reach some platforms.  Climb up them until
    you get to two ledges sticking out on  either side, each one having skull
    statues on them.  Both also have item statues behind the skulls.  The one on
    the  right has a boring 1000 points, but the one on the left has a 1UP.  The
    best way to do this is to wait for the skull  to shoot, then jump over its
    projectile and land right next to it.  Hack it to bits and claim your 1UP.
    Continue to  jump up the platforms.
    [if you chose left]
    Jump on the platforms heading left above the blue bricks.  Watch out for the
    giant maggot, continue up, and head  right.  You'll run through water for a
    bit, fight a skull statue, then jump to where the skull was positioned.
    Platform jump to the left now, being cautious of the goblins and skullbats.  To
    the left of a waterfall will be a  statue with 1000 points inside.  Yay.
    Continue platform jumping up and to the right.  Careful for the spikes.
    You'll come to some blue bricks.  If you're finding you're low on life, there
    is a full apple nearby.  Stand on the  very left edge of the blue bricks, drop
    down and angle right.  Drop down, head left, and destroy the statue for an
    apple.  Continue left and you'll find familiar territory.  Work your way back
    to the blue bricks just before the  apple.  Continue right.  You have some
    choices here.  You can either drop straight down and fight the enemy below,  or
    jump to the right, work your way around, and find a statue with a half-apple
    inside.  Either way, you'll wind up  in the same place as if you had taken the
    right route.
    [end route choices]
    A skeletal dragon knight thing will appear.  Run to the right as it phases into
    existence.  Occasionally run at it  and take a shot.  When you do, run away
    from it to dodge its counter attack.  Play it mostly defensive with this  guy.
    Don't get all up in his face, man, you know.  Just take it one shot at a time.
    A door will open on the right.   Enter it.
    Same old.  Head right, kill kill kill, platform jump upwards.  You may notice
    some freaky statues in the walls.   They will start rolling down fireballs as
    you pass them.  Jump quickly to get away from them.  You'll meet some  again as
    you go higher.  Timing is key.  You'll get to a third slew of them, followed by
    spikes on the platforms.   Jump up the very middle.  Keep platforming
    carefully.  You'll eventually reach the top.  Head left and dodge the  knives
    being thrown, then drop down and destroy a statue for an apple.  Watch for both
    skullbats and falling spikes  as you head left.  Just don't go barrelling
    through this hallway.  Let the spikes fall before advancing.  You'll  soon come
    to some stairs.  Guess what time it is!
    What a load of bull.
    Minotaurus will drop down from the ceiling and stare at you while holding his
    golden axe.  You leave that game  reference alone, you reckless beast!  He'll
    jump out of the screen again.
    Run.  Don't hold still or, as you might've guessed, Mino will fall on you.
    Keep running until he falls from the top  of the screen and attacks.  Time it
    just right.  Jump over his attack towards him and mash the attack button.  Even
    if all you get in is one hit, it's better than nothing.
    Don't like that strategy?  Is timing and grace just not your thing?  Get to him
    with full life and you can simply  power through him.  Just mash the attack
    button and take everything he gives you like a man.  Sorry, chump.  You're  an
    early boss.  That means you're destined to die a horrible death in a short and
    easy battle.  Someone grab my  grill and spatula.  I'm going to have me some
    Minotaur burgers.
    Back at the ranch, they're dancing in a circle in celebration for you.  Yay.
    Now, what do you expect will happen  next?  That's right!  Your servant will
    say it's unexpected, but the people want to talk to you because they're  bored
    and lonely.  It's just more blah blah blah.  After that, you might get a Source
    of Magic!
    Continue to build and populate Fillmore until you can't fill anymore.  You see
    what I did there?  Ahahahaha!
    Okay, fine.  Enter your menu, and in your top selection pick "Sky Palace
    Movement".  This will allow you to go to  the other areas.  Next up: Bloodpool.
    That's so metal!
    Move the Sky Palace to the left to the area with the giant red lake.  I suppose
    we know why it's called Bloodpool.   The first thing we'll do is recquest a
    Tampax factory be built here.  Enter the place, then select "Fight Monsters"
    when you're ready to kick more ass.
    -ACT I-
    Run to the right and kill that dwarf-looking thing.  After him is a lizardman
    that throws a chakram.  Jump over the  chakram, give him a few hits, then duck
    as it's coming back towards you.  Just up a few platforms to get to the  statue
    overhead containing 1000 points.  Joy.  Head right and watch out for the flying
    creatures coming.  One will  fly low for a good while, so you can run right
    over it.  The larger of the two will be a little more bothersome.   Either kill
    it before or while jumping.  Jump to the logs below, but don't dally.  These
    guys sink and that water  instantly kills you.  Jump back on the small chunk of
    land, then across a rather large hole.  You may have to run to  the edge to get
    across it.
    Jump up the platforms on the wooden structure until you come to the top.  There
    will be a bridge going right with  some rotten pieces on it.  As you probably
    expect, those pieces will fall when you stand on them.  Get across the  thing
    and slash the statue for a half-apple.  Head right, jump the next few pits, and
    you'll come to a bridge with a  statue out of reach.  Jump down below on the
    sinking log and make your way across.  You'll reach land again.  Jump  onto the
    bridge on the left that connects with the statue you just saw.  Careful of the
    rotten wood, kill the  lizardman, and slash open the statue for a 1UP. Go back
    to the beginning of the bridge.
    Run to the right and kill all the flying fish-snail things that pop up out of
    the water.  Platform your way up to  where the red dwarf creature is, kill it,
    and then destroy the statue behind it for a full apple.  Continue to the
    right.  Careful across the bridge with many missing pieces and more rotten
    parts.  Platform your way up and you  should see a skull with goat horns.
    Seems like a lot of games like to use that as an ill omen.  It's because of
    fantasy games like this, Legend of Zelda, and Neutopia that I will not enter an
    area that has a goat-horned skull  anywhere near it.  Screw that.  Strip club
    my ass, that's where a big, bad boss lives, and I'm sure it'll try to
    suffocate me with its ginormous breasts.  Continue onward and face...
    This might sound like a long, daunting process to take this guy out, but really
    he's easy.  It just takes a little  bit.
    There will be two sets of platforms kind of like this:
    ---------         ----
    ------        --------
    ----------  ----------
    Here's the order of events:
    1. The Manticore (M) will leap out of the water onto the lower right platform
    and fire a shot.  You stand on middle  left platform and the shot will go past
    2. M will jump to the next platform up (middle right) and fire.  You drop to
    the lower left and wait.
    3. M will jump to the upper right platform and fire again.  You do nothing.
    4. M will jump to the upper left platform.  Stay where you are on the lower
    left.  He will not stay, but will  immediately jump back to the upper right to
    fire a shot.  While he is in the process of jumping back to the right,  you
    jump as well to the lower right section and stand near the middle right
    5. M will drop to the middle right platform to fire a shot.  Mash the attack
    button to do as much damage as you can.   It may not be much, but it's
    something.  He'll jump over to the middle left platform.  You wait.
    6. M will drop to the lower left platform and fire a shot.  You jump to the
    middle right platform and dodge the  shot.
    7. The process will start over again, with the directions switched.  He'll
    start from the left and you'll start from  the right.  Do the same thing over
    and over again.
    It's very easy to dodge this guy's attack.  Just don't get overzealous and try
    to go toe to toe with this guy or try  to jump while he's shooting fire.  He
    can stop you in midair and throw you off, causing you to plummet into that
    small hole in the center.  Should that happen, you will lose a life.  Continue
    using this stategy to its end.  You  may even consider using Magical Fire a few
    times when you're lined up with the creature.  Call in an obituary once  you've
    gotten rid of him and start the simulation phase of Bloodpool.
    To be continued...
    Bomb- Used on the development screen.  Wipes out all enemies.
    Strength of Angel- Used on the development screen.  Temporarily increases your
    servant's strength.
    Source of Magic- Given as an offering from the leaders.  Raises MP in the
    action screen by 1.
    Bridge- Given to you by Fillmore.
    1UP- Gives you an extra life.
    1000 points- Uh... really?
    Full Apple- Fully restore HP.
    Half-Apple- Restore a little HP.
    /  SECTION 4: MAGIC  \
    There are only four spells in the game, and all of them can be found in
    simulation mode.  Doing certain tasks will  give you access to these spells.
    1. Magical Fire
    Found in Fillmore: The leaders will ask you to destroy a rock to the southeast.
    If you look southeast of the  capital, you'll see a rectangular rock just below
    a precipice.  Use lightning on it and the leaders will eventually  have Magical
    Fire as an offering.
    Effect: Offensive magic that shoots flames out either side of your avatar in
    the action sequence.  A pretty meh  spell in comparison to the others.
    /  SECTION 5: FAQ  \
    Q: Is there a sequel to this game?
    A: Yes, ActRaiser 2.  I still haven't played it, but I've heard it's nowhere
    near as good as this one.  Some others  also consider Soul Blazer to be the
    true sequel to this game, and it's actually very fun.
    Q: Is this game available outside SNES and emulation?
    A: Yes, it is downloadable on Wii Virtual Console.
    /  SECTION 6: Legal Bit  \
    This FAQ is copyright 2010 to Joseph Shaffer, aka Joe the Destroyer or
    JoeTheDestroyer.  Any use of this FAQ for commercial purposes in any way,
    shape, or form without confirmed consent of the author is strictly prohibited.
    This can be used for personal use and freely distributed, as long as there is
    no profit being made off the FAQ without my approval before hand (this includes
    magazines).  This also cannot be posted on any websites without my solid
    approval.  Any failure to comply with said premises can, and probably will,
    result in legal actions.
    HonestGamers (www.honestgamers.com)
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    Systematic for the lyrical reference
    Enix *cough* SquareEnix for ActRaiser
    But really, thank you Quintet for developing it
    Nintendo Power for the boss names
    (c) 2010 Joseph Shaffer

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