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"A so-so game based on a so-so movie"

-Visuals 6/10-

SNES has always had it’s fair share of visually stunning action games, but where you would hope for some excellent visuals, and perhaps a few neat special effects, you’ll be sadly mistaken here. While the actual levels you run through are detailed, complete with dripping lava and fast moving aliens, you’ll find that the actual character detail is very minimal, and most of the moving characters look as though they’re running with something akin to rigor-mortis. Color schemes where done in such a dark fashion, that playing the game with the television on its factory setting would cause severe headaches. Special weapons and even general weapons are used without much flare, and most of them only come across as a brief and dull flash.

-Audio 6/10-

Even by SNES standards, the in-game music really doesn’t have that much to offer in terms of keeping you mildly interested. The only true reason to listen to it, is to try and get yourself into the game, and while it is somewhat paced, you’re left with an empty feeling that makes you wish you’d turn on the radio. However, the sound effects are what is important, and you have to have the sound on in order to hear the hissing of hidden aliens before they jump and kill your character off with a few well placed hits.

-Control 6/10-

Very un-responsive and deadly when needing to make a critical jump across to another ledge. Weapon buttons are placed in awkward positions and using basic items can be more of a chore than it is anything else. When looking at the control mechanics, you’ll find that the SNES controller just isn’t built for a game that requires precision jumping. This was a severe problem with most NES games, and it appears, quite often, in Alien 3.

-Game Play 6/10-

Another action game, where your goal is to survival, but also find and complete objectives in several different stages. While playing, you’ll see that the objectives range from the ridiculously easy, to the incredibly hard. Miss-matched computer controlled enemies, and there are really only three or four, make up for what you have to fight against. The game play becomes so difficult at some points, that actually playing is more like work, and less like fun. Alien 3 also suffers from the seemingly in-escapable mode of not following the movie one bit, but only loosely in some places. Finding your way around can also become quite difficult because of the massive amount of rooms you have to explore through.

If you do happen to make your way through the game, and by some chance, you really want to play this title again, you’ll find that there isn’t anything to unlock, and there isn’t anything special awaiting a flawless game performance. Truly, the only thing that Alien 3 has to offer, is the fact that it is one hell of a challenging game, outside of that, nothing.

-Overall 6/10-

This game is an example of trying to appeal to an older game players market, while trying to cash in on a movie license. Either way, it fails, but is a good gaming experience for those gamers out there that want something to sink their teeth into that isn’t a walk in the park. If you’re thinking of investing in an SNES game, think of something else, and look somewhere else. While the game isn’t all that bad, it definitely isn’t all that special either.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/21/00, Updated 12/21/00

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