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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JHarring

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/04/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Batman Returns FAQ v1.0 written by Joshua Harring 
    (harring@student.umass.edu) on 9/4/99
    Table of contents
    I.   Intro
    II.  Controls
    III. Batman's Moves
    IV.  Walkthru
    V.   Disclaimer
    I. Intro
    Hello and welcome to my FAQ for Batman Returns for the Super Nintendo 
    Entertainment System.  Batman Returns is a beat-'em-up action game 
    similar to Final Fight, and is based on the movie of the same name.  
    Batman Returns features excellent graphics, sound effects, and music, 
    even today, five years after its initial release.  If you enjoy this 
    type of action game and still have a SNES, I highly recommend picking up 
    this game at a used video game place like FuncoLand.  It retails for 
    less than $10 these days.
    This FAQ can only be used with the Super Nintendo version of Batman 
    Returns.  Although there are many games called Batman Returns for other 
    platforms, the Super Nintendo version is unique among them, and 
    therefore this FAQ will not be useful for the games on other platforms.  
    Even though the NES version of Batman Returns is the most similar to 
    this version, there are still enough differences for it to warrant its 
    own separate FAQ.
    This game features two different types of action scenes.  The first 
    scene looks and feels very similar to games like Final Fight.  I will 
    refer to this as the "3D Action Scene".  The other scene looks and feels 
    like a platform-style action game.  The gameplay here is different from 
    the 3D Action Scenes.  I will refer to this scene as the 2D Action 
    There is also a unique level where Batman is racing along in his 
    Batmobile.  In this level, Batman is moving forward, into the screen.  
    This scene has its own separate controls as well.  I will refer to this 
    as the Batmobile Scene.
    II. Controls
    This will be helpful for anyone who doesn't know which button does what 
    (handy if you don't have any documentation for this game).
    Directional Pad
    3D action scene: Batman moves in any of eight directions along the 
    2D action scene: Batman moves left and right, and also crouches.
    Batmobile scene: The Batmobile moves left and right along the street.
    A Button
    3D action scene: Batman uses his Grappling Hook, which unfortunately has 
    little use in these scenes.
    2D action scene: Batman again uses his Grappling Hook, which can latch 
    onto the ceiling or the bottom of a platform, and he can pull himself 
    across large gaps by using it repeatedly.
    Batmobile scene: No use.
    B Button
    3D action scene: Batman jumps.
    2D action scene: Batman jumps.
    Batmobile scene: No use.
    X Button
    3D action scene: When combined with either the L or R buttons, Batman 
    throws a Test Tube which kills or damages all onscreen enemies.
    2D action scene: When combined with either the L or R buttons, Batman 
    throws a Test Tube which kills or damages all onscreen enemies.
    Batmobile scene: No use.
    Y Button
    3D action scene: This is the basic attack button.  Depending upon what 
    particular stance Batman is in (i.e. standing, jumping, grabbing 
    someone), this button performs a particular move.  I'll outline those 
    moves in just a moment.
    2D action scene: If Batman is close to an enemy, he punches.  If he is 
    far away, he throws a Batarang (which doesn't return to him).
    Batmobile scene: This button fires discs straight out ahead of the 
    Batmobile with which to kill enemy bikers.
    L and R Buttons
    3D action scene: These buttons cause Batman to put his arm up to block 
    an attack.  Batman takes minor damage from blocking, but less than he 
    would had he taken the attack without blocking.
    2D action scene: Same as the 3D action scene, Batman blocks.
    Batmobile scene: No use.
    III. Batman's Moves
    This section discusses the moves Batman has in 3D action scenes.  His 
    moves are very limited in both 2D action scenes and the Batmobile scene, 
    and have already been outlined above.
    Punch - Press the Y button when Batman is standing to throw a straight 
    punch for minor damage.
    Standing combo - Press the Y button repeatedly.  When Batman hits an 
    enemy with a straight punch, he will then go into a standing combo 
    consisting of two punches, a knee to the mid-section, and finally a spin 
    kick that knocks down.  The whole combo does good damage and can hit 
    multiple enemies on the same side, but the time it takes to execute can 
    cause Batman to be hit from behind.
    Jump kick - Press the B button to jump and then while in the air, press 
    the Y button to kick.  Batman can do this move while jumping straight up 
    or jumping forward.  It knocks down, but causes minor damage.
    Grab - Maneuver Batman so that he touches an enemy and he will grab that 
    enemy.  While the enemy is grabbed, Batman can do the following moves:
     Slam - Press left + Y or right + Y to cause Batman to slam the enemy to 
    the ground for decent damage.
     Grab combo - Press Y repeatedly to cause Batman to hit the enemy twice 
    and then finish with a spin kick.  You can interrupt this combo at any 
    time with a Slam.
    Batman also has several Power Moves that cause high damage, but can only 
    be done at certain times.  They are:
    Cape Sweep - Pressing B and Y at the same time causes Batman to spin 
    around with his cape extended, hitting enemies on both sides.  
    Unfortunately, Batman loses a small amount of energy after using this 
    move, so use it only when you're sure you would take more damage by not 
    doing it.
    Building Slam - If Batman grabs an enemy and there is a building in the 
    near background, press up + Y to throw the enemy at the building.  This 
    will also hit any other enemies that happen to be standing in the path 
    of the thrown enemy.  You can break windows with this maneuver, too.
    Head Butt - If Batman manages to grab two enemies on either side of him, 
    press Y to slam their heads together, causing high damage and 
    knockdowns.  It can be difficult to do this move however.
    Test Tube - Press and hold L or R to block.  Then while in your blocking 
    stance, press X to throw a Test Tube to the ground and shatter it.  This 
    causes an explosion that takes up the whole screen, and kills most 
    normal enemies and damages bosses.  Because you only have three uses per 
    level however, they are best saved for bosses.
    IV. Walkthrough
    There are seven different levels in this game, with multiple areas in 
    each.  You know you've passed into a new area when the screen goes white 
    and the Batman symbol appears.  You progress to the next level by 
    beating the boss of the level you're on.  Some levels have a couple 
    bosses, and you'll have to beat both of them before moving on.
    This walkthrough was written on the Easy difficulty setting.  More 
    difficult settings have more and tougher enemies, and more powerful 
    bosses, as well as different and better endings.  I may outline the 
    differences between settings in future revisions of this FAQ.
    Level 1-1
    Type: 3D action scene
    This level begins with people running in fear from the Red Triangle 
    Circus Gang.  Go to the right and you will meet your first enemy, the 
    Thin Clown.  He has only one attack, a punch.  When in groups, they try 
    to surround you.  Kill them with standing combos.
    Moving on you'll find a Biker going around in circles.  Stand on the 
    edge of his circle and punch him as he goes by to kill him.  Then you'll 
    run into a Biker who goes all the way across the screen and back.  Line 
    up with him and jump kick him a few times to kill him.
    You'll next run into a Bazooka Clown.  Some of them fire one shot and 
    then leave, others hang around.  You can dodge the shot pretty easily 
    (even causing it to hit other clowns) and if you can't dodge it, you can 
    block it instead.  To kill Bazooka clowns, walk over to their side of 
    the screen while staying above or below, then move up or down and grab 
    After some more Bazookas and Thins, you'll find a small Heart.  This 
    partially restores your life meter.  You'll also meet up with a Fire 
    Clown who has two attacks.  He can thrust forward with his fire stick, 
    or blow fire at medium range ahead of him.  He stops momentarily before 
    either attack, so you can see them coming.
    There's another Heart a little ways further, and you'll also meet up 
    with Fat Clowns.  Their attack is easy to avoid, just stay out of their 
    way when they jump and hit them when they land.  After some more Bikers 
    and Fats, and grabbing a Heart in a mailbox, this area ends.
    Level 1-2
    Type: 2D Action Scene
    Walk to the right and fight through the steady stream of Thin Clowns.  
    They also sometimes attack from behind so be careful.  You'll meet up 
    with Tall Clowns who throw sets of fire sticks.  Either jump and shoot 
    him from out of his range, or run underneath a set of fire sticks and 
    get close to him, then jump and punch him.  Either way works.
    Fat Clowns bounce along in this level.  You can try to kill them (they 
    take 2 hits), or run underneath them when they bounce.
    At the end of this level is the Stungun Clown.  He has a couple of 
    different attacks, rolling and jumping.  Jump and run under accordingly.  
    Also use your Test Tubes; they get replenished at the end of the level.  
    After beating him, the level ends.
    Level 2-1
    Type: 3D Action Scene
    At the start of this level are some Thin Clowns, and also a few barrels 
    that have a Test Tube and Points.  A little ways further is a Juggling 
    Clown that tosses bowling pins at you.  Take him on the same way you 
    take on Bazookas.  
    A little ways further is a clown in the background who tosses Dynamite 
    into the street.  After doing so, he becomes a Thin clown.  Just avoid 
    the Dynamite until it goes off.  Fight your way through more Fats and 
    Thins and you'll find a Heart.
    Next you'll meet up with Knife Throwers who, um, throw knives.  Deal 
    with them and the Thins and you'll find some Points.  Keep going and 
    you'll find clowns in the street that walk towards you and throw 
    dynamite.  Avoid it and then pummel the clowns.  After some more Bikers, 
    Thins, Jugglers and Fires, the area ends.
    Level 2-2
    Type: 2D Action Scene
    Walk to the escalator and ride up it.  If you see a Thin Clown jump up 
    and shoot him before he slides down.  Stand still and Fat Clowns will 
    bounce over your head.  When you reach the top of the escalator, walk to 
    the right.
    When you pass by the elevators, Thin Clowns and people exit out of them.  
    Keep going and the building will be set on fire.  Go right, jumping 
    through the falling fire and killing Tall Clowns.  You'll come to a part 
    where you'll need to grapple to the right repeatedly to get over the 
    flaming floor.  At one point you'll have to grapple back to the left for 
    a second so that part of the ceiling can fall.  Keep going right and 
    you'll beat this area and get back to the street.
    Level 2-3
    Type: 3D Action Scene
    Out here you'll meet Sword Swallowers for the first time.  They're sorta 
    like Fire Clowns with their attack.  Bash your way through Swords, 
    Bazookas, and Thins, and open the Barrels that have Points and a Heart.
    Keep going through more Swords and Fats.  Then there will be some Thins 
    and Dynamites, followed by more Thins, Fats, and Bazookas.  The Fats may 
    try to jump from the bench to the street, so stay out of their way.  
    There's also a Heart here.  After some more Thins, you'll meet the boss, 
    the Strongman.
    He is accompanied by some Thins during this battle.  Whenever you see 
    Thins and Strongman together, use a Test Tube.  Otherwise, don't.  
    Strongman has a powerful punch and a couple other attacks, but he's not 
    that difficult.  You should have him beat pretty easily.
    Level 3-1
    Type: 2D Action Scene
    At the start of this level you're riding up an outside elevator.  Thins 
    and Fats will break through the windows as you're going up.  Stand in 
    the middle of the elevator, and whenever a Fat breaks through, move to 
    the opposite side, then attack to knock him off.  The Thins are easy to 
    kill as they try to climb up onto the elevator.  When this elevator 
    stops, grapple to the right to a second one.  Ride this one up, beating 
    the same enemies, and exit this area.
    Level 3-2
    Type: 2D Action Scene
    Go right until you find a place to drop down.  Drop to the bottom level 
    and go right until you reach the end of the platform.  Grapple to the 
    right until you get to the next platform.  Jump up the stairs to the 
    right and you will start riding up a beam.  Watch out for falling 
    Dynamite, and kill the Talls, Thins, and Bazookas that attack.  If you 
    stay ducked, you can avoid most attacks.  After the ride, grapple to the 
    right to end the area.
    Level 3-3
    Type: 3D Action Scene
    Here is the first fight with Catwoman.  She has several different 
    attacks.  The first one is to attack with her whip.  You can see this 
    coming.  The second one is to kick straight out.  This is a little 
    faster.  She also does a claw attack where she backs up a little before 
    she charges forward.  And finally she has one where she does multiple 
    backflips before charging back and forth at high speeds.  This is 
    difficult to avoid and does lots of damage.  Try to approach from an 
    angle and grab her, then pummel her with a combo.  And use your Test 
    Tubes here as well.
    Level 4-1
    Type: 3D Action Scene
    This short area takes place inside a dark building.  Some Thins and Fats 
    will drop on you from above.  You can see their shadows as they fall 
    down, unless it's in a dark spot, then you can't.  Fight your way 
    through them all and go to the next area.
    Level 4-2
    Type: 3D Action Scene
    This is a different floor of the dark building.  Here you will fight 
    Thins, Fires, and Swords.  They don't drop on you from above this time.  
    Try not to grab the enemies as others can attack you if you do.  Get 
    through this equally short area and go to the next.
    Level 4-3
    Type: 3D Action Scene
    Here you fight Catwoman again.  She has the same attacks as before, 
    except she doesn't do the multiple backflip attack this time.  
    Therefore, she's easier.  Beat her the same way, but don't use your Test 
    Tubes yet.  
    Level 4-4
    Type: 2D Action Scene
    This is your first encounter with the Penguin.  His attacks include 
    flying around while dropping explosive umbrellas.  Stay away from them 
    while ducking underneath the Penguin if you need to.  He'll also toss 
    some umbrellas off the side of the screen which return.  You'll have to 
    duck under these.  Then he himself goes off the top of the screen and 
    then flies in from the side.  When you hit him as he's flying in he 
    moves up a little, so you have to hit him enough times so that he flies 
    over you.  This can be difficult since he can come from either side, so 
    you may want to use a Test Tube when he does this.  Otherwise jump up 
    and shoot him whenever you can and you'll eventually beat him.
    Level 5-1
    Type: Batmobile Scene
    In this scene, Batman is in his Batmobile racing forward at a mind-
    boggling speed.  This is basically kind of like an obstacle course.  The 
    first thing you encounter will be bikers that just race past you on one 
    side and go back on the other.  Just stay in the center and shoot them 
    when they pass the middle.  Next there will be packs of bikers with a 
    space in between them.  You have to pass through this space.  Stay in 
    the center of the road for the easiest time.  Next will be bikers that 
    pass by you and turn around and shoot bazookas.  Avoid the shots and 
    shoot the bikers.  After some more bikers will be powerful ones that 
    shoot bazookas.  You have to shoot these guys a lot of times before they 
    die.  Then there will be a small break in the action where you can pick 
    up point symbols as they go by.  Get as many as you can.  Then you will 
    have to deal with more bazooka bikers while also maneuvering through 
    biker packs.  Finally after some more bazookas you'll encounter the 
    Campain Vehicle.  This guy has tough armor and two different attacks.  
    The first one is a couple of bazooka shots which you can avoid pretty 
    easily.  The second one is tossing dynamite sticks onto three of the 
    four lanes of the road.  Obviously try to stay in the lane that doesn't 
    have any dynamite.  Just keep pounding away while avoiding the attacks 
    and you'll win.
    Level 6-1
    Type: 3D Action Scene
    This area takes place on top of a moving train.  You can't fall off, 
    fortunately.  Go to the right and fight through Fats, Knifes, and 
    Jugglers.  Then you'll encounter Dynamite Clowns and also a biker who 
    rides alongside the train while tossing dynamite up onto it.  Avoid it 
    while fighting through the Thins.
    Next will be more Dynamites, Jugglers, and Fires to beat through.  After 
    them the train will pass under barriers that you need to jump over.  
    Fortunately the barriers will knock over most of your enemies, so you 
    don't even need to fight them.  When the building appears in the 
    background, that's when the barriers stop coming.  Now fight through 
    Knifes, Thins, Fires, Jugglers, and Swords all the way to the end of the 
    train.  At the end is a heart, then you'll jump off the stopped train.
    Level 6-2
    Type: 3D Action Scene
    Here is the Organ Grinder boss.  He is accompanied by Thins, so use your 
    Test Tubes when they're together until you run out of them.  Then avoid 
    his two attacks, one is a standard swing with his weapon, the other is 
    when he puts it down and turns the crank, shooting bullets out of it.  
    Fortunately, the bullets are indiscriminate and can kill the Thins as 
    well. (Does this remind anyone of the Edi.E battle in Final Fight?)  
    Approach him from above or below and do grab combos to wear him down and 
    eventually kill him.
    Level 7-1
    Type: 3D Action Scene
    This is the final action scene with normal enemies.  Don't give up now, 
    you're almost there.  First fight your way through Dynamite Clowns and 
    Bazookas.  Next take on some more Bazookas and Bikers.  After that are 
    some Fires and more Bikers.  
    Then you'll fight some Thins while being surrounded by Penguins in the 
    foreground and background.  These Penguins have rockets attached to 
    their back, which they launch once.  Watch the shadows to see where the 
    rockets land, or you can just stand still and block until it's over.  
    There will be several screens of Penguins as you fight through Thins, 
    Fats, Fires, and Swords.  At the end are some Swords, Thins and a lot of 
    Knifes.  Beat your way through them all to reach the end of this area.
    Level 7-2
    Type: 2D Action Scene
    Now you get to fight the Duck Vehicle.  It has two attacks.  In the 
    first one the duck raises up and the whole vehicle moves towards you.  
    Jump into the space between the wooden part and the duck and move to the 
    other side of it.  It does this several times before doing its second 
    attack.  The duck raises up just a little and fires four rockets that 
    come down in different spots.  Best bet here is probably just to block 
    one of the rockets.  Jump up and shoot the duck between attacks to cause 
    damage.  Don't use Test Tubes here.
    Level 7-3
    Type: 3D Action Scene
    This is the final battle with the Penguin.  He starts off with two 
    attacks.  In the first one he shoots out a small fire stream from his 
    umbrella that you can avoid pretty easily.  In the second one he moves 
    up or down while shooting bullets out of his umbrella.  Stay above or 
    below him and do grab combos.  After a while he does a third attack 
    where he floats around and shoots explosive umbrellas.  Use a Test Tube 
    when you see him start to float, and he'll be knocked down and go back 
    to the first two attacks.  Once you beat him, you win.
    In future revisions I will probably illustrate the differences between 
    skill levels.  However, I do not know when I will have time to do this, 
    since I move back to college this week and I don't bring my SNES to 
    college.  So it may be some time.
    Also, once you beat the game on the Mania skill level, a new difficulty 
    setting called Special opens up.  Beat the game on Special for the best 
    V. Disclaimer
    This FAQ is copyright 1999 by Joshua Harring.  It may not be reproduced 
    without my permission, whether on paper or electronically.  However, if 
    you'd like to post it on a website, feel free to do so as long as you 
    write it in its entirety, including this disclaimer.  No money may be 
    made off this FAQ through sale - this FAQ is entirely free.  Thanks to 
    CJayC of Gamefaqs.com for his outstanding and everyday work on his 
    fabulous site.

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