Review by jbadillo2

Reviewed: 06/08/07

Still looks good after 15 years

The graphics, the music, the game-play… a classic beat-'em-up that remains as one the of the best movie adaptations ever. Rarely, a video game truly captures the feel of the movie it was based on in all of its facets: visual design, music and story. But this is not only a great movie adaptation; it’s a great video game in its own right.

The game follows the plot line of the movie with fidelity. In this installment batman faces two formidable foes: The Penguin and Catwoman who team-up to destroy the Dark Knight.

The transition of the visual design from the movie screen to the video game it’s done to perfection. The colors, the appearance of all the characters (including innocent by standards) are carefully done to match the movie’s atmosphere.

Music from and inspired in Danny Elfman’s score help set the mood for Gotham. This is a feature common in Konami games where attention to sound is highly regarded. Check out the Options Screen to enjoy the tunes.

Game Play:
The moves in this game are so smooth that despite the challenge in high difficulty levels you truly enjoy beating the penguin’s henchmen. Batman has quite the array of moves and with so many different enemies and fighting styles he needs them. He can punch, kick, grab, jump, glide and perform small combos. He can also use three gadgets: batarang, grappling hook and a test tube which works as a powerful bomb.

If the game looses some points in the overall score, it might be in the fact that lacks a little more diversity. The game includes a scene in the Batmobile in which you chase down the Penguin’s Campaign Vehicle but they could have added more variety by including other scenes from the movie such as the opening scene in which Batman drives in his Batmobile battling clowns around Gotham Plaza or the Hang Gliding scene after the Ice Princess is killed. There’s yet another scene with the Bat Ski Boat which could have made it to the video game. It is a beat-‘em-up but variety would have made the game more enjoyable.

Replay Value:
It is very unlikely that you will beat the game in the highest difficulty level (MANIA) the first time you try it, so if you want to get the complete ending sequence you have to train a little bit. The game becomes increasingly difficult and for those who appreciate a good challenge it’s nice to play for the full ending sequence.

Overall: 8/10
One of the best SNES titles. The game boasts great graphics, music and game play. It is challenging and truly captures the essence of Tim Burton’s blockbuster film. So grab a copy and just before you press START at the Konami Logo screen, watch the cool screen transition (borrowed from the movie).

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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