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"The Dark Knight returns...."

Batman Returns is based on the movie in the early 1990's. It came out around 1992 on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Sega Genesis. I loved the movie, and the game is pretty good. You go through several levels based on the movie. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is definitely the best version of all three. On to the ratings we go.


The story is of course based on the movie, and every movie has to have a good, intresting, and exciting plot to be worth watching. And since the movie is great, is has a good plot, as does the game of course. Since it's based on a movie, I won't go into detail about it to spoil anything for anyone, but I'll give a brief summary. The Penguin uses sob stories to become Mayor of Gotham City(basically Manhattan of New York City), and he later gets involves with Cat women and such. That's all I'll say.



The Super Nintendo Entertainment System definitely had the best graphics of all three releases. They were of course very good looking back in 1992. The scenery of Gotham City looked nice. Batman and co. were detailed. They were very nice looking graphics, no doubt.



The music/sound effects were of course good too. The developers of the game didn't go to sleep in this part, no way. Most of the tunes were catchy and nothing sounded bad. Another good job.



As I say in all of my reviews, the game play is obviously the most important part of any game, easily. Well, the movie was exciting and fun to watch, and playing the game was no different. Nostalgia is here! I remember when I was a little kid how I would play this game and ask my older brother when do I fight Cat women. Going through level by level based on the movie was really fun and exciting. Batman is definitely one of my all-time favorite super heroes. Great game.


Replay Value

The game isn't too long, and it's one player, so you won't come back to it too often, but every now and then I'm sure you'll want to replay this game. I know I do.


Fun Factor

I've had a lot of fun over the years playing this game. It offers a lot of fun with every thing it has to offer, no doubt.



This is a really great game. Super Nintendo Entertainment System owners should definitely look into this game. Even Nintendo Entertainment System or Sega Genesis owners would be intrested. But the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is the best version, in my and many others opinion.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/25/08

Game Release: Batman Returns (US, 04/30/93)

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