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"Thanks for Returning Batman. You Delivered an Excellent Game!"

I have to say that I enjoyed this game. It was one on my first for the SNES and I was pleased with it to say the least. A classic side scrolling beat em' up game that will keep you occupied for hours is right here in this outstanding game. Batman Returns was one of my favorites in the movie series, and this is defiantly one of the best Batman games to be released ever on any console. Read on to see why you should give Batman Returns some of your time.


Not bad at all. Very good considering when the game was made. You should be pleased. All the people in the game are big and full of size, and are easy to see. I am the kind of person that likes to see big, colorful, and lively characters. You get the whole, entire package in Batman Returns. Even the background was very detailed, and had a lot of life to it. When you first take a look at this game, you will think the graphics have a very gothic feel to them. In this case I think that is real good. Gothem city, gothic graphics? Sounds like a very good fit to me. Very good job here.


I think the music fits very well with the environment. Even though some of the music is slightly boring, it went together with the place you were at. This isn't always bad if this is the case. I can still remember a lot of the music to this date because some of the songs are catchy and get your attention. When you hit on a enemy you hear them grunt, which is mostly clown characters. I also think the sound effects were used very well too. The feel of Batman's punches can be felt playing this game in your house. You feel like you are on the streets brawling with him. It seemed real and I was amazed considering it was one of my first games.


You should get the hang of this game right away. The controls are extremely simple to get a feel for, and the buttons to preform actions can't be any easier. Batman moves around easily, smoothly, and has other gadgets he uses to get around with. An example is his little string he connects to the roof and swings around with. As for any side scroller, this game involves a lot of fighting. The Penguin's clowns are out to get Batman as he tries to save Gothem from the Penguin and Catwoman's sinister plans. You go through many levels which takes you all across the city. Even one level you get to take control of the Batmobile yourself! This game provides something new around every corner which you will enjoy. While it's short, it provides a lot of replay value with the different difficulties this game offers.


Just like the movie, you are Batman fighting crime with the head bad guy being the Penguin. Also roaming about is Catwomen on the prowl trying to destroy Batman. Your goal is to stop their plans such as Penguin wanting to be Mayor at Gothem, and Catwomen trying to slow Batman down. The game revolves around this and has many levels set around Gothem City such as the streets, a Circus, and even ending at the Penguins lair at the Gothem City Zoo.


The choice is yours on how you want the challenge to be. It can be ridiculously easy to relatively impossible. You have a choice on the options menu to do this. I recommend one of the easier levels at first until you get the hang of it. Work your way up until you get to the highest difficulty. It takes a great deal of practice, but it's also fun at the same time. You may feel short changed at first, but the replay helps a whole lot.


You have just got to try this game on all difficulties. It feels different each time you do it, and you will get better every time. If you beat the game on the hardest difficulty, you get a better ending. It's always a fun thing to try out so maybe you can give it a shot. To get the whole feel of this game, you need to beat it on the harder levels. It makes you appreciate this game to an even higher extent.


I would suggest you buy this game if you have a chance. It will be worth every penny you put down on it. This game provides fun from start to finish. If you are a big fan of side scrollers, and street fighting games, you will be in heaven with Batman Returns. Even people with no street fighting game experience will surely love Batman Returns. It's great for beginners and just fun all around. I strongly suggest you pick this masterful game up if you ever see it at a store. You will not be disappointed I assure you.


Batman Returns really set the stage for side scrollers on the Super Nintendo. It's a great game off a wonderful movie, and it's sure to bring you many fun hours during game play. Buying Batman Returns would be a great idea to have a really fun street fighting game in your hands. It's unique, very fun, and very worthwhile. Do yourself a favor and pick up Batman Returns today. I think you will be very happy with your purchase.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/16/01, Updated 08/04/02

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