Review by Ryan Rider

"Pow! Poof! Ouch! The caped cruisader is back!"

Gameplay: 8/10

Finally there was a good Batman game! After watching the movie back a long time ago, I decided to buy the game that goes with it. And, boy, was I amazed! This game really uses the power of the SNES well to make an awesome game with good gameplay, and graphics too! You play as the capped cruisader, Batman, as you go through lots of intense levels with all sorts of villains. There are skinny clowns, fat clowns, fire clowns, Indians, Ghost Riders, all sorts of different guys that threaten you. Use your specially designed items for this game for help; Batdiscs, our Batarang, and several other items throughout the game. The controls are very complicated as there are so many moves to do in this game! Start to pause, X to throw the test tubes, Y to throw punches, A to use items, B to jump, and L+R Buttons to defend yourself. Press A and B simultaneously to do the cape sweep. You will also have to battle bosses like Catwoman and Penguin several times throughout the game. This game is pretty fun as it provides a challenging game that will not take only one day to beat!

Graphics/Sound: 9/10

Awesome for the Super Nintendo. It has action-packed music which is clear and goes great with the game. The graphics are magnificent and there is great fighting action. All of the areas and villains were designed carefully. They also have quite a lot of thought put into them. I personally think this game has one of the best graphics against any other game on the Super NES!

Replayability: 7/10

With lots of levels and challenging enemies, this game will take quite awhile to beat. After several years of trying, I finally completed the game. I was only like eight years old at the time, so I would guess it would take shorter now though. Now I'm used to the game, so I can beat it quite easily. I play it every once in awhile. The truth is that once you completely finish the game, there is nothing else to do in it. The game's over, you've had your fun. Now put it away for a bit and then play it when you feel like it.

Overall: 8/10

I suggest that any fan of Batman movies should definitely buy this game if it is possible! As I always like to say, it is always better to rent first; even though I took my chances with this game. It was sold out from a KB toy store so I ordered it to come in the mail. So I guess you can say I bought it without playing it before. You know what? I sure as heck do not regret it! This is a pretty good game, it's got the action, graphics and fun factor for all. End Of Review. Goodbye.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/25/02, Updated 02/25/02

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