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"A great street fighter/action game that deserves some recognition"

Batman Returns for the SNES from Konami was a great little street fighter with large characters and some cool moves. The plot is the same as the movie's, and the Red Triangle Circus Gang is plaguing Gotham City. It's up to Batman to stop them. While lacking in the story department, this game makes up for it with some fun (if a little repetitive) gameplay. The game is basically a 2D scrolling fighter much in the vein of Final Fight. There is a large variety of enemies, including weak skinny clown, tough fat clowns, those spooky skull bikers, clowns with bazookas, fire eating clowns, pin throwing clowns, even sword swallowers and knife throwers. There is a fair amount of healthy challenge here. Don't assume that just because it was based on a movie that it is a bad game, because it's most definitely not.

Gameplay: Batman's main moves are punches and kicks, but he can also do some other cool moves. One of the best is when he grabs an enemy by moving close, and if there is a wall nearby, he can throw them up against it, usually killing them right away. If another clown is in the way, he will be caught by the second clown and both will smash into the wall. A cool detail that occurs is that if he slams them against a street sign pole, the pole bends, or if he throws them into a bench, it breaks. Hit a window, and it will shatter. Another cool move is when Batman grabs two opponents at the same time. He can slam both their heads together and eliminate them both. Along the way, you can find life refilling hearts. Bosses in this game are fairly hard, and they each usually require a certain strategy to defeat them. While it may get repetitive, it's definitely fun for the first time through. 7/10

Graphics: Compared to other games at the time, the graphics for Batman Returns are great. The characters are large and detailed, and so are the backgrounds. There are even some impressive digitized movie scenes. The backgrounds are really great, and they convey the dark and evil look that Gotham has always had (I always wondered why anyone would want to live there). 8/10

Music/Sound: The music and sound effects are both impressive. Most of the music is taken right out of the movie and converted to SNES format, and it works great to bring the feel of Gotham home. 7/10

Overall: A very entertaining and fun game, for a while. It will probably end up tiresome, though, and it is pretty tough. It is still a fun and worthwhile game to play.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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